Apple :: Best Program For Converting Video

Apr 2, 2010

looking for the best and easiest program out there for converting video files to work on ipad/iphone/ipod.

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Lenovo 11e E/Edge :: E440 CPU At 100% When Converting Video

Jan 22, 2015

I bought a lenovo e440  specs i5-4300M(2.6GHz),4GB RAM,500GB 5400rpm HD,14in 1366x768 LCD,1GB NVIDIA N15V-GM, CDRW/DVDRW,802.11bgn wireless, 1Gb Ethernet,UltraNav, Camera,6c Li-Ion, running windows 8.1 64 bit all drivers are installed and working properly .

My problem is when i am using avidemux or handbrake or nero recode 2015 to convert video my cpu usage is always at 100%.its not using the nvidia cuda capabilities to take load off the cpu .its like the switchable graphic is always stuck on intel 4600 .

I tried updating the graphic cards and latest bios update .tried putting the power at high performance. Opened nvidia settings and added programs to the list to be used with nvidia graphic processor . In bios i have selected the nvidia graphic card ... still the same cpu is at 100% during video converting .

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Apple :: Converting LP To Digital Then Filter Out Noise

Apr 30, 2010

I need to import some LP's to digital format. At one time I had a program that allowed me to filter out any hiss or noise without degrading the recording. But sadly I can not find that program now. So is there any filters that come with GarageBand or can be added to do this. Or any other application that will work with a mac.

I need to import 100+ LP's. I will be using a preamp to take the phono players output directly into my MBP.

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Apple :: Program For OSX To Benchmark A SSD

Feb 5, 2010

What's a good program for OSX to benchmark a SSD? Also, does anyone know if there's a similar program like Intel Matrix Storage Manager that will let me view all of a SSD drive properties (make/model/firmware/etc.) in OSX?

Unable to run bootcamp, or any xp/vista/7 on my friend's computer.

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Apple :: What Desktop Program Do You Use With Your Mac And Blackberry

Feb 13, 2009

any Blackberry users out there?

What desktop program do you use with your Mac and Blackberry?

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Apple :: How To Cycle Through Windows In The Same Program

Mar 18, 2009

Is there a way to cycle through windows in the same program? for example, i have two safari windows open, and i want to change windows, is there a keyboard shortcut like alt+tab? this is one of the most annoying things in OS X that i miss from windows..

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Apple :: MacBook HD Repair Program

Feb 16, 2010

For 13" Black and White MacBooks sold between May 2006 and December 2007


"The repair program covers hard drive issues on these machines for three years from the date of purchase or until August 15, 2010, whichever offers longer coverage."

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Apple :: Temp Monitoring Program

Apr 26, 2009

My GF just found a temp monitoring program for her Dell for free on line that always show her temps inside her laptop & its seems pretty cool & now I want one for my New MBP15.

What killed my last laptop was over heating issues..

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Apple :: Mac - Dual Boot Program

Apr 10, 2010

I dont own a mac but and thinking about getting one and i have a few questions. first off im not a fan of OSX so i would like to use win7, so how much will it cost for me to dualboot (cost of dual boot program plus win7 plus any other software i need free or not free)? also i know you can get 5-6hours on OSX (so ive been told, correct me if im wrong) how long of a battery life would i get with win7?

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Apple :: Free Anti-virus Program

May 14, 2009

What do people use? on pc, i use avast and i know some people use AVG. so any good anti virus program. i know that i wont need it most of the time as macs dont get viruses but still...

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Apple :: Program Compatibility For Snow Leopard

Aug 26, 2009

For all those upgrading,here is a great list detailing what works and what doesn't
a, [url]

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Apple :: A Program Where You Can Record Voice And Have It Transcribed

Oct 6, 2009

Is there any apps/programs out there where you can record, say like a lecture, and then have it transcribed into text?

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Apple :: Any Program To Delte Bits Of Programs.

Feb 20, 2009

after years of PCs clunking out on me I'm so worried about my Mac slowing down. Are there any programs I can get for free that will look through my hard drive and delete bits of programs that aren't deleted when I drag the program into the trash?

Are there any program that will in general look through my computer for things that I should get rid of, besides Onyx?

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Apple :: Snow Leopard Up-To-Date Program

Jul 9, 2009



Has anyone tried this yet? I'm getting a blank cart every time I try to place an order. It is my computer or is this not active yet?

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Apple :: Advantages OSX Have Over Win7 Anymore, Creative Program

Apr 20, 2010

It looks like lightroom and premier has closed the gap in the windows land compared to Aperture and Final Cut. And with OpenCL's focus on using the GPU to boost performance and Apple doing it's very best to off Adobe.... is there any real advantage in software in OSX anymore? Or is it all about familiarity and preference?

I was kind of considering the i5 MBP since I'm more into editing than gaming but honestly, if I can just get a beefy Win7 laptop and run software with the same features that are just as reliable I don't really see the point in spending less for more.

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Apple :: New To The World Of Mac - When Opening A Program I Get The Rainbow Wheel

Mar 9, 2009

sometimes when opening a program I get the rainbow wheel, is this a bad thing? I hope this is normal and harmless meaning nothing.

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Apple :: Snow Leopard - Upto Date Program

Aug 12, 2009

I recently had my cousin get me a june mbp(7 hr battery ones) from the US, since it's much cheaper there than here in india. He ordered it online and brought it here while he was shifting from there.

How do i apply for the upto date program which costs 10$ ?

I dont know the date of purchase, the place of purchase, city , state.

And fyi, I live in india. So i'm guessing there's another problem pertaining to the shipping right?

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Apple :: Snow Leopard Up-to-date Program Does NOT Work Online- FYI

Aug 24, 2009

So I decided to try and enter my serial number and everything today and I got a nasty surprise ): Chat log below.

Hi, my name is Milagros H. Welcome to Apple!
Milagros H: How may I help you today?
You: Hi Milagros
Milagros H: Hello
You: I purchased a Macbook Pro on June 20th and I'm trying to get a copy of Snow Leopard with the up-to-date program
You: So I entered my serial number and everything and got to the 'verify info' page during checkout
Milagros H: Great!
You: But it's telling me that I already got a copy or something
Milagros H: I am sorry the up to date is not working yet online, you can check back later. Or you can print out the form and mail or fax it in.
You: Oh it isn't?
You: Do you have any idea when it will be?
Milagros H: No I am sorry, you can check back at a later time.
You: Okay thank you
You: I think I'll check back at a later time

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Apple :: OS X Programs - Downloader -application Delete Program - Prog For RAR Files

Mar 25, 2009

1. Advise a downloader(on Vista pc i use Flashget and enjoy it), Speed Download is shareware+interface is not too friendly. some pals recomended:
iGetter, Leech, Download Queue, Download Wizard, and Download Manager, but which one to choose, which is better ?

2. Which application delete program would you suggest:
) AppZapper
b) CleanApp
c) AppDelete

3. need a prog. for .RAR files ( not Stuffit, cos it has unfriendly interface for me, imho), which is better:
Unrar X,
Simply Rar

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Dell :: Converting A D620 Too D630

Jul 22, 2007

Does anyone know where I can buy a D630 motherboard. I want to convert my 620 too a 630 so I can get the Intel 965 chipset. My 620 has Nvidia graphics so preferably I would like to find a D630 notebook with built in Nvidia graphics. I have checked ebay with now luck and I know that asking Dell about this would be a complete joke. Anyone know where I can just buy Latitude parts?

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Dell :: Converting A E1705/9440 To XPS 1710

Oct 17, 2007

is it possible to swap the guts of a 1705 into the chassis of a 1710, using a 1710 motherboard.

I got a 9400 through work, they paid for it and gave it to me. had a X1400, which was promptly replaced with a 7950GTX 512mb and overclocked to 666/800.
got the 4965AGN wifi card, bluetooth 2.0EDR, 1920x1200 screen, essentially maxed out the 9400.

So i was wondering if i got my hands on a 1710 motherboard and chassis, would it be possible to swap my CPU [T7200] wifi card [intel Wifilink 4965AGN] GPU[7950GTX] ram [2x1GB DRR2] speakers etc.

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Dell :: Converting 1536 (AMD) To 1537 (Intel)

Mar 24, 2010

I have a dead Studio 1536 & I just got done buying a H281K ATI motherboard, Intel T9600 CPU & heatsink / fan off E-Bay.

I can't wait for them to arrive. I'm tired of using this old Inspiron 1100.

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Sony :: Converting Japanese Vista To English

Aug 19, 2009

I have a sony vaio labtop model VGN-CR51B_W.It has Japanese vista.Can we convert it to English vista.If so how?

I have also installed a fresh English vista on my labtop.Now can i install japanese drivers in Englsih vista,will it work?

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Dell :: Laptop For Watching Movies, Converting Them To Dvd, Play Games, Surf Internet, Use Word Etc

Dec 28, 2008

planning to buy a laptop for all kind of purposes: watching movies, converting them to dvd, play games, surf internet, use word etc.

I am thinking of buying Dell XPS 1530 for $1778 without tax (btw my budget is under $2000)
heres the laptop config:

Additional Info:

Now i really need ur views on this btw as u can see i am saving $221. Also is it a good choice to upgrade to T9300 for $200 or i should stick with T8100?

i live in Canada
Also can someone please confirm if this laptop includes: VGA output for RS232cable, firewire, and svideo. Also would i be able to attach my external desktop speakers or not ? i am also very confuse about the battery like not sure which one to get like 9 or 6 cell ..cuz i heard that 9 cell would be very heavy compare to 6 and weird shape? Lastly is the grainy screen problem still around like i have to tell the representative for LG screen or not ?

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Apple :: OSX- SCM Video

Nov 6, 2009

Is it possible for OSX to play scm files? Unfortunately, I thought I do not need window XP already any more. And, I don't want install a window just for playing scm files...

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Apple :: Macbook Pro Video RAM

Mar 4, 2009

when switched to dedicated graphics, do the dedicated and integrated graphics work side-by-side together.

I kind of got this impression since one reseller listed the VRAM on the Pros as being 512 and 768, respectively.

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Apple :: Skype With Video Uses 80% Of CPU

Aug 2, 2009

I was talking to my brother in law and i could hear the fans speeding up , so i started activity monitor , and it said skype was using 80% cpu and 40 threads what ever that is, I have an T9600 CPU at 2.8Ghz

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Apple :: RCA To USB Video Work

Sep 7, 2009

I found my old HI8 Video camera a while back & just found an Adpator at FRY's the will charge my old out dated batteries.

So I figure its time to start shooting some video again with it. on HI8.

But wonder what might be involved with pluging in my older video cameras RCA cables into my Mac & making it all download to my I-Movie or whatever I have to do?

Do I just plug it in with an adaptor & go? Or do I need some sort of program?

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Apple :: MBP 2007 No Video

May 16, 2010

Yesterday, everything was running smoothly. My MBP was churning away running Fusion with an instance of XP, nothing too major. Today though, the video is out completely. I can't even get to the option menu on bootup to get it to switch to a Boot Camped Windows 7 (the boot up screen doesn't even show). So... what do I do now? The warranty is out. Am I out of luck? Any tricks I can try? I do plan on taking it to the nearby Apple store to see what they can do. I vaguely remember hearing something about the NVidia chips burning out, but the thing is I wasn't doing anything graphics intensive to begin with.

I even thought I might have dimmed the screen all the way, but using the keyboard to brighten it up didn't solve it. It wouldn't work anyway since even the boot screen doesn't show anything (not even the grey screen).

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Apple :: MacTablet Video

Dec 12, 2009

I want that! [url]

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