Dell :: E6410 Any Internal USB Ports Or Headers?

May 22, 2010

I'm a bit interested in seeing if I can put the micro receiver for my Logitech mouse somewhere inside my E6410's enclosure.

I've added micro receivers for stuff before to an eeePC 701, because I was able to connect a small USB board to the header on the motherboard originally used for the webcam.

Is there something similar that could be done to an E6410? Anyone tried this before?

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Dell Latitude E6410 :: Upgrade BIOS To A13 And Works Slowly - Not Right USB Ports

Nov 25, 2012

I run the BIOS upgrade / update to the version A13 on my Dell Latitude E6410 and after that I found this problems:

. the bios logo on startup takes about to 10 seconds to load (and sometimes freeze and need to restart the machine)

. the boot menu (F12) takes 4 o 5 minutes to load

. the startup of Windows 7 64bits - SP1 takes more than 1 minute to load and some apps works slowly

. the 2 usb ports on the right side doesnt work after the upgrade

Can return to other version of BIOS (I think that the previous version was A08 or A09)?

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Dell :: Latitude E6430 / USB Ports Don't All Work And Docking Station USB Ports Do Not Work

Mar 1, 2014

I have a Dell Latitude E6430 laptop running windows 7 64-bit.  When I try to use it with a docking station, the USB ports on the docking station do not work.  When I try to use a USB mouse with it, it only works with one of the USB ports.  When I try using my printer (HP laserjet 1320) through the USB ports, it doesn't work (it did previously with a Dell latitude E6430 running windows 7 64-bit).

I've installed the latest BIOS upgrade, updated the USB and intel chipset drivers.  How do I get these working?

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Dell :: E5410 And E6410

May 17, 2010

I am planning on buying a new 14inch laptop with a 1440x900 screen resolution. I am quite interested in the Dell Latitude and I've found two references that look like what I am looking for: the E5410 and the E6410.

The E5410 doesn't seem to be available yet. It is referenced on the Dell website but it's not possible to buy it at the moment. Do you guys know whether we'll be able to get one soon? Is there any release date?

The E6410 is available to purchase but what is confusing me is that I don't see the differences between the E6410 and E5410. Can anyone clarify this for me?

Finally I am planning on getting an SSD but I have no idea which SSD brand is offered in the option. I have read in many forums that Intel make very good SDD at the moment. Do you think it will be better to buy the laptop with a basic HDD and then replace it with an Intel SSD? Will this void the warranty? Is it any cheaper?

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Dell :: E6510 Vs. E6410 I5 Vs. I7 Hdd Vs 's Ssd Vs. After Market Ssd?

Apr 19, 2010

I am in the market for a new computer and have been doing a lot of research into my options. First off i found this website to be the best source of information so i figured it was about time to register. I'm just finishing up my Business Degree and then will be doing another two years of education in Crop Science i plan on continuing to work for the Family Business(Agriculture Retail). I currently have a Dell Inspiron 640m Due Core 2GB Ram Windows XP Pro with 9 cell. This has been a great laptop for me and lasted over years now of pretty continual use. It is starting to fall apart though and i'm in the market for a new laptop this spring. Our company has generally ordered from Dell and for the most part results have been pretty good however they sure haven't been perfect.

I take my laptop everywhere i go so i'm hoping my next laptop be a little slimmer then my current model and ideally a little lighter. I'm also wanting my next computer to be better at multitasking and these new intel chips look like they will fit the bill nicely. I always have outlook open and often many chrome or firefox tabs as well as itunes, word, excell ect. I don't do much for PC gaming i have a PS3 for that, however it would be nice to be able to at least have the ability to play some more basic PC games if needed (I'm thinking of going with the discrete video card). I dont watch a lot of movies on my computer but i am considering getting a blueray drive depending on if i can negotiate the $500 price down a bit. I want to have a computer with good battery life i've noticed some of the average 15/16inch futureshop/best buy models only last a couple hours on battery and thats not acceptable to me. At home i currently hook up to a nice hd 23inch dell monitor. I really like the latitudes ability to dock and would likely get one dock for home and one for work.

I would say my leading model of choice would be the e6410 right now. I'm used to the 14 inch screen and it would have the same resolution as what i have now. However the full hd resolution on the e6510 does sound really nice and i'm hoping to try to find a local kiosk store to see one in person. I just don't know if the extra real estate is worth the extra weight size and i assume less battery life. How much of a battery life difference between the 15 and 14 inch models? Even from the older 5100 vs 4100 series anyone compared? The Dell reps claim they are similar but i don't believe it. I'v been watching the Owners Lounge on both models and still waiting for some true weights to be posts as i don't believe Dell's Claimed weights. I also was looking at the Lunova T series and the new MacBook Pro 15inch. The Macs are very nice and i enjoy working with my Parents MacBook Pro 13inch every once and while. The visual performance of their iworks programs are Superior in my opinion however in order to be integrated well into work i need to be able to use Outlook and essentially i feel i would need to use Bootcamp or parallels to run Windows. If i end up using mainly windows i guess it doesn't make much sense to buy a mac. I'm also hoping office 2010 will be an upgrade on 2007.

As far as the new processors at first i figured that it would be nice to get the true quad core i7 processors in the e6510 however after doing some research on the forms i don't think i have any need for a quad core and i believe that i would get more value out of the lower energy consumption of the dual core series. So essentially i think its just a debate between the i5 540 and in the i7 640. I found a link somewhere on here with a test comparing the two and essentially it recommended sticking with the i5 540 because it has very close performance with constantly lower energy consumption. However i'v also read some of the new macbook pro 15 reviews and some of the reviews saw some significant improvements of the i7 vs i5 options. Whats your thoughts anyone have real life experience comparing the two, or more links for me to look at?

I'm heavily considering get an SSD drive on my next laptop i know they are a little pricey but from everything i'v read they are one of the most noticeable speed improvements you can make. I also like the extra reliability of no moving parts. This seems to be a quickly changing field with new options such as "Trim" support. I know this is only available on Windows 7 and i am planning on going with Windows 7 Pro unless someone thinks that Ultimate is worth the extra money. I don't really see any extra features of importance in the ultimate version though. But back to the SSD what is the exact model that Dell uses i'v read that it is a Samsung model but can't seem to find much for reviews on any Dell/Samsung SSD's. If i'm going to spend the money on an SSD it sounds like going with an aftermarket SSD such as the Intel SSD may be the way to go. The 160 Intel looks like a nice option it seems like the Intel has been getting strong reviews from everything that i have read. My question is will this void warranty with dell? I plan on getting the 3 year warranty with pro support and accidental coverage. Also has anyone compared the Dell SSD to an aftermarket one? How hard is it to switch the hard drive with an after market one? Could someone explain the drive size to me i have seen 1.8 and 2.5 as the different sizes. Most SSD's for laptops seem to be 2.5 will this work with the E6410/6510?

On another note anyone from Canada buy a dell from the States. I'm frustrating with the huge price differences right now between the US and Canada pricing. I priced out a fairly loaded up model in each country and their is about a $1000 difference with the Canadian dollar being so strong this is frustrating. If i do go ahead with the Dell i will be bringing this up with our local busn. rep.

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Dell :: Powered USB Not The Same As PowerShare/always-on?E6410

May 10, 2010

I received my E6410 a few days ago and was quite dismayed to find out that I cannot charge peripherals on the powered USB port when the latop is off/hybernated/stand-by *and* the power cable is plugged in. The specs say that the latop has a powered USB port (the one above the e-sata port), and I had assumed that powered USB was the same as always-on. Is that not the case?

I checked a colleagues E6400 today and noticed that the same USB port has a lightning symbol, but that symbol is not on the E6410. The E6400 BIOS also has a setting for "USB PowerShare" which selects whether or not USB charging can be done when the computer is off or hybernated. No such setting in the E6410 BIOS..... Did Dell remove that feature in the E6410?

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Dell :: E6410 Build Quality

May 25, 2010

How's the build quality on E6410 compared to Thinkpad T410? Creaks, flexing, etc? I'm almost sure this month my next purchase won't be a Thinkpad and Latitude seems to be a good choice. Our office use them.

I currently have a 6-year old T41 and 2-year old T61. I'll miss the keyboard and trackpoint but i can live with that.

I have an utrabay HDD adaptor on my T42 does E6410 have the same? I can only see a travel lite module.

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Dell :: E6410 Owner's Thread

Apr 12, 2010

It's time to start it.

The specs on this one are as follows.

# Dual Core i7 Processor at 2.66Ghz
# 4GB Memory
# Intel 6300 Wireless
# Ultrasharp 14.1" 1400x900
# Discrete Nvidia Quadro Graphics
# 3MP Webcam ......

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Dell :: Latitude E6410 Optical Drived

May 17, 2010

My question is this - are SATA laptop optical drives the same as older IDE drives, in that they are universally compatible

with laptops, or do OEMs have drives that don't follow a standardized size and form factor now?

I found a Lite-On DVD-RW with LightScribe on eBay for like $40, but I don't want to get it if it's not going to fit.......................................................

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Dell Latitude E6410 :: Could Not Drive VGA Splitter

Mar 18, 2013

Does the Latitude E6410 have a weak or a time critical signaling on the VGA port? The other day I had to replace my Latitude with a backup laptop as it was unable to drive a VGA splitter feeding three projectors. There was no problems in driving at single projector though. The other LG laptop E500 had no problems in running exactly the same presentation on all three projectors through the splitter.

The rather surprising thing was that as long as my power point presentation were display in edit mode, it worked fine whereas in show mode all of the connected projectors went blank. I tried to exercise the Fn F8 with no change.Would a VGA amplifier do the trick?

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Dell Latitude E6410 :: No Longer Able To Use Touchpad

Jan 16, 2013

My Latitude E6410 Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit machine crashed yesterday and when it came back up I was no longer able to use the touch-pad buttons below the touchpad, or the middle button above the touchpad.  The pointer stick, along with the right and left button above the touchpad are still working properly.

I have tried reinstalled the ALPS driver and the Dell touchpad software.When I open the touchpad software it shows the touchpad as being enabled but it does not show any configuration for the pointer stick or buttons above the touchpad. what driver or application I need to install to get my touchpad and buttons operational again?

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Dell Latitude E6410 :: Cannot Keep Hard Drive

Dec 9, 2014

My company has offered to give to me my Latitude e6410.  However, I cannot keep the hard drive.  It has to be destroyed per policy.  I am able to pull off recovery information and build my own image.  One more concern is that the current hard drive is encrypted with Symantec Endpoint Encryption (SEE).  Therefore, I do not want to simply clone the drive as I do not want no cannot use that image.

Also, if I need to reinstall my own image of Win 7 from new disks, will this e641 run 64bit.  Currently the OS is WIn7 Pro.What about the recovery partition? I already have a spare 5ooGB 7200rpm 2.5" disk and i have a lot of hardware experience so I have no concerns about the actual disk replacement.  It's just the image.

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Dell Latitude E6410 :: Intermittent USB On One Device

Jan 20, 2015

I have one device, a 3DRobotics PixHawk autopilot, which connects intermittently via USB to my E6410. All other USB devices, flash drives, cameras, wireless rcvr etc. always work fine. This one device does not. It only connects occasionally and usually does not. The failures issued by the device vary.

If I hook the device to my Asus X53U, it connects every time. The Asus is extremely slow and I really need to reliably connect to the Dell.

Note: The E6410 contains an upgrade to an i7 720QM quad processor.

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Dell Latitude E6410 :: No Network Boot

Oct 14, 2010

We image all our new systems in our organizations on SCCM.  I've got one that is a puzzler.  I will not get an ip from the server.  Instead it displays the message "PXE-E51:No DHCP or proxyDHCP offers were received."  No other computer has this issue.  I does not get as far as the network boot so it is not a windows deployment service issue.  And it  senses if the cable is disconnected, and gives you a different PXE error.  I have flashed the BIOS, no sucess.  I RMA'd the motherboard, and no difference.  Dell won't replace the whole system since it was a replacement for another DOA. I thought it might be that little daughter card that contains the NIC connection, but cannot see that listed on the dispatch site as a seperate part. 

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Dell :: Latitude E6410 6-cell Battery Sticking Out?

May 21, 2010

I'm deciding between T410 and E6410. I know the 6-cell in thinkpad doesn't protrude but does is stick out on E6410? I really do not want to ruin the dimension by using "physically" extended batteries

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Dell Latitude E6410 :: Built-in Webcam Not Working?

Oct 14, 2010

I received a e6410 laptop through ma company. XP is installed on it. My problem: the webcam is not working.

So, first I download and install the latest driver from the dell website. But there was an error during the installation.

Then I look in the device manager and no webcam is present at all. So it's seems to be an hardware problem. 

So I go to the bios and look for an option to activate it but there is no option in the dell bios...

a way to have my webcam detected by the system)

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Dell Latitude E6410 :: Don't Know BIOS Admin Password

Nov 13, 2014

I bought aDell Latitude E6410 laptop yesterday and every time it turns on it says no boot or something. So I push the enter button and it resets. Then when it shows the dell logo again I press F12 and go to the boot sequence and its set on cd drive and not the internal HDD. So I choose to redo that all over again and then press boot from internal HDD and it works no problem but its a lot to go through just to start a laptop. How can I figure out how to change the admin password so I can set the boot sequence right.

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Dell Latitude E6410 :: Create A New Bios Screen

Oct 25, 2010

create a new Bios Screen to ours Latitude E6410.I have used a bootable CD with a splash.exe file to load a Bios Screen with the company logo and it had worked in ours Latitude D600/610/620/630 and E6400.Now when I try to do the same with our E6410 I'm getting the message " This Bios does not support splash.exe. Upgrade your system Bios and try again."

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Dell Latitude E6410 :: Cannot Do Windows 7 Update - It Shows A Big Red X

Oct 31, 2014

Latitude E6410, changed a bad HD for a new one. Installed windows 7. Besides having issues with WIFI and USB drivers, I cannot do a windows update, it shows a big red X, message I get is

" Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running. You many need to restart your computer"

I updated the bios, and rebooted like 15 times.

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Dell Latitude E6410 :: SD Card Will Not Show Up In Windows 7

Mar 17, 2011

I have a Latitude E6410 with SD card reader. I can see the card reader in device management but the sd card will not apper as a drive in Windows 7. I tried the sd card on a colleagues laptop (exactly same spec and OS installation) and it works instantly.

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Dell Latitude E6410 :: Slow When In Docking Station

Jan 26, 2011

all I got a new E6410 and 2 docking stations around a month ago.The problem I have is that when the notebook is in my office docking station it is really really slow.I can watch while window contents are draw, switching messages inthugnerbird takes a couple of seconds.In the home dokcing station everything is fine.

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Dell Latitude E6410 :: Recovering Original Partitions

Mar 20, 2013

I have a Dell Latitude E6410. I recently installed created a linux partition on my HDD but was not interested in keeping it. Anyway after I uninstalled this OS, the space allocated to it on the HDD was turned into unallocated space. I have been unable to merge it with my primary partition. What I wanted to ask was that if I perform a reinstall of my original OS(Windows 7 Professional), will I be able to recover the original partitions and how can it be done?

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Dell Latitude E6410 :: Use Fingerprint Sensor Instead Of Password

Nov 4, 2014

I bought a Dell Latitude E6410 with fingerprint sensor, I checked the drivers and I've the drivers for Dell ControlVault w/ fingerprint swipe sensor, and I want to use the fingerprint sensor instead of the pasword to log in in my user of the computer, but I dont know what software I need to do it, what software (Aplication) can I use for that?

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Dell Latitude E6410 :: Synaptic Touchpad Driver

Feb 2, 2015

I need to install the synaptic touchpad driver. I bought a refurbished Dell Latitude E6410 and the scrolling aspect of the mouse pad doesn't work.

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Dell Latitude E6410 :: Laptop Will Not Flash BIOS

Dec 22, 2012

This one currently has A07, and I know it needs to flash A09 before bumping up to the current A13, but A09 stops right after launch (".....unexpectedly quit..."). Logged in with Admin rights, not seeing any reason for BIOS failure. Another download of the A09 was tried as well.

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Dell :: Latitude E6410/6510 Alps Track Pad Verdict?

May 6, 2010

I just bought an E6410 tonight, thanks to a 30% off coupon I found.

All of a sudden, however, I'm doubting my purchase - specifically because this machine uses an Alps touchpad, whereas the Vostro 3300 I was going to buy (before I found this coupon) uses a Synaptics touchpad.

The last time I had a machine with an Alps pad was in 2004 with my Latitude D600, and that thing sucked. I mean, it was an atrocious piece of hardware.

So what's the verdict on the hardware in the new E64x machines? Is it painful to use? I found a thread talking about using different OEM drivers to improve the responsiveness of the device - is this still necessary?

Just curious to see what current owners think about this. I still don't understand why Dell's been so dead-set on using Alps hardware since the D-series. My old C600 had a Synaptics trackpad, and I loved that thing.

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Dell Latitude E6410 :: BIOS Flash Window Does Not Work

Mar 26, 2013

I have old version A05 on my E6410 Bios. I tried to upgrade to A06, then I´d like to upgrade to A07, A09, and then to A13, because i need to have the A09 installed before install A13.I`ve downloaded all the versions, but the problem is that the Dell BIOS Flash window does not start !!!

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Dell Latitude E6410 :: How To Awake Laptop After Screen Goes Black

Jul 15, 2014

This  Latitude E6410 is my 4th dell laptop, (3 desktops too) so I thought I was familiar with their behaviour.  Nevertheless a new issue has arisen, when idle for some time the screen goes blank, similar to my other machines.  Usually I  press enter, they wake up and I carry on with my work..  The E6410's screen goes blank and will not display again.  All the activity is revived as I can hear the sounds my spreadsheets and accounting and tax software make, except for the screen display. A reboot is necessary.

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Dell Latitude E6410 :: Windows 7 32 Bit Drivers Are Not Documented Correctly

Nov 15, 2011

Recently began recollecting drivers needed for Latitude E6410 Win 7 32 bit fresh build, and found some descrepancies. 1 "How to Download and Install Drivers in the Correct Order" (Dated 8-14-2006) on the Latitude E6410 driver page states that for number 8 the Dell ControlPoint software Says it is located in "Applications" when itis in fact under Dell Control Point. It Suggests installing the following:

-Control Point  System Manger
-Control Point Security Manager
-Control Point Connection Manager

But in fact the only 2 available are Control Point System Manager and Control Vault (A little confusing). Also, under System Utilities is the PDF E-Family How-To Reimage Guide Which is marked urgent and I use for recreating images. It states that the Driver that has to be installed (Prerequisite to other DCP ) is Dell Control Point Security Driver Pack. Which is no where to be found. I heard toady from "Ronnie" at Dell Tech services via phone that I should use Dell Data Protection (Instead of Dell Control Point) but can find nothing on the correct order or how and when to install it.

Is there anyway to get an updated Latitude E6410 Win 7 32bit Correct order (And which ones) Driver install list?

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Dell ATG E6410 :: Completely Crashed - Restore Factory Image

Mar 5, 2013

My Dell ATG E6410 basically completely crashed. Nothing from the hard drive was salvageable (including any of the recovery files). I contacted dell support and they sent me 2 dell DVD's. They are labeled as "DELL SOFTWARE RESTORATION DVD".The only problem is, THEY WILL NOT BOOT! I have tried booting directly from the Bios and no luck what else.

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