Dell :: How Can I Convince To Replace My Laptops Battery

Jul 21, 2009

I've had my 1737 since Dec 19th of 2008 so the battery is a month or so past being 6 months old.

And on the battery health meter, the LED's on the back when you hold it in for 4 seconds it shows 5 bad LED's meaning its significantly degraded.


this video will help show what I mean.

What words can I use what should I say to try and convince them?

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Dell :: How To Convince To Replace SXPS 1640...Please Advice

Jul 31, 2009

1st time - Around 2 weeks back - My Motherboard, DVD burner and Palmrest was replaced

2nd time - 1 week back - Palmrest was again replaced

3rd time - This time - They said that they will replace Palmrest, Motherboard, LCD, Power Adapter..

I really cant live with this...almost after every replacements my laptop is becoming ugly and ugly...

I want to get my SXPS 1640 replaced/exchanged...

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Dell :: XPS15 / Battery Has Permanent Failure - Need To Replace Battery

Mar 14, 2013

Been using XPS15 for just over a year and am getting a "battery has permanent failure - need to replace battery" message....

I've rarely even used this current laptop without using power, so the battery seems to have died a bit too soon?

Is there a particular Dell battery I can buy that should last a bit longer?

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Dell :: 1 Year Battery Return For XPS Laptops

Feb 12, 2009

I've had my laptop for under a year and my battery is much worse than when I first got it. I seem to recall reading about some feature of the xps laptops that I may return the battery within 1 year, no questions asked. When I called up they said I would need to call back when I'm in front of the computer. Is anyone aware of the battery return policy for xps laptops?

They told me if there's a defect I could exchange it within a year (afterwards no luck.) I'm a bit worried that they'll say this is just normal use, even though the dell website says battery decline is normal after a year.

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Dell :: How Bad Does A Battery Have To Be Before Will Replace It

May 6, 2009

And how do they determine it? My word? Tests?

My M1530 will hit one year old at the end of the month. My battery life is just sort of crappy. As a test I charged it up to 100% then unplugged it. I dimmed the screen to about 50%, turned off Wifi, then just let it sit idle. Nothing running. The battery lasted about 90 minutes.

Clearly not great, but does that sort of performance warrant a replacement?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Laptops(DV5) And Their 6-cell Battery's

Jan 22, 2009

my gf and I went out and purchased the HP G60-126ca laptops to only return them a few days later due to their incredibly short battery life.

I took the serial number into work(I work at HP) and ran the serial number to find out that the 6-cell battery was 2200mAh which would equal about 1 hour 30 or so min.

Now I'm about to order a dell but looking at some other higher priced HP laptops I was wondering what the battery life on some of them can be? or if any of you have some of these notebooks.

I can't run them in the system because I need a serial number to get the battery information, or else I'd do this at work

Does anybody here have any of the following notebooks?

HP Pavilion dv5-1140us Entertainment Notebook PC
HP Pavilion dv5-1250us
HP Pavilion dv5-1159se Special Edition Notebook PC

I'm just wondering what the mAh is of these 6-cell battery's. (I work for desktop support so I don't have too much access to the detailed laptop information unles I have serial numbers)

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Dell :: Won't Replace FAILED M1330 Battery

Jun 26, 2009

About a week ago, I had my motherboard replaced due to overheating.
Yesterday, before I had a chance to shut it down properly, I removed the AC power from the laptop and the laptop immediately powered off. I tried again, and the same thing happened.

I called Dell and asked for a warranty replacement and after determining that the battery had indeed failed, the XPS tech support rep told me that the battery is only covered for one year as it's a consumable and they offer a separate battery warranty, so she could not replace it.

So I explained to her that they did not offer that option when I purchased my system (as far as I recall) and I understand the cells wear out and don't hold a charge as they do when they are new, but, regardless, for the battery to completely fail is a defect and should be covered for the length of the system's limited warranty .....

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HP/Compaq :: Do All Laptops Hide Estimate Battery Run Time

Jan 23, 2010

All the laptops that I've seen in the last few years seem to do this and only give you a percentage. I was wondering if that policy has changed at all recently. Especially with the Envy line.

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Apple :: Laptops With Similar Battery Life / Aesthetics As Compared To MacBook Pro

Nov 30, 2009

Are there any Windows 7-native notebooks with a "clean" design (where "clean" is MBP-ish), a battery capable of seven or so hours like the MBP's is, and a weight close to the MBP's 5.5 lbs? Seems the closest thing as of now is the Envy 15, but from what I understand, the slice battery is required to get the battery life beyond a few hours -- and using it bumps the notebook's travel weight to ~7.8 lbs.

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Dell :: Laptops = Junk

May 11, 2010

I'm so disgusted with Dell. I bought one of the Vostro 15" laptops when they first came out. Less than 2 years later the motherboard goes out. Last Christmas (2008), I bought my daughter a 13" XPS. It cost me about $1,000. 16 months later the mother board goes out on it and Dell wants $400 to fix it. Either I have the worst luck in the world when it comes to laptops or there is a problem with Dell's QC. My brother bought a cheap Toshiba 5 years ago and it still works fine. I'm not sure what to do about my daughter's laptop. Is it worth $400 to fix it?

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Dell :: 18 Inch Laptops

Jan 25, 2009

Does anyone know of any plans for Dell to release an 18 inch laptop PC like many others have done so already such as Sony, HP, Toshiba, etc. If so, when will they be released....

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Dell :: Duplicate Laptops Sent

Mar 5, 2009

Has anyone else had duplicate laptops for one order sent?

Now, this is the story. My old Inspirion died so I decided to buy a new one, 1525. I ordered it on the 12 February and was told it would be delivered by the 28 February.

On the 17th I am sent an email saying parts to my laptop aren't available - minor parts, the colour I wanted and the free bag colour. I check the online status and it has gone from Shipped from Factory to cancelled on the 19th.

I call Dell to ask why they cancelled my order without telling me, they tell me someone will call me back. No one does.

I get an email on 23rd February saying that my laptop has been upgraded due to parts not being available, 250GB hard drive from 160, Windows Office (never ordered it!), red instead of brown and it will be manufactored asap. A new order number is generated and everything.

On the 24th, my original laptop order is delivered to my work. With both the laptop colour and bag I ordered that apparenetly wasn't available.

On the 28th, I get an email saying the 2nd laptop is shipped. I am away so can't call them so I email them requesting they do not send it. However this second laptop was delivered on 2 March. I call Dell, they don't believe me and according to them the 1st laptop does not exist. They say they will call me back. They don't. However on 4 March, courier calls me to organise a date for the pickup.

I receive an email that day when I get home with a third order, I look at the order status, its the same as the second laptop. I get an email today, the 6th, saying its shipped from the factory.

Everyone I've talked to at Dell do not think my first laptop exists and I can't understand why they are sending me this third one. I don't know what to do, no one at customer service listens to me. There has been only one charge on my credit card.

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Dell :: What Happens To RETURNED Laptops?

Feb 18, 2009

What if you sent it back because it was defective? Will they strip the working parts and use it in their next new laptop build, or will it go into their spare parts collection?

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Dell :: Outlet Laptops

Nov 5, 2008

I'm curious to hear what experiences you all have had with laptops from Dell Outlet (looking at Latitude D630). Was it a scratch-and-dent, refurbished, previously ordered new, etc.?

I would upgrade to 3-year Pro Support and Warranty and buy additional accessories (docking station, router, etc.).

Is it worth the risk? Will they take it back no questions asked or do I have to pay 15% restocking fee? (Dell was ambiguous about this).

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Dell :: New XPS Studio Laptops

Jan 2, 2009

I saw an add ( coming soon) XPS studio laptops.......I have two questions.

1) WHen is the launch?
2) WHat specs?

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Dell :: Who Actually Makes Laptops

Dec 6, 2009

Is it Quanta? Or Compal? Or some other company I've never heard of?

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Dell :: Games And Laptops

Oct 13, 2007

Why is it when I play Freedom fighters on my M1710 that it seems to play it at 3x the speed? Its like a video in fast forward. I remember Splinter Cell used to do this on my old 8600, why the hell do games do this and what can I do to fix it?

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Dell :: Difference Between 2 Studio 17 Laptops

Jan 15, 2010

Can anyone tell me the difference between the N0074509 and N0074511.I found these laptops on the dutch Dell website.

They have the same specs, but the N0074509 is 100,00 cheaper. Please can anyone explain this to me?

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Dell :: Delay On Shipping On New XPS And Other Laptops

Jan 13, 2010

notice that many people on dell forums are complaing about a very large delay in shipping certain computers.

I know the XPS laptops are being delayed right now. So Make sure that you know if your model will be affected by the delay.

Mothers computer had been ordered around the 8th of december. orriginally the ship date was before christmas. later that had been extended to the 18th of january and now its nearly into febuary.

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Dell :: Why Does Not Allow Sale Of Precision Laptops Outside The US?

Apr 8, 2009

I had to get my american friend to receive it and pay for it with my money, and now he's shipping it to me.

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Dell :: How About The Refurbished Laptops From Outlet?

Jan 18, 2010

This certified refurbished Studio 1745 in dell outlet seems not bad with Core 2 Duo P8700 (2.53GHz)/ 500GB HD (7200 RPM) /4GB SDRAM/ 512MB ATI MHD 4570.

Which is $919, and the final price is $ 781 with the 15% off coupon.

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Dell :: Laptops With Linux Support?

Feb 28, 2009

I'm thinking of buying a laptop which is quite powerful and can run Linux (most of my work is in Linux). I'm an engineering student and frequently need to use computationally intensive applications,

which are also graphically intensive. Following a post on another subforum (, I was asked to confirm with Dell users here as to what their Linux experiences are.

I would appreciate inputs and suggestions about purchasing laptops from users of Dell laptops, especially the Latitide and Precision.

I understand that the appropriate subforum for this is different, but since this is now only a matter of deciding which Dell model to purchase

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Dell :: Avoid Or At Least Gaming On Laptops

Dec 15, 2009

I recently had the pleasure of having a laptop (inspiron 1520) crap out on me after only just two years (i bought it November 2007). I had a laptop cooler and used the laptop for ocassional LAN parties, gaming and also to do my homework until I broke. I know some of you might say it's my fault for not buying the extended warrenty but come on, a $1300 dollar machine should last at least four years with normal care. That's the least I expect from a normal laptop. Is that too much to ask for? Anyway after that whole expierience I'll never get another laptop for gaming again, especially from Dell.

If you are considering buying a laptop for gaming consider other options unless you really need to game on the go.

Flame on Dell lovers and laptop gamers!

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Dell :: Business Laptops From Worth It?

Jan 22, 2010

im looking for a laptop to use in a industrial enviroment. are the Business range of dell laptops quite solid built? anyone owned a vostro?

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Dell :: Why Are Business Laptops So Expensive?

Dec 3, 2009

im looking at a mobile latitude here

core i7, 2 gigs of ram, low low end gpu - windows 7 32 bit

??? its not gold plated why is it $3,700

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Dell :: Arctic Silver 5 In Laptops

Apr 19, 2009

i got a dell XPS M1710 Its been overheating lately (gpu kissing 90) and shutting down i blew out the air vents and got tons of dust out but its still running hot. I figure its got a lot of dust up on the heat sinks and the like. That seems to be the main problem i noticed cruising the threads here. Its under warranty still so i called dell to come out and dust it, ect. They said they'd do that and replace the fans/heatsink, ect. I guess that's fine, but when i asked if they use AS5, or if they would if i provided them with some, the guy said they dont because it can cause shorts in laptops or something ... is this true?

I asked what they use and he said thermal pads and some kinda paste combo.. thermal pads generally suck, if theyre replacing all this wouldn't AS5 be the best bet? or can it really cause problems. If its being taken apart and switched up id really prefer the guy slapping some AS5 on there even if i gotta buy it.

someone else sugested offering to use AS Ceramique since that should be non conductive, but ive never used that before. My main concern is that if theyre taking it all apart i dont want pads and their junk back on there, because i always thought pads suck.

can the silver really cause a short?

Also i was thinking that maybe i dont want them replacing the fans. Im pretty sure they use refurbished junk with the parts, wouldn't it be better to leave the old fans that worked fine in there, instead of risking some broken piece of junk being slapped in?

i called them over a week ago before going on vacation and they said i couldn't set up an apointment more than a week out so i had to wait till i got back. I just got home today and am waiting for some sugestions before i call them and set this up

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Dell :: M1730XPS/F22 RAPTOR Of Laptops!

Apr 25, 2009

I wanted to spend time on this unit before I gave it my review. In general this is a very impressive laptop both visually and electronically. Initially upon its arrival after pulling off the envelope cover all I could say was "WOW",

and being educated as an Engineer I was shocked that I could ever get this excited about a laptop! The speed is more than impressive!!!!

The smooth shinny surfaces resemble the carbon fibre of the F-22 Raptor fighter jet, as well as state of the art lighting, to go with.

It's like having the Las Vegas strip in a laptop with complete control of all the colors,intensity,as well as other lighting features like the backlit keyboard and strobe light feature for incoming e-mail.

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Dell :: PhysX On Future Laptops

Aug 29, 2007

Just came across this tidbit of information...


Do you think that the new m1730s already have that inside?

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Dell :: Does Enable GPS In The Laptops With Gobi?

Mar 15, 2010

I don't need 3G, just want GPS on the laptop and was wondering if it works by itself

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Dell :: Home Vs. Business Laptops

Oct 24, 2007

What are the major differences between Dell home laptops and business laptops besides Home ones having fancier colors and media buttons?

Which would be more durable for a college kid?

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