Dell :: 1 Year Battery Return For XPS Laptops

Feb 12, 2009

I've had my laptop for under a year and my battery is much worse than when I first got it. I seem to recall reading about some feature of the xps laptops that I may return the battery within 1 year, no questions asked. When I called up they said I would need to call back when I'm in front of the computer. Is anyone aware of the battery return policy for xps laptops?

They told me if there's a defect I could exchange it within a year (afterwards no luck.) I'm a bit worried that they'll say this is just normal use, even though the dell website says battery decline is normal after a year.

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Dell :: Battery After A Year

Jan 18, 2009

I have only had my XPS 1 year and 5 months, is it usual for the battery to be running out already? (I haven't been gaming much)

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Dell :: XPS 1530 Battery Extremely Low After 1 Year

Sep 22, 2009

I have been using an XPS m1530 as my primary laptop and has been always plugged in (less than 10 times completely drained).

Now, after 1 year i just reached 1h30mins with surfing & music streaming at 3 steps below the higher brightness (and at the energy save battery scheme)

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Dell :: M4400 6-Cell Battery Dying After A Year Of Use

Sep 17, 2009

My M4400 6-Cell battery goes for about 45min on full charge. Ive had my laptop for a year now. Is this normal that it dies so quickly?...

I started noticing this a week or two ago and now on startup I even get a notification saying "your battery life is decreasing, now is a good time to buy a replacement battery"...

I dont remember how long my Inspiron 8200 laptops battery lasted but it feels like this one gave in really quickly. I do use my laptop a lot. Its on most of the day....

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Dell :: M1530 9 Cell Battery Life 1 Year Later

Aug 11, 2009

I started looking at the XPS M1530 way back in early 2008 as a potential laptop to purchase as my first laptop, and I found that it was all around the best deal for a 15" laptop when I bought it in July of 2008.

I originally wanted the 6 cell due to the slimmer design but ended up purchasing the M1530 when the 6 cell was not in stock and the 9 cell was a free upgrade.

So I got it with the 9 cell. When I first tested it a few weeks after purchase I was able to get a little over 4 hours (almost 4.5) with Wi-Fi on and the screen at low-mid brightness. Today I tested again, I unplugged it from the wall at 4:50 today, and at exactly 7:40 the screen shutoff. That is 2 hours, 50 minutes. That is over an hour worse then what it got originally.

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Dell :: How Can I Convince To Replace My Laptops Battery

Jul 21, 2009

I've had my 1737 since Dec 19th of 2008 so the battery is a month or so past being 6 months old.

And on the battery health meter, the LED's on the back when you hold it in for 4 seconds it shows 5 bad LED's meaning its significantly degraded.


this video will help show what I mean.

What words can I use what should I say to try and convince them?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Laptops(DV5) And Their 6-cell Battery's

Jan 22, 2009

my gf and I went out and purchased the HP G60-126ca laptops to only return them a few days later due to their incredibly short battery life.

I took the serial number into work(I work at HP) and ran the serial number to find out that the 6-cell battery was 2200mAh which would equal about 1 hour 30 or so min.

Now I'm about to order a dell but looking at some other higher priced HP laptops I was wondering what the battery life on some of them can be? or if any of you have some of these notebooks.

I can't run them in the system because I need a serial number to get the battery information, or else I'd do this at work

Does anybody here have any of the following notebooks?

HP Pavilion dv5-1140us Entertainment Notebook PC
HP Pavilion dv5-1250us
HP Pavilion dv5-1159se Special Edition Notebook PC

I'm just wondering what the mAh is of these 6-cell battery's. (I work for desktop support so I don't have too much access to the detailed laptop information unles I have serial numbers)

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HP/Compaq :: Do All Laptops Hide Estimate Battery Run Time

Jan 23, 2010

All the laptops that I've seen in the last few years seem to do this and only give you a percentage. I was wondering if that policy has changed at all recently. Especially with the Envy line.

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Apple :: Laptops With Similar Battery Life / Aesthetics As Compared To MacBook Pro

Nov 30, 2009

Are there any Windows 7-native notebooks with a "clean" design (where "clean" is MBP-ish), a battery capable of seven or so hours like the MBP's is, and a weight close to the MBP's 5.5 lbs? Seems the closest thing as of now is the Envy 15, but from what I understand, the slice battery is required to get the battery life beyond a few hours -- and using it bumps the notebook's travel weight to ~7.8 lbs.

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Dell :: Will My 1545 Die In One Year?

Nov 28, 2009

I heard that those manufacturers are very good at quality control...

I mean I heard people say that lots of laptop die just right after the warranty expires.

My computer is almost turned on all the time(I put the computer to sleep for around 8 hours a day), and I transport it every weekday.

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Dell :: Xps M1710: One Year = Zero

Feb 13, 2008

Much like purchasing a lottery ticket, sometimes it seems "ya pays yer money an' ye takes yer chance" when it comes to buying a computer from a mail order business.
Personally I've dealt with Dell twice in the past and when I decided to purchase said lappy in December 2006 I had confidence lightning would indeed strike thrice and I would luck in.

Though dealing through India was at first intimidating, the gentlemen I spoke with had better command of the English language than half the people I work with and far superior to any of my teenage daughter's friends.

That said, I simply wished to note that after over a year of daily usage I have had ZERO problems with my lappy other than a need for a BIOS update I was personally too ignorant to recognize the need for.

I was therefore curious if there were others able to make similiar claim. I know Dell has taken a spanking lately in some forum topics but I wish to identify that there are occasions when things work out remarkably well.

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Dell :: 8800M GTX SLI Failed In Less Than A Year

Nov 19, 2008

Are all Nvidia GPU's designed to fail?

All my systems in my sig have replaced GPU's in a less than a year.

Is this what I get for trying to get a performance GPU's?

Kind of ennoying because I hate the tech's to come to my place and rape my system - I'm not saying all techs do, but I only had one guy who was really careful w/ my system when he was replacing parts. Others just didn't give a damn, which even lead to replacing my M1330.

I caught him when some plastic part from mobo flew off my system, and when he closed the system up, the system refused to boot up lol.

my XPS gen 1 w/ ATI still runs okay at my mom's place.

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Dell :: Comments From Someone With A ~5 Year Old Inspiron

Mar 23, 2009

One of the truths on the internet is that people complain more than they praise a product, generally speaking. I wanted to take a moment to praise a laptop I bought for my (then fiance) wife 4.5 years ago. A dell inspiron ~8600 (like this one [url]

IIRC, since I'm away from it right now, it has a 1.5 ghz celeron processor, 512mb of ram, integrated video card, 60 gig HDD...

For the entire time we have had it, not one hardware failure. The only "problem" we have had is that occasionally I need to insert a CD/DVD twice before it's recognized....not sure if that's user error, scratched discs, of the drive itself.

This thing regularly sees hours of operation on our down comforter running DVDs with no cooling pad. The underside gets hot to the point you can't leave your hand on it for more than 2-3 seconds. The hard drive has been infected with one virus ("Windows antivirus 2008"), receives highly irregular scans and defrag).

I have never cleaned the vents or taken off an underside panel. It has been lugged around, dropped from 1-foot-18" heights onto hard and carpeted surfaces multiple times. It has no dead pixels, the screen still looks fine (albeit it doesn't perform to today's expectations).

We routinely leave it plugged into A/C power non-stop and drain it till it auto-shuts down. After ~4.5 years, it will perform 2.5-4 hours of web surfing, e-mailing, word/powerpoint, and video activities before being drained.

I was reading some FAQs about proper notebook care and came across how many different rules I was "breaking"....and wanted to point out that this Dell, at least, has taken it all in stride.

I'm considering buying a XPS Studio 16 as a replacement, and have looked at some of the Sager models. My solid experience with Dell makes me want to stay with them, even though it appears the Sager models might have a few upsides in what I'm looking for.....

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Dell :: They Have Not Evidence Of My 3-year Warranty

Oct 29, 2009

My Original Dell Guarantee has expired. But I also have 3-Year bought warranty which is not evided in the Dell System Information.

I have the paper and all but this is a rip-off ! I want to fix that now !
I have paid over 200euros for that 3 year warranty !

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Dell :: XPS Gaming To Be Fazed Out This Year

Jun 17, 2009

Apparently Dell is going to finish completely with the XPS gaming range (PCs & Laptop) in favor of the Alienware range. The XPS Studio range is expected to continue unchanged.

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Dell :: LED LCD On An XPS M1530 Already Starting To Dim After A Year?

Feb 20, 2009

I have an XPS m1530 that has an LED LCD. Lately I've noticed that the brightness on the monitor just doesn't seem as sharp as it once was. A few days ago I had the opportunity to do a side-by-side comparison with another new XPS m1530 and there was a slight, although noticeable difference between the two in terms of the brightness.

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Dell :: Returning A XPS 1330 After 1 Year

Nov 11, 2008

I purchased the XPS 1330 January 2008, and it has been giving me problems forever. I got my motherboard replaced 4 times, 4 new heatsinks, a new CPU, a new Monitor. Additionally, the service I have received was very poor.

Is there a department I could call to try and return this? Also, now finally, they agreed to do a swap, and to top it off, they are sending me the wrong keyboard layout. I purchased the laptop in Canada (US Keyboard layout) and I am currently in the UK. I have 3 years international warranty. When I filed the swap with the first technician, I asked specifically for a US keyboard; however, upon calling today, I was told, I would be given a UK Keyboard instead.

So, anyone know what I can do? Or better yet, anyone want to take this laptop off my hands (you will obviously get the swap).

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Dell :: Questions About S' Standard 1-year Warranty

May 3, 2009

Does upgrading or replacing the HDD, RAM, or CPU void the warranty? (I know that changing the motherboard does. Oops.)

I tried reading through the warranty terms and conditions but I couldn't find anything that was very clear on the subject

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Dell :: Is Replacing My 2 Year Old XPS M1530 With A Newer Model?

Mar 1, 2010

I have a 2 year old xps m1530 WITH the 4 year complete care package. After having a service tech come to my house NUMEROUS times to repair and replace the motherboard fo various problems, Dell has agreed to replace my XPS. Because the XPS m1530 is discontinued they said it would be a comparable model??? Has anyone had a replacement recently, and if so which model did you receive. I am mostly concerned about which video card I will get. I do alot of gaming on my laptop and currently have an Nvidia 8600. Now that Dell is using ATI, which card SHOULD I expect to get?

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HP/Compaq :: Hp 1 Year Warrenty

Mar 22, 2009

I know all hp desktops and laptops come with a 1 year warrenty. Does the warrenty cover accidental damage? I didnt damage mine But I dont know if the 1 year covers accidental damage or only the 2 year does.

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Dell :: Return ...

May 8, 2009

I just requested refund for my laptop and booked an appointment for the collection on 12-May-09.

I have looked many threads in this forum and everyone said the label of return authorization code has to be printed off and stick it on the box.

But I asked for that thing on the phone and they said I do not need to do this, they told me what all I have to do is just put everything back to the original box and wait for someone to collect it, and then the system will check it for me to give me back the money.

I have made another call to confirm this and she told me the same thing

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Dell :: M1530 UKDo I Qualify For 1 Year Extended Warranty For Gpu?

Mar 18, 2010

Hello, sice the news about faulty 8xxx gpu's I have been hearing that Dell is offering 1 year extended warranty for gpu faults.


I have bought M1530 on 28th of April 2008, together with 1 year warranty. It expired on 28th of April 2009, however from what I am reading I qualify for 1 year extra GPU warranty, am I right?

But when I phoned Dell (it was when my AC adapter broke and needed replacement) on each occasion I asked about this extended warranty and they were always telling me that they never heard of it.

Am I being lied to? Or are they right? When I check the servicetag status of my laptop it says that warranty has expired and there is no extra warranty there (if there was it would apply till 29th of April 2010).

Please can someone explain it to me?

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Sony :: Z (last Year Version) Won't Boot

Apr 24, 2010

I left my Z sitting too long not connected to power (in sleep mode) and the battery ran down. Now it will not boot up. It won't start off battery, off of power, off of power without battery -- it just blinks green, I can hear the DVD drive momentarily engage, there is a slight "beep" -- it tries this about three times before giving up and shutting down.

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Dell :: Return Policy

Mar 14, 2010

It seems as if they only refund products that are within the 21 days after the order. But my laptop, specifically the studio 1558, had to be delayed, and I received it after the 21 days. Now I've had this laptop for 5 days and there was at least one random shutdown a day, which seems to be a very common problem to many people with this particular laptop.

Is there a way to refund this laptop?

Or are there exceptions?

They did in fact asked me whether I still wanted to resume the order the laptop, as they were waiting for a piece of hardware about 2-3 weeks after i placed the order; however, this seems like a coincidence or an extremely poor business tactic, as they probably have known about this flaw.

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Dell :: Studio Return ?

Apr 30, 2009

I have posted this before, but I am getting really tired of Dell's customer service (after 2 non working units!) and this one was my screw up

The Studio 17 is too bulky and heavy; I wouldnt mind getting a 15 with the same specs or even an inspiron or Vostro-

There are several good deals with Vostros- are there any advantages to the Vostro line?

So How would I go about getting Dell to accept a return of the studio w/o a restocking fee---

Could I just tell them that the bottom and top of the computer get exceedingly hot and the machine randomly turns on and off?

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Dell :: Studio 17, 21 Day Return, And HP

Mar 14, 2009

I have been using my new studio 17 for the last three days had several questions that I would appreciate input on. First my MO: Most of my laptop computing is word processing, net surfing, picture stuff, occasional spreadsheet, occasional movie, no gaming. Most of my laptop use is sitting up in bed with the machine on my lap, balanced on my right leg, or set down on the bed to my right side, or sitting in the recliner with the unit on my lap, or on the back deck with unit on my lap. Only travel with the laptop 1-3 times per year (car travel).

I'm coming from a 2001 dell latitude 14" machine which has been stone cold reliable but of course severely outdated. I'm old and not concerned with the style or look of a computer, I have old eyes and need easy to read screens and font sizes. I tend to buy more computer than I need initially and keep it for many years past when people would normally upgrade. I tend to be more concerned with ergonomics, user friendliness, and robustness of design than I am with processor speed, video cards, memory etc. The one exception here is I really like/need a bright clear display.

My studio 17 is configured with the T6400, 4gb ram, backlite keyboard, wled 1440x900 display, ATI HD 3650 etc.

Initial impressions
Good: It is of course much faster than my 2001 dell, especially on boot up and shut down. The clarity and brightness of the display is a beautiful thing and the viewing angles are good as well. I pulled up an instant movie from netflix and it is very impressive, although the movie didn't play fullscreen as there was about an inch of unused screen on either side of the movie. The backlite keyboard is nice.

- Maybe it is my imagination but the keyboard on this thing seems squishy. Almost like it is uneven and set too low in the chassis. The keys have very little tactile feedback. A number of times now I've been flying along wordprocessing and find that even though I pressed the key the entry was never made.

- There is quite a bit of flex in the screen it seems. I learned real quick to make sure to grasp the screen right in the middle when closing/opening the lid. It's a bit disconcerting to see the dell symbol on the back of the lid distort when the screen flexes as you close the lid if you don't grasp it right in the middle.

- There are no standoffs at the top of the screen to keep it from contacting the palm rests when the lid is closed. Picking the machine up with one hand in the center front as I normally do results in the lid flexing and touching the palm rest in the camera/mic area at the top of the display.

- While there is a boatload of screen real estate, the icons/text are small which is not good at all. Can these be increased in size without loosing any clarity? I need all aspects of the display - icons, text, menus, etc bumped up in size a bit.

- While I like the 17" screen, and I thought the number pad would be nice to have, I really dislike that the it causes the alpha keyboard and corresponding touch pad to be offset to the left of the chassis. The touch pad obviously has to be centered relative to the alpha keyboard for proper word processing and data entry. This is not that big of an issue when the machine is used on the desk but it causes an imbalance when used on the lap. In order to use the machine with keyboard/touchpad centered the whole machine has to be shifted to the right which causes the right side to tip over to the right. In short it makes it very awkward to use this machine on anything other than a desk. In addition, I think compounding this lap unfriendly nature is the whole gigantic hinge design and how deep this laptop is.

I fully understand that this machine is marketed as a "desktop replacement" and maybe I would be better served with a 15" model. What would be really nice though is to have the 17" screen, lose the number pad, and center the alpha keyboard and touchpad in the center of the chassis. This would make laptop computer more user friendly.

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Dell :: Return Policy?

Jun 2, 2009

I just got the M1730 last week, but I found a few detects such as lighting problems on my screen when it is pitch black.

The bottom and top parts have light leaking ( I'm guessing thats what you call it ). Also when I move my laptop, i see two circles appearing on my screen (Same effect as if you touched the screen)..

They disappear after like 5 seconds, but it gets annoying seeing them whenever you move your laptop.

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Dell :: How Do I Return Mini 9

Nov 25, 2008

i just checked, now they have red one and 32GB ssd. i haven't received my dell mini, i called dell, they say my order is already shipped. how do i change or make return and order the new one?

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Dell :: Possible To Return A PC Just Because Of Poor CS?

Aug 28, 2009

I am aware this is Notebook review but I figure Dell is Dell and it could apply to all Dell branded products.

I ordered a Dell PC 2 weeks ago. It has been 'In Production' for 2 weeks now. I phoned CS today and I was transferred a total 8 times due to no one being able to match my Name with my order number.

I finally get through and they tell me that a part was on back order (i never received any emails about this and no notification on my confirmed order page before I checked out) .....

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Dell :: Complex Return?

May 19, 2010

I ordered it on May 10th and shipped May 16th. I was expecting it to take at least another week.

I was hoping that before it went into the shipping stage I could contact my sales rep and replace the single 5870 with crossfire 5870's when they came out.
Lo and behold, the day after my order is passed the line of return, the cards are released.

I ordered another M17x with crossfire cards later that Monday and now that order has an EDD of June 4th.

My predicament, can I open my first M17x and fiddle around with it for a few days to see if a single 5870 is all I need, and then return it if is not as much as i need, without having to pay a restocking fee?

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