Dell :: Ordering E6500, Finally...

Feb 9, 2009

I talked to a nice gentleman from Dell on Friday and am going to "seal the deal". I decided against an Outlet model to avoid any potential problems and my Mom, who is the one really buying it agrees.

The Dell rep recommended the standard Dell 1510 a/g/n card. He said the Intel wasn't really going to give me better performance just cost more for the Intel name.

I did notice the Intel 5300 has more data throughput. In real world, does it make much of a difference? I don't think the laptop will be used to watch streaming video or gaming over the WiFi connection, but what would be a reason to pay the extra for the Intel 5300 over the Dell 1510?

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Dell :: Ordering Frustration

Feb 6, 2010

I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I desperately need to vent. On January 6th, I ordered a new 1645 with a Core i7 720 and an RGBLED. It was set to be delivered on the 28th, but it was then pushed back, then cancelled, then Dell re-opened a new identical order, set to be delivered on the 24th of February. I found a really nice Dell Outlet 1645 with a i7 820 in it for 80 bucks less than what I would have paid for the i720. Ordered it, waited a week, nothing. Turns out there was some sort of glitch on my address. (I moved in July, changed all my addresses, but it still hadn't gotten through apparently.) So, I call their silly phone number, and they tell me I have to call them with a PIN number they're going to mail me, fine, whatever. A week has passed and still no mail, nothing. I look at my order status tonight and Dell has now CANCELED this order without TELLING me. I am about to lose my mind. Meanwhile the 15% off Dell outlet coupon is now expired, and there are no longer any XPS 16's in the Outlet... *sigh*... I'm trying to give this company my hard-earned money and they are just making this entire process BEYOND frustrating. I've hoped and hoped that I'd see my laptop shipped since the beginning of January to no avail... Has anyone else had trouble with this sort of thing? I'm THIS close to never ordering another Dell again, I'm so fed up with this entire broken system.

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Dell :: 24 Hours After Ordering Online ... Nothing

Jan 19, 2010

It's been 24 hours since I ordered a laptop at Dell and I still haven't received an order confirmation, is that normal? I did get the receipt that my order has been received, but no confirmation mail, when I log in to see the status, the system finds nothing.

Is this normal after 24 hours?

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Dell :: Ordering A Vostro 1720

Nov 4, 2009

I was configuring a Vostro 1720 and the only version of Windows 7 Professional available is 32bit. If I were to order more than 3GB of ram .....

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Dell :: Ordering A 14z To Canada From US Site

Jul 21, 2009

Dell currently has a coupon code that knocks off the price down by 170$, but not on the canadian site.

Is it possible to purchase the dell from the US site and ship it to canada without having to pay duty fees? Or should I just wait for the deal to show up on the Canadian site.

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Dell :: Ordering A Latitude On Memory And HD

Feb 15, 2009

I'm about to order an E6400 from the dell outlet and was wondering if you all have any advice before i order.

I want to upgrade the memory and HD, but i dont know what to buy exactly.

I want 4 gb of RAM, and the quietest and most inexpensive HD that is 250 or 320gb that I can get. I assume that a 5400rpm is quieter than a 7200rpm drive. Any ideas?

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Dell :: Re-Ordering Studio XPS 1647. Any EPP Experiences?

Mar 25, 2010

So if you have followed my system you know what I have gone through, if not just know that it's in the UPS system making its way back to Dell.

I'm planning on re-ordering either before or after I receive my refund, but before would only be possible if I can get my system down to ~2500.

My original system is below in my signature for $2453.00 (includes tax + shipping) .....

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Dell :: How To Get The Backlit Keyboard On Xps16 When Ordering Online??

Oct 27, 2009

Does anyone know how to get the backlit keyboard on xps16 when ordering online??

Because ive looked, but theres no option to add it.

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Dell :: Finally Got Information On My Exchange

Apr 8, 2010

As some of you may know (I've been posting in the throttling threads) my SXPS1640 is being replaced due to ridiculous heat and throttling issues. I finally got information on my new laptop which actually WILL be new as it's being built from the ground up just as if I had ordered it, also included is the 130W power adapter, I have some questions about it though as I'm unfamiliar with some of the hardware in it.

1224-7380 Studio XPS 16 Notebook

1310-0173Airborne Documentation, System Exchanges,Factory Install

1312-081156 WHr 6-cell Lithium Ion P Primary Battery, for XPS 1640 ...

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Dell :: M1710 & 7950GTX Finally Bit It

Oct 4, 2009

After nearly 3 years my beloved XPS has hit the wall, the 7950GTX and GPU fan are fried; graphical glitches and artifacting galore,

called Dell support to get a replacement (thank god for my 4 year warranty and NBDOS/Complete Care coverage)

Should I push to get the whole Mobo and cpu replaced too?

The system runs super slow and throttles after about 10 mins aswell as taking nearly 3 mins to boot up (only since the GPU failed)

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Dell :: XPS M1330 Finally Discontinued?

Aug 4, 2009

Seems like Dell finally pulled the plug on the excellent Dell Xps m1530 and the m1330 as they are no longer avaialble on Dell Home USA .

Glad I snagged a LED refurb 2 weeks ago for my wife.

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Dell :: Windows FINALLY Acknnowledges 4gb Ram In M90 After SP1 Update

Mar 19, 2008

For the longest time, my M90 only recognized 3.25 gb of RAM on my M90 even though it had 4 gb installed. After the service pack, it recognizes all 4 gb! Did anybody else notice this? This is for the 32bit version.

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Sony :: Parts: Ordering Other Language Keyboard

Feb 24, 2010

I`m from switzerland, and we coulnt not order custom configs with Sonystyle / CTO - only the normal Sony Vaio configs are to order

When i will find a way to order a swiss-german language keyboard (not same than the german keyboard), then i could order my Notebook from anywhere, and do the work by myself, but have to fight with warranty trouble.

I can live with warranty trouble

Does someone have me an adress for ordering keyboards in other languages?

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Dell :: SXPS 13 Users: Windows 7 Drivers Are Finally Here!

Oct 13, 2009

Just checked the download site today, and they've finally posted up windows 7 drivers! About time Dell

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Apple :: AT&T Finally Get's MMS For The IPhone

Sep 26, 2009

Finally, I can send and receive media to/from friends!

Also, my iPhone 3G seems to work just fine sending and receiving MMSs, while my girlfriend's iPhone 3GS doesn't seem to work. She can receive MMS, but anytime she tries to send one, she gets a red ! next to the photo saying "Error Sending Message. Try Again". I followed the same procedure to enable MMS as I did on my iPhone. OS 3.1 then updated carrier settings via iTunes 9.0.1.

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HP/Compaq :: 2nd DV5t -- Finally No Buzzing

Jan 18, 2009

Well After my first DV5T had really annoying buzzing, I asked for a replacement. Got the replacement and have been playing with it for about 3 days now and the buzzing is about 90% quieter.

I know a few others were experiencing this, but with the laptops side-by-side, there is a night and day difference between the two

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HP/Compaq :: Ze4430us Finally Bit The Dust ... RIP

Apr 6, 2010

My wifes trusty laptop of over 8 years has finally succumbed, it now begins to boot, then stops, and restarts, rinse repeat.

No screen activity, no post, just cpu fan, lights and then nothing, restart.

Kinda the restart of death. I've taken out the mainboard and all other componants and cleaned, then replaced, still nothing.

HD was already removed and data transferred, she's sharing my DV7 now in win 7 ...

(really think MB, pwr supply of some sort) Plan on getting her a new one, but if someone knew of a known issue with these symptoms ...

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Dell :: Finally New ATI Mobility Radeon HD Driver, Pre-CATALYST 10.1 (supports All Notebooks, Except For Alienware)

Jan 25, 2010

Finally some recent Dell mobility drivers -

Cards supported: AMD ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 3450, ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 3650, ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 3670, ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4330, ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4570, ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4670, ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5450, ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5470, ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5650, ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5730 Driver

This includes:

Catalyst Control Center 2009.1217.1710.30775 (previously 2009.0908.2225.38429)
ATI Catalyst Install Manager 3.0.754.0 (previously 3.0.741.0)
ATI Display Driver 8.683.2.000 (previously 8.653.0.0000)
HDMI Audio Driver (previously 5.00.7000.07)
AVIVO (previously

Dell posted this on their FTP today (1/25/2010)

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Sony :: How To Enable Virtualization VT-X On VAIO Z Laptops Finally

Jan 23, 2009

I have bought a Vaio VGN-Z21XN/B laptop. I have installed Windows Server 2008 64-bit on it, but I would like to inform me how to enable Virtualization.

Has anyone tried enabling Virtualization on Z series?

UPDATE- 19th July

How to enable VT-X on a Z laptop
see discussion from post 7# on
Use at your own risk

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Sony :: (FZ Series) Is It Finally Possible To Have Hdmi Sound Out With Winxp

Feb 1, 2010

I have a FZ180E but this could be about any FZ series I guess!

I connect it with HDMI cable with no problem to TV and have sound with windows vista. But with XP I get only image and no sound !

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Dell :: E6500 Fan Always On

Sep 8, 2009

Got a new E6500 last week, and I love it! I got the audio crackling to go away, though there are minor latency spikes every couple minutes,

that however don't affect the audio/video. The screen is wonderful, the keyboard, everything.

But one thing that bugs me is that when the fan starts going it will never stop. According to HWMonitor, my processor (P8800) can be at 29-30 deg C (right above ambient!) and the Nvidia card at 43 deg C and it won't stop! It's extremely annoying

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Dell :: E6500

Sep 29, 2008

I managed to buy a E6500 through a special promo at my university. Although I wanted an integrated graphic card (I'm not going to do *any* gaming so the nvidea cards are completely useless for me, right?), the promotion was limited to the nvidia 160.

Now what do I see upon receipt, they screwed up at dell: they delivered a notebook with the intel graphic card and no bluetooth. I've noticed them and they'll replace the notebook. Now I was thinking if I would be able to make a deal with Dell: send me the BT card that I'll install myself and some compensation for the missing graphic card (which I actually didn't want anyway).

Would I be able to pull off something like that, and what 'compensation' would you try to get (I already have max RAM, extra 6 cell battery, mouse, ...)

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Dell :: E6500 With SDD

Jan 19, 2009

I'm planning on getting an E6500 with the 64GB SSD (performance option - I assume this is the Samsung SLC version).

It's my understanding that SSD's run a lot hotter ( since they are solid state chips) than a corresponding conventional HDD.

I would also think that they would consume less power than the conventional HDD, but what about the additional heat causing the fan to come on more often and/or at higher speeds? Would this negate the power savings?

Any comments would be appreciated. Also, FWIW I will be sticking with the Intel 4500MHD integrated graphics.

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Dell :: E6500 Fingerprint Xp

Oct 31, 2008

I recently purchased a Latitude E6500 with fingerprint reader. I was so impressed with the Studio15 that I had. Here is the problem the software with the E6500 doesn't let you login on websites or programs, like the Studio did.
When contacted Dell they stated that it will only work with Vista. My E6500
came preloaded with XP Pro. So I bit the bullet and downgraded to Vista.
Guess what still no use except to log into windows. Wave software SUCKS!
Does any one know of software that will work in XP with the Latitude?
Digitalpersona does not have a XP version yet. Yet on my Studio I converted to XP and it worked. Anyone have a link to the fingerprint software on the Studio?

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Dell :: E6500 Slowing WAY Down With NVS 160

Jan 4, 2009

I just play a few games here and there and I am seeing my system slow WAY down when even just doing light gaming. Is anyone else having these issues? I have the NVS 160 and the T9600 and even playing games like Command and Conquer Generals Zero hour which is a game that is several years old, I have to play it at 1024*768 with details turn down to min just to get the game not to spit and get jumpy. Its like it freezes every 2 seconds for a half sec or so..

I have speedfan monitoring temps for CPU and GPU and both are well within normal ranges, infact the fan is not even turning much past 4000 RPM and GPU getting no hotter then 64C at MAX..

Any ideas or experiences would be greatly appreciated. I just feel that the NVS 160 should be able to play a 3 year old game MUCH better then it is...

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Dell :: E6500 Fingerprint

Apr 24, 2009

I have recenltly bought a e6500 everything was fine till I tried to install windows vista 32 bit again . The boardcom USH w/touch sensor was not installed in my former OS and I didn't have boardcom TMP neither .

But my fingerprint worked fine .

Then I reinstalled the windows and installed the latest drivers in order . I also updated the firmware but none of those helped me solve this problem .

When I try to enroll my finger print I get : "Device opened" and when I choose my thumb as an enrolling finger I get "an error occurred during enrollment please re-enroll"
Is there any thing that I can do ?

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Dell :: E6500 Heatsink -- Old Vs New

Sep 14, 2009

I took pictures of a refurb E6500 I got from the outlet (Regal Red) and my new E6500 (black).

They appear to have different heatsinks, with the new one having a larger one

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Dell :: E6400/E6500

Sep 18, 2008

I've been wavering back and forth between the T500 & E6500 for the past few weeks, but been pretty satisfied with our past Dell fleet and their service.

Up to Monday I was pretty much set on the E6500's, but I'm starting to see more and more threads about troublesome issues on the E-series. Things that would certainly bother me and my team.

Maybe we can keep track of all the issues and hopefully resolutions to them on this thread.

Here's what I've compiled so far:
Let me know what else to add.

1. Poor quality WXGA+ LED screens
Disappointed with LED LCD in E6400
E6400 vs. XPS M1330 LED Screens

2. Drifting Trackpad / Lack of proper sensitivity adjustments
E6500 TrackPoint drifting badly

3. Keyboard issues
E6500 TrackPoint drifting badly

4. DVD burner problems
Latitude E-Series DVD Burner troubles

5. Crackling/poor audio
e6500 crackling audio

6. Random lockups

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Dell :: Latitude E6500

Jan 29, 2009

I just got my dell Outlet e6500 today and I have a few questions/issues that you may be able to help me with:

1) when I opened it up, there's a small piece of plastic broken off the right side of the laptop (the piece is actually in the plastic bag that the laptop was in, so I assume it broke in shipping?).

If you look at the picture to which I've linked below from the review on this site (not actually my own picture),

it's the piece just to the immediate left of the wireless switch, along the bottom of the side, about 1 inch long (some kind of bay or card reader).....

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Dell :: E6500 Configuration

May 18, 2009

I am in the process of ordering a new e6500. I have been reading through the forum for the last week and I came to the following configuration but would like to clarify a couple of questions.

Just an idea of what laptops I have, I am using Latitude D610, Latitude D620, Thinkpad T60. This might give you an idea of what I am used to. I find T60 is the best overall, D620 very mobile but slow, D610 ok and stable.

Here is what I am thinking for the e6500.

Latitude E6500 Intel® Core™ 2 Duo P8600 (2.40GHz, 3M L2 Cache, 1066MHz FSB)
Operating Systems Genuine Windows Vista Business Bonus-Windows XP Professional downgrade
Memory 4.0GB, DDR2-800 SDRAM, 2 DIMMS
Internal Keyboard Internal English Backlit Keyboard
Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD
250GB Hard Drive, 7200RPM with Free Fall Sensor
No Fingerprint Reader
15.4” UltraSharp™ Wide WXGA+ (1440x900) LED Display-Brushed Metal Black
Dell Wireless® 370 Bluetooth Module
Modem Internal 56K Modem
8X DVD+/-RW w/Roxio and Cyberlink Power DVD™
Camera / Microphone Integrated Webcam with digital microphone
Intel® WiFi Link 5300 802.11a/g/n Draft Mini Card
Intel vPro™ Technology’s advanced mgmt features are Off for future use

This machine will be used mainly for the Internet and not so demanding applications.


1) What do you think overall? Any issues to watch for?

2) Should I go for the WUXGA? I have been reading about the small font but was not sure. My T60 is set to 1280x800

3) I read about HDD noise, should I downgrade to 5400 or maybe upgrade to SSD?

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