Dell :: PR02x Port Replicator, 90w?

Aug 10, 2009

Can I get by using a 90w power adapter with the port replicator or do I need the 130w one?

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Dell :: Do You Have An E-port Or E-port Plus Replicator

Apr 5, 2010

Thinking about getting one to go with my m4500 which is on order. Reviews seem ok though some complain it's bulky and other complained the release mechanism wasn't great. Worst was that someone said their comp wouldn't boot when docked.

Can anyone share experience and/or high res pics of what one looks like?

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Dell :: Port Replicator For XPS 16

Mar 26, 2010

Is there any port replicator from dell available for dell xps 16. If not does anybody knows about any other thrid party port replicator which is compatible with Dell XPS 16 ...

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Dell :: E Port Plus Replicator

Jan 13, 2009

There are apparently 2 models of the E Port Plus Replicators; model YP021 and model YP126. Does anybody know what the difference between the 2 are besides the prices (the YP126 is much more expensive)? Are they both compatible with all E Series Latitudes?

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Dell :: Port Replicator For E6500

Jan 23, 2009

I just purchased an E-6500 and am considering buying a port replicator that i can use to hook up my external hard drive, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and printer.

I am looking for the cheapest replicator that takes up the least amount of space since space is limited right now. I have a few questions:

1) I can't figure out from Dell's website which port replicator meets my needs. Can anyone point me to the right model that is the best bang for my buck,

meeting basic needs mentioned above (a generic option is fine too--doesn't have to be Dell as long as it works)

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Dell :: Latitude M4400 And Port Replicator

May 27, 2010

I recently got a dell M4400 and large external dell monitor. I purchased the e-port replicator. I should be able to dock my laptop and use an external monitor and keyboard/mouse.

I can do that, but when I shut my laptop, the whole thing shuts down. Is this correct? I know I've used docking stations in the past and didn't have to have the laptop open. If I do, what is the point of the docking station?

The E-Port replicator had pretty much no documentation. Also, when I dock my laptop, shouldn't it see the docking station?

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Dell :: E-view Stand And Port Replicator

Jan 23, 2010

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the E-View stand and/or port replicator.

I use my E6500 with an external monitor in an extended desktop and would like a hot dock/undockable setup, and the stand and replicator sound like they would work well for this purpose.

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Dell :: M4400, E-Port Replicator, Dual-Link DVI

Nov 6, 2008

I have a Dell M4400 with nVidia 770 and I also have a Dell 3007WFP which supports 2560x1600 native resolution. Does anyone know if the M4400 will support this resolution if I dock it to an E-Port Replicator and use the DVI output of the docking station to the 3007WFP? When I looked at the Dell manual for the E-Port Replicator (and also the Plus) it didn't say if the DVI output supports dual-link.

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Dell :: Latitude With Dock/Port Replicator Feedback

Feb 15, 2009

Im starting a thread b/c many people seem to be experiencing some issues with their Latitude while docked.

Some of my problems (keep in mind I use TWO external displays):

1) Most prevalent is my fan issue. This might only apply to nVidia GPU users. It appears that two things are happening: a) the dock simply does not allow for proper heat dissipation.

This for me is a fact as my laptop runs both cooler and, utlizes much lower fan speeds while undocked. b) DELL may have set the fans to kick in at lower temps particularly with the nvidia gpu

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Dell :: M4400 Lock Up When Redocking To E-Port Plus Replicator

Dec 24, 2009

At work I use M4400 that is docked to E-Port Plus replicator. If I start the laptop while docked, everything works great.

When I undock the laptop (while still running) everything is still fine. Although sometimes the laptop lid need to be opened and closed twice for the display output to show up on the laptop screen.

The real problem occurs when I redock the laptop (while still running) to the E-Port Plus replicator. Most of the time, the display output does not transfer to my external monitor (22" Dell monitor). The laptop appears to be locked up, and I need to reboot the computer

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Dell Precision M6800 :: Does Not Starts When Plugged On Port Replicator

May 19, 2014

I receive there is 1 weeks ago a M6800 laptop with his port replicator. When the laptop is plugged to the port replicator and I press the power button (on the laptop or on the port replicator) the laptop starts but it is frozen immediatly and the big "DELL" logo is displayed. I do not see Windows starts screen and I can not enter in the BIOS.

If I unplugged the laptop from the replicator station, it starts immediately and it is work.
If I plug the power charge on the laptop it starts immediately and it is work.

I plug the laptop to the port replicator, I starts it, the starts process is frozen of course at the "DELL" logo. After that I unplugged the laptop (I do not shutdown it, so the laptop is still on), the laptop continue to starts until Windows. After that I plug the laptop to the port replicator and it is work...

So I think the problem come with the port replicator detection at the BIOS level...

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Dell :: Are There Updated Drivers For The E-Series Port Replicator/docking Station

Dec 22, 2008

Wondering if they came up with anything new for these fan issues or if there are even drivers for a replicator...

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Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Flex :: Docking Station / Port Replicator

Oct 29, 2014

What port replicator/docking station with support of atleast 2 monitors works with the new Yoga 3 Pro?

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Dell Latitude D830 :: D/Port Replicator Power Light Flashing Green And Orange

Jan 28, 2010

One of my users brought me this issue the other day. He is using a Latitude D830 laptop with a D/port docking station.  With or without the laptop docked, The power button on the docking station flashes Orange and Green when powered.    I've swapped power bricks for the dock.   The laptop still seems to charge while being docked.   After swapping the dock, the new dock is fine.

What might be causing it?  Is the dock dead?  Could it be a failed port on the docking station?

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Dell Precision M6500 :: US B3.0 On PR02X Fail To Work At 3.0 Speeds?

Sep 6, 2014

Having problems with M6500 and E-PORT plus II PRO2X dock.

USB 3.0 blue jacks on back of dock do not work as 3.0, work as 2.x.

The USB3.0 on side of the laptop perform as expected.

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Dell :: D630 And Replicator Dock

Jun 7, 2009

I just bought a Dell port replicator dock used one - model PRX01X

I'm having problem with mouse connected to this dock using USB. Previously mouse was connected to laptop, now is connected to replicator dock.

I'm feeling that mouse is not working properly, my move is not smooth like before. It caused by replicator dock

Is there any patch/software fixing that issue?

PS: I'm using 90W power adapter.

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Dell :: Which COM Port Is My Serial Port

Jan 26, 2008

what COM port my serial port is on my XPS M1710. Is there a program that I can find all this out in Windows that I just never knew about?

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Dell :: [E6500][esata][RAID Port Multiplier] Raid 1 Enclosure Not Regnosized Using The Esata Port

Mar 5, 2009

Here's my story and, let's say, my analysis:

I bought a generic 2 HD sata2 RAID1 enclosure based on the chipset Silicon Image SteelVine 5744. It can be used in USB or eSATA2. This embedded chipset (named SiL5744) is known (understand "claimed") to auto-handle Sata I/II and host sata2 controllers that not support the port multiplier feature. The HD are two Samsung F1 1To. There's no jumper to rollback to SATA 1.5Go on them, you can only do it by flashing the HD's bios, however we don't need to do it as I wrote just before, the SiL5744 supports SATA 3Go natively.

The enclosure works pretty well with USB, but *not* in eSATA : the E6500 freezes/hangs just after the POST step (a potential driver issue with the installed vista 64bits is not the reason then). As soon has I disconnect the eSATA cable, the system recovers and continues as normal.

What I've tried/done so far :

Both E6500's BIOS SATA mode AHCI and IRRT mode were tested,
Intel Matrix driver and software was updated to the latest version (AHCI and IRRT),
The SiL5744 chip was upgraded to its latest firmware as well (in case of...)

In order to verify the esata cable, the HDs and the enclosure itself, I succeed to :

- Use the enclosure's RAID1 feature when using the USB connection, I could partition,format, and read/write on the logical volume
- directly connect *one* HD (Samsung F1 1To) to the E6500's esata port -(I have a sata2esata cable), Vista installed it and I was able to use it as normal, even the hotswap feature seemed to work fine (I unkindly removed it). I could so test both HD individually this way... On the enclosure hardware side, everything looks fine then.

An IMPORTANT thing : The E6500's ICH8/9-M sata host controller seems to support the Port Multiplier feature *ONLY* on sata port 0 -as a bubble message from the Intel Matrix soft sometimes shows up-, but this is exactly where the internal HD is plugged on the motherboard I found nowhere you can change the internal sata port ID (switch,bios,ect...). I think this is the key of the problem that seems to be a dumb port conflict, because the esata port is in fact the port sata 4 (the DVDRW drive is sata 1, dock's esata is 5 for instance). If somebody knows how to swap the sata port ID, I think I won't be toasted !

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Dell :: Usb Com Port

Jan 4, 2009

i have a Dell Inspirion 2600 just did a clean wipe and install of windows xp all the new updates and all the drivers from the disc and checked for others on Dells site.

The usb ports will read a device will pull info off my memory stick and when i plug in my device i scan vehicles. But i show i have no com ports but com port 3 which is assigned to the modem.

I have checked the bios setting tried to created a port in the irq address with no progress.

I dont know what to do now someone suggested usinga PCMCIA card to set up com ports is there a fix to this??

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Dell :: Loose USB Port

Sep 15, 2009

I have a Dell Studio 15 laptop and one of the USB ports on the right side of my laptop has become loose (I think it happened when I knocked it on something). Whenever I put a USB into the port I can wriggle it side to side & I can't do this with my other ports & until recently I couldn't do it with this one either.

When I put a USB into the port it isn't detected but if I push down on the casing above the port it sometimes is detected but the second I stop pushing down it's undetected again.

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Dell :: ESata Port

Jun 11, 2009

In particular pay attention to the port on the bottom. This is an "eSATA" port, correct? Now for the crazy question of mine: Is this eSATA port compatible with a male usb connector? I'm pretty sure it isn't, but would like to confirm before I try and destroy something

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Dell :: USB Port 0n 1640 (Always On?)

Apr 24, 2009

I thought I read in one of the threads that there was a way to power the USP port on a 1640 even when the lappy is turned off which would be great. Can someone confirm this one way or the other and if its true explain how to do it!

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Dell :: E-Port DVI Quality?

May 12, 2010

Does anyone have experience with using the DVI connector on the Dell E-Port or E-Port Plus? I got an E-Port Plus from eBay listed as "new" and have it hooked up using the DVI connection with my new E6410 driving it (with NVidia 3100M graphics).

Black text on white background has a bit of a red glow to it that didn't happen with my older laptop/dock combo. I'm trying to figure out if it is a bad E-Port or if this is just the way the E-Port/E6410/3100M will be

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Dell :: E6400 E-Port DVI

May 8, 2010

I've just received a work Dimension E6400 with E-Port Replicator. I have two Dell 2001FP (max res 1600x1200) monitors that I have connected to the VGA port and the DVI port on the E-Port Replicator.

On the VGA connected monitor, I get 1600x1200 resolution. On the DVI-connected one, I can NOT get 1600x1200 (even with 16-bit color on one or both monitors). On DVI, I can only get max 1280x1024 or 1440x900.

I have tried all kinds of combinations but I can't get 1600x1200 out of the DVI. My E6400 has all the latest specs (I've checked) such as the latest BIOS, latest chipset (incl. graphics).

1. Is the E6400 capable of driving two 1600x1200 displays?

2. If I get a DVI to VGA converter and connect to VGA ports on both monitors, will I be able to get 1600x1200 on both?

3. If I buy a E-Port Plus Replicator and connect both monitors to the two VGA ports on that, will that give me 1600x1200 on both?

4. My old Dell monitors don't have DisplayPort connections (just DVI and VGA). Is there some way that I can connect the DisplayPort, on the E-Port, to a VGA monitor?

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Dell :: USB Charging Port

Mar 1, 2010

Has anyone actually seen the usb charging port work? I had one on my e4200 and one on my e6400 and it never works. I have the laptop plugged in and turned off or in sleep mode. Plug my iphone into it and it doesn't charge... Even through it is all active and setup in the bios.

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Dell XPS 14Z :: Usb Port Not Working?

Apr 13, 2013

I found one of my laptop usb port is not working. The left usb port is not working and the right one is working. Don't know which port represent which version (2.0/3.0). I found universal serial bus driver is not installed. I can not find the driver so request you to provide me the link. If the driver is R309557, I already downloaded it. My bios version is A05.

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Dell XPS 14Z :: USB Port Not Working

Feb 15, 2013

Having a problem with one of the USB ports on my XPS14z  .. Port is the one adjacent to the HDMI port..

There is absolutely no signs of life from it at all, regardless of whether I connect USB 2 or 3 devices, usb drives etc.   I've tried updating BIOS and CHIPSETS to absolutely no success.

[URL] .....

and also checked device drivers are installed as per 

[URL] ....

but again no success.  It cannot be seen in device manager or when I ran a diagnostics suggesting the whole thing is dead.

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Dell :: E6400 + E-Port Plus + Samsung LCD + LCD

Oct 8, 2008

just got my new E6400 and I am having a problem with dual external displays. My displays are:

Samsung 204B (20", 1600x1200)
Dell 1708FP (17", 1280x1024)

The problem is the samsung only works using an analog VGA cable. If I even plug in the DVI cable, the samsung will not detect any output from the laptop/dock. I have tried installing the samsing display drivers, but that did not fix the issue. This was not a problem on my old thinkpad T41 that this new dell replaced, so although possible, I doubt the monitor has suddenly developed a bad DVI port.

If I use the Dell as the primary with the samsung hooked up using both cables, I can see two instances of the samsung, it just won't display anything until I pull the DVI cable.

My E6400 has the NVidia NVS 160 card. Running Vista 64 with the 64-bit NVidia drivers from Dell.

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Dell :: Powershare Esata Usb Port?

Apr 26, 2009

Dell Support said this feature is not supported by them however its there feature (What) anyways can some one tell me that has it working on a XPS 1640 how it is set in the BIOS and what else I need to try to get it to work.....

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Dell :: D830 Powered USB 2.0 Port

Mar 16, 2009

The Dell D830 comes equipped with one powered USB port at the rear.

The powered USB port is compatible with USB 2.0 connector. When used with a powered USB connector that looks like a bloated RJ45, powered USB port can supply 5V (beige), 12V (blue), or 24V (red)..

They are color-coded and connectors are keyed to distinguish between them..

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