Dell :: Replace Bad Connector On Quadro 2500m With Connector From Dead 7800go?

Nov 30, 2007

Is this feasible?

Some arsehole on ebay sold me a quadro with a busted connector and refused to refund. I had no idea about the 60 day policy so i was overly patient in waiting for my refund until it was too late.

Anyway, the quadro was intended to replace a 7800go that died some time ago. Is it possible to solder the connector from the dead card onto the quadro? i don't have the skills but i live in thailand and [reasonably skilled] labor is cheap.


Dell :: Underperforming Quadro 2500m

Nov 18, 2007

earlier this year I moved to vista , having good performance under games and a 3dmark05 score of 6500-7500.. , over the course of the year I had many reinstalls cause I wanted to check both X86 and X64 versions of Vista , and decided to stay with x64.

now I don't exactly know when exactly it happend - but a few months back I noticed my 3dmark05 score went down to 3300-3700 , well I thought .. maybe just a bad driver , so over the last 2 months i've tried many driver versions (155.xx , 156,xx , 169.xx from Laptopvideo2go and NBF) and I had the same results with all , I did fresh driver installs so thats not due to bad install or anything like it.

since I'm Currently playing WoW only :P I don't have any other benchmarks to run , Aquamark doesn't work under x64 and I don't know about any good benchmark tools.

something else I noticed which im sure is relevant - I remember that before having those problems my Temps went to the roof while gaming (93-94c) and 73c when idle , now with the new sets of drivers I have about 83c when gaming and 67c idle , now don't get me wrong .. im happy with those temps , but that also means my card doesn't stress itself to the max.

my 1st guess was Powermizer feature , Tried disabling it in the nv_disp.inf without any luck.. I'm not too sure if I managed to disable it.. GPU-Z always "sees" my clocks (500/600) at max.

I also thought about installing an old driver version but honestly I don't remember which drivers were ok to use under vista x64.

so I would really appriciate Ideas , that is before I do format C: ( I really want to avoid it this time).

Dell 1705 , 2GB Ram , T7200 , Quadro 2500m.

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Dell :: XPS Quadro Project 99% Complete (+ Overclocked 2500M Results)

Aug 18, 2007

I finally got what is the old school Generation 2 look which IMO looks better. click here if you're interested to see how it looks like. Custom parts include the slot load DVD, keyboard, Atheros card and seagate hard drive. Future plans include quadro card sticker (being mailed) and maybe an internal camera mod.

After assembling everything, I continued to do more benchmarking using 3dmark05 and overclocking under vista. I've heard stories about vista hurting performance, but my god does it murder a good amount of framerates and performance. Non-overclocked, I got a best of 8582 on XP, and 7749 under vista.

After reflashing the vid bios and playing with rivatuner and atitools, I started at 575 core and 650 mem, ran 3dmark05, scored 9320. At first, I was pretty amazed at the score considered what vista did to it when it wasn't overclocked. I thought it would go somewhere where it was under XP (non overclocked). Anywho, I decided to up it a bit to 600 core and 700 mem. This time, 3dmark05 gave me a 9110. I tried it again, this time turning off any programs running in the background, and got a similar score. I lowered both clocks back to what it was when i scored the 9320 and ran it again. This time, it gave me an 8840.

Pretty interesting how these scores came about, but has anyone been in a similar situation? I'm thinking about going back to XP or just make a double partition for it, once i figure out how to w/o wiping half my HD.

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Dell :: Vga Connector Problem On D800

Mar 19, 2009

I have open it and found nothing obvious on the solder connection but there must be a weak solder somewhere because when I play with it connected it comes on sometimes.

nyone knows where to find schematic or details of the motherboard in order to know exactly which solder spot to redo

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Dell :: Does The Studio Xps 16 Use A Type A Or B Connector ?

May 22, 2009

just want to know as im going to order a 5m hdmi cable for it as im still awaiting the machine , and im going to plug it into my 52inch lcd tv

anyone else have any experience with hooking it upto the tv , does the sound transmit without any hassle ?

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Sony :: Z Power Connector

Aug 31, 2009

How sturdy is the power connector on the Z? The power cord is putting quite a bit of pressure on the connector.

The connector is made of plastic, not metal. I have my doubts about the longevity of this kind of connector.

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HP/Compaq :: Does Anyone Know What Type Of Connector This Is

Aug 30, 2009

I would like to adapt one of these connectors to (preferably) a usb connector, or at least get a pin out of what each of these pins represent.

This is the webcame from an HP dv9000 laptop.

Some googling indicates it might be a jst connector?

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Dell :: Truemobile Bluetooth Connector Pinout

Jun 24, 2008

Dell Truemobile bluetooth connector on the motherboard just appears to be a USB port.

What I wanted to do was use a generic bluetooth module and wire it to the Dell Truemobile bluetooth connector but I need the pinouts. There seems to be 10 pins but on USB there is only 4.

I have an Latitude X300 and disassembled the laptop entirely looking for a contact points for a possible USB connection on the motherboard. I thought there would be some because there are many USB hubs listed in device manager but only 2 ports on the actual laptop itself, but I couldn't find any so I am trying to work with the Truemobile connector.

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Acer :: Aspire 7730 Hdd Connector

May 27, 2010

i want to put a second hard drive in my laptop and i cant find where to get a second connector.

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Acer :: EX5630 BT 8pin Connector

Dec 8, 2008

I just picked up an EX5630. It didn't come with BT which I would like to add. It has an 8pin connector for the BT module. Reading around a little it looks like this connector is no more then a USB port. 4 pins are for the USB port, 2 pins for the LED and 2 pins for the BT switch. Can anyone confirm this? If this really is just a USB port I would like to build a custom cable that runs from this port into a very small two port USB hub which I will mount inside the laptop. There is a perfect space inside to do this. Then I will rig the BT module to one of the ports on the hub and use the other port for my wireless mouse dongle. It would be so nice to not have to plug in the dongle anymore and get BT at the same time.

I am very happy with this laptop so far. Well, after wiping and reloading Vista on it. It looks like it had a ton of BS preinstalled. I had to boot it up long enough to snag the tokens.dat file and I had to acknowledge 700 popups along the way.

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HP/Compaq :: TV Tuner Mini Connector

Dec 9, 2009

Any one know what type of mini connector this is? MMCX? MCX? MMC?

It is for the internal tuner on my HP dv8t. HP customer support can't help me and the tuner manufactuer, AverMedia can't help me either.

From Drop Box

From Drop Box

From Drop Box

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Acer :: Checking If Keyboard Connector Is Ok On 5920g

Dec 22, 2008

take apart my 5920g to check if the keyboard ribbon needs replacing or if the connecter has come loose. Ive googled big time trying to find a guide with pics etc. Could someone help as im currently in afghan trying to keep in touch with the wife (im a brit soldier) when I can, using my laptop. The dead keys are - b,n,h,y,u,7,8. So I cant really talk properly on msn etc.

Im using the on screen keyboard to help write this message!

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Acer :: Aspire 1700 AC Power Connector

Apr 21, 2008

what brand the 4 pin AC plug on the power adapter!

It is almost an Mini DIN connector but I have those. The pins are fatter and the dimension of the circular connector is slightly bigger than the DIN.

My guess is that the connector is used on a number of the 1700 series.

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Acer :: Aspire 5220- Power Connector

Jul 22, 2009

i'm fixing a acer aspire 5220 and seems to have a loose power connector are they hard to fix? And does any have a link on how to take a part the 5220

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV8000 Monitor FlickerWheres The Connector

Apr 28, 2009

I have a DV8000 - DV8333CL and screen has started to flicker. By messing with the screen i can get it to become clear then it starts to flicker again after a few minutes.

I have heard it could be as simple as a loose cable, does anyone know where and how to get to the cable?

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HP/Compaq :: 2 Audio Jacks But Single Connector On Speaker

Jun 8, 2009

On my HP DV5-1015TX I notice that there are 2 audio out jacks in the front.

However my speakers have only connector that I plug into either one of these. This works but I am am wondering if there would be any loss of audio quality when used this way (maybe surrond sound or something)? OR is the second audio-out an extra connection to say headphones?

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HP/Compaq :: REQ: 2730p & 2530P Ownerspics Of 1.8" HDD Connector

Feb 14, 2009

I am comparing this against the connector in the 2510P to see if there could be a possibility of retrofitting the 2730P connector to obtain a SATA output. The 4200RPM ZIF drive in the 2510P is ultraslow and ZIF (PATA) alternatives in SSD or 5400rpm HDD form are poor value for money. micro SATA is the way to go..

Found the HP Media Library has systemboard pictures. The 1.8" drive connectors for 2510P, 2730P and 2530P are here:

Though it is somewhat difficult to make out the 2730P 24-pin socket. Can anyone take a photo of it and link on here? Here's the one for the 2510p
More pics at [url]

We can see that the 2510P ZIF socket is very different to the 2730P systemboard connector. BUT! There is the unused 24-pin socket on the 2510P that looks remarkably similar to the 2730P 24-pin SATA connector. Could this be used to provide SATA on the 2510P?...........

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Dell :: Inspiron 2650, Model PP04Lhelp With Connector On Stock Hard Drive

Dec 11, 2009

The stock 20Gb hard disc in my Dell Inspiron has BSOD with an Unmountable Volume error.

The DVD drive isn't reading either XP Home or Ubuntu discs (just spinning up and down) so I want to remove the Hard Disc and grab the data files off the drive myself.

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Dell :: XPS 1730 Never Ending Issues! Super HotBattery DiedMonitor TapePlug Connector And More!!

Jul 11, 2009

Tip #1 - M1730 is not a "Lap" top. Too hot for a human lap. It may have been tested on a Gorilla's lap - as long as the fur has been pre-treated.

There have been so many communications (useless) with dell aggravation team (I mean escalation team) and a house call.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv2000 Second Mini-pciE Connector (next To Hdd/bios Battery/flash)

Aug 15, 2009

dv2000 second mini-pciE connector (next to hdd/bios battery/flash)

Has anyone tried to mod the MINI2 solder point (next to hdd/bios battery/flash)
like the ones done for the Asus EEE pc?

It says "MINI2"

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Dell :: ATI X1400 Fan Is Dead On 9400 ... Replace Procedure?

Feb 26, 2009

the GPU gets to 75 degrees and the fan doesnt spin.

Same with default cooling and 18kfangui.

What type of replacement fan do i buy for Dell 9400 with x1400 graphics?

Any checks i should do prior to opening the laptop.

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Dell :: Replaced My 7800go With X1400

Apr 1, 2008

my 9400 was overheating badly, and the screen was blacking out etc.

dell decided to replace the system

i receive an old crusty 9400 from the depot that looks like someone had used it for a place to set their coffee for a while, and the outer shell cosmetics are chipped,scratched, and generally low quality.

but, thats not my real issue....this laptop has an X1400 card in it.

my original system had a 7800 card.

i didn't think this was a "like-for-like" replacement, so i escalated my case. the supervisor i spoke with didn't understand what the issue was all about i guess, cause she kept telling me that i received the SAME laptop as a replacement

she even got some guy from tech support on the phone with us to have him verify the specs between the 2 cards....but after about 20 minutes of him saying that my replacement system has the IDENTICAL card in it as the original. (7800 and X1400 are different....thats why they have different names and part numbers...)

anyways, i asked that the tech support guy get the actual card specs for each one out so he can see that the 7800 is 256 dedicated memory and X1400 has only 128 dedicated memory.

he puts us (yeah, the supervisor lady is still hanging out on the phone cause she says she can't request another replacement until she gets verification from tech support that the cards are in fact much for knowing anything about these products).......anyways, we're on hold for about 5 minutes, we hear a click, and then he's gone.

this was horrible and amazing at the same time because the supervisor lady started saying "hello?...are you there?....HELLO? support are you on the line?" i guess she got to see how wrong an frustrating dell customer service can be

horrible because she's like "well, let me got ahead and dial back into the tech support queue so we can get another rep...". i said no, she should work it out with the proper department and get back to me, cause it'd had been almost a full hour at this point.

so my question is, is there something special i need to say to get them to understand that an X1400 card is not comparable to a 7800 card? i remember seeing people posting on here with a similar situation a while back, but i can't find those old threads. as an aside, the laptop is still under the original 3 year warranty as well as complete care.

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Dell :: I9300 7800go Gtx Upgrade

Aug 10, 2007

I bought the 7800go gtx card from another person locally, and he also installed the video card for me. He followed the installation instructions from this website, and left after he installed the video drivers from Tweaksrus and got the resolution back to 1920 x 1200. After he left my place, I used my laptop with the usual applications, and I found the laptop to be much sluggish than before. When I tried to watch a movie in .rmvb format, there were often and obvious stuttering in the video playback. I was very disappointed as even 6800go vanilla (my original card) would play a simple movie smoothly, why would a much stronger card such as the 7800go gtx have any problems? Moreover, I rebooted my laptop multiple times and there were two times at bootup, an error said "no bootable device was found, press F1 to retry or F2 to go into setup". The other times it would boot up into Windows XP as normal. I left the laptop alone after getting so frustrated.

Thursday night: I tried using my laptop again, and the normal applications were still sluggish. I tried to watch some movie again in .rmvb again, and the stuttering video was unbearable. I then thought may be it was the video drivers' problem, and I uninstalled the tweaksrus video drivers the person installed for me. Then I installed the the mobile 7800/7900 drivers from Nvidia's website. It got even worse as the video playback stuttered every 3 seconds in a movie. Then when I tried to play Warcraft 3, the video also stuttered, which was very surprising as even 6800go vanilla would handle it smoothly in the past. I then tried a couple more drivers from Laptopvideo2go, and the sluggish performance was unbearable. I rebooted my machine for about 13 to 15 times and there were again two times showing the "no bootable device" error message at start up.

Some other things I noticed:

On some of the video drivers I installed, it showed the GPU temperature, and it was 70C when it was idle. Is that even normal? Seems too hot as people here said idling temp was around 40C to 50C.

Some questions that I have:

1. What is going on with the error "no bootable device"? I have never seen that before in the past 1 year and 9 months (since I have my i9300). I am sure it is related to this video card upgrade.
2. Do you have similar video stuttering issues when you are using the 7800go gtx card in i9300?
3. Do you think the card may have some overheating issues?
4. What video drivers am I supposed to use? Tweakrus has been down for a few days already. I am a very casual gamer so I pretty much just want movies to play smoothly and games running a little smoother and faster.
5. How is it possible that when go 7800 gtx supposed to be 2+ times stronger than go 6800 vanilla, would give such poor performance?

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Dell :: Quadro Nvs Or Quadro Fx Which One Is Better

Sep 29, 2008

I've a question about dell lattitude and dell lattitude.

These two laptop've a different graphic chip. Which one is better for some 3d program like Sketchup, CAD, 3DSMAX. I prefer on Lattitude e6400 , It's look slim and good design. That's OK. But I've a question about a GPU in this laptop. Can it play some games?

- The Sim2

- Need for speed

- Pro Evolution Soccer
If I compare Quardo NVS160 & GFORCE 9300. Which one is better for some 3D program? Quardo NVS?

- Quardo NVS160 & Quardo FX370 - How about a diffrent?
Lattitude or Precision?

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Dell :: FX 2500M Not Usable On M6300

Oct 2, 2008

I have installed a FX 2500M (rev A02) on a M6300 system board A10 Bios, the card is working but its clock is fixed to 100MHz (100MHz core + 100MHz mem).

FX 2500m doesn't switch to 3D Low mode (200/300) or 3D Performance mode (500/600).
It always remains on 2D Mode (100/100)

Off Course the same card works correctly on M90 System Board.

I have tried many drivers, DELL version and generic version by laptopvideo2go, but same results (always fixed to 100MHz).

I have tried Rivatuner to force clock switch. Same results No Switch

I have even installed a new OS (Vista 64) and with it, I have a strange situation.

With Vista64 (no SP1) original driver supplied by MS (and based, I suppose, on forceware 96.xx) the card seems to works at high clock.

No information tools can be used (with MS Driver) so I can't see which clock are active but 3D performance (games and benchmark) are near the performance achieved with M90.

But once I update the driver by installing a recent version supplied by Nvidia (Dell version or generic is the same), the card blocks to 100MHz even under Vista64.

Unfortunately with MS Driver there are many graphics error and it isn't so usable with 3D application (i.e. games) and furthermore I want to use the card with XP32 (Vista64 has been installed only for tests).

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Dell :: AS5 On 2500m GPU --> Higher Temps?!

Apr 6, 2009

In short: My e1705 with a quadro 2500m is idling at temperatures at least 10 degrees celsius higher than it was before: 70 degrees with slow fans compared to ~60 with slow fans (I had fans kick in at 65 to bring it back to 60). There have been no hardware/software changes to the system.

So I read the guides about applying AS5 to your GPU and I thought I'd try to get better temps.

I cleaned off all the old compound from both the GPU and the heat spreader, and placed about a pea-sized piece on the GPU (see attachment). It wasn't the most perfect blob of AS5, but volume-wise I think it was pretty close, and ideally it would be smoothed out when I tightened the screws on the heat spreader.

I stuck to a "less is more approach" having heard that all I needed to do was fill the minor imperfections of the contact surfaces.

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Dell :: Very Low 3dmark 05 Scores, 2500m

Sep 20, 2007

I have a t2250 e1705 with a newly installed 2500m with a 130w psu.

I did my unlocked bios mod.

with stock clocks I got 7862 on 3dmark 06 demo.

This is super low? right? a gs can do better right?

what is some good drivers I can use for XP for this card?

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Dell :: Dead Screen Or Dead Video Card

Mar 29, 2008

I am at my wits end with my e1705. I had a sudden meltdown about 2 weeks ago... screen went scrambled, BSOD,etc...

Performed diagnostic, memory on video card came back as bad. Replaced with new card (from Dell), reinstalled OS, completely reinstalled nVidea drivers from Dell (Used driver cleaner too)...

Everything went smooth for a couple hours after this was completed yesterday (full diagnostic showed no errors), but after booting up today, after about 5 or 10 minutes of use screen freezes and turns either solid cyan or black... a small pattern of thin lines appears also.

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Dell :: So I Think My Vostro GPU Is Either Dead Or The Fan Is Dead

May 22, 2009

I was playing stalker a few days ago getting 50-70 FPS and now come today its so much lower at 20-30(not playable) and I tried CS:S, and COD4, and they all seen dramatic fall in FPS. I don't notice any artifacts but I just notice huge FPS hits. I also think my fan isn't running anymore but I am not sure. Does anyone one know what I should do now? Its out of warranty already.

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Dell :: Nvidia Quadro On Notebook

Jan 10, 2009

What the latest Dell notebook is available nvidia quadro as its graphic card?

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Dell :: Quadro 3600M In A M1710

Mar 28, 2008

I am a fully certified DCSE for dell and I was just certifying today on the 2008 systems and noticed that the vcard instructions for the M1710 are identical to the Precision 6300.

the X800 really had 16 pipes, you can damm near oc the 7900GS' core double, amongst other surprises... It would explain why dell may have held out on this card until the dual 8800's came out for the M1730... Who would buy a 1730 w/8700's when you can get a new card for your 1710... Timing me thinks... It wouldn't hurt dell too much to release that card now since the duals are out and are obviously faster...

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Dell :: XPS M1710 Can It Have Quadro Graphics

Mar 11, 2008

I have been out of high school for two years now and working as a waiter and I am still living with my parents. My dad told me to do something with my life or move out .

Anyway, I decided to go to ITT tech for digital entertainment and Game Design. I guess my dad was glad because he said that I could have his old XPS M1710. Well, my buddy is in school for game design and said that I have to have Quadro graphics for game design.

But, I can't find anything that says that there is such a thing as Quadro with a M1710.

My buddy has an Alienware notebook so he is no help with my Dell, but he swaers that M1710s can have the Quadro. I tried calling Dell and they said that M1710 don't come with Quadros.

Anyway, is there such a thing as Quadro M1710? If so how do I get it. Do you need a new motherboard or is a card and how much would it cost me. Right now my M1710 has a ATI x1400 video and from what I read won't help me at all in school.

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Dell :: Is The Quadro Fx 3700 Really A Gtx280m?

Sep 3, 2009

according to this site link

it appears to be apart from a few minor things but basically were talking 280m power here ?

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Dell :: Precision M2400-quadro Fx 380?

May 11, 2009

Why is a lot of people on ebay selling the m2400 with a quadro fx 380
Dell dont have the 380 on their homepage and i cant find it on nvidias homepage eiter

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Dell :: D630 And Nvidia Quadro NVS 135m

Apr 10, 2010

My laptop is a D630 with Windows Vista 32 which otherwise was working perfectly.

First the facts:

-Starting last week, my screen started to switch off without apparent reason requiring a hard reboot each time it happened since nothing else worked to bring it back to life.

-Then it started getting worse, one of the times I rebooted I got a split screen (two identical bad quality images one on top of the other) and the only way I managed to get out of it was to disable the nvidia driver (I had already tried to revert to the previous one and it was failing as well). Only problem with that is that playing video with the Nvidia disabled is a nightmare since the image slows down a lot and it's not synchronized with the sound.

-I tried to install the latest drivers from Dell (it seemed to be working then), and then I installed the latest ones from Nvidia and started having problems again.

-At some point during all this, my Windows lost the ability to suspend or hibernate.

-When I thought about restoring the system, it was already too late to go back to before the problem started, since all the available restoring points where more recent than that. (I know, slow reflexes on my part). I still tried to restore to when the new Dell drivers were working but the restoring failed (several times).

-Once or twice I managed to re-enable the driver and make it work for a few hours but the "screen turn off" eventually appears again.

Now the questions:

-Does anyone have a solution for this?

-Has it happened to anyone else? I searched D630 and Nvidia in the forums but all the threads I found were from 2008 and older.
-What's the next step, what should I do now?

-Would re-installing Windows be the only option, or it wouldn't help at all since I'd still have a driver problem?

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Dell :: Quadro NVS140M And Latitude D830

Oct 2, 2008

I'm starting to get some weird video symptoms on my Latitude D830 with the Nvidia Quadro NVS140M video. Fairly random at this point, maybe once or twice a week, the screen does something weird in terms of displaying stuff that it completely shouldn't, even during boot-up.

Don't know if this chip is a member of the family of Nvidia chips that suffers from the bugs, but has anyone else experienced this with a heavily-used Latitude D830 yet?

If I have to get a new motherboard, has Nvidia actually implemented a solution, or are they still shipping the same parts? I have ~3 years of warranty left (plus the bonus year), but I don't look forward to a motherboard replacement every year or so.

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Dell :: Engineering Sample Quadro Fx1600M

Oct 2, 2009

I purchased an FX 1600M to replace my fried 7900GS. BIOS didn't recognize it. At the beginning of the boot screen I realized that the card was "engineering sample" and I couldn't install nvidia drivers by double clicking on the setup file because no compatible card recognized. I only could install them from the device manager by updating drivers and pointing out the extracted drivers folder. I use A09 BIOS and Windows XP.

Everest and gpuz say that the card is Quadro fx1600. On every speed setup ati tool showed artifacts, even with downclock!

However the card managed both 3dmark 05 and 06. Actually with good marks.

The card had 2 heatpipes but since my case needed modification I decided to change heatpipes with my old GF7900 gs. With 1 heatpipe I installed it in my Dell E1705. Can it be a heat problem that atitool showed artifacts? I also use i8kfan to check heat run and while gaming temperature went up to 84 degrees. Idle temperature was 60 degrees (corrected with gpuz). I will modify my case soon and install it with 2 heatpipes again.

Does anybody know about "engineering sample" gpu's?

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Dell :: Precision M90 Quadro Fx 2500 Driver

Jan 13, 2008

i have an m90 t520 with 4gb ram and fx2500m,runing vista ultimate with dx10.

i try to run crysis and i cant get it to run with very high and on high it barely runs, i updated my gpu nvidia driver to , and still cant run it good , i tried to get a modified inf but my laptop kept on giving me the blue screen and crashes everytime i try to run crysis or even 3dmark06

if anyone can provide a working inf or a good driver with the latest inf modified installed that would be great.

and maybe an answear on why i can run the damn game on very high with dx10 even though my laptop is more then qualified to run it

dell m90 , t5200 core 2 duo,4gb ddr2 5400,nvidia quadrofx2500,wxga+ 1440.900.

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Dell :: Inspiron E1705 - Quadro 1600M

Aug 27, 2009

some month ago i upgrade my bad 7900GS to a Quadro 1600M.

i have a great problem with internal monitor with a black screen.
now i use with external monitor and DVI and work

i try with a M90 monitor and work perfectly. i try my monitor with m90 and work.

what can i do? i read about flash with other bios but i don't understand.

i have to donwload bios of dell m6300? or i have to change my video driver?
probably new quadro card have different voltage.

i try also different OS: win Xp, Vista, Ubuntu, Win 7

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Dell :: Modding The Quadro Fx3500m To A Geforce7950gt

Dec 28, 2007

I just modded my quadro fx3500m into a geforce 7950gt using the rivatuner. I did this because i thought the card would perform better while playing games. However there was no improvement and some games like NfsProstreet became slower. My 3dmark06 slipped from 5867 to 5734.Has this happened to anybody else,or did i go wrong somewhere?

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