Dell :: What Mem/core Realistic For 7950gtx / Fx3500

Nov 14, 2007

I can't get ati tool to run in vista64, so would really help me if i knew where the realistic ceiling lies

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Dell :: Can't Find Any 7900GTX, 7950GTX, FX2500 Or FX3500 On Ebay

Jul 4, 2008

I've been trying to find these cards for a while.. I've been searching for "dell FX3500", "FX3500", "FX3500M", same for the others, etc.

I can't find these cards for my 9400.. There's a lot of 7900Gs, but that's the card I already have!

Are there specific codes for those parts? I know the 7900GS is DG008, but I don't know of any for the cards I want.

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Dell :: Overcloced FX2500/7900GTX And FX3500/7950GTX Crysis Benches

Jan 25, 2008

Even with Crysis winning the latest "Hog of the Year" award, it does have a decent GPU benchmark tool.

Please post any benches you've accomplished using the Crysis GPU Benchmark. I will post additional FX2500 OC numbers as time permits.

I also have a FX3500 inbound, so I'll update my post with that data as well once installed.

FX2500 [169.04 NBF MobileForce Drivers, All Medium Settings, No AA]

1024x768, Stock Clocks (500/600)

1024x768, OC 550/650

1440x900, Stock Clocks

1440x900, 550/650

1920x1200, Stock Clocks

1920x1200, 550/650

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Dell :: What Memory/Core Is Realistic For Go 7900 Gs

Nov 13, 2007

I am in the process of overclocking my card (thanks to the help of my brother and this website) and I am wondering what exactly is a good number to go by for these cards? I am currently at 510/540 and am having no problems but im paranoid and dont want to mess anything up, that being said I would like to get the best/safest "bang" I can out of this card...

Also, is their a program for Vista that allows you to permanetly keep these settings, I cant find such a thing on AtiTool...

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Dell :: 3DMark05 World Record On 7950GTX 11060 Points 705mhz Core

Aug 16, 2007

I have tweaked this puppy pretty hard in the last week or so since I have put it in my 9400. I had the T5200 and 7900GS at 675-1200 and was only pulling off 8400's on 3d05.

I have since swapped to a T7400 and the beast 7950GTX, then proceeded to bios mod the heck out of it. I lowered the geometric delta to clock it self -45mhz under the core shader clock. This means when I clocked my card stock it would hit a wall at 660-670 core and that is usual the geometric delta clock stopping us from cranking these higher.

Now I have the core to 705 and that lets the geometric delta run at 660 since I have lowered its ratio in NiBitor. It will go all the way to 730's before it starts to aritifact. I also ran the ram up to 1720 on these runs (860 DDR). I can email anyone this bios and also have screen shots to host when I get time. This thing is rock solid stable at 680 all day long benching and gaming if anyone is interested in that little fact. The 7900GS works well with this delta mod also I had its core to 670's on that but it was a revision 1 so it sucked for memory overclocking as it only went to 1200DDR. Someone with a unlocked CPU needs to do this and crush my scores. I have hit close to 6200 on 3dmark 06 but someone with a 7600G will get me if they used my bios or edit them selves. I was the one with the Gen2 XPS 6800 ultra that was pulling 6800's on 05 a couple years ago that put up a world record also.

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Dell :: FX3500 On Ebay

Apr 25, 2008

I don't know if anyone here has noticed, but there have been a crapload of FX3500s going for around $150 recently. There are still a few up for auction. You just need to look under "fx3500" when you search. Sure, they are used, but they are stated to be in working condition.

I was going to get one myself, but it would be an incremental upgrade from my 2500, and I didn't think the hassle of buying one and installing it would be worth rolling the dice for a slightly higher OC. Plus, the guy has good feedback, but nobody had given feedback for these particular cards last time I checked. This is important because the guy can't seem to get his part numbers right. From the information I have, the CG129 and YF209 (both of which are given in the description) are the FX2500 and 7900 GS, respectively. I would want to be sure I was actually getting a 3500.

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Dell :: Fx2500 Flashed To A Fx3500

Sep 1, 2007

I have just installed a fx2500 in my M90 and was wondering if I flash it with the Fx3500 bios would it become a fx3500? It seems from the specs that the only difference is the core/memory speed.

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Dell :: Is The FX3500 HDCP Compliant? Like The 7950 Gtx

Feb 2, 2008

My puter got messed up and I booted my delta OC'd card into Shitsta for 2 hours. and then decided to go back to XP.

my card died.

I still have a fx2500m but am lookin @ a fx3500.

Is the fx3500m HDCP compliant like the GTX?

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Dell :: Core Duo 2700 Or A Core Duo 2 7400

Nov 26, 2007

i have an 7200 in my 9400. i will do an performance upgrade... wich cpu is better for that: the 2700 oder the 7400..

the 2700 has 2.33 ghz but only 2 meg cache.. the 7400 has 2.16 ghz but 4 meg chache...

or should i keep my 7200....

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Acer :: Dual Core SU2300 Benchmarks Vs Single Core SU3500 - 1410

Nov 3, 2009

I bought the Acer 1410 with the single core SU3500 Core 2 Solo CPU. It looks like Acer decided to release them with the SU2300 now, which is dual core at 1.2GHz (compared with 1.4GHz of SU3500).

Does anyone have any benchmarks comparing the two, and/or if they have a solid understanding how much better it would perform compared with the SU3500? I also see that the single core AS1410 with Celeron M @ 1.3GHz sells at the same price as the dual core.

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Acer :: Upgraded Core Solo T1350 To Core 2 Duo T7200 On Aspire 5570 Guide

Jan 23, 2009

(UPDATES: DIY Bluetooth module guide added below)

upgrading my Aspire 5570 notebook more than a year ago. This time, I’m feeling lucky to share some of my experiences about how I finally upgraded my CPU from a Core Solo T1350Core 2 Duo T7200.

Again, thanks to everybody here in Notebookreview forum especially adinu, hoggie, Mack1982, TehSuigi, krazyphire and bigozone for their insights and knowledge that helps me a lot throughout the whole process. So, let’s get started!


Please refer to these post before you start. It'll save you a lot of time and trouble later on.
Upgraded Acer 3680 Celeron CPU to a T5300!
Aspire 5315 CPU Step-by-Step Upgrade Guide

What you’ll need :Your new CPU (make sure it's compatible with your system ie; socket, FSB)Latest BIOS from Acer (upgraded to 1.3505 or latest)A good thermal paste (I would recommend Tuniq TX-2 or Arctic Silver 5 as well)Basic tools (screwdrivers, forceps, kitchen paper)Body static discharger (I would definitely recommend this as a precaution)Some alcohol, ear buds, sand paper grid 600,1200 & 2000 (optional for heat sink lapping)Lastly TIME and PATIENCE (you’ll be needing these a lot definitely!)When you’re ready, lets get our hands dirty.

How to disassemble your notebook?
I found out a very good video tutorial on how to disassemble my Aspire notebook on YouTube. So please take your time to view it and follow step by step as shown to help you to go through the process.

Lapping your heat sink (optional)
Although it’s not necessary, but I would recommend this process as another way to improve heat dissipation on your newly installed CPU. Refer to this page for detailed instructions.

The simple process:Clean your heat sink from old thermal paste residues with alcohol or equivalent of it using ear buds and kitchen papers.Apply a 600-grid sandpaper to smoothen the heat sink surface which comes into contact with your CPU.Repeat the process again with a 1200-gid sand paper until you’re satisfied.Finally, finish up by applying a 2000-grid sand paper to give you an almost mirror-finished surface. Wipe clean any dirt and residues left.....................................

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HP/Compaq :: HP Dv8t Quad Core I7 OrProbook 4720s Core I5

May 1, 2010

I will be buying a new laptop to replace my Acer Aspire 5738G.

I am considering HP Dv8t Quad Core i7 or HP Probook 4720s.

I am a web developer and I some time use my laptop continuously for 2-3 days.

choosing between these 2 laptops, which one will be better for me?

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 16dual Core Or The HDX 18quad Core For Video

Mar 2, 2009

I want to upgrade my old laptop to something nice, and am torn between to systems.

An HDX 16 with:

2.40 Ghz dual core duo ( P8600 chip )
6 gigs of ram


An HXD 18 with
2.0 Ghz QUAD core ( QX9000 chip )
4 gigs of ram

both systems have the same video card ( Nvidia with 512megs of ram ) 500 gig hard drive.

What would be the faster machine for doing video ? and what would be the overall faster machine ?

I realize that not all applications will take advantage of a quad-core chip like the QX900, so this is why I"m asking. if the dual-core P8600 chip @ 2.40 Ghz in the HP HDX 16 with that 6 gigs of ram will actually be faster overall than the quad core would be, and perhaps even be faster at rendering video ?

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Dell :: Intel Core 2 Duo T Vs. Core 2 Duo SU?

Nov 10, 2009

Which one is the latest and fastest between intel core 2 duo T series and core 2 duo SU series processors?

Dell's inspiron 14z comes with intel core 2 duo SU processor options ....

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Dell :: Should I Upgrade From Core Duo To Core 2 Duo

Jan 2, 2008

I have an xps m1710 with 2 gig ram, 7900gtx card and a core duo 2 ghtz processor. My company has decided they are willing to pay to upgrade my CPU to a core 2 due 2.16 ghtz. Should I take the upgrade?

Aside from the fact thats free and all, my real concern if it will yield better gaming performance and battery life.

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Dell :: 7950gtx

Aug 16, 2007

I just got a 7950GTX for my Dell E1705 from Ebay, my questions is, is there any way I can check to make sure this is indeed 7950GTX not some fake 7900GTX with bios mod. I just ran a quick 3DMark 05 with 90w power supply and got like 7250 score... I am waiting for that 130W power supply,

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Dell :: 7950GTX To FX3500M

May 29, 2008

I just bought a 7950GTX for my e1705/9400 and installed fine. The board seems to work smooth in both XP and Vista. But since I want to work with quad-buffer-stereo modes (in XP), I want to turn this board to a quadro one. As far as I read, 7950GTX is the same board with FX3500M.

This transformation job could be done either with two ways. Software... using Rivatuner bla bla. And by flashing the board to another using nvflash and -6 -5 -4 parms. For my own reasons, I didnt want to do it with any kind of software and I tried the hard way....
Result??? Nothing!!! After I flashed my 7950GTX to a FX3500M, on the first reboot everything became black! The board seems to be not recognized by my machine or was not working So, I had to re-flash it back again to it's original state.

Does anybody from here has already done this before? Because from what I saw personally, must be one of the following cases:

1) the 7950GTX cannot run with an FX3500M bios! So the boards are NOT exactly the same.

2) the bios I used for quadro (FX3500M G71 board p469h7g v05. is not compatible with my board (7950GTX G71 board p468h6 v05. and I may need another

3) my Inspiron e1705/9400 with the latest bios A09 (but also with the older A08) cannot recognize and boot properly with any FX3500M board.

In case that someone has a FX3500M already installed and working on a 1705/9400, please let me know about board's bios version and I may need a copy of his rom.

Also, If somebody knows if this could be done please let me know too.

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Dell :: 7950GTX / M1710

Aug 29, 2007

I'm trying to figure out what is going on with my 7950GTX. Any drivers I use in XP have problems. ALL the drivers I have used (93.77, 94.22, 158.18, 158.45, 163.44) have had my LCD go to Black then come back to the normal image, almost as if the LCD lost power and was turned back on.

However, When I put Vista on to see if that would fix the problem, I was plagued with nvlddmkm.sys has stopped responding and has recovered errors, with the same LCD problem as in XP.

Also, while I'm in XP, I MUST disable NvMcTray form starting up or I will blue screen after I login and see the nVidia icon in my system tray.

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Dell :: 8600GT Vs The 7950GTX

Apr 22, 2008

in the m1720 config page for my country, dell is offering the following graphics cards:

128MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8400M GS [add $160]
256MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600M GT [add $250]

are these better than the 7950GTX?

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Dell :: 7950GTX Driver Fix

Oct 11, 2007

As more and more 7950 users were complaining of Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) installs on drivers I began to look into the issue personally. I was able to track down its cause to the ever popular coolbits. Apparently, for us 7950GTX users, this registry entry is not so cool. I will give three strategies for repairing this problem. Note that both pre-install and post-install refer to the driver installation.

Caution: All three of these methods will prevent you from being able to use the Nvidia Control Panel to overclock.

This is not a big issue since the control panel interface for coolbits isn't all that great anyway. Just use ATITool, NTune, or RivaTuner to overclock your card if you wish.

Pre-Install BSOD FIX

INF Modification
If you are using a LV2G driver then this is the quickest method.
Open up the driver INF and remove the coolbits line.
It most likely looks like this:

HKLM,"SOFTWARENVIDIA CorporationGlobalNVTweak", CoolBits, %REG_DWORD%, 0xffffffff
So just search for "cool" within the INF and delete the whole line.
Proceed with the installation.
You should be good to go.

Post-Install BSOD FIX
You may be forced to use one of these methods if your driver set does not allow access to the INF.

Registry Overwriting
I will post an explanation later but all you need to do is download this file
Most likely you will have to install it in safe mode (F5 on startup)
Once you install it, reboot.
Your problems should cease.

Registry Deletion
Start -> Run -> Regedit
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARENVIDIA CorporationGlobalNVTweak and remove the coolbits entry

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Dell :: 7900 GTX To 7950GTX

Dec 2, 2007

Is this switch worth it? Does the 7950 have better performance?

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Dell :: Underperforming 7950GTX

Oct 5, 2007

Just got a 7950GTX as a replacement for my 7900GS and after searching for the right drivers, finally manged to install it. To my dismay, it is performing less than a stock 7900GS! On my 7900GS I used to get 6300 and with 7950GTX I am getting 6200 WTF!

Currently using forceware 94.22. I am hoping its not a hardware problem. Can anyone suggest a stable and good performing driver for the 7950GTX?

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Dell :: 7950GTX Driver

Jan 11, 2008

my 7900GTX died and dell replaced it with a 7950GTX which is

so whats a good recommended driver for it? right now i have 6.14.11

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Dell :: FX2500M Vs 7950GTX

Nov 4, 2007

Im thinking about purchasing a FX2500M from ebay, but my question is, will it be able to perform the same as a 7950GTX if I OC it?

Because I heard that the 7950GTX is just a OC'd 7900GTX / 2500M.
And I believe the difference between 7900GTX and 2500M is none, except the FX2500M is optimized for OpenGL stuff, which actually makes it better than a 7900GTX? Am I correct?

Also, does the FX2500M have a higher OC limit than the 7950GTX, since the 7950GTX is already OC'd?

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Dell :: 86 Degress Hot For 7950GTX

Feb 27, 2008

Not sure if I should be worried. I upgraded my XPS 1710 from a 7900GS to 7950GTX in Dec. Running UT3 and Stalker I have been hitting 86 degrees. All seems to be working well, just not sure if I should be concerned...I have necer maxed over 80 yet.

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HP/Compaq :: Duo Core 2 Or Quad Core

Jun 27, 2009

regarding new laptops in regards to your choice of the two.......

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Apple :: Difference Between The Core I5 And Core I7

Apr 29, 2010

A lot of people don't know which processor to get so check out this great video. He really does an excellent job comparing the 2. Helped me decide that the core i5 was better for what I need. There is not much difference between the GPU's vram according to the benchmarks.

YouTube - 2.4 GHz Core i5 or Core i7 2.66 GHz MacBook Pro? i5 vs i7 Benchmarks & Which one you should get!

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Dell :: M1710 & 7950GTX Finally Bit It

Oct 4, 2009

After nearly 3 years my beloved XPS has hit the wall, the 7950GTX and GPU fan are fried; graphical glitches and artifacting galore,

called Dell support to get a replacement (thank god for my 4 year warranty and NBDOS/Complete Care coverage)

Should I push to get the whole Mobo and cpu replaced too?

The system runs super slow and throttles after about 10 mins aswell as taking nearly 3 mins to boot up (only since the GPU failed)

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Dell :: 1710 7950gtx Upgrade

Nov 14, 2007

how to upgrade a 1710 (with a 7900gs) to a 7950gtx please?

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Dell :: What Drivers Do You Suggest For The 7950gtx

Jul 25, 2007

I just got a memory parity error. I have run memtest, prime95 and gpu tests and all were great. I did some reading and it seems it can be gpu driver related. I am currently using the latest dell driver 94.22 for the 7950gtx

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