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Dell :: D620 + 4gb Of Ram = BIOS Says That Only 3gb Is Usable

Quick question here - just installed 2x2gb and BIOS happily tells me that "Due to the amount of memory being assigned for system use, memory available is less than memory installed".

Which works out to Task Manager reporting only 3.3GB (Vista 64).

From what i remember, it means that d620's BIOS can't map devices above 4gb? I tried to find this option in the BIOS but couldn't. Maybe i missed something? I'm kinda disappointed since d620 is supposed to be more or less serious laptop.

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Acer :: Only 3GB RAM Usable In 64 Bit Win7
why do I only get 3GB ram usable in 64bit system while having 4GB ram installed?


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Dell :: M1530 RAM: 3GB Or 4GB
I'm getting ready to order a new m1530, but can't decide on Ram options. I know with 32-bit Vista, it only recognizes ~3.2GB of RAM, so would the benefit of 3.2GB Dual Channel be worth the upgrade from 3GB non-DC?

Has anyone noticed any problems with Aero when using non-DC?

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Acer :: Aspire 6920G RAM 3GB Or 4GB
i've just got an Acer Aspire 6920G and i have a question about the RAM.

The sticker on the palmrest says it has 4GB of DDR3 RAM, as does the box. But the system information on the computer says 3GB, CPUz says it has 4GB.

I've opened it up and there are definitely 2 sticks of 2GB DDR3 RAM, so why does the Windows system info say it only has 3GB?

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Acer :: TM6412Lmi With 4GB BIOS Only Detects 3GB
I've just installed 2 x Kingston Value DDR2-667 5CL 2GB modules in my TM6412, replacing the existing single 512meg module.

I also updated the BIOS from 1.03 to 3.04.

However, the POST is only indicating 3060MB are installed. If I leave the PC to boot into the XP Pro OS, I lose all video - it's as if the video memory is using the top part of the available RAM and that is somehow out of range.

I can remove any one of the 2GB modules and replace it with the 512MB and the PC detects the full 2.5GB. And leaving just one of either of the 2GB modules in, the notebook reports 2GB.

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Acer :: Aspire 5680 Only Uses 3GB Ram Out Of 4GB Installed
I just installed Windows 7 x64 from scratch. Thing is, it shows 4GB of installed memory, but only 3GB is accessible.

Resource Monitor shows 1026MB of memory being "hardware reserved".

I've had this problem ever since adding the 4GBx2 sticks (DDR2-667) in my machine. I've tried 3.50 and 3.60 bios on Acer's site, but it doesn't make a difference.

Processor is a T5500, but the chipset is i945PM, so it supports 4GB of ram. Is there a way to remap the ram so that the whole 4GB can be used?

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Dell :: E1705 Upgradeable Bios To Support 4GB Ram
I have been looking in this forum for the answer but I've yet to find it. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to get the BIOS to use the entire 4GB of ram that is installed when putting 2 x 2gb RAM? Is there a BIOS hack that will work? I currently have BIOS ver. A09.

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Acer :: BIOS Update V1.24: 4GB RAM In 9410
Will the latest Vista BIOS V1.24 allow the 9410 to boot with 4GB of RAM?

Think I'm running the original V1.16 BIOS with one 2GB stick and one .5GB stick.

I'd like to run two 2GB sticks. When I try, it won't boot.

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Acer :: Aspire 5580: BIOS Only Recognizes 3 Out Of 4GB Of RAM
anyone using Acer Aspire 5580 having the same problem? I've upgraded my BIOS driver to 1.3508 and it only shows 3GB of RAM. With the previous driver version 1.3505 somehow I couldn't make it to the Windows GUI while having 4GB of RAM installed.

I've made a lot of study on the internet, looks like it's a common problem with intel chipset 945PM. I'm using Windows 7 x64,

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Acer :: 4GB RAM Showed Less In BIOS & Vista 64-bit
I had the latest 1.3508 BIOS, Vista Ultimate 64-bit installed on my Aspire 5570, throw in new 2x2Gb 667Mhz RAM, yet BIOS and Vista only shows 3062Mb of available physical memory instead of 4096Mb. But CPUz dump file below did show what i exactly hope for....

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Acer :: I Have Vista 32bit Os With 4gb Ram, Does It Support 4gb Ram
1: i have vista 32bit os with 4gbram, does it support 4gbram fully if not how much does it support up to? or should i install vista 64bit os to get the full potential of 4gb ram?

2: Is there any window xp drivers for Acer 8930G ive only found few drives on [url]. i still need Geforce Drives etc.

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Sony :: 3GB Vs 4GB Performance On VAio Z Series
I know that Z-series has dual channel memory controller so does that mean 4GB performance is way better than 3GB? and did anyone check the performance difference between 3GB and 4GB on vaio Z.

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Apple :: MBP: Why Only 3.72GB Of RAM Usable In Windows 7 X64
Just installed Windows 7 x64 on a new Macbook Pro with 4GB of RAM. When I go to check the specs it says "Installed memory: 4.00GB (3.72GB usable)"

Do I need to update a driver or bios?? My first thought was that it was sharing video memory, but my previous gen unibody Macbook has 2GB of RAM and all of it is usable in Windows 32-bit, none of it is shared. Both Macbooks have the same GPU so why isn't the total amount of RAM usable in x64 version of Windows?

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Dell :: Worth Going From 2gb From 3gb Ram
I say 3 gb because I know even if I put in two 2gb chips I will only see 3.25 anyways.

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Sony :: How Come Is Not 3.1. Or 3.2GB But Only Get 3GB Of RAM
Just upgrade the RAM from 2GB to 4GB onto my VGN-SZ650N/C and after booting back to Windows XP SP3 only see it as 3GB but BIOS see it as 4G

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Apple :: Macbook Aluminum W/ 3gb Of RAM
I was thinking about upgrading my new Macbook Aluminum to 3gb of RAM. My Macbook is currently running with the stock 2gb configuration. The plan is to swap out one of the 1gb SODIMM for a new Crucial 2gb DDR3 SODIMM. Are there any downsides to running two different brands/different sized SODIMMs?

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Acer :: Extensa 4420 Ram Upgrade To 3GB
I am considering upgrading my 4420-5239. If I add a 2GB stick to make it 3gb, do you think it will be any better?

I am also considering replacing the HDD with SSD. My machine just gets too hot, so I am wondering if switching to SSD will cool it down...

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Acer :: Aspire 5315-2698 Capable Of 3GB Of Ram?
I just bought an Acer Aspire 5315-2698 to replace my ailing Aspire 3680...

Is this laptop capable of 3GB of ram?

Also, what Duo Core or Core 2 Duo processors are possible to swap in?

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Dell :: Latitude D620 + New RAM = Failure (help Please)
I have a Dell Latitude D620, purchased used from ebay.

Mobo: HAL00 LA-2791P Rev1.0 (A00) BIOS updated to current (ver.A10)

Running Windows7. So far, runs OK, but I wanted more RAM than the 1GB it had. Also put in larger HDD (320GB).

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Dell :: Latitude D620 ATG Lcd Display Cover On Regular D620?
Has anybody tried to put a Latitude d620 ATG lcd display cover on regular D620? This seems like a simple switch but I would like to hear your opinions.

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Dell :: 4gb Over 2 Gb Of RAM
In the next week or so someones giving me 2 2GB sticks of RAM for my m1710 since hes getting something new so Im just wondering, is there really any significant boost? Im running XP MCE with 2GB currently, Im not expecting this huge jump or anything but do you all think Ill see improvement ..

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Dell :: About 4GB Of RAM On Vista-32
I want to buy a dell studio 17 and I don't know if I should add 3GB or 4Gb of RAM, I know Vista-32bits can't use 4GB of ram completely (although vista sp1 will "read" that you have those 4gb physically installed, the system can't access the RAM completely...)

But my question is, May I have some benefit to have that amount of ram ? Maybe the games, or heavy programs could access the extra ram, or is pointless ? If it's pointless, why dell's try to sell that amount of ram if the system can't use it ?

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Dell :: 4gb Ram For M1710
some ram to get for my M1710 or M9750 to move up to 4 gigs. I'm thinking of getting Geil, but reading the reviews I'm thinking otherwise.


i understand on XP I'll only get 3.25 but I figuire I'll just buy the bundle and max out rather then trying to find and buy another 2 gig stick a year from now.

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Dell :: MINI 9 4gb RAM
Is it possible to install a 4gb module into the mini, i already know only 64 bit xp can recognize the total 4 gb but is it possible to just install a 4 gb stick and xp will only recognize 3 gb? also how about the bus speed, is it okay to use a 667 bus over the 533 and will the system recognize it if i use the 667 over the 533, i find the ram sticks are cheaper for the 667,

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Dell :: Which 4GB RAM Should I Get For My XPS M1530
I own a XPS M1530. I wanna upgrade the RAM from 2 to 4 GB..........................

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Dell :: Upgrading To 4gb Of Ram In A1710
Buying 4gb of ram for my 1710, what is the best? I found this but have no clue if it has fast enough

it has a Case Latency of 5. Where is the best place to buy memory?

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Dell :: Anyone Using 4GB RAm On A E1705/9400
I am thinking of upgrading to 4GB or RAM

But seem to see conflicting info about the E1705 having a limit of 2 GB of RAM

So can anyone confirm that I indeed use 2x 2GB SODIMMS in my laptop

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Dell :: Can I Stuff 4GB RAM Into My 9200
STILL very happy with my old 9200!

Upgraded from a 1.8 Dothan to a 2.0, but didn't really see much difference. Stepping is managed by Right Mark.

I have 2GB of Kingston RAM in her. PC 2700, I think.
What's the bestest, fastest, coolest RAM I can put in, and how much can I jamb in there?

I'm not sure if they even made RAM in 2GB sticks for my system. The FSB is only 400, but what if I put in (2) sticks of 2GB RAM (that will fit), but is meant for a higher FSB?

Would I have acess to 4GB of RAM, only at the max speed my system would allow?

Or would my system simply puke because it just won't accept any more that 2GB?

(Pretty obvious I don't know anything about RAM,)

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Sony :: FE-590 To 4GB RAM
getting my laptop ready for Win 7 (64 bit)... I would like to install 4GB of RAM but I'm running into some issues....

I have the FE-590, which I managed to upgrade the CPU to a T7600. I'm also running R0200J3 BIOS, which was originally for the FE890, but it is working great on mine. I believe that the BIOS for all FE laptops may be compatible across the FE line. I also enabled VT. The laptop runs great but I only have 2GB of RAM (2x1GB).

I bought 4GB of RAM (2x2GB). When I install it, the BIOS will recognize it and POST just fine. Win XP (32 bit) starts up fine with the "progress crawler" but then when it is time for the normal XP logon screen to appear, nothing ever shows up on my screen. However, the disk activity light continues to blink indicating that the XP load is still going on. Eventually, the disk activity light goes out and still nothing on the screen.

When I go back to just using 1 of the 2GB sticks, the machine boots up fine. I tried each memory stick individually and they work just fine. I also added /PAE to the boot.ini but same result.

I know the FE590-FE890 specs list 2GB as the max RAM allowed. But I am running the 945GM/PM chipset which is supposed to allow 4GB.

I also tried re-installing Win XP on a different hard drive and everything works fine thru the install until the machine does the first reboot to complete the XP install. At that point, nothing shows up on the screen....

My computer has the nvidia geForce Go 7400 running 179.48. Also running the latest intel chipset (

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Sony :: 4GB Ram On Win732bit
I've just installed 4GB into my SZ650N running Win7 - 32bit. However, both in bios and in system panel, it says I have 4GB installed but only 3GB usable.

Now I'm running on stamina mode. I presume it has something to do with the onboard video card which is taking this 1GB, am I right?

Is there any way to change this shared amount?

I've also tried on speed mode, but nothing changed. Maybe I need to update the chipset driver?

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV6263 Will It Take 4gB RAM
I have a DV6263 which I look to upgrade with more RAM. If I look at HP homepage for the specification they say that it will only take 2gB.

The DV 6263 is equipped with a AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-52 and two slots for RAM of the type DDR2 PC5300 SODIMM

Is that a true information or does it origin from back 2 years ago when this laptop was sold only 1gB RAM was available/Common

I was hoping it would take 4gB, I know a 32Bit Vista only will be able to address 3gB.

Anyone out there tried to fit a DV6263 with 4gB?

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Apple :: Macbook2gb Or 4gb Ram
If i were to buy the macbook 2.4gz off Apple, would you recommend getting upgrade to 4gb ram or just keeping the 2gb?

Would it be worth upgrading it myself after, or better not to?

Also, i'd like to clear up something re: the education discount, i read somewhere there is a default 3 year cover on parts and labour? So why bother with AppleCare?

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Dell :: 4GB Ram And XPS 1710 W/T7600g
is the XPS 1710 with a T7600G able to "address" all 4gb with Vista64bit?

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Dell :: 4gb Ram On M1730 Windows Rating
what is everyone's rating with 4gb memory ram on windows rating. i have 4.8 on 64bit basic.

my asus g2k-a1 has 4gb memory on 32bit premium and it's rated 5.9. why is this? both are 5-5-5-18 ddr2 800.

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Dell :: M6300 4gb Ram Runs With 667mhz Why
hi there i have 4gb ocz pc6300 800mhz ram installed in my m6300 but the bios shows me that the ram is running @ 667MHZ. how can i change it

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Dell :: Upgrading To 4GB RAM On A M65 Precision
So I bought a M65 precision a few years ago (3-4)

Now that a good windows OS 64bit is available, I decided to to upgrade my ram from 2gb to the maximum 4gb.

After seeing that my computer recognizes 4GB but is only using 3GB I got pissed off.

After some research I found this link:

"So you pay a really huge premium (compared with 2Gb RAM) to get 4Gb of RAM ... and so how much memory do you expect the BIOS to make available to the OS. For a Dell M65 the answer is just 3.071Gb.

Response from Dell ...

The processor only has 32 address lines, limiting it to an addressing map of 4 gigabytes.

The chipset, PCI devices, PCI express region, and video cards use some of this map, and the BIOS correctly reports this range as unavailable to the operating system. If the user installs 4 GB of physical memory, then the processor has no way to address the memory that overlaps with these regions, already in use. The chipset directs memory access to the appropriate device rather than sending it to random access memory (RAM).

On Dell's new line of desktops, PCI express uses 500 megabytes (MB) in the map; integrated video takes 256 MB right below PCI express, leaving 3.25 GB of memory available to the operating system via RAM. In some cases, less RAM is available depending on what other add-in cards are installed.

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Dell :: M1530 Support More Than 4gb RAM On Vista (or 7) 64?
I was wondering in you could stick more than 4gb into the M1530 if you have a 64-bit OS installed (Vista or 7)? Mine is more than a year old, but I've noticed that you can now configure the M1530 with up to 8gb.

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Acer :: 4520, Upgrade 4GB Of RAM
I dont know why my laptop was lost 800MB of RAM, after I upgraded 4GB (2x2GB). Both, Windows XP and BIOS, have recognized 3262KB of RAM. After that I attempted to check with each of RAM, Windows XP and BIOS recognised 2GB. The problem is both RAM equipped at the same time.

I tried to update AMD processor but I found that the software,ver 1.3.2, is older than the current BIOS, 1.36. So it didnot affect.

What happen to my laptop?

ACER 4520: AMD Turino 64x2 Mobile Technology TL-58, 2x1.9GHZ
RAM Currently: 4GB (2x2GB)
NVIDIA Geforce 7000M

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Acer :: Extensa 5610 Not Seeing All 4GB Of RAM
I just bought 2x2gb ram from my Acer Extensa 5610 and my Windows 7 x64 can see it right, but only use 3gb. Resource monitor says the other 1gb is Hardware reserved. In the Bios theres an info saying extended memory 3gb. Is that what the problem is? coz its not something I can set in this version of bios.

Do i have to upgrade my bios? if so, to what version? The manual clearly says i can upgrade to 4gb. (extensa 5610 has intel 945 chipset)

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Acer :: 4gb RAM In Aspire 5630
I recently bought 4gb of ram (kvr667d2s5k2/4g)

Kingston Memory/4GB 667MHz DDR2 Non-ECC CL5 SODIMM (Kit of 2)

but my acer only recognizes 1 module at the time. i tested both modules seperatly but and both work so its not the modules. also the bios sees only 1. what is wrong here? according to the sites and manuals it should recognize both mdules.

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Sony :: How To Enable 4GB Ram On SZ-483N
i have an old Sz-483N, my bios read 3200MB ram although i have 4GB ram installed. I have just installed win 7 64bit and system panel showed 4GB ram (3.12GB usable.) Anyone knows what can i do to make the bios read the 4GB ram?? I tried finding a bios upgrade for sz483n, but there isn't any online.

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Acer :: Ferrari 4005 With 4GB Of RAM Possible
if the Ferrari 4005 BIOS supports memory remapping, so that I can use full 4GB of RAM?

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Acer :: 7520-5168 With 4GB RAM
Am about to purchase a brand new ACER 7520 - 5168 (Turion 64 X2 TL-60 2 GHz). This is supplied from the factory with 2GB of RAM but am going to upgrade it to 4GB.

First of all I need to know if the factory supplied 2GB Ram is installed in one slot and the other slot is vacant. Some versions come with 2 x 1GB Ram installed so both slots will be occupied.

This is supplied with Vista Home Premium edition. I read somewhere that 4GB Ram needs Vista x64 to work. Is this true ?

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Sony :: VGN-Z31VN-X With More Than 4GB RAM
I like to buy a VGN-Z31VN-X, but I can't figure out if it works with 8GB RAM.

The datasheet tell max 4GB, but I don't trust them. The Kingston site tells max 8GB and for my understanding it has the same chipset like the Z41 and Z51.

So can anybody please proof that it works with more than 4GB?

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HP/Compaq :: Dv9420us 4gb Ram Upgrade
I've been looking around to make a ram upgrade for my laptop and I found this post [url] and it seems that someone has been able to make the 4gb upgrade even though supposedly the motherboard doesnt handle it. I've looked around on the net and some sites say that possibly the dv9420us may recognize the ram upgrade.

I need to know if anyone besides the dude from the post has been able to do this and still have a working laptop instead of a burnt one... Please any info regarding what type of ram, places to buy, etc.

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Apple :: Upgrade From 2gb To 4gb RAM
I am want to upgrade from 2gb to 4gb RAM.

Is unbranded RAM ok or not ?


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Apple :: MBP 4GB RAM Upgrade
I just upgraded my MBP to 4GB from Crucial.

This is what my "about this mac" looks like now:

I forgot to check what it looked like prior to my upgrade. It's probably silly but I just want to make sure that everything matches up. Can someone with a factory default 2.2GHz MBP confirm that it also reads 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM?

The original RAM was Samsung. This one says Crucial on one side and has an M logo on the other side. Not sure what brand it is.

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Dell :: Using Windows Vista 32 Bit On SXPS 16 With 4gb Of RAM
I chose the Core 2 Duo P8600 (2.4GHz) cpu and ati 3670 graphics card, but with windows vista 32 bit. From what I've recently read, OS 32 bit does not take all the 4 gb RAM.
Does anyone among you have the same specs with windows 32-bit?
Does your laptop read 4gb of RAM or do you only get 2.75-3.5gb of RAM?

Is it possible for me to get win 7 64 bit instead of 32 bit when it is released.

By the way, I got a friend who has a XPS M1730 with a 2.53ghz core 2 duo and 4gb of ram and using win vista 32 bit, but he told me that his laptop does read 4gb of ram.Any explanation?

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Dell :: Inspiron 1720, BSoD After Installing 4GB RAM
I purchased CT699854 4GB kit (2GBx2), 200-pin SODIMM from for my Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop. The machine already had 2GB in two 1GB chips for both slots.

When I installed the new chips, Windows Vista Home Premium refused to boot. BIOS recognized the new RAM without problems, but when Windows started to load I immediately got a 0x7b stop error. This is strange, because that usually coincides with an AHCI problem, but that's already turned on in the BIOS with Turbo Memory and works fine.

When I take ONE of those 2GB chips out, leaving an empty DIMM slot, it boots fine. When I use one new 2GB chip in conjunction with one of the old 1GB chips, it boots fine and Vista recognizes 3GB of RAM. But when I push it to 4GB, I get the 0x7b BSoD. I've used all combinations of new and old chips, and it appears the new chips aren't bad as far as I can tell.

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Dell :: 2 Beep Error Code Installing 4Gb Ram
OS: Windows XP SP3

I had two 512MB 2Rx16 PC2-5300S-55-12 sticks of ram in my laptop.

I purchased 2 x 2GB 200PIN DDR2 SODIMM 256MX64 sticks to install.

When i put in the new sticks I get 2 short beeps and it doesn't finish booting the the OS.

Am I doing something wrong? I know that the OS will only recognize 3Gb but it should at least boot right?

Also after the post check this pops up:

The amount of system memory has changed.
If you did not change your memory...
To resolve this issue, try to reseat the memory

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