Dell :: I9300 And Stuttering HD Streaming

Feb 17, 2010

i9300 owner here. It's killing me that I can't get HD video streaming (Hulu, Youtube, Slingbox, etc...) to work smoothly on the 9300.

Any suggestions on how/if I can make this happen. It's killing me as I'm getting a new desktop that will stream HD just fine but I wanted to retire the 9300 to my media watching machine at work?

I just pin modded to 2.3ghz, have max memory (2gb), running windows 7, a 6800 go gpu ( with NBF MobileForce Se7en 190.38 drivers ), 60gb 5400 HD.

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Dell :: Mini 9 Stuttering

Apr 12, 2009

I got a 4gb Mini 9 with Ubuntu and love the thing to death, but right from the beginning it would always stutter when I was on the internet. It happened a lot more when I was looking at flash things (games, youtube, ect), but even when I was scrolling through a forum it would just stop... and then pick up again but scroll all the way down if I was scrolling (it would catch up).

Maybe it's the RAM since ojly had 512mb. So I ordered 2gb (which i wanted anyway), but this didn't help at all.

Then I though, hmm, maybe it's Ubuntu (Ive heard that Adobe has bad Linux support) so I installed XP and honestly I like it more than Ubuntu, but anyway... yeah it's still stuttering, although maybe less Ican't really tell though.

Is this just something I have to live with? Are all of yours doing this? Or is this a bad SSD or maybe a faulty laptop in general?

I really want to get this fixed as I LOVE the thing so much and just want to have this fixed.

Note: This is only happening with a browser open as far as I can tell. I ran Eclipse and was coding for a over 15 hours since I got it and it didn't stutter once when I was doing this. This is both when I am wired at school, using the school's wireless, or at home using our internet (wired and wireless)

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Dell :: Mini 9 Stuttering On YouTube/IE

Nov 19, 2008

I bought the Mini 9 with only 512MB of RAM because Dell wanted $25 for 1GB, which is the price of 2GB. I'm just waiting for prices to drop/rebates before ordering 2GB.

I am running the bloatware infested stock software and I noticed stuttering when playing YouTube videos via IE. IE takes up 50%-70% of CPU time for some odd reason. I fired up my Dimension and my Studio 15 only to find at MOST 20% CPU time using either IE or FireFox.

Does anyone else have the same problem? What did you do to fix it? I plan to do a clean install of XP SP-3 once I get a IDE/USB adapter to run an optical drive

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Dell :: DVD Stuttering On SXPS 1647

Apr 2, 2010

I seem to be having an issue with playing DVDs on my SXPS 1647. I have the Blu-ray combo drive (HL-DT-ST DVDRWBD CA10N, with firmware A109).

Every few minutes you can hear and feel the drive start clicking. When this happens, the playback starts stuttering for a few seconds. This doesn't seem to be an issue when playing Blu-rays.

The drive still clicks every few minutes, but the playback doesn't stutter. Is this normal that the drive should be clicking every few minutes? I checked to see if there was a newer firmware version, but the latest version on Dell's site was A108.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 And Hooking Up To Tv/streaming

Dec 7, 2009

I want to know to hook up my laptop to my tv to watch movies.

1. Am I capable of watching at full 1080p? My laptop has a blu ray drive.
2. How do I stream to my tv?

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Dell :: Xps 1340 Stuttering Hd Video Playback

Apr 6, 2009

I have an xps 1340 2.26ghz, 4gb Ram and the nvidia 9500. i have a 1080p blueray rip in a mkv format..

Although I cant playback at 1080p on the laptop It should play back on my samsung 40" lcd
The connection is there and I can see the picture but it is stuttering all the time...

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Dell :: Stuttering/Drop-Out In Audio (XPS M1330)

Oct 23, 2008

Dell has done it again. Haven't had a Dell that would work straight out of the box.

My maximum latency can hit 90000 microseconds. Totally at my wits end. Oh, and this is 2 days out of the box.

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Dell :: Precision M4400 Audio Stuttering

Jan 21, 2009

I've searched and found a lot of info on audio crackling, but I'm not quite sure if that is the issue I am having.

The best way I can describe the audio problem is that, it on occasion, once ever 30 seconds or so, music, or audio that is continuously playing will stutter and skip for a moment, like the computer is under heavy load

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Dell :: E4300 Locking Up, Streaming Video

Apr 6, 2009

I just purchased an e4300 last week. Whenever I try to stream hulu, or sometimes vids from youtube the computer locks up. It is really starting to get frustrating. I seem to have the latency issue in check. I read in a thread to download intels matrix storage manager, and that helped. I have also disabled the esata ports and LAN. I am running vista buisness x86 sp1. I am just using the drivers that came on the install cd. I am hoping that someone can help me out, because if I cant get this fixed I might just return it. I really like this computer and dont want to have to do that.

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Dell :: Studio 1555 Stuttering In Win7 64-bit- Can't Narrow It Down

Jan 28, 2010

The hardware/software specs on this laptop are: ...

It is my wife's computer that I bought for her for Xmas. She uses it like any girl would, using Firefox for surfing Facebook, plays that Farm game on the Facebook (based on Flash I believe?), plays the Sims 3 on it, iTunes to her iPhone, and some light photo stuff.

She is claiming that it has some stuttering (from the sounds of it less than 1 second of stutter) every now and then when she is doing anything on it, internet, Flash based games, Sims 3. She said it does occasionally freeze completely and she has to restart it during the Flash game and Sims 3, I don't think it has done this since I updated it to the latest BIOS last week though, time will tell I think.

I just can't narrow down what the problem is though. All of her drivers are completely up to date from Dell's website, Windows 7 Home is fully updated (it autoupdates daily) from Microsoft.
I haven't seen widespread complaints about the Studio 1555 having stuttering/freezing issues so I'm having a hard time narrowing down a specific hardware component within the computer. If I were to guess the two biggest culprits would be either the 500gb 7200rpm HD or the Radeon 4570.

Does anyone else have this stuttering/freezing problem or have seen common complaints about this?

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Dell :: 1340 W/ N210 Stuttering In World Of Warcraft

Nov 16, 2009

I was playing WoW and every few minutes it would lock up, and the sound would stutter/repeat really fast, then it would resume working fine. The FPS would never dip low, except when the whole thing would hang/lock up with the sound stuttering.

I did a search and I didn't really find any relevant information that seemed to relate. I have the latest driver from Dell, the one released in October 09. Is there a newer driver, or am I looking at the wrong component as the culprit?

Thanks for any info. She doesn't seem to care but its going to bug me, especially as this is a brand new laptop.

On another note, her 'E' key squeaks. Does anyone know if these keys can be popped off without causing damage? I'm assuming the answer is no, but I'm not about to let a Dell tech take her entire laptop apart so that he can swap the keyboard out and put it back together poorly.

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Dell XPS L502X :: Games Freezing And Stuttering Audio

Mar 19, 2013

I've been having a lot of issues with my Dell XPS L502X lately. A few months back my laptop started freezing after a few minutes of playing Skyrim, with the audio stuttering/looping on the last noise. I struggled with various fixes I found on the internet specifically intended for either Skyrim or the Dell XPS L502X. None of the "fixes" I tried (they're too many to list and I can't recall all of them) worked. As time passed, a few other games (all of them newer titles) proceeded

Since my laptop often became hot enough. So I contacted Dell support, and they sent an onsite technician to replace my motherboard (along with the built-in 2GB Nvidia GT540M GPU, and the cooling fan. I also looked into doing a factory restore on my laptop.Once the motherboard etc was replaced I proceeded to install the latest drivers for my GPU, as well as updating the BIOS. Not only did the replaced motherboard and fan not work, but now even more games, some of them older games...

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Apple :: Stuttering In Bootcamp

Mar 6, 2009

Anyone have a clue as to why my unibody macbook pro stutters in left for dead every 45 seconds or so? I'm using the default settings and even have a brand new solid state drive in there and it's still stuttering! Maybe my video card drivers need to be updated if so whats the easiest / best drivers out there? Would appreciate any gamers input, as this is the only reason i use my windows partition.

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Sony :: VAIO PCG VGN-AX580G Stuttering

Aug 7, 2009

My laptop has some kind of weird stuttering problem that is kind of hard to explain. The video will stop, sometimes for a split second or so, and the sound will continue and then the video plays at increased speed until it catches up to the sound. Sometimes it will do this consistently after each minute or so a couple of times or it might actually play fine for a long while before it will do it again. It doesn't just do this in AVI files either. Sometimes it will do it while I am playing games. It also depends on the game too. For instance, it will sometimes do it in Doom 3 and Crysis, but does not do it in other games at all like Quake 3 Arena. I am unable to pinpoint this problem as I have tried many, many different things in the process of trying to troubleshoot this issue. Even my web browser will have short momentary pauses, although seldom, while scrolling even after the web page had LONG been finished loading.

What I have tried:

Many different video drivers

Different media players for the avi files (WMP9, WMP11, Media Player Classic, PowerDVD)

Used different sound cards (Audigy 2 ZS Notebook, USB Turtle Beach Roadie)

Different Codecs for avi files (FFDShow, DivX)

Different OS (XP Pro, Vista Ultimate).......................

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Sony :: Is HD Streaming Available (capable) With This Machine

Mar 16, 2010

Sony VAIOģ VPCEB17FX/B 15.5 with a Sony flat panel with HDMI?

The VAIO has HD and HDMI.

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Apple :: Streaming Radio/Flip4Mac

Feb 13, 2009

I'm trying to stream radio from here. It said I have to download Flip4Mac, did that. Still not working though.

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Apple :: Macbook - Streaming Video

Feb 8, 2009

Just got a new 2.0 GHZ Macbook. Sometimes when I watch streaming videos, it'll pause every few seconds and have to load. Watching in FF. Is this normal?

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Dell :: 1535 M3450 Streaming Media/display Color Issues

Jan 11, 2009

I've got two quick questions. Ones an issue, ones more of a slight curiosity bordering on issue.

A, when watching streaming movies on Hulu in full screen, high quality, the video is jerky. I can watch hidef rips just fine, but streaming high quality is very poor.

And it's not my connection, as both my desktops and my other laptop (an older M2000) handle it just fine.

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HP/Compaq :: Which Model For Streaming Flash Video

May 12, 2009

Looking to pick up a notebook for almost the sole purpose of hooking up to an HDTV over HDMI and watching online streaming video. I was looking at the dv2z but the slower processor was a concern for Flash-based video and other processor intensive streaming video. Am I safe going with the dv2z, or should I be looking at the dv3z? Or even the dv4t? All three seem to be in the same approximate price range. More compact is better, but acceptable performance is most important.

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Dell Inspiron N5110 :: Reduced Performance In Gaming And Watching Streaming Videos

Jul 1, 2014

I have a Dell Inspiron N5110.  After two years, my laptop starts to have reduced performance in gaming and watching streaming videos. I did a factory reset. Everything seems fine. 

I did a test by installing Warcraft 3 which I played with no lag at all. After that, I started to install/ update the Graphic drivers, Windows updates and installed Starcraft 2.

Then I played Warcraft 3 to test the performance and it lags like for every 2 seconds in game. 

Please note that I test my system by playing WC3 after installing the following individual items:

Item 1: Graphics driver
Item 2: Windows updates
Item 3: Starcraft 2 

Please note that I did three (3) factory resets.

This means I install WC3 and played and there is no lags. When i do Item 1, WC3 lags. 

This means I install WC3 and played and there is no lags. When i do Item 2, WC3 lags. 

This means I install WC3 and played and there is no lags. When i do Item 3, WC3 lags. 

  Please note that I did a hardware diagnostic test and I pass all the tests. 

I also did played around with: 

1) Power Settings 
2) Nvidia Control Settings and used the my graphic card instead of integrated video card.

But I am still facing the lag. 

At the moment, I am using my laptop at the factory settings and not installing any drivers or updates. 

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Acer :: How To Improve The Streaming Video On A Timeline 4810T

Jul 27, 2009

I havent uninstalled any of the fluff that comes with the laptop and i was wondering if removing some of that will help...or

Do 4810t stream multimedia content better if running Windows 7? I guess i can wait till then.

Videos from Vimeo and ( i work in automotive media ) are slow, stuttering or just plain unwatchable. Some of it isn't even HD content, and even when you wait to cache up and load then play it still is choppy.

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Lenovo ThinkPad W Series :: Cannot Record Streaming Audio On W530

Feb 1, 2013

Similar to a post about the T530 I used to record streaming audio (internet radio, youtube, playback etc.) with Snagit on my old computer, now on new W530 I cannot find "line out, mono out, wave out," devices to record from, only "microphone". 

On the Lenovo W530 using Windows 8 Pro I followed the follwoing steps posted elsewhere for the T530:
Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound > Recording ... right-click to check Show Disabled Devices, then choose Stereo Mix as Default (may also want to right-click on Stereo Mix and double-check Properties: make sure Listen level is not at zero) 
After showing disabled devices on the sound > recording tab the tab still shows only one device, the "Microphone". 
If it is possible how on  Windows 8 or the W530 (and possibly other models) do we get the line out / mix out / mono out / whatever they call it for the sound that comes out of the computer?  

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Lenovo T400 / T500 :: Cannot Record Streaming Audio On T530

Dec 10, 2012

I used to record streaming audio (internet radio, youtube, playback etc.) with Audacity on my old T43; now on new T530 no matter how I configure Realtek sound and Audacity I cannot.On the T43 I recorded using "SoundMAX Digital Audio: Wave out". Wit other soundcards it could be "Stereo mix". I get no option of choosing either Wave out or Stereo mix in Audacity.Below is an extract of Audacity WIKI page: URL....According to this information the issue might be Lenovo disabling the possibility of direct recording???
"Sometimes "Stereo Mix" can only be made to work by using the control panel supplied by the sound card manufacturer - this is often reported with RealTek inbuilt sound devices. Try launching the sound device control panel from the Windows Control Panel or the system tray (by the clock). If you see a volume control for Stereo Mix, try clicking to select it. Confusingly, some RealTek devices "select" an input by muting all but one, so in this case, mute everything except stereo mix. If you don't see Stereo Mix, click the wrench icon and enable Stereo Mix in the dialogue that pops up.

In some RealTek versions the option to check is "Enabled recording multi-streaming". You should now see a volume control for Stereo Mix. Remember to select or unmute it as above. Be aware that on some machines, the "Stereo Mix" option will never work because it is disabled internally by the driver settings due to copyright concerns. This is a known issue with Lenovo Thinkpad laptops, but sometimes editing the driver files can enable stereo mix."

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Apple :: Macbook - Streaming Live Video - Freezing Every Couple Of Seconds

Mar 3, 2009

brand new Macbook, maybe a month old; trying to stream a live basketball game on it and it is freezing every couple of seconds.

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HP Display :: 2000 / How To Keep YouTube Or Audio Streaming Without Continually Moving Mouse To Keep It Going

Jul 29, 2013

I have an HP laptop 2000, Model # ??.  I recently have experience my computer freezing while on a youtube video or even an audio freezing after a few minutes unless I move the mouse/cursor.  How do I correct this? 

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Dell :: I9300 Replacement?

Jan 2, 2009

I take online classes and work from home, and have given replacement parts and shipping it to depot enough chances.

What might the replacement be? I have an i9300 17" truelife, 2.0ghz, 1gb ram, xp pro sp2, 6800go, 60gb 7200rpm hd .....

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Dell :: I9300 And Vista

Aug 28, 2007

I debating about upgrading my i9300 to vista. I currently have 1 gig of ram and a 128 video card. If I buy a 2gb dim for a total of 3gb, do you think I will be able to run vista well?

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Dell :: I9300 Possible To Install 3 Or 4 Gb Of RAM

Dec 31, 2008

if my inspiron 9300 would support 3 or 4 gb of RAM. I know 32-bit windows limits the amount of RAM that is recognized but I'm asking if the actual motherboard and BIOS would recognized 3 or 4 gb of RAM installed.

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Dell :: I9300 Won't Boot

Feb 15, 2009

When I try to boot my 9300 the HD spins and the LED lights flash like normal but after a few seconds the HD light shuts off and none of the fans startup. The power light stays on though.

This just happened to me one day as I was trying to power on my laptop. I've tried a new battery, new adapter, different ram, and even opened it up to make sure nothing was loose.

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Dell :: Getting An I9300 Replacement

May 8, 2009

so after multiple part replacements and Dell sending the wrong screen, I was authorized to get a replacement on Monday.

Currently, my specs are as follows: Pentium M 770 (2.13 GHz), 2 GB ram, 100 GB Hard drive, Nvidia GeForce Go 6800 (256 MB)

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