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HP/Compaq :: 8710p- Power Plug

It seems that the the end of the power plug (the center pin) is broken.

I have a HP 8710p, and this AC adapter ---> [url]

What I'm asking for is a picture, or a rough explanation of how LONG is the gold'ish connector (the center pin) inside that plug.

I'm asking because I want to find out whether it's the motherboard power connector that's broken or if the center pin inside the DC power plug somehow broke and doesn't provide the power..

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Sony :: Replacing Power Plug VGN-AW Series
My power plug on my laptop finally gave out. I cant find any articles on taking a VGN-AW series laptop apart. This is my second AW series which is a VGN-AW120J. I know theirs 2 different plugs for them. The on I have doesn't have a enclosure inside the plug and has 2 prongs that touch the pin in the power adapter.

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HP/Compaq :: 8710P- Error From The The Bsod
I have an 8710p:

Seagate 320g
C2D T7500 2.2ghz
4 Gigs of ram
Quadro NVS 320m

Windows Vista Biz 64bit

Latest build, BIOS and Drivers

Problem 1 When I listen to music at full volume the laptop BSOD's (only full volume)

This is the error from the the bsod:

The driver detected a controller error on DeviceIdeIdePort4. (With an event ID of 11)

Problem 2 When I check the report, it says:

(Under system)

This is every time i start the computer:

The speed of processor 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 0 seconds since the last report.

The speed of processor 1 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 0 seconds since the last report.

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Dell :: 9300 No Boot After Power Plug Swap
It is now charging and all but when I try and boot all that happens is the the Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock lights turn on for about a second or 2 then they turn off. Also the "charging" light extinguishes when the others light. I get no beeps, fans or anything.

Now my buddy, said that he did a similar replacement on his daughters laptop and that "the board needed reprogrammed afterwords"?? I'm not sure what he means by this .....

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HP/Compaq :: HP Pavilion DV6436nr Ac Plug Resolder
Anyone ever resoldered the ac adapter plug on this laptop? Pics?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Nx7400 - Whenever I Plug The AC Adapter To My Laptop Whole Performance Is Very Slow
I have an HP Compaq nx7400. I've had it for over 3 years now. I've never changed its battery ever since I bought it.

Specs: [url]

Over the past few weeks, I've been having an unusual problem. Whenever I plug the AC adapter to my laptop, the whole laptop performance - from the second I switch it on - is very slow. The moment I pull the AC adapter from the laptop, it instantly operates at a normal and fast speed again!

I figured that it must have been a problem with the AC adapter (it's had its fair share of use - being swung around and dragged to lectures...). So I ordered another one off Ebay. Today, I got the new adapter and when I plugged it in, the laptop only went on AC power. It worked fine - fast as normal. However, it was not charging - just on AC power. I am starting to question if the adapter was really as "genuine" like it was advertised on eBay. But anyway... after about 4 hours with the new adapter on AC power, it stopped recognizing the battery altogether and alerted me with a Critical Battery sign. Of course, a few minutes later, it went dead on me - the laptop switched off. It was as if I removed the AC adapter myself, only I hadn't. Now, I am trying to plug it in again (the new one), to see if it will be able to power up again and it just won't respond at all.

On the other hand, when I put the old AC adapter, the laptop switches on but doesn't charge. Again, it is extremely slow with the adapter on, and fast when I pull the wire out. Only for a minute or so until it dies on me again...

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HP/Compaq :: HP Pavilion DV1000- When I Plug In Ac Adapter Wont Boot But Light Shows Batt
A friend gave me his dv1000/ dv1515cl to fix, I believe it's the mobo but not sure .when I plug in ac adapter wont boot but light shows batt. charging .If I unplug ac, remove batt. then I reinstall batt. all tights come on but when I open laptop it shuts off.

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Dell :: E6500 Plug Defective?
Is this normal for e6500 laptops - the plug does not sit flush with the back when fully inserted, its got about 1/8" showing

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Dell :: Computer Isn't Getting Electricity From Plug
My computer isn't getting electricity from being plugged in. Is it the DC Jack that I need to replace?

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Apple :: 13" Only Has 1 Headphone Plug
i was looking at the pictures and i saw that insted of a headphone and a mic plug it only has 1, does that mean it works as both and the apple 3g headset will work perfectly for it?

Also I never had a mac b4 but the 13" macbook pro is really tempting, I always heard stuff about macs like their bad for gaming, works bad with adobe flash, and not alot of software out there for it. Any of that true?

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Dell :: To Repeatedly Plug Laptop In Before Battery Is Low
Just got my first laptop, and my wife likes using it on battery in her favorite chair whereas I prefer to sit it on the coffee table plugged into the outlet. So we end up charging it up when I use it, and only draining it to between 90 and 50% or so when she uses it. Is this okay to do, should I fully drain it once a month or so, am I being too paranoid about taking care of it?

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Acer :: Connect My 5920G With 3 Pin Plug To A 2 Pin Socket
Is there any risk if i connect the laptops AC power cord which is 3 pin to a 2pin wll socket with the help of a 3 to 2 pin conductor?

Will it cause harm to the laptop or PSU? bcause i think if the extra charge doesnt flow to the ground it will stay in the laptop and damage it.

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Apple :: FW800 Plug > FW400 Socket
I'm looking for converters as compact as possible to plug into the sides of the Macbooks, and available in the UK.

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Dell :: Keep Hearing USB Plug/unplug SoundInspiron 1525
The alert sound when plugging or unplugging a USB device keeps going off out of nowhere while the laptop is running normally.

Sometimes it does it 5 times in a row, when I haven't even plugged/unplugged anything.

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Acer :: Buy Any Videocard And Plug It In? Or Is There Special Videocards For Laptops?
I bought an Acer Aspire 7720G the other day. It's a good computer for me but all I need is a better videocard. There is a Geforce 8400M GS 256mb card so u know.

Can I just buy any videocard and plug it in? Or is there special videocards for laptops?

Am I able to change it at all?

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Apple :: Safari Flash Plug-In Is Killing My Battery
When I'm watching flash video in Safari my battery life drops to 2-3 hours ... When I'm watching the same content in Firefox I'm good for another 5-6.

What is going on here and would Chrome resolve these issues? Yes I know I could try out Chrome for myself but I alone am not a good enough sample size for the question I'm asking.

At any rate, why does Firefox handle flash much better than Safari on OS X?

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Dell :: ESata Plug Differences: E6500 Vs. E6400 Vs. E4300
I wanted to share with the forum some strange, yet interesting findings that I've come up with in the last week or so.

First, some background. I am the IT manager/senior admin for my company. I do all of the purchasing and high end tech stuff, so I get to play with a fair amount of hardware and equipment before deploying it to the company.

For the last year or so, I've owned an E4300 as my work laptop, and have been purchasing E6400's to deploy to our company. Some of our consultants have dual internal hard drives using the Newmodeus optical bay caddy, and use an esata/usb combo port to power their optical devices when they need. We also utilize the Coolmax esata/usb enclosures for external drives. All of these devices work great on our older E6400's and my E4300.

Recently, I made another order of some E6400's and 2 E6500's as a trial. No matter what I do, the Newmodeus cables (I have a hard drive one as well) will NOT work with the E6500 and 1 of our new E6400s. Occasionally, by wiggling the cable in the plug and pushing hard, I can get a device to be detected for a few seconds. I decided to have Dell come out and replace the motherboard in 1 to see if I got a defective board.

Well, that didn't help at all, so I dug a little deeper. I borrowed a colleagues Coolmax enclosure, and plugged that in. To my amazement, it worked fine. I compared the esata cables....and the Coolmax cable is ~1-2mm longer than the Newmodeus cables.

The port depth on some of these machines must be a little deeper than others, not allowing the cable to fully seat and get a good connection. I have 2 E6500's and 1 E6400 with this issue.

My next plan of attack is to use a small saw to cut a little of the plastic off the Newmodeus cables to see if I can get them to seat a little deeper. I will report back my findings. I never thought something so simple would be such a PITA.

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Dell :: When I Plug In My Laptop At Around 70-90 Percent It Makes A Wierd Sound
first off my studio 1537 is 3 months old, so i cant return it. Secondly, when i plug in my laptop at around 70-90 percent it makes a wierd sound. So i unpluged the battery and the sound is gone. Is it a bad battery?

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Acer :: Aspire 7520 - Sound Is Not Coming From Speaker But When I Plug In My Headphone It Does
I have Aspire 7520 with xp OS. It has weird sound problem. Sound is not coming from speaker but when I plug in my headphone it does, but that too is very distorted. It was working fine previously both speaker and headphone. I dont know what went wrong? "Audio_Relatek_5.1" drivers are currently installed.

I've also checked sound setting they are perfectly fine.

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Dell :: Switching From Ac Power To Battery Power Causes Black Screen
When I pull the power cord to switch to battery power while in Windows my lcd goes to black. The only way I get my video back is a hard reset and reboot. Later on I tried this and everything was back to normal. Why is this happening? Is this some weird standby?

Dell Inspiron 1505 Bios A-14

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Apple :: MacBook - USB Power- IPhone Is Drawing Too Much Power And Thus The USB Hub Will Be Deactivated
I'm having some issues with my MacBook's USB hub. I have the macbook from 2007 I believe that has 2.0GHz and 1GB of RAM. WHenever I connect my iPhone to the USB port to sync, it pops up with this dialog box that says that my iPhone is drawing too much power and thus the USB hub will be deactivated.

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Apple :: MacPro Usb Slots -NO Space For "plug Ins"
i bought a AT&T wireless usb plug that fits perfectly and works great...Then i bought the highly rated logitech vx nano wireless mouse which comes with a tiny usb plug which could be left in the usb slot...So whats the problem?? both devices cant fit at the same time [/i][/b]on the laptop becuase there is not enough space for the both usb plugs to be occupied. Is there a solution to this?? Are there any adapters that I can use which will allow either one (Preferably the ATT wireless) to be plugged into another slot on the Macpro?

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HP/Compaq :: DV6000 Won't Power On
I had a friend bring me her HP DV6000 telling me it won't boot.

When the power switch is pressed, all the lights come on for about 4 seconds, then go off. The screen never initializes.

I have noticed that touching the pad near the on switch/speakers will have the same effect.

I popped the switch panel and it looks to be plugged in and all the wiring intact.

I borrowed a known good battery and charger and it makes no difference.

The existing battery and charger work fine in the other DV6000.

Is it possible I need a new switch or cable? or is the mainboard toast?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Dv6629us- Power
I have a HP Dv6629us Laptop which has been good for the few years that i have had it and just a few days ago it wouldnt power up.. It tries to power up when i hold the power button for a second then it shuts off which i can hear the harddrive spinning briefly as it does, so i know its trying. I tried taking the Battery out and just having the recharge cable in there and still the same thing powers up for a sec then shuts off when i hold in the power button and the recharge light comes on when i plug in the cable.

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HP/Compaq :: More Dv6500t Power
Several weeks ago I replaced the power socket on my dv6500t because I had to pull the power cord in a certain directions. (see the thread here: dv6500 Power problem) For a few days it seemed to help although I moving the laptop in a few directions still cased the AC power to cut out.

Now after a bunch of weeks, it's back to where it was before. i.e. I have to pull the cord in basically one of two directions to get AC power. I'm assuming with these symptoms either the power socket on my laptop is screwed up again or there is something wrong with my power cord. Could it be anything else?

At this point, I feel like it's probably the power cord, but I don't want to pony up 150$ only to find out I'm wrong. I could send it into HP for them to fix it. It's a nice machine (core2 2.4ghz, 4 gb ram, etc)

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HP/Compaq :: C762NR No Power No Nothing
i got this laptop for FREE from a buddy who dosnt want to fix it cuz he only paid 100 for it.

Here is the problem.

The laptop has no power at all. When AC plugged in no blue LED around the plug on laptop no nothing no lights at all. The battery is dead and will not turn on with or without the battery in. Now i have tested the AC cord and replaced it still no power. WHAT IS UP i took the laptop appart to see if there were some torn wires or anything and it al looks good...

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HP/Compaq :: How Do I Access The Dc Power
I need to open up my hp dv4000 to see if the dc is loose. Before I go taking every screw out of this thing and removing things I may not have to remove, can anyone tell me the quickest way to access this?

Just as a background, the problem is that I need to rig up the power supply cable to that it's pulled taut in a certain way, just to power my computer. If it moves the slightest bit the computer shuts down. My battery won't charge either. My educated guess is that best case scenario, it's a loose connection. Worst case it's the motherboard.

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HP/Compaq :: Power On Passwordnx6115
getting power on password for my laptop nx6115 as i forgot the password and i've bought it from someone else and nothing happens if remove cmos battery as power on password gets saved in eprom.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Zd7260us Will Not Power Up
it is old and not worth the time but my 5yr old daughter uses it to for music and school work. so its worth it to her.

zd7260us will not power on. I have bought a new AC Charger & Battery just to eliminate them.

when the laptop is plugged into the charger (w/o battery) the ac light comes on (not the battery charge light!). when the power button is pressed the the power indicator light comes on for 1 second then goes off and the laptop does not boot. I hear no sounds of any kind during this process

when i install the battery and try the above i achieve the same results no matter if the charger is plugged in first or vice versa.

Configurations Attempted - all with no luck
1. tried 1 ram module at a time, different sockets, no modules
2. no hdd
3. no dvd writer
4. no wifi
5. disconnected touchpad
6. cpu removed

i also checked the resistance at the dc jack - all checked ok.

obviously i have taken a apart the lappy and found/seen no obvious visual problems. the DC jack looked to have good connections and was not loose in any way.

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HP/Compaq :: Laptop Will Not Power On
The other day I was shutting down my laptop and it paused as normal to install the latest Windows updates. Later that evening I went to power it on and nothing happened. I immediately check the power brick and it's power light was on. Then I swithched to batter and stll nothing would come on. It's as if no power is gettng to the laptop.

I remember a similar thing happened when my hard drive connector failed, so I swapped them out, but changing that had no effect.

what I'm failed to check or what could be wrong before I have to pack it up and send it back to HP?

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HP/Compaq :: Boston Power Batteries
what HP's ETA is on these batteries? I was hoping to order one before I go off to college, or even sooner if possible. I love my 16t, but the battery life is horrendous even on power saver settings, so any improvement (thus the Boston Power batteries)

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HP/Compaq :: Power Handling Ondv5
I own a HP DV5-1025el laptop with Turion Ultra ZM-80 processor and Windows Vista 32 bit, running at 2.1 Ghz. The laptop is working wonderfully and I have no stability problem at all.

Since I love to optimize my machines at maximum, I started to search some informations about Power States and such similar things, mostly to tweak and reduce battery cpu usage. I made by myself an utility to control CPU Voltage for each pstate, like PumaStateCtrl, but more flexible. It's in an early stage, but it seems to work good for ZM processors,

I studied the official AMD datasheets about Turion and Turion Ultra (mainly ZM and RM series) processors and found that they have 3 active PStates (actually they have 8 pstates, 3 are activated and 5 are not). My ZM-80 has these pstates:

PState 0 - 2100 Mhz, 1.100 volt - Enabled
PState 1 - 1050 Mhz, 0.950 volt - Enabled
PState 2 - 525 Mhz, 0.800 volt -Enabled

Then there are other pstates from 3 to 7, but are disabled:
PState 3 - 1050 Mhz, 0.950 volt - Disabled
PState 4 - 800 Mhz, 1.550 volt - Disabled
PState 5 - 800 Mhz, 1.550 volt - Disabled
PState 6 - 1050 Mhz, 1.200 volt -Disabled
PState 7 - 1050 Mhz, 1.200 volt - Disabled...........

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HP/Compaq :: C500 Power On Password
to retrive my master password for my compaq c500 i get this message after entering 3 wrong password (System Disabled 15816)

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Presario A900 No Power
This laptop is missing battery and memory, what I'd like to know is, should this laptop power up even if it has no memory or battery?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Dv2500t Wouldn't Power Up
HP dv2500t with nVidia overheating problem about 2 years ago. About 3 months after my 2-year extended warranty expired, my laptop started having problems with the screen that split into 8 parts and showed lines running across. Unfortunately, HP was of no help since my laptop wasn't on the list of those recalled and asked me to pay an extra $400 to get it repaired.

After doing research on the net, including this site, about this problem, I decided to replace the motherboard myself. I ordered an exactly the same motherboard that came with the same nVidia chip from a reputable seller who specialized in selling used motherboards. He assured me that it was tested and even recommended adding a piece of copper on top of nVidia chip. So I carefully took apart the laptop, added a piece of copper that came with the new MB using instructions posted on this forum (with Arctic silver 5) and reassembled it.

To my surprise, the laptop wouldn't power up. When I plugged the charger, the blue LED light would go on both the front side and the right side where the charger goes. And then there were no other signs of life from the laptop. I thought maybe I didn't connect some wires properly. So I disassembled and reassembled the laptop 2 more times. All to no avail.

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HP/Compaq :: DV2315nr New Batt But Soon No Power
Recently got a new battery and no problem. A short while later won't power up. This is my fiance's machine and she said no warning before just won't start. if the most likely problem is now the Power supply is shot?

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HP/Compaq :: Is There A Dock That Will Power Up And Down The Laptop
I'm planning on purchasing an Elitebook (8740 maybee) that I want to semi-permanntly dock to a monitor and external keyboard. But I dont like the idea of having to open the lid, power on the laptop, close the lid and then use my system, so I was hoping there is a docking solution out there that would have a power button mounted so i could power the laptop on and off with the lid closed.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Envy 15 (v2) Power Adapter
I've been thinking about buying a new power adapter to replace el-giganto that came with it. I understand that there is at least one Kensington power adapter that works (model 33197). That one, IMO is a bit too large. Curiously, that adapter is not directly visible on Kensington's website for Laptop Power Adapters, but is searchable (by part number).

So my question is whether there are any people out there that have used, for example, the model 38066 or the model 38067 successfully? Those two models are smaller (physically) than the 33197, but they don't actually list the Wattage they provide (they're listed by Voltage and Amperage - which kind of makes Wattage, but not exactly). It seems as though they might be 90W adapters (as the product pages make continual reference to their power efficiency over "other 90W adapters" which leads me to believe that they're probably around 90W adapters.

Or whether the model 38031 or 38030 will fit? These adapters are a bit larger, but appear to offer more input amperage. Though they also say "Up to 90W output" so ...

From what I understand, the HP Envy 15 will throttle the machine with less than 120W of input wattage.

Also, the 33197 is apparently an "old model".

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HP/Compaq :: Is There Any Power Manager Forlaptops
been using the IBM power manager. After changed to the hp dv7, I wonder is there any power manager that work like the IBM's?

Basically, I need a power manger that I can use t set thresholds for charging.

Whenever the power level drops to a certain percentage, the AC will start to charge the battery till the stop charging pecentage is reached..

Is there any, or can I use the IBM power manger on the hp laptop?

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HP/Compaq :: Power Cable ForC500
i'm having trouble finding a power cable for HP Presario C500 notebook?

can i safely use the universal notebook adaptor?

I need 19.0V - 3.2A

what if I use say, 2.7A?

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HP/Compaq :: How To AddRecommended Power Plan
I cleaned and reinstalled Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 (don't use HP Recovery). So I don't have the HP Recommended Power Plan. I want to add it into my OS or learn to create a new Power Plan like it.

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HP/Compaq :: Envy 15 Power Adapter
I am in need of a new AC adapter for my HP Envy 15. Can any of you veteran owners recommend me a reliable and quality one (and hopefully under $100), preferably with a decently long cord?

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HP/Compaq :: DV5 + Nvidia And A Mod To Consume Less Power
I remember reading somewhere about someone recommending to do some kind of mod that will drop the voltage for the nvidia 9600 gpu without any performance sacrifice and gaining better battery life.

Yes I know this laptop isn't built for battery life and I barely use it off the adapter but I'd like to reduce the heat thus extending the life of this ticking bomb

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HP/Compaq :: HP Power Adapter.. Are They Universal For Almost Alllaptops
I am trying to find a power adapter for my HP dock XB3000, however, everywhere I look, the power adapter seem to be the same. My laptop uses the newer smart pin connection, however the dock uses a smaller plug. When I look on ebay, I see they list practically all hp laptops to be compatable with their power adapters. I was just wondering if the power adapters are practically universal, other than the difference between the 65W and the 90W adapters.

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Zv5000 Weird Power/battery
I have a old hp zv5000 and it seems to randomly shut down, the problem is very peculiar. The battery on the hp cant hold charge for more than 10 minutes but the problem lies in the charger/laptop itself. The charger only seems to be able to charge the battery and the system only seems to runs on battery power, the battery runs out and the system shuts down (without any notice). When the battery is taken out of the system, it fails to start up.

i am guessing somewhere in the mobo :S since the laptop itself cant turn on external power when the battery is disconnected and only seem to run off battery power.

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HP/Compaq :: Is Yourdv5t Power Jack Loose
I just bought a brand spankin new HP dv5t series, got it 3 days ago, i inspected it when i got it out of the box and it was beautiful.

However a little later I noticed that the power (cord side) that you plug in to charge was pretty loose.

Now just today I tripped on the long part of the cord... it moved the laptops position on the desk a few inches, and enough to pull it out of the box in the middle of the cord, and it feels even loser.. but I cant tell if it really did, i might just be paranoid.

This worries me because on my last two laptops they were pretty tight and had no play in them, both of the ended up broken.

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HP/Compaq ::Slim Travel Power Adapter
So while I was getting a blu-ray burner and HD upgrade for my DV5t, I got a promo advert in the mail from HP and it mentioned their Slim Travel Power Adapter (with USB charging port). I travel about 4000 miles by plane every 4-6 weeks, and I carry my Dv5t with me in a shoulder bag. After putting my laptop in a neoprene sleeve before putting it in the bag next to my paper file, there is not much room left in the bag for the power supply, wireless mouse, and misc cables, much less a bottle a water for the 4-hour plane trips.

On top of that, the charging port on my phone doesn't work anymore (I know, I need to change it, but I'm waiting for summer when I'm out of contract and can switch carriers and phones), but it still charges via the USB sync cable.

So the slim travel charger was looking pretty good - less space used in a very tight bag, and a way to charge my phone when my laptop is off. So I ordered it excitedly.

And I was quite let down.

The first issue I've had with it, is that although the transformer block it is slimmer in height that the one the that came with my laptop, it's just as long, and wider. At it's tallest, around the AC-in port, where it bulges out, it looks be just under a 1/4-inch in height savings. while being about 3/8th-inch wider and 1/8th-inch shorter (the long axis).

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV7T Quad Power Bricks
I have two power bricks for my notebook (I bought a second one at the time I placed my order so I would have a spare for traveling, etc.)

One of the bricks gets way hotter then the other. I don't understand why, they are both 120W adapters. I can't help but be paranoid that something is wrong with the one that gets really hot and I'm afraid to use it. I mean why would one barely get warm and an identical second one gets hot?

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HP/Compaq :: EliteBook 8530w Power Brick
Just got one of these, and the power brick is well erm.. a brick!

I need / want to get a third party one that is hopefully smaller, so does anyone know of one suitable? or, if not.. know of what i should be looking at to try and find one?

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV7T Quad-power Brick HOT
Is it normal for the power brick to get hot? When I say hot I mean, it's so hot I'm afraid to leave it plugged in and go anywhere. I just got my system the other day but really haven't messed with it so far (except for making sure everything was up to par.) Today I started getting into everything, clean install, etc and I noticed like after 10 minutes of it being plugged in (120 watt brick) the brick was so hot it felt like my heating pad on high. I've never experienced this before, is this normal?

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