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HP/Compaq :: Fan Is CONSTANTLY On... (Temp Readings Included)

I have a DV6000. I keep this laptop in tiptop shape. I only recently started to use it again on a fulltime basis. I notice that the fan is now CONSTANTLY on. It doesn't matter what I do, idling included... Here are some stats from HW Monitor. I'm not sure how to interpret these numbers, but they do look high. The palm rest is warm, but it has always been the case.

what I can do? Obviously I can't turn off the fan it the system is in fact hot.

CPUID Hardware Monitor

Mainboard VendorQuanta
Mainboard Model30CC (0xE9 - 0x2338)

Hardware monitor

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Temp Readings
I just opened up Speedfan and HWMonitor at the same time, and I notice they give different readings.

I've seen Speedfan report the CPU temp as high as 90. Whilst the machine is warm, I highly doubt this is correct.

I've had the machine on my lap whilst doing this and yeah, its pretty warm, but its not boiling ..

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HP/Compaq :: Monitoring Software (cpu Load, Cpu Temp, Hdd Temp) For HP
Got my self a new HP DV5-1110, Athlon X2, 3450.

But can anybody recommend any good monitoring software for Vista, 32bit?

On my desktop I use "dtemp", to show the harddrive temp in the sys tray, but dtemp cant read the hdd temp on my HP

And an another program for showing the cpu load or/and cpu clock in the sys tray..? tried NHC 2 pre 06, but it hangs when I go to settings to configure the program..

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Dell :: 7900GS With A GTX Bios Temperature Readings Correct
Im using the Juan Lu bioses on my Inspiron and with 7900GS bios with a voltmod the temps were coming up to 91C (the clocks were 520/750 more or less). And then i decided to flash it with a gtx bios with a volt mod - and it works! It lets me overclock a little higher (like 580/750, but it seems that its not very stable though...) and the temps are a lot lower! 69-73C. I once saw it go up to 86C, but thats that. Also the idle temps went down from 63C to 54C. So my question is - is this real? This is a huge difference, video bios can do that? Or mayby... somethings mixed up with the sensors and theyre not giving the correct temps?

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HP/Compaq :: DV6t Pops/crackles Constantly On Mute
I just received my HP DV6t from HP, overall i love the machine except for one issue. When i press the mute button on screen my speakers pop/crackle ever so often Its annoying the hell out of me. It only happens when the stupid mute light is on. It crackles when a program opens. is this to remind me my computer is on mute or something. If i lower the volume all the way down no crackle. This thing is just weird.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5t Losing Internet Connect Constantly
My notebook has recently been losing internet connection very often. I don't have to move or anything, it just loses connection. I have a verizon fios router, i've had this notebook since September 08' and never had this problem before. My signal strength is full.

My device manager says my network adapters are:

-Intel(R) WiFi Link 5100 AGN
-RealTek RTL8168(C)P/8111(C)P Family PCI-E GBE NIC

Could it have something to do with my wireless mouse? If I switch it to wired mode, my laptop still loses connection to the internet.

Also, as a side question, how do i stop windows update from trying to install the same update over and over?

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HP/Compaq :: Hdd Temp
i just bought a new wd3200bevt for the dv4t laptop. i observed that when on idle or doing little work the hdd temp maxes out at around 50 degrees. is that normal or too hot. what should i do if that's too hot? i am using the 12 cell battery most of the time so it is elevated a bit.

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HP/Compaq :: Can't Monitor HDD Temp
I have a dv7t with a Fujitsu 250GB 5400rpm HDD. I've tried multiple programs including HWMonitor and non of them are able to tell me what my HDD temp is. Why can't I monitor my HDD temps?

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HP/Compaq :: Gaming V.s Temp
I'm probably going buy and HP laptop soon, the HDX 16"...

So therefore, I was wondering how the gaming is on your sexy HP. Not graphically wise or fps and such, but temp wise. For instance, how long do you get to game for before things get too hot or do you manage to keep things at decent temps for a full day worth of gaming

Personally I don't play too intensive games, mostly world of warcraft. Nothing hardcore like crysis and stuff. So i'd imagine i'd get some decent gaming hours as long as i keep things cool haha by getting a zalaman pc cooling pad and if i decided to undervolt.

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Dell :: Video Card FlickerVIDEOS INCLUDED
Here are the videos. They are god-awful small and blurry, BUT you can still clearly see the distortion. I'm also using a unregistered version of a cropping software to make the files small enough to upload to, so there are banners on them. They are also pretty darn short snippets (1 or 2 seconds each... I need to lrn2compress)


This is me flying towards a red carpet in Shatt. Zoomed in on the carpet.


A building flickering at range in Battlefield 2142.


The waterline and metal textures of a boat flickering in SH4.


The flicker I experience between character selections on the WoW Character Selection screen. It is a brief frame between each character.


Another boat from SH4, showing the flicker disappear as I zoom closer.

All of these flickers, with the exception of the character screen flicker, disappear if I get close to the texture, which is why I HIGHLY suspect some problem with the z-buffer. Still, I am at a loss as to how to solve it.

I run Warcraft at 1920x1200 resolution, and the other two at 1600x1200 resolution.

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HP/Compaq :: G60-125NR- High Temp Of 95+*C And A Low Of 57*C
So I have had a few hp laptops now. My G60-125NR is the hottest one I have. I ran speed fan just to see if it would work on it, it came up with a high temp of 95+*C and a low of 57*C. Is this normal? The temp is at 80*C while I'm typing this right now. Its on a hard table, with clean vents...

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HP/Compaq :: G60-244DX- Reducing Temp
I have an HP G60-244DX with 3GB ram, AMD Dual Core Ql-62 at 2.00 GHz, Windows 7 32 bit, and nVidia GeForce 8200m G with 1394 MB memory (integrated gfx card). I got the blue screen of death a few weeks back so I went out and bought a laptop cooler.

Anyways I was playing Left 4 Dead and I got the BSOD, sometimes when I play L4D, I'll get a black screen and the laptop shuts off (battery fully charged, power cord hooked in)...haven't had this problem since buying the cooler but the laptop does get pretty hot.

Things that I noticed will bring up the CPU and GPU temps are windows media player and playing a full screen game. I'm using CPUID Monitor.

Under heavy load (i.e playing L4D), the CPU cores get up to 107 degrees ceclius and the GPU core up to 110 degrees celcius (doesn't stay there but the temp runs up that high).

I know laptops aren't made for gaming and I've been reading that AMD processors generally get higher temps. than Intel.

Is there a way to lower the tempreture of CPU and GPU while havin the laptop under heavy load (even with a cooler)?

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Dell :: Inspiron 9300 Screen Crapped Out, Pic Included
in the past few months i noticed some minor screen snowing that went away with time or repower of the system. while using pc tonight the screen all the sudden crapped out. don't know if i should replace the part or just sell it as is for scrap

the bar also changes color and is there regardless (bio, safe mode, normal ...)

i haven't hook it up to an external monitor because it's kind a hassle this late but will try tomorrow

bios still a04 since the battery died 4 year ago and i'm too cheap to buy one since it's plugged in 24/7

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Dell :: 8800 Benchmarks Revealed CRYSIS Included

i threw my 2 cents in. benchmarked my m1710 with 7900gtx in the thread.

my FRAPS result is near the same as what the 8800 got @ 1280x1024...

maybe diff @ higher res? or better drivers?

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HP/Compaq :: No CPU Temp Reporting Under New Bios (dv7t)
I just updated the BIOS to F.23 from HP's website and now RMClock and HW Monitor do not report accurate temps. It shows the temp of my cpu's sits at 26 C all the time. I have a dv7t with the P8400 and nvidia 9600GT.

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HP/Compaq :: GPU Temp In Presario F572US Quite High
I downloaded CPUID and ran it to see what it would report for GPU temp. It's running between 80 and 84 degrees C. My notebook is sitting on a cooling pad I bought a few months ago; it has two small fans, powered by USB. I don't the cooling pad helps much, only a slight benefit. CPU temps (two cores) usually run in low 50's, fluctuating from high 40's to about 57, as notebook fan kicks on and off. The notebook fan does not run excessively, in my opinion; it usually only needs to run a few seconds before it stops and the frequency of it kicking on is not too high, I believe. Actually, with the high temp reading for GPU, I'm surprised the main fan does not run more often and for longer durations. Again, the cooling pad makes little difference in frequency and duration of main fan.

The GPU in this notebook PC is nVidia GeForce Go 6100. I bought this computer is July 2007. I've never checked GPU temp before. The video driver was updated at least once since I've owned it. I could roll back the video driver and see whether that would make any difference. Or, I could update to a later version; Windows Updates has been showing a video driver as an optional update for quite some time but I have not installed it. Or, should I visit nVidia's website and search for a driver update.......

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Dell :: M4400 Display Port To HDMI, Audio Included?

So with this I should be able to output video to my TV right? Does it have audio included?

Has anyone tested this? Any links to cheaper versions then the Dell adapter?

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HP/Compaq :: Mobility Radeon 4650 GPU Temp (DV7-2000)
I've got HP dv7-2043cl laptop. I want to find out what max GPU temp do you guys get, when you put stress on the graphics card. I am interested only in DV7-2xxx series with Ati Mobility 4650. Mine is around 46-48 when idle. Temp goes up to 70-74 in around three minutes when I run the Fur Mark stability test (1600x900, MSAA 8x, post processing and xtreme burning turned on). Clocks are at stock frequencies.

I wouldn't care about the temperature (it is not actually that high), but I have a problem. The computer just turns off when I play some games. For instance, if I play Fallout 3 at ultra settings (1600x900, 8x msaa, hdr), the computer powers off after a couple of minutes. Same thing with Crysis Warhead at high setting (1280x720, no msaa), even Half-Life 2 at max settings! When I lower the resolution in Fallout 3 to 1280x720 and MSAA to 4x, everything seems to be fine. Same thing with Half-Life 2. No similar luck with Crysis though. Looks like Crysis utilizes every single bit out of the GPU in any case.

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Dell :: Mobile GeForce 8800s To Pair Up In SLI Notebooks (M1730 Included)

On nVidia's SLI zone, they list the m1730 as "featuring dual GeForce 8800M GTX". Whether or not it'll happen anytime soon is anyone's guess but at least it looks like it's going to happen.



Alienware, Dell, Sager, Eurocom, MALIBAL, Cybersystem, Multirama, Nexoc, and Rock have all worked with Nvidia to squeeze two GeForce 8800M GTX chips into their high-end gaming laptops, and the first systems should be available "soon"

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Acer :: Upgrades For Aspire 5570Z, Compatibility - Everest Stats Included
Acer Aspire 5570Z, Sales sticker reads Aspire 5570-2977
Intel Pentium dual-core processor T2080
(1.73 GHz, 533 MHz FSB, 1 MB L2 Cache)
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
1GB DDR2 (upgraded to 2 gigs, max)

I do everything with this laptop, and I'm looking for the best way to upgrade it, bang for the buck style.

One main upgrade I would like to do is the video card. My manual says that some models come with a NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300 128 MB of dedicated GDDR2 VRAM w/ Turbo Cache.

I know there is more info than needed in the Everest Stats, but hopefully nothing was left out that is pertinent to my issue.

Hopefully the right eyes will find this post and I can get the answers I need to successfully upgrade my laptop, thanks in advance for taking a look!

Here are the Everest Stats:

[ EVEREST Ultimate Edition 2006 (c) 2003-2006 Lavalys, Inc. ]
Version EVEREST v3.00.630
Benchmark Module
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600 (WinXP Retail)
[ Summary ]
Computer Type ACPI Multiprocessor PC
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional
OS Service Pack Service Pack 3
Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.13
DirectX (DirectX 9.0c)
CPU Type Mobile DualCore Intel Celeron M 430, 1733 MHz (13 x 133)
Motherboard Name Acer Aspire 5570Z
Motherboard Chipset Mobile Intel Calistoga-G i940GML
System Memory 2038 MB (DDR2-667 DDR2 SDRAM)
BIOS Type Phoenix (04/10/07)
Video Adapter Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family (224 MB)
Video Adapter Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express.....

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Dell :: E6400, Fan Constantly On
After booting up and logging in, for about 30 seconds my computer is quiet, and then the fan kicks in and doesn't quit.

The temps are low, HWMoniter shows 43, 37, 37 for ACPI, and the two cores.

3gb ram
160gb 5200 hdd
Intel 5300
Intel GMA

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Dell :: Really Bad FPS Drops Constantly
I recently started to have really bad FPS drops.

Whenever i play any type of games, Frame rates drops by half if not more every few second to minutes constantly.

I thought it might've been a bad driver install but even tho I reinstalled 10.3 preview it still had the same problem. I also reverted back to an older driver but still had the same problem

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Dell :: M1530 Fan Constantly Turning On And Off
I just did a full clean install today to remove Ubuntu. I put vista 64 bit on and reinstalled all the system drivers.

I took the laptop upstairs to watch 1 episode of the simpsons(23 min long) and during the whole episode, the fan would go on for 2-3 seconds, turn off for 4 seconds, turn back on for 2-3 seconds. This is extremely annoying as my parents are sleeping, its quiet in the house and while watching the episode I can hear the fan turn on and off.

Occasionally the fan will stay on the 5-8 seconds then turn off for 4 sec.

I love the unit otherwise but find this verry annoying. I've 'tweaked' vista to get it running quick, I'm set on Power Saver mode, LCD screen brightness low and just have IE open with the show playing.

I do believe I have Bios A12 installed also.

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Dell :: M1330, Fan Suddenly Constantly On
About two weeks ago I noticed my Dell M1330 fan was constantly running on the slow speed. Whatever I did, it just wouldn't shut up. Especially when I was running a graphically demanding game, the fan would go nuts, running at maximum power.

I followed a tutorial to clean the dust out of the fan but it didn't fix anything. Today, I got frustrated with it, followed a tutorial to undervolt my CPU, downgraded my nVidia drivers to 167.45 (which apparently lowers GPU temp) and installed I8Kfan to try and fix it.

With I8Kfan, it is kind of like it used to be. I've had the computer for a year and six months and before this it was running almost completely silently unless I was watching a long movie/using heaps of tabs in a web browser/etc. Now, if I don't have I8Kfan set to kick the fans in at 60c they go all the time.

I even tried downgrading my BIOS to A14 because I read here that it could help. Still, no dice.

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Dell :: Constantly Blinking HDD LED On E5500
I'm worrying because of the following issue on my new E5500:

The HDD LED is constantly blinking with one second frequency. I'm using WIN XP, this blinking can not be seen in BIOS, but I can see it with a Live XP, and it's also blinking when XP install starts,

but there are not any processes.Because of the mentioned reasons, this could not be because of indexing, or pagefile (additionally I have tried to turn them off, and blinking remained)

I've reported this issue to Dell, and the HDD was replaced, but I still can experience the blinking.

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Acer :: Fan Starts And Stops Constantly
Model: Acer Aspire 4720-4538

The CPU fan is totally off when the CPU temp is under 55C (according to Everest). Once it's over 55C, it goes onto its low setting. Somewhere higher up, it goes to its high setting.

The problem: Even just browsing the web and doing light desktop work (IM, Explorer, Word), the CPU temp creeps up to 55C pretty easily. Once it does, the fan shoots on, but it only takes about 3 seconds to get to below 55C, so it shuts off again. Without the fan, the temp goes up past 55C again, and the cycle restarts.

The result is an on-off-on-off-on-off fan that turns on or stays off for only about 2-5 seconds at a time. REALLY annoying, esspecially in an otherwise quiet library environment. I can see people looking over at me with a "what the f is wrong with your computer" look.

I've updated the BIOS to its latest as of this date (Jan 06 2009) on the Acer site (3810), that didn't help any.

I've read (on this site) that Acer uses something propertiary to control their fan, causing normal fan control software to not work on Acer's.

Does anybody know of any software that will let me control the speed of the fan? I tried the fan control software for the Acer Aspire One, which didn't seem to work.

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Acer :: 5920G- Red Light Constantly On
On my Acer 5920G with Windows 7 I noticed that after I downloaded the latest version of Acer Arcade Deluxe that the red light on he right hand side of the computer is on. It's the record button on the media button area.

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Acer :: 4530 GPU Constantly In The Upper 60s *C And Above
I just bought an Acer aspire 4530-5627 and the onboard Nvidia Geforce 9100M G graphics card is getting quite hot. Sometimes the GPU temp gets to the mid 70s (Celsius) averaging around 67 or 68*C! According to CPUID HWMonitor the ACPI temp gets to 55*C and the Processor to 50*C. The hard drive runs on the cool side at 39*C. I bought the laptop on newegg and they do not accept returns for refunds.

Acer Aspire 4530
AMD athlon x2 ql-60
2gb ddr2 667
160gb 5400 sata
nvidia 9100m g

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Apple :: Temperature - Constantly Floating At 70+C
this is with minimal workload besides leaving BT on w/ 50kbs down and 10kbps up capped. room temperature is anywhere around 20-24, common room temperature at a library in edmonton. keep in mind that this is the CPU's temperature so it has less to do with the GPU's issue.

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Apple :: Macbook Fan Is Constantly On Even When Idle
my macbook fan is constantly on even when idle. I tried to reset the System Management Controller with no luck.

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Apple :: MacBook - It Is Normal For The Fan To Run Constantly
I have a white macbook with a 2.1ghz intel core 2 duo that I got in August of 2008. I was wondering if it is normal for the fan to run constantly and for the CPU to be at 160 degrees, the memory at 120, the main heat-sinks at about 130?

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Dell :: Official Studio 14 1458 Fan Is Constantly On?
Does anyone notice that the fan is constantly on?

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Dell :: 1558 Harddrive Or Fan Constantly Spinning?
I don't know what it is, or maybe its just the way the system works...
But basically, but something is constantly on even when I just have the laptop on with a few IE windows, you can especially feel it just to the left of the touchpad. From time to time, I will also hear the the noise coming from it and it till slow down, then start up again.
I mean, its not a big issue, but is something wrong with the laptop?
This happens when the CPU load is as low as just 5%, temperatures around 42-45 degrees Celsius.

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Dell :: Constantly Blinking HDD LED On Latitude E5500
The HDD LED is constantly blinking with one second frequency. I'm using WIN XP, this blinking can not be seen in BIOS, but I can see it with a Live XP, and it's also blinking when XP install starts, but there are not any processes.

Because of the mentioned reasons, this could not be because of indexing, or pagefile (additionally I have tried to turn them off, and blinking remained)..

I've reported this issue to Dell, and the HDD was replaced, but I still can experience the blinking., if you have experienced an issu like this.

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Dell :: Studio 1535- Fan Now Runs Constantly
In the last two weeks or so, the fan on my Studio 15 (1535) has been running continuosly. Even when it's under little/no load for extended periods of time, the fan stays on at higher-than-low-speed (from the sound)?

I've had it for about four months and this wasn't an issue until very recently. I have updated the BIOS twice (A02 to A03, then A03 to A06) and wonder if the most recent update was the culprit. I skipped A05 initially, but a few days ago I re-flashed using A05 to see if that might fix the issue- no dice! I'm debating whether I should go back to A03 and see if that does the trick?

But I don't want to keep arbitrarily flashing the BIOS over and over if there's no chance of it fixing the fan issue.

Anyone else have similar issues with the fan running constantly? Any suggestions on how to fix or, at least, mitigate the problem?

FYI- I always use the laptop on a flat, hard surface (desk or wooden lap-desk) to allow proper heat dissipation. I have also tried elevating the back of the system by 1/2-inch or so to improve airflow- NADA!

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Dell :: M4400 HD Light Constantly Blinking
I seem to always have some sort of activity with this light, even when I'm not accessing the HD or when I keep the computer idle. Does anyone have any clue why this is happening?

Autoplay is disabled, nothing is downloading and only ESET is on but temporarily has features disabled.

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Acer :: Aspire 5738G Fan Runs Almost Constantly
When I power on, after about 5-6 minutes the fan (I assume the CPU fan) kicks in. However, it then seems to remain on constantly until the laptop is turned off, even if I'm only idling. This is slightly annoying, not just because of the noise, but also it seems to have quite a noticeable effect on the battery life.

I have installed SpeedFan to keep track of the CPU temp and it seems that the fan kicks in initally when the core temps reach about 35 C, but then the fan does not switch off, even when temps drop back down to 25/26 C, which seems very cool.

On every other laptop I have used (none of which were Acers), the CPU fan only comes on now and again, as and when it is needed.

So, is this normal behaviour or is there possibly a fault with the fan control mechanism ? If so I will consider taking back to the retailer for an exchange.

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Acer :: New Aspire 3680: Fan Running Constantly
I just bought this new acer 3680 1 month ago because i needed a laptop for my studying. basicly all i need it for is to take notes from classes, and surf the web (youtube etc).
ok so basicly the first impression with preinstalled vista was horrible. incredible lag... 3 seconds delay at all times when browsing the web. and completely unable to playback any form of media with any other windows open without the sound lagging like crazy... all that kind of stuff

but the main problem seems to be the fan. It runs at high speed (producing as much noise as my desktop computer). The fan turns on aprroximately 4 minutes after you turn on your computer, or immediately after you open an application.. and it just keeps on running untill you turn off your computer... It is so annoying that i have trouble bringing the computer to class (which is where i really need it!) because i feel embarrased about the noise, and frankly i think this is an annoyance to the other students aswell. Is this a common problem with 3680? No one of the other students pc's fans run when they just use basic applications like word, or internet explorer, and they certainly dont do it when simply idling on the desktop.

furthermore it needs to be said that i have messed around with vista alot, and tweaked it in every possible way to remove pressure of the cpu.. and ofc removed all antivirus programs etc. Furthermore i tried installing XP, and guess what.... it took 5 mins of idling on the desktop in the brand newly installed xp for the fan to start again!!! so i conclude that the problem is not caused by vista overloading the cpu!. Does anyone else have this problem with their aspire 3680? maybe im just overly sensitive about the noise, but really it isnt supposed to run at all times.

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Dell :: E6400 Wireless Light Constantly Blinking
why my wireless light is constantly blinking? I have a E6400 with a 5300 AGN and I'm running on Ubuntu 9.10. I also run on Windows 7 but I cannot remember if it always blinks when I run that.

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Acer :: Aspire 2000 CL32 Resetting Constantly
notebook- Acer Aspire 2000 series CL32

problem- resetting itself constantly!

Explanation- Basically, one day after normal operation of my computer, I turned it off properly. The next time i went to turn it on, it comes up with the normal BLUE screen which has "acer aspire" on it. Down the bottom it says f2 to boot or something and f12 to enter setup menu.

If i do not press anything, it goes to a black screen and attempts to locate a boot cd. After it does not find one, it goes black, then up comes the BLUE screen which says "acer aspire" on it. If i do not press anything or touch anything, this process will keep going and going until i turn it off by holding down the on/off power button.

Resolution / what i have attempted to do-I CAN enter setup menu, by pressing f12 on the blue acer aspire screen. Once i am in the setup menu, i attempt to exit. I have attempted to exit the setup menu in all way, incl. disgarding changes, saving changes etc etc.
Each time i try to exit the menu a different way, It just goes to a black screen for a few moments, then repeats the process of going back to the blue acer aspire screen.
I have attempted to insert a boot cd. So after the blue screen, it goes to the black screen and attempts to find the boot cd. After locating it, it verifies it, says something like "found in drive C" or something similar, then it goes back to the same process.

Question- How the hell can I use my computer again?

Further note- 80% of my data has been saved on an external hard disk so rebooting or any other process is fine by me, I just want to be able to use my computer again.
Before attempting all the above processes, I disconnected everything from my computer e.g. all usb devices. I have tried it on batteries and with the power cable.

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Sony :: Hard Drive Constantly Flickering Under Windows 7 On CW
I have a new i3 CW running Windows 7 Home. It is set so that the power button and lid send it to sleep mode. The power management is set to balanced. I removed the fluff software but still have the main Sony programs. I am not running an active anti-virus.

My issue is the hard drive is constantly being hit. The light blinks about once per second. This has to be robbing power and wearing on the HD.

Does anyone know what is causing this and how it can be stopped? If this is saving info for the sleep operation I would think it could happen far less often.

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Sony :: VPCZ11: How To Adjust Refresh Rate To 60 Constantly
When I adjust the refresh rate on my Z to 60 Hz and restart it, it plunges back to 40.

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Sony :: Vaio SR290 Hard Drive Have Been Running Constantly
Im having a major issue with my SR290 and Sony Repair Center specifically.

Ok, I just noticed that my hard drive have been running constantly and never under an idle state about 3 weeks ago.

I restored the computer twice but every time I turn it on, the hard drive and the fan makes really loud noises. Even when there are absolutely no applications running,

the hard drive runs and makes obvious noises. I used to be sitting late at night surfing the internet and having absolutely no noise from the laptop, but now even when I just turn it on, its really loud. If I leave it on for over a few hours, the fan exhaust starts to expel really warm air

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Dell :: Temp Readouts?
Could someone advise me if these temps are OK and what each of the readouts are?

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Dell :: M4400 Temp
i thought my air-intake was pretty hot so i checked with speedfan - and i get 47 idle on my CPU! (Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T9400 @ 2.53GHz) is that normal?

Also my GPU is at 52 (FX1770)

Might need a BIOS update or?

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Acer :: 5535 RM-70 CPU Max Temp
I've noticed my laptop has been running quite hot recently so I downloaded a thing called Speedfan, which tells me my CPU is running at 70-80 degrees C. Isn't this really, REALLY hot for a laptop? I really don't want it to overheat and break

I first noticed it and found that it was maxing out at 82 degrees, and the movie I was watching was getting jumpy. I was using WMP, MSN, Internet explorer for basic browsing, with Vuze running in the background. The most I ever use. This is my specification:

Acer Aspire 5535
AMD Turion X2 Dual Core RM70 (2.0GHZ/1MB)

Shouldn't this laptop be able to handle these tasks without getting so hot?

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Acer :: Does Your Cpu Temp Go Above 90 While Gaming
I have a 5920G. It gets around 90-94 c cpu and around 90 gpu.Is this normal or do i have to check it up. My room temp is like 30 c.

I wanted to know if this temp will harm the cpu.

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Dell :: Can't See GPU Temp In HWmonitor 4670
I used to have a 3670 motherboard and dell gave me a 4670 and everything is great, but I can no longer see gpu temp in the monitor. I could at first and some how it's just gone now.

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Dell :: FX2500M Temp Monitor
I've got a e1705 with a FX 2500M in it . 2G of ram, and a T2400 intel processor.

I got a copy of Neverwinter Nights 2 for free, so I went to play it. I was cruising along making my character, when my laptop shut off! I restarted, and it said it stopped because of temperature. So, I started up core temp so I could watch the temp, and restarted the game. Once I got into the game, and it's all that was running, neither of my cores went above 110 degrees F. Then, it shut down again. I was not running all the 'options' to make it pretty, but I was running it at 1920x1200. I dropped it down some so I could monitor the temps (same ratio, just a little smaller).

I updated my drivers to the newest MovileForce Drivers, and want to retest, but figured I'd also watch my card temps, to see if that was causing the shutdown?

I installed fangui, and no gpu temp is listed. I also was going to try nvtemplogger, but it said something like my card isn't capable of temperature monitoring?

So, how do I monitor it? Does my card have the ability to output it's temp to one of the tools?

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Dell :: SXPS 16 High Cpu Temp?
i just received my sxps 16 ... generally very happy with it ..but when the cpu in full load for like 5 mins .. the cpu temp will shoot to very high about 85'C it normal ?

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