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HP/Compaq :: HP 8510P Running Very Warm/Hot

I just received my 8510P, it's built very well, looks and runs great.

But the heat of the palmrest and touchpad area is a bit bothersome.

The temps look fine, but who am I to believe the screen, or my hands?

I could not imagine resting this on my lap, the heat at the bottom is quite hot.

I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced similar heat from this laptop.

Perhaps there is a fan issue I need to take care of...

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Dell :: E6500 Running Slow When Warm
I'm having an issue where my E6500 w. NVS and P9600 CPU runs slow when it gets warm.

In a 30degC ambient room I only have to work the machine for a few minutes before the CPU slows down. I get an event log like -


Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Processor-Power
Date: 21/02/2009 4:43:38 PM
Event ID: 7
Task Category: (7)
Level: Warning
Computer: PICOLTP04.picodon.local
The speed of processor 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 71 seconds since the last report.

After that the CPU is locked to 31% speed. If the load on the CPU continues it will get even slower.

You can also see this in Performance Monitor on Vista, or Resource Monitor on Windows 7, as below-

Temps in the system arent (IMO) getting too high, either-

Same thing in Vista SP1 x64 and Windows 7 Beta x64. Running the latest firmware (A11). On Vista I've tried running with and without all the Dell garbage and get the same result.

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HP/Compaq :: Warning: Hdx Gets Warm
i got my new hdx and i decided to buy a game for it as well. I popped in warhammer:dawn of war 2 and it played well on mostly ultra-high settings. however the machine gets HOT after playing for about and hour. i also experienced this while playing crysis. it could have something to do with my cpu running at 45w but idk. anyways so i continued to play a little more warhammer and then i started seeing artifacts on my screen. before i knew it my screen was unviewable as the artifacts took over. I thought i was buring up my gpu so i quickly logged out of the game. my screen was still artifact filled so i turned off the computer and rebooted. everything seems to be fine till this moment and i think im very lucky. now i have my hdx raised up on all 4 corners with small business cards and i have my fan blowing at the bottom of the laptop from the right side. (This fan is blowing the same direction that the laptop fan blows). i also put my battery in front the of the fan so that would kool as well. so i decided to give warhammer another shoot. i played it for 2.5 hrs straight and the computer remains cooler that i expected. the battery too is way cooler. i would say my cheap cooling system worked after all.

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HP/Compaq :: Hp 8510p & 500 Gb Hd
I want to upgrade my HD for my 8510P to 500GB.

I want to get 7200RPM and 16mb Cache.

Will a drive with this specs work on my machine? I have the latest bios revision? Will it work perfectly fine if i just swap and install a fresh copy of Windows 7? Also which is the best drive to get? I am thinking of the Seagate Momentus 500gb.

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HP/Compaq :: SIM Upgrade (8510p)
I've seen slot for SIM card hidden by battery - are there any upgrades to use simcard in 8510p? Can this be installed as aftermarket upgrade?

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HP/Compaq :: Perplexing-with 8510p
I have this 8510p with the 1680x1050 screen. Its been a great computer, and have only had it for about 5 months.

All of a sudden one day weird characters fill the screen on boot up between the bios start up and windows start up. Basically the screen is filled with 8-10 characters then a space, repeated over and over again. Some of the characters randomly change. And now I have a dotted line of red pixels flashing on the top of my screen. the line is about 20 pixels high and about an inch from the top of the screen.

More weirdly is that the flashing is happening in time to any activity on the computer. I am a network engineer and have worked my way up through small computer support but I have never seen anything like this before.

So when the computer is totally inactive the screen is great.

Is the inventor in the screen going bad? Or is it my installation of vista 64?

I don't think its the windows installation because I can see some weird video characters before windows even starts up. I have tried to reinstall the video drivers and most of the other drivers with no effect.

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HP/Compaq :: 8510p And Win7
Anyone with 8510p still up and running tried 64bit version of Windows 7 yet?

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HP/Compaq :: 8510p Hardware Upgrading
I'm using my 8510p. I was smart enough to buy an extended warranty, and it has proven to be quite usefull. (2 screen repairs and a new GPU.)

Now, over the time I have upgraded my notebook. The main HDD was upgraded with a 640GB drive, and I replaced my DVD/CD drive with a special bracket that allows you to install an extra Hard drive. Until so far, all these upgrades could easily be reversed for warranty purposes.

Now, I'm thinking about upgrading my original WSXGA+ screen with a WUXGA screen. (1680x1050 to 1920x1200) As since I'm using my computer a lot for graphical applications and CAD related stuff.

Now, I found a supplier that can supply me the screen, but he only recommends me to change my screen with something of the same resolution. He fears that the inverter may not be able to pull the higher resolution, nor my motherboard/gpu fail to recognize the new part.

Do you guy's think that this upgrade could be possible?

Personnaly I would go for it, since the 8510p was offered with a WUXGA screen, and the CCFL of the new screen would be exactly the same as the (current) WSXGA+ screen.

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HP/Compaq :: 8510p Gfx (mobility Hd2600)
i have a hp 8510p business notebook (gb967ea#akn) with a mobility radeon hd2600 - 256mb, winxp pro sp3 32bit. cpu intel core 2 duo t9300 2,5ghz, 4gb ram (2x2048mb kingston ddr2 800mhz).

i use original ati (desktop) drivers by adding
"ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600" = ati2mtag_RV630, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_9581
to the cn_####.inf file of the driver (currently 9.2) and installing ccc afterwards.
this assures me best possible performance (eg. ca. 100-200 points higher 3dmark06 score than other people get with the same notebook) and no errors/problems until now.

now i have 2 questions..
first regarding hypermemory, which should be 512mb according to hp.
ccc, sysinfo, siw from etc. all say my hd2600 has 256mb. Internal DAC 400mhz. ccc says core clock 500mhz, memory clock 600mhz. i heard people saying ccc showing total possible memory (= dedicated AND hypermemory) as memory size on their notebooks........

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HP/Compaq :: My 8510p's Temps Are Rising
When my laptop was new, while gaming the max temp use to be around 60C. Now it's around 70C. Why is this? Due to dust collecting in the vents and fan?

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HP/Compaq :: 8510p Harddisk Upgradecompatibility
since i experienced some major problems last weekend on my 8510p gb967ea win xp pro sp3 notebook, i am forced to reinstall the os and i thought this would be a good chance to replace the 5400rpm 160gb drive (sata), especially in order to try out win7 on a big enough partition.

now i called hp and they told me that the maximum possbile would be a 250gb 5400rpm drive or a 200gb 7200rpm drive (which is set inside bios). i definitely would upgrade to a 7200 rpm (if not to a velociraptor or an ssd), but for just a 40gb gain this wouldnt really be worth it, as i will get the new 8540p notebook as soon as they are released with windows 7 and some satisfying hardware (dx11 gpu!), if they get this hardware, which i hope..

so does anyone know whether i should try a bigger drive (i would go for at least a 250gb 7200rpm drive, better 320gb or 500gb) and maybe check compatibility while in the store in order to give it back if it doesnt work, or leave the 160gb 5400rpm drive and wait for the new models?

or is there any way to extend the compatibility restricted inside bios (using the most recent ver. f.15/dec 08 now)?

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HP/Compaq :: Spilled Iced Tea In 8510p
around a month ago i spilled some iced tea in my laptop. first i thought it was gone, but then i dried it out and it mostly works. i turned it on within the 24 hour period, but it mostly works.

it boots up and i can install the OS. problem is that whenever i move the touchpad it's like the left mouse button is always clicked and it's a constant select on everything i scroll over. i tried replacing the touchpad and using only a USB mouse but it doesn't work.

new touchpad does the same thing and USB mouse won't work in the OS. it will work during installing the OS, but once in the OS it stops working.

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HP/Compaq :: 8510p Screen Change
Is it possible to change wxga screen to wsxga screen. If its possible do i have to cgange inverter as well?

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HP/Compaq :: 8510p Lid Open Action
if it was possible to get the laptop to wake up when the lid is opened? Currently, you can put it to sleep by closing the lid, but when you open the lid you have to push the power button to wake it back up. I haven't seen any option in the power settings to do this either.

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HP/Compaq :: Battery- 8510p AfterBattery Check
I need a new battery for my 8510p. Something very odd happened. I noticed that my battery has seemed to not last for very long these days. I saw HP's battery check software on their site and downloaded it. At the time I started the check, the battery was at 93%. The software determined that the battery needs to be replaced. The odd thing is that after I took the laptop off of the dock to check it's wireless connection, the battery charge plummeted (within a couple of minutes) to 11%, where it has remained ever since and refuses to charge beyond that. It's almost as though the software pushed it over the edge somehow.

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HP/Compaq :: My 8510p's HDD Is Making A Scratching Sound
I've noticed that my 8510p's HDD (which is a Toshiba) makes a loud scratching sound for about a second every week or every two weeks. I ran HD Tune's error scan and it came up with no damaged blocks. What's wrong? Should I be worried? I've already backed-up my important stuff.

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HP/Compaq :: 8510p Touchpad Erratic When Plugged In
I had to buy a replacement HP AC adapter because the original one stopped working. So I went out and bought the HP 90w AC/Auto/Air Smart Adapter (The box says 8510p is compatible).

When I plug in the laptop, the touchpad seems to go out of whack and jumps around at times. When I remove the AC power, the touchpad works perfectly.

There are a couple of differences written on the back of the adapters:

Output (Original Adapter): 19V / 4.74A
Output (Replacement): 19.5V / 4.62A

It is an Authentic HP replacement part (KS474AA #ABA / 481197-002).

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HP/Compaq :: HP 8510p HDMI, Passthrough Dolby Digital, DTS To Amp --->
I have a HP 8510p (XP32) that works really fine. The only thing that I can not make it happen is that whatever I try I can not get the DD, DTS work between my laptop HDMI and my receive. I recieive only stereo (Audio HDMI OUT is selected).

1) How on earth can I get DTS/DD from my laptop HDMI when i play a mkv with DTS/DD audio?

2) If I connect the laptop to the TV via HDMI and the laptop to my amp via optical, can it make the trick? (the only problem here is that, my laptop does not have optical out, just HDMI and analog, but using a docking station i can have optical out...)

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HP/Compaq :: 8510p Has Lost Screen Dimming/brightening Functions
I have an HP Compaq 8510p, T7300, running Windows XP Pro. In the last day or so I noticed that pressing the fn+Fx key combos to dim or brighten the screen are no longer working. Nor is the battery status key combo. Volume and mute seem fine. Wireless is fine. The "Info" and "Presentation" keys as well as the sleep combo all appear to be working as usual. But the 3 mentioned above have stopped working. Has anyone had this issue or have any idea what the problem might be?

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HP/Compaq :: 8510p- Both CPUs Shot Up To 100 Percent And Everything Became Horribly Slow
I purchased an 8510p

It first started when I was doing a light activity (word processing). What happened was both CPUs shot up to 100 percent and everything became horribly slow. Left/right Clicking on an item or the Start orb might take 30 seconds or longer before it would work. Task Manager showed 100 percent CPU usage under performances, but sorting by CPU processes, only 10-15 percent was being used.

I restarted, and to my surprise, instead of the nice under 1 minute load time to the desktop, to took at least 15 minutes where both CPUs were constantly at 100 percent. Safe mode was also very sluggish, where I stopped non-essential processes with msconfig. So I yanked my HDD and did a backup just so I wouldn't lose anything. After a few hours of the 8510p sitting, I put back the HDD and the machine worked perfectly for about an hour, then both CPUs shot up again to 100 percent. Once the issue happens, it occurs everytime I reboot regardless of how I boot into Windows. After being powered off for 4 or more hours (or overnight), It might work for an hour or so and then become horribly sluggish, or it might start out being sluggish, too. (BTW, no viruses)

So I got on the instant chat with HP support and told them about my issue. My tech had me switch out my 2 gigs of RAM with another laptop, but that didn't fix the loading issue. He said it needed to be sent in, so I received my box last Tuesday. On Wednesday, I got a call from HP saying my machine was fine and the only problem was my battery was dead and that would cost me 212 dollars (I don't know where they pulled that number, because a new battery on their website is 109). Great, the time it would actually work for an hour, it works perfectly there. I told them that I didn't need a new battery (I pretty much use it as a desktop at home), but that there was some other issue. She said she would email the "advanced" repair guys to look at my machine...

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HP/Compaq :: HP 8510p, MXM Upgrade -> Nvidia Quadro 770M, Blank Screen
I just received from ebay a nvidia Quadro 770M 512MB

[url] or[url]

as an upgrade for my HP 8510p which currently has ATi HD2600 256MB.

Both cards are MXM II (physically fit) however I'm afraid that this VGA is not on whitelist so it's not going to work - I only get blank screen, no error message, no POST, no chance of entering BIOS. I read that there is some tool that can modify BIOS - something called HP Tattoo utility however maybe it's obsolete now and has been replaced by some other utility - I can't even download it anywhere.

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Dell :: System Getting Warm
Then it's time to go through and clean out your system! My M170 has been running warm just idleing. Start up a game and keboard feels like it's going to catch fire! Looking at Fangui, I was hitting 80C on the CPU side, and 110C on the GPU side while gaming.

Idle was sitting at 44C CPU, and 60C GPU. Not good! I'm honestly surprised that my system just didn't straight up melt through my desk! But, this is testament that the 7800GTX and a pin-modded 1.7>2.26 can take the heat.

I took the thermite paperweight with me to work today, tore it down completely, and was just bewildered by how much dust was trapped in the heatsink fins. The fans were coated with dust, but weren't too bad. And the grills on the case just needed a good wiping.

Looking from the outside, you just can't see the amount of dust those fins are able to trap in the case.

Also while it was torn down, I re-gooped the GPU/CPU's (cleaning off the previous AS5), and then put the system back together. I'll admit, I'm not using AS5 this time around.

Instead, I bought some off brand stuff from the local computer boutique. After reassembly, Fangui was showing temps of 32C CPU and 38C GPU. Much better! Played some Call of Duty 2 and Gears of War and the system didn't even break a sweat! After 15 minutes of gaming, my M170 was running a fairly cool 55C CPU and 78C GPU!

Now I can finish CoD 2 tonight (beat it before, just going through it again before I start CoD4), and play some more GoW without the system crashing!

CoD2 is running buttery smooth at 1920x1200, max settings, and GoW is sitting on 1280x720 w/ max slow down in the intense fire fights, and the game just looks remarkable.

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Apple :: Unibody Is Getting Warm With Low Usage
I have my macbook pro getting pretty hot without much usage.

Eg. I am on integrated graphics right now and my cpu usage is roughly 30 percent (inclusive of system and user) and nothing is very intensive. Just a couple of firefox tabs in a firefox process, colloquy and itunes. I have about a 70 degree CPU temp and a 57 degree GPU temp on the 9400M.

It gets worse when I go on discrete and do the same things. My CPU often hits 80-90 degrees with my GPU being right htere at about 70. I'm pretty sure i need to get this checked out, but does anyone else have the same issue as me?

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Sony :: Viao FW 448 J/B Palm Rest Feels Very Warm
Just bought a Sony Viao 448 J/B the palm rest gets very warm almost hot when running. This is my first Viao so I'm not familiar with the normal symptoms.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5t CPU Running Too Hot
having temperature...

Fan on the DV5t

My CPU is hitting 97 degrees while playing games, and idles at around 75 degrees. the only problem is this time is that the vents are clear because more air blows out of them than previously. raising the laptop doesnt help much... it only knocks about 5 degrees off and still hits in the 90 degree range. could there possibly be a problem with my laptop because it shouldnt really be hitting 97 because according to intel the thermal specification for the P7350 is 90 degrees...

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HP/Compaq :: I Am Not Running Anything On My Computer And The CPU Is At 50+%
Its a P4 so I need all I can get and I am not even running anything. My ram is fine and I'm not running much if anything in my tool tray. I've only got 37 processes running and I have a 1 and a quarter gigs of ram. What could be making my processor go crazy? Symptoms also include making the fan run 100% of the time.

It is an older zv5000.

What is spoolsv.exe? I think that is the problem?

I end that process and it opens itself back up. It has to be the issue. How do i get rid of it for good? I dont use a network printer so it shouldn't effect the printing.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv6870 Running Hot. Normal
I have an HP dv6870 (dual core AMD). It overheated a few weeks ago and shut down. I notice now that the fans are always running. I don't remember this being a problem before. Core temp says my cpus are running around 180F degrees. TL-64 is the processor model.

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HP/Compaq :: Windows 7 Up And Running On DV5T
I finally finished re-installing all my apps and whatnot, but Windows 7 Beta is quite nice!

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HP/Compaq :: DV20001 Of 2 Cores Running Hot
I noticed it was running really really hot, almost painful to hold your fingers against the rear fan vent. So I ran SpeedFan and sure enough the temps were whacked out:

1st core at reasonable temps (30ish)
2nd core from 65 - 90!

I tried following the disassembly guide for the DV2xxxx series here to take a look at the heatsink contact and fan but I got stuck at the logic board. (One of the disconnected WLAN antenna cables is impossible to fish out from the chasis, and after removing all connections, the logic board refused to budge fully)

So I just went nuts with compressed air on the exposed parts of the fan/heatsink, but that only helped a bit, temps on that core were still at a constant 65+ but the other core was at 30-35 and all other components were at okay temps...

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HP/Compaq :: HP Dv6000 - Running Into Heat
I never had problems with playing games on my dv6000t laptop until last year. I've had this laptop for close to 2.5 years and I'm running into heat problems. Whenever I play CPU intensive games like Team Fortress 2 or even play games on that use Flash Player, my laptop starts to lag until I elevate it AND quit the game or site. I don't plan on buying a notebook cooler since that this is a problem that I never used to have a year before.

Is there a how to guide that has explicit instructions/video to cleaning the fans of the HP dv6000 model?

Here are temperatures (HWMonitor):

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Pavilion Running Xp- Hard Drive
My friend has a 2006 hp pavilion running xp. I have a 2007 hp pavilion running vista(32 bit). They look completely identical. Her motherboard took a dump, but the hard drive is good, and she needs to get the data off of it. Can i take out my hard drive from my laptop and install hers to get the docs and data off of it? Is it the same connection? size?

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HP/Compaq :: DV5 Running Very Hot Vista And Linux Ubuntu
My cpu temps at idle according to HWMonitor are 70c for vista and in ubuntu using gkrellm they are around 60c.....why are they so hot? its on a wood surface + underclocked to 1v....

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5t Running Extremely Slow After Disassembly
i just disassembled my dv5t to fix an issue i was having with the screen. the screen seems to work fine now however it is running ungodly slow.

in order to get to my screen cables i had to take out the Following:

-hard drive
-WLAN module
-Switch cover & keyboard
-the display bezel

i'm not exactly sure what might be causing this because it was working just fine (except for my screen issue) before the disassembly

also it seems to run a little bit better in safe mode but its still slow

after playing with it for a while its main problem is booting and programs are crashing. it takes about 10 minutes to fully boot and then it runs at a normal speed however programs keep crashing like crazy.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Dv6500t Running Windows 7 RC With 2 Active Users
I'm getting a strange problem on my dv6500t with my dual booted Windows 7 RC install (same issue with the Beta). My searches have been inconclusive.

Using W7 as one user is fine, but if I leave one user logged in and switch user accounts, things start acting wierd...Anti-virus fails to start (I've uninstalled AV and the rest still occur)Can't use the IE button on the task barIE doesn't log in to some websites (e.g. AOL mail)slowness Lots of permanent window and menu artifact ghosting that only clears after logging out This only happens when 2 users are logged in at one time... one user works just dandy.

I'm just suspicious of my HP... the friggen thing crashes on me enough or doesn't resume from hibernate/sleep so I'm not confident in the crap.

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HP/Compaq :: Remove Battery And Optical Drive While Computer Is Running
I recently purchased a new HP laptop and have a few questions.

The computer came with a lightscribe drive and is removable since it also came with a empty filler for the optical drive. Is it ok to remove the drive and/or plug it in while the computer is on ? Same thing w/ the battery... is it ok to pop the battery out when the computer is on AC power, or put the battery back in when the computer is plugged in ?

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HP/Compaq :: Enable Input Monitor On Pavilion Dv7t Running Vista
I have a Pavilion dv7t laptop running Vista. One of the main reasons I bought this was to do audio work in Sony Acid Music and Sony Sound Forge. Well, lo and behold, I can't hear my mic input. I can record audio in using the mic input, but I can't monitor the input as I am using it to know whether it is too loud, too quiet, I am too close to the mic, too far away, etc.

I have done a lot of research on this via google searches and have found that most people solved this (on other laptops or other computers running Vista) by changing the input monitor setting (to enable it) within the windows registry. I dug all through various locations in my reg files and can't find anything on an HP Pavilion dv7t running Vista that corresponds with an input monitor setting.

This is a huge source of frustration. If anyone can let me know how to enable this, I would appreciate it. It's not a matter of right clicking on the speaker in the windows tray and changing anything on playback devices or recording devices. I have tried every possible combination of that and it doesn't work. This is something that needs to be fixed at a root level.

Why HP or Microsoft has this set as a default setting so you can't even monitor your input volume is beyond me.

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Dell :: Is This "too Warm"?
I've been noticing that my computer's been running hot for some time now but am finally posting because I've been noticing that if the computer reaches a certain temp, it tends to throttle back which can be a bit annoying......................

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HP/Compaq :: DV2419- Progressively Running Hotter And Hotter
I have a DV2419, with an AMD Turion 64x2. It had been progressively running hotter and hotter as I owned it. Then recently it would freeze (the screen would flash up a weird pattern) and I would have to restart. I thought it was some virus, so i turned it on and scanned it. I think it got too hot after a few times and now it wont turn on. The lights turn on, but I get no response from the screen or anything else. and the gummy substance between the heat sink and the amd looked kind of melted. Did I destroy it? I probably did but I have no idea how to figure it out.

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Dell :: GPU Running VERY Hot
I have an m1530 that I bought back in june of 2008 with an nvidia 8600GT. In the past few months my gpu temps have been rising while I have been gaming. Its even gotten up to 98C while playing WoW, which makes the game really choppy and unplayable.

I can get the temps down to around 90C while gaming if I keep a box fan pointed at the bottom of the laptop, kind of like a poor mans cooler. How can I get my temps down? What SHOULD they be at while gaming?

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Sony :: Running Hot
I posted a thread alittle while ago about the heat issue...Has anyone else had high readings from just playing a low res game?

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Dell :: 1420 Running Hot?
I notice the ventilation to the left of my Inspiron 1420 has been running hot lately - too hot to touch, so I ran CPUID Hardware Monitor and I got these results .........

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Dell :: Running On A 24 Inch
How safe is it using the 24inch with the 8600M GT in the long run? Would the card die out faster?

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Dell :: How Are You Running COD6?
What are your settings for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

I'm doing 1280 X 800 en single campaign 2x anti, textures medium, bullet impact and the rest of

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Dell :: Who's Running Windows7?
Who's running Win7 and what system do you have? any issues with any of the drivers like fingerprint to webcam?

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Dell :: Any Advantage To Not Running SLI?
I have two 7800M GT in an SLI configuration (not sure whether that its one physical card or not but is recognized as two) in my M1730.

I disabled SLI to save on power, but was told in another thread that simply disabling SLI does not cut power to the second GPU. If that is the case,

is there any advantage to disable SLI? Would the fans run less? Why do they provide for such an option in the first place?

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Acer :: Gparted Running
This is a new laptop. Finally got Gparted running

I need to have my hand held for a bit.

I want to enlarge the C drive and divide the D drive up as follows:
C drive 70 to 97 GB
D 69.5 to 30 GB
Plus E, F, and G of 4 GB each.

Do I delete the current D drive first and then enlarge C?

This uis Gparted LiveCD V0.4.4-1.ISO downloaded from SourceForge

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Sony :: Running Windows XP
How do I turn off the touch pad on a Sony Vaio running Windows XP?I use a mouse and it interferes with typing.I have searched in settings,but can't find it anywhere.

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Apple :: Running Mac On Non- Machines - RIP
"On Tuesday, Apple won a permanent injunction against Psystar following summary judgement in favor of Apple's claims of copyright infringement and violation of the DMCA. The court orders that Psystar is now prevented from the following:

1. Copying, selling, offering to sell, distributing, or creating derivative works of plaintiff's copyrighted Mac OS X software without authorization from the copyright holder;

2. Intentionally inducing, aiding, assisting, abetting, or encouraging any other person or entity to infringe plaintiff's copyrighted Mac OS X software;

3. Circumventing any technological measure that effectively controls access to plaintiff's copyrighted Mac OS X software, including, but not limited to, the technological measure used by Apple to prevent unauthorized copying of Mac OS X on non-Apple computers;

4. Manufacturing, importing, offering to the public, providing, or otherwise trafficking in any technology, product, service, device, component, or part thereof that is primarily designed or produced for the purpose of circumventing a technological measure that effectively controls access to plaintiff's copyrighted Mac OS X software, including, but not limited to, the technological measure used by Apple to prevent unauthorized copying of Mac OS X on non-Apple computers;

5. Manufacturing, importing, offering to the public, providing, or otherwise trafficking in any technology, product, service, device, component, or part thereof that is primarily designed or produced for the purpose of circumventing a technological measure that effectively protects the rights held by plaintiff under the Copyright Act with respect to its copyrighted Mac OS X software."

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Apple :: Running Win 7 / Vista On MBP
how many people are running Windows 7 and/or Windows Vista on their MBP?

How's the performance of Windows on MBP through bootcamp? Any compatibility issue? I have a few software for PC (i.e.: Nikon Capture NX2, Lightroom, Photoshop CS4, etc.,) and would prefer to run it on Windows w/o having to rebuy it.

Mainly would use the laptop for those purposes, but MBP has that cool factor vs PC laptops heehhe

I might use it occasionally for games (i.e. WOW). Ofcourse surfing the internet on OSX is not an issue.

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Apple :: Running Windows On A Mac
Just wondering whether those that use Windows on their Mac spend most of their time in OSX, Windows, 50:50 etc...

Personally I haven't installed Windows on my Mac yet, but am thinking about it.....

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