HP/Compaq :: HP Dv5t XP Installation BSoD Correct Sata Drivers

May 13, 2009

how to slipstream sata drivers onto Windows XP installation disk I decided to try it out. I had two unsuccessful attempts and I'm wondering that it probably is due to me using the wrong drivers for the job.

I have a Dv5t 1135ee, can anybody please direct me to the right drivers that I need to put onto my Windows XP installtion disk to not get a BSoD.

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Dell :: XPS M1530: SATA Drivers For Windows XP Installation

Feb 2, 2009

After reading Its OFFICIAL! Windows XP works perfectly on the XPS m1330!, I've decided to install XP on my M1530, but i'm unsure on what to do about step 1:

"Step 1... You need a version of Windows XP SP2 with built-in SATA drivers... I personally used LastXP (feel free to go find this on a torrent site somewhere,

you have the option to install one of your own valid XP keys as part of its setup). (The other way is to put SATA drivers on a USB stick and hit F6 during initial Windows setup...) .....

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HP/Compaq :: Sata Xp Drivers For Dv4 Amd Turion X2 Ultra

Apr 17, 2009

the sata drivers for install the windows xp, i would like to know where can i find? my notebook its an hp dv4-1155se, amd turion x2 64 ultra(zm-82)

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HP/Compaq :: Windows 7 Comes With All DV5t Drivers

Nov 9, 2009

It seems everything on my computer works and I didn't install a single driver...

Should I install them anyways or what?

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Dell :: 1525 BSOD After Win7 Installation

Feb 9, 2010

So I installed win7 on my gf's laptop, ultimate 64 bit, wiping her vista home premium partition.

shes been getting blue screens, and can't enter windows in safe mode or safe mode with networking...

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV5T Reformat.. What Are The Essential Drivers

Sep 5, 2009

I was looking to reformat my notebook and I was curious what the essential drviers are? I have Windows Vista disks so I won't be using HPs bloatware junk. I saw the thread with updated drivers but what can I ignore?

I know I will need the graphics, ethernet card, sound drivers... but what else? I want the bare minimum. I hate HP software?

Stuff like quicklaunch I can ignore right? I just need to make sure I install the quick touch button drivers right?

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HP/Compaq :: Clean Vista And Drivers- DV5T

Jan 10, 2009

I was looking for a DV5T-1000 thread as I just ordered this laptop and want to install a fresh copy of either Vista 64-bit or Vista-32 bit, I don't care although the laptop came with 4 Gig and I know to see all 4, I need 64.

Either way, I found an older thread for XP drivers and I also know it depends on what hardware you system has, so unless someone can point me to a thread, I'm looking for the LATEST drivers and to make sure I am not missing any.

I will probably have a guy from work help me since I'm not the techiest but I'll need to tell him what to do :P (we're good at that, right? :P)

Here is what mine is coming with and I tried to assemble my best guess at drivers. The HP site helps a bit but many drivers seem older and I'm not sure I need all of them of course.

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HP/Compaq :: Where Can I Find Dv5t-1000 Web Camera Drivers

Apr 15, 2009

in my "Device Manager" there is an "Unknown device" which is Webcam. I'm not sure what happened with drivers.

I looked at hp.com but they don't have any drivers for a web cam just a software to use webcam.

where I can download drivers?

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5t Latest Drivers (for Advanced Users)

Jan 5, 2009

Last Updated: 21st November 09

since I haven’t been able to find a thread listing all the latest drivers for the dv5t I've decided to make one myself. Let me be clear, this is for ADVANCED USERS ONLY.

For the average user you can find the latest drivers for your specific model at www.hp.com. This thread may contain drivers that are not specifically targetted at the HP dv5t but appear to work with it correctly. These drivers may not include vendor specific functionality that HP may have added (although I have not heard of any instances of this being so). Some of these drivers may work with other series of laptops but this is NOT guaranteed. I cannot guarantee these drivers will work correctly for everyone here so please be careful - only install these if you know how to revert any changes you have made. I am only including WHQL certified drivers, so regardless of what site they come from you know they are authentic. I've tested some of these drivers on my machine and they work perfectly well however I am unable to test everything. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Without further ado:

Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility:
OS Support: Windows Vista, Windows 7
Link: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/down...10884&lang=eng
Notes: I recommend running the setup file from an elevated command prompt with the "-overall" flag (without quotes). This will assure that all devices are updated.....

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Lenovo ThinkPad W Series :: W520 (4284) - Cannot Load SATA Driver For Clean Win7 X64 Installation

Jun 14, 2012

I researched I need the Intel SATA AHCI Driver for performing a clean Windows 7 installation 
I tried:
1. Mobile Express Chipset SAAT AHCI controler drivers from the (a) Intel websites (b) Lenovo website and (c) extracting drivers from running system
2. tried supplying drivers on DVD/CD and USB
3. tried to integrate drivers into Windows 7 Installation using RT7Lite
4. did bios update
5. switched from AHCO to compatible mode
In any case it finds the driver as the correct one (when I click hide drivers that are not compatible, the one remains). But always displays no driver found and doesn't continue setup.
This seems to be a bug!!!
1. Is there a way to fix this and perform a clean Windows 7 installation without recovery?
2. Am I trying the wrong driver, but have to install a driver for a different device first???
I am about to replace the HDD with an SDD and there can not use recovery!

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HP Elitebook 2530p Networking :: Cannot Find Correct WiFi Drivers For Windows 7 Professional 32Bit

Dec 24, 2014

After doing a fresh install of windows 7 Professional 32Bit, my wifi drivers did not install, i have tried numerous drivers of the website for my laptop and they don't work, ive tried many things but cant seem to find the right drivers, my laptop is a HP Elitebook 2530p, can find the correct drivers for my wifi Card? 

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Dell :: XPS M1210 SATA Drivers?

Sep 8, 2009

I am preparing to help my cousin (via phone) reinstall XP on his ebay purchased XPS M1210 laptop.

I notice that in the system config information, that the HDD is SATA, but when looking at the driver download page, I see no SATA drivers listed.

How are we to install XP without SATA drivers to slipstream or use the F6 disk?

Do i get the drivers fron Intel? Do I change a setting in the BIOS for "ATA" or "legacy" mode? If i do this,

then where do i get the driver to install within XP so i can switch it back when the installation is complete

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Dell :: Chipset & Sata Drivers?

Jun 14, 2009

I'm just wondering is it worth installing the chipset & sata drivers?

The specific drivers im talking about are the Intel Mobile Chipset Drivers & and the Intel Matrix Storage Manager drivers

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HP/Compaq :: DV7-1135nr- Finding Correct System Board

Jan 3, 2010

I have an hp DV7-1135nr laptop. Recently there was an incident and one of my friends managed to throw up into my laptop while it was open and on. The computer was off before i could pull the battery and even after being cleaned and dried will not turn on, this leads me to believe that the system board has shorted out and needs to be replaced. Where can i find a replacement system board and how much should i expect to pay?

Seeing as how i have already taken the laptop apart, are there any upgrades I can do while replacing the sytem board? It has a 2.0 ghz dual core AMD
processor, and crappy integrated graphics. I was wondering if i would be able to purchase and install a better system board?

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HP 630 OS/Software :: SATA Drivers To Install XP Pro Via Floppy (F6 At Start-Up)

Jan 17, 2012

I have a HP630 Notebook with SUSE OS installed. I want install XP Pro but i don't know where find the SATA drivers for installation via Floppy Disk with F6 Key at start-Up of XP Installation. Where can I find them?

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Dell :: Drivers From Laptopvideo2go Don't Work- BSOD

Aug 22, 2007

I just bought Bioshock and tried to update the drivers. I read about some guys updating using these drivers, but I just have no luck.

My system:

Dell Inspiron e1705
7900gs go
2gb ram
oc'ed to 600/1200

I have tried in the past to install the files and always get the BSOD (nv4_disp error). I have tried all kinds of installation methods (driver cleaner, safe mode, etc.). Here is the most recent attempt:
1. Return clock speeds to factory original (don't know if this is necessary)
2. Start in safe mode
3. Remove drivers (driver cleaner + another program just to make sure)
4. Restart
5. Download 163.44 from here and modded inf.
6. Extract file to folder on desktop
7. Drag modded inf into folder
8. Click on the setup.exe and restart when complete

Now I either get the BSOD or my screen runs at 600x480 or whatever and 4-bit (which I can't change)

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Dell :: Drivers Installation On M4400

Sep 28, 2008

I already started a thread about my PCMCIA card not functioning correctly, it disabled my Wireless card and i have to remove the PCMCIA and reboot to get it too function again. I suspect it might have something to do with the order in which i installed all the drivers. There is a "help" page on the Dell website [url]

click "Installing Drivers in the right order"

Thing is that this help file doesn't use the same names for categories as they do on the actual driver page so it's a bit confusing at times. I didn't do a fresh OS install but tried to reinstall all the drivers in this order to solve the cardbus problem.

Here's what i've done. Actual category names of the Driver Page are in blue....names of categories in the "Help" page are written after them

System Utilities...or System and Configuration Utilies?
Dell - utility....system software
Dell - Utility....recommended Vista Power Management Settings

Intel - Driver...Mobile chipset
Ricoh - Driver....R5C847

nVidia - Driver....Quadro FX 770M

Intel - Driver....825xx Gigabit Platform LAN Network Device
Intel - Diagnostics Utility....825xx Gigabit Platform LAN Network Device
Intel - Application....825xx Gigabit Platform LAN Network Device
(I don't have the bluetooth module or the minicards mentioned on the site)

After that i installed everything from the Applications category but somehow the Dell "ControlPoint Connection Manager" Doesn't install.

In the tutorial the PCMCIA card is specifically mentioned to be located in the "Security" category....surprise, surprise...that category doesn't exist! Could it have to do with the Dell "ControlPoint Security Manager"?

I didn't install that because i didn't want to have the fingerprint reader enabled.

Doesn't seem to have anything to do with the PCMCIA card but it's the only part in the driver page where security is even mentioned so, am i wrong?

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Dell :: Drivers & Installation Of Windows 7 (x64) On The 14z

Aug 26, 2009

I finally received my 14z yesterday afternoon and was excited to to install Windows 7 via USB.

I used this guide (Install Windows 7/Vista from USB drive) which worked flawlessly, but now

I'm wondering where you guys are downloading your x64 drivers. I'm also wondering where I can find drivers for two instances of "Base System Device" showing up in my Device Manager

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Sony :: The Right Installation Sequence Of Drivers & Utilities

Mar 12, 2009

Have heard many times there was a certain sequence in which all the stuff has to be installed. However I always did it the simple way, first all drivers then all utilities. It worked for me

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Dell :: Drivers Installation Sequence For Windows XP X64 And Vista X64

Dec 11, 2008

I have a lot of stability issues with Factory Vista x64 installation, I will try to install from scratch Windows XP x64 and Windows Vista x64, I am not very familiar with Dell Notebooks (ex Lenovo guy), please could you tell me where I can find the correct installation sequence for all the drivers and tools?, I did some tests already, but I was not able to successfully install Dell Control Point, I got and error in the middle of the installation, I think I am doing something wrong, also I have installed the driver for UWB, but I do not find the tool to setup the Wireless USB hub?

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Apple :: How To Install Bootcamp Drivers Without Installation Disk

Mar 28, 2010

iam using my friends macbook (intel core2Duo 1.83 GHZ, 80GB, 1GB DDRII, 12"", white colour)Mac OS X 10.5.7 installed, and i hav'nt installtion disk, and i want to install windows on it, but how will i be able to install bootcamp drivers as i have'nt installtion disc.

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HP Envy 17 1050ep OS/Software :: Drivers For Windows 7 Installation?

Apr 30, 2012

The thing is that my envy 17 1050ep, pn wp002ea#ab9 works fine with original operating system Win 7 home premium x64, but as i need to add it to a domain i´m trying to install win 7 pro/business or ultimate x64 but the hard disk is never detected when i attempt to install it.
Bios installed is the most recent from hp website. Inside bios is not present any option to change about sata driver it´s very limited.
Tried to download and install Intel® 5 Series Chipset and Intel® 3400 Series Chipset, doesn´t work issue persist.
With the original operating system installed Win 7 home premium, access sw setup, copy drivers folder, tried to install drivers, mainly the intel rapid storage, issue persist hard disk not detected.
Tested hard disk doesn´t have any error works fine with original operating system.
Tested a new hard drive, same issue.
Board chipset is intel hm 55.
HP Support drivers available on hp site don´t work.
HP Support just say unit is out of warranty and can´t provide support.
Intel support just say :
I understand the problem, however as I mentioned previously the main

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Lenovo X Series ThinkPad :: X220 Drivers - Hang At Shutdown Then BSOD

Oct 31, 2014

X220 Tablet .... After hours of troubleshooting, I finally found the cause of my Windows 7 Pro Shutdown issue.
The Tablet would hang at Shutdown, then BSOD.  I systematically removed drivers until I found the cause. The current installed version of the Thinkpad Tablet Button Driver, Version as installed by System Update was the culprit.  As soon as I uninstalled that driver, no more issues.

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HP 15-d107tx Networking :: Unable To Turn On WiFi - Drivers Installation Failed

Jun 21, 2014

Unable to turn on wifi.I tried installing drivers of it by downloading from hp support for my model, even that didn't worked. Drivers installation failed. Even the hp utility provided in the support to automatically identify the hardware and laptop medel also failed to install. It is a new laptop.

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Dell :: M4400 :: Is The Hard Drive Interface SATA Or SATA II?

Jan 13, 2009

Is the hard drive interface SATA or SATA II?

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Sony :: SZ160p Sata 1 Or Sata 2

Mar 9, 2010

Has anyone installed a SSD drive in this model with success? If so, does the BIOS need to be upgraded? I have a Vertex 120 SSD drive I'm not using and am thinking about putting it in the Sony and installing Win 7/32 bit.

I would like for all the current functions to work such as the camera and video card. Would this be a big issue or should I just reload the original OS(XP).

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HP/Compaq :: E-SATA Cable For DV7

Nov 9, 2009

I have a 3.5" enclosure for HDD that have an horizontal "L" e-SATA interface but i don't know what kind of e-SATA have DV7 that i ordered. Can someone tell me what kind of e-SATA cable should i buy?

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HP/Compaq :: DV7-2040US W/ SATA II SSD

Jul 18, 2009

Will the SATA controller in the HP DV7-2040US (Q9000 cpu) autonegotiate successfully with SATA II SSDs? The bang per buck in SATA II SSDs is about 2x that of SATA I SSDs (R/W speed).

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HP/Compaq :: TM2 SATA Mode I Or II

Feb 28, 2010

if the HDD's run in SATA I or II mode in the TM2.

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 16T Sata Controller

Feb 18, 2009

if the onboard Sata/eSata controller is "port multiplier" capable? Meaning I can connect more than one drive (via a hub) to the eSata port?

I have an Expresscard eSata that can but wanted to know if the onboard port is capable of this function.

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