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HP/Compaq :: Hp G60-230US Making Recovery Disc

I just last week bought an Hp G60-230US at Office Depot. Had them install Microsoft Office and clean up my computer. When I got home and tried to make a recovery disc, I keep getting a message that says "this computer does not have a drive capable of creating cd's or dvd's. Contact HP" I did this, and they tried to tell me it was the type of dvd I was trying to use (Maxell). I know Hp's can be touchy, but I don't think the type of disc would give me that type of error. Hp said they could send me a copy of the recovery discs. But my concern is with that message. Am I doing something wrong, or is my computer messed up? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I plan on calling Hp tonight, and possibly calling Office Depot to see if they did something bad to my computer when they "cleaned it up".

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HP/Compaq :: Making A Recovery Disc
I'd like to upgrade my laptop's hard drive, but I did not pay for the backup discs at the time of purchase. As far as I know, the only way to get my OS onto the new HDD would be through a recovery disc.

I went to Start>Recovery Manager>Recovery Disc Creation and was greeted with the screen. After pressing next, I immediately receive the 'cancel' screen telling me "Cancellation in progress... Recovery disc creation will resume where you left off the next time you start the program", but it doesn't.

Is there another way to get my OS onto the new HDD?

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5-1102tx- Making Another Set Of Recovery Disks
I'm using a HP Pavilion dv5-1102tx Entertainment Notebook. I bought this notebook at the end of January 2009.

After reading many threads telling me to create recovery disks, I decided to create a set for myself. "Yay!" I said to myself when the process was all done.

Then, I went to the drivers/software download page for my laptop, and lo and behold, I found a patch that, quote "corrects the information that is burned to the User Created Recovery Disc (UCRD)." unquote.

The link is here: [url]

Now, seeing as I can't create another set of recovery disks, I have 2 questions:

1) Is there a way for me to make the computer allow me to burn another set of recovery disks after I installed the patch?

2) Do I need to install the patch at all?

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Apple :: Mbp Recovery Disc And I Life 09 Disc
Apple care hk is very good.i just lost my whole recovery disc and i life 09 disc and also the receipt.i just call apple care.they said they will send me the whole disc free of charge.

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HP/Compaq :: Creating Recovery Disc More Than Once
My recovery DVD disc got corrupted. I tried to recover the disc using Unstoppable copier but couldn't recover completely. Now I need to create this disc again. I searched the forum and I found solution here

I tried moving HPCD.sys but it would still give me the error that the disc has already been created.

if the program has been changed and you have to fiddle around with something else?

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HP/Compaq :: Hdx16 Recovery Disc
i am unable to burn my recovery discs from my hdx 16. i hav the one with t9550,m130gt,tv tunner.actually the prob is that when i create my recovery disc.the first[i] dvd burns completely and while verifying the ist disk the system says found error in the files in the ist dvd please insert another disc to create the 1st dvd again,but the 1st one is working flawlessly..i hav nearly wasted please help me how to create the second dvd directly...or else if any one can help me by sharing their recovery disk by posting its dwnload link,

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HP/Compaq :: Recovery Disc ISO's For 6820s
I've decided to sell my Compaq 6820s laptop and use the money to put towards buying a iPod Touch 64GB but I'm looking for a set of Recovery Disc ISO's to wipe the system clean before selling it on after backing up my data [for which I'll have to do it onto my other laptop by copying the data onto my other laptop then copy the data onto an external hard drive] as I can't access the recovery partition...

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HP/Compaq :: Burned Recovery Disc
i burned my recovery disc from hp laptop wrongly, i have a dv5-1157ca. i have a vista business oem and i went to hp and downloaded all the drivers they had for the 1157ca. would my laptop work as normal?

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HP/Compaq :: New Laptop Dv5- Open The Disc Recovery Manager, And The Computer Suddenly Logs Off
i got my new dv5 last night and ive got a problem. The first time it happened was when i tried to make one of those back up DVD's, i open the disc recovery manager, and the computer suddenly logs off, and im reverted back to the welcome screen where i need to click my name to log back in. Every program that was running simply dissapears. I was like 'crap... i guess i cant make any back up discs'. But then it happened again when i tried to install WinRAR, it was corrupted becuase i copied the files from another computer and after i press ok in the error box it does the same thing.. 3 times i had to re-download a file i was downloading at that time. I guess it only happens when theres an error. I immediatly uninstalled norton and most of the bloatware so it cant be due to that. So now im paranoid about opening any file hoping that it wouldnt log off like that suddenly and lose my work.

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Sony :: FW21Z Not Making Recovery Disks
got my laptop yesterday and the first thing i did was make the recovery disks. Bought some Sony dvd-r disks and after about 15 mins a message appears to say that the disks couldn`t be created. Rang Sony support today, they said you need to use Dual Layer dvds for the FW series. I bought the said disks and they don`t work either

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Dell :: Making Recovery Discs For Inspiron 1525?
I've been trying to search for a way to make a set of recovery discs but have had no luck

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HP/Compaq :: HP G60-230Us
I just got this computer and I noticed on my friends computer she has a little clock on the desktop.... mine does not...

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Acer :: Recovery Disc For Netbook
When I got my Acer netbook I had no way of burning a recovery disc for it. I have an external drive now, but the eRecovery utility won't let me burn a recovery disc any more.

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Sony :: Vgn S360 Recovery Disc
locating a recovery disc for my s360, as a few months ago the HDD stopped working (cant recover from the partition) and I cant seem to locate the recovery disc I made.

I tried installing windows 7 and looking for device drivers for the video & audio cards but was unable to find them.

Anyway, if anyone is aware of somewhere vista drivers or the XP recovery .iso would be downloadable that would be groovy.

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Sony :: Vaio SR Recovery Disc
I am getting a Vaio SR and I want to upgrade the harddrive to a 500 gb one i have already. Is there a way to transfer the recovery stuff from the harddrive that comes with the vaio to the new one i am swapping in?

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Acer :: 5920 Vista Recovery Disc
Just got an Acer 5920 with Vista.

As we all know, Acer no longer supply recovery discs. The company I got it from offered to sell me one! which I thought was a cheek but I see the sense in having one. how to create one.

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Sony :: VAIO FW Series Recovery Disc
I just ordered the Sony Vaio FW series. The agent said the notebook don't come with any Windows Vista Home Premium x64 DVD's as back up and i need to burn the recovery disc from the OS once i receive the laptop.

1. Is this the standard practice of shipment.

2. If i am to create recovery disc from the laptop, and then at a later time format and do an install from the recovery back up disk's, does the recovery install the old factory shipped drivers & software by default. If so is there a way to get rid of this.

3. What do i do if i want to do a clean install of the OS with the new drivers from net.

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Acer :: Inspire 5610Z-boot Recovery Disc
I have a recovery disc for this laptop and I tried to change the boot order by pressing F2 but it wants a password. Someone stated it might be 6 zeros but that didn't work. I just want to boot to the recovery disc.

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Acer :: Format Hard Drive And Do Full Recovery But Nothing Went On The Disc
I Have an acer aspire 5100 but when to format hard drive and do full recovery but nothing went on the disc does any one have a copy of the recovery disc to help me out
amd turion
64 mobile
1gb ram
80g hard drive

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Acer :: Recovery Partition Showing 100% Free Disc Space?
I have just upgraded from Windows 7 RTC Ultimate to Windows 7 RTM pro.

The weird things is, that there are two hidden partitions:

There are two hidden partitions and they have both 100% free disc space. I know one of them is the recovery from Acer, but it says nothing of the disc space is used !

Luckily, I have a recovery CD.

Another weird thing is in Auslogic Disc Defrag:

There are a removal drive and it's leading to the Windows folder on the C: drive O_O?

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Sony :: How Can I Extracted Vaio Tools From The AW21Z Recovery Disc
How can i extracted Vaio Tools from the AW21Z recovery disc...

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HP/Compaq :: No Wireless Orange Light G60-230us
I just bought this laptop from staples. I did a clean vista install and installed all drivers from hps site. The only one listed not installed in device manager is a network driver.

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HP/Compaq :: Wireless Card Is In Myg60-230us
I can't find the wireless driver anywhere for it. what the type of wireless card it is?

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HP/Compaq :: Want To Clean Up/format Presario C310 -- Use Recovery Disks Or Recovery Partition?
I’ve just done a clean install of my Dell Vostro -- reinstalling vista and removing the recovery partition in the process. Outcome = a ‘cleaner’ machine with none of the preinstalled bloatware/c**p from Dell. (first time I’ve done anything like this, but followed a brill guide in the Dell section of this forum ).

I’m about to tackle my Mums Compaq Presario C310EA. The aim is to remove all the rubbish she has accumulated over the years, incl any spyware/ adware she may have, and generally have a bit of a clean sweep…. hopefully resulting in a faster laptop. I’m backing up her data, and moving some of my Dad’s stuff somewhere else.

Basically I want to clean up as much as poss, but unfortunately she has no xp disk, just the recovery disks (cds) she burned when she first got the laptop.

As she has no xp disk I guess the best I can hope for is to reset the laptop to the factory settings (?) .. not ideal, but I don’t think the (factory set) bloatware is too much of an issue for her – she’s not a heavy user.

Should I use the recovery partition for this, or do I need to use the cds she burned? .

I’d like to know the best approach – and can’t seem to find a set of instructions to follow.

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HP/Compaq :: Laptop Is Making Incessant Noise

The laptop is making this noise as if these dvd/media buttons are pressed constantly. Is there away to disable the sound?

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HP/Compaq :: My 8510p's HDD Is Making A Scratching Sound
I've noticed that my 8510p's HDD (which is a Toshiba) makes a loud scratching sound for about a second every week or every two weeks. I ran HD Tune's error scan and it came up with no damaged blocks. What's wrong? Should I be worried? I've already backed-up my important stuff.

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HP/Compaq :: Recovery Disks From Recovery Partiton
i had got a hdx 16 with home premium 64bit...due to sme reasons my OS got corrupted b4 i could take my recovery now i hav installed windows vista that i had bought for my desktop on my hdx 16.but the recovery partition is as it there any way by which i can take my recovery disks from that partition..

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HP/Compaq :: Where To Get A Vista Disc From HP
Has anybody managed to successfully get a Windows Vista disc from HP? Would you mind sharing with us the channel you went through to get it?

With Windows 7 around the corner I would like to have a Vista disc handy.

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 1140us- Disc Drive Groaning
I just got a HDX 1140us, but I've notice that my disc drive is making a groaning noise twice on Start up (BIO's POST check); and twice agn during the loading of Vista; and w/e I open/close the drive.

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HP/Compaq :: Disc Drive No Longer Working
I have a Dv6244us running windows 7 and for a while now the disc drive has been sporadically ejecting without any pushing of the eject button. Now it only opens occasionally when prompted to do so and it has stopped reading discs; when I go to My Computer it tells me to insert a disc when there is one in the drive.

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HP/Compaq :: DV 6000T- Making My Laptop Monitor My Desktop Monitor
I have an HP DV 6000T. I just bought a HP Elite M9510f Desktop from, and I don't have a monitor yet, so I am trying to connect my Desktop VGA to my Laptop VGA in and use my DV6000T as a monitor.

I also have a Sharp TV which I tried using as a monitor but the thing keeps flashing the Power and OPC lights and won't let me see anything.

Anyway I can make my Laptop monitor work with my desktop for the time being?

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Sony :: If I Make Recovery Discs, Can I Remove The Recovery Partition
Will I be able to recover later with just the discs and a completely clean HDD

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Apple :: Way Of Making Macbook Air Have 4GB Ram
I heard that the ram on the macbook air is glued to the motherboard.Does anyone know of a way to upgrade it to 4gb, because 2gb might become too constraining? If not, do you think they might come out with a 4gb version soon?

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HP/Compaq :: Recovery
I recently installed Windows 7 and want to go back to Vista.

When I bought the computer there was only 1 partition, so I created another one to backup data etc.

Will the HP Recovery tool erase only the partition where it installs Windows?(C: ) Or does it erase both (C: and D: )?

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Sony :: Making Revory Cd In FZ31S
I use a sony vaio FZ31S and I havent encountered any problem yet but I want to be sure and dicided to make the revory cd's. I know that sony dosent provide you with the cd's but you can make yours from vaio recovery center. The problem is that when I try to make a recovery cd it says: " Cannot find the recovery drive. If you have not removed the recovery drive, restarting the system may correct the issue. Ofcourse restarting didnt solved the problem. I am sure that there is a recover partition because in my computer> manage>disk managment: it shows that there is a patrition 11,18GB healthy (active primary partition). Also if i press F10 at boot nothing happens

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HP/Compaq :: HP HDX 16 Recovery Partition
I recently bought a HP HDX 16 laptop, and today I've created my recovery disks. I also have a recovery partition.

My question is:
If I remove that recovery partition, and go back to the factory installation using my recovery disks, will my recovery partition be back?

I've read that those recovery disks bring your notebook back to the state as it came from the factory, so that would include the recovery partition, right?

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HP/Compaq :: 2nd Set Of Recovery Disks Dv2
you may create a second set of recovery disks if you delete all instances of the file: hpcd.sys

I did create a set of recovery disks, I did delete all instances of hpcd.sys. When I attempt to create a set of disks, it says "A set of recovery disks has been created for this PC. Only one set is allowed per PC."

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HP/Compaq :: Hw To Use Recovery Partition
I'm thinking of formatting my laptop to restore everything to it's original state(actually kind of have to!) but the problem is that I've never done so via the partition.I used to use the Recovery DVD but since it's broken this is my only choice.So how do I do it and will I need to install the drivers myself after?

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Dv9000 Recovery
I having some problems with a DV6000 notebook.

I originally set the machine up with two partitions, one for his documents and the C: My problems started when I was doing some routine maintenance to the machine which belongs to my brother. The C partition was getting quite low so I decided to knock some space of d and add to c. I have done this many times using partition magic but for some reason it failed.

This left me we a hall.dll error on boot, however the machine will still boot if I pressed enter. It also meant that I had about 2 gig of partitioned space, plus the 1 gig for quick launch.

I re-added the 2gig space back to D using gParted, but still no luck, so I then decided to reinstall quick launch, which seemed to go ok accept that after I rebooted, Nothing, just a blinking cursor on the screen.

I then tired to do a recovery using the disks, of course though disk two and three are stuffed. I cant see anywhere, where it asks me to press f11 to restore from the recovery partition which still should be intact............

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HP/Compaq :: System Recovery
When I boot up my laptop, I hit F11 to start the recovery, it says at the bottom, Starting Recovery, but then it just boots right into windows. There is still a recovery partition on my harddrive but why isn't it letting me boot it?

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HP/Compaq :: Hdx 16 Recovery Partition
hp hdx16 and i have a big problem with creating my recovery disks ,i really need ur help i tried to install xp on my pc which tended to replacing my boot sector and i cant creat my recovery disks i searched over the web i found people who have my peoblem and they have it fixed using other computers boot sectors to restore their own so i can access my recovery partition again here is alink to the problem , the solution is by the end of the page [url] i just need some one to give me his original hdx16 boot sector of drive c and d(recovery) and the master boot record these files are only 512bytes u can get them using these instructions:

1. Download HDhacker software from here.

2. Install & open HDhacker on your laptop.
->Select logical drive(Bootsector) and then choose C
->Read sector from drive -> Save sector to file.
->Select logical drive(Bootsector) and then choose D as ur recovery partition
->Read sector from drive -> Save sector to file.
->Select phisycal drive (MBR)
->Read sector from disk -> Save sector to file....

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HP/Compaq :: Dv 5 Recovery Discs
I want to restore my dv5t. i can't create recovery discs. Can i use recovery discs of my friends dv5t notebook ?

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HP/Compaq :: C769us- Recovery Cds
I have a compaq presario c769us....My prob z that i did dual boot and now when i am trying to make recovery CDs, i get the error that recovery partition could not be found, although it is lying there and it works too when i make it active....

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HP/Compaq :: Any Way I Can Do System Recovery
There's a problem with my dvd rom (DVD-RW ROM reads CD/DVD but can't read DVD-R) and so i am trying to do a system recovery. however, as i have already done a clean install before, the HP recovery manager is gone (even though my recovery partition is still intact). and i can't use my recovery discs as there's a problem with my dvd rom. what other way can i use to do a system recovery?

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HP/Compaq :: System Recovery On
Is it possible to do a system recovery without having the discs on a compaq presario?

Just wondering as i've tried recovering the system from the recovery manager in windows, then the computer restarts then I get an error message.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Recovery (D:) Drive
I am trying to clean up my HP DV9000 laptop because my C: drive was down to 15.2g of free space. The HDD is supposed to be 120g and I know you can't use the full storage capacity but between my C: drive and the D: drive (Hp Recovery drive) I only have a total of 92.04g worth of drive space. That's a total of 27.96g of space I am losing.

So what I am wondering is if I can delete the D: drive so that my C: drive has more storage capacity. I am taking up digital photography and I need to make a partition for my Photoshop scratch disk and want to gain as much space as I can.

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Recovery Software Cd
I've been trying to burn the Recovery software to discs for my HP Pavillion DV6000 for quite some time now, using another identical laptop , and I keep getting errors popping up saying I need to use better quality discs . I've tried many different types of discs from DVD's to CD's all with the same results .

listed are the ones I've tried so far

Memorex 16x 4.7GB RW DVD+R
Memorex 4x 4.7GB RW DVD+R
Maxell 1-16x 4.7GB DVD-R
Maxell 1-16x 4.7GB DVD-R ( colored ) ( got the closest with this , it burnt about half the DVD then kicked it out , tried again with more of the same discs and it didn't want to work or even start the burning process )

CD'S :
Magnavox 52x CD-R
Memorex 40x CD-R

so far , all crapped out and don't know what to do now . it'll collect the files , and right when it starts to burn them onto the disc , it spits the disc back out and says to get better quality discs and that I can't use these . I really need these discs burnt because I had to buy a new hard drive for my laptop and it came without any software pre-installed so it's blank......

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HP/Compaq :: Recovery Discs
Its been over a year now since my last recovery, and I just want to know if I recover through the discs will the F11 key be restored?

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HP/Compaq :: V3000Formatting/PC Recovery
I tried reformatting this laptop the standard way I would my desktop PC. Boot with my Windows XP CD, delete partition, create, and install. The first time I tried however I realized there was a recovery partition on the laptop (it's not mine). So after doing the initial steps of re-installing Windows and rebooting to proceed with the setup, the PC Recovery from that partition kicks in asking me to do a destructive recovery and do it all itself. So I just tried that and upon restarting the PC, I get an "MBR Error". Fixmbr when booting in the recovery console booting with the XP disc didn't work. This laptop was having some issues before the attempted format (BSOD's).

Would it be wise to just format the recovery partition as well so hopefully a regular format and XP re-install will proceed rather than be "interrupted" by PC Recovery? I have a Windows XP disc (with the required SATA drivers integrated) and it's probably not too big of a problem finding the separate drivers afterwards.

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Dell :: Power Adapter Making Sounds Xps 16
Have had my xps 16 for a few weeks. my power adapter is making some strange sounds. It's kind of like a really light fizzy/crackling sound. The best way to describe is that it sounds like a soda/carbonated beverage. Not all the time, just sometimes. I thought it was just random, but I was using it earlier, and noticed it made the sound when I was doing some task on the computer, i.e. scrolling down on the touchpad, or opening a folder, etc....????

Anybody experienced this? It's the 90W adapter, and I was going to call Dell and get the 130w anyway, but does anybody have any thoughts?

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