HP/Compaq :: Installing Windows Xp

Jan 7, 2010

i have hp compaq presario cq40 304au, and every time when i try to downgrade to window's xp on it. it goes to blue screen error after loading up windows xp installation.so i googled it and i found Installing Windows XP on the Intel based dvx500t Series and i read it, however i didn't fully understand if it apply to me.

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HP/Compaq :: Installing Windows XP On Dv6

Jun 17, 2009

I have an HP Pavilion dv6 1125ee that comes with windows vista,

I want to install XP on it but some people told me it's imposible because dv6 doesn't have xp drivers ?

If there is anyway i can install XP on it with all drivers I would be thankful if u post it here .

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Dell :: Installing Of Windows Vista After Installing Woindows Xp On Studio 1435 Laptop

Jan 13, 2009

I have brought a new dell studio 1435 laptop and they provided me with default windows vista home premiun OS.

I have installed windows XP professional OS after changing the BIOS settings for onboard devices (In BIOS:

Onboard Devices -> Flash Cache Module -> Set Off
Onboard Devices -> SATA Operation -> Set ATA)

Can i will be able to install the windows vista OS after installing windows Xp with the same BIOS settings for onboard devices (In BIOS:
Onboard Devices -> Flash Cache Module -> Set Off
Onboard Devices -> SATA Operation -> Set ATA)

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HP/Compaq :: Installing Windows On HDX 1050 EF Premium Edition

Jan 16, 2009

i am trying to do for over one week . The problem is that i didn't even see the windows xp startup screen until now . My problem stats like this :

I insert the cd , setup begins and right after the txt mode drivers are loadead and until the hdd recognision should start , when the bar is prompting windows is starting ... blue screen 0x0000007B .

Ok now let's start resolving the problem .. nlite sata drivers , 4 whole days . i think i tryed every last piece of driver i could find . I think now i am able to make a whole collection of windows XP cd's but none of them worked.

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HP Compaq Nx6110 Audio :: After Installing Windows 8.1 But No Sound Is  working?

Sep 24, 2014

My grandfather died and left me his Compaq nx6110, I have installed windows 8.1 but no soundis  working.
the xp drivers in the utility sp30130 dont work in win 8.1 ....

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HP/Compaq :: Installing Windows XP And Enabling Native Sata ForPavillion Dv2100

Jan 27, 2010

installing Windows XP on my HP Pavillion Dv2100. Windows could load with Native Sata disabled but when I try to enable it, it gives me a BSOD during the Windows loading screen. I tried doing the steps on [url] and it still doesnt work.

I also tried reinstalling Windows with Native Sata enabled but it says Windows cannot detect a hard disk. Tried reinstalling using a Flash Drive with Windows installed using WinToFlash and it said "Ntldr is missing".

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HP Compaq Presario CQ56-112SA OS/Software :: Installing Ubuntu Alongside Windows 7

Aug 7, 2011

I have a HP Compaq Presario CQ56-112SA Notebook which has WIndows 7 Home Edition OS. I would like very much to install Ubuntu 12.04 OS on its own partition to dual boot with Windows. However, my understanding is that the Notebook has 4 primary partitions on the HDD that are already used and therefore no more partitions can be made. I can shrink the 'C' drive partition to make space but I understand I also have to free up a whole partition. I know I can install Ubuntu 'Inside' Windows but I would rather not.
Some contributors say one can safely delete HP-Tools to provide a partition for Ubuntu but others advise not to because HP-Tools contains a BIOS recovery kit which, they say,  is essential.

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Acer Aspire 5745 :: Hangs On Windows Logo When Installing Windows 7?

Dec 19, 2014

The hard drive on my Aspire 5745 was replaced (same size 640 GB) when I install Windows, it hangs on the Windows logo as its swirling and about to start. I have checked in the BIOS to disable UEFI boot but unable to see this option.

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Sony :: Installing Windows 7 64bit On The Z-590UBB (Costco Deal) Having Windows Vista 32bit

Nov 6, 2009

This took me a long time to find out... Read my post here to save yourself the time and just "make it work"!


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Sony :: Installing Windows XP

Feb 10, 2010

Model : SONY VAIO FS740/W

PhoenixBIOS Setting
1. BIOS Version : R0084J1
2. EC BIOS Version : RK084J1
3. IDE Channel 0 Master : 80GB (TOSHIBA)
4. IDE Channel 0 Slave : CD/DVD (SONY DVD DW-Q58A)
5. Boot Options:
Optical Drive
Floppy Disk Drive -> Y-E DATA USB-FDU-(USB)
Hard Disk Drive -> TOSHIBA MK8025GAS-(PM)

I formatted my laptop HDD by connnecting it as an external HDD to another laptop and did start -> control panel - > Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> storage -> Disk Management: Delete Partition and Format my HDD.

My internal DVD writer is not reading DVD. DVD writer is attempting to read DVD, I can see lights, I can hear the sound of disk spinning. After 2-3 seconds of attempting to read DVD it stops and starts again. this happens over and over till I remove the DVD.

I have an external USB DVD writer(it works) which is not detecting at bootup. I was counting on that to install XP. I have an external USB floppy drive - it gets detected at bootup

When I start my computer I get "Operating System not found"(of course). I have a XP installation cd. I tried making a USB stick boot XP installation - not detecting USB stick at startup. I also looked at BIOS settings to enable USB - I don't see any such feature

1) How can I enable BIOS to detect my external USB DVD writer?
2) How can I install XP?

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Apple :: Installing Windows

Mar 14, 2009

I used boot camp a few days ago without having my vista ultimate yet and I partitioned the hardrive in half then this morning I tried installing windows as said in this forum as to use the assistant in boot camp and I got to the part where it said where would you like to install the OS, they gave 4 different options and only one would have been enough space to put a partition so I figured I could delete the other partitions and see but now it left me with only 1 full HD , the other problem with this is the CD won't eject and keeps wanting to install the windows on the full partition , anyone know how to eject the cd any commands ? so maybe I could boot back to OSX

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Dell :: Installing Windows XP On An Inspiron 13

Sep 24, 2008

I recently purchased an Inspiron 1318 from Best Buy and while I love it so far, trying to play a few games has been an awful experience. Vista is pretty much useless when it comes to older games, even some games that were released about a year ago. What I would like to do is to dual boot into an XP partition just for playing games. I think my biggest problem will be finding drivers for this notebook that will work on xp. Also, I've never made a dual boot system before, though I have done plenty of installs and reformats.

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Acer :: BSOD While Installing Windows

Dec 2, 2008

I have an Acer 3100 laptop and I've been trying to install windows on it for the past few days. The problem is after Windows formats the drive and copies the files, i'll get the BSOD after it restarts. I've tried using a different hdd and ram. I've tried installing Windows XP and Vista. I tried loading an image of a fully loaded windows but that didn't work. I ran ram and hdd testes but no problems show up. I'm really out of ideas now. I also updated the BIOS but that didn't help.

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Apple :: Installing Windows 7 On Macbook Pro

Aug 27, 2009

Got my macbook earlier on this week, but i want to install windows so i can use it via bootcamp for when i need windows. how easy it is to do.

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Apple :: Installing Windows On A Macbook A

Jan 4, 2009

I'm interested in the 13.3" but I'm used to using Windows. How does it fare with XP? Vista?

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HP 620 OS/Software :: No Sound After Installing Windows 8?

Nov 1, 2012

no sound after installing windows 8 on my hp 620

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Dell :: Re-Installing Windows XP On Inspiron 1520

Feb 22, 2010

I have a Dell Inspiron 1520. I want to format the PC and reinstall Windows XP. This is the first time I am formatting any PC .....

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Dell :: Installing Windows 7 On Inspiron 1520?

Aug 12, 2009

I got it with Vista, I later downgraded to XP using the info in this thread:
Installing Windows XP on Dell Inspiron 1520

I searched for Windows 7 on this board and didnt find anything...

So now I ask, how do I install Windows 7 on my laptop?
For XP I had to download several drivers, im assuming I need to do the same for Windows 7 but are those drivers out yet?

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Dell :: Installing Windows Xp With External Cdrom

Dec 13, 2007

I decided to reformat and reinstall windows, mainly because I was having a few harddrive issues... my internal cdrom doesn't work, so I've been using an external cdrom for as long as I can remember.. Anyway, I reformatted the harddrive, not knowing that usb cdrom drives arent detected without windows(I could've sworn that I've done it before)...

Anyway, now I'm stuck with an empty laptop, and I'm not quite sure how to go about installing the os... I'm probably going to get a cdrom soon, but I can't really do that at this point. I was wondering if there's an alternative way in doing this.. I do have access to a desktop computer, and I do have a usb floppy driver and a usb cdrom drive.. (laptop detects the floppy drive just fine)...

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Sony :: Installing Windows 7 Pro On A Vaio SZ340

Nov 17, 2009

I attempted to install Windows 7 upgrade onto my SZ340 and managed to get almost everything working.

My FN keys all work with a bit of work but I can;t seem to get the sony power management to work.

I can't set the laptop brightness to low when unplugged. Whenever gotot he Sony Powermengamant TAB, it gives me some shell DLL error.

I can access the tab when using default Windows 7 power mnagement setting but It doesn't allow me to set the brightness

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Acer :: Aspire 5515 Installing Windows Xp

Feb 25, 2009

Every time I put the bootable disk in to install windows xp it will get to the point of saying starting windows then I get the blue screen of death. How can I install windows xp? Right now it has vista home basic

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Sony :: Installing Windows XP- VAIO NS110E

Apr 13, 2009

I have a Sony VAIO NS110E laptop that I would like to downgrade to Windows XP.

The video chipset is just plain to slow for Windows Vista (for my liking) so I would like to move to Windows XP. (Hopefully it will be better).

I tried to search for anyone that has done a guide for this model or series, but there is virtually nothing for the NS series on these forums.

Everytime I put Windows XP on the laptop, I can not connect to any wireless network. No matter what I try.

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Acer :: Installing Windows XP 64 Bit On Extensa 5420

Apr 29, 2009

I installed Windows XP 64 bit on my extensa 5420 and I've been finding it really hard to just access wireless LAN. I downloaded the drivers off of the website link in the other thread about extensa 5420. After installing those drivers, nothing happened because it couldn't detect my wireless adapter. The only network adapter detected is the 1394 net adapter. Under other devices (question signs next to them) are : Audio Device, Ethernet Controller, Mass Storage Controller, Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus, Network Controller, SM Bus Controller.

How do I get LAN and wireless LAN to work? I love having windows xp 64 bit.

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Acer :: Installing Windows Xp Pro- Aspire 6920

Sep 16, 2008

I have aspire 6920 and I love the features this computer has but I am not very happy with vista. Can I install xp pro? I know that deleting the pq service partition is not wise but I would rather have xp pro. How do I delete pq service? Also, is this action reversible? If I can install xp can I ever go back to the manufacturer OS? I have created the restore cd's but will they work without the pq service partition.

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Acer :: Aspire 5740DG- Installing Windows 7

May 3, 2010

I just bought a Acer Aspire 5740DG and I want to reformat it and put a clean version of Windows 7 on it without all the useless that comes on these laptops.

Is it possible for me to do this using another Windows 7 install disk I have, but just entering the existing CDKey for Windows 7 that came on this system or is that impossible?

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Acer :: Installing AHCI Drivers For Windows Xp

May 21, 2009

I have bought "Acer aspire TravelMate 5730".

I have installed windows xp professional. I want to change my bios setting for Sata mode to "IDE" to "AHCI" for that I have to install AHCI Drivers into win xp but I am not able to install AHCI drivers in win xp.

Whenever I am trying to install AHCI drivers, system gives me error

"System does not meet minimum requirements"

how to install AHCI drivers?

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Apple :: Installing Windows 7 Beta On Am Using Virtual Box

Jun 6, 2009

after i do install the windows 7 rc i plan on giving my mother this macbook in mid july. I plan on doing a full system restore. bAsically whipe out the entire HD and reinstall os x. If i do this will it wipe out my w7rc? i would like her to have a good amount of HD space and dont want the RC on here at all when i do it.

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Dell Inspiron 5423 :: Installing OS (windows 7) On SSD

Apr 24, 2013

I am thinking of installing windows 7 on my new Inspiron 5423. Is it possible to install it on SSD directly?

If not then what is the procedure to shift OS files to the SSD.

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Dell XPS 15 L502X :: Heating After Installing Windows 8

Jan 29, 2013

I have installed windows 8 on my system last month. Till Windows 7 was installed everything was fine. Battery backup was around 2.5 to hours on normal use and 1.5-2 hours if I used to hear song or watch movie. But after I have installed windows 8 the heating problem has started, battery backup has dropped. It gives around 50 minutes on hearing songs and around 30 minutes on watching movies and around 1.5 hours on normal use.

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HP Networking :: Missing Drivers After Installing Windows 7

Jan 22, 2015

Missing drivers after installing windows 7. The following are the highlighted missing drivers:
1. Network controller
2. PCI device
3. SM Bus controller
4. Universal Serial Bus (USB) controller

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