HP/Compaq :: Screen Broke

Jun 15, 2009

my screen on my laptop broke as in spider web broke. I have a Compaq Presario V6500Z and I want to know if the Current model HP screens (for example HP Pavilion DV6113US screen) are compatible and interchangable with the compaq since both companies share the same parts.

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HP/Compaq :: Broke Screen- All The Pixels Are Messed Up

Mar 28, 2010

i just broke my screen and the screen doesnt work anymore(all the pixels are messed up) under the basic warrenty which is 1 year would it cover for my screen replacement? its a dv3t hp laptop

the basic warrenty is the manufactory warrenty so it diidnt cost me a dime when i bought the hp

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV9000 18.5V 3A Adapter Broke

Aug 26, 2009

My girlfriends HP dv9000 adapter broke at the cord where it plugs in the the laptop and she needs to buy a replacement. It is an 18.5V 3Amp adapter. She found one on ebay (claiming to be new) for like $0.99, but I'm extremely skeptical that it will work satisfactorily and may even damage the laptop.

Do you all have any suggestions for replacing it? Purchasing a new one from HP would work, but it is definitely the most expensive options. Has anybody had any luck with ones from other sellers, from ebay, amazon, etc.?

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HP/Compaq :: Keyboard Ribbon Snap-on Broke

Sep 18, 2009

My HP notebook's keyboard frequently stopped functioning. Each time required that I turn off the computer then turn it back on again. Recently the amount of time between each off/on was so short as to make the machine unusable, except when at home with an external keyboard. So I decided to venture into ensuring the keyboard was securely attached to the motherboard. I'm not expert and ended up breaking one leg of the plastic snap-on that holds the keyboard ribbon onto the motherboard. Oops.

So now I would like to know where I can obtain another one of these cute little snap-on thingies. I've looked into purchasing a new keyboard, which I'll probably do anyway, but I confirmed with a number of sellers that the plastic snap-on is included with the motherboard, not the keyboard. Bummer. So anyone have a suggestion on where I can get this snap-on thingy from?

Note that my notebook is an nx7000 and the keyboard has a model number 337016-001. Also, I've attached a photo of the snap-on thingy:

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Dell :: Tab Key Broke

Sep 4, 2009

I have a Dell Inspiron 1545. I got it in April. Tonight while I was typing, something didn't feel right with my Tab key. All of a sudden, it popped up and off out of no where.

After looking at the "x hinge" on the back, there is a small chipped piece of plastic that hooks it back onto the keyboard that's broken off.

Dell is saying I can't get a replacement X-Hinge and that I have to pay to replace my entire keyboard.

Is this true? Do I not have any other alternative than to be completely raped by this company? The laptop is only 4 months old.

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Dell :: Broke My LCD

Nov 15, 2007

Broke my LCD

In a bad mood

Where can I get another? What's average price?

Will the new one come with the inverter and thingy cable or do I use from mine?

I need the 1900 resolution

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Dell :: Hard Drive Broke?

May 10, 2009

My m1530 will not boot up anymore, its hangs on the loading vista screen, then restarts and runs windows startup repair. When that runs the hard drive makes a lot of noise, like the usual sound when its reading but a lot louder.

has anyone heard this problem before, its out of warrenty, will i need to buy a new hard drive?

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Dell :: Did I Just Broke My Laptop When Installing RAM Wrong

Oct 13, 2009

I have a dell inspiron 6000 computer and installed Ram into my laptop. The thing was i tried to push it in and it would not go in. I then later saw there was a spot where u can push the ram in and eventually got it in. I did use lot of force pushing it in.

When i open my laptop, it opens but the screen is black and then turns off in like 7 seconds. I then took out the new ram and installed the old ram. It still has the same problem. Does that mean my laptop does not work anymore? Does it also mean i cannot return my RAM to the online site where i purchased my ram since theres a 30 day policy?

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Dell :: My Slot Optical Drive Broke

Oct 23, 2009

I own a Studio 15, bought in UK. Now I am in India. For some reason my optical drive has stopped working properly. It can hardly read disks and it ejects them back out.

Trying about 10 times, sometime it is able to read the disk. I have tried various disks and have tried reinstalling OS too but in vein.

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Dell :: My Headphone Jack Broke Off And I Have No Sound Now..

Apr 16, 2009

my dell 9300 headphone jack completely broke off somehow.

I have no sound whatsoever... Any ideas???

Maybe get a USB thing? sound card??

On a side note, my screen is really loose too..

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Acer :: Mousepad- Left Clicker Broke

Aug 24, 2008

The mouse part of it works perfectly, as does the right clicker - but the left one is completely useless, which isn't good as that's the most important one.

I noticed this a few weeks ago that it was no longer as 'secure' as the right one, i.e. is seemed to be giving way on one side of the left clicker, and was moving about a bit in it's place. Now it's gotten progressively worse and no longer is able to click even, so it doesn't work and I have had to plug in an optical mouse to the usb port.

I lifted the little mouse clicker slot up with a knife to see what is wrong but all that seems to be the problem is that it is incredibly loose and no longer sits straight in its positioning. Underneath both clickers there is a small button attached to the mainboard and obviously the clicker needs to touch this to perform its' actions. But the left one doesn't seem to be reaching..

So basically I want to know is it likely that Acer would repair this for me? The laptop is still under warranty.

I guess the only long-term solution is an entire new mousepad, which would be expensive.

And that'd suck because 3/4 of it works perfectly and it's just this one button.

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Sony :: Broke My Keyboard On My Z Laptop 6 Key Is Only Working Key

Mar 21, 2009

I was taking my Z690 apart to put in a larger hard drive and I did something wrong because the keyboard no longer works even in the bios. The cable seems snug on both ends. I tried removing it from the motherboard and plugging it back in and it still doesn't respond. I've rebooted - pulled the battery booted again - the 6 key is the only key that works. I've tried caps lock - 6 is the only key that types. The touchpad doesn't work either.

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Apple :: Macbook - Graphics Card Just Broke

Jul 9, 2009

my roommate's macbook's graphics card just broke (according to apple store), so we're trying to get it replaced.

Before doing that, we want to back up her data.
Since upon bootup, the LCD does not display anything for her macbook, we're trying to run in target disk mode.

The apple store printed out instructions for us to do this via firewire cable, but we cannot locate he firewire cable at the moment.

Can this be done by means of ethernet cable?

Alternatively, we're thinking of using the video adapter to view her macbook's screen on an alternate monitor, not sure if this is possible or not due to the bad graphics card.

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Dell :: Broke The Left Ctrl Key On My Latitude D800

Feb 12, 2009

I think I've bent one of the metal connecting parts on the actual keyboard too, so I think I'll need to replace the whole thing and not just the key.

In either case this key is not getting back on. Do current Dell Latitudes use the same keyboard, or am I going to have a hell of a time finding a replacement?

I took the key off because the button wasn't working, and sure enough there was a big wad of dust/hair blocking it...problem is I think I was too forceful when I removed it.

Notebook is a 2003 model.

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Acer :: I Think My Graphics Card Is Broke Aspire 3680

Apr 6, 2010

I turned on the machine today and instead of the windows login page I was presented with a black screen with many strange characters. I dont understand what happened

I have used the GParted cd on this machine so I put that in and it crashed too.

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Dell :: Accidently Leant On XPS M1530 Broke Hard Drive

Sep 16, 2009

Yesterday while browsing the net i accidently put my elbow on the left side of my XPS M1530 the weight must of leant on the hard disc causing it to make a horrible sound which i guess is the actual spinning disc being pressed on.

Now my laptop wont even boot into vista now all i get is the loading screen.

Do i just buy a new hard drive but then how do i go about installing vista back on that new hard drive? With the dell disc?

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HP/Compaq :: Dim Screen After Laptop Screen Replacement

Feb 7, 2009

i broke my lcd screen a few days ago and i got a replacement from ebay. i installed it but i can see the image on my screen but it is verrry dim. there's no back light. so i put the old screen and turned it on and the back light is very bright but the lcd is cracked and messed up. i don't understand how could that be that the new screen is dim and the old one still is bright but messed up.

the model of the laptop is hp dv6605us

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HP/Compaq :: Dv3 Screen

Jun 17, 2009

I got an HP dv3 from ebay, I got it for around $200 USD but the only problem is that the screen is cracked... The laptop works just fine, no other issues so far, but Im wondering where could I buy a screen replacement...

the model is:
DV3510nr. And the screen is LED.

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HP/Compaq :: Dim Screen

Dec 28, 2009

I just logged on an my screen is dim. It looks like it's in power saver mode but i didn't set it that way and can't get it to brighten. What gives?

I also have a red X next to my speaker that I can't get rid of either. Am I having a system wide malfunction or are there cornish pixies in my machine?

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HP/Compaq :: I Have An Ant Under My Screen.....

Jul 2, 2009

an ant has got into my screen and is really annoying me. i think i have and infinity screen. the screen has no raised border aorund it.

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HP/Compaq :: Blank Screen

Sep 8, 2009

My friend gave me his broken laptop which is not too old. turion x2, 1gb ram, vista. He said one day he was using it and the screen went black. I turned it on and a fan noose starts but slowly stops. I don't really hear anything from it either. I also hooked it up to a VGA monitor and the it is black as well. Any ideas on what it isand is it easily fixed?

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HP/Compaq :: Red Screen On Start Up

Jan 16, 2010

I'm having problems with my hp DV 9500 laptop. It started 2 days ago, on start up my screen is completely red then the windows logo appears with black splayed around the outside edge. When i'm surfing the net some pages are appearing with red patches but apart from this my laptop is working fine. I uninstalled the drivers for the graphics card and re-installed this made no difference. I hooked up an external monitor and that works perfectly,

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 16 Screen Comparison

May 12, 2009

if there is a picture comparison of the HDX's 1080p screen vs. it's regular Infinity Ultra?

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HP/Compaq :: Using Laptop Screen For PS2

Jan 10, 2009

anyway to connect my PS2 to my laptop display. Basically just using my display as a TV...

I have a dv5-1011ea

Specs: [url]

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5t- Screen Res

Jan 16, 2009

So my mom is going to buy me the hp dv5t and I have a question about the screen res. If I order the screen with the WXGA 1280x800 can I change the res on the laptop to anything higher to make my icons smaller?

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HP/Compaq :: Evo N620c: LCD Screen

May 21, 2009

I initially thought that I was experiencing the typical flickering-to-a-faint-screen shot inverter issue, but 3 inverters later and also 2 LCD replacement panels later (managed to come around multiple panels and inverters known to be working), the flickering-to-no-backlight problem persists. No matter which combination of panel/inverter I connect to the unit, the inverters are buzzing. (Hooking the unit to an external monitor works perfectly still at least.)

Since the LCD has to draw current from the motherboard, is it possible that the motherboard has some kind of problem sending current to the screen or something that's causing all the malfunctioning or even killing all the inverters I had?

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HP/Compaq :: What Screen Size Should I Get

Jan 29, 2009

I've been looking at the dv5t laptops with an infinity display. I just don't know what resolution I should get?

I do you reading glasses. But is the size difference that big of a deal between the two?
Which do you think I should get? 1680 x 1050 OR 1280 x 800?

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Dv6000 Screen

Sep 10, 2009

I bought an HP Pavilion dv6000 with a problem on the screen, I have less than half the screen at the bottom with a dark line where sometimes changes color or simply it removes and looks normal I have no problem with the rest of screen,

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5z- What`s The Screen Like

Feb 22, 2009

On the dv5z the 1280x800 version , brightness, contrast, color , viewing angle and who makes the screen if anybody knows.

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HP/Compaq :: Envy 15 Screen

May 4, 2010

how the 1080P brightview screen is compared to some other good screens on the market? Anyone have a chance to compare this to the Studio 16 XPS 16 inch RGB screen or the 15.6 1080p screens of the Clevo W860cu or M15x (Among the best 15 inch screens on the market).

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