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HP/Compaq :: Red Screen On Start Up

I'm having problems with my hp DV 9500 laptop. It started 2 days ago, on start up my screen is completely red then the windows logo appears with black splayed around the outside edge. When i'm surfing the net some pages are appearing with red patches but apart from this my laptop is working fine. I uninstalled the drivers for the graphics card and re-installed this made no difference. I hooked up an external monitor and that works perfectly,

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HP/Compaq :: Red Screen On Old N600c
I have an old N600c laptop that has a red tint to the screen upon boot that does fade after awhile. I heard that replacing the backlight could fix this problem but I'm wondering if anyone might be able to confirm that before I give it a try.

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Dell :: M1530 Screen Went Red...
I tried using my M1530 on the train today with battery power and the screen just went red. Well all the black bits went red anyway. In every program, even at the boot screen.

So I'm guessing it's a hardware problem not a software problem as I haven't changed any drivers or installed any new software lately.

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Dell :: Getting Replacement Because Red Lines On My Screen
hey recently i kept getting red lines on my screen because of cable problems. So i asked for a replacement laptop and they agreed.

However the red lines sometimes goes away like 20% of the time i turn it on.

So i was wondering if they might charge me afterwards because they dont see any immediate problems.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Pavilion DV6120US - Won't Start... Blank/black Screen When Turn On
I'm more of a desktop user but my husband gave me this laptop on January 2007. Since then, I think I only used it for less than 20 hours (we don't have a wireless)... when we got out of town.

The last time I used it, about a year ago, it turned off by itself. I tried to use it again when I got home but the screen is just blank whenever I turn it on. What could be the problem? I don't think it's a good idea to send it for repair to HP as the warranty expired already.

when I turn it on, all the blue lights turn on... but the screen won't therefore I can't use it. Ealier, I hooked up an external monitor but didn't work. Could it be an LCD problem?

The notebook doesn't have any scratch or whatsoever. It still looks like new, yet not working.

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Dell :: Inspiron 8000 Screen Has A Red/pinkish Tint
Is this a problem? A friend told me that it indicates the screen is dying. Is that so?

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Acer :: Aspire 6920G Red Tint/grainy Screen
Been trolling around here for a while for great advice for my laptop but it seems that I've got a problem now.

While just doing everyday work my screen started showing a grainy/ red tint all over with slight adjustments of the screen angle, it's progressively gotten worse as now no angle at all will give the clear normal picture.

The machine itself is working fine and when I plug it into an external monitor the picture is perfect, it just seems to be occuring on the screen.

I was wondering if there was anything I could personally do to fix the problem as I don't really want to be shipping it to Acer at the moment as I'm out of the country for a while.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv2000-when I Start It Up And It Gets To The User Selection Screen I Cant Find My Cursor To Select My User Account
i got a hp dv2000 and sometimes when i start it up and it gets to the user selection screen i cant find my cursor to select my user account. I keep moving my finger on the touch pad but cant find it. I have to hold the power button down it will shut off then i have to pull out the battery start it up and the cursor is now there this has happened like 5 times already what would cause this?

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5- Mute Led Always Red
My dv5 mute light is always red... I touch it and the sound stops but it keep red. I use Vista Home Premium 32 and I recently installed ASIO4ALL and a external soundcard (even if it's not connected right now).

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Dell :: Inspiron 1300 Bad Screen Where To Start?
I have a user who recently turned in an Inspiron 1300 with a screen problem. Unfortunately this machine is out of warranty, and the extended warranty we usually purchase was never bought for this machine (this is why users don't get to do their own ordering anymore! ....

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Acer :: 7720G Freezes On Splash Screen On Start Up
I have recently acquired an Acer 7220G notebook. Every morning when I switch it on it freezes on the acer splashscreen. I then reboot and it will always load up on the second go.

I have tried switching it off during the day and on again but is always ok. The problem only occurs when the power has been off for a number of hours. It is getting incredibly frustrating have to startup twice each morning.

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HP/Compaq :: C563NR- Vertical Red Line Down LCD
I turned on my C563NR notebook today to find a vertical red/pink line running down the left side. Bad LCD? Inverter board?

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Dell :: XPS 1330 Start Up Coloured Stripes Dominate Screen
Basically I start the laptop up, then the very first screen that appears is a black screen which then proceeds to show these coloured stripes before changing to a white screen which then shows more stripes.

The laptop doesnt progress to the startup or anything and I cant access safemode or anything.

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Dell :: Studio 1737 Green Pixels Just Start Appearing All Over The Screen
Hello i recently received a dell studio 1737 for Christmas and about every couple weeks the screen acts weird,

its like a bunch of green pixels just start appearing all over the screen and wont go away until i either close the laptop or restart. After I do that it will go away for a couple weeks and then it will happen again.

I've been trying to just ignore it and keep thinking it will go away but idk. Has anyone else had this problem and what could it be?

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Apple :: Every Time I Go To The Vmware To Start Windows The Blue Screen Shows Up
I got the blue of death in VMware fusion with windows vista ultimate,I think "Defender" did it, every time I go to the vmware to start windows the blue screen shows up, anyway around this ? I can't do any safe modes or last good configs.

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HP/Compaq :: HP HDX 18 Boot Failure Hdd Led Red Blink
I was using my laptop normally when suddently it began to freeze. No blue screen, no reboot, just freeze under Win7.

I did hard reboot to Win XP, same problem. And I re-tried to reboot under Ubuntu, same problem, freeze...

So, I tried a memtest because at this moment I was expected a ram problem, but nothing, 3 pass OK, no error.

BUT after that, next reboot, even no Bios...
Black screen, no bip, JUST the hdd led blinking in red.

So I tried to change the hdd (by a one I'm absolutly sure it works)
Same problem.
I tried to boot on a cd as well, it doesn't work.

What the meaning of red blinking on hdd led? (Normally this led is always white)

Someone knows the errors codes of the HP hdx 18t?

I'm supected a cpu or motherboard failure.

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Acer :: Aspire 4720Z- Not Start Need Boot/Start Up Disk
Looking for a Boot Disk or Start up disk for an Aspire 4720Z or a place to download one. She has been doing finals etc for the past week without it at college.

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HP/Compaq :: Nc8000 No Start
my NC8000 will not start. When I push the power button the laptop turns on. The fans spins but nothing comes on the screen and then it shuts off. This lasts for about 10-15 seconds. I can try to start again but it happens over and over. Is there anyway I can repair this. I have noticed it is a common failure but don't know why.

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Pavillion Wont Start
my 2 brothers were playing warcraft 3 together one on the desktop the other on the laptop. after playing a long game they shut it down for the night. the next day my brother went to start up the laptop and nothing happened. for some reason it simply will not start up. the battery is not dead and he has tried starting it while plugged in.

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HP/Compaq :: Slow Start Up On C762NR
My C762NR takes for ever to start up. It's driving me crazy! I only use it for internet and docs here and there. Any way to get it to boot up quicker?

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HP/Compaq :: V5000- Cant Get Broadcom To Start
I have a Compaq presario V5000 series with windows xp about 4 years old. It has been running fine on wireless for years until a few days ago. I was getting a code 10 but now it doesnt even appear in the device manager anymore. Also, I still get resource conflict screen at startup. If I hit F1 everything starts up as normally but no broadccom!

Heres what I did so far.

Destructive recovery
reinstalled windows
installed updated drivers for broadcom and bios.
changed wireless card

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HP/Compaq :: Laptop Won't Start
I've seen lots of posts about laptops that won't start but none with the exact same problem as me. When I press the power button it lights up and it sounds like it's going to turn on but nothing happens. There's nothing on the screen. It sounds like it used to if you closed the lid while it was on.

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HP/Compaq :: Noisy Optical Drive At Start Up
on my dv7-1270us I have noise coming from dvd drive at is normal ?

because on my other 1175nr dvd drive is quiet at start

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HP/Compaq :: Updating Warranty Start Date
So I bought a sealed box 8530w off eBay. Now I know from previous HP business models that the warranty start date on the online lookup tool starts from the day the laptop was manufactured. This hasn't ever been an issue in the past, since I got previous laptops second hand anyway.

But this one is already nearly 6 months into its 3 year warranty. I guess it has been sitting around sealed in its box for a while.


1. Is there any way I can get HP to update the warranty start date? (I'm getting an invoice from the seller as we speak)

2. Assuming I can, will that new warranty start date be reflected in the online lookup?

3. Will the new warranty start date be transferable if I sell the laptop, or will it only apply to me, with my name on the invoice?

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HP/Compaq :: Pesario 1685 Start Error
will not boot up, just says "operating system not found".

went into setup, selected CD drive first, inserted winME Cd rebooted, but still get same error.

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HP/Compaq :: Error On The Start UpPavilion DV5-1050er
Every time when i start my laptop HP Pavilion DV5-1050er i get an error "Application MFC STServices stopped working and was closed"

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HP/Compaq :: HP Laptop Won't Start Properly
My brother has got an HP Pavillion dv9000 laptop. When he tries to start the laptop he gets a blue screen with the error message contained in the attached file. When I try restarting and pressing F8 to enter Safe Mode it just continues to this screen.

It started happening after HP requested that he download some new software to his machine. He did so and this problem started. It was a popup on the screen which asked him to install new software.

I am trying to troubleshoot it for him.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Dv5z Series- With USB Devices And Start Up
I have had a HP dv5z w/ windows Vista Home Premium - 64 bit for two days now.

1) I have a wired USB mouse that I use since the touchpad is terrible. But everytime, I plug in this supposedley plug and play mouse, there is a message that says device driver is being installed and it takes a few moments before the mouse can be recognized. Is this normal?

2) Also, the day i got my laptop, i had to download Windows updates (the automated message on the control panel said so!) and installed them. I am not sure if its related but since then i have re started my laptop 2-3 times and there is a file check process that happens as a part of the start up and then just before the welcome screen comes, i get a message
Step 1 of 3 - Configuring Updates - Do not shut down your computer.

How long is this going to happen and is this normal?

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HP/Compaq :: Battery - Laptop Won't Start With It In
I understand you can run off the adapter, But with the battery installed , i cannnot. If i plug adapter in like Iam charging it (not turning power on ) the light in front lights up just briefly then nothing. I also can't power laptop on. If i run the adapter with no battery in laptop everything works fine. What causes that? Just a bad battery? motherboard is new and so is the cord.

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HP/Compaq :: Troubleshooting A Pavilion Dv-6000 Beeping Sounds At Start Up
Problem: black screen 3 beep at startup

Yesterday, I finished my work and hibernated my computer. When I came back, I could not turn on the computer. It goes automatically to a black screen and after 15 seconds I hear beeping noises. It's one long beep followed by 2 quickly beeps. Rebooting just repeats this process.

I went to the HP troubleshooting page and found this from my symptoms


It tells me that 3 beeps mean module problems. So i ended up testing both my memory sticks in a different laptop and they were fine. And I tested both individual pavilion memory slots, and still got the same 3 beep black screen on both. iif i was to have no memory sticks in, i still get a black screen but a different set of beeping noises, not sure if a laptop can run without memory sticks, but i figured i check)

Has anyone had a similar beeping noise black screen problem at startup?

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HP/Compaq :: DV6000t Can't Start Up/charge. Ongoing Troubleshooting
i've had this DV6000t (or dv6500) for quite some time. I believe i've had it since 2007, but really started using it a lot from 2009, running almost 24/7.

Here's the situation: I was playing a bit of Starcraft 2, and decided it would be fun to drop a dozen Terrain Ghost Nukes in an area. For those familiar with the game, you may notice a lot of lag when you do that. I didn't know it would lag like that until my computer abruptly shut off on me. Now nothing lights up except for the AC jack. I checked the vents, HDD, RAM, and other spots that may have heated up a lot, but nothing was really running hot. I'm familiar with how hot my laptop can be; the laptop was just 'warm' right after shutdown.

My guess is that I either:
-Overheated the laptop, which is what anyone would probably expect since HP Pavilions are well known for this, or...
-I may have had a power surge while I was playing.

So, I investigated my opening up my laptop to see if there were any physical damages.

It's hard to see with the blurry picture, but I actually think the chips didn't burn out. But i'm no expert with fried chips......

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Dv9843cl Bricked, Won't Start BIOS
My dv9843cl will not start, refusing to even go into BIOS, even though the screen turns on. This is suspiciously similar to what happened to my last laptop, and I suspect that a faulty graphics chip is at fault. I was playing Team Fortress 2 shortly before it crashed, and it was performing poorly, and occasionally making random colored boxes or random interference appear on the screen.

Unlike my last laptop, however, I'm not sure if there was a recall for the graphics chip, and since I bought the laptop in 2008 from Costco without anything other than the standard warranty, I'm probably not eligible for free repairs, right? -_-

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HP/Compaq :: Dv9700 - Reformatting C Drive, Laptop Wont Start
I recently caught a virus after accidentally typing faceboo k. cm instead of faceboo k. com in IE but Avast was able to take care of it. However, after restarting my HP laptop, I was unable to go into windows and it says there's a problem with startup or winload(I forgot). I used the repair startup 5 times, but to no avail. (I'm not sure if the virus is the cause of my problem).

So, I decided to use the Vista recovery DVDs and reformatted the C drive. I put the CD and HP automatically reformatted the windows partition of my drive. After it's done, the laptop was restarted and a dialog box that says "Software is being installed" appeared and there was a progress bar. But, it restarted again before the progress bar has a chance to complete. And after the laptop is restarted, the system says "BootMGR" is missing please restart using ctr alt del. After I restarted it again, a dialog box saying the recovery has failed appear. I tried this twice and failed both. The details of the error say something about QFE is missing or something.

FYI, the last time I used the Recovery cd I was brought to a blue screen (if I'm not wrong) where I can repartition, delete, or create partitions before formatting the drives. This time, I was unable to repartition or delete the drive, I was brought straight to reformating. And I was unable to use the Recovery Disk in the system; I pressed F11 and nothing happened.

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HP/Compaq :: DV9700t: After Update Bios F.59A, Notebook Won't Start
I have problem with dv9700t and bios F.59A. After upgrade bios from F.58 to F.59A and reboot, notebook won't start - there is only beep: first beep is long and other two are short. For me this sound show that is problem with graphic card. But from years notebook work fine and i don't use it to play games (only for office work).

So what can i do to run again my notebook?

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HP/Compaq :: DV9500t: After Update Bios F.59A, Notebook Won't Start
How can I recover from a failed bios update? Is there a way to return the computer to the previous bios configuration?

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HP/Compaq :: DV6563CL W/ Win7 64 BitFan LOUD At Start Up Or After Sleep- Maybe Nvidia Driver Related
Laptop: DV6563cl (Intel Core 2 Duo T7300, 3GB RAM, 500GB/7200, 15.4 inch, Win 7 RC 64bit, 128MB 8400m GS)

I recently bought a 500GB/7200 RPM hard drive to my laptop and I decided to install Windows RC 64 bit. Before doing the hard drive update, I had installed the 7 RC 32 bit since it came out.

Now, I can't recall when I had the 7 RC 32bit that the laptop's fan was running on full blast after sleep/stand-by. It is also loud when you start-up the computer from a restart or after a shut-down. The fan speeds down to a quiet speed/rpm after...I'd say 2-3 minutes.

I installed everything listed on HP's website for my laptop (drivers and such after installing 7 RC 64bit):

I noticed that the Nvidia driver on HP's website was not a recent one, so I hopped on Nvidia's website to get a newer driver instead (186.03 I believe).

I have my laptop set to Power saving's mode and I only bump it to Balanced when I'm doing something heavy (like iTunes encoding, etc).

I did check to see if maybe my anti-virus program that's installed (avast...AVG didn't install when I went to 64) was doing scans or such, but it isn't. Well, actually I take that back...does avast do a very slow/quiet scan in the background? I see the HDD status light blinks steady, but when I pause avast, there is not steady blinking.

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Dell :: System Red Flagged
I chatted with a tech online earlier this week and he told me that i have to call a specific number because my system is red flagged.

Does anyone knows what it means or why a system is red flagged?

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Apple :: Macbook Is Dead - The Screen Doesn't Go Grey The Sleep Light Doesn't Turn On - Fan Doesn't Start
My friend's macbook (white plastic, 2.0, napa/core2 before santa rosa platform) isn't starting, and I have no idea why. He initially asked me to replace the top and bottom casing. I accepted, and ordered the parts. Around the time they were supposed to come, I took the computer apart completely (required for the repair), but one of the parts was delayed, so the computer sat splayed on my desk for a week. I didn't exactly stack textbooks on it, but it also wasn't covered in anti-static wrap. So, now, I finally got the part and put it back together, and the computer doesn't start. At all. The screen doesn't go grey, the 'sleep' light doesn't turn on, the fan doesn't start - nothing. The magsafe light is green, so the power is going in. It's also worth noting that I have no battery for it, so it's all on A/C.

Does anyone know what's wrong? My two hypothetical solutions are (a) I need a battery, or (b) the logic board is dead due to static.

How likely are each of these scenarios - especially the logic board one? How possible is it that it was static overloaded?

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Dell :: Any Experience With Red Hat Linux 5.1 ?
I've noticed drivers for Red Hat Linux are available, does anybody tried to install it in the Precision M6400

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Dell :: Jack Is Still Around With His Red Custom XPS
my planned i7 / EVGA 280 system.

My current setup I built myself is:
OS: Vista Ultimate 64 bit... XP Pro 64 bit on 2nd HD
EVGA nForce 780i SLI FTW Mobo
Intel 2 Quad CoreQ9550 running @ 3.8 Ghz
2xEVGA GeForce 9800GTX+ 512MB DDR3
2x2046 Patriot Viper 4096MB PC8500 DDR2 1066MHz
2xSeagate Barracuda 7200.11 500GB Hard Drive
2xLite-ON 20x DVD Burner with LightScribe
Aspire X-Cruiser Case Black/7 case fans/red-blue lights
Apevia 680W Iceberg Power Supply
Thermaltake Ruby Orb CPU Cooler
Saitek Eclispse Backlit Keyboard-Red
Microsoft Trackball Optical mouse
Dell UltraSharp 24 1920x1200 LCD Monitor
3DMark06 score: 20,029

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Sony :: Red Dead Redemption On Z11?
I have the Sig Z, and am thinking of getting Red Dead Redemption, should it be released for PC (as rumors claim it will)

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Acer :: 5920G- Red Light Constantly On
On my Acer 5920G with Windows 7 I noticed that after I downloaded the latest version of Acer Arcade Deluxe that the red light on he right hand side of the computer is on. It's the record button on the media button area.

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Apple :: MBP - Stuck Red Pixel
Bought a 13" MBP two weeks ago and I love it. I noticed a stuck red pixel, and tried a few methods to fix it. The flashing colours method didn't work, but then I tapped with a pencil and it disappeared for a couple of hours and came back. Then I massaged it and it's been gone for a few days. has anyone been successful in permanently getting rid of a stuck pixel? Do the stuck pixels usually come back, and if so, about how long does it last?

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Dell :: SXPS 16 Merlot Red Option Is Back!!
Only if I could change the one I have aleady

Anyway, it looks pretty nice and it is a $0 option..... Who's gonna pull the trigger?

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Dell :: XPS M1710 Red Migrating Pixels
Ive bought a 2nd hand M1710 laptop - yeah I know - buyer beware.

Ive had it a few months, and Ive now noticed that the desktop has
Red Pixels on the screen.

They are not dead pixels, as they move about, disappear and reappear.

I dont know if this laptop has a warranty or not, or even if it did
if it would apply.

Ive read elsewhere about sometimes these red pixels can be caused by
a faulty LCD ribbon cable.

Ive taken the lid apart - carefully - following the service manual.

I did find that the grounding cable screw had no head, so the grounding
cable, which is part of the lcd ribbon cable wasnt connecting properly
to the lid chassis. I fixed that with another screw .....

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Dell :: Studio 1737 With (RED) Healling Patterns
UPDATE: Here's the video review fixed links

Here's the specs:
P8700 (2.53GHZ) CORE
17.0" WUXGA TL (RGBLED)w/ camera
INTEL 5100 WRLS-N (1X2)

And some pics for those curious about the design. No need for inside or side shots.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16: White, Black Or Red?
Which color do you prefer?






I have just added Red for those who were demanding it and I wouldn't mind the Red now as well

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Dell :: XPS Studio 16: Black Or Merlot Red?
I'm pretty sure I'm going to order this week...but I can't decide if I should get the black or the red.

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Dell :: Order Status XPS M1530 Red
Has anyone else had any issues with a delayed XPS M1530 Red Shipment? When I ordered it on the website, it said ESD was 1/16. Now it's been moved back to 1/26.

I've called a zillion times and I'm stuck in build status limbo. Just wondering if anyone else had a similar issue or any positive news for me. I'm so impatient, I probably should have ordered a stock machine instead of upgrading the processor and stuff. Oh well...

Edited to add: I received my accessories last week. Nothing like sitting around the house looking at a very sexy laptop sleeve and mouse. I would like to be able to use them though...

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