HP EliteBook 8540w :: Identifying Correct Memory Slot For RAM Upgrade To Enable Dual Channel Memory

Jan 12, 2015

I just purchased a used Elitebook 8540w with i7 quad core and four memory slots (I love it!).  It is running 64 bit Windows 7 Professional  It came with one 4gb memory module and I purchased an additional 4gb module to bring total RAM to 8gb.  
I have the HP document that shows for two 4gb memory modules, one should be in memory slot 1 and the other in memory slot 3 for correct functioning of dual channel memory.  All set right?
Not quite.  In the Elitebook 8540w, the primary memory slots under the keyboard are clearly labeled "1" and "2"  However, the expansion memory slots on the underside of the chassis are also clearly labeled "1" and "2"  Opps!  There is no "3" and there is no "4"  In which of the unfilled three slots do I install the second 4gb module for correct functioning of dual channel memory?

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HP EliteBook 8540w :: Blue Screen After Memory Upgrade KTH X3BS/4G

Sep 2, 2014

I bought two new KTH X3BS/4G Modules for my Elitbook 8740w. They show up in the BIOS as 8GB. RAM test says everything is oke. When I start the notebook it has all kind of blue screens.


Maybe it's a timing problem. Where can I change the timings? I don't find any options in the BIOS.
I tried booting linux. Also doesn't work and hangs. I did the BIOS Update to the newest version...
The problem might be, that the memory is only supported on 8740w QUAD Core Machines. My Machine is only dual core i5 m520.

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Dell :: Does Dual Channel Memory Have To Match

Apr 19, 2009

I have a Inspiron 1420 with 2GB of RAM. It's probably two sticks (my wife's using it now so I can't check) of 1GB.


If I want 3GB of RAM, and replace one of the 1GB modules with a 2GB one, will I lose any dual channel benefits?

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Dell :: Inspiron 6400 E1505 And 4GBs Of Memory (Questions About Dual Channel Mode)

Apr 13, 2009

I have a question about 4gb of memory on inspirons. I recently put in 4GB's memory in my inspiron (Corsair brand) and I am running XP(x86) aka 32bit. Windows sees 3.25gb's which is exactly correct.

Awhile back I read that the inspiron motherboard which is an intel, will not run the memory in Dual Channel mode, which will slow the memory down about 3-5%. However I am not sure of how true or not this is. I put the memory and checked my bios and its showing all 4GB's and "Dual Channel" enabled.

So the question is how real is this dual channel concern if the bios is saying its in dual channel mode? PS we are both running the latest bios A17.

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HP Pavilion 15 E039tx :: Enable Dual Channel RAM Mode

Feb 2, 2015

I want to enable my RAM in dual channel mode... what is the process to do this? i have already checked in CPU-Z that it is currently in single channel mode.

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Lenovo ThinkPad W Series :: W530 - Enable Dual Channel In BIOS After Upgrading RAM?

Aug 27, 2013

I upgraded RAM on my W530 and it's working only in single channel mode. How to enable dual channel in BIOS?
Here is screenshot about my RAM : [URL] .....

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Acer :: Correct RAM Memory For Aspire 5736Z-4460?

Oct 29, 2014

I'm looking to find out the correct DDR3 RAM memory for an Aspire 5736z-4460. I bought it used and am not sure the PC3-12800s is correct. I do know it's PC3 or DDR3.

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Acer :: ATTN---> Can't Find The 2nd Memory Slot

Sep 8, 2007

where the 2nd slot is.

Please don't riddle this forum with the same questions everyone else has already asked. UTFSE (use the search engine) first then ask questions if you can't find anything. Or USE GOOGLE! When you use Google search try using your exact model number, not just the series number.


There are only 2 places it could be:

1. First remove the existing ram chip (from the bottom side of the laptop), it might be under that one, but I don't know why the chip would in the top slot, it should be in the bottom one already.

2. It's under the keyboard. It can vary between models. But all you have to do it carefully pop the top button bezel off (EDIT: Start on the right side and pry it up and then pry the bottom edge until all the tabs are free) and then take the few screws out that are holding the keyboard down. It might be there clear as day or you might have to remove one more protective metal plate to find it. It's gotta be there!

If you still can't find it, GOOGLE your exact model number and include the keywords "ram" & "slot" with it. You should find some sort of specs saying how many slots are available.

Don't bother asking for a service manual. Most of the ones I've seen for Acer suck and don't show much other than an exploded parts view. But if you have to look, go here.


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HP Pavilion 15-p153nm :: Can't Find Second RAM Memory Slot

Jan 14, 2015

So i buy new laptop (hp pavilion 15-p153nm), in shop where i buy it it says that this laptop have two memory slots so i buy new 4gb ddr3 ram card and wanted to put it in free memory slot but when i opened laptop i couldnt find free slot only one...so my question is where is that second slot...i am using HP laptops and other products (printers etc.) for 10y and if this is some hp mistake and they didnt put second slot in this laptop i will be very disappointed.And yes i find manual for this laptop i opened this laptop by that manual and it have drawn two memory cards but its all it says about memory cards. I have pictures of laptop and everything else and i will put them here.
Configuration from Specy software

It says that i have one free slot? but i still dont see it.
Now i will put pictures of laptop inside
under the keyboard

Other side of main board
Under the mainboard

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HP EliteBook 8470p OS/Software :: System Don't Use More Than 3GB Memory

Nov 22, 2014

In my HP elitebook 8470p i have 4GB ram but only 2.89GB is usable. Running it on windows7 professional (32 bit). Why do u i have more than 1GB ram unusable. Is there any way to use it?

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HP Dv7-6153nr :: SD Slot Not Reading Memory Card - Windows 7

Dec 6, 2014

I am having an issue with my sd card slot.  my computer will not recognize that a memory card has been inserted.
I bought this computer refurbished so there is a chance the software driver may not be here at all to patch.

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Dell Inspiron 1721 :: Memory Module / Only Find One Slot

Nov 13, 2008

Now, I own a dell Inspiron 1721 and have recently bought 2 gig of ram, just to speed things up a little! However, when I recieved it, it came in two sepeate modules of 1 gig. Not to worry I thought as every website says the Dell Inspiron 1721 has 2 slots. Opening up the back of my laptop, I could only find one slot.

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HP EliteBook 8540p :: Blue Screen - Memory Test Failed

Aug 26, 2014

My HP elitebook 8540p has been serving me well for years but recently it shows a bluescreen and resets after entering the windows password.
Diagnostics when starting up say:

Memory Test: Failed
Failure ID : UOEDUC-56C77E-XD7U3G-40N603
Product ID : WTO38ES#ABH
Memory Module 2 Bottom-Slot 1 (right)
This means the memory card underneath the keyboard should be replaced, correct? I am confused by the message saying "Module 2 Bottom-Slot 1 (right)", I see only one card... If so, what is the best way to acquire a new memory card (Primary memory board)?

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Acer Aspire 5745g :: Enable (No-Execute Memory Protection)

Oct 1, 2014

How to enable "No-Execute Memory Protection" on acer aspire 5745g ?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Elitebook 8540w Review

May 5, 2010

I decided to go with a HP Elitebook this year because I got a great deal for a 8540w.

If you plan to do a clean install with your use the HP Support Assistent to install all the drivers, it's much more compfortable than using the SoftPaq INstaller or even install all by hand: Support Assistent Download

The magnesium case of the Elitebook is realy great. Hard as a rock, nothing is flexing and the cool feeling of the brushed aluminium is very exclusive. A Thinkpad T510, which by itself feels pretty solid (despite some keyboard- and palmrest-flexing), feels like cheap plastic compared to the Elitebook.

The display is completly covered by a magnesium case covered with a brushed aluminium surface and has the same great touch as the palmrest. The hinges keep the display tight in place, no bouncing at all, but you can open it by using only one hand. The Thinkpad needs two hands, because the base unit gets lifted too if you don't push it down....

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Sony :: How Can I Enable My Dual Mode Of Video Card After Win 7 Upgrade

Mar 27, 2010

I recently acquire a VGN-SZ491N from ebay and since I don't really like Vista, so I wipe out the hard drive and install Windows 7 Ultimate from scratch. I followed the following steps and everything works fine except for the video card portion.

A. Install Windows 7
B. Install missing / unknown drivers
C. Reboot and install the utilities, in the following order:

1. Sony Utils DLL
2. Sony Shared Library
3. VAIO Event Service
4. Setting Utility Series

After Step C, I reboot my laptop and then able to install Nvidia driver and upgrade the video card from generic one to Nvidia at Speed mode.

But when I manually switch from speed to stigma, nothing happen, so I would like to know what should I do to enable the Intel video card portion and make it work in Windows 7.

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Dell :: Memory Speed Affecting Windows Experience (memory Operations)

Oct 13, 2008

A friend just showed me his new Dell Vostro lappy. He has 4 GB of DDR2 800mhz memory on it when compared to my 4 GB of DDR2 667mhz memory on my XPS 1530

However, under his windows experience score - he gets 5.9 score for memory operations while I just get a 5.1. I can't believe that a couple of hundred mhz can result in such a drastic difference.

Is there something optimized for his system but not for mine?

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Acer TravelMate 6493 :: Usable Memory Is Less Than Memory Installed

Oct 18, 2014

i having the Acer TravelMate 6493, originally it have 2GB of Memory. Recently, i have addin additional 2GB, mean that currently the system is having 4GB of Memory.

in the BIOS, showing the system is installed with 4GB of Memory, but when come into the windows, it show 4GB installed (2.90GB Usable) .....

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HP/Compaq :: HP EliteBook 8540w/8740w Vs. MacBookPros

May 4, 2010

considering between these, any HP owners out there that could give me some feedback (subjective+bonus objective benchmarks)?

Any reviews+video reviews of the EliteBook 8540w/8740w that you deem accurate?

How do you like the trackpad, multitouch anygood?

Display quality I hear is excellent but 16:9 format vs 16:10 for a pro line ok?


Apple Refreshes The MacBook Pro Line Discussion

Apple Forum Post:

Apple Education Discount-Last Call->Warranty?

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HP OS/Software :: Drivers For EliteBook 8540w Mobile Workstation

Jun 28, 2014

I had to reformat my laptop - i think i now need to install many drivers though HP website link to HP EliteBook 8540w Mobile Workstation (ENERGY STAR) does not work

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HP EliteBook 8540W Audio :: No Sound From Docking Station Line Out

Jan 17, 2012

HP Elitebook 8540W, HP Docking Station VB043AA#ABA, Windows 7 64-bit; audio out works fine from laptop internal speakers and laptop headphone jack; when I plug speaker cord into line-out on docking station, the sound continues to come from the internal speakers; when I right-click speaker icon and select "playback devices" I see "Speakers / HP" and "Headphones (RTC)" but I don't see any option to switch to docking station lineout.

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HP EliteBook 8540w Lockups :: Freezes At Windows Boot Up Screen After Installing 2x4GB

Jul 29, 2014

I have an Elitebook 8540w laptop. I wanted to upgrade RAM memory from 2x2GB to 2x4GB. I bought not a kit of 2x4GB as i wanted to, instead I bought two 4GB memory chips from HP.
After replacing the modules the laptop does not boot up.
What has been done:
- Bios Default Restore
My first question is: i realize it is better to buy a kit of 2 matched chips, but is it a must?

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Dell :: 6GB Dual Channel Ram (XPS 16)

Apr 14, 2010

The XPS 1645 offers choices of 4, 6, and 8GB of ram. Just out of curiosity, how can 6GB of ram be dual channel? I was under the impression that dual channel requires matching pairs, and that 6GB of ram would be one 4GB stick and one 2GB stick. However, the Alienware laptop seems to have listed what I would expect (3 and 6GB configurations not listed as dual channel).

See below.

[XPS 1645]
4GB Shared Dual Channel DDR3 [Included in Price]
6GB Shared Dual Channel DDR3 [Add $225.00]
8GB Shared Dual Channel DDR3 [Add $375.00]

[Alienware M15x]
3GB DDR3 at 1066MHz [Included in Price]
4GB Dual Channel DDR3 at 1066MHz [Add $50.00]
6GB DDR3 at 1066MHz [Add $200.00]
8GB Dual Channel DDR3 at 1066MHz [Add $350.00]

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HP/Compaq :: DV6-1264CA RAM Not Dual-channel

Aug 24, 2009

its an HP DV6-1264CA Artist edition v.2 16" LED backlit 1366 X 768 (comp in sig)

-AMD Turion Ultra ZM-82 2.2GHz
-AMD RS780 Chipset
-2 x 2 Gig of Samsung DDR2-800 RAM
-ATI Mobility HD4650 1 Gig GDDR3
-1x Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500GB

All that on Vista Home Premium 64 bits. It's nice by the way, and I can play COD4, Doom3, HL2, Quake4 (my faves) at high details...of course I don't max out Crysis...lol but for last year's games, it's fine, especially for a lappy that cost $999 Canadian

I'm running all kinds of diagnosis tools to check on everything on the lappy:

-Everest Ultimate, CPUZ & others...

There is NO mention about the RAM running in dual-channel.
In CPUZ, where I should see DUAL, the area is grayed out.
I know there is 2 sticks of Samsung DDR2-800 (2 slots and the platform is able to run dual-channel according to AMD).....

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Dell :: Memory Upgrade

Nov 6, 2009

I have a 2.5 year old E1705 notebook. I'm going to upgrade to W7 soon and in the process I thought I'd upgrade my memory from 2GB to 4GB.

I ran Dell's utility from their tech support page and it seems to be the case that the maximum my computer will support is 2GB! Is that possible?

In any case, I ran a diagnostic program (from Dell's utility) and it says my computer has two memory slots, and currently each slot on my computer has "Dual In-line Memory Module 1GB, 533, 128X64, 8K, 200", whatever that means.

I assume the 533 is memory speed (Hz) value. So according to Dell's utility, I am unable to increase the amount of RAM, but I could, for instance, "upgrade" to better chips (i.e., Dell sells DDR2 SDRAM Memory Speed: 800 MHz). Price would be $56.

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Sony :: Tz 298 N Memory Upgrade

Dec 27, 2009

Anyone could tell me if this is feasible to be installed on the TZ.
> OSWIN32 >


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Sony :: Memory Upgrade

Jun 2, 2009

I'm looking at purchasing an FW with only 2g of RAM and upgrading it myself cheaper than I can do buying it from Sony. The RAM from Sony is DDR2-800 PC2-6400. where to buy a couple 4g modules (2x4, 8g total)?

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Acer Wow :: Memory Upgrade

Oct 28, 2008

i currently have a TM 5720 with 2GB of ram. I was thinking of upgrading it to 3GB. I was wondering if you think it will make much of a difference and whether any of these would be suitable (already done a small bit of research)

i cant post any links but had seen a few on play.com

2gb pc 5300 200 pin

would it matter that there would be 2 different types of RAM in the laptop.

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Acer :: Could I Upgrade To 4GB Memory

Jan 28, 2010

I found out from the release notes for BIOS 3.60 that one of the changes is to "update kernel code for 4GB memory support". Does it mean that if I update my BIOS from v 3.33(dated 9/1/07) to v 3.60 I will be able to increase my current maximum memory of 2GB to 4GB in Acer Aspire5610z.

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Acer Now :: Memory Upgrade

Sep 4, 2007

I have Aspire2000 and am trying to upgrade RAM to 1GB.

I already bought 2x512mb sticks and I CANNOT find second ram slot.

I managed to find the first one which is located on the bottom of laptop.

Where is the second slot? If it is under the keyboard or you have to dissect whole computer, how do you get to that area?

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