HP Pavilion 15 E039tx :: Enable Dual Channel RAM Mode

Feb 2, 2015

I want to enable my RAM in dual channel mode... what is the process to do this? i have already checked in CPU-Z that it is currently in single channel mode.

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Lenovo ThinkPad W Series :: W530 - Enable Dual Channel In BIOS After Upgrading RAM?

Aug 27, 2013

I upgraded RAM on my W530 and it's working only in single channel mode. How to enable dual channel in BIOS?
Here is screenshot about my RAM : [URL] .....

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Dell :: Inspiron 6400 E1505 And 4GBs Of Memory (Questions About Dual Channel Mode)

Apr 13, 2009

I have a question about 4gb of memory on inspirons. I recently put in 4GB's memory in my inspiron (Corsair brand) and I am running XP(x86) aka 32bit. Windows sees 3.25gb's which is exactly correct.

Awhile back I read that the inspiron motherboard which is an intel, will not run the memory in Dual Channel mode, which will slow the memory down about 3-5%. However I am not sure of how true or not this is. I put the memory and checked my bios and its showing all 4GB's and "Dual Channel" enabled.

So the question is how real is this dual channel concern if the bios is saying its in dual channel mode? PS we are both running the latest bios A17.

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HP EliteBook 8540w :: Identifying Correct Memory Slot For RAM Upgrade To Enable Dual Channel Memory

Jan 12, 2015

I just purchased a used Elitebook 8540w with i7 quad core and four memory slots (I love it!).  It is running 64 bit Windows 7 Professional  It came with one 4gb memory module and I purchased an additional 4gb module to bring total RAM to 8gb.  
I have the HP document that shows for two 4gb memory modules, one should be in memory slot 1 and the other in memory slot 3 for correct functioning of dual channel memory.  All set right?
Not quite.  In the Elitebook 8540w, the primary memory slots under the keyboard are clearly labeled "1" and "2"  However, the expansion memory slots on the underside of the chassis are also clearly labeled "1" and "2"  Opps!  There is no "3" and there is no "4"  In which of the unfilled three slots do I install the second 4gb module for correct functioning of dual channel memory?

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Sony :: How Can I Enable My Dual Mode Of Video Card After Win 7 Upgrade

Mar 27, 2010

I recently acquire a VGN-SZ491N from ebay and since I don't really like Vista, so I wipe out the hard drive and install Windows 7 Ultimate from scratch. I followed the following steps and everything works fine except for the video card portion.

A. Install Windows 7
B. Install missing / unknown drivers
C. Reboot and install the utilities, in the following order:

1. Sony Utils DLL
2. Sony Shared Library
3. VAIO Event Service
4. Setting Utility Series

After Step C, I reboot my laptop and then able to install Nvidia driver and upgrade the video card from generic one to Nvidia at Speed mode.

But when I manually switch from speed to stigma, nothing happen, so I would like to know what should I do to enable the Intel video card portion and make it work in Windows 7.

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Dell :: 6GB Dual Channel Ram (XPS 16)

Apr 14, 2010

The XPS 1645 offers choices of 4, 6, and 8GB of ram. Just out of curiosity, how can 6GB of ram be dual channel? I was under the impression that dual channel requires matching pairs, and that 6GB of ram would be one 4GB stick and one 2GB stick. However, the Alienware laptop seems to have listed what I would expect (3 and 6GB configurations not listed as dual channel).

See below.

[XPS 1645]
4GB Shared Dual Channel DDR3 [Included in Price]
6GB Shared Dual Channel DDR3 [Add $225.00]
8GB Shared Dual Channel DDR3 [Add $375.00]

[Alienware M15x]
3GB DDR3 at 1066MHz [Included in Price]
4GB Dual Channel DDR3 at 1066MHz [Add $50.00]
6GB DDR3 at 1066MHz [Add $200.00]
8GB Dual Channel DDR3 at 1066MHz [Add $350.00]

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HP/Compaq :: DV6-1264CA RAM Not Dual-channel

Aug 24, 2009

its an HP DV6-1264CA Artist edition v.2 16" LED backlit 1366 X 768 (comp in sig)

-AMD Turion Ultra ZM-82 2.2GHz
-AMD RS780 Chipset
-2 x 2 Gig of Samsung DDR2-800 RAM
-ATI Mobility HD4650 1 Gig GDDR3
-1x Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500GB

All that on Vista Home Premium 64 bits. It's nice by the way, and I can play COD4, Doom3, HL2, Quake4 (my faves) at high details...of course I don't max out Crysis...lol but for last year's games, it's fine, especially for a lappy that cost $999 Canadian

I'm running all kinds of diagnosis tools to check on everything on the lappy:

-Everest Ultimate, CPUZ & others...

There is NO mention about the RAM running in dual-channel.
In CPUZ, where I should see DUAL, the area is grayed out.
I know there is 2 sticks of Samsung DDR2-800 (2 slots and the platform is able to run dual-channel according to AMD).....

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Dell :: E1505 Dual-channel Fail

Dec 19, 2009

She has been wanting to make the windows 7 switch, however she only has 512MB ram in it, so she ordered a 2x1GB ddr2 667 Crucial kit off Newegg for me to install.

After it arrived I popped open her memory compartment and lo and behold there were two 512 sticks already in there. I was puzzled by this, so I installed the new ram and went into the BIOS, which reported that dual channel mode was running and there was only 1024MB of memory.

I naturally thought one of the memory slots was dead so I tried each stick in one slot at a time, each time it booted up with the exact same info, 1024MB of ram. From this I can only conclude that it simply refuses to actually run dual channel, despite both slots being perfectly functional.

I have flashed the BIOS, to no avail, and now have no idea what to do.

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Dell :: Does Dual Channel Memory Have To Match

Apr 19, 2009

I have a Inspiron 1420 with 2GB of RAM. It's probably two sticks (my wife's using it now so I can't check) of 1GB.


If I want 3GB of RAM, and replace one of the 1GB modules with a 2GB one, will I lose any dual channel benefits?

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Acer :: 5920G Dual Channel With 800mhz RAM

Oct 7, 2009

My current RAM is:
1gb Corsair DDR2 667mhz (default from manufacturer) and
2gb Mushkin DDR2 800mhz

I searched through the internet that Acer 5920G can only support up to 667mhz.

The problem is, I'm planning to add 1gb more RAM, so it will be 2 x 2gb Mushkin 800mhz, since both of them will be downclocked to 667, will both of them still run in dual channel mode ?

I wanted to buy 667mhz one, buy every shop near my place says that 667mhz ram not distributed anymore and the price is quite the same.

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Dell :: Installing Addit. 2GB RAMe1705/9400 32bit OSis There Any Sense? (dual Channel?)

Mar 21, 2009

I posses a dell 9400/e1705. Currently I have 2GB of RAM installed (in one piece). I was thinking of installing an additional 2GB. I was wondering if there is any sense in doing so.

First of all I have 32bit system, so the whole amount (4GB) will not be recognized. Secondly I am unsure if I will notice any increasement in performance. I mainly use the computer for photo retouch in Photoshop (I operate on big RAW files) and sometimes I install games.

A friend of mine said this would a good idea beacause even though the system will not see 4GB the chipset will allow the two memories to work in dual channel (If i were to add just 1GB I would have a total of 3GB but no dual channel).

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HP Envy Dv7-7398ca :: Enable AHCI Mode On Notebook With SSD

Aug 12, 2011

Year old i7 Envy Dv7-7398ca notebook with Samsung 840 Pro x 256 SSD.  Windows 8.1. I updated to the  SSD soon after I purchsed the notebook.   
No issues except the Samsung Magician SSD software keeps flagging me that AHCI mode is disabled and needs to be enabled and I do not see it in BIOS. Nor do I see anything that relates to it in Device manager like IDE or whatever. 
It appears the SSD is not optimizing itself based on the fact it thinks AHCI is disabled.

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HP Envy Dv7 7304tx :: How To Enable AHCI Mode (which Is Not Possible In The BIOS) To Optimize The SSD

Nov 25, 2014

I have an HP ENVY dv7-7304tx now succesfully running a Samsung 840 Evo SSD as the primary disk. The second disk is the original spinning disk.
Samsung Magician software tells me I need to enable AHCI mode (which is not possible in the BIOS) to optimise the SSD.
Does this have the same or similar solution to that provided in the link here? : [URL]....
Would there be any negative consequences for the spinning disk?

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Dell :: M1730 Dual 8800 Gtx Can't Run In SLI Mode.

Oct 21, 2009

I have m1730 with dual 8800 gtx. Had it over a year now and have had no problems with it. Now all a sudden when I enable SLI it gives me a blue screen. The problem is with nvlddmkm.sys. I'v tried different drivers and nothing has fixed this. I googled and looked for similar problems but nobody seems to have any fixes. Also most problems I found on google are when running games. My machine won't even boot up in SLI mode with the original driver. With the newer drivers after i accept changes seems like windows is attempting to load the second card then i get the blue screen.

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Dell Inspiron 3520 :: Desktop Charging Mode Is Disabled - How To Enable

Mar 4, 2013

This is regarding my Dell inspiron 3520 . core i3 + 4gb ram with windows 7 home basic 64 bit . I noticed the feature Called "DESKTOP charging mode"  under extended battery life options. unfortunately i am unable to select the desktop charging mode. It seems disabled. i have enabled Extended battery life and it is working well. I am getting more than 4 hrs battery backup also. i would like to enable desktop charging mode.

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Lenovo Yoga Flex :: 14 - Battery Charged To High Capacity / Enable Conservation Mode In Settings?

Jun 25, 2014

I have a new Flex 14.  When I turn it on, I frequently get the following message "The battery is charged to a high capacity. Staying above 70% of capacity for a long period of time is adverse to the battery health. Enable 'Conservation Mode' in Settings."  I can not find "Conservation Mode"  in "Settings." ?

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HP Pavilion M6 Networking :: How To Enable Bluetooth

Aug 30, 2012

is my hp pavilion m6 (circa 2012) bluetooth enabled?

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HP Pavilion G6 2320tx :: Cannot Enable USB Ports

Mar 12, 2014

My product is hp pavilion g6 2320tx and im using windows 7 os in, the problem is that am not able to enable 2 usb ports out of 3(one port working normally but remaining two are not detecting any usb devices..)

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HP Pavilion Dv7 :: How To Enable Intel WIDI

Jun 8, 2014

I have installed Widi from hp.com 3.0.13 ver., but not working, not run the software.

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HP Pavilion G6 Networking :: Cannot Enable Bluetooth - Windows 8

Aug 25, 2014

my Bluetooth, I can't enable it. I think the image explains more than words. OS: Windows 8Laptop: HP Pavilion g6.

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HP Pavilion Dv6-2119tx :: No Option To Enable AHCI In BIOS

Jul 7, 2010

Going to install a SSD to my HP Pavilion Dv6-2119tx (WF606PA) I had a quick look in the bios but no option to turn on AHCI as going to reinstall Windows 7 as not sure if my laptop can handle Windows 8.

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HP Pavilion Dv6-6b19ej Audio :: How To Enable Beats On Windows 8.1

Nov 29, 2014

Recently I moved to windwos 8.1 from windwos 7 and i have hp pavilion dv6-6b19ej, before when i was using windwos7 beats audio was working perfectly and i was able to enable and disable them usnig (fn+b). After I upgraded to 8.1, I've downloaded the latest drivers form IDT i think oct-2013 but i still cant enable my beats, i have the UI for the beats control panel but i cant use the beats as a hardware fn+b is not working anymore!!!?

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HP/Compaq :: Enable Input Monitor On Pavilion Dv7t Running Vista

Feb 10, 2009

I have a Pavilion dv7t laptop running Vista. One of the main reasons I bought this was to do audio work in Sony Acid Music and Sony Sound Forge. Well, lo and behold, I can't hear my mic input. I can record audio in using the mic input, but I can't monitor the input as I am using it to know whether it is too loud, too quiet, I am too close to the mic, too far away, etc.

I have done a lot of research on this via google searches and have found that most people solved this (on other laptops or other computers running Vista) by changing the input monitor setting (to enable it) within the windows registry. I dug all through various locations in my reg files and can't find anything on an HP Pavilion dv7t running Vista that corresponds with an input monitor setting.

This is a huge source of frustration. If anyone can let me know how to enable this, I would appreciate it. It's not a matter of right clicking on the speaker in the windows tray and changing anything on playback devices or recording devices. I have tried every possible combination of that and it doesn't work. This is something that needs to be fixed at a root level.

Why HP or Microsoft has this set as a default setting so you can't even monitor your input volume is beyond me.

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HP Pavilion Dv6-2119tx OS/Software :: Enable AHCI Via Windows As No BIOS Option

Jul 7, 2010

Just wondering how to enable AHCI via Windows as no BIOS option.... HP Pavilion Dv6-2119tx (WF606PA)

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HP/Compaq :: HP Pavilion Dv9750ep And Windows 7 In Dual Boot

Jan 22, 2009

I own a HP Pavilion Laptop.

It says "HP Pavilion dv9000" on the screen frame, and says "HP Pavilion dv9700" and "dv9750ep" on the labels in the back. Guess it makes it a HP Pavilion dv9750ep?

It has 2 Hard Disks, each of 150GB; I believe it's 2 physical disks and not just partitions as in the device manager shows 2 ...

It came with Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit.

My issue is:

I'd like to try the beta of Windows 7, using the 2nd Hard Disk for that. I've been using it mainly for data backup, but as I have an external drive I guess I could make the 2nd dirsk free for trying Windows 7.

My reason for wanting to try Windows 7 is Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Some of my buddies tried it in Windows 7 and are reporting a noticeable performance increase.

When it comes to Laptops, and since this is my first one, I'm very reluctant to these moves - mainly because of the proprietary drivers... for instance, if I want to update my NVidia card drivers that must be made through HP and not through the regular channels - or so I think.


Would it be possible to install Windows 7 on the 2nd Hard Disk and make it a Dual Boot system?

Would I have problems with HP-specific drivers?

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HP Pavilion 15-n205tx OS/Software :: How To Dual Boot Windows 7 And 8.1 Using UEFI

Apr 30, 2014

My notebook model is   HP PAVILION 15-n205tx
Click here for product details
My notebook pc is installed with Windows 8.1 and i would like to dual boot it with Windows 7 using a cd but when i try it ,there is an error saying windows cannot be installed in the selected partitions as it is of GPT format.
How to dual boot my pc.

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HP Pavilion Dv7-6157cl Networking :: Dual Band WiFi Adapter Card

Apr 20, 2011

I would like to replace a a single band wifi adapter with a dual Band wifi adapter card for an HP Pavilion DV7-6157cl product # LW465UA#ABA.  Processor = AMD A6-3400M. 

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HP/Compaq :: Dual 3870s, Dual Screened, Quad Core 17in Voodoo

Jan 2, 2009

It sure does look like that Clevo 18in revealed sometime ago.



Under the hood of the 17.1-inch Firefly we found a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad Core CPU, 4GB of RAM, a pair of ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3870 GPUs running in CrossFire mode, and a 7,200 rpm 250GB hard drive. The Firefly spec sheet said the machine is capable of overclocking, but we didnt touch the BIOS.

And a MultiTouch trackpad, Backlit keyboard (with m15x-esque customizable colours), Creative X-Fi audio and a Dual Hinge like the HDX 20.

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Dell :: M65 5.1 Channel Audio Possible?

Feb 7, 2009

I have the docking station which has an output for digital coax audio. Dell is telling me that the m65 is limited to 2 channel output. Is this true or is there a driver that I can download to fix that?

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HP/Compaq :: Dual 3870, Dual Screened And Quad-Core Packing Voodoo Laptop Hands On

Jan 2, 2009

It sure does look like that Clevo 18in revealed sometime ago. This is not an OCZ Whitebook rebrand.



Under the hood of the 17.1-inch Firefly we found a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad Core CPU, 4GB of RAM, a pair of ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3870 GPUs running in CrossFire mode, and a 7,200 rpm 250GB hard drive. The Firefly spec sheet said the machine is capable of overclocking, but we didnt touch the BIOS.

And a MultiTouch trackpad, Backlit keyboard (with m15x-esque customizable colours), Creative X-Fi audio and a Dual Hinge like the HDX 20.

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