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Sony :: My VAIO VPCF115FM Is Dead In 3months FLAT

I bought SONY VAIO VPCF115 Model Laptop from Best Buy in Austin,TX in Feb 2010.

Up till now everything was working perfectly fine , until today morning when I powered ON my laptop nothing would come up! NO DISPLAY! I tried taking out the battery and putting back again, tried removing RAM and all possible options tried! the laptop is powering ON but its not displaying anything! nor the Hard drive is being read.

I am currently in India on vacation and having this problem.I don't know whether this is covered with SONY VAIO warranty , b'caz I didn't buy the accidental warranty from Best Buy.

I gave my laptop at SONY SERVICE Center here in India and they told me the MOTHERBOARD IS faulty and its not functioning , hence they need to repair the motherboard! I was like WHAT? how can that be possible even in the first place.

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Sony :: VPCF115FM Display
just bought myself a Sony VPCF115FM, and love it. I live in Australia although i think this notebook is from the US as it had some BestBuy software on it when i first turned it on.. anyway..

I was just wondering, is it possible to put the brightness up higher? I went into control panel, then hardware, then display and it was already at it's highest, then i pressed the 'Fn' key and then kept pressing F6, and that too was already at its highest, but comparing the display to my mates Asus, or my other mates Toshiba, their displays are so much more brighter then my Sony, so is there ANY way at all to make it brighter? Also, is there any configuring i could do to the display to make it better in any way or form?

One more question, about the backlit keyboard, is it possible to keep it lit on at all times? I've heard there's a sensor somewhere, where if i block it with some tape, it will leave it on all the time? If so where abouts is it? Had a bit of a look but to no avail.

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Sony :: VPCF115FM Brightness Control
I just installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 on my Sony VPCF115FM laptop, and I was wondering what I need to install to get the brightness control to work. I already tried the video drivers, shared library, and notebook utilities from this site:


But nothing seems to affect the brightness, even though I do see the brightness bar now when I press the appropriate keys.

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Sony :: Game Performance Of VPCF115FM/B
picking up the Sony VPC115FM/B at Best Buy:


I realize the 330M GT is not a tier 1 video card for gaming...but I'm curious if this card can drive the native 1920 by 1080 res of this laptop in modern games (MW2, Mass Effect 2, etc). I'm not looking for 60 frames per second...would be satisfied with 30...just trying to gauge if this is a reasonable expectation.

Closest answer I've found in the owner threads indicated that one person said it could run native on Left 4 Dead 2 and COD: World at War.

Very impressed by the performance of the i7 core and DDR3 memory...just hoping the video card can at least hold its own.

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Sony :: VPCF115FM- How Do You Adjust The Default Size Of A Browser/webpage
I just got a Sony VPCF115FM. I was wondering if there is a setting for the browser/webpage where it opens up and the size is what I prefer. Meaning that I don't have to keep using "Ctrl +" to enlarge the page.

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Sony :: Dead VAIO PCG-FRV26
I just bought a vaio last night and I wanted to boot from my flash drive to use Gparted to change my partitions for a dual-booting laptop. so I download the BIOS update from sony eSupport and run it. I am not sure that it finished updating the bios but it turned off (by what seemed like having the power cut off). Now when I try to boot there is nothing except the CD light comes on and then goes off again. I did some googling and I think the BIOS is dead. this is really sad 'cause I just bought it last night. it is an older laptop and has no warranty and I can't bring it to sony to be serviced (too much $). did I just brick my laptop, or can I replace the bios easy?

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Sony :: Dead Pixels On My 4 Month Old VAIO
I have a FW-390J and yesterday I have noticed a dead pixel appeared at the lower left corner, that is new and was not there before..

This morning I found another dead pixel very near to the first one and if I focus enough I can see a couple of more fainted dots..

I feel a bit frustrated and disappointed. I had the same problem with a my previous Toshiba A300 which I replaced with this model

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Sony :: Spilled Water On My Vaio... Is It Really Dead
night before last a cup of water spilled over my keyboard. I quickly picked laptop up, dried it upside down then left it running. About an hour later I went to type something in and realised the keyboard wasnt working. I turned it off and took the battery and power supply off.

The next day I turned it back on and it was coming on but the keyboard still not working (if you press one key then another key would be pressed and 6 and w were pressed the whole time) so then we lifted the keyboard up and dried the area underneath with a hairdryer- only saw a few drops of water. Then tried turning it bakc on and it would come on but the keyboard still not working.

Then few hours later I tried turning it on again, and now, although the green light comes on and it sounds like it's gonna start, the screen is completely black.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1464anyone Know If It Opens Flat?
Anyone with the new Inspiron 1464 know if the lid/screen can open flat? (180 degrees)

I've been looking at getting a notebook to replace my 700m 12". This new 1464 seems to be the lightest comparable dell (since Dell isn't making 12" anymore, and the 13" actually weigh more than this new 14"; also the 11z is more of a netbook power-wise) .....

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Dell :: New Studio 1537: Keyboard/Speakers/MediaButtons /Not Flat
I just purchased a new Dell Studio 1537 and it arrived a few days ago. I was wondering if anyone else has the plastic on the speakers and media buttons flexing and bulge out. The keyboard kind of rises up in the top middle as well, and the volume buttons are higher up. If I run my finger across the entire speaker set it does not feel like a flat surface. Are all the laptops like this or should I ask for a replacement?

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Dell :: M4400 And SP2309W Monitor With E-Port Plus Flat Panel Stand
I am thinking on purchasing a SP2309W for my M4400 but i don't know if it will fit the E-Port Replicator Plus with the E-Monitor Flat Panel Stand

what I would like to know is if anyone knows if it fits the stand (the monitor is VESA compatible?) and if the 4400 will support the max resolution of the monitor (2048 x 1152) and if I need special cables for this.

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Dell :: Free Analog Flat Panel AND Lower Overall Price On M4400 If It's 64bit
I'm looking at the configurators for the 32bit and 64bit Precision M4400s, and the almost the exact same configuration (difference is 64bit has 4gb ram vs. 2gb) costs about $50 less and comes with a free monitor (not really necessary...but getting rid of it doesn't result in any price drop).

Is this an error on Dell's site, or are they actively pushing 64bit and lowering the price of the system overall intentionally?

32bit: [url]

64bit: [url]

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T9800
Genuine Windows Vista® Ultimate
15.4" UltraSharp™ WUXGA
3 Year Basic Limited Warranty and 3 Year NBD On-Site Service
NVIDIA Quadro FX 770M
4.0GB, DDR2-800 SDRAM (2.0GB for 32 bit model)
250GB Hard Drive, 7200RPM with Free Fall Sensor
8X DVD+/-RW w/Roxio and Cyberlink Power DVD
6 Cell Battery
Intel® WiFi Link 5300
Internal English Backlit Keyboard

64bit: $2,058 + FREE! Dell 19 inch™ 1909WFP Widescreen Flat Panel, Analog
32bit: $2,097

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Dell :: Latitude E4300 + E-Flat Panel Stand With 19 Inch UltraSharp 1908FPW Wide Monitor
I'm looking for a computer set up. After some research, I'm leaning towards a Latitude E4300 (with decent specs) and the above mentioned display. The idea is to have a powerful, yet portable notebook for taking to class and mobile study sessions, then having the display function as almost a desktop computer. Has anyone had a similar set up before?

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Dell :: Dead Screen Or Dead Video Card
I am at my wits end with my e1705. I had a sudden meltdown about 2 weeks ago... screen went scrambled, BSOD,etc...

Performed diagnostic, memory on video card came back as bad. Replaced with new card (from Dell), reinstalled OS, completely reinstalled nVidea drivers from Dell (Used driver cleaner too)...

Everything went smooth for a couple hours after this was completed yesterday (full diagnostic showed no errors), but after booting up today, after about 5 or 10 minutes of use screen freezes and turns either solid cyan or black... a small pattern of thin lines appears also.

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Dell :: So I Think My Vostro GPU Is Either Dead Or The Fan Is Dead
I was playing stalker a few days ago getting 50-70 FPS and now come today its so much lower at 20-30(not playable) and I tried CS:S, and COD4, and they all seen dramatic fall in FPS. I don't notice any artifacts but I just notice huge FPS hits. I also think my fan isn't running anymore but I am not sure. Does anyone one know what I should do now? Its out of warranty already.

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Sony :: Red Dead Redemption On Z11?
I have the Sig Z, and am thinking of getting Red Dead Redemption, should it be released for PC (as rumors claim it will)

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Sony :: Dead Pixel
I have a SR290 which i purchase via sonystyle on 11/26/08, so after like 4 months i just realized that i have a dead pixel on my bottom right corner,

is there anything i can do? Does my limited 1 year warranty covers this?

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Sony :: How Likely Are Dead Pixels
How good are the laptop screens from sony? Whats the likely hood of dead pixels when bought?

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Sony :: Dead Pixel DilemmaVaio Z
I received my Vaio Z21WN/B last week and it is a spectacular laptop. However I was pretty miffed when I found there was a glowing pixel in the middle of the screen.

Upon inspection on a black background I have managed to single out over SEVEN of these pixels, all of them seem white apart from one which is red.

Now the pixels are very hard to see, some more difficult than others and you do have to look for them to find them but it's like anything of this nature, once you know they're there you just go looking for them and they gradually become more annoying each time

I bought the laptop from an eBay seller and really it wasn't his fault for selling this as it was as the unit was sealed and he would not of known this until it was opened. It'd be pretty bad of me to ask for my money back when he was a private seller.

Do you reckon I'm within my right to phone Sony and ask for a replacement screen or should I not bother?

any users on here who have dead pixels on their laptop screen and just put up with them? Is this a widespread problem with most people worldwide or is it just the select minority people such as myself that are bothered about it?

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Sony :: Sz650n (dead Mobo)
I have a sz650n that will not boot -

Very little water made its way onto the keyboard, and probably leaked down and killed the motherboard. I bought a used motherboard from a semi-local store - same symptoms - few lights come on, fan comes on, no boot. Took motherboard and laptop back to the store, the guy said he tried 2-3 other motherboards, all with the same symptoms. It *is* possible all 3-4 boards he had are bad, but unlikely?

I'm pretty sure the power board is okay. He tried another CPU and memory, same symptoms.

I am looking for any advice you might have. I really need to get it fixed. I am still 99% sure its the motherboard, but the fact that all the ones he tried yielded the same results, maybe something else went out as well?

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Sony :: SZ650 Dead Pixels
I turned on my Sony the other day and this line of dark pixels showed up! Im shocked because I use the computer very little

I dont know if its a line of dead pixels or what, when the screen is of you can see them in the screen, I dont know if its cracked or what.

Im attaching pictures of it!

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Sony :: Motherboard Dead. Model #s
On the back of my Sony laptop, the model says PCG-6L2L, but when I took it in to servicing to a SONY authorized dealer for a diagnosis, the paper it came back with said Model VGNSZ260P. What's up with that? Is this the same thing, just different numbers? My laptop is a Z series, but nowhere on my laptop does it say anything about Z series or VGN. Similarily, my friend just bought a brand new Z series laptop that was sold as a VGN (over $2500), yet again, on the back of his there is a PCG model number and nowhere does it say anything about VGN or Z series?

Secondly, and more importantly.

The diagnosis came back negative. Everything works (cpu, ram, video, lcd, etc etc), but the actual system board, motherboard, is dead. When I boot up, it shows the SONY screen and I can get to BIOS, but as soon as it hits bios, or about 5 seconds after SONY symbol, everything freezes.

Naturally, the $800 they wanted is ridiculous. I am very tech savvy, especially with computers, I've been building them for a very long time, but have little experience with laptops. I am convinced that I can fix this if I can find a motherboard for it....

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Sony :: My Speakers DEAD- SZ360
Something very unexpected broke today. I'm not sure but I think my SZ360 speakers die on me. The headphone jack still work but nothing is coming out of the speakers above my keyboard.

I try the following

1. Mute and Unmute
2. Went to device manager, uninstall driver, restart, installer driver and restart
3. Went to every sound setting possible and play with it

My headphone jack is working fine but speaker is not. Any ideas why this is happen? My speakers die?

I also went to BIOS setting and allow turn the VAIO boot logo volume to level 8 but no sound at all. My headphone on the other hand have the VAIO boot sound.

Speakers is the last thing I expect to die on any laptop. Is there any other way I can accurately diagnose this problem? I want to make sure its my speakers before I search for replacement.

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Sony :: Vaio Z720D: Uninstalling VAIO Care, VAIO Update
Trying to get rid of these questionably useful programs -- but I don't see entries for them in add/remove programs in the control panel (or for any of the other useless VAIO software packages that come on OEM machines sans "fresh start")

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Sony :: Guide To Disassembling A VAIO VAIO VGN-SZ75 GN?
Does anyone have a link to a website or PDF describing how to properly open and disassemble a VAIO VGN-SZ75GN?

I have a VAIO VGN-SZ75GN, bought about 8 months ago, and now I want to exchange the built-in hard-disc with a solid-state disc.

I need some guide with illustrations/pictures, how to reach the disc

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Sony :: VAIO- If A VAIO Had No Ram Should (if All Else Was Working) It Be Getting POST Beeps
I have just been given a VAIO PCG8A2M (GRX316MP) , i was told "it's broken but if you can fix it yo can have it" so having a quick look at it there's no sign of life on the display but the lights come on and i can here the HDD heads moving about.

Looking a little more i found that all the ram is missing , so now im not sure if its worth buying some ram to see if it works or not ? The lack of ram would prob explain the lack of display but i wonder if i should be getting POST beeps at least, which im not.

So my question is if a VAIO had no ram should (if all else was working) it be getting POST beeps ?

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Sony :: Vaio Z XP DowngradeWant Vaio Silver Theme I Had Ony My SZ
Just performed a successful XP downgrade on my Vaio Z520, but have noticed that on this copy of the Vaio Silver Desktop Theme/Appearance doesn't exist.

I had it on my SZ and loved it over the XP Blue. Is there a way to get it back? I still have the restore discs from the SZ.

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Sony :: VAIO TZ295N Vs VAIO TZ395N
I don't know whats the diference (besides the price), between VAIO TZ295N & VAIO TZ395N. Specs in all the websites I've checked say they have exactly the same components: Intel coreduo 1.33Ghz 2GB RAM DVD-RW and 64GB SSD Hardrive. I was wonder if the diference might be in the hard drive interface, with the TZ295N being PATA and TZ395N being SATA.

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Sony :: (Old) VAIO Z BD Drive Fit In (New) VAIO Z Series
I'm wondering if the Blu-ray optical drive (Panasonic UJ-232A) of the (old) VAIO Z series will be able to fit into the (new) VAIO Z series? I would really appreciate it if anyone is able to answer my question.

The reason I'm asking is because I'm seriously thinking of selling my VAIO Z690 & just buying the base Sony VAIO Z (VPCZ112GX/S). I may just be able to afford that base model & the icing on the cake will definitely be the UJ-232A drive being able to fit into the (new) VAIO Z series & work.

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Sony :: Vaio CW Or Vaio E Series
Am planning to get a sony laptop for me. The design simply rocks I am getting mixed reviews about cw and E series. But i made up my mind to get one.

My budget is aroung 40000rupees. Thats around 800$. So suggest me a better one between these two for occasional moderate and less(mosltly) demanding games. I dont care whether its 14 or 15 inch.

Am looking at lower end versions of both the models.

Only difference is CW uses Nvidia Geforce 310 and the E series uses some Radeon 5000 series one. CW has 14 inch screen whereas E series has a 15.5 inch screen. In the models which i am looking at both have matte finish and both has WXGA:1366 x 768 VAIO Display.

which one should i go for. whether the screen quality will be on par to Inspiron one atleast? ( I dont need HD).

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Sony :: Vaio F11 Or Vaio E Series
im planning on using the laptop for videos, photoshop and a bit of gaming, maybe even a bit more gaming :-)

The Vaio F Series only has 330M Nvidia Graphics Card with i7QM and up to 8GB of Ram and up to 256GB SSD.

The E Series has ATI 5650 (a less powerful version, reduced clock speed) combined with a i5 520M with up to 6Gb of Ram and up to 500GB of HDD ? Why can i not choose SSD ?

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Sony :: Vaio TT AC Adapter On Vaio Z
if I can use the AC Adapter of a Vaio TT on the Vaio Z. The standard AC Adapter that comes with the Vaio Z is of 19.5V and the one for the Vaio TT is of 16V, which I don't know if it's enough for the Vaio Z to function properly or if there could be any problem or damage. Both machines have batteries of 10,8V.

I have an undervolted Vaio Z by the way (last multiplier at 0.9875) so I don't know if this could help in any way for my Z to work ok with the TT AC Adapter.

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Sony :: Vaio Z "Vaio Update 3" Utility
I have this "problem" since I got my Z. When I start vaio update 3 utility I get this error "messageID=0008" there are no updates for your model bla bla...

However when I go to vaio support page, there are some new updates for my Z590N model (new Bios, USB patch...)

I have downloaded new version of Viao Update utility 3.2.something but I had to uninstall my current version (3.1.something), which I did. However when I started this new setup message poped up "there is no previous version installed" - abort.

I have checked esupport page where is said if you have problems with Vaio Update 3, to download Sony Shared Library which suppose to contain vaio update utility), I run installation but it doesn't install Vaio Update 3

Now, I can live with this esupport page regular visit updates,

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Sony :: VAIO Display & VAIO Extra-wide HD Display
Whats the major difference between 16.4" VAIO Display (1600x900)
and 16.4" VAIO extra-wide HD display (1920x1080). Upto what angle I could see my display in VAIO Display (1600x900)? Can I watch HD movies perfectly in VAIO Display (1600x900) ?

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Sony :: Vaio Entertainment Platform, Sony Utilities DLL?
Sony Utilities DLL
Vaio Entertainment Platform

Are they even needed when upgrading to Win7 RTM x64

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Sony :: Vaio F Vs Vaio FW
Which do you think is better and why?

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Sony ::Should I Buy VAIO SR Or VAIO CS
I was googling information regarding a sony laptop I am interested in buying.

I currently own a vaio vgn-fs640 which is working damn good and now I plan to buy another vaio laptop.

I have selected two sony models but I am unable to decide which one to buy.
The first model is vaio SR

And the second model is vaio CS
( ......

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Sony :: How Do I Access The Bios On My Sony Vaio Fw?
how do i access the bios on my sony vaio fw? model number: VGN-FW139E

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Sony :: How To Re-install My Sony Vaio Laptop
How To Re-install My Sony Vaio Laptop I Tried To Restore But Is Not Possible Secondly Is It Possible To Change The Language From Spainish To English

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HP/Compaq :: DV2 Dead
Yesterday updated the BIOS to F.09 today the system will not boot, i get no BIOS screen, the screen just light up so i know it has power but just sits there and does nothing, no HDD access or anything.

This is now the second DV2 that i have had, looks like it might have to go back again. might swap to a DV3 this time, anyone else had issues with the DV2

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Dell :: HDD Dead... What Replacment Should I Get?
The harddrive in my 1520 has died...

Lucky i have a recent backup of info, and currently booting it using puppy linux from a liveCD for general browsing.

Question is what hard drive should i get for it?

can anyone reccamend a reliable one on a budget?

space isnt important... had a 160gb one and had 80gig free.

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Dell :: Dead M6400
Whilst working away at my desk, M6400 docked it just powered down.

Pressing the power button causes it (the power button) to light briefly and then go out. Pressing FN+Power (as requested by Dell Tech) does nothing at all.

I've tried it with another PSU (I got 2, one with M6400, other with docking station) - and if you plug the PSU in, and then hit power on the laptop - the blue light on the PSU goes out - and doesn't come back on till the power is cycled. The M6400 does nothing during all of this.

The PSUs work just fine with my D820.

Dell techs are coming tomorrow to fix it. I'll let you know what they say!

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Dell :: Help On Dead XPS M1210
I have been using my Dell XPS M1210 for 2.5 years now. It has been a great laptop, only big issue has been a dying battery which is something that has occurred to most close friends that own the same model. Recently, my laptop shut down on its own. After this occurred, it wouldn't start up again. When I hit the power button, no sound comes out of the computer. There is no noticeable hard drive spin, fan noise or anything. The screen does not flicker or show any sign of life. The power LED shines for 5 seconds and then goes down.

I tried FN+Power button to no success. Also, if I leave the power button pushed down, the power LED flashes after 5 seconds and continues to stay on until the next 5 seconds doing a cycle that only ends once I stop pushing the button. I tested my battery on another XPS M1210 and it worked well. Also, I tested another battery on my XPS and it did the same thing.

I am currently out of warranty. I don't know what to do to test the failing component. Since I don't know what the specific problem could be, I don't know how much a repair could end up being.

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Dell :: Dead XPS M1210
My XPS M1210 laptop is dead right now. It happened last friday morning when I am trying to turn on the laptop. After I press the power button, the hard drive sounds spinning, but after a second, it remains silent (Same for the cd-rom). Only the power led is on.

All other leds are dead, not even the bluetooth, cap led, number lock led. So I connected my laptop to a external monitor, but nothing is showed. I have inserted a boot disk, but it doesn't work. I also tried to press Fn and power button method, but it still doesn't work as well.

Right now, I am suspecting my hard drive is broken or some virus infected my laptop because a day before my laptop is still working, my laptop got infected with some virus.

When I opened my inbox, my laptop suddenly got out of control. The cursor jumped around the screen and there was some bar code surrounded the cursor. But after I restarted my comp and did some virus scan, nothing was found. However, the next day, I turned on my laptop, the screen/images were all messed up. The images were chopped into piece. But in safemode, things are looking perfect. So I shutted it down and planned to reformat the laptop. AFter that, I am not able to turn it on again.

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Dell :: XPS 1530... Dead Already
1 week old.

Now refusing to boot.

"interesting" clicking noise coming from the HDD (Samsung 500gb).

One. Week. Old.

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Dell :: Mini 9 Dead?
I just went on the Dell website and I think that they stopped producing the Mini 9. I suppose that the Mini 10v has replaced it now...

If I'm not mistaken, that's the first netbook to die. (apart from the never good cloudbook and first gen eee's)

I always thought that system was a cute little one. I was attracted to it for some reason. I'm sorry to see it go. I wish they offered more HDD / SSD space though.

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Dell :: Value Of A Dead XPS M1330
What's the best way to sell it?..........................................

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Dell :: Dead Battery?
Either my battery is dead or something in my laptop is wrong.
an Orange led is flashing in the right cornor of my laptop (not on the screen)

Its the battery charge led its flashing non-stop !
My laptop only runs when the power charger cable is connected this means my battery dont charge or is dead ?

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Dell :: Dead XPS 9100
My Dell XPS 9100 laptop just went stone dead, no lights, charger or otherwise and happened while I was not looking. With no power apparent from battery or AC charger, no other indicators are known.

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Dell :: Dead M1330!
So after having my motherboard replaced before Christmas due to GPU issue, my notebook decides to shut itself off, and I am unable to turn it on.

This is < 2 months since the motherboard was replaced.

It is literally a door-stop!

After talking to the technician on the phone, it looks like they will try to repair it after I send it in. If they can't, he said I probably will get a new notebook (but don't count on it!).

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