Sony :: Z Wireless Speed Down From 90Mbps To 1Mbps When Lid Closed

May 17, 2009

I just found this weird occurence. I often use my Vaio Z with external monitor. So most of the time I have my lid closed. Accidentally I was opening my Network Status and noticed that my wireless speed was only 1Mbps which was pretty aweful for an N speed. I was pulling my hair off, trying to figure out the problem with the setting. By looking at the signal, it was still pretty decent 3 bars.

Finally I found out that, whenever I opened the Sony Z lid , the speed would jumped up to 90Mbps and over maximizing around 150Mbps. Surprisingly the signal quality remained the same around 3 bars.

Did anybody experience this as well? Is it normal? Why did this happen?

I already turned off power management for wireless Intel 5100 AGN as well.

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Sony :: Vaio Z Wireless Speed Decreases And/or The Internet Will Stop All Together

Feb 1, 2010

I have a sony vaio Z, its the vgn-z650n. I have it loaded with Windows 7 Ultimate.

I am having a strange issue with the wireless. I will have sudden speed decreases and/or the internet will stop all together.

The wireless connection is never actually dropped. When I have it hooked up with ethernet, it works perfectly fine with no issues

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Dell :: Low Wireless Connection Speed

Jul 29, 2009

Does anyone else have a low wireless connection speed with their dell latitude e6400? I have full signal strength and yet the speed is only 5.5 mbps.

All the other computers/laptops in the house that uses the wireless gets 54 mbps while my latitude gets 5.5 and sometimes it will go up to 9 and down to 6 or 2 and it's just not constant.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Dell :: Netgear Rangemax Wireless Speed Fluctuations

Dec 5, 2007

This question pertains to all laptops but since I'm running a m1710, I hope its OK to post it here.

I have 6MB down DSL at my place. I was running it thru a Netgear RangeMax Wireless Router (WPN824). In my laptop, I have a Gigabyte GN-WI01GT (mini) PCI-E WLAN card. When everything was running smoothly, I noticed that my connection "speed" was fluctuating between 54Mbps and 108Mbps. My first question is: how do I maintain the 108Mbps speed?

With my wireless adapter, I had initially let Vista install the drivers. Then I had the bright idea of going to the Gigabyte site and getting their latest drivers. I did this because it seemed like I was always on 54MBps and no longer jumped to 108Mbps. Ever since I updated my drivers, my router hasn't been working and needs to be set up again. I found this to be pretty strange.

Also, my interet isn't as fast as it was on day 1. Is this normal for DSL? Or is there something on my laptop degrading the connection? Is that even possible?

I haven't gotten around to reconfiguring my router but I did uninstall my wireless adapter and let Vista find the drivers. Would you guys recommend this process or using Gigabyte's drivers?

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Dell :: Not Getting Full Internet Speed Over Wireless- 3945ABG

Mar 20, 2008

I have an XPS M1710 and it has the 3945ABG wireless card. Just today I upgraded my internet speed to 15Mb down. When I go to I get a result of 5Mb down.

I have tried the same test on one other laptop (not a Dell) and another desktop. None of the components involved are capable of 802.11N so I know its not that. The wireless router being used it Linksys WRT54G.

One more note, when I connect the router, or modem up directly to my NIC I will get the fill 15Mb.

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Dell :: Speed Of Ethernet, Firewire & Wireless On 1530

Apr 6, 2009

I have a new XPS 1530 & was trying to find the specs on the components & couldn't find any. Could someone tell me the specs, or where I can find them on my computer? I'd like to find the following:

Ethernet -- 10/100 OR 10/100/1000
Firewire (1394) -- 400 or 800

Also, for the wireless card for Intel WiFi 4965AGN 1) is it dual band, 2) what speed (Mbps)?

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Dell Inspiron 15 :: Wireless Speed Limited To 72Mbps By Design

Feb 4, 2013

Just purchased new Dell Inspiron 15 (3521).  Wireless will only connect at 72Mbps.  After some googling found this is by design.  The adapter is the Dell Wireless 1703 Adapter.  Can Dell pls confirm this is the case and that there is no way to achieve TRUE wireless N speeds ?  The fact that this limitation is not advertised on any product material/brochure/sales rep is a concern.  Would Dell replace the adapter with one capable of proper wireless N speeds free of charge ?

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Dell Inspiron 3520 :: Wireless Speed Makes It Unusable

Apr 9, 2013

Last month I got a Inspiron 3520 for my daughter and have had nothing but trouble with it.  When I plug it in to the router I get download speeds of 35-45 mbps, when I check speed using the wireless connection they range from 11 mbps down to less than 1!  It is not the drivers, the power settings, the router as I have followed all of the "fixes" suggested in other threads and run through a 2 hour session with the Dell online chat rep which ended when he had to reboot the machine and the link to return to the chat that he left on my desktop was invalid.  

If I move our other HP laptop to the same location (less than 5 feet from the wireless router) that gets download speeds of 25-30 so I am sure it is not the wireless signal.  Also we have iPads and smartphones that all work just fine from anywhere in the house.  I have tested the Dell speed when there is no one else home and all other devices are turned off and it is terrible.  I know this is not a top of the line laptop but I expect it to work at least well enough to be functional.  Based on my reading of this and other sites, I am making a guess that the wireless card is faulty.   

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Dell Inspiron 14z 5423 :: Slow Wireless Link Speed?

Jan 21, 2013

First of all I have a dead pixel right in the middle of the screen - will be taking this up with Dell tommorrow as its really off putting especially on  brand new laptop.

My second issue is with wireless - did have problems initially with wireless disconnects and genrally slow speeds

Im not entirely sure but removing Mcafee seemed to work with the disconnects at least  - load of rubbish imo

Now my only other major issue is with wireless speeds on the 1703 card

I seem to max out at about 45mb on all broadband speed tests - while on another laptop I get the full speeds of 80mb on the same server at the same location

Im only getting a link speed of 72Mbps in the networking tab of Task Manager and this does seem rather slow - the other laptop gets 450Mbps (better wireless card - to go with my Asus N66U Router)

Anyway my thought process is that the 1703 wireless card is not up to much - I understand that the 1703 card is wireless and bluetooth - with I think 1 antenna for bluetooth and one for wireless connected to the wireless card.

Now I dont use bluetooth much if at all - so does it make sense to buy just a wireless card and connect the two antennas to the card and therefore losing bluetooth connectivity but gaining better wireless connection

I think I have an Intel Centrino WiFi Ultimate N 6300 in the other laptop

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Sony :: Vaio ZWhen Lid Is Closed No Action For The Powr Button

Aug 15, 2009

Is it right, that there is no action possible for the power button when the lid is closed?

When I am at home I connected the Z to my external display and dont want to open and close the lid every time when I am powering up or down the Z.

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Dell Inspiron 5720 :: Wireless Network Speed Is Slower Than Maximum In Windows 7

Mar 5, 2013

I have a Dell Inspirion 5520 that has Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 2230 built in.Also I have a TP link TL-WR740N wireless router.I have an 80Mbps/25MBps internet connection.My Speedtest result with no router:When I connect all these via an Ethernet cable, I get the maximum even through the router:But when I try to do the same with WiFi I get 30/20 Maximum speed, and I'm sitting next to router!I have this configuration:*router:* -

Channel: auto - Mode: 11n only - Channel width: 40Mhz - Max Tx rate: 150Mbps - Enabled Wireless Router Radio - Enabled SSID Broadcast - Security: WPA- AES - Beacon Interval : 100 - RTS Threshold: 2346 - Fragmentation Threshold: 2346 - DTIM Interval: 1 - Enabled WMM - Enabled Short GI *Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 2230:* - 802.11n Channel width for band 2.4 : Auto - 802.11n Mode: enabled - Ad Hoc Channel 802.11b/g: 1 - Ad Hoc QoS Mode: WMM enabled - Bluetooth(R) AMP: Enabled - Fat Channel Intolerant: Disabled - Mixed Mode Protection: CTS-to-self Enabled- Roaming Aggressiveness: 3. Medium- Transit power: 5. Highest- Wireless Mode: 802.11b/gI

do get the fact that speed through wireless is slower than with wire, but losing 50Mbps is a bit too much!

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Sony :: Stopping Wireless Static In SZ Series (after Upgraded Wireless)

Mar 20, 2010

if you have an older SZ and want to add a 3rd wire, this will show you how and where to put it.

So a while back I upgraded the the 4965AGN in my SZ750N to an Intel 5200, since that day, B&G has been noisy. I managed to arrange the antenna connections in such a way as to minimize it to within tolerable limits. I also talked to some experts and they said it wasn't going to hurt anything if there was a bit of static so I left it.

I have known for a while that is was the white antenna lead that was causing the static. Unfortunately disconnecting it caused a drop in signal. While working on my Windows 7 guide I had a problem and had to open the laptop. While doing so I noticed the white lead and the antenna it attached to. I hadn't ever really noticed where it sat before. Sony couldn't have hardly chosen a worse place for it.

Sony decided the best place for it, and I assume this is because they merely upgraded the old 2 wire wireless to 3 by adding this, is almost under the power button. Right next to... a speaker. The lead runs along a Speaker wire and puts the antenna right next to it. See pics 1 & 2................

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Sony :: Slow Rip Speed

Jan 1, 2010

When I try to rip a CD, I'm getting some very slow rip speeds. Here's what I'm using:

Windows 7
Winamp Pro 5.571 & Windows Media Player 12
Sony Vaio Intel Core 2 Duo P7450 (2.13GHz)with Intel Centrino processor with Blu-ray Disc(which seems to be a Pioneer BD?), 4GB RAM.
Lame version seems to be 3.98

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Sony :: Vaio Z At 1/2 Speed

Apr 8, 2009

Ive had a vaio Z 2.53Ghz for a few months working very well. Lately Ive been noticing that the system feels really slow. I just ran a CPUZ and got the readings that the CPU is operating at 1/2 speed (around 1.26Ghz). I ran a few benchmarks (SySoft Sandra/Everest) and was confirmed again that the system is running at 1/2 speed. I remember that runnig on batteries usually the CPU slows (lower CPU multiplier) down to conserve batteries but mine is plugged-in and it does not make any difference. I opened it up and took out the CMOS battery for a few seconds to re-set the BIOS to see if that would fix it. Same problem.

Also I noticed that my power settings Tab incontrol panel are all grayed out so I cannot change or access them... this is all so weird... I know that setting power settings in XP's to the maximum performance profile, turn off Intel SpeedStep which is what I suppose is forcing my system to permanently using a lower multiplier...

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Sony :: Why Won't My Ethernet Run At Gigabit Speed

Dec 18, 2009

On my brand new Sony SR590, I cannot get the ethernet connection to run at 10/100/1000, only at 10/100. I don't see any settings for this whatsoever and I think I've looked everywhere. I have the Yukon 88e8040 card. When I bought the computer, the site says it's a GbE card! But why isn't it running at such speed?

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Sony :: Sr 490: Fan Speed,heat And Shutdowns

Sep 2, 2009

I've been having a few problems with my sony Sr. When I was carrying it around in school in a nicely padded case, I had a couple "unexpected shutdowns". I have no idea what causes these, but does anyone have any ideas? Also, is there any way to prevent this? I'm not very rough on my laptop, although it might be bumped a little from outside the bag.

Also, on two occasions, the laptop started up from sleep inside the bag unintentionally.

It heated up a lot inside the bag, although it's not what I would consider an overheat, because I had no slow-downs, crashes, or shutdowns. However, after the second time this happened, my fan has been going very fast and cycling between very fast and fast speeds, much faster than normal. This is happening even hours after I shut it down for 12 hours and let it cool off. Is there a solution for this problem, and could there have been some sort of damage?

One more quick thing: the little tube things connected on top of the power switch and power cord connector wiggle when pushed. Is this normal?

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Sony :: How Can I Change My Speed Of Fan On My Vaio FW

Feb 25, 2010

how can i change my speed of fan on my sony vaio FW laptop, any programs i can use.

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Sony :: Vaio Z Memory Speed Diff From I5-520 To I5-540/i7-620?

Mar 26, 2010

While eagerly scouting the Zs, I've greatly enjoyed this forum for the past few weeks. I've been stopping by (ok stalking) my local Sony Style store to check them out in person, and became curious about a discrepancy.

Does anyone know off hand if there is an inherent memory speed or bandwidth difference between the 520m and 540m (or 620m)? I haven't noticed anything official from Intel or the Sony specs, other than they all use DDR3/1066 sticks.

Last week I snapped a picture (rather fuzzy cellphone, sorry) of the WEI screen for the lone silver GX/S (i5-520m) floor model. It shows a lagging score of 5.9 on memory, which doesn't jive with other performance scores mentioned on this forum (that I could find).....

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Sony :: Vaio TT SD Card Reader Speed

Jan 3, 2010

Does anyone know the speed of the SD card reader on Vaio TT? I am planning to run the Windows 7 from the HDD; and run Ubuntu from the flash card that I will be putting on that reader

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Sony :: VAIO Z690 RAM Speed And CPU-Z Question

Apr 7, 2009

I just received my z690 cto and I'm doing all the tests I can think of to check that everything is working properly.
I have one question about the memory.

I ordered it with 4GB ddr3 working at 1066Mhz and when I run the program cpuz the memory is recognized as DDR3 PC3-8500F but the "DRAM Frequency" is reported as 532 Mhz (instead of 1066).

Can anyone tell me if it is normal or if it should report 1066?

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Sony :: FW490 CTO 4650: Clock Speed Only 450/600

Aug 20, 2009

I ordered a FW490 CTO w/ P8700, 4650 1GB, 4GB RAM, Vista 64, etc. Anyways, I was a little disappointed with how well it ran Americas Army 3. I downloaded and ran GPUZ, and I got some interesting results... It says that my 4650 uses GDDR3 memory, which is apparently the best setup for the card, but it also reports that my clock speed is 450 MHz, and my memory clock speed is 600 MHz. From everything I have gathered, that is below what most 4650 Mobilitys are at... what gives? What are the speeds of everyone elses 4650?

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Sony :: VGN-SZ360P Speed Switch Not Responding

Jan 14, 2009

I recently replaced the fan on my VGN-SZ360P. It was hell, I had to remove everything just to get to it. After a few hours I was able to piece everything back together. Now my Speed switch doesn't work. I need the Speed switch to use the DVI port on my port replicator to out to my external monitor. Seems like it is stuck on Stamina mode. In order to use the DVI port I need to be in Speed mode and with the nVidia graphics card. I tried to uninstall and reinstall everything. Nothing seems to work. I contact Sony and the tech told me to do a system restore. That is going to wipe out my entire computer to factory default.

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Sony :: Z Turns Off When I Switch To Speed Mode

Feb 25, 2009

I can run in safe mode and in stamina mode all day long, however when I switch to Speed mode after a few secs the screen goes black and the notebook just turns off. Anyone have any ideas? I am at a total loss. I have tried a complete restore and also tried Natius drivers.

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Sony :: Poor USB Copying Speed With New VAIO CW2

Mar 10, 2010

I've just purchased a VAIO CW2 (VPCCW2S1E) and did a format and fresh install of Windows 7 x64 to rid myself of all the bloatware. The problem is that copying to, from and between external USB flash/harddrives is now extremely slow - often a couple of hundred kb/s, and sometimes 2-3 Mb/s, when the speed should be 20 Mb/s+. I've had the drives for a while and they work flawlessly over USB 2.0 with other computers. I know that USB copying speed was normal before the format as I copied the Windowsdrivers folder to a USB harddrive, though that folder was only a few hundred Mb.

I assume I missed installing some USB chipset driver after the format, though I have installed the following:

1. IPS_Driver_1.0_10Q1_O_1.0.0.1030 (unsure what this is)

2. SATA_Driver_Intel_Non-RAID_8.9X64_E_8.9.4.1004

3. SFEP_Driver_Sony_8.0_10Q1_O_7_8.0.1.1 (unsure what this is)

The list of available drivers is here: [url]

I've installed Windows 7 on a fair number of computers and never had this problem; how typical then that it should happen on my own laptop

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Sony :: Vaio Z690 Speed Mode Graphics

May 9, 2009

It seems for some reason my Z690 does not work well in the speed setting. This results into videos that seem to refresh a lot, games that are slow and have jagged edges and in general slow video performance.

Whats funny is that on stamina setting, all my graphics actually do quite well. Videos play fine as do the games /w smooth edges

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Sony :: I Can Not Adjust The Brightness On A VGN-Z12GN Under Win 7 In SPEED Mode

Oct 12, 2009

I have a Vaio Z, model is VGN-Z12GN.

I upgraded from the pre-installed Windows Vista to Windows 7 Professional (new, up-to-date legit copy from MSDNAA, no pre-release version).

When I am in Speed mode, I can not adjust the screen brightness by using Fn+F5 and Fn+F6. I really would like to have this functionality back again .....

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Sony :: Vaio Z Stamina/Speed Switch In Windows 7

Feb 12, 2009

Does any else have this feature working under Windows 7?

I have everything functioning (incl. FN brightness and volume controls) in my partitioned install except this.

I have the switch itself set to "Stamina" but neither mode even brings up the little green light beside it. It is completely unresponsive.

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Sony :: Only 2 High-Speed USB Ports Work (FZ21Z)...

Feb 21, 2010

I tried to copy data from one hard drive to another, and a little notice came up saying I would be better using a high speed port. I was cleaning out my closet yesterday, and noticed on my FZ box it says it comes with 3 high speed ports, but only two show in device manager, which are the two on the right side, as the drive I was transferring from was plugged into the one on the left.

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Sony :: VAIO SZ5- Can't Switch Between Stamina/speed Mode

Aug 8, 2009

I have a VAIO VGN-SZ55GN but I found out that I can't switch between speed/stamina mode.

I had had the intel graphic driver installed automatically after I'd installed a new OS onto the laptop but I can't get the nVidia driver to work.

I tried shutting down the laptop, moved the switch to speed and turned on the laptop again but I still can't get the laptop started up w/ nVidia graphic card.

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Sony :: VPC-Z112 Nvidia Graphics 2D Clock Speed

May 12, 2010

Have a Vaio Z112 with the Nvidia 330M. I know this gpu should slow down to ~150mhz when only running 2D apps. Looking at nvidia system tools and nvidia precision tool mine always seems to run at the full 475mhz regardless of what I'm using.

Anyone else experience this? Did Sony write out the slow speeds in their drivers due to the assumption we would switch to intel graphics when needed?

In nvidia system tools there is an area that shows 2d/3d clock speed. normally you would expect to see ~150/475 there...I only see 475. Basically it looks like there is no 2d-only clock speed.

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