Acer :: Throttling Fix

Dec 15, 2009

Like many of you, i to had this throttling problem that occurs after couple minutes of play.

I read threads that describe how to fix this using RMClock and undervolting CPU, but i decided to try find some simpler and safer solution. I found this option that slows down processor before increasing fan speed. After i turned it off, i didnt experience any more performance drops.

Heres where you can find it:
-first go to Power options on control panel
-select Change plan settings for High Performance
-click Change advanced power settings
-scroll down to Processor power management and expand
-expand system cooling policy
-change value to Passive like shown in picture:

Im not sure that this will work for anyone, or that i had real throttling problem, but this really helped me. Before i could play up to 20-30 min maximum before my laptop performance started to drop and games started lagging. I tested this solution on dirt2 for 2 days and so far i didnt experience any performance drop, yay

You can see my specs in my signature.

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Acer :: 6920G Throttling

May 19, 2010

I've had the Acer 6920G for quite some time, I realized I should put a stop to throttling/downclocking.

I tried the several ways which came from this site, especially from flipfire and DarkSilver. I already undervolted my cpu, but after I played L4D2 for about 10 mins it started to throttle again. And the post which DarkSilver made was to go to regedit and change some settings in the RightMark CPU Utility, I've done that yet it still throttled.

I also attempted to go to BIOS and check if I could disable EIST, but there was no option. Does anyone have any idea how to solve this? I've updated my drivers and everything, and I also upgraded to Windwos 7 - but it still stays the same way.

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Acer :: 6920g Throttling And New Board

Dec 17, 2009

i've sent my computer for repair because it doesnt shutdown properly. it turns out the something is wrong with the board and they have to replace it. the service center is going to order a new board from acer. do you think with the replacement of the new board the throttling problems on 6920g will disapppear?

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Acer :: GPU Throttling Aspire Gemstone

Mar 23, 2010

I experience stutter and frame rate drop after about 40 minutes of gaming. Something is triggering Nvidia Powermizer to slow down my GPU. After the GPU drops in performance it stays there unless I restart my computer. this is not related to cpu downclocking because i'm running throttlesop. more info in my sig.

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Acer VN7-591g :: CPU Temperatures And Throttling?

Dec 8, 2014

I recently bought an Acer VN7-591g laptop. When the laptop is idling in windows the CPU is around 51°C. When I start CSGO I get temperatures up to 98°C. When it reaches such high temperatures, it throttles down to the lowest possible multiplyer (x8) and the FPS goes down drastically. The temperature almost instantly goes down to around 68°C and then starts to increaste very fast as the CPU goes up in terms of multipliers. It's needless to say that the FPS varies a lot and makes the game annoying to play.
Is this normal? I've read that this laptop shouldn't have problems with throttling. And the temperatures close to 100°C on a regular basis is something I'm not confident with. What are the expected temperatures? I really want to get a stable and good gaming performance out of this laptop.

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Acer :: Chaser Update Re: 6920G Throttling

Jun 26, 2009

Here's the bullet points:I was only able to get the machine to throttle ONCE in front of them. I'm absolutely stumped why my 6920G behaved so well (do they have Acer-be-good signals on their property? ), but I think it may have something to do with my resetting of the GPU back to stock clocks. I'm going to keep it there and see.That being said, they at least know that the system does throttle at a lower temperature than it should.

They suspect it's a motherboard, fan, or BIOS issue, but couldn't hammer it down without taking my system for more time than I had.I was not able to get a stock 6920G to throttle AT ALL. They brought out a model with a T5750 Core 2 Duo and BIOS v1.06, and using ORTHOS I was able to get it to and above 60 degrees without a single stutter or throttle. This may denote that the problem is not as systematic as we originally imagined, or that the demo system was the exception.In any case, they'll happily take my system and fix it up properly whenever I don't need it anymore. (of course, I will need to slide the original CPU back in) So, what does that mean for those of us who do throttle every now and again?

Unfortunately, there isn't a one-size-fits-all fix. Since the problem occurs across CPUs and BIOSes, it's up to YOU, the user, to find a solution that works. And what works for you may not work for everyone else.

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Acer :: Aspire 6920G Throttling & Upgrade

Apr 16, 2010

My notebook has worked fine until about half a year ago when the CPU is overheating from doing little tasks such as skyping and having the internet open. So I read up on the topic and ended up here. I have rmclock installed and adjusted it a bit but no real effect. I also don't want to mess up my laptop by frying it.

For the Aspire 6920G with Intel T5750 @ 2GHz what do I have to set my FID and VID at?

other question:
Would you recommend upgrading my CPU or is the current one sufficient? (I use it for occasional gaming (Empire total war) and multimedia applications such as photo-shop)

If so what other components would I have to change?

Would it increase the performance of my laptop?

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Acer :: 6920g Laptop Down Throttling When Gaming

Jun 3, 2009

I am experiencing a problem with my 6920g laptop throttling down when playing games when the heat increases eg. GTA IV.

I've already tried just using RM-Clock Utility and setting it for max performance but yet it still clocks down with heat increase.

Ive seen an excellent guide on here for lowering the voltage of my laptop so would this help with gaming (as well as the general running of the laptop)

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Acer :: The Definitive Guide To Aspire Gemstone Blue Throttling

Jul 29, 2009

The Definitive Guide to Acer Aspire Gemstone Blue Throttling Issues v2.0
Credit Due to DarkSilver, ATG, Sgogeta4, and Unclewebb

This thread is specifically designed to put an end to the multitude of threads about people asking why their Aspire 6920G, 6930G, 6935G, 8920G, or 8930G is experiencing lackluster performance in gaming.

What Causes It

Were not 100% certain, but through a process of elimination, we believe there are two possible causes:

That a sensor on the motherboard is going haywire, reading internal temperatures entirely wrong. As a result, the systems BIOS believes the CPUs temperature is reaching dangerous levels when its really well within operating limits, and causes a thermal throttle to be activated. This halves the CPUs performance until the temperatures are returned to what the system perceives as safe levels.

It could also be potentially linked to a ridiculously low setting in the BIOS and not the fault of a motherboard sensor this was refuted by my travel to Acers Canadian headquarters, where a stock 6920G was shown to operate just fine, with no throttling whatsoever. That being said, given the large number of users affected, it's still a possibility.....................

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Dell :: What's Throttling?

Feb 12, 2010

I see all those threads about throttling, but they all are about the How and Why's, but none seems to tell me what throttling is / how i can recognize that my laptop is throttling.

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Dell :: Studio XPS GPU (throttling)

Feb 8, 2010

I just got a new Studio XPS 1647. Specs are i7-620M, 128 GB SSD, 4 GB RAM, RGBLED, and the standard ATI 4670. Now that dell actually appears serious about fixing the throttling problem, I am seriously considering keeping the laptop. I would however like to make a few modifications. I need to actually put the correct RAM into the computer (they put in 133Mhz rather than 1067, i know its lol). More importantly I would like to change the GPU out for an ATI 57xx series. My question is can I put in a 5730/5750/5770 and not void the warranty? Also have the 5750 and 5770 even been released yet? It seems like it can only be a win-win situation. The 57xx series runs on less power (25-30W compared to the 35W of the 4670), and also they are faster, DDR5 with the two higher end models.

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Dell :: XPS 16XX Throttling

Mar 12, 2010

I have read a lot on this problem and just did some testing on my system.

I am running Modern Warfare 2 and within a few minutes my throttling begins; cpu drops to 700mhz and then doubles and then full speed... I have CPUZ running on second monitor watching it progress.

Next step, I disable the PowerPlay in the CCC ATI Control Panel; pick the game up where I left with CPUZ running on the second monitor... 30 minutes later; ZERO throttling.

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Dell :: 1330 CPU Throttling Going On

Nov 17, 2008

I've got a 1330 with a T7250 processor, 4gigs of ram and a 8400GS.

I run my notebook all day long undervolted (tested stability a lot using orthos) so temperatures are less.

I also use RMClock to max out the cpu frequency when connected to AC (so that it stays locked at 2 ghz whenever i am in AC mode)

Also, my 8400 gs is Overclocked to 600/825 from stock 400/600.

The thing is the following:
when running COD4, every once in a while my frames drop noticeably. I then went to investigate this and using RMClock's monitoring tool i noticed that the frame drop was consistent to a throttling of the CPU.

However, whenever i test out my pc with ORTHOS or rthdribl i get higher temperatures than when running COD4 and the CPU doesn't ever thottle itself...

As you can see, this is a pretty strange thing because temperature is NOT being the "throttling factor" over here, as it is almost all times. I also have the gpu copper mod applied and haven't ever passed out 80 degrees on the gpu (which are pretty normal temps for an xps1330, specially overclocked)

What do you think could be causing this? It is really bugging me a a lot. Could it be maybe unstable voltages or something?

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Dell :: 1640 Throttling ....

Feb 10, 2010

In recent light of the the throttling investigation and incoming fix on the 1645 and 1647 models, Ive been instructed to make a separate thread to investigate the same issues for the 1640. If you have a 1640 with throttling issues please post any information in this thread. This is a new thread covering the same issue as the other problematic 164X's. Throttling.

Unclewebb can back me up on all of this as I went through these tests with him, the same tests he used to determine throttling on all other 164Xs models.

At full GPU and CPU load, mulitplier scales back to 6x and 3x. My 2.93ghz t9800 then clocks down to 1500mhz and 798mhz respectively.

Programs used: RMclock, CPU-Z, GPU-Z, 3Dmark06, Prime95, Throttlestop

For Bill: Original 1640 threads where users started reporting throttling. Joker first reported throttling on the 1640s when he had a 3670.

==>The Official Studio XPS 1640 + ATi 4670 GPU Owner's Thread <== *Part 2*
===> The Official Studio XPS 1640 + ATi 4670 GPU Owner's Thread<===

**A user has decided to run a few gaming tests to prove it effects in real world everyday performance........................

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HP/Compaq :: Cpu Throttling Even During Gaming

Jan 31, 2009

I have a dv7-1135 nr laptop .. spec's are as follow's amd turion x2 rm-70 cpu speed is 2.0 each core. the problem I notice is that my cpu is slowing down at the wrong time.
I use the program cpu to determine that my cpu is dropping sometimes as low as 500mhz .
I know that laptops have a throttling function but i have that disabled . I have looked in the bios for that feature also and can not turn it off. can someone please Help as i do notice an extreme loss of power during gaming .

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Apple :: MPro 17 5.3 CPU Throttling

Feb 9, 2010

So before I yell BS at Apple Care Support I hope some of you mac owners could clarify some questions for me. The only thing different about the Macbook Pro 17 I have is the T9900 CPU (3.06ghz), well onto my "problem".

I recently installed Windows 7 on my MB (No OSX present on the HDD), used BootCamp3.0 drivers from my OSX DvD and updated those to 3.1, so all drivers for the Hardware under Windows 7 have been installed -everything working nifty.

My problem is whenever I tax my system to the max (Read 100% CPU usage) the two CPU cores quickly reach 100-104Degrees, the fans kick in, but little do they help, the system instead clocks the CPU frequency down to first 2.8->2.6->....ending up at 1.5Ghz -the fans do nothing, since it never goes back to 3.06Ghz unless I stop the cpu intensive task.
Meaning under full load I can only utilize "~50%" of the power in my system. Do any of you have an idea why this happens? Its important to add that the MB is sitting on a flat table in a normally tempd. room, also the MB was bought October'09 so it is probably not dust clogging the fans........................

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Dell :: Throttling CPU And GPU Problems On 1558

May 24, 2010

I've been having some throttling issues with my 1558 for a past few days. I've been using it in the us but i'm on vacation now n i'm working on a 220V supply! Does that affect the performance of the adapter in any way?

My config is a core i5 520m,4GB ddr3, ati 4570 512mb,1080p screen.

I was playing Burnout Paradise n my system slowed down after 10 min of gameplay! I noticed that the CPU multiplier was frozen at 9. I really dunno y that happened! I've been playing the same game for hours together back home and it din seem to affect it in any way!

I tried updating it the latest BIOS that came out (A05) and that din help either. It also happened with a few other games as well.

I tried using throttlestop to just confirm that it was the CPU. The games was playing fine for 15 min wen the system just shut off!!

So I just tried to play for one last time with throttlestop off and it was actually fine till I got a critical error msg n my screen wasn't showing color properly!!

Have I fried my graphic card somehow?? Or is my adapter just not strong enuf to handle the load n hence throttling the system??

I tried updating my drivers to v10.4 N it kept saying INF not found n I had to install it indirectly.

Any way to find out if I've screwed up the graphic card?? I'm scared to push it with a game and screw up the system!!

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Dell :: S-XPS 1645/1647 Throttling

Feb 8, 2010

for 130 Watt Adapter and update to the latest BIOS

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Dell :: SXPS 1647 Throttling

Mar 23, 2010

I just bought an SXPS 1647 (I believe... I have the core i5-540 processor) and I wanted to know how the throttling issue effects these models.

Is it less of an issue because the i5's are less power hungry?

Has there been any response from dell about the throttling on this model? Are people requesting the 130Watt adaptor?

RGBLED 1080p Screen

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Dell :: XPS 1640 Throttling Problem.( If Fix This To? )

Jan 23, 2010

Everywhere talked only 1645 throttling problem and dell fix 1645 and so on.. If Dell fix 1640 throttling problem to?

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Dell :: Throttling Even More Of An Issue With A Cooler?

May 5, 2010

I was thinking about buying a notebook cooler, most likely the COOLER MASTER NotePal Infinite Notebook Cooler and i was just wondering if it would increase throttling as it draws its power from the laptop .....

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Dell :: SXPS 16 [Throttling, Speakers, Etc.]

May 18, 2010

Hoping to buy one but wow, there are a huge amount of problems here.

If I order one now, will this brand new machine have these problems? Have Dell sorted this mess out?

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Dell :: E6400 Overheating Throttling

Jan 31, 2009

My E6400 has been suffering overheating problems with the current hot weather (over 30C degrees). When the machine overheats it begun to throttle to 75% then to 35%. Once it reached 35% the machine is extremely slow (much slower than normal 35% in power saving mode), it like the machine is put in the safe mode and it wont recover once the temperatures drops i.e. ACPI, & cpu =40s & NVS160 = 60s. The only thing fix the problem is to shutdown the machine & wait for few minutes and restarting the machine. Anyone have had experienced similar problem? I am suspecting the ACPI is triggering the machine to throttle.

I was able to replicate the problem and here is the temperatures the machine begun throttling

ACPI = 78C, Core 0 = 61C, Core 2= 72C, NVS 160 = 80CHDD = 45C
P8400 -> core speed = 1600MHz, multiplier = x6 bus speed = 266 MHz, FSB =1064MHz
BIOS = A11

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Dell :: 93006800 Ultra Throttling

Dec 22, 2007

My Inspiron 9300 has the following specs:

Pentium M 1.6Ghz pin modded to 2.13Ghz (previous CPu was 1.73Ghz) , 2Gb RAM (667Mhz sticks), 6800 Ultra (Xps Gen 2 Bios flash-A05, previous card was an X300 64MB.)

I seem to be getting odd 3DMark05 socres, around the range of 4500, I tried overclocking the 6800 Ultra to 500/1166 and that produced a result of around 5000. The odd thing is that 3DMark05 appears to be running "choppy" every other frame it seems to skip producing a choppy flow of the tests, the frame rate also fluctuate by about 5 FPS in somewhat low movement/action scenes.

I have tried numerous drivers all resulting in the same thing (every driver has been cleanly installed). I am also quite certain that it's not a temperature issue as the max temp the card reaches (according to I8kfanGUI) is around 80-85 C. Just to be certain I ran 3dmark while the laptop was in an ambient temp of -5C (holding laptop outside the window ;]) and still the same...although max temperatures were a lot lower.

So is it possible that the card is for some reason throttling back and forth from the high performance 3d profile (450/1064/1.38v) to the low profile one (250/658/1.1v)?

I got the card from eBay over a year ago now and thus have no warranty on it.

Has anyone else had a similar problem and found a solution?

I am currently considering flashing the card with a custom BIOS, using NiBiTor 3.6 get BIOS from card, change ONLY throttling values to 450/1064 and also voltage to 1.38v, do not touch anything else, save the BIOS burn to CD (alongside a copy of original BIOS read from card)-[no floppy] and flash.

However I am a bit worried about killing the card, has anyone attempted something like this? Also the ROM files generated by NiBiTor are exactly 64,000 bytes is this alright?

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Dell :: Studio Xps 1640 Throttling

May 4, 2010

This has been happening lately ill be playing starcraft 2 ( other games as well ) but this one specifically that all of a sudden frame rates dip to 2 - 10 fps and the game crawls. Starcraft 2 gives me a warning saying my computer is running slow. I normally get 30 - 40 fps with a mix of medium/high settings at 1920 x 1080. Temps seem normal but my cpu usage is spiked at 100% when this is happening. I know throttling on the 1645 and 1647 is common but ive never had this problem with my 1640 until now. I have 2 years left of warranty so im ok. If i call dell what am i going to tell them and what are they going to do?

Below is a pic of temps

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Dell XPS 15 9530 :: FPS Drops / GPU Throttling

Jan 3, 2015

So I recently bought a Dell XPS 15 9530 and well I wanted to see how it would do in gaming. It was doing well in most games until one day, I started getting fps drops that lasted a long time. The FPS would go from whatever it started with, an example being Watch Dogs with 50 fps on low settings, to 9 fps. Another example is CS:GO where I get 60 fps on highest settings, I cap it at 60, but after a few rounds it goes down to 15 fps. So I got NVIDIA Inspector to see what was wrong as many had said it was the GPU throttling and the clocks were 135 MHz for the GPU Clock and 405 MHz for the Memory Clock instead of the default 941 MHz for GPU and 2500 MHz for Memory. The temperature was around 75 degrees celsius at most so I don't think that is the problem. It is plugged into wall while playing and I have most programs closed down when playing.

Also, I have my power plan set to 'High Performance'. The FPS drop does not last forever but lasts about 10-15 minutes and can either be resolved by restarting my laptop or, if I am lucky, restarting the game. It is quite annoying and I have been testing everything for about 2 weeks. I have tried re-installing BIOS, clean installation of drivers, used different programs like ThrottleStop, tried lowering the settings and none of these have worked.

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Dell :: Resolve 1645 Throttling Issues

Jan 7, 2010

I recently (Dec 7) bought a XPS 1645 and I'm experiencing the throttling issues. It's apparent when I play games (Left 4 Dead 2) and I have the RGBLED brightness set to high. If the brightness is at the max setting, the game is unplayable. If I minimize the brightness, the game immediately becomes playable. I have been keeping up with the throttling thread. From what I've read the upcoming bios update will not fix the issue. It has to be a combination of a bios update and new AC adapter. I don't expect Dell to send out 130w AC adapters after the battery fiasco they had - considering the 1645 was designed to use a 90w AC adapter.

This got me to thinking. If the bios update doesn't resolve the issue, there are only so many options that we have left.

1. We buy third part 130w AC adapters and hope that our laptops don't burn out.

2. We each individually call Dell Tech Support and stay on the phone until we get a refund/replacement unit (possibly the 1647?).

3. We roll over and use the throttled laptop and accept Dell's bios 'fix' - never getting the full performance out of our laptops.

4. Dell offers replacement units for affected customers.

Options 1-3 don't resolve the issue for us. As far as #4 goes, it's hard to imagine Dell issuing a voluntary recall on affected units. But I think option #4 is something that as a community we could make happen. While this issue seems to be fairly well known on the forums, (as someone mentioned in another thread) it is largely unknown to the outside world - based upon the reviews the XPS 1645 gets on Dell's website. If we were to go out and let others know how certain configurations of this laptop under perform, perhaps we make Dell notice enough that they would want to protect their brand by issuing replacements. The catch is that we have to loud and get this out there.

Dell won't voluntarily offer a product replacement. This issue is unknown. If they were to go ahead and replace our XPS 1645's, that would be letting the whole world they screwed up on the design on the laptop.

However, if we can somehow get this into the news cycle and let the world know, then it becomes in Dell's best interest to offer replacements.

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Dell :: Slight Throttling Confusion About 1645!

May 30, 2010

On the featured systems, i was thinking of purchasing the second one which has the i7 processor, but i have a few questions before i would like to buy it.

1) This is a 1645 system meaning that throttling will be there right?
2) Does installing the A09 BIOS Solve the throttling issue?
3) Without using throttlestop is there any way to control the throttling?
4) Is it compulsory that throttling occurs on all the systems or some don't have it?
5) Will me playing NFS Undercover cause the laptop to throttle?....

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Dell :: S-XPS 1640 (w/4670 1GB) Throttling Issue

Feb 3, 2010


I posted a few weeks ago about how my 1640 might be throttling. While with unclewebb's ThrottleStop shows that when I run Furmark and Prime95, the multiplier of the CPU goes down to 3x.

I'm going to do some intensive testing tonight with my system and hopefully some other 1640 users could come out and test theirs since most of us have different configurations. (Please see my signature down at the bottom for system specs)

Also, I see that in the other thread about the S-XPS 1645, it was normal gaming that caused it to Throttle. Games such as TF2, Demigod, and D.A .....

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Dell :: S-XPS 1645 Throttling Info. And Updates

Dec 27, 2009

Dell has released their solution to the throttling issue, if you have updated to the latest A07 or newer bios, and recieved a 130w adapter from dell. Need to call the reps and get a 130w sent free of charge.

After more testing looks as if the A07 bios has indeed greatly improve the performance of the laptop. More testing will continue to see where the limit is at, as there may be close to the throttling edge perhaps.

Purpose of this thread is to educate those about the throttling issues with dell's laptops. Specifically to the xps 16 with i7 processors. Also to show community driven solutions as we wait for dells response to this issue.

This is an advancement from the power investigation thread, to summarize the thread here is a quick list. The 1645 is supplied and designed for a 90w adapter which is undersized and cripples the laptop under gpu + cpu stresses,

such as gaming and photo editing.Running on battery seems to let the laptop run more towards it potential.The problem severity varies and depends mostly on configuration and type of program being ran.A 130w or bigger power supply will not solve the issue alone, as the bios actively throttles to main 90w anyways.Through reps Dell seems aware of the issue. As of yet there has been no official announcement and is .....

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