Apple :: How Do I 'point' Home Folders To Different Drives

Aug 23, 2009

I have a SSD/HDD setup in my 13" MBP, 60GB and 500GB respectively, that being said, I want to make the link to "Movies, Torrent, and Applications" go there.

For Torrent and Applications it's easy, move the folders, delete the original, set an alias in the home folder. Done. (My application folder is for storing Games, and other Apps that are either OSX or WIndows apps, not the actual App folder that OSX uses for programs.)

Anyways, I create a Movies folder on my other HDD, and go to delete the old Movies folder on the SSD/OSX Drive, and OSX tells me, "You cannot delete because this folder is required by OSX."

OK, but how do I get it to link to the new drive?

In Win 7 I remember just opening properties, and clicking 'set target folder' and bam it's done. I did this a lot back then.

ALSO, If I UNMOUNT my second HDD, does it 'shut off' and 'stop consuming power'?

I realised I can re-mount it in Disk Utilities, and probably with a Unix command.

I just wanna save power when I'm mobile, by not having to use the spinner.

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Dell :: No Sound For Drives And Folders In My Xps M1530

Dec 25, 2008

i have got no sound while i m browsing my drives or files in my vista ultimate operating system. i did re-apply theme, sound everything. but nothing worked out. now i have set Ultimate Extras Glass sound sceme, but still i can't hear any sound while i m clicking the drive or opening folders. everything else is perfectly normal.

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Apple :: Spare Hard Drives - Home Replacement - And Full Disk Imaging

Jan 12, 2010

I currently have everything I ever need on one laptop -- a mid-2009 15" MBP. Having had a slew of hard drive problems over the past few years, and given that such disks are regularly the source of problems (before, say, a logic board), I'm considering purchasing a spare hard drive and keeping it, or the one in my machine, as a backup disk for the day when my current drive dies. The closest Apple store is ~45 minutes away, and I'm perfectly capable of doing my own computer surgery. An inoperable laptop would be a pretty significant problem for me.

So basically, my questions are twofold:

- From perusing the hard drive threads a few months back here in the Apple forum, it seems like WD's Scorpio Blue (500 GB, 5400 RPM) is the popular choice. Given the time that's elapsed since its release (and the thinning of hard drive threads after the last "big one" I found), are there any other drives, SSD or standard, that can beat it in terms of power usage / noise / performance overall without gouging the bill too much?

- I use Time Machine with a Time Capsule to keep everything nice and backed up, but an HD/SSD swap would be best done with an image of my entire drive. Is Carbon Copy Cloner still the go-to for that?

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Apple :: Why 10-point Calibri In Word 2008 Looks Like 15-point Calibri In Mail

Mar 31, 2010

Weird question, but: why is it that in Apple Mail, I can set an outgoing font to 15-point Calibri and have it look identical to an incoming Office 2007 user's message sent from Outlook (and in fact, "show fonts" shows it as 15-point Calibri), but in Word 2008, if I were to set it to 15-point Calibri, it would be huge compared to what I remember it as in Office 2007?

Its default in Office '07 is 11 point, if memory serves. To my eyes, 10-point zoomed to 150% looks normal, but I definitely do not remember this.

Is this just a function of OSX's 72 dpi versus Windows's 96 dpi? I'd hate to send an email at 15-point Calibri, have it look like an 11-point Calibri message in Outlook '07 on the Windows size, and end up having my recipient get an email with a HUGE font.

I've looked at messages I've sent using 14- or 15-point Calibri in Outlook 2010 in Windows 7 via Boot Camp, and it looks like I'd expect 11-point Calibri to look.

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Apple :: Restore Lost Folders / Desktop

Feb 18, 2009

I had a folder on my desktop and yesterday it disappeared. I also had some files in a folder "untitled folder" with some numbers after the "untitled folder" and, although I was able to save files to it, I can't find it on the hard drive.

I've had my Mac for a few months (and love it) but there are still so many things that I haven't figured out. On Windows you can "restore" the computer to a former date and have things just the way they were on that date.

Is that possible with OSX? It's not a disaster. Nothing critical lost (I hope) but I'm wondering what happened and what I might have done to "lose" those folders.

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Apple :: Temp Files/folders On MacOS

Apr 4, 2009

I'm just curious if Mac OS X has anything similar to the Temp folder found in Windows?

Particularly during program installs, does the OS extra temp files somewhere in the HD?

Aside from the browser history and temporary files (which I can clear within the browser), are there anything else that I need to clear every now and then?

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Apple :: ITunes - Can I Import A Bunch Of Songs From Different Folders

Jun 12, 2009

Can I import a bunch of songs from different folders instead of having to drag and drop each individual music file? Like drag and drop the entire music folder into iTunes instead of having to go into each individual artist's folder and dragging and dropping?

Also, is it possible to clear all registered machines to an account? I just went through my third computer and forgot to de-authorize (un-authorize?) my account, again again.

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Apple :: Why Can't I Move Or Copy Folders Within My External Harddrive When I'm Using It With My Macbook

Apr 20, 2009

I don't get it. I try to move one file into a folder and it says it can't be modified.

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HP/Compaq :: Will Envy 17 Come With Western Digital 1TB Drives Or Toshiba 1TB Drives

May 11, 2010

Which drive will the envy 17 come with and which drive performs better? These are the only 2 2.5" 1TB drives i see released as of now.

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Apple :: 15K Drives Loud In Mac Pro

Mar 1, 2009

I would love a 15k mac pro hd when I order my new system....but are they loud? I have 2 raptors in RAID in my XPS and while its not's not quiet either. Anyone own a 15k drive and can speak for it in the Mac Pro?

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Apple :: WD External Drives

Mar 17, 2009

I have 2 WD Elements External Drives - 640GB each, one formatted in FAT32, the other in NTFS.

I know OS X does not write NTFS drives, but I've got NTFS for MAC installed.

I have a problem: Everytime I connect either drive and leave them for sometime (at times just a couple of minutes) they eject unexpectedly. An error message pops up saying that the drive has not been properly ejected.

However, there are times where I can connect without problems but when I try to copy a file, half-way it disconnects again (This is with the NTFS-formatted drive)

On my FAT32 drive, when I connect successfully, either I can copy stuff, or the message : "Error Code 0, unexpected error occured" pops out

What should I do? I have disabled the NTFS for MAC driver but it does not solve my problem.

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Apple :: Import Windows Mail Folders - Mail Into Mail - App

Sep 8, 2009

Is there a proven method to import Windows Mail (Windows7) folders and mail messages into Mail? This would be just about the final step required for me to ditch Windows altogether.....

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Apple :: Icon For External Drives

Jul 5, 2009

is it possible to add some file type to a flash drive / external hard disk to give a nice icon on the desktop for that particular drive when its plugged in? i know how to change the generic icon, but thats not what i want.

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Apple :: Optibay And 12.5mm Height Drives

Sep 24, 2009

has anyone used the Optibay on 12.5 mm height drives? i was hoping to put one in my MBP to add 750gb rather than the normal 500GB on standard 9.5mm height drives. I don't want to order the hard drive if it wont fit though, and I cant seem to find any info about anyone who has tried this, or the exact space thats available in there when you use an Optibay.

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Apple :: WD Scoprio Blue 750gb And 1tb Drives

Jul 27, 2009

Anyone know if these recently announced drive will work in the new MBP line?

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Apple :: Connecting To My Workgroup/network At Home W/ OSX

Jun 19, 2009

Recently got a macbook for the first time and I'm having trouble figuring out how to connect to the other (vista pc) computers on my network. Of course on vista I would just click network and it would show all devices online, but here nothing I've looked up walkthroughs and I have to go to GO/ connect to server, then punch in the computer name...ok....but once I'm in, all I see on the pc I tested on is this "users" folder and nother else. I have virtually everything set to share....what am I doing wrong? Why can't I see the normal public/shared folders? Is there an easier way to connect to my home network computers?

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Dell :: SSD Drives An/or Mini PCI SSD Drives

Sep 28, 2009

Has anyone tried one of the netbook mini PCI SSD drives in an inspriron?

How about the regular SSD drives? I have a 1525 I am considering updating a smidge .....

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Apple :: Home-Made Cooling Pad With Speed Control

Feb 18, 2009

well last night and this morning i was busy making my self a home made cooling pad, with some crap laying around the house. I don't know if there is already one but i'll put this one up. I will upload pictures tomorrow. The total project was about 1 hour and cost less than $10. It also has a speed control which is cool (it is built on my ac/dc adapter so you will make yours). My mother-tongue is not English but French, so excuse the words i might use or not use. Also their are some tools i couldn't translate the name, but when pics are up I'm sure you will know..................

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Apple :: Mac - Access All Data On NTFS-formated External Hard Drives

Apr 17, 2010

I'm willing to purchase my first Macbook Pro, but I have one huge question mark in mind: Will I get to access all my data on my NTFS-formated external hard drives? If so, how, is it natively supported with Mac OS X?

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Dell Inspiron 5010 :: Windows 7 64 Bit - Unable To Make New Folders

Apr 23, 2013

Recently having several issues, unable to make new folders, but now my fnc key that turns the sound off doesn't turn the sound off anymore. 

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Lenovo B / G Series :: G580 - View Large Icons In Folders In Windows File Explorer

Aug 6, 2014

I have always been able to view large icons in my folders in windows file explorer.  Then one day I couldnt. I have to right click and choose 'preview' to see the image. How do I fix that ?

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Dell :: Control Point 1.3

Oct 14, 2009

Anyone else having problems with DCP 1.3000 A12 (or something like that) on Vista x64?

Specs are in my sig.

Basically, after installing the newest DCP today, I lost control of screen brightness and the Auto-Light Sensor, meaning I can't change the brightness levels, NOR does the ALS affect brightness levels. I still have control of the keyboard backlight though.

After trying the 2 older DCP versions on Dell's site, the results were the same. The ALS version never changed.

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Dell :: E6500 Control Point

Feb 13, 2009

How do you disable it from the software? Is disabling the service for it the only way?

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Dell :: Control Point With Windows 7?

Sep 2, 2009

Recently installed 7 and am wondering which aspects (if not all) of Control Point I should download

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Dell :: Control Point System Manager

Feb 8, 2010

Has anyone used the newest version of Control Point System Manager software?

They really really dumbed it down as now you don't have the ability to individually turn off things (SD card reader, DVD/CD Rom, etc).

If anyone does any type of power management with individual parts I'd highly advise them to avoid this version.

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Dell :: M6400new Connection Point Software Available

Jan 8, 2009

Dated 6 Jan 2009 - now controls the WiFi card.

I'm just downloading it...

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Dell :: How Do I Disable Control Point WiFi

Apr 17, 2009

Just got my E4300. There are a few things bugging me about the unit such as the touchpad and touchpad buttons.
But one of the real annoying things is the Control Point.

Especially for wi-fi.
Once the computer is running, I can see at least four items on my system tray associated with wifi, or connecting to it.

How can I simply let the windows wifi manage my wifi?
For some reason,

when I hybernate or go on standby, the wifi (managed by Control Point) doesn't automatically connect again. I have to disable my wifi and enable it again to find my router. Or Reboot.

Very annoying.
It also completely disables the windows built wifi. So "repair" wifi doesn't work because it doesn't even see my network.

So, Is it ok to disable simply the wifi portion of the control point?
Better yet, what's the proper way of doing this?

I'm fine with the other stuff, I just find the wireless networking portion of it annoying.

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Dell :: E6400: DCP Control Point Which To Install

Oct 8, 2008

Which DCP (Dell Control Point) I should install? I want to control Volume and Display brightness only. Nothing else.

I do not want to install DCP for security, power saving, etc because last time I installed security and power saving DCP, it caused me disaster.

If anyone knew which app and if they allow me to install: Volume + Display brightness control only,

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Dell :: How To Uninstall Control Point And Bloatware?

Jun 26, 2009

I just ordered my Dell e6400 for +17,000, i'm pretty proud of the specs but i'm

hearing bad things about the control point and i want to uninstall it asap once i get it.

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Sony :: Z11 With Windows 7 X64any Point Upgrading The RAM

Dec 9, 2009

I'm looking at pushing my Z11 past 4GB RAM, ideally to 8. But I understand the maximum is on 4GB.

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