Dell :: Current 25% Studio XPS Discount: Rare Or Not?

Aug 12, 2009

I know that Dell is known for always/usually having a lot of great coupon codes, but 25% does seem outstanding.

So for those of you who keep a closer eye on Dell than I do - is this degree of discount normal or unusual for Dell? In fact, is there any time of year that tends to be the "best" to get a Dell?

I'm probably not going to take advantage of this discount, but I'm still curious for future purposes. I'm trying to hold out on getting a new machine as long as possible - ideally, until Windows 7 comes preinstalled and perhaps until the new Intel chips/platforms come out...

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Dell :: Trying To Get A Discount Or Free Delivery Or Student Discount Or The EPP

Nov 17, 2009

I just wasted 45 minutes trying to get a discount or free delivery or student discount or the EPP thing over the phone, anything!

But they wouldnt throw me a bone, i think it might be because i always get put through to the india call centres

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Dell :: Random (rare) BSODs

May 27, 2010

I got it back in September, but very rarely, and inconsistently. It's happened maybe 5 times since I've had it, so it's very hard to troubleshoot.

Anyway, I just got another one "Driver IRQL not less than or equal" which could be anything from what I've read. I've run a memory scan with the built in Dell Diagnostics.

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Dell :: Does The Current Studio Lineup Support 1080p/5.1 Output Over HDMI?

Nov 3, 2009

If I have a 1080p/5.1 source on my laptop (BD, .mkv, etc.), will I be able to output that signal via the HDMI port?

I've read about some laptops only supporting HDMI video/not supporting HD resolution output/HDCP issues and just want to confirm that the Studio is capable of this.

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Dell :: How Do You Get The EPP Discount

Jul 10, 2009

Do you actually have to be a Dell employee or student, or are there ways to get it even if you're not?

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Dell :: What Is The Best Way To Get Discount Off

Oct 5, 2009

Just a quick question for everyone out there

How did you get your discount?

Im not eligible for the Dell epp so im going to have to go in guns blazing and twist some arms

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Dell :: Student Discount

Aug 19, 2009

I will be buying a new laptop in Sep. and I would like to know if there is a list of schools and there codes for the student discount...

I am going to Davenport University and I have looked at the Dell University website and do not see it listed. I was told to call 1-800-695-8133 by the chat help because "not all schools are listed". When I called, the person I talked to did not understand what I wanted to know and got frustrated with me and placed me on eternal hold... So after sitting here like an idiot for a half hour waiting for her to get back I decided to call Davenport ... They have no idea what the code is.

So here I am ... Maybe there is someone out there going to Davenport University in Michigan and knows the code or maybe there is a list of the codes somewhere...

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Dell :: Where Are The Discount Codes?

Dec 14, 2009

I've got my new laptop coming from either Lenovo (a ThinkPad) or Dell (a Latitude). But Lenovo is making it very easy these days. It seems they have a new coupon code on their website every day.

Using their codes I can get a better-equipped 15-inch notebook from Lenovo than I can from Dell. What I like about the Lenovo codes is you can use them on any purchase.

Am I missing something? Where are the Dell deals? I've clicked on a couple of deal links on this site but I'm taken to regular Dell 'specials' landing pages which offer the same price as their non-deal pages.

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Dell :: College Discount

Jul 12, 2009

Okay so I'm trying to buy the Dell Latitude E6400 for college and I'm trying to use the 28% discount even though through my college I get a 7%. I rather get a 28% instead of 7%.

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Dell :: Do 10% Off Coupons Stack With The Educational Discount?

Jun 27, 2009

I'm about to order a Studio 15. It looks like the EPP exclusive one is easily the best deal, but I'm waiting to see if a 10% coupon comes out. I've seen older post where people mention usiing them. So I've got two questions:

1) Do the coupons stack with the 7% off discount?

2) How often do these coupons come out?

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Dell :: EPP Discount, But Saw No Option For Free Shipping, Is That Normal?

Jan 11, 2009

I put the new xps studio 1640 in my cart with EPP discount, but saw no option for free shipping, is that normal?

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Dell :: Is 's McAfee Security Center Discount Worth It

Dec 15, 2008

I've stayed away from McAfee and Norton for years, so I don't even know what an annual subscription to their virus definitions even costs anymore, BUT Dell's pushing a 1-year subscription McAfee subscription for $79, and 3-years for $99. Comparing the two makes the 3-year subscription look like a pretty good deal. Is it? Cnet seemed to like this latest release, but I don't know how much stock to put in that.

Is $99 for 3 years a good deal, and is McAfee Security Center even any good? Could I get a comparable deal buying/upgrading the subscription after purchasing the computer, or is getting it pre-installed on the Dell pretty much the only way to get it at that price?

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Dell :: What Is The Current Rev Of The PA-15

Jan 22, 2008

What is the current rev of the PA-15?

Also, any issues with a rev 01 PA-15?

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Dell :: What Is 's Current New Notebook Roadmap?

Jan 31, 2009

Anyone know of or where it's posted any expected release dates and models? I'm ready to buy a new 15.4" but I of course I want to wait if Dell's getting ready to update any models.

I guess they aren't really going to update anything models until the new mobile i7s come out, no

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Dell :: TRIM Support W/ Current Samsung SSD

Oct 27, 2009

So I was still confused about whether or not the SXPS Samsung SSDs would be able to accept the future firmware update (and thus be able to support TRIM). I contacted Dell's tech support via email and was told that the drives will support TRIM (though on 2 occasions he called it TRIP). I am not inspired by his lack of knowledge regarding the proper term and dont think that he is right. If I save the email would this help my case of getting a SSD from Dell in the future that does actually support TRIM?

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Dell :: Current DX10 Hardware Already Obsolete

Aug 11, 2007

Existing DX10 hardware - such as the GeForce 8800 or the Radeon 2900 - won't work with the new DX10.1 The 0.1 revision requires new hardware for support.

Form MS August 2007 DirectX SDK:
Direct3D 10.1 Tech Preview
Direct3D 10.1 is an incremental, side-by-side update to Direct3D 10.0 that provides a series of new rendering features that will be available in an upcoming generation of graphics hardware.

* TextureCube Arrays which are dynamically indexable in shader code.

* An updated shader model (shader model 4.1).

* The ability to select the MSAA sample pattern for a resource from a palette of patterns, and retrieve the corresponding sample positions.

* The ability to render to block-compressed textures.

* More flexibility with respect to copying of resources.

* Support for blending on all unorm and snorm formats.

This tech preview provides an early look at these features and the handful of new APIs that support them. The August 2007 Direct3D 10.1 Tech Preview requires the Windows Vista SP1 Beta which will be available to MSDN subscribers once it is publicly released.

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Dell :: Uninstall Current Driver Before Installing New One?

Jan 16, 2009

I've found out there's newer drivers for my Studio laptop for webcam, wireless, etc.

I updated the BIOS and it went fine. My question is do I have to uninstall current driver before installing new one? On Dell web site, they only give general instructions and don't mention this.

If I install new driver over the old one, will I have 2 versions and can go back (in device manager) if the new driver doesn't work as well

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Dell :: Whats The Current Score With M1710 Replacements?

Dec 3, 2009

Its been along time but my second m1710 died today but is still in warranty.

Have been advised that the 7900gtx card no longer is replaced and that i would need to take the 7950gtx.

This is out of stock, back order of 25 units.

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Dell XPS 15 :: Service Tag In DSOE Does Not Match The Current System

Mar 23, 2011

Around 60% of the time when I turn on my new Dell XPS 15 laptop, I receive this error message, attached. The actual error message reads 'Service Tag in DSOE Does Not Match the Current System'
The only thing I can attribute it to, is an Acronis TI Home 2011 restore, as I wanted to check to see whether the image would actually work. NOTE: I did make Dell Restore DVD's first.

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Sony :: New Z (i5) CPU Vs. Current Z (C2D) CPU

Jan 2, 2010

As an example my Z laptop has the P9500 C2D... but for arguments sake lets say I have a P8600 (same GHz as the new Z's CPU).

Current Z P8600:

Max TDP: 25 W
2 Cores @ 2400 MHz
Fully threaded application on both cores:
2.4Ghz * 4 Ops/Clock * 2 Cores = 19.2 GFLOP
Single threaded application (very common) on ONE core:
2.4Ghz * 4 Ops/Clock * 1 Cores = 9.6 GFLOPS
(GFLOPS is a great baseline on how fast is the CPU rating--giga floating point operations per second)


The new Z apparently has (at least confirmed so far) an Core i5-520M:...............

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Dell :: Current Status On /Samsung 256GB SSD TRIM Support ?

May 12, 2010

What's the current status? Does or doesn't it support TRIM and if then with which firmware?

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Dell :: Best Current Video Drivers For M1330? Laptop In Danger

Mar 16, 2009

Recently I've been having trouble with my M1330's GPU overheating. It's been idling at 70-85C and can sometimes get past 100C when under load.

Since I'm going to be in Japan for the next few months, it doesn't seem like there's a simple way for me to send my laptop in to get a new GPU or motherboard, if that's the issue.

So I've been trying various things to try to reduce the temperature. I bought an aluminum laptop cooler with 3 fairly large fans on it, but it hasn't had any significant effect.

I also downloaded the latest BIOS, since I heard that the newer ones increase the fan speed.

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Dell :: Current Upek Fingerprint Reader Software And Drivers

Sep 19, 2008

Upek changed the way they do things so we can't easily upgrade our drivers. This guide tailors to 64-bit users, but 32-bit users can use the second half of the guide as you guys should be able to get drivers directly from Dell.

First, you need to download and install the full upek software suite (it includes the drivers)

32-bit users, get this directly from Dell.
64-bit users, get this from here: [url]

64-bit users, this is not Dell or Upek brand but will do the job to get the drivers.

Use windows explorer (firefox and others seem not to work) and go to this site: [url]

You should now be able to see an upgrade link. This was not the case without the drivers or using firefox for me.

Uninstall the old version as this is a full install and may cause conflicts.

Download and install the latest.

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Dell Vostro 1720 :: Forcing Replacement Of Corrupt Current BIOS

Jan 11, 2015

I'd like to replace the BIOS of a VOSTRO 1720 laptop, it is the latest A08 but I think it may be somehow corrupt because I'm seeing issues (i.e. not being able to boot from CD neither placing it first in the list with F2 nor by selecting it with F!2... some occasional freezes also)

The problem is that when flashing the BIOS it is not replaced 'cause I get a message that it already is the current one.

Any hints on forcing the replacement of the BIOS even if already the current one?

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Dell Inspiron 5720 :: App That Will Show Laptop Current Hardware Drivers

Apr 18, 2013

 Is there an app for inspiron 5720 that will show the laptop's current hardware drivers and the recommended updates if any are available?

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Sony :: Which Current Vaio Series Are M.I.J.

Jun 15, 2009

I just noticed the S.R. is M.I.C. & what I figured it eventually replaced (with a couple of generations in b/t I suspect), my S from years ago is M.I.J. I see Z's are M.I.J. Any others? BIgger sizes, 14", 15" etc.?

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Apple :: Feedback From Current Gen MBP 15 & 17 Owners

Feb 4, 2010

I need to make a decision on a laptop in the next 24 hours....

I was waiting for the new HP Elitebook 8540w, but that is exorbitantly priced...

I was considering the new Lenovo W510, but the screen I require is out of stock for at least a month...

I wanted to wait for the next refresh of the MBP, but not even god knows when that is...

So considering the above, it appears my only option is to go with a current gen MBP and pray they refresh in the next 14 days.

So to the questions -

1. Have you had any quality issues with the current gen MBP models? Any overheating, under-performance issues?

2. If you got the top end 15, do you wish you would of just gone to the 17?

3. This will be a case where I have Parallels running non stop as there are some critical applications that must run under Windows, but the rest is under OSX (I'm not getting this laptop just to run Windows). Considering it seems OSX uses less memory, is 4GB sufficient to run IO intensive applications in Parallels?

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HP Lockups :: Mini 110 - Asking For Current Password?

Dec 8, 2014

HP mini  110 running winXP asking suddenly for current password giving Fatal Error CNU92636M9Why did it do this and what is the password to get into the system.

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HP Mini 110 Recovery :: Asking For Current Password?

Dec 19, 2014

mini 110 is asking for current password on startup. I never put one in. after 3 trys gives error code cnu9391wsj.

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Acer :: 6930G-744G32 - Performance Vs My Current MBP

Apr 18, 2009

I've been offered 800 pounds for my MacBook Pro that has a screen fault. It is 2.4ghz core 2 duo, 2GB Ram 200gb HDD and 256mb nVidia 8600 graphics card.

I am considering selling it for the above model that I can get from Comet for 599. It has a larger screen, larger hard drive, more ram and better graphics card and more dedicated graphics memory, it does have a slightly slower processor though.

I use Windows more than OSX these days anyway so it seems a good laptop to get with better specs than my MacBook pro. I just want to know off people who have this laptop what they think of it and how it performs.

Also if anyone can find any ACER documentation or something on this specific model so I can double check the screen resolution as I am worried it may only be 1330 x 768 or whatever it is but I am sure when I was at the store it had a sticker saying full HD 1080p meaning it would be 1920 x 1080 the same as my monitor. I hope this is the case as that is a big deal to me and I sometimes don't trust the product pages on websites selling things, Id prefer to see it on the Acer site but I can't find it. I can see the 6930 model listed but is a different model number.

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