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Dell :: How Do You Get The EPP Discount

Do you actually have to be a Dell employee or student, or are there ways to get it even if you're not?

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Dell :: Trying To Get A Discount Or Free Delivery Or Student Discount Or The EPP
I just wasted 45 minutes trying to get a discount or free delivery or student discount or the EPP thing over the phone, anything!

But they wouldnt throw me a bone, i think it might be because i always get put through to the india call centres

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Dell :: What Is The Best Way To Get Discount Off
Just a quick question for everyone out there

How did you get your discount?

Im not eligible for the Dell epp so im going to have to go in guns blazing and twist some arms

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Dell :: Student Discount
I will be buying a new laptop in Sep. and I would like to know if there is a list of schools and there codes for the student discount...

I am going to Davenport University and I have looked at the Dell University website and do not see it listed. I was told to call 1-800-695-8133 by the chat help because "not all schools are listed". When I called, the person I talked to did not understand what I wanted to know and got frustrated with me and placed me on eternal hold... So after sitting here like an idiot for a half hour waiting for her to get back I decided to call Davenport ... They have no idea what the code is.

So here I am ... Maybe there is someone out there going to Davenport University in Michigan and knows the code or maybe there is a list of the codes somewhere...

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Dell :: Where Are The Discount Codes?
I've got my new laptop coming from either Lenovo (a ThinkPad) or Dell (a Latitude). But Lenovo is making it very easy these days. It seems they have a new coupon code on their website every day.

Using their codes I can get a better-equipped 15-inch notebook from Lenovo than I can from Dell. What I like about the Lenovo codes is you can use them on any purchase.

Am I missing something? Where are the Dell deals? I've clicked on a couple of deal links on this site but I'm taken to regular Dell 'specials' landing pages which offer the same price as their non-deal pages.

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Dell :: College Discount
Okay so I'm trying to buy the Dell Latitude E6400 for college and I'm trying to use the 28% discount even though through my college I get a 7%. I rather get a 28% instead of 7%.

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Dell :: Do 10% Off Coupons Stack With The Educational Discount?
I'm about to order a Studio 15. It looks like the EPP exclusive one is easily the best deal, but I'm waiting to see if a 10% coupon comes out. I've seen older post where people mention usiing them. So I've got two questions:

1) Do the coupons stack with the 7% off discount?

2) How often do these coupons come out?

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Dell :: Current 25% Studio XPS Discount: Rare Or Not?
I know that Dell is known for always/usually having a lot of great coupon codes, but 25% does seem outstanding.

So for those of you who keep a closer eye on Dell than I do - is this degree of discount normal or unusual for Dell? In fact, is there any time of year that tends to be the "best" to get a Dell?

I'm probably not going to take advantage of this discount, but I'm still curious for future purposes. I'm trying to hold out on getting a new machine as long as possible - ideally, until Windows 7 comes preinstalled and perhaps until the new Intel chips/platforms come out...

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Dell :: EPP Discount, But Saw No Option For Free Shipping, Is That Normal?
I put the new xps studio 1640 in my cart with EPP discount, but saw no option for free shipping, is that normal?

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Dell :: Is 's McAfee Security Center Discount Worth It
I've stayed away from McAfee and Norton for years, so I don't even know what an annual subscription to their virus definitions even costs anymore, BUT Dell's pushing a 1-year subscription McAfee subscription for $79, and 3-years for $99. Comparing the two makes the 3-year subscription look like a pretty good deal. Is it? Cnet seemed to like this latest release, but I don't know how much stock to put in that.

Is $99 for 3 years a good deal, and is McAfee Security Center even any good? Could I get a comparable deal buying/upgrading the subscription after purchasing the computer, or is getting it pre-installed on the Dell pretty much the only way to get it at that price?

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Dell :: Fewer Screen Choices Vs
Is it normal that would have fewer choices of screens than I'm looking at the studio 15, and lists Hi Resolution/Bright,

glossy widescreen 15.4 WLED display (1440x900) as a choice, which is what I want, but doesn't. When I view the system specs though, that choice is listed as on option.

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Dell :: Slow Keyboard, Dell Inspiron 1545 With Vista
Dell Inspiron 1545 with Vista

Slow keyboard response, letters don't keep up with my typing.

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Dell :: Lcd Screen Work In Non-dell Laptops, Or Do They Use A Non-standard Connection?
Can a dell lcd screen work in non-dell laptops, or do they use a non-standard connection?

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Dell :: Dell Inspiron - Monitor To Shut Off After 1 Minute Of Being Idle
when i first got my dell inspiron and it was all good. when i set the monitor to shut off after 1 minute of being idle, it did and would not turn on unless someone moved the mouse of pressed a button. however, after i reformatted, the computer monitor would shut off after 1 min but soon afterwards it turns on again by itself, then it goes off again, then it remains on permanently. i recently formatted my laptop again and this problem persists. anyone knows whats sup? im using xp ftw... and my configurations are the same as it was before the reformats so idk whats wrong.

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Dell :: Dell Quickset Gives Me Little Longer Battery Time Then XP Scheduler
i have just installed dells quickset, someone who have try it before ? (did you like it better then XP energy scheduler)

someone know if "allways on" is the same as (dells) "maxium performance" ?

im wondering if (maybe) Dell quickset gives me little longer battery time then XP scheduler. (maxium battery VS battery (XP)

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Dell :: Inspiron 1000 Dell Screen Doesnt Pop Up
I have a BIG Problem my latop been actin funny cuz when i turn it on the Dell screen doesnt pop up cause the loading dot still runs when its turned on

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Dell :: Assassin's Creed For Pc To Play It On My Dell Laptop
i consider buying assassin's creed for pc to play it on my dell laptop (see sig).
any idea, how it will run? anyone with an i9400/e1705/oc'ed 7900gs, who already
played it? is it worth it or do i have to turn down the settings too much?

just for info: i can play gears of war, bioshock, ut3, cod4, et:qw, sega rally,
orange box, stalker, etc. at max settings at 1280x800 res. everything runs
smoothly like that. have to turn down aa or shadow qual. slightly down sometimes,

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Dell :: Inspiron1525- Do I Need To Install Dell System Software
I am going in for a clean windows xp install on my dell inspiron 1525.
I have downloaded all the drivers from the support site, but want to know if these are really required?

Dell Notebook System Software

Dell System Software

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Dell :: Where Can I Find A Replacement Fan For The Dell Studio 1537
Where can I find a replacement fan for the dell studio 1537. I believe the brand is a forcecon. I just want the fan, not the heatsink.

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Dell :: Spilled Water On My Dell 1525 Keyboard
I have accidentally spill water on my dell 1525 keyboard and now, when I power on, the keyboard does not work. everything works fine, its just none of the keys on my keyboard or maybe one or two from time to time work.

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Dell :: Dell Inspiron 6000 Notebook To Boot Up
Dell Inspiron 6000 notebook to boot up and stay unfrozen long enough for me to retrieve my files, and put them on my tower pc.

In a nutshell, I got this Inspiron about 3 years ago- I currently have it connected to an external monitor, because my wife dropped a heavy object on the screen last year, and destroyed said screen.

Just this past week, I turned it on, and it started getting really slow. Finally, it got to a point where now, when I turn it on, it boots up, it goes to the desktop, the desktop icons all appear, and within a minute or two, it just kind of slows down, and eventually freezes up, and the hard drive indicator light quits doing anything. It does not respond to anything, and the only way to restart it, is to hold the power button down until it resets.

If anybody knows of a thread already on this site, regarding this problem, please point me in the right direction, as I tried the search function, and did not come up with anything.

and one or two other things, since it initially started having problems, sometimes, I will get two "missing module" error boxes pop up- and also, while it is booting, the screen flashes black for about 3 seconds, and then comes back on and continues to load.

Thank you very much to anybody who could possibly help me out of this jam. I really do not plan on using this laptop (or notebook) anymore, if and hopefully when, I get my files off of it.

And that is the other problem, I can not attempt to boot up in safe mode, as my screen is busted up, and it will not output to my external monitor, when I hit the f key while it is starting. I did make a couple different bootable cds, but they do not seem to do anything.

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Dell :: Which RAM/memory Kingston, Corsair, PNY Or Dell Certified?
I enjoy gaming, although I wouldn't consider myself a "hardcore" gamer. I currently have 1024 MB of RAM (2 x 512) and I am looking to upgrade soon. My options are as follows:

- Dell certfied RAM


- Kingston RAM

- Corsair RAM

Of course, for the Dell RAM, I have to wait for the shipping, but it is one of the cheaper ones. However, any of the other three I can pick up at Best Buy (which is more convenient). Can someone point out the pros and cons of each? It seems the PNY is a great buy, but could there be performance problems compared to the others? And why is the Kingston so expensive?

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Dell :: Dell B130 And The AC Adapter Will Not Work
i have a dell B130 and the AC adapter will not work .... the light will light up but as soon as i plug it into the laptop the light shuts off and i get no power

now either this could be the AC adapter got to hot and blew something or it could be a sign for the mobo. I just need yall to help me out so i kno

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Dell :: Review - Inspiron Mini 10 [DELL]
I purchased this Mini to be in touch on an extended personal and business trip in Central America. Dell was exceptional in delivering the unit before I left, even though the promised delivery was after my departure. While away the Mini let me keep up with email and browse for information vital to the trip. The machine worked exactly as expected with no glitches. Bonus points for how easy it was to get the Minithrough security in American airports- an unexpected pleasure. Two of my colleagues and travelling companions were impressed - kept borrowing the Mini and will likely acquire one for travel.

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Dell :: XPS 13 "Dell Extended Battery Life" Option In The Advanced Power Options?
#1 - What is the "Dell Extended Battery Life" option in the advanced power options? What does it do? The help article just says that extends the battery life.

#2 - With the facial recognition software, is there any way to take multiple "logon" images for the same user? 44m .....

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Dell :: Sell On Ebay From
Is it possible to sell a dell i bought online from on ebay? Its brand new i didn't receive it yet. I dont need it anymore because my brother wanted something else for his birthday, but i don't want to refund it. Is it possible to sell it on ebay? Would the service tag be affected?

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Dell :: Dell M1730 Failure
First off, The model

Dell m1730 - Out of warranty


Laptop is failing to boot up. The screen does not turn on/make it to BIOS. Tho, the lights come on, USB devices light up...

Things that happend up to this problem:

Very confident it's NOT virus related.

I put my laptop into hibernation for the night, in the morning, the laptop still being in hibernation, I took out my Ipod shuffle first gen. Later in the day, we expirenced a black out.

When I got home, My laptop was no longer in hibernation ( the blackout ) and thats when I noticed the problem. My AC Adapter is behind two surge protectors, so I think ( and hoping ) it's a minor hardware misshap with the Ipod.

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Dell :: Sold At Wal-Mart And Best Buy Vs
Are the Dell notebooks currently being sold in Wal-Marts and Best Buys the same quality built machines as those sold on I read on another discussion board that they were not.

I read that the Dell products sold in Wal-Marts and Best Buys were built and shipped out from a different manufacturing source than the Dell computer products being sold on

That the computer products being sold at those 2 mass retailers are not built as good as those purchased directly from Is there any truth to that story?

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Dell :: Dell ProSupport? Latitude?
How is Dell ProSupport? anyone use them?

I'm thinking of getting a latitude that offers Dell ProSupport for End Users.

I know they have that command center or w/ it worth it? How are they better?

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Dell :: Changing RAM (non-Dell Laptop)
Hey yall, I'm not a dell owner, but my friend is. I'm wondering...can you put RAM sticks from another, non-Dell laptop, into a Dell? Would this break her accidental warranty (she purchased it after accident, regular warranty is long over...)? I wonder because I have a dead laptop (HD died, screen died etc) that has 2GB of RAM in it while her laptop has a mere 512 and since I'm going to be helping her do a complete system reinstall because I virus has ravaged her files...

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Dell :: What Disk Will Dell Provide With The Xps 16?
What disk will Dell provide with the xps 16? I plan on getting the MS Office, (word, excel, pp).

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Dell :: How I Could Become Part Of The NBR Dell Team
I was wondering how I could become part of the NBR Dell Team.

My current and previous laptops are both Dells, and I've been an avid member here at NBR, especially in the Dell forum.

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Dell :: Want To Buy Battery Other Than From Dell
After getting my AC Adapter replaced and my motherboard replaced. My battery STILL won't charge. That means the only culprit left was the battery, and according to Dell, I must buy a new battery from them since my 1 year battery warranty is over. The battery from Dell is too expensive, 6 cell for 330 dollars? So where else can I buy my battery from. The store needs to have good reputation, secure, and good prices. I would like either 6-cell or 9-cell battery, and willing to pay around 70-100 dollars. The battery sold must be either new, or refurbished with full capacity.

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Dell :: X64 Vista And Dell
Dell is getting their act together on the x64 bandwagon

There are x64 drivers put out by dell, just not officially.

You just have to know where to look, for example the following link
nvidia driver for x64 vista on m1530, not on their support site for m1530, yet it is available.

A11 bios update for m1530 to suppport 8 gb of ram, not on their support site.

if you go to their ftp site, and have time to look thru hundreds of files, you can find them.

I think when they have them all, they will put them on their support site, under x64 updates.

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Dell :: Which XPS Should I Go For?
I'm going to buy an XPS 16, but just considering which specification to go for.

My current laptop is a HP 6730B with 4GB RAM with Windows 7 and its response time is pretty slow which annoys the hell out of me.

I have the habit of running multiple applications concurrently, such as Word, Outlook, MSN, Chrome, Dropbox, Skype, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc (you get the picture). But I rarely play games on my laptop, though I think I might start playing if I get an XPS (probably Diablo 3).

Anyway, I'm divided between two choices:

1. XPS 16, 15.6" WLED, i7-720QM, 6GB (2+4) RAM, 256GB SSD = NZ$3,700 (about US$2,600)


2. XPS 16, 15.6" WLED, i7-820QM, 8GM (4+4) RAM, 640GB 5400RPM SATA HDD = NZ$3,300 (about US$2,300)

So basically it comes down to lower spec CPU with SSD, or higher spec CPU with SATA drive.

I did hear about certain "flickering" issues with the XPS screens and the throttling issue, but do these problems appear with XPS 16's with WLED screens (and 90W adapter)? I'd be interested to find out.

I'm thinking maybe go for option 2, and when the prices for SSD come down buy one then? Is it possible to buy a SSD from somewhere other than Dell and install it on XPS 16 myself?

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Dell :: Fan Off , Fan On, New XPS 16 I7
I just recieved my new Dell Studio XPS 16 today, after previously only and M1530.

Lovely looking laptop, however it doesn't matter whether i am using battery or plugged into the mains, the fan keeps comming on and going off every minute or so i would say. I have only had the laptop out the box for a good hour or so but the constant stop and start of the fan is really starting to get to me.

The laptop will run for a couple of minutes, fan kicks in for 1 minute off for 30 seconds, on for 1 minute , off for 30 seconsn!!

This is just happening when the computer is idle , at the very most all that is open is IE 8.0 and maybe some Windows.

I have read other people have problems with throttling , but from what i gather this would seem that the users effected are mainly if they are playing higher end games and only happens when using a 90W Power Supply, when battery is in use it is okay.

For me personaly the noise happens when it is on battery or mains powered. I need to work out what to do because i have 7 days to request a return , i may think it is because i got the I7 Chip ...

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Dell :: What Is The OEM For XPS 16?
I just finished purchasing a Dell XPS 16 two hours ago over the phone. Estimated arrival time is April 8th "because it is a high end system". It has an Core i5 520 M and an RGBLED display. Looks like I will have to eat dandelions for a while, while my bank account recovers.

So I was wondering if anyone knew what the OEM for my system was and if I wentwith the OEM route of my system, would I be able to save money compared to uying from Dell?

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Dell :: 186.03
How do I install the nVidia 186.03 driver from nVidia's site? When I download it and run the installer, the only option is the audio driver.

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Dell :: About RAM
I am looking to buy a new Studio XPS 16, and I noticed on the USA Dell they show that the XPS 16 have 1333mhz but on the Swedish Dell they show XPS with 1067mhz. Is the information wrong or whats going on here?

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Dell :: XPS Comes To An End
Is dell going to stop making XPS laptops? Or are they going to make a new model at the end of year with gtx280 or radeon 4870 sli video card? I heard that they will let the alienware m17 take over the gameing lapotops for dell,

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Dell :: C2D Or I7?
main problem is, should I get a Studio 15 with: i7, 7,2krpm disk imported from the UK (I live in Poland), or should I stick with a P8600, 5,4krpm disk config and buy it locally. Both are practically the same price..

It should be a no-brainer since the i7 config is much more powerful, but I've heard a lot of complaints that the i7 (and the GFX chip?) is overheating in the Studio 15............

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Dell :: 4gb Over 2 Gb Of RAM
In the next week or so someones giving me 2 2GB sticks of RAM for my m1710 since hes getting something new so Im just wondering, is there really any significant boost? Im running XP MCE with 2GB currently, Im not expecting this huge jump or anything but do you all think Ill see improvement ..

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Dell :: Where's My SSD
Just looking at the studio XPS 13/1640 and the SSD's are no longer an option.

Also, the standard color now is obsidian black high gloss finish with NO leather. The leather is now a $40 upgrade. That is strange to say the least.

What else... Oh, the 1640 now comes with a 1600 x 900 base display. That is good news but I'd imagine most ppl get RGBLED There's also a non RGB 1080p panel.

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Dell :: Will You Buy Again?
After all the issues with the nVidia graphic cards, will you buy a Dell again? I know that it is not entirely Dell's fault here but so far they have not been helpful in getting my XPS 1330 fixed again.

My computer died last week although it was only casually used for Internet browsing and office applications. What I'm more frustrated about is Dell's Support (or better lack of thereof) in getting this fixed.

IMHO, Dell should replace all laptops that could be affected given they sold a faulty product. I'm surprised not to see a lawsuit against Dell in regards to that matter. Dell only provide a software patch as a solution which however isn't really a fix.

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Dell :: CPU 100%
Im having a problem with my e1505/6400. Its running windows 7 pro, though the same problem used to happen when it was running xp mce. Basically after using it for a while after turn on (maybe half an hour to an hour), the CPU will goto 100% and the computer will go supppeer slow.

This will remain the case for about 5 minutes, and then the CPU usage will go back to normal, unless I end a whole bunch of tasks in the task manager and then generally I can end the bogged down period sooner. It is never one process that has high CPU usage, but instead the usages of say 10 different processes all bounce around high and low to keep it constantly at 100%. It doesn't have a virus or any spy/adware.

The only thing I can think of is maybe this could be the result of it getting too hot ? It does tend to get hot, would that make sense ? Or does this sound more like a hardware problem or something else ? I tend not to be too rubbish at troubleshooting things like this, but this time Im baffled ?

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Dell :: HOw Do I Know If I Have SLI
I just got a 1730 as a warranty replacement and when I first got it I could enable the sli button in the control panel. I could also see two cards in the device manager(not sure if this was before or after I checked the sli enable box. I upgraded to the NBF drivers and some point between now and than I can't see two cards anymore and there is no check box in the nvidia control panel.

I'm thinking maybe I never did have it and when I ticked the box in the control panel it made the system think that there were two... maybe. Is there any other way to check if I have it or not? I had also installed sp3 somewhere inbetween here and there...

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Dell :: Why Is It So Hot?
I recently put in a geforce go7800gtx video card into my xps gen 2 and when I play video games within 10 mins of play the gpu temps reach 83 degress celsius without overclock.

I have another video card from my inspiron 9300 a geforce 6800go. And, when I put that when in it reaches 54 degress celsius even when I overclock this card and play games for 1 hr straight.

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Dell :: Anyone Here Use S.M.A.R.T.?
being that my first samsung HM320JI drive died in less than a years use, I am very paranoid with my toshiba MK3252GSX.....

anyone here use S.M.A.R.T., and if so is it worth it? is there a noticeable performance decrease?

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Dell :: XPS 16 At Best Buy
The dell XPS 16 is now available at Best Buy starting at $999. Not a bad considering starting price on Dell website is $1199 and this one comes with a P8600 .....

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Dell :: From 32 To 64
My 1530 shipped with 32bit and I recently asked Dell and received the x64 disk. My first go at the installation I did an install of x64 and it turns out, according to dell, that I did a "diry" install (basically installed over old).

I did what was suggested; upon installation (reinstallation) I deleted all drives. I eventually spent the next few hours updating drivers and reinstalling software. Now I'm back to where I want to be with a few exceptions.

1. My computer doesn't restart. The "logging off/out" screen lingers, while the blue circle spins indefinitely. I have to push and hold power button to shut off. Upon restart, I get a windows wasn't logged off/shut down properly message. Any one else experience this?

2. My computer locates my wireless network, but the manual wi-fi swith turn wi-fi on and off, but it does not visually show me that it does/n't. Same issue with the search wi-fi button. Doesn' give me a que. No real issue considering I can connect. Any one else?

3. Since I didn't know that I had to create a recovery partition during reinstallation I don't have one. According to Dell it's too late to create unsless I want to go through the same process (I really don't). Is this true. How beneficial is it to create one. Should I start over and create one. I didn't create one for Media Direct as I was told its not compatible with x64.

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