Dell :: E1405 Replaced Inverter But LCD Issue Remains

Feb 24, 2010

I have a problem with my E1405 with its lcd backlight turned off about 1 second after opening the lid.

I can still see Windows running when I look really closely.

According to what I've read it's most probably a faulty inverter. So I bought a replacement off eBay and installed it

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Dell :: Inspiron 6000 Screen (already Replaced Inverter)

May 12, 2009

My screen went black. Did some research and found it it was most likely the inverter.

I replaced the inverter but it still flickers and then goes black while its booting up.

How can I tell if this is the back light or if this is the lcd itself? I've heard the backlight is hard to replace and I might have to take it somewhere to have it done which would cost $$ .....

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Dell :: I Will Be Getting My LCD Replaced.. How To Check If They Replaced With Correct One?

Jul 30, 2009

I purchased my dell laptop sxps 1640 in Feb and till is getting lot pf problems...

1st time - Around 2 weeks back - My Motherboard, DVD burner and Palmrest was replaced

2nd time - 1 week back - Palmrest was again replaced

3rd time - This time - They said that they will replace Palmrest, Motherboard, LCD, Power Adapter..

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Dell :: Smashed E1405

Jan 18, 2009

He says the only things that are not working for sure are the keyboard, LCD, and 1 of the RAM sticks, the one located underneath the keyboard.

However, he says the motherboard is slightly bent and the CPU looks like its in good working condition, so he is pretty much selling the CPU (T7200) 60gb hard drive, 512mb ddr2, 6 cell battery, wireless card, and fan cooler, and possibly dvd drive i haven't heard back from him.

I'm really interested in the CPU, but I don't know if it works, neither does he. He just states that the laptop won't start.

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Dell :: Nvidia Drivers Refuse To Install (remains On Standard Vga)

Jan 14, 2009

obviously uninstalled the old ones (removed from control panel, then safemode and use the guru drive cleaner to clean up any left overs)

when i install the drivers it takes about 5 minutes which is the strange thing i noticed, normally takes a minute or 2 at most

after installation i reboot and find that in device manager the yellow exclamation
mark icon next to the vga device, when i try and point it to install from the folder itself it takes about 10 minutes then tells me its failed.

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Dell :: Audio On An Inspiron E1405

Jan 25, 2009

My problem is when I try to watch a movie or play an audio CD, the sound comes out very distorted. This problem doesn't happen when I watch videos on the internet or anything loaded onto my computer or when I rip a CD/DVD or burn one. The sound has the same distorted quality no matter what program I use.

I've tried updating the driver, disabling digital playback (vs. analog), and everything else I could think of. Please help!

Dell Inspiron E1405
Windows XP Media Center Edition, 2004
TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632D DVD/CD Drive

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Dell :: Largest Hdd An E1405/640m Can Take

Jul 7, 2009

What is tha largest HDD a DELL INSPIRON 640M (E1405 in US?) can take?
Has any one found success with a 320GB 7200 RPM HDD?

Also has anyone tried installing Windows server 2003? As a student I am eligible for a license

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Dell Inspiron E1405 :: Won't Turn On

Oct 21, 2011

I am working on a friends laptop, a Dell Inpiron e1405, and it won't power on. He had it start downloading an update for his iPod walked away for a bit and when he came back, the computer was off and it won't turn back on. We have tested his power cord with a multi-meter and we know the right amount of power is getting to his laptop. When we plug it into the wall, the LED comes on indicating the battery is charging. Also, about every 5th time we push the power button, the power LED lights up then goes off.

What I tried:

I unplugged the power cord and took out the battery and the CMOS battery then held down the power button for a minute. Then I put it back together and nothing happened.

I took the entire laptop apart so that it was just a motherboard in the case with nothing else attached. Then I put everything back in to see it something just needed reseated. Nothing yet.

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Dell :: Inspiron E1405 / 640m CPU Upgrade

Sep 9, 2007

I have an Intel 1.6 ghz T2050 Core Duo, and I was wondering what sort of upgrades I can install to increase the performance of my laptop?

Can I install a faster Core Duo processor? Can I install a Core 2 Duo processor without changing the motherboard?

curious to find out what sort of upgrades I can install on my laptop,

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Dell :: E1405 Screen Bright Without Charger

Jun 17, 2009

How do i have my screen stay bright after i have taken out my charger.

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Dell :: E1405 Hard-drive Upgrade (Max Size)

Mar 13, 2010

I am thinking of upgrading the hard drive on my Dell E1405. I was just curious if there is some kind of limit as to how big a drive I can get or is just whatever my wallet will tolerate.

In addition, can anyone point me to the "correct" hard-drive that my laptop supports? (I'm assuming it's a SATA drive.)

I wasn't sure what type (if there is one) that I need to buy for my laptop. Just anything on amazon or, or something along those lines.

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Dell Inspiron E1405 :: Quit Working - Won't Boot

Feb 28, 2013

I have a E1405 that quit working. I replaced the keypad and got a new battery. It won't boot. The only thing that happens is the Numlock, Caps lock and a third led, which escapes me now comes on and stays on for about thirty seconds. I checked to see if the ram was loose, removed and re-installed the cmos battery, even tried my spare HD. I am thinking the system board might be toast.

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Lenovo P/Y/Z Series :: Z510 Battery Plugged In Charging But Remains On 0%

Feb 12, 2015

I installed windows 8.1 pro with WMC on my lenovo z510 laptop and installed energy management driver from laptop's drivers dvd. After I installed LEM (lenovo energy management) i started the gauge reset process for my laptop.

After some hours i saw nothing is happening so i made a mistake and cancelled gauge reset in the management software and after that when i restarted my laptop my battery icon says PLUGGED IN CHARGING but it just remians on 0% !!!!!

Problem solved by for example uninstall and reinstalling MICROSOFT ACPI. but notice that i reinstalled my windows 8.1 ! i changed in to windows 7 ! again changed it to windows 8.1 !!!

I updated the energy management software ! nothing happened !

Then try to restart to BIOS menu and from there restore BIOS defaults ! but i couldn't enter BIOS from any ways ! from pressing F1 ! from the way based on windows 8.1 and UEFI frimware settings (somthing like that) ! from none of them i could enter the BIOS!

So now my battery is still facing the problem !you know that it's not easy to unattatch and reattatch z510 battery that is internal ! so at last i must say that i've checked a lot of ways and now my battery is still having problem !

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Dell :: E1405 And XPS M140 Media Direct Button Lights

Jan 30, 2009

So I have a Dell XPS M140 and the blue lights for the Media Direct buttons are much brighter than those on my Inspiron E1405..

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Dell Studio 1555 :: Does Not Start - Can Hear HDD Spinning But No Beep Or Error Appear / Screen Remains Black

Feb 4, 2013

My studio 1555 is not starting. When I press it, power button goes white, I can hear the HDD spinning but no beep or error appear. Screen remains black.

When I press the power button again it's turn off.

I've already tryed to take out battery and press power bottom for 30 seconds but nothing happens.

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Dell Inspiron 3537 :: When Pressed Power Button On Display Remains Black But Fan And Dvd Writer Works

Dec 20, 2014

My dell inspiron 3537 has been showing this problem. When i press the power button on, the display remains black though the fan and dvd writer works . this is followed by 7 beeps . The First beep is loud and remaining 6 are short beeps. Beeping repeats untill i press the power button. My laptop is only around 6 months old.

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HP Compaq Presario CQ57 Networking :: Wireless Not Working - F12 Remains Orange

Jun 3, 2012

I have a Compaq Presario CQ57 Laptop which has worked fine up until this morning as i cannot connect to the internet with wireless. I have re-started my laptop and checked the settings but i keep getting the same message telling me to turn the wireless on. The F12 is orange and remains orange and will not turn on or change colour.

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HP Compaq Presario CQ60 Display :: When Turn On Laptop Screen Remains Black

Aug 4, 2012

I have a Compaq Presario CQ60. The Display does not appear to be working. When I turn on the laptop the display remains black. No boot up screen, nothing. I can't go into the bios because I have no screen. The screen remains black. The harddrive appears to be working and all other functions appear to be working but I am not sure because I have no screen.
Is this a known issue with the Compaq Presario CQ60?

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Dell Inspiron E1405 :: Hard Drive Error Code 2000-0146

Apr 16, 2009

On the start-up diagonstic the error code 2000-0146 came up. The computer is booting fine, though sometimes does not shuts down properly. Should I look into getting a new hard drive right now. Is it going bad?

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HP Pavilion Dv6-7011tx OS/Software :: WiFi Button Not Working (Remains Orange) After Windows 8 Upgrade

Oct 14, 2012

The wifi orange light does not change to white light after upgrading to windows 8 OS from windows home premium. i am using pavilion dv6-7011tx laptop, my product no. is. B0P39PA#ACJ this is very frustating as theres no wifi as well as bluetooth connectivity, the wireless button key solution is useless.

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Dell :: LCD Inverter

Jan 24, 2010

I have a Dell Inspiron 640m 14.1" laptop. I cleaned screen with foam and some foam flow under the screen frame, where the LCD inverter is. 1/3 of the screen (lower part) started to shudder (horizontal stripes appeared) and after some time this part stay brighter than other 2/3 upper part of the LCD. Motions on the brighter part are slow, mouse arrow movement is like in jelly. Text is hard to read. See added photo about LCD. Is it a LCD problem or inverter problem? What component needs replacement?

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Dell :: Car Inverter For Xps 16

Feb 24, 2009

i going to buy a inverter for my car so i can charge and us my laptop in my car while i am on the road. the inverter i am getting has a max output of 175watts. does anybody know how much power in watts the xps 16 uses?

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Dell :: Bad Lcd Or Inverter Board?

Sep 15, 2009

The computer turns on and I see the same image (sort of distorted) about 6 times

What could be the cause of this? Inverter or bad lcd?

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Dell :: Anyone Know P/n For Inverter For LED Screen?

Feb 26, 2009

I purchased a lid, bezel, and cable, too. But the cable has a blue connector that looks like it would connect to the inverter. Is there actually an inverter board that goes just below the led lcd screen? If so, does anyone know the part number?

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Dell :: LCD Backlight/inverter Repairs

Sep 14, 2009

I have a Dell 17" laptop and the screen shows this blueish green vertical on startup.

After a few minutes of warming up the line goes away and the screen looks normal. The line reappears on reboot though.

Looks like this is a problem with the backlight/inverter. The laptop is almost 4 years old, but I would like to keep it going a little while longer

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Dell :: Inspiron 6000 Inverter

Feb 2, 2010

The inverter flaked out in my Inspiron 6000, so I ordered a new "compatible" (same part number/specs, different design) inverter, which does work, only if the LCD is outside of the chassis.

Once the LCD is placed back into the chassis, something grounds and the inverter does not work. Once I take the screen back out of the chassis, it works fine. I'm not sure what could be grounding it or causing it not to work

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Dell :: With D510 Lcd Purchase And Inverter

Apr 5, 2009

I need to purchase a dell D510 lcd but want to know if the inverter has to replaced with new/used lcd or can I use the old one?

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Dell :: M1530 Anyone Know P/n For Inverter For LED Screen?

Feb 26, 2009

I just purchased a led screen for my xps m1530 that came with regular ccfl lcd. I purchased a lid, bezel, and cable, too.

But the cable has a blue connector that looks like it would connect to the inverter.

Is there actually an inverter board that goes just below the led lcd screen? If so, does anyone know the part number?

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Dell :: Inspiron 600m: Backlight Or Inverter?

Aug 19, 2009

I have a dell inspiron 600m laptop and my screen is dimmed out. If I turn of my laptop and restart it, the display will come on for a second ( but it is a little bit reddish) and then I hear a noise and it light goes off, and I can;t see anymore. However, I am sure the computer is still running properly

I am sure that the computer is on, and is functioning properly for two reasons:

1- if it is sunny, i can see my desktop, and what ever I have open, be that a browser, a word document, so on and so forth

2-when i connect my laptop to an external display everything is fine...

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Dell Latitude D520 :: LCD Screen Inverter Board

Jan 23, 2015

how many different types of screen inverter there are for the dell latitude d520(15") as ive tried 2 different ones without success and i know the only fault is the inverter.

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