Dell Latitude D520 :: LCD Screen Inverter Board

Jan 23, 2015

how many different types of screen inverter there are for the dell latitude d520(15") as ive tried 2 different ones without success and i know the only fault is the inverter.

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Dell :: Bad Lcd Or Inverter Board?

Sep 15, 2009

The computer turns on and I see the same image (sort of distorted) about 6 times

What could be the cause of this? Inverter or bad lcd?

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Acer :: Inverter Board

Nov 17, 2009

At first the screen was lightly flickering once in a while and it became more and more frequent. Then it started to get black, more and more black. Within 2 days it became completeley black Now it is impossible to see anything even using a flashlight it seem completely dead.

I was told by a tech that the inverter board is dead.

I took the computer apart using help I found on the net and the Inverter board is finally in my hand

Iím trying to purchase a replacement but it is confusing.

The actual number on the board is PK070007U00-A00-6AH-02995

But when I go shopping on the net I only find reference for PK070007U00-A00

My laptop is an Acer Aspire 5630-6298

What represent the rest of the numbers 6AH-02995

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Dell Latitude D520 :: Screen Shrinks To Small Size At Start Up

Mar 23, 2013

I recently formatted my Dell Latitude D520 laptop because of a  frequent shutdown problem.

Also at the same time I have updated my BIOS setup file.

But now whenever i restart laptop, at the start up the DELL logo appears and also the windows logo and other messages appears in very small window rather than full screen size, till the machine gets fully loaded. Once the windows is loaded , it works well with full screen mode.

However,  if i run any Command Prompt application, the screen get shrinks  to small size, the same size which appears when the machine is booting.

On investigation, I found that

a) At every startup in BIOS setup Video/LCD Panel expansion is getting turned off and I have to manually enabled it at every startup

b) If i run any video/audio file the latptop instantly get turned off and may or may not restart for several days. Once it get turned off, it simply start getting turned off at every startup.

I have installed the drivers from the site, but problem persists.

Does it happens because I updated latest BIOS version? Shall i get old BIOS file from dell site?

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HP/Compaq :: DV6000 LCD Inverter Board

May 2, 2009

I replaced this board and display worked for approx. one day, now no display again, notebook still diplays fine on external monitor.

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Dell :: Latitude D520 Keyboard And Trackpad

Jan 11, 2010

My friend is very cheap and will not get a new computer. He has a dell lat. D520. I wiped everything and installed all the drivers from the dell website for the laptop.

Everything works great until you have to type or move the trackpad. It tends to jump around or insert other letters then the one chosen. But a usb external keyboard works fine!

I called dell and said that he doesnt have any warranty and said maybe the buttons were stuck? Should he order a new keyboard for 50 bucks?

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Dell Latitude D520 :: Disable Touchpad When Using External Mouse?

Apr 10, 2013

When I'm using the laptop to write documents... or emails my hands brush over the touch pad and the slip act of swiping the neatly organized lines of text becomes jumbled gibberish

How do I disable the touch pad when using an external mouse?

laptop is latitude d520 running  XP

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Dell :: Anyone Know P/n For Inverter For LED Screen?

Feb 26, 2009

I purchased a lid, bezel, and cable, too. But the cable has a blue connector that looks like it would connect to the inverter. Is there actually an inverter board that goes just below the led lcd screen? If so, does anyone know the part number?

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Dell :: M1530 Anyone Know P/n For Inverter For LED Screen?

Feb 26, 2009

I just purchased a led screen for my xps m1530 that came with regular ccfl lcd. I purchased a lid, bezel, and cable, too.

But the cable has a blue connector that looks like it would connect to the inverter.

Is there actually an inverter board that goes just below the led lcd screen? If so, does anyone know the part number?

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Dell :: Inspiron 6000 Screen (already Replaced Inverter)

May 12, 2009

My screen went black. Did some research and found it it was most likely the inverter.

I replaced the inverter but it still flickers and then goes black while its booting up.

How can I tell if this is the back light or if this is the lcd itself? I've heard the backlight is hard to replace and I might have to take it somewhere to have it done which would cost $$ .....

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Dell :: Latitude D520 Has Horizontal Lines Of Stuck Pixels (over 3000 Stuck Pixels)

Jan 5, 2009

I have tried many times and with many methods to fix the pixels, but I am only able to fix it one-by-one, pixel-by-pixel. Is there any way around this? (and BTW its my assigned school computer and is out of warranty)

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Sony :: Vaio Display- It A Backlight, Inverter Or Screen

Dec 7, 2009

i have a sony vaio c2z - nvidia geforce 7400; x-black lcd

i have had a lot of problems with my display since august. although i didn't notice at the time, it happened soon after i installed the Win 7 RC.

when i start the laptop up the screen looks all distorted and the colours arent correct:


but when i take screencaps and connect it to another monitor everything looks fine.


i assumed the screen was knackered, but i installed a game a few weeks ago and it brought the display back to life, only for it to look crap again when i restarted. this also happened when i did a clean install of vista, only for the display to go bad when the updates installed.

i have tried many times, but have been unable to replicate this...............

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Dell :: XPS M1330 Screen Dim Even After Replacing CCFL Cable/I Board/Lamp

Sep 18, 2009

I have an XPS M1330 purchased about 2 years ago.

The screen went extremely dim permanently one day when the battery reached its near absolute low. For some reason the screen came back to a brightly lit life after a system restore. The same problem occurred again and sadly after sitting on it a few weeks I did not have a restore point old enough to troubleshoot with the same solution.

Now I'm not sure if system restore really had anything to do with the monitor crapping out because I've never heard of such a scenario, but I'm just going to throw it out there on the off chance that it does .....

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HP/Compaq :: Screen From Dv2000 Entertainment Not Lighting Up... Backlight /inverter

Apr 5, 2010

Alright Well I bought a new inverter plugged it in and it still is doing the same thing. Only when i jiggle the wires the light goes on and i see the screen but not for long. I check for loose conncections but can't find any. The external display is fine. I'm wondering if it could be the actual bulb.

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Dell :: D520 CPU Upgrade

Nov 25, 2009

I would like to upgrade my CPU. I have the base Celeron M 430 @ 1.73 GHz. What other CPU's would just drop right in?

I guess i have the 945GM Family.. (Can accept 4GB Ram)

Also if you have one, for sale that will fit, send me a PM.. Will post a WTB thread once i know what i wtb. lol. I am looking to upgrade to one of the available Intel Core Duo chips..

Would the T2300E @ 1.66GHz or T2400 @ 1.83GHz CPU drop right in to this current system?

If this is correct, then any T2300E @ 1.66GHz or T2400 @ 1.83GHz CPU would work, and compputer brand does not matter, all i am looking for is,
T2300E @ 1.66GHz or T2400 @ 1.83GHz CPU. Correct?

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Dell :: D520 Ram Upgrade

Nov 22, 2009

I was just thinking, I only have 1 GB right now. How much do you think of a performance increase would i have if i upgraded to 4GB's. To max it out. Ram is now very cheap.. -

Last time i bought ram, it was $125 for a 512 Chip for the Dell Dimension 2350...

Also, does windows XP read 3.5 or 4 GB? I for some odd reason, i think i remember reading 3.5 Gb would only be used if you installed 4GB in to a Win XP 32 system.

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Dell :: D520 Power Jack Replacement.

Mar 28, 2010

So the power jack on my D520 seems to have broke.. It still works, but the center of the plug is missing, and the cord pulls out very easy... What would i need to do to replace it? Looking at ebay, i can find it for a few $,

Does this require soldering? Seems like a cheap design or something.

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Dell :: D520 Hard Drive Speeds

Feb 26, 2009

I ran ATTO Benchmarking tools and it's showing speeds of ~30MB/sec reads. That's awfully slow and no where near SATA 1.5Gb/sec speeds.

Anyone else experiencing this issue? What speeds are you getting?


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Dell :: D520 Taken Apart + Added A Dust Filter For Fan

Dec 13, 2009

Well, i took my D520 apart to give it a clean... And then it hit me to add a dust filter on the fan so it does not get dusty.

I had a OEM speaker out of my Taurus, and that has this very thin cloth like material covering the speaker for what ever reason

might just look nicer then seeing the speaker) I cut a little square out, and then placed it under the fan. The fan holds the filter nicely, and it does not take away from the cooling

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Dell :: LCD Inverter

Jan 24, 2010

I have a Dell Inspiron 640m 14.1" laptop. I cleaned screen with foam and some foam flow under the screen frame, where the LCD inverter is. 1/3 of the screen (lower part) started to shudder (horizontal stripes appeared) and after some time this part stay brighter than other 2/3 upper part of the LCD. Motions on the brighter part are slow, mouse arrow movement is like in jelly. Text is hard to read. See added photo about LCD. Is it a LCD problem or inverter problem? What component needs replacement?

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Dell :: Car Inverter For Xps 16

Feb 24, 2009

i going to buy a inverter for my car so i can charge and us my laptop in my car while i am on the road. the inverter i am getting has a max output of 175watts. does anybody know how much power in watts the xps 16 uses?

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Dell :: LCD Backlight/inverter Repairs

Sep 14, 2009

I have a Dell 17" laptop and the screen shows this blueish green vertical on startup.

After a few minutes of warming up the line goes away and the screen looks normal. The line reappears on reboot though.

Looks like this is a problem with the backlight/inverter. The laptop is almost 4 years old, but I would like to keep it going a little while longer

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Dell :: Inspiron 6000 Inverter

Feb 2, 2010

The inverter flaked out in my Inspiron 6000, so I ordered a new "compatible" (same part number/specs, different design) inverter, which does work, only if the LCD is outside of the chassis.

Once the LCD is placed back into the chassis, something grounds and the inverter does not work. Once I take the screen back out of the chassis, it works fine. I'm not sure what could be grounding it or causing it not to work

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Dell :: With D510 Lcd Purchase And Inverter

Apr 5, 2009

I need to purchase a dell D510 lcd but want to know if the inverter has to replaced with new/used lcd or can I use the old one?

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Dell :: Inspiron 600m: Backlight Or Inverter?

Aug 19, 2009

I have a dell inspiron 600m laptop and my screen is dimmed out. If I turn of my laptop and restart it, the display will come on for a second ( but it is a little bit reddish) and then I hear a noise and it light goes off, and I can;t see anymore. However, I am sure the computer is still running properly

I am sure that the computer is on, and is functioning properly for two reasons:

1- if it is sunny, i can see my desktop, and what ever I have open, be that a browser, a word document, so on and so forth

2-when i connect my laptop to an external display everything is fine...

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Dell :: USB 3.0 I/O Board For M6500 Is Available Now!

Mar 19, 2010

Today I just rang Dell part sales department and was told the left I/O board which has 2 USB 3.0 port for Precision M6500 is available now. The price is 117 pound with one year warranty ! (about $175)

The part number is 0831K
What a good deal

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Dell :: E1405 Replaced Inverter But LCD Issue Remains

Feb 24, 2010

I have a problem with my E1405 with its lcd backlight turned off about 1 second after opening the lid.

I can still see Windows running when I look really closely.

According to what I've read it's most probably a faulty inverter. So I bought a replacement off eBay and installed it

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Dell :: Need To Replace The Mother Board

Nov 2, 2009

So my brother xps 1530 stopped working a couple months ago and we just got around to taking it to a local computer repair shop.

They took a look at it and determined that he needed a new mother board. he was quoted $400.

question is if anyone knows of a good place to send it in to?
and has anyone else have had to do this and how much they charged you.

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Sony :: FS-740/w- Inverter Or Backlight

Mar 27, 2009

I have a laptop which has a dim screen, I am not sure if its the inverter or the back light that needs to be replaced. Its a Sony FS-740/w series laptop. I want to be sure which one needs to be replaced so that i can order it online. way to check if the inverter is working correctly.

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HP/Compaq :: LCD Inverter Grounded

Aug 17, 2009

The bottom left part of screen has two through bolts holding the hinge to the screen on my dv5000t.

At first the screen died as I closed the screen and discovered it had broke. This pulled out the display cable, the one from the motherboard. After I plugged it back in all was fine, except my screen was half attached.

So... I took apart the screen and through bolted the hinge to the lid, just below the LCD screen. I noticed a film behind the LCD that is attached to the hinges. I also noticed grounding plates on the inverter. Is the foil part of the grounding for the inverter or screen?

I have quadrupled check the connections. The Wifi LED still works, so I figured the ground is working but I don't know if it has it's own source. I am typing from the computer right now as it is hooked up to another screen.

I think its the inverter as there is nothing on the screen but pitch black even with a flashlight. Does anyone know how much voltage is suppose to come out so I can test it with a voltmeter?

I am sure there is something I did to screw it up, but I was delicate and don't understand how the inverter could have died just like that if it was working just fine.

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