Dell :: E1505 Not Booting: Suspect Dead Motherboard

Feb 23, 2009

After a night away from town, leaving my laptop on as I usually do, came back to find a black screen with computer still running. I suspect Windows Update ran and had trouble with something. Powered off, turned back on, and the startup hung as the OS was loading.

Safe mode said the hang was at crcdisk.sys (I searched for this on the internet, but was not able to do much with it, as will soon be seen). I got my Vista installation CD and tried to boot from it, but it would not -- not even if I removed the hard drive from the computer. A friend had a similar laptop, and we exchanged hard drives; his would not boot in mine, but mine would in his (all data intact). I tried reseating the RAM;

no good. Another friend lent me a Ubuntu boot cd, which also did not complete loading. Long story short, I can't get anywhere where I can do anything meaningfully useful. I can't get to a command line to run chkdsk, or to the internet to flash my BIOS, or to a text editor to write papers for school. The people I've talked with say probably the motherboard is bad.

I was able to get to an unhelpful IT fellow for a few minutes, and he was able to boot Windows 98 from CD, but he didn't let me do anything, or have the CD. I'm going to try to find one and see what I can do from it .....

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Dell :: E1505/ 6400 Motherboard Or Ram Going Bad?

Jan 8, 2010

I purchased this laptop about 3 years ago and up until a few months ago it was a well capable laptop. Since the original purchase I put 2 gigs of Ram in and a new higher capacity HD and thats about it.

Around a year ago I started noticing the audio skipping on everything. Youtube, all video file types, mp3's and flacs. It didn't really bother me at the time because it was a skip or static sound every several seconds. Now more recently it is once every second and really bothering me.

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Dell :: E1505 New Motherboard, Standby And Lock Computer Don't Work

Mar 13, 2010

I just had a new motherboard installed in my E1505 under warranty by a Dell Tech. They sent a new hard drive with it, with Windows XP already installed. I also still have my original hard drive. After the motherboard finished installing, my Standby no longer works...

actually it goes into Standby, but immediately wakes up, without me touching a single thing. Also, I can't lock my computer by pushing the Windows logo + L. Using that shortcut actually logs me off the user. I tried this with both the new hard drive and the old original one. Both of these things worked fine with my old motherboard.

I did a clean install of XP on the new hard drive, and still it doesn't work. So far the Dell tech that I've been talking with online and on the phone doesn't have the answer. I've been talking to him for several days now

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Dell :: Dead E1705 Motherboard

Oct 22, 2007

Any retailers online sell just the motherboard? Or should we go ahead and just get a refurbed e1705 and salvage the hard drive and processor?

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Dell Vostro 3550 :: Not Booting Up After Motherboard Replaced

Nov 9, 2014

I have a dell vostro 3550. I Just got my mother board replaced a few days back... But now the system starts shows vostro logo.. Then starts again... Never reaching the os selection menu..( I have a dual boot so I need to select the os to boot in)....

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Acer :: Is My Motherboard Dead- 5100

Jul 31, 2009

it boots to the acer start screen where you can press F2 to get in to bios but nothing happens when I press F2 and it justs goes to this screen:

And this text is on for like 3 secs then goes away then comes back for 3 secs and so on.

If I put in the acer recovery cd it loads the image file, then theres just a green background with a mouse pointer and the mouse is not functional..

Doesent sound good, right?

there is no HDD in it.

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Sony :: Motherboard Dead. Model #s

May 7, 2010

On the back of my Sony laptop, the model says PCG-6L2L, but when I took it in to servicing to a SONY authorized dealer for a diagnosis, the paper it came back with said Model VGNSZ260P. What's up with that? Is this the same thing, just different numbers? My laptop is a Z series, but nowhere on my laptop does it say anything about Z series or VGN. Similarily, my friend just bought a brand new Z series laptop that was sold as a VGN (over $2500), yet again, on the back of his there is a PCG model number and nowhere does it say anything about VGN or Z series?

Secondly, and more importantly.

The diagnosis came back negative. Everything works (cpu, ram, video, lcd, etc etc), but the actual system board, motherboard, is dead. When I boot up, it shows the SONY screen and I can get to BIOS, but as soon as it hits bios, or about 5 seconds after SONY symbol, everything freezes.

Naturally, the $800 they wanted is ridiculous. I am very tech savvy, especially with computers, I've been building them for a very long time, but have little experience with laptops. I am convinced that I can fix this if I can find a motherboard for it....

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Acer Aspire 5552-5898 :: Not Always Booting And Motherboard Won't Hold Date

Nov 30, 2014

I have a 4 year old Aspire 5552-5898 which is having issues ....
First issue is that the Laptop doesn't always boot. When this happens, the power button will light, the fan will spin, the HDD will start, but the screen stays black. Sometimes the PC will restart but the same thing will happen. Usually when this happens, if you hold down the power button, the laptop will power down, only to start up again. The only way to end this cycle is to unplug the machine and pull out the battery. Also of note this seems to happen 100% of the time if the machine is not plugged in, and about 50% of the time when it is.
The next issue occurs when the machine does actually boot. I HAVE to enter the bios because it never holds the date. I thought this could be a CMOS battery issue, but even after replacing that, the problem persists. After entering the date, and saving and exiting, the machine will boot into windows just fine.

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Lenovo T400 / T500 :: Beep Codes Indicate A Dead Motherboard

Nov 6, 2014

My wife's T400 (2767-CP9) died recently. The beep codes indicate a dead motherboard. Her HD is fine and in fact I was able to pull off data after putting the HD in another laptop and booting with a live Linux CD. So...the data is recovered and safe with nothing lost.
Question is: I have found a few used T400's and am about to purchase one very close to hers and was curious if I would be able to just put her HD in the machine and just go from there.
The machine in question is also a T400, but the exact model number is 2767-H7U. Would the difference between a 2767-CP9 and 2767-H7U matter?
here are the stats for both: URL...

The only difference besides batteries seems to be the processor.If windows balks at this, can I just do a "product recovery" in the new machine with the old HD? The only reason this is an issue is.....her laptop was a refurb unit purchased from IBM and came with win7 as OS. The replacement machine in question has windows vista installed.

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HP/Compaq :: New DV6z, Suspect Temperatures

Jul 21, 2009

Having just got rid of a dv2104eu, i just got a dv6-1131ea, which is hitting 50-60 when idle, i just fired sims 3 up and it hit 85? Is this normal for a turion RM-75 on it's first day or should I send it back to HP for excess heat?

It doesn't fill me with confidence after my last experience with AMD. The intel DV6799ea with a t8100 is cooler under load than this new baby is when it's idling!

Is it just the way AMD is, or something wrong with my laptop?

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Dell :: Inspiron 1525can't Even Install Vista With CD (suspect It's The Hard Drive)

Jan 27, 2009

I've been trying to help my roommate out on this one and I think that the issue is hard drive is corrupt, but I'm not sure. A few days ago, he told me that Vista has been taking ages to start up.

I tried looking at to see what was going on and we couldn't even get passed the welcome screen. At this time, there were no errors showing up before the Welcome screen loaded. I got the Dell Vista reinstall disc and attempted to repair the files. Doing that didn't do anything. Therefore, I figured that his only option was to reformat.

I followed that guide that's stickied which shows you how to install the mediadirect and vista to each of there own partitions. After doing deleting the partitions and installing mediadirect to its own partition, I proceeded to installing Windows Vista.

Vista then finished installing and restarted automatically as it normally does. After restarting and going passed the first black screen (here you can hit F12 to get to bios), I get an error that reads .....

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Dell :: M1330 Replace The Motherboard With The Integrated X3100 Motherboard

Dec 14, 2009

One of my mates has a dead M1330. I told him about the "oven" trick but his wife might hurt the both of us. It is however possible to replace the motherboard with the integrated X3100 motherboard correct?

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Dell :: Replace The Motherboard With M1710 Motherboard

Oct 4, 2007

I have xps gen 2 with a faulty video card and i was wondring if its possible to replace the motherboard with M1710 motherboard so i can fit my 7900 gs video card in it and put all the other hardware parts for the xps gen2 motherboard to the M1710 motherboard in the XPS Gen2 palmrest ... so can u please give me some hints if its possible to do it or not,so basiclly its replacing a motherboard and putting all the old part in the new 1 ..

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Dell :: Dead Screen Or Dead Video Card

Mar 29, 2008

I am at my wits end with my e1705. I had a sudden meltdown about 2 weeks ago... screen went scrambled, BSOD,etc...

Performed diagnostic, memory on video card came back as bad. Replaced with new card (from Dell), reinstalled OS, completely reinstalled nVidea drivers from Dell (Used driver cleaner too)...

Everything went smooth for a couple hours after this was completed yesterday (full diagnostic showed no errors), but after booting up today, after about 5 or 10 minutes of use screen freezes and turns either solid cyan or black... a small pattern of thin lines appears also.

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Dell :: So I Think My Vostro GPU Is Either Dead Or The Fan Is Dead

May 22, 2009

I was playing stalker a few days ago getting 50-70 FPS and now come today its so much lower at 20-30(not playable) and I tried CS:S, and COD4, and they all seen dramatic fall in FPS. I don't notice any artifacts but I just notice huge FPS hits. I also think my fan isn't running anymore but I am not sure. Does anyone one know what I should do now? Its out of warranty already.

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Dell :: E1505 Ram

Feb 5, 2009

Why is it that I went to the Crucial website to look up RAM and it told me to use PC2-5300. I Purchased 2GB RAM from Crucial and my E1505 boots slowly. It's fine when it gets to windows. But, Why has it slowed my boot time down. I have DOS version A17.

The computer came with PC2-4200. Obviously I should have gotten PC2-4200. But, What is the problem. I will be removing the new RAM and reverting back to the PC2-4200 and forgetting the PC2-5300

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Dell :: E1505 New Ram

Feb 3, 2009

Im running...

dell inspiron e1505 laptop
win xp pro sp3 Dell BIOS A15
Core2 cpu t5500 @ 1.66ghz
1g DDR PC2-5200 ram
nvidia gforce go 7300 256mb

I really want to put 4gb of ram in this thing, but i learned through reading other posts on this forum that my BIOS limits it to 2gb. has anyone tried to put 4gb in an e1505 successfully?? I dont want to buy 4gb and have it not work, but i really want to upgrade to as much ram as possible.

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Dell :: Inspiron E1505

Jan 2, 2009

My Dell Inspiron has a problem, everytime i connect the power supply to charge it while its on the monitor will completely black out on me... Has anyone had or heard of this problem before?

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Dell :: E1505 Wireless N

Feb 1, 2009

E1505 built May 2006. It came with wireless B/G. My house is wireless and all other computers work fine. This particular computer has issues.

I removed the Dell wireless B/G card and installed a Dell NJ449 Draft N card. Windows says that the card is operating with no problems...

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Dell ::Inspiron E1505

May 21, 2009

This is a somewhat new problem but I'll be using the computer for anywhere from 10-30 minutes when I can hear the fans go on and the computer will slow to a crawl.. from like 1.7ghz to something like 900mhz... just slows down really bad. It's got a pentium dual core in it .....

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Dell :: E1505 Led Upgrade

Jun 6, 2009

is it possible to upgrade an e1505 screen to a led screen so i can save battery life? like say something like this?

and if so how much battery life would i gain? now since i have an ati x1400 256mb video card i am guessing that i cant go with one that was 1080p or anything right?

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Dell :: E1505 Won't Power On

May 25, 2010

My parents have an E1505. The battery crapped out after about a year and we've been running on AC power (with the battery in).

Eventually the charger broke at the laptop side plug. We got a new one off ebay (china junk) and it worked for a bit. Now it turns on and shuts right off.

If I remove the battery and run straight AC, it doesn't even power on. The connector is really loose. Any way to fix it?

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Dell :: Problem With E1505

Sep 23, 2009

I'm thinking the mobo is shot, but thought I would ask everyone here and see if you can shed some light on it.

So basically, the machine just shut off and when I try to turn it on the numlock button lights up, and the caps lock and scroll lock buttons flash.

This lasts for about 30 seconds, and then all power shuts off. Nothing comes up on the screen, and it doesn't even sound like it is trying to work. I've checked all connections, reseated/thermal greased CPU, everything I could think of.

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Dell :: Cracked LCD E1505

Dec 22, 2008

Today I went to lift up laptop and pinched the LCD a little to hard and ended up cracking it right under the mounting screw.I have a white stripe about 2 inches wide, down the middle of the screen. Dumb I know.. I was wondering what the best thing to do is? Buy a replacement lcd or just get an external display since it is going on three years old.

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Dell :: E1505 Not Charging!!

Feb 7, 2010

Had an E1505 for a few years now, and with the exception of a HD failure/subsequent replacement, it's been absolutely great.

Recently though, it gave me the error message "adapter not recognized, blah, blah, blah" message upon POST...

Tried a different adapter as well, but no luck. It runs off the adapter(s) just fine, but won't charge, so I'm permanently attached to a cord until I get this fixed

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Dell :: Inspiron E1505 Battery

Dec 31, 2008

I have E1505 and my battery decided to die today.

I have a simple question. Does anyone tried out those generic 9 cells battery for inspiron 6400 (E1505)? are they any good? most of them (made in China).

I ask this question because they are really cheap (90$ for 9 cells and 60$ for 6 cells) compared to genuine dell batteries (289$ and 160$).

in addition dell genuine batteries for inspiron 6400 are really bad (doesn't last beyond one year), so it is a waste of money to buy these expensive batteries.

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Dell :: E1505 Heat Flow

Dec 27, 2009

Where is the laptop intake air and where does it blow the heat out?

I just want to know so I can choose the proper Laptop Cooling Pad with fans. There are fans that suck in air and there are ones that blow air. Just want to choose the appropriate one so I don't end up killing the Dell.

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Dell :: Replacing The CPU In An Inspiron E1505

Jun 28, 2009

My computer has the Intel Pentium T2080 processor. When I talked to Dell, they said that it couldn't be replaced but I noticed that it comes out of its standard PGA478 slot easily.

I would hate to spend the money for a new processor without knowing that it will work, so my question is will a core 2 work? If not, would a Pentium from the T2000 series such as the T2130 (the T2080's closest relative) work?

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Dell :: Alienware M5500 Vs E1505

Jan 22, 2009

I have a limited budget of about $250-300 (note: the Dell comes without a HDD, that extra $ drop isn't very pleasing),

which is what the Dell sells for on eBay (where I'm shopping).

The Dell specs:
Core 2 Duo T5600 1.83GHz
ATI X1400 256MB

The Alienware specs:
Pentium M Centrino 2GHz
ATI X1600 256mb

So the determining factor of my choice is gaming. Yes, I know, they both suck for gaming, but I don't mean today's latest, greatest games. Plus I'm fine with low resolutions.

Anyways, the Dell's processor is a lot better, but the Alienware's graphics card is a lot better. I've researched them both extensively. I also plan on eventually upgrading the Alienware's graphics card to the 8600M GS (which is possible).

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Dell :: New Graphic Card For My E1505

Jan 1, 2009

Is there any another graphic card which will fit and will work with e1505 laptop?
I know about Ati X1300 and X1400 and I thinking about change to X1400 but maybe there is another, better card.

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