Dell :: How To Get The D/Dock To Work With Vista

Jul 15, 2007

I took Vista off about two months ago and would love to put it back on but Dell still has not updated their video card drivers and I am told thats what has to happen to make Vista compatible with Dells D/Dock. Does anyone have the D/Dock working with Vista or have any goo ideas how I could get he D/Dock to work with Vista?

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Dell :: Windows 7/Vista D/Dock Audio Not Working On Dock But Is On Laptop

May 2, 2009

It seems that since I updated to Vista and to Window 7 subsequently I can't get the audio to work out of my dock. It works fine out of the side of my laptop.

Any ideas on this? I wouldn't think it is a driver issue as sound does work.

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Acer Aspire Switch 10 :: Dock Connection - Keyboard Will Not Work After Sleep Mode

Nov 15, 2014

So, I've had this problem from some time now. When I put my switch 10 to sleep, and then re-open it, the keyboard is not working anymore, like it has problem recharging drivers. Same issue happens sometime when I use it in tablet mode and then reconnect the dock to it, I've a very hard time trying to make the keyboard and touchpad working again. The fact is that the usb port on the dock doesn't seem to have any problem at all, only the touchpad and the keyboad. I can't figure out if that's a software or an hardware problem.

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Dell :: Vista DVD With XPS, Will It Work On Inspiron?

Mar 31, 2009

I have a new XPS laptop and wish to sell on my old Inspiron laptop, however I've lost all my restore disks and OS disk for it that came with it. What I do have is my OS disk and driver disks that came with my new XPS laptop.

I know I'm not able to use the driver disks on my Inspiron because it's different hardware, but do we think the OS disk will install Vista on my Inspiron?

Both have their own Vista licences stuck to the bottom of the laptop and both are licenced for Vista Home Premium, so as far as I can make out this would be lawful.

So would the OS disk work? I can't see any reason why not and suspect that the OS disk doesn't include any specific drivers or anything. The only thing I noticed is that the installation doesn't prompt for a key, so I was concerned about that part.

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Dell :: How To Get I8kfanGUI To Work W/Vista 64Bit?

Apr 25, 2009

How do I get I8kfanGUI to work with vista 64bit? im having heat problems and i cleaned and re applied the thermal paste and still my cpu fan dont come on until my cpu is at 74c and that dont take long for it to hit that temp. gpu also is always between 54c to 64c on idle.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 With 32bit Vista And 4gb RAMWill It Work ?

Jan 2, 2009

Last week I ordered a XPS laptop from Dell with 4gb Ram. I had read that the full 4gb would not be available as the sipplied Vista would only be 32bit ?

When I was on the Dell site configuring my purchase it wouldn't allow me to upgrade to the 64bit Vista although the option was there.

When I selected the 64bit option I just kept getting a box saying there were compatibility issues with the Resource DVD .....

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Sony :: Vista Drivers Work For XP

Jul 24, 2009

I've just bought a new NW series laptop! =) But it's got Vista.. I want to install XP on it but the vaio site only seems to have Vista drivers, will they work on XP?

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Dell :: Forced To Reinstall Vista On XPS 1530now Internet Doesn't Work

Jan 3, 2009

My XPS 1530 became very slow and everytime I would click on a window I got the round symbal and the screen would go white. After many reboots I saved everything of importance to an external drive and pulled out the Vista original start up disc. So I did that but for some reason only the blue tooth light comes on and the light to the left of it does not.

I click on internet and it says nothing is found. I get confused with add a network - I don't want a network I want to get back on my wireless.

I am typing from my 4 year old HP with XP and I never have these problems and it was dead easy to get onto the internet - just type in the password and I'm on.

I have had 98SE for 8 years and XP for 4 and in 4 months with Vista I can safely say that it does nothing any better than 98SE or XP did and it crashes freezes and bugs the hell out of me far more than the others combined.

Is there anyway I can load my XP start up discs for my HP onto the Dell - honestly I really want to be able to do this. Otherwise I'm going to sell the XPS 1530 - and buy a bloody Apple.

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Acer :: My Modem Does Not Work After Repartitioning And Reinstalling Windows Vista

Jul 3, 2008

I have an acer aspire 5630 laptop which I bought in October. Now I had to repartition and reinstall windows vista for some unavoidable circumstances. But I have lost all the softwares like NTI CD/DVD maker and drivers like modem. I do not know what the problem is but my dial up modem does not work. It shows something else in the modem list (Contexant) that is different from what was there originally ("HD audio"). Whether the telephone line is plugged or unplugged it shows the same error message. I mean the error message like no dial tone is shown while no telephone line plugged. Besides it does not produce the speaker sound even after enabling so which it used to do before.

Moreover, now as I have lost the softwares like NTI CD/DVD maker, how can I reclaim them as my warranty has not yet expired. (the driver is not in their website)

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HP G60 OS/Software :: Restoring Vista OS From Win 8.1 Upgrade - Will Restore Disks Still Work

Jan 12, 2015

My HP G60 came with Vista. It has been upgraded to Windows 8.1 but the audio function has become non-functional. Is there a need for a new driver to solve this issue? If not, I am thinking of restoring Vista from restore disks. Can the restore disks still work now that it has Windows 8.1 in it?

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HP Pavilion Dv5020ca Audio :: Sound Will Not Work After Updating XP To Vista Home Premium

Dec 8, 2014

HP Pavilion Dv5020ca   windows vista home premium

After upgrading from xp to vista the drivers for my sound card will not install and the error message I received was
cannot find media...

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Dell :: Dock On Other Then PC?

Apr 14, 2010

Does anyone know if there is a way to get the Dell Dock to work o a laptop made by another manufacturer?

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Dell :: D/Dock For XPS 1710

Feb 9, 2009

I was wondering if someone could provide some guidance with regard to which docks work with the XPS1710. When I look at the Dell retail site.........................................

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Dell :: Dock For 3007WFP

Jul 27, 2007

I just bought 3007WFP last night, and was wondering if it's worth it to use the dock station?

I'm using Vista.

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Dell :: E Dock Bandwidth?

Sep 24, 2009

What do we know about the e series dock connection? Are the devices on the dock (like a separate audio or USB or network controller on the dock) or is it just a passthrough? Are there any PCI-E lanes going through that connection?

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Dell :: Dock And Shortcuts

Oct 5, 2008

Am trying to add short cuts to the dock, which it says, highlight and drag onto the dock. when i drag it onto the dock thou, it doesnt work, the little red circle with line throu it comes up.

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Dell Inspiron 1545 :: VGA Won't Work / When Plug In Cord It Doesn't Work

Feb 3, 2013

I have a VGA plug in my Dell Inspiron 1545 and when I plug in the cord it doesnt work. I have another laptop and I used the same cord and it works.  So I guess my VGA doesnt work, what do I have to get to replace the VGA in my laptop? 

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Dell :: Precision M6400 Dock

Mar 15, 2009

We currently have many Latitude D830s with the D/Dock stations on lease. When the lease runs out on these, I'd like to get some M6400s.

Are there any similar docking stations available? We currently drive 3 external LCD monitors plus use the lid on each, but 1900x1200 on a 15.4" screen is starting to affect my eyes as I feel the effects of age.

The only docks I've found so far are the port replicators and it looks like you can't use the lid with two monitors. We'd be willing to sacrifice one monitor, but not two. We also don't want to switch to desktops due to frequent travel?

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Dell :: Dock In Inspiron 1525

Mar 26, 2009

i have bought the Notebook six months back Dell Inspiron 1525 Windows Vista 32 bit..

the DellDock is working fine before.. but the problem is one month back raising that Dell Dock has stopped working do u want to clost the program or debug the program..

i have tried to uninstall and instal from the dell url i have downloaded the SW(Dell Dock

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Dell :: XPS M1710 And D/Dock Issue With USB?

Mar 23, 2009

My m1710 is plugged into a D/Dock (the larger one with a PCI slot) which has it's own power cable. If I plug my Microsoft Sidewinder keyboard and mouse into the USB ports on the dock, they will just power off seemingly at random and for random lengths of time, then come back on and work fine.

If I plug them straight into the laptop, they work fine. My first thought was that my dock was broken, but I borrowed my dock from work which has had a USB mouse plugged into it for years and tried it, and it does the exact same thing.

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Dell :: Dock Reporting Errors

Mar 12, 2009

I have trouble with DELL DOCK, sometimes I get a window telling me that there were problems with the option to send the error to the DELL and the option RESTART the DELL DOCK.

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Dell :: D630 And Replicator Dock

Jun 7, 2009

I just bought a Dell port replicator dock used one - model PRX01X

I'm having problem with mouse connected to this dock using USB. Previously mouse was connected to laptop, now is connected to replicator dock.

I'm feeling that mouse is not working properly, my move is not smooth like before. It caused by replicator dock

Is there any patch/software fixing that issue?

PS: I'm using 90W power adapter.

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Dell :: Dock Advice For XPS M1530?

Feb 21, 2009

A friend of mine just purchased a Dell Studio 15 and I realized the Dell Dock on it would be a useful app for my XPS M1530 as well.

However, I've been reading past posts and articles saying that the Dell Dock has bugs and is not as stable as other freely available ones like Objectdock, Rocketdock, and Stardock.

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Dell :: Is This Sound Card Compatible With The M90 D/Dock

Aug 19, 2007

I was looking to buy a 5.1 speaker system (logitech z-5300e) and was wondering if this soundcard is compatible/install-able in the M90 D/Dock PCI slot.

Model is:

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Dell :: E Series Dock And Display Port

May 28, 2010

Anyone else experience issues with the display port on the e series dock?

I've got a E6400, E4300 and E4200 that I'm using with a E Port replicator.

I'm connecting it to a dell ultrasharp U2410 monitor via display port.

Several times a day, the monitor will go blank and say there is no signal, then 10 seconds later turn back on.

Several more times a day the monitor will go into standby and say there is no signal, the only way to get it back on is to open up the laptop and press FN F8 several times to switch the outputs, and sometimes that will work, other times it won't. in that case I have to either reboot the computer, or go into the intel graphics settings, tell it to use single monitor, and use the dell digital u2410.

I've called dell support, they are useless. I've updated the video drivers, I've reloaded the computer, I've tried 3 computers (but on the same dock since I only have one docking station).

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Dell :: D/Dock Hates My New Soundcard! Azure X-Plosion

Feb 17, 2009

After a lot of research I finally ended up with a Auzen X-Plosion 7.1 Cinema mainly due to the rather famous C-Media CMI8770 this card is powered by.

Since I am (intending) to use the card mainly in Linux, with the occasional Windows gaming.

The chip itself is positively essential to what card I can use. And the CMI8770 is one of the best Linux supported high-quality sound-chips out there.

The problem is that my new treasure does not want to play along with the D/Dock, the card is (not) simply detected, it makes the D/Dock go manic.

The "serial number" field in the bios turns into FFFFFFF, and the revision is wildly jumping between characters reminiscent of good old DOS viruses.

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Dell :: Necessary To Shutdown Before Docking/removing From Dock (E6400)

Dec 7, 2008

And if so, shut down completely, put to sleep or hibernate, etc?

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Dell :: Latitude With Dock/Port Replicator Feedback

Feb 15, 2009

Im starting a thread b/c many people seem to be experiencing some issues with their Latitude while docked.

Some of my problems (keep in mind I use TWO external displays):

1) Most prevalent is my fan issue. This might only apply to nVidia GPU users. It appears that two things are happening: a) the dock simply does not allow for proper heat dissipation.

This for me is a fact as my laptop runs both cooler and, utlizes much lower fan speeds while undocked. b) DELL may have set the fans to kick in at lower temps particularly with the nvidia gpu

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Dell :: UPDATE: Latitude E Series + Dock Fan - Identified

Dec 11, 2008

So ive been having fan issues with e6400+E/Dock for months now.
I have the dock with a 19' monitor on top and, a 17 incher attached to the left.

For some reason, after about an hour of use or when using a multitude of programs at once, my fan would kick into high gear and proceed to drive me nuts for hours. When looking up my temps, I noticed that the fan kicked in when my NVIDIA Quadro went above 61/62 degrees (occasionally going as high as 71).

Granted, I probably should have done this simple test months ago, but I finally decided to you use my setup W/O the 17 inch monitor and completely disconnected it from my dock.
Low and behold: no fan issues.
Temps remain in the mid-50's and fan stays at a low, quiet speed.

It appears that the extra work needed to drive the additional monitor is pushing the temps up and kicking in the fan.

So I have two questions as a result:

1) Didn't DELL test this dock before marketing/advertising it to be able to handle multiple monitors (without the aid of a very noisy and distracting fan)?

2) Am I supposed to just live with this now or, is it safe to try and over-ride DELLS factory settings to get the fan to remain at a low setting (how high is 66-70 degrees for the Quadro anyways)?

Multiple monitors are critical to my business and I honestly would not have dropped 2gs+ for this system had I known the fan would be this noisy and distracting.

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Dell :: Fan/Temperature Issues: Do You Dock Your E6400/6500

Mar 9, 2009

Im trying to gauge what everyone else is experiencing when they are docking their Latitudes.

More specifically, as it relates to fan usage and general temperature.

That said, I have three questions:

1) If you own the Nvidia and you have fan issues, have you just resigned to the fact that your fan runs all the time or are you still looking for a solution?

2) If you own the Intel Graphics card, can you share your fan experience(s) when your laptop is docked?

3) Lastly, please indicate if you are using the laptop open when docked, closed with one external monitor or, two external monitors.

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