Dell :: If Nvidia Know The 8600 GT Is Faulty

Dec 31, 2008

I understand that sometimes mistakes are made and early versions of products are less reliable, but Nvidia seem to know exactly what the problem with the 8600 is but make no attempt to fix it...

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Dell :: What Are UK Doing With Laptops With Faulty 8600 Cards?

Jan 9, 2009

I never knew about the nvidia and the stupid faulty 8600 cards until i accidently saw it today. It makes sense why my laptop freezes when it comes out from sleep mode.

Now the question is what are Dell UK doing? I know my laptop is failing now. Can you get your money back because i don't want mine replaced by another faulty 8600 card.

I have a inspiron 1520 with 8600m gt. Its 1 year and 2 or 3 weeks old now. Fortunately i got 3 year warranty.

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Apple :: Defective NVIDIA 8600 GTMacBook Pro 2.2 GHz

Feb 22, 2010

Just got my refund from Apple after I spoke to them regarding the NVIDIA 8600 GT issue that has recently plagued my notebook. (It originally wouldn't boot, no chime - nothing.

So the Apple Store charged me $310.00 for the flat rate repair job. Got the notebook a few days later and found the phrase "Replaced - Graphics Processor Issue on MLB". Called them back, they opened up an investigation and issued my refund a week later.)

Anyhow, a few days after the repair, I noticed that my MacBook's fans started making a grinding sound. Granted, it was before the video card failure (and I had hoped they would fix it) but the noise seems to be more apparent after I got it back. Seems like the issue had manifested to both fans. Plus, my video card seems to be running hotter than usual.

I'm getting 74 C just by browsing the web. I did some research and I guess this is somewhat normal for the video card, but it doesn't seem real encouraging. I also notice a faint smell coming from the ventilation gap on the back of the computer. I don't want to say it's the smell of burning plastic, but it's somewhere around that range. Not sure how to describe it.

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Apple :: MBP With A Faulty Nvidia Chip

Apr 20, 2009

I have a 1.5 yr old macbook pro 15", 2.4ghz, 160gb hd, 2 gb ram... The video card burned out.. everything else is great...

If I buy this for cheap, can I possibly head to an Apple store, and get it repaired for free?

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Dell :: 256MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 8600 Video Card Dual Screen Capable

Sep 1, 2009

if my video card is capable of supporting dual monitors. I was hoping to avoid buying a converter because money is tight but I dual monitors is a necessity for my situation now. I have an inspiron 1720 by the way if that matters.

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Acer :: Will Allocating More RAM To My 5920 G's NVIDIA GeForce 8600 M GT Graphics Card Improve Performance

Feb 11, 2009

I have a Acer Aspire 5920G (Vista Home with SP1) laptop which I use for general purposes as well as occasional DVDs and a little games.

With the kind help from members of this forum I upgraded the RAM from 2GB to 4GB a couple of months ago but of course my 32bit Vista only uses 3GB which leaves 1GB unused. The laptop's processor is a T7300 at 2.00GHz.

Its NVIDIA GeForce 8600 M GT graphics card (with latest driver installed) seems to work quite well but a friend who I occasionally game with said I could go into the BIOS and allocate the unused 1GB of RAM to the card which will improve its performance.

I googled this to check but the articles I read (with my limited technical knowledge!!) seemed to say that allocating extra RAM in the BIOS does not work with dedicated cards and attempts to do so could in fact reduce performance.

I would be very grateful if an expert in this excellent forum who is knowledgeable about graphics cards could please clarify the situation for me.
Basically can I go into the BIOS to increase the card's RAM allocation to improve performance as my friend suggested or is this a waste of time and/or dangerous ?

Looking at the NVIDIA system info, I see that it says Total Available Graphics is 1535MB but dedicated video memory is 256MB. Does this support what my friend says or is it unrelated ?

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Acer :: Acer 5920G - VGA Card NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT

Sep 25, 2008

i have laptop Acer 5920G

VGA card NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT

but its performance very bad and i cant believe its up 2 1024

i barely can play FIFA 2007 and its slow!

is it up 2 VGA driver?

setup icon details say it's version is

is their any new drivers 4 it .........

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Dell :: Xpsm1530 8600 Gt

Dec 9, 2008

when i play games like need for speed undercover, left 4 dead, and gta 4, at first it goes smooth with good framerates, then after several minutes.. it suddenly lags like hell... the framerate drops to 10 frames per min or more depending on the game.... then after several minutes again, it goes back to a decent frame rate.. then again it lags after several minutes,

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Dell :: 8600 Won't Start, Probably My Fault

Feb 3, 2009

The bottom plastic was developing a series of cracks so I bought a new base on eBay.

I basically had to take the entire laptop apart (per the 8600 Service Manual, including video card and processor cooling fan, etc) and I put it back together with a new base...

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Dell :: Benchmarks For 8600 Vs 7900 GS

Jul 31, 2007

So there have been quite a few posts recently about the 8600GTvs7900GS debacle, so i thought Id post some benchmarks for everyone's viewing I used to compare the GPU's. Ive come to find BF2142 is quite popular in these forums so this is a game i decided to use w/ the benchmarks. I wont say anything else, Ill let you decide on the performance difference between the two

Note- I realize real world performance/driver tweaking can have a great impact on things, these BM's are for your curiosity only

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Dell :: INSPIRON 1520 AND 8600 GT

Aug 19, 2009

i have an insprion 1520, with a 8600gt..i have hardly used it yet, probably has 10 hours on it....

i like the laptop..some don, t...but i think the silver with blue lights looks cool.,and the chasis is solid...not like the cheap plastic cases i see on the new laptops today .....

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Dell :: 1420 8600 Gs Failure

Oct 15, 2008

My graphics card failed, they sent me a new one under warranty. It seems slower. I play richards burn rally, and I used to be able to play it with no problem, but now it freezes or slows down all the time. What the heck? I can't even play the game now.

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Dell XPS 8600 :: USB Drivers Are Not Working

Apr 5, 2013

My USB drivers are no longer working.  I tried updatinga ll the drivers, the rollback is greyed out, along with uninstall and disable.  I have tried a system restore and that did nothing also.  I can no longer use my digital camera, GPS or printer.  Interesting that my mouse and keyboard are hooked up to USB's and they work fine.  How can I get all my USB drivers to work?

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Dell :: Faulty CPU

May 19, 2008

I posted a thread earlier about my CPU getting very hot. Nobody said it was to hot for gaming but my CPU is downclocking when I play a game longer then 5minutes. I have it proped up, my fans on on high, and cleaned my vents and it's still hitting 85C in as little as 30minutes of gaming. My 80NM 360 don't get near this hot. My last laptop (M170) only got to 50C.

So my question is:
is my CPU faulty or does anybody know how to fix this? Hell, it's 60C right now!

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Dell :: Inspiron 8600 RAM Chips Not Recognized

Mar 11, 2009

I installed 2 - 1GB RAM chips into my 8600 but it only recognized 1 GB of RAM memory.

Anyone know how to fix the problem?

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Dell :: Inspiron 1720 8600 Gt Overclocking?

Oct 31, 2009

is it possible to overclock my graphics card,if so what program is recommended.

my machine is dell 1720 with the nvidia 8600mgt.

Also the other thing is sometimes when i open the lid of the screen the resolution goes lower and i have to change it back

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Dell :: When M1530 Have A 9600 Card Instead Of The 8600?

Sep 29, 2008

When will the Dell m1530 have a 9600 card instead of the 8600? I heard the 9600 will slightly outperform, as well as have better power consumption (less heat and noise is a nice bonus for me)

Also, is the hard-drive noise really that bad? Hard drive noises can sometimes drive me nuts. I'm using a HP laptop, and I dread it when the HD is constantly blurting out "brrr brr brr brrrrrrrr" noises. I get so happy when the laptop isn't making that sound while surfing the interbutts and stuff.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Faulty GPU Or What?

Aug 27, 2009

XPS M1530faulty GPU or what .

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Dell :: Good Stable Driver For 8600 (win7 64x)

Dec 24, 2009

I have a M1530 with 8600M GT running Windows 7 64x. The computer is raised +1cm above the ground in the back to optimize air flow. Ive also implemented undervolting to minimize heat generation from the CPU.

When playing games (mostly Aion) which shouldnt be that high demaning, I've experienced BSOD, Fragmented screen, High temperatures (92C) and high temp shutdown (unknown temp).

I have tried
Without any superior results.

My guess is that I have to contact Dell for mobo replacement again. This is prob. my 4th time since I first got a M1530. Got a replacement laptop in januari. In total, i believe Ive had +7 ..

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Dell :: Inspiron 8600, Straight To White Screen

Oct 15, 2009

We replaced the motherboard. Then it would start up but then shut back down. Swapped out the video card on a hunch, then we got a white screen with an odd color line through it periodically.

We can plug it into another monitor and it works fine so we're getting output.

Would this mean my screen is shot? If so, are there other models that will have compatible screens (17" XPS, for example)

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Dell :: Inspiron 8600 Laptop Asks For Password

Jan 6, 2010

I replaced the hard drive in a Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop with a new one. The old hard drive wouldn't boot and failed several Dell hard drive diagnostic tests.

Now a message pops up when the laptop is powered on, "Hard-disk #***********-595B, the system primary HDD is protected by a password authentication system..."

I am repairing this laptop for a client of mine. I don't remember a password prompt before replacing the old hard drive, but now the laptop won't even let me enter SETUP without entering a password.

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Dell Inspiron 8600 :: Wrong Chipset Installed?

Feb 27, 2013

I have a customer who has a Inspiron 8600. The machine boots to the post screen then shuts down. He told me he was installing the chipset from a dell cd but it was the wrong Dell Cd and wrong chipset for his 8600.  How do you reset the cmos and uninstall the chipset and install the correct chipset.

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Dell Inspiron 8600 :: Restore To Factory Default

Sep 1, 2012

I have the operating system disk to restore my Dell Inspiron 8600 Laptop, but I can't find my Windows certificate of Authenticity that will work--I must have at least four or five.  I've looked all over the web and the to no avail.

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Dell :: Precision M4300 Installed The NVIDIA Drivers For The NVidia Quadro FX 360M ...

Dec 29, 2008

I recently got a Dell Precision M4300 from a friend and had a few questions.

When i got the laptop, I reformatted the Laptop and Reinstalled Windows XP Pro SP2. I proceeded from Microsoft to Update to SP3 and so on.

Well I also Went to Dell's Website and downloaded all the necessary drivers (using the service tag) for this laptop and installed them.

Now here is where I ran into a problem,

When I installed the NVIDIA drivers for the NVidia Quadro FX 360M video card, everything seemed to go fine. Then I rebooted the Laptop, and now every time I reboot, my hardware acceleration is defaulted back to None, and it gives me multiple pop ups about this issue. I go into the settings and turn the Acceleration back to full and it goes away.

This is a major problem, and is really frustrating to deal with everytime the laptop is booted up.

My other problem, is when I open up Internet Explorer, It tends to lock up the browser for no reason when Loading a website. I then CTRL+ALT+DEL and attempt to close iexplore.exe via the task manager. It closes the browser but does not shut down the browser, making it impossible to browse, so then I have to reboot.

here are the specs of the PC, from the device manager and drivers I have gotten

Dell Precision M4300
NVidia Quadro FX 360M 512mb Video Graphics Card
TSST 8x dvd+-R burner
120GB Hard Drive
3.5GB of Ram
2.5GHZ T9300 Core 2 Duo Processor
1394 Port
2 USB ports
External Monitor Ports
Wifi Support
Bluetooth Support
Windows XP SP2 Pro

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Dell :: NVidia GFX Owners - Refreshed My Color Settings Under 'nVidia Control Panel' And Now My Colours Look Crap

Jan 8, 2008

I refreshed my colour settings under 'nVidia control panel' and now my colours look crap. Can someone plz give me your personal prefered percentage numbers of these following slide bars in 'Desktop Colour Settings'.

Brightness: %
Digital Vibrance: %
Contrast: %
Image Sharpening: %
Gamma: %

I know most you guys have LCD monitors, but just to be sure i'd like it in good colour for an LCD...

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Dell :: Faulty Card In Xps 1530

Oct 29, 2008

my recent purchase of an xps1530 i have noticed that my graphics in my game have not run as well

when i play counterstrike source it will be like 100 fps for like 5 mins then all of a sudden it drops to 20 fps. its horrendous to play

other games run terrible like world of warcraft and mass effect. is there any fix for this
is this a heat issue?

can i set my fan higher

if its faulty how do i get a new card?

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Dell :: Anyone Ever Get A Faulty Thermostat On Their Mobo?

Jan 19, 2009

Well dell came out and once again replaced the mobo today... making this the 3rd time this computer needed servicing... and to my surprise while test driving it today (after the guy left), the computer shut down after reaching over 100c on the ACPI temps...

funny thing is, i didnt smell anything burn, there was no heat at all, and everything seemed fine...

i unseated the heatsink and tried it again, sure enouh the same thing happened. the fan maxes out as soon as i start the PC, when it loads windows...

then once i get there, it completely stops... i mean the fan blade arent turning .....

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Dell :: Faulty Thermal Sensor

Dec 30, 2008

what i wanted wass to fix/bypass the sensor without having to replace the damn board. i couldn't even find a single post staing where exactly the sensor is on the board.
my problem specifically was that beer got spilled on the keyboard. after a while the machine shorted and shut off. I have a Dell Inspiron 9300, with a 1.73 ghz Sonoma CPU. i left the laptop off for two days so some of the liquid would dry out. after some problems and a dozen reboots i got into the bios, then finally through to windows. everything was fine except that the CPU was working at a very low frequency. also the fans were continually at highest speed. the CPU was being reported between 101 mhz to 503 mhz, depending on the software. it was being recognized correctly but showing to operate at 202 mhz in the system properties panel. what was really striking is that the notebook harware software i had installed was reporting the CPU temperature as 85 C. I tried various software to manipulate the CPU frequency to no avail. The temp was a constant 85 C, although i could tell that it was not even close to this temperature since i my laptop was partly disassembled and i could feel the surface of the heatsink with my hand; it was cool.

I finally surmised that the problem was with the thermal sensor on the motherboard. it had probably shorted or got soaked and was reporting the highest temperature it could as a safety measure, thereby limiting the CPU to a very low frequency and not allowing it to throttle above 503 mhz.

My last option, save for replacing the motherboard, was to find the sensor chip, clean it, dry it and hope that it would work again.

But this is not what solved the problem. somewhere on the net i came accross a code, that when entered on an Inspiron 9100 (an older laptop, with a different chipset) would bring up the Thermal Management screen or something like that, which is certainly not accessible via the BIOS. I was playing around with the settings on a program called Hardware sensors monitor, again to no avail, when i finally decided to enter this code:

FN key + zxcvasdqwer. almost the second i pressed z, or maybe after x, the high speed fans shut off! after a short while they kicked back into operation but at a low speed, just like they were supposed to. the program hmonitor began reporting a more realistic CPU temp. i tried to play a high-def movie file and finally it played normal, without any lag or stuttering! as i played it, the fans kicked into higher mode, and the temp which had been steadily rising, began to drop. the program, and most other programs were still reporting the cpu at 202 mhz, windows system properties as well. but since it was playing a 720p video file normally, it had to be much higher than that. i did a reboot and voila!

all monitoring software are now reporting the CPU at 1.73 ghz. the system temperatures are perfectly normal, and at idle the CPU goes as low as 20 degrees C. The software Speedfan, however, is still giving an error regarding the sensor chip on the motherboard.

I seemed to have fixed the severe thermal sensor problem by a few keystrokes, without having to replace the motherboard or even the sensorchip. in fact, i didn't even have to find the sensor node and clean it.

I came accross more than a dozen people who had a very similar problem to mine, with the temperature being reported at 85-86 C, for no reason. At least those who have a Dell notebok might be able to solve this problem.

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Dell :: XPS M1330 Adapter Faulty

Feb 4, 2010

my xps m1330's power adapter recently became faulty, so I ordered another one from eBay.

It just arrived today, but the problem is when the adapter is plugged in to the computer and a power source,

the green LED light flashes. Does anybody know what this means and how I can fix it?

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Dell :: On Going Battle With Faulty 8800gtx Card!

Sep 8, 2009

My situation is that about a month ago i returned to my M1730 and noticed that it was running on low res ......

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