Dell Latitude D820 :: Authentication System Error After User Tried Too Many Times To Login After Forgetting Password

Feb 7, 2013

I really don't want to tear this laptop down & solder two leads to the 24c02 chip & short them together, even though I am A+ certified & an electronic technician.

This laptop has no service tag, old but worth saving because dim b has a 2gb stick of memory so, somewhere inside there's another & so it should be worth some effort to save.

The bottom line is: whoever designed that chip (24c02) is a genus, now how mush will it cost to unlock it ? 

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Dell Latitude E6230 :: Pre-Windows Login Password?

Apr 15, 2013

recently i enrolled fingerprint for windows login, but during the enrolment there is no prompting for Pre-Windows Password. But then, when i want to disabled the fingerprint at Pre-Windows or Windows login, it requested for Pre-Windows password.

what is the default? Pre-Windows login password?

I faced big problem to swipe my finger during booting up the windows (Pre-Windows Login Screen)

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HP 655 Recovery :: System Disabled (Bios Password Incorrectly Entered 3 Times)

Nov 6, 2013

I setup a Bios password for a user and they now have enetered the incorrect password more than 3 times.
System disabled  80492554
How can I reset this or is there a workaround?

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HP Pavilion G4 Lockups :: Power On Password After Trying Several Times System Disabled 81203610

Oct 9, 2014

My notebook (pavilion g4) asks for an administration or power on password (which I don't remember). After trying several times it shows this message:
System Disabled: 81203610

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HP Pavilion G60 Recovery :: After Attempting Three Times Bios Password Disabled System - Code 58243987

Jul 22, 2014

I have a Pavilion G60 that is stuck with the following number [58243987]. I tried the BIOS password request 3 times and received: System Disable [58243987]. How do I get around this? I do not know what the password is and tried password, enter, and then PASSWORD before the number showed up. What do I do next?

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Dell Latitude E6520 :: When Connecting To WiFi Using Radius Authentication

Jan 15, 2013

We have found that the latest driver for the Intel Ultimate-N 6300 AGN WiFi adapter for Windows 7 64 bit gives NETwNs64 Event 5060 errors when connecting to WiFi using Radius (Certificate) authentication.

We have tried Network_Driver_597FG_WN_15.01.1000_A02 which is the latest on the Dell web site..We have tried Wireless_15.3.1_Ds64 which is the latest on the Intel web site.We have had to revert to the NIC_DRVR_WIN_R292654 which is version driver which is both stable and does not give errors in the event log. Given that we do not have issues with the version driver, we intend to stay with that until advised otherwise.

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HP EliteBook 8530p Lockups :: Num And Caps Lock Led Blinking 5 Times Which Indicates General System Board Error

Aug 14, 2014

I have several HP 8530p and I getting  the num lock & cap lock leds blinking 5 times which indicates a general system board error. Bought new boards still getting the same issue.  Note all the units will boot to windows fine, but there is a 10-15 sec delay in hard drive response when operating pc. The mouse is real time responsive but once you clink on a item the lag shows up. What to look for as the problem, CPU , Memory changed, Fans, Cooling system.  Bios versions have been updated, I've torn the unit down, cleaned and added new thermal paste to CPU, GPU and added copper shims to promote better heat transfer. The system Diagnostics indicates hardware is ok.

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HP G62 Recovery :: After Failing To Enter The Correct Administrator Password 3 Times System Is Disabled - Code 50889491

Nov 22, 2014

I have an HP G62. After failing to enter the correct administrator password 3 times, it gives me error code 50889491.

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Acer :: Aspire 5535 / User Profile Service Failed To Login

Oct 6, 2014

I have an acre aspire 5535. I cannot login and keep going round in circles with the message which says "the user profile service failed to login. User profile cannot be loaded".  I have switched off and opened again but no change.

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HP Min 110 Recovery :: Enter Current Password - Fatal Error / System Failed

Sep 20, 2014

How to open my HP mini 110. When I always try to open, it says ENTER CURRENT PASSWORD. After 3 tries, it says Fatal Error ... System Failed . What to do?

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HP Compaq Mini 110 Recovery :: System Asking For Current Password After Fatal Error

Nov 20, 2014

My sons compaq mini 110 all of a sudden is asking for a current password.It comes back with fatal error with code CNU94224GV.I have never seen anything like this. Is it now a brick?

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HP Mini 110 Recovery :: System Halt Error (Forgot BIOS Password)

Aug 22, 2014

I cannot log into my hp mini 110. it has a bios password set by the previous owner (I got it used) the system halt code is CNU9484CQX. 

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HP OS/Software :: Mini 110 Password System Failed Fatal Error Cnu9459q23

Oct 25, 2014

i got this problem while i was trying to boot

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Dell Latitude E6230 :: Remove System Or Pre-Windows Password

Feb 23, 2013

I bought a new Dell Latitude E6230. When I'm trying to configure smart card login, I think the Pre-Windows password set wrongly.I didn't notice how this password apply and what password is set.

Now, when I turn on my computer System show #47ZPWW1-1D3B and asking password.Could I reset or remove System or administrator password ?

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HP Compaq Mini 110 :: Locks Up With Fatal Error And System Halt CNU93533NQ - No Password

Sep 23, 2014

My youngest son's Compaq Mini 110 boots staright up into a Password protect mode which I do not know and then locks up with a fatal error and system halt CNU93533NQ. 

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HP Mini 110 Lockups :: Password Check Failed Fatal Error - System Halted

Nov 27, 2014

I started up my  hp mini and got a message saying  password check failed fatal error....... system halted CNU84938ZV  ....

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HP Mini 1151nr Recovery :: Password Check Failed Fatal Error - System Halted

Mar 6, 2013

I have a password check failed fatal error... system halted. CNU9293HWR error code on hp mini 1151nr ....

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HP Compaq Mini 110 Lockups :: Password Check Failed Fatal Error System Halted

Jan 7, 2015

Password check failedFatal error ... System halledCNU9301LXT COMPAQ MİNİ 110

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HP Compaq Mini 700 Lockups :: Enter Current Password Fatal Error System Halted

Nov 1, 2014

compaq mini 700 enter current password fatal error system halted!!!

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HP Compaq Mini 700 Recovery :: Enter Current Password Fatal Error System Halted

Sep 24, 2014

Compaq mini 700 laptop fatal error system halted. 

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HP Mini 1035nr Lockups :: Password Check Failed Fatal Error System Halted CNU902254V

Mar 11, 2014

password check failed fatal error system halted CNU902254V its an hp mini 1035nr. i forgot the password.

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Dell :: Latitude D820 Shutdown

Sep 28, 2009

I have the Dell Latitude D820, and my problem is this...............

When I go to Start>Shutdown

It goes through the motions as in it's shutting down.

But then it will stay on the Wallpaper image, with no Icons and it will just stay on till I hold down the power button.

I want to be able to go to Start>Shutdown

So it will shut down all by its self, so I don't have to hold down the power button!

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HP Compaq Mini Cq10 Lockups :: Password Check Failed Fatal Error System Halted CNU018089X

Dec 10, 2014

I have the same problem... Password check failed fatal error ...system haltedCNU018089X

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Dell :: Latitude D820 Upgrade Time

Dec 19, 2007

I have a Latitude D820 with T2500 Yonah, 1024mb ram (2 bank: 512mb), and Quadro NVS 120M "video card." I tried running NFS: Pro Street, and even on the lowest settings and resolution, it lags. I think its time for some upgrades... I have a couple of questions first.

Video Card/GPU: I know the 120m isn't a gaming card, however, the GPU IS a GeForce Go 7400, the same as the fx350m found in the Dell PRECISION M65. How is it that the precision, with the same exact same motherboard as the d820, can run a higher fps on 3d heavy apps? I know that the 120m is "optimized" for 2d drafting, but it doesn't make sense why it would be slower if it is the same gpu on the same motherboard. (excluding drivers and software based overclock).

I guess my questions are,
1.) What's the PHYSICAL difference between the D820 motherboard with the quadro 120M and the M65 with the fx350M?
2.) Is there a gpu bios I can flash to make the gpu optimized for 3d gaming? I don't care what windows recognizes it as, as long as its optimized for 3d. Use m65 bios maybe? How much does bios affect performance in game/app?
3.) What is a safe overclock speed and peak running temp for the gpu in the D820? The defaults are:
Low: Core 200mhtz, mem 400mhtz
High: Core 450 mhtz, mem 700mtz.
and averages 70 deg C idle and peaks 95 deg C load

4.) Can the motherboard utilize ddr2-800(pc2-6400) or is it "limited" to ddr2-667(pc2-5300).
5.) The default ram latency is cas 5, 5-5-5-13. Can the mo-bo utilize a cas 4, 4-4-4-12 @333mhtz (ddr2-667)?

I already updated to the newest driver for the video card.

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Dell Latitude D820 :: Used Laptop With No Software?

Jan 31, 2013

I purchased a used Dell Latitude D820 - Windows XP.  All software has  been removed.  What are the steps in getting it operational.  I would like to install  Windows 7 or possibly Windows 8.  How much available memory needed for each?  Is it possible to download the software  or I will need the disc. 

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Dell Latitude D820 :: Screen Won't Turn On

Mar 18, 2013

I have a used Dell Latitude D820 .When I plug in the adapter and turn it on, the little lights on the computer come on that signify that it's charging and powered on, and I can hear 'something', probably the hard drive, spinning inside it, sounding normal. The only problem is that the screen will not come on at all. No Dell logo, no Bios, none of that stuff. how to get the screen to turn on.

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Dell :: Ribbon To Keyboard Ripped Can't Turn On Latitude D820

Sep 10, 2009

The ribbon cable on my D820 keyboard was snagged and ripped today and now I can't power on the laptop.

Is there anyway to short a jumper to turn the laptop on or some other way to turn it on??

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HP G72 Lockups :: Screen Failed To Unlock / User Profile Login Failed

Jan 2, 2015

My pc (G72 laptop) screen failed to unlock...despite using right password.It' showing ; user profile login failed!

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Apr 25, 2009

I have just taken ownership of my new laptop. It has the bluray disc drive and has the HDMI slot so I purchased a new movie disc and a HDMI cable - plugged then into my HD tv and nothing!

I have tried starting the computer up connected and also not connected to the tv and it makes no difference. I have used the Fn+F5 key to switch from my screen to the tv and still nothing.

The only thing I get is some times an error message sysing graphics driver error but I would expect a new laptop with ATI radeon HD 3470 be able to cope with a blueray disc output?

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Dell Venue 11 Pro :: Picture Password And PIN Not Shown On Login

Jul 8, 2014

This applies to my Venue 11 Pro (Atom).

I have set up a PIN but never get the option to use it, I am only ever challenged for my Microsoft Account and password at login

I also set up a picture password but get exactly the same behaviour, i.e.I am ALWAYS challenged for my Microsoft account and password.

I have used this login feature before on my previous Surface 2 but the Venue 11 Pro (fully updated) just will not behave as expected.

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