Dell :: Precision M90 Exchange

Oct 29, 2007

so after complaining to dell many times about terrible heats and non expected shutdowns due to heat they have arranged a replacement for my system, one in the sig.

They called me on friday saying they where going to book an M6300 with the LOWER 1600M, so I opposed as i didnt payed the premium of having the 2500m just for nothing. So now they are looking at 3 main options.

Money Back

Exchange for XPS M1730

Gime me a 1600M and then upgrade it to 2600M.

IMO money back is the best option, eventhough the XPS M1730 base is just a bit more expensive, like 300 eur = 430$, i can make sure that i get it with the stuff i want, I dont really trust them on exchanging it to the base XPS and im sure they will lower stuff like 120gb hd, t7300 , CDRW-DVD etc, Im completelly opposed to a 1600m and exchange for 2600m as Im not even sure if it will ever be released.

What should I expect from them? I have really no clue on that, i have the maximum warranty you can have on the computer that is NBD Multi Care, so from what i can read in the specs of the warranty a replacement cannot be lower of performance in anycase than its predecessor.

If they were to upgrade me to the xps with shity stuff, by that i mean parts that are not available in the web but they can order in an specific situation like mine, should I really complain, Im reading posts of an upcoming 8800GTX for laptops, should i just ask for my money and wait for it to be released? Are they gonna put it in SLI ?

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Dell :: Exchange New Or Not?

Sep 22, 2009

My Dell Latitude E6400 was exchanged 1 year into the warranty.

All search results on this forum indicate that a laptop exchanged this late would have been built using refurbished parts. Yet,

the packaging and replacement laptop itself look absolutely brand new. Does this mean I received a brand new replacement laptop, or was it nonetheless built using refurbished parts?

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Dell :: Trying To Get Status On My Exchange

Apr 8, 2010

The guy would only say system exchanges take 3-4 weeks and yours will be processed as soon as possible- I tell him that my case has been escalted to mamagement and that emails were sent to the dispatch team to queue it higher since Dell mistakingly sent me a 17inch alienware which i would not accept- His reply was I choose to wait longer my refusing the AW - So I will have to wait back through the exchange queue- ...WHAT>>>> Dell sent the AW without asking me if i would accept- also manager i have spoke to never said such non-sense.

So i ask for a manger to call me back - he says it will be 2 hours- Fine- Also please have the 130w power brick sent out to me so i can atleast have some fuctionality- Hes Ok- it will be 4-5 buisness days =- WHAT- I say this machine carrys next business day warranty - He says its "Up to next business day" but in most cases longer- ....I say BS- that is not the terms of the warranty-

This was 30 min ago- never got an email of the chat log or a do i see the dispatch record for the power brick in my history...

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Dell :: Screwed By Exchange?

May 4, 2010

just got my M1530 replacement, another M1530

Old specs:
1 RM492 Processor, T8300, 2.4, 3MB, Core Penryn, M0
1 NK750 Keyboard, 86, United States English, Single, Pointing Barents
1 FW331 Kit, Remote Control, Notebook Mobile 2008, Philips
1 DF315 Assembly, Adapter, Alternating Current, 90W, Mobile 2007 Liteon, 3PIN
0 01323 INFORMATION ........

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Dell :: How Long For An Exchange From?

Aug 23, 2009

For those of you who have had a faulty laptop and had it exchanged could you let me know how long it takes?

I purchased a Dell Mini 10v from the outlet well over a month ago. It arrived July 14 and was faulty straight out of the box (crackling, hissing noise). It was sent to the depot, returned several days later,

and when I turned it on the same problem was still there. It's some problem with the speakers not working properly. I call Dell again. The laptop was sent to the depot a second time--it just got returned a couple days ago .....

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Dell :: Finally Got Information On My Exchange

Apr 8, 2010

As some of you may know (I've been posting in the throttling threads) my SXPS1640 is being replaced due to ridiculous heat and throttling issues. I finally got information on my new laptop which actually WILL be new as it's being built from the ground up just as if I had ordered it, also included is the 130W power adapter, I have some questions about it though as I'm unfamiliar with some of the hardware in it.

1224-7380 Studio XPS 16 Notebook

1310-0173Airborne Documentation, System Exchanges,Factory Install

1312-081156 WHr 6-cell Lithium Ion P Primary Battery, for XPS 1640 ...

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Dell :: Getting A System Exchange, What To Expect?

Apr 18, 2010

I've never gotten a system exchange before, so I'm kind of nervous..
Currently I have a Dell XPS M1530
C2D T8300 (2.4 GHz)
4 gigs RAM
250 gb HDD
Will I get another XPS M1530 and, if so, is my hardware likely to be the same or better? Any chance that I'll get the XPS 16?.

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Dell :: How To Exchange My M1330 For Studio Xps 13

May 19, 2009

I have all the time trouble with my m1330.

I had more than 6 or 7 new motherboars.....

Now I have again problems with the graphic...and now I m wondering how to get a studio xps 13 instead.

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Dell :: Complete Care Exchange Of Like For Like Components

Feb 14, 2008

I have kept quiet about my exchange because I don't want to bring the wrath down upon me of people thinking I am trying to pull one over on dell. However, I now feel the need to vent a little.

I received my 1710 about a year ago. It originally shipped with the basic card but I upgraded through dell, having their techs come out and do the install, to a 7900GTX 512 MB. I was assured many times through the process that the upgraded card would fall under my complete care warranty should something go wrong.

Well something went wrong, 1.5 years later I have suffered from many heat issues and they have replaced the exact same 7900 card TWICE! Then we had an accident with my dog and a glass of Ice Tea. Needless to say the laptop is non-functional now. I was issued a complete care replacement machine and this is where the nightmare started.

They upgraded me to a 1730, saw fit to upgrade my processor to a 2.2, and gave me 4 (!) gigs of ram, but then crippled the system by including 1 8700m 256mb card. I immediately called Dell before the system shipped and implored them to look at my history, and see I upgraded the card. That I would happily exchange half that ram (for an 1800 dollar credit) towards the purchase of an equivalent card. The rep had sympathy but told me that my system doesn't have a service tag so they can't schedule a swap, he set up a call back from a manager for the next day where he assured me that I would be taken care of. That was Tuesday.

Wednesday came and went with no call, I called them after work and got someone who couldn't possibly understand why I didn't receive a call back, and he went to work in his area to try and solve my issue. It turns out that there is a call center in Oklahoma and a call center in Utah. The Utah office has the only staff that has the authorization to replace my card. He scheduled another call back for Thursday, assured me that everything was in the notes, and that I would receive resolution.

That evening the laptop was waiting for me. I knew there was a problem when I opened the box, as the laptop is missing the service tag sticker on the bottom. There is no power cord (only the AC adapter half) in the box, but no worries it's a standard PC plug and I have tons of those. I plug it in, open the lid and hit the switch... and nothing. No power, no lights, no nothing. I fiddle with the plug in the back of the case and I see lights flash. A lot of upward pressure and I have power! So problem number 2, Faulty AC Jack. I'm cruising along at this point checking things out, and I go to the invoice to check the parts list vs. what is physically there. Pop off the memory plate and there is only one 2 GB card in the case. Okay I'll call about that, fire up the machine... Boot error, open the hard drive bay... no HDD................

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Dell :: System Exchange Delay; Post Status Details, Etc

Oct 15, 2009

It seems like there are a bunch of people who are getting a system exchange, but have been waiting over a month to receive the system. Please post your system exchange details and any estimates given by Dell support here so we can get a better idea of how long this takes during this time of the year....

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Dell :: Latest XPS M1530 Owner Starting On The Warranty Exchange Road...

Mar 3, 2010

I contacted Dell yesterday morning via chat because my laptop has started crashing when playing fallout 3/wow, again... This time I remained persistent that I did not want another defective new motherboard with a bad 8600m GPU in it, installed for me. I explained that it’s not a matter of IF the replacement will fail, but WHEN. I was persistent that I wanted a better solution than the motherboard swap. I asked to be transferred to the agent’s supervisor.

When transferred I was told that they "redesigned" the motherboard/GPU so this issue was no longer occurring. I explained to the supervisor how he must have his facts wrong because that is not true. I was eventually offered a warranty replacement. It only took an hour of being firm but polite. I was told it would take 1 week to get an order number from the supervisor and I could reference the chat log number if I had any questions.

After I got off the chat, I realized that I forgot to get the dispatch number. Today I went back into chat to get my dispatch number and asked again when I have an order number for my warranty exchange. Today I was told 2-3 weeks for the order number and 4-5+ weeks to actually get the new system. The agents explained that the "We (dell) are seeing a huge backlog in our warehouse and that is the reason we are not committing on a earlier date." I asked why I was told 1 week the day before but I was only apologized to for being miss-informed.

Currently I feel like i am trapped and dell doesn't care about me as a customer, and that is a shame. I am going to be updating this thread as I progress through this process for a couple of reasons. The main reason is I hope that this will help me keep my insanity in check when dealing with the frustrations of spending my money for my "cool" xps 1530 with 4 year complete care warranty that was almost broke more than it worked. It would often take dell 2-3 weeks to get a tech out with the correct part to fix my laptop when it had issues. The second reason it to just document in one central location this process. Finally maybe I can help pass some people’s time out there by letting reading about my story :-)

In conclusion, I am grateful that I was approved for a warranty replacement, and hope that everyone else out there who has “dealt” with dell’s bs regarding the 1530/1330 will get the same result. It just sucks the wait it looking to be about 1.5 months, lol :-)

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Dell :: CompleteCare System Exchange Experience, E1505 --> Studio 1558

May 6, 2010

If you're just gonna tl;dr, read the first two and the very last paragraph, and look at the specs in sig.

I searched pretty thoroughly through the forums when I started my completecare process, but found no info, so I think this might be helpful for other people wondering what the Complete Care System Exchange / Replacement Warranty process is like.

So I've had a number of parts placed on the e1505 I purchased in summer 2006, every single component and plastic at least once except for the screen itself, a wsxga+ 1680x1050 - they literally don't sell these in laptops anymore.

It took a catastrophic spill outside my house on April 21st (i think), I tried to save it, but couldn't - screen had shattered, back left corner had bent up about an inch (heatsink assembly included), right hinge torn apart, but it still booted! I could plug in an external monitor and get somewhat though the boot phase (never bothered to fully boot back into windows after that)

Called in on the 22nd, they next-dayed a box, and i shipped it out on the 23rd.

Depot got in on the 28th according to FedEx, but I hadn't heard from them so I called in on the 29th to find out that the depot had in fact found there was fatal damage, and they were waiting on approval for a System Exchange .....

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Dell :: System Exchange Lower Screen Resolution WUXGA 1720 To WXGA+ 1737

Sep 25, 2009

I've been waiting 4 weeks or my system exchange through 1 cancellation and and 20+ calls to get it straightened out, I finally found out mine is shipping today.

They actually gave me a pretty decked out 1737, but it only has a WXGA+... I had spoke with the tech that took my requirements and told him my only concerns were discrete video and wuxga screen.

He told me that most likely i would get a 1737 but they only had WXGA+ and I told him that not acceptable and he asked what about studio xps 16's 1080p display which I agreed to

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Dell :: Precision M90 And Precision M 6300 WHO IS THE ODM?

Mar 11, 2009

I am trying to find out who the ODM ( original design manufacturer) is for these precision models, dell no longer sells them, perhaps there is another channel for buying one besides Dell???

If anyone has any information please let me know and also what model not just the ODM's name.

For example ALienware laptops are made by the ODM Clevo which also sells the same Chassis without the alienware bling and price under the name of Sager, Averatec also as I recall ....

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Dell Inspiron 7720 :: Possible To Exchange Non Backlit Keyboard With Backlit

Jan 6, 2015

I like to know if it's possible to exchange my non backlit keyboard for one with backlit

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Dell :: XPS 16 Vs Precision

Feb 26, 2010

I configured (on the Canadian website) an XPS Studio 16 and a Dell Precision. Here are the prices in CDN$:

Dell Studio XPS 16: $3,047

Genuine Windows ® 7 Ultimate Edition with XP Mode
Intel® Core™ i7-820QM Quad Core Processor 1.73GHz (3.06GHz Turbo Mode, 8MB Cache)
Microsoft Works, English

McAfee SecurityCenter, 36-Months
3Yr Ltd Hardware Warranty, InHome Service after Remote Diagnosis & Accidental Damage Service .....

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Dell :: Precision M6400delays?

Nov 15, 2008

has anyone ordered and received a 17" Precision M6400 or M6400 Covet? Can anyone post when they ordered and received?

I just gave up on a month-and-a-half old order, and am trying to gauge whether I can actually expect the new one I placed to arrive. The sales rep, of course, will tell you "Oh Dec. 2nd is the worst case scenario, it should arrive before then!"

Ordered 9/26. Gave up and cancelled order 11/5.

Ordered again 11/5. Expected delivery: 12/2. (But will it make it)?

Oh and if you ordered a Covet, can you say whether it was glossy or matte screen? There seems to be great confusion on this! .......

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Dell :: Latitude Vs. Precision ..

Jan 21, 2009

general differences b/w the two Dell business models? I'm looking to buy a 15" notebook, and I think the business computers may be better than the consumer ones. However, I'm having trouble understanding the different models' differences b/w each other on Dell's website.

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Dell :: Vostro Vs Precision

Apr 27, 2010

I'm looking to upgrade my cheap consumer-grade laptop with something more robust. My uses are mostly software development as well as photography (Photoshop, etc.). I'm not interested in using this new machine for gaming (that would be a very secondary use).

I'm looking for a 17" laptop, so am considering both the Vostro 3700 and Precision M6500. I understand the system differences between these two machines, as well as the cost differences. Ideally, I'd like whatever I buy to last 3+ years without falling too far behind in technology, but on the other hand the Precision is very expensive (budgets suck).

Thus, would the new Vostro 3700, maxed out on configuration, be a worthwhile investment or, since I'm going to spend the money, should I go the extra mile and get the Precision? What would I miss (other than the graphics card mostly) if I go Vostro?

I've been agonizing over this for a good month or so and realize making a decision like this in a vacuum isn't going to happen, so let me know your thoughts.

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Dell :: Second HDD For Latitude/Precision

Sep 20, 2008

Based on this post[url] it would appear the Media bay only allows for 1.8" hard disks!

Is this true? Can anyone confirm this is true for both models?

2xHDD is a must for me - running VMs on a single disk is a _real_ drag!

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Dell :: Shall I Go For A Precision M4400?

Apr 18, 2010

I am considering of getting myself a laptop for personal CAD and design use.

I am looking to buy a resonably priced Quadro graphic laptop and hope it last for 2 years or so...

Could anyone kindly advise me on if the Dell Precision M4400 would be a good option? (below is the spec I am thinking of going for)

Processor: 2.8Ghz T9600 Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 4Gb (800Mhz, DDR2)
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro FX1700M (512Mb)
Hard Disk: 320Gb (7200rpm)

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Dell :: Upgrading To 4GB RAM On A M65 Precision

Sep 9, 2009

So I bought a M65 precision a few years ago (3-4)

Now that a good windows OS 64bit is available, I decided to to upgrade my ram from 2gb to the maximum 4gb.

After seeing that my computer recognizes 4GB but is only using 3GB I got pissed off.

After some research I found this link:

"So you pay a really huge premium (compared with 2Gb RAM) to get 4Gb of RAM ... and so how much memory do you expect the BIOS to make available to the OS. For a Dell M65 the answer is just 3.071Gb.

Response from Dell ...

The processor only has 32 address lines, limiting it to an addressing map of 4 gigabytes.

The chipset, PCI devices, PCI express region, and video cards use some of this map, and the BIOS correctly reports this range as unavailable to the operating system. If the user installs 4 GB of physical memory, then the processor has no way to address the memory that overlaps with these regions, already in use. The chipset directs memory access to the appropriate device rather than sending it to random access memory (RAM).

On Dell's new line of desktops, PCI express uses 500 megabytes (MB) in the map; integrated video takes 256 MB right below PCI express, leaving 3.25 GB of memory available to the operating system via RAM. In some cases, less RAM is available depending on what other add-in cards are installed.

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Dell :: Precision M4400

Jun 12, 2009

just got my m4400 and upgraded to vista business via the dell disks. Now the backlit keyboard dosen't work. It was working under XP. It on in the BIOS and the controlpoint.

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Dell :: Precision M90 Destroyed

Oct 23, 2007

I had a car accident yesterday and my m90 was smashed in the trunk of my car

I'm gonna contact dell tomorrow since i have complete care for another year and a half.

But i was checking the new Precisions and they all come with a fx1600 .. is this worst then the fx2500 that i had?

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Dell :: Blu-Ray On Precision M4400 Now Available

May 14, 2009

Dell is now offering a Blu-Ray disc drive option on the Precision M4400!
Here's the link to the M4400.

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Dell :: XPS 16 Vs Precision M4400

Apr 28, 2009

(note: I posted this in the XPS/Studio section, and I'm reposting it here since it pertains to both)

I am looking for a notebook for my girlfriend. She studies architecture, so she needs something with a powerful GPU, high resolution display, but not too heavy (she has to lug it with her every day all over campus). We don't want to spend more than ~$1500, and hopefully get it for less than that with discounts (either through the University or her mother's job) .....

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Dell Precision M65 :: Will Not Power On

Mar 5, 2013

Recently, I got a used Dell Precision M65 (Christmas of 2012 to be exact).When I first got it It worked great, Then a started realizing that a few issues.These issues included flickering when 100% of the CPU is being used, Blue Screen Of Death when running multiple applications at once, Mouse lagging (Blue screen was the frequent of the issues).on March 3rd ,I was laying on the couch playing games on the system when I turned my head briefly to talk to someone, When I turned my head back towards my laptop the screen was black and the laptop was off. Assuming the battery had died, I plugged it to the charger, pressed the power button, and nothing happened.I got up to assure that is was firmly connected to the wall outlet, And it was.So my laptop has shut-off and will not power on at all.It's acting as if it's not receiving power at all.The green light on the Dell charger is green until plugged into the laptop. It goes out immediately.The battery is fully charged for the battery indicator shows so.What's going on?Is my CPU bad? 

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Dell :: Car Charger For Precision M6500

May 3, 2010

Dell doesn't have this, but are there any good third part solutions. I guess the reason Dell doesn't have it is that the computer demands a rather hefty PSU, but still...

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Dell :: Getting A Precision M4400 From The Outlet

Apr 10, 2009

I want to get a durable work station notebook and narrowed down my choices to the Precision M4400, HP Elite Book and Thinkpad W500.

Getting the Precision from the Outlet seems the cheapest option. Anyone have any experience getting a laptop from there?

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Dell :: Windows 7 Pro X64 On Precision M2300?

Dec 8, 2009

Has any tried Windows 7 Pro x64 (retail) on Precision M2300 yet? I notice that Dell's website doesn't have complete drivers yet, they say to use Vista's drivers.

I am planning to do an install soon, so I want to know what is expect not to work.

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