Dell :: SXPS 1640 Replacement Policy

Oct 27, 2009

Under what conditions will Dell Canada replace a brand new Studio XPS 1640 laptop? I'm currently having my motherboard replaced and they put in the wrong 1, so I'm getting it replaced AGAIN.

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Dell :: Policy For Replacement

Jul 21, 2009

so i had a e1705 that went bad so i got a new xps 1730 as replacement. so it has been acting up where it will shutoff while working for no reason and from what i have read most xps problems become nightmares so if for wot eva reason dell can not fix my 1730 what will dell replace it with?

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Dell :: Replacement Policy

Apr 21, 2010

So i called Dell today to try and get a replacement for my broken XPS and was told that although my laptop would probably have qualified for a replacement, it has been too long since the last repair for it to qualify.

The rep said that in order for a replacement to be issued the laptop must break within only 1 month of the repair. So after about 1.5 hours on the phone i am getting a guy to come fix it within the next couple of days.

I still want a replacement as this laptop no longer fits with my needs and i know it will break down eventually again anyways whether it be in a month or in a year.

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Dell :: New Policy No Replacement Systems

Dec 15, 2009

I have a xps m1710 the graphics card has failed and has been replaced last week. This failed after 2 days!

Dell have repalced fans x2 CPU Heatsink and nv7950gtx already.

they now need to change graphics card again, LCD and Base plastics.

have requested replacment system like others and this has been refused i have appealed this all the way to CEO office and they state the new policy is no replacement systems, no refunds and i have to wait.

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Dell :: SXPS 1640

Jul 2, 2009

I am beyond my 30 days so i guess a return is out of the question? I am really not happy with it.

I didn't notice it too much because i got used to leaving it on my lap on top of a laptop bag ... so i don't feel any heat.

But it is soooo hot that i literally cannot even hand it to my wife, it would burn her.

The hot zones are all along the back, all along the left side, and the bottom on the left side.

I am dreading calling dell customer support, i know it is horrible for personal products

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Dell :: Sxps 1640

Feb 7, 2009

Just wondering if someone could lend some insight on why the SSD are significantly overpriced in AUS To Customize a SXPS 1640 from a 500gb 5400 rpm in the US is is $100 dollars, or $152 Aus.

While in Australia it is $800 to upgrade.. Who do you have to sleep with to get a decent price ?

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Dell :: Contacting About My Replacement SXPS

Apr 4, 2010

I have been relentlessly trying to contact my case manager in reference to my SXPS replacement, and have not had any luck.

How can I get in direct contact with my case manager?

Is their a special number? Tech Support is uselsss, and no one at Dell seems to know how or who is in charge of my case.

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Dell :: Advice On A Replacement Of SXPS?

Apr 4, 2010

I have the computer listed in my signature and I'm getting a replacement in a few weeks, and I do not yet know what the specs are. I am very hesitant about getting this replacement because of the bad experiences I have had with this computer so far. The rep offered me a full refund but that meant I would have to go a certain amount of time without a computer. I then told him just continue to process my current replacement, then when I received that, I would decide whether or not I would want to keep it. He then told me that he would expedite the current repair and it wouldn't be a problem to receive a refund in the future. The only problem I have is deciding what would be better than the SXPS, that I could buy for approx $2,200? Should I go alienware? Is the nvidia card in the M15X better than the ATI 4670? I guess I just have so many unanswered questions.

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Dell :: Issues With New SXPS 1640

May 23, 2010

I recently received a Studio XPS 1640 as a replacement for an M1330. While I prefer the size of the M1330, the 1640's full HD panel (and increased power) makes up for the increased heft, in my book.

I replaced the 500 GB 5400 RPM drive, that came with the system, with an OCZ SSD and installed a fresh copy of Windows 7, then the latest drivers from Dell.

Compared to my experience with nVidia and the M1330, this takes some getting used to.

1. Using standard Windows drivers for the ATI 4670, any time I did anything more graphics-intensive than navigate around Windows 7 (with eye candy on), the driver would crash and instantly recover. After upgrading via Windows Update to the latest on there, I got BSODs instead.

Also, my HDMI-connected flat panel only showed about 85% of the screen even though the resolution was correctly set at 1080p, the panel's max.

Once I uninstalled those and switched to the Dell-recommended with ATI CC, the BSOD and crashes stopped, and I used ATI CCC to remove the overscan and now the entire LCD is in use, as it should.

However, the computer will not start at all (power button does nothing) if my DisplayPort cable (to a Dell monitor) is plugged in. If I remove it, then I can re-attach it once I have powered the system on, but then Windows/ATI "forgets" how I like my monitors set up and I have to go through a whole process to get it back.

Also, regarding the HDMI Audio I use, every time Windows generates a sound, I get a "thump" of my external speakers powering on, and the sound is basically done, by then. If I play a song in WMP, the pattern remains, and when the song begins there is that thump, but once the song is playing then it is smooth sailing and clean sound until the song stops and then loads the next song, at which point that "thump" returns for a second, again.

2. The USB Kb/Mouse are not active until Windows is loaded. Why?

3. My old IR remote from my M1330 seems to do nothing for this new laptop. I did replace the battery just to make sure.

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Dell :: SXPS 1640 RGBLED

Oct 2, 2009

Anyone else with this laptop find that the screen has a very warm-reddish white balance, or is it just me? Compared to my MBP and other Dell laptops and screens, it has by far the most reddish whites.

I've tried the many ICM profiles posted here, and it definately made a difference. I'm now getting much more accurate colors, but the white balance itself remains quite reddish.

To make matters worse, the ATI CCC which, on my desktop computer, gives me White Temperature controls, those same controls are non-existant on the 1640 (same Catalyst 9.9 drivers).

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Dell :: No Standby SXPS 1640

May 6, 2009

Cannot enter standby in the Studio XPS 1640, Windows Vista 64 bit.

Whenever I click on standby, the computer acts as if it will go into standby, but then goes immediately to the login screen again.

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Sony :: FW Vs. Dell SXPS 1640

Oct 28, 2009

I currently own the 1640 and have had nothing but problems over the last two weeks. Hard drive crash, optical drive broken, deal pixels etc etc. I'm thinking about returning the 1640 and getting the Sony FW instead. Is the FW a RELIABLE computer b/c at this point, I think that's what I'm looking for? Has anyone used both machines and how do they compare? For those that own the FW,

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Dell :: Xps 1640 Body Replacement?

Feb 24, 2010

last night I was holding my laptop in my hands and it slipped! The corner got cracked (the back panel)

is there any way I can find a replacement body or anything like that? My warranty just finished a few weeks ago...

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Dell :: 1640 Motherboard Replacement

Apr 22, 2010

I am getting my 1640's motherboard and lcd screen replaced tommorw (dell are taking laptop into the centre). I have the 512mb Ati card, I understand the new motherboard has a 1gb card.

What are the chances I will get the new motherboard and hence the new card? Or will they still have the old motherboard replacements?

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Dell :: LCD Replacement On A Studio XPS 1640

May 23, 2010

I just bought a perfectly fine Studio XPS 1640 off of a guy locally, but the LCD is broken, he said that he has the 1920 x 1080 resolution, and i have a few questions because I am confused..

First of all, I measured it with a measuring tape and it is exactly 16", and it has a piece of clear plastic/glass over the entire front screen (including the Bezel), so which LCD out there can I buy so it will be compatible?

I thought the Studio XPS's LCDs are 15.6", and why is there a 1920 x 1200 resolution out there.

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Dell :: Playing Blu-ray Discs On SXPS 1640

Sep 12, 2009

When I did a clean install of Vista on my computer, I must have wiped out the program that plays the Blu-ray discs, because it doesn't do anything when I put a disc in. Is there a way I can download this program again, or does anyone recommend another program to use instead?

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Dell :: Bluray Drive In Sxps 1640

Apr 10, 2009

I am probably getting the sxps 1640 and I was wondering would a bluray drive be worth it? I do have a Sony 40v4100 lcd tv. Can this drive output 24p through the hdmi port? And why isnt it a bluray burner like the xps m1530 line? How hard would it be to swap in a bluray drive, do you have to pull the whole computer apart to do so? Should I just spend the money on an external bluray player for my tv?

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Dell :: Cant Play Games In SXPS 1640

Aug 2, 2009

I tried two games:

NFS Undercover and Monsters vs aliens.

NFS undercover was able to run in lowest settings but graphics were like hell!

And monsters vs aliens didnt run at all...

I think, it might be GPU problem? May be my gpu is defective?

I have 512 MB ATI 3670.

I tried Vista and win 7 with latest drivers...I even tried uninstalling my antivirus...

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Dell :: The A08 Bios Driver For SXPS 1640

Aug 15, 2009

should i install the latest bios driver a08 from the dell site? i dunno in these things and i wanna know if it's recommended and known to not screw things up, and if i even need it

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Dell :: SXPS 1640 Dimensions And Weight!

Apr 12, 2009

As i found it very hard to find the dimensions and weight of the sxps 1640 I will post them here.

SXPS 16:

Dimensions & Weight Width: 15.15" (384.9mm) Height: 0.95" (24.1mm) front / 1.34" (33.95mm) back Depth: 10.02" (254.6mm) Weight: Starting weight of 6.4 lbs. (2.91 kg)3

And a comparison the Xps 1530:

Weight: 5.78 lbs* (2.62 kg)
Width: 14.06" (357 mm)
Height: 0.93" - 1.38" (23.7 mm - 35.1 mm wedge)
Depth: 10.34" (263 mm)

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Dell :: SXPS 1640 Weird Screen

Oct 2, 2009

I have the WLED Full HD display with the 4670 card. The issue I am having is that on the right side of the screen (rightmost two inches) on a white background only on the white area you can see a faint flickering that sometimes looks like waves coming up from the upper right conner. Again, this effect is very faint, yet visible if you know about it. Is like the wind is messing up the "water" or something.

To see it/test it open IE (or notepad etc) at google and look at the right most side in the white area. It is easier to see if the screen is tilted away from you or looking from under, however, I can see it in the regular position I use.

If you have the same configuration can you please check yours if you see anything?

The problem it is not visible in an external monitor.

Dell replaced my screen in which the problem is milder than the previous screen, but it is still there.

I kinda accepted it as fact of life for the screen, however, when I update the ATI driver, during the update process the screen flickers for a second or two (goes black) and after that there is no problem until I reboot. So apparently the driver is reseting something that makes the problem go away.

I now have Win7 RTM, but the problem was present with Vista and in the Dell Diags CD (if you move the Diags window to the right). I have the A10 BIOS, the problem was also present with A8.

The screen brightness setting does not affect it.

I run a couple screen test software with a lot of patterns no additional problems there ,i.e., no distortion of the patterns, other than the above issue on a white background.

I do not mean to be picky about it, but it bugs me since my other laptops do not have this issue and now that I found that the issue can go away momentarily with the driver update/change.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1640 Motherboard Replacement!

Mar 10, 2010

After a completely useless representative walked me in circles, then called me back once we got disconnected and left a 3 second message full of background noise I decided to go ahead and try out another representative.

This one was more useful, I told him about how the computer was underclocking when I was playing games and was running hot in general, and he suggested that we replace the motherboard, heatsink, and fan assemblies.

I had read about a power adapter possible being the issue but that wasn't offered so hopefully this first major surgery allows me to play games again

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Dell :: SXPS 1640/1645/1647 GPU Throttling

Feb 25, 2010

Please note that my GPU Throttles down when it hits 84C. This cycle will continue up and down as the system system downclocks the GPU.

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Dell :: SXPS 1340/1640 Synaptics Touchpad

Jun 25, 2009

I am really curious if any other 1340/1640 users have run into a similar situation.

The problem:

when typing on the lappy, sometimes the text jumps to wherever the I beak of the cursor is. At first i thought i was accidentally touching the touchpad with the base of my thumb, but now i'm sure thats not the case

I've already tried uninstalling dells drivers, using the drivers from synaptics website, changing the sensitivity of the touch pad, using the touchpad with no drivers at all (windows drivers only)...

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Dell :: How To Convince To Replace SXPS 1640...Please Advice

Jul 31, 2009

1st time - Around 2 weeks back - My Motherboard, DVD burner and Palmrest was replaced

2nd time - 1 week back - Palmrest was again replaced

3rd time - This time - They said that they will replace Palmrest, Motherboard, LCD, Power Adapter..

I really cant live with this...almost after every replacements my laptop is becoming ugly and ugly...

I want to get my SXPS 1640 replaced/exchanged...

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Dell :: Studio SXPS 1640 Windows 7 Installation

Jan 10, 2010

I own a Dell Studio SXPS16 and would like to install Windows 7.

My question being how will i install the drivers ???

Like do i have to download one by one or will windows 7 downloads themselves

Another point being how to do update my video drivers ??

Graphics Card - ATI 3670

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Dell :: Inside An SXPS 1640 And 1645: Differences

Nov 18, 2009

For you people who are wondering: SXPS 1640 on left, 1645 on right.

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Dell :: Crysis Running Smooth On Max With SXPS 1640

Mar 16, 2009

I put setting on high (over half were on very high such as particles, water, physics, etc)

and i had on the one below native res with no AA. This was recorded with fraps, therefore i had to turn some of the settings down.

But here are some vids ...

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Dell :: SXPS 1640 Random Performance Drops

Dec 19, 2009

I have a Studio XPS 1640 (3670 512mb, P8600, etc.) that I mostly use for gaming. During the past few months, I've noticed that occasionally when I'm playing a game, the FPS will suddenly go wayyy down. For example, I was once playing Oblivion and getting around 40 FPS, when all of a sudden the FPS randomly dropped to less than 10. The same thing has happened in other games such as TF2. I think that this may be due to overheating, because the computer still seems sort of sluggish even after I close the game. Anyone know what I should do? Maybe adjust the fan speed/get a cooling pad?

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Dell :: 25 Days Warranty On Refurbrished Replacement SXPS 1645 What To Do?

Apr 11, 2010

Long story short, i got a replacement refurbished SXPS 1645 system for a E1505 (problems with the E1505 started 12/09/09, after replacing tons of parts problems persisted as of 03/15/10 they approved a dispatch for replacement system), shipped 03/26/10, received 03/29/10(?) 111 days later I had a working computer again, needless to say i am very happy with the replacement! (Maybe i spoke too soon now 05/05)
(attached are a few comparison shots to a Gateway LT-2005u 10" cheap temporary computer I bought in Dec. to use until Dell got everything fixed)

After starting to read the forums here I am concerned about the longevity of the computer, don't get me wrong, i love the computer...its an awesome replacement But i've already started to notice some issues/problems with the refurb I got...Ok the title is answered, i bought Dell's expensive warranty extension 2 years/$500....

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