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Dell :: Studio 1537: Alps Touchpad Driver For Windows 7 32 Bit

I'm looking for a decent Alps Touchpad Windows 7 X86 Driver.
I installed the available in the 1737 download page but it doesn't work fine...

I tried the latest Synaptics but it doesn't work at all...

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Dell :: Looking For Studio 14z Alps Touchpad Driver
I went on dells website and couldn't find the studio 14z drivers.

I heard the studio 14z supports multitouch. Also it has the same touchpad as my toshiba. Currently I'm using a dell driver for my touchpad.

But I would like multitouch, so I hope to find the studio 14z driver.

Or any other dell driver that supports multitouch and is for the alps touchpad.

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Dell :: New Alps Touchpad Driver From
I just installed it again (first time didn't work!) and it works now on my M1530.. and I must say its pretty awesome.. touchpad feels better than before, the scrolling functions are working fine and also the left vertical zoom in and zoom out settings.


^ Link to the driver in the above post.

Considering many XPS users are using this new driver, here is the link (same as the one in my initial post above, but posting the link here again so that people can get it right away) this is not to mean a repeat post from me..

New TouchPad Driver > [url]

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Dell :: Model For Best Alps Touchpad Driver?
Does anyone know what the most modern DELL system is that has the best Alps driver support for features such as tapping and scrolling?

The drivers I have for my Alps touchpad from another manufacturer do not have any support for things such as Browser back-button or continuous scrolling (by leaving your finger at the edge of the touchpad after moving across it).

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Dell :: Studio 1735 Touchpad- Synaptics Or Alps?
My touch pad driver recently stopped working the other day. I had not noticed because I always use my VX Nano, but I was out of the house with the laptop for once and had no pointing device when I booted up.

I re-downloaded the Synaptics driver that I had installed previously, but it didn't work. I had to install the Dell driver to get it to work, but on install I noticed it saying it was an Alps, not a Synaptics.

What gives with this? I even remember seeing other posts on here saying to forgo the Dell driver when installing windows and to use the Synaptics driver............................

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Dell :: {lock Up Frequently} All Driver For Studio Xps 1340 Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
I use studio XPS 1340 with specifications:

Intel Core 2 Duo processor P8600
4gb ddr 3
320 gb hardrive
NVidia GeForce 9400 M graphics
wireless and bluetooth mini 1515

I've upgraded from windows vista to windows 7 ultimate

but hang / lock ups occur more often when I'm in windows 7

I had to upgrade to bios A11 and then lock up the place never before (in windows vista, when the battery is between 60-82%, the computer is slow and cpu usage is always 100%). then I change the bios to the A6, A7 to try whether permanent freeze. and the fact remains there lock up.

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Dell :: 1420 64 Bit Touchpad Driver Middle Click
I have had this problem for a while. I used to have Vista installed on my 1420, it had taken me a long time to find a 64bit driver for the ALPS touchpad that featured middle click (when you click both buttons, it registers as a middle click).

Now, I am on Windows 7, all Vista 64 bit drivers for the ALPS work with Windows 7, but I am having trouble finding the driver that I had used with Vista64 that allowed me to use middle click.

I have searched on Dell's driver page and literally installed almost every driver they have for ALPS touchpads. Almost all of them have the ability to use the feature middle click, but they never work. I was wondering if there are any 1420 owners out there that have, or know where one could find a 64 bit driver that allows me to use middle click?

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Sony :: FZ290 Touchpad Driver Win7 64 Bit
I have just installed win7 64bit on my FZ290. Everything worked perfectly except i could not find the driver for touchpad. I ve read all different posts in this forum, found many helpful info for installing win7, but i just cant find the way to get this touchpad working like before, i mean the scroll bar on the top and right side of the touchpad which allow me to scroll the page, going back a page without click a key

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Dell :: Studio 1537 Permanent Marks Behind The Display & Touchpad Freezing
I've had a Dell Studio 1537 P8400 @ 2.26 GHz with 3 GB ram, Vista 32-bit OS since December last year, and only in the past couple of months have i had a few problems, much to my disappointment that Dell hasn't increased their quality..

I've noticed a little "blemish" behind the screen, like a little cluster of dust 0.5mm in diameter, but its BEHIND the text and graphics...quite strange but such a pain as its in the middle-left of the screen..there's also another, half the size right up the top..

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Dell :: Fix Your Touchpad: ALPS Drivers Without GUI
Best Touchpad/Trackstick Driver Solution for Dell Laptops with Non-Multitouch ALPS

I think it's pretty clear that Dell's ALPS drivers for Windows 7 suck ......

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Dell :: Alps Touchpad Busy Cursor Freezes
My dell has an Alps touchpad and I noticed that the busy cursor from vista freezes. Is there a way to get it to animate?

This is the cursor in case you don't know what I'm talking about:

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Dell :: 2 Finger Scrolling, Alps Touchpad, Inspiron 1545
I recently bought an Inspiron 1545 and absolutely cannot stand not being able to 2-finger scroll. The "side pad" function works poorly at best, and is so undependable that I am resorted to using a mouse whenever possible.

How on earth can I get my Inspiron 1545 with an Alps touchpad to have 2 finger scrolling similar to Mac systems? Is it even possible?

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Dell :: HOW TO: ALPS Touchpad With Circle Scroll And Back And Forward In Firefox
I have been looking to make my alps pad better and with some info i found on here i was able to do just that. now i have "back/forward" slide gestures and circle scrolling, in firefox! this will also enables alot more things.

first of all thanks to fonduekid for letting us know of the new drivers.
and to SpotMe for the regedit info.

to start off go HERE, and download that driver.

Install, restart.

after windows restarts run regedit
with in that folder look for "UseCustomGUI"
double click and change the value data to "0"
close regedit

open mouse properties and you will have all the features unlocked. circle scrolling are within the dell tab and the back/forward is under gestures tab.

Unfortunately Alps still will not recognize Firefox. To be able to use the "back and forward" slide gesture you will have to go here and download a firefox addon called nightly tester tools.

once installed, with in firefox go to tools>addons and click on options for Nightly tester tools.

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Sony :: 64 Bit Windows 7 Driver Badly
I have an AR series notebook and need an 8600M GT driver because I just upgraded to Windows 7. I cannot find any 64 bit drivers for it.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Bluetooth Driver (Windows 7 32-bit)
Dell XPS M1530 is running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit. The only thing that I can't get to work is the Bluetooth.

Before (with Windows Vista), I was able to connect my Dell 968w printer and Blackberry Tour to my laptop via Bluetooth with no problem.

Now when I try to print with my printer or send files to my Blackberry via Bluetooth,

it doesn't work. I've looked everywhere but I can't find the right fix. I'm guessing that maybe I need to update my Bluetooth driver, but I can't seem to find the right driver for Windows 7 32-bit

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Dell :: Studio 1535 XP 64 Bit Driver
please send me link for download studio 1535 Radeon HD 3450 for windows XP 64 bit Driver
because in dell and ati web site can'nt detect this driver

hardware id and detail:


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Dell :: Studio Xp 64& 32 Bit Driver
plz send link of dell studio xp 64&32 bit driver for download.

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Dell :: Best Driver For Studio Xps 13 (Win 7 64 Bit)
Has anyone any recommendations on which driver to use on the studio xps 13. I tried to play fallout 3 with EVERYTHING turned off and set to the lowest resolution and it plays sooo slow.

I had a macbook 2ghz with a geforce 9400 card before I went to the XPS and still managed to play it at 1280x800 on medium settings.

I checked out a few reviews of the card and playing at these settings is way achievable but it seems like im having a driver issue?

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Dell :: Studio 1537 And Windows 7
Did a clean install of Windows 7 64 bit on a Studio 1537 and have a few questions. First off is how do I get the Dell backup software installed? My previous OS was Vista 32 bit so as I'm running a 64 bit os the disks that originally came with my computer probably won't be of any use.

I also require the Dell webcam software program. S Dell has a site where you can download this software but like a number of pages on Dell's site, it doesn't seem to work, does not recognize my service tag..

I also need software for the fingerprint reader. I found the driver for it, Authentec Inc but for some reason I can't find my previous software, Digital Persona Fingerprint Software.

Let me correct that, I did find it on their website but for some reason the program never fully installs itself. It says that it's now preparing to enrolling process but never does

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Dell :: E4300 Alps Alternative Mouse Driver/Software?
The E4300 uses the Dell Touchpad driver and I think it feels very buggy.
It looks like the Dell uses an Alps hardware

This is probably the first time where I'm quite annoyed by a touchpad/buttons. The touchpad buttons do not always respond immediately, sometimes requiring two presses to click.

And sometimes, when I'm using the touchpad, it will automatically click on a link I didn't intend to.

I know this seems minor, but it's quite annoying at times. I almost returned the laptop because of it, but now I'm trying to live with it but it would be most helpful if there was an alternative.

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Dell :: Studio 17 64 Bit Vista Ethernet Controller Driver
Has anyone been able to get their Ethernet Controller to work on the Studio 17? I have the wireless working, but the Ethernet Controller will not load any drivers, automatic or manual. I have searched Intel's site and downloaded every 64 bit driver from Dell's Studio 17 download page.

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Dell :: Studio 1537 Display Problems With Windows 7
I recently installed windows 7 pro on my dell 1537 and i'm facing problems with display

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Dell :: Unable To Install Windows 7 Onto A Studio 1537
If kindly help a brother out. I just bought a Studio 1537 for my lady and i was unable to install windows 7 64 bit RC. It's saying

"the version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (bit) or x64 (bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher."

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Dell :: Studio 1537 And Windows 7 Base Device Drivers?
I did a clean install of Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate a month ago and everything is running well. However, I've noticed in Device Manager that there is an unidentified base device which is lacking a driver. Here is the info:

Device Type: other devices
Manufacturer: unknown
Location: PCI bus 9, device 1, function 3
Device Status:
The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver.

Updating the driver through both the internet and searching through my computer has not found a driver. Any ideas on what the issue might be?

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Dell :: Studio 1537 Touch Buttons After Windows 7 Retail Install
I installed retail Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit on Studio 1537 (the one in the signature) So far whatever I have tested, except the touch buttons, everything works.

I wonder if anyone knows how to get those touch buttons working.

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Dell :: Studio 1537 + Bluetooth 370 + Windows 7 RTM = Grrr!
So, almost 3 months ago I purchased a Dell Bluetooth 370 card from Dell as well as a Dell Bluetooth travel mouse. At the time I was running Windows 7 RC, and all was fine.

Then, I found via Craigslist a Dell bluetooth keyboard for CHEAP locally and purchased it. About the same time, I installed Windows 7 RTM. That's about when the annoyances started to happen.

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Dell :: 32-bit AND 64-bit NVidia Driver, A03 Released From For M1530
Vista 32/64 - nVidia Drivers For DELL XPS M1530

32-bit Driver

nVidia GeForce 8400M, GeForce 8600M, v., A03


Version:, A03 (176.44)
Vista 32-bit driver

OS & Product Compatibility: XPS M1530; Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit


Dell has also released a 64-bit Driver

nVidia GeForce 8400M, GeForce 8600M, v., A03


Version:, A03 (176.44)
Vista 64-bit Driver

OS & Product Compatibility: XPS M1530; Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit

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Dell :: 32-bit AND 64-bit NVidia Driver Ver: 176.44, A02 Released For M1330 From
32-bit Driver

nVidia GeForce 8400M, GeForce 8600M, GeForce 8400M GS


Version: 176.44 V32, A10
Product & OS Compatibility: XPS M1330; Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit

64-bit Driver

nVidia GeForce 8400M, GeForce 8600M, GeForce 8400M GS


Version: 176.44 V64, A02
Product & OS Compatibility: XPS M1330; Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit

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Dell :: Windows Vista 32 Bit On Studio 15 Vs Vista 64 Bit
I bought a Dell Studio 15 (1535) from Futureshop with the following specs .....

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Dell :: Windows 7 64 Bit On A Studio 17
I have Windows 7 Ultimate, versions 64 and 32... I would like to install the 32 bit on my Dell Desktop, which is 2 years old, but wondering if I can put the 64 bit version on my Studio 17, which is about a year old and currently running Vista Home Premium.

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Dell :: Windows 7 64 Bit On Studio 15
I have been thinking of installing Windows 7 on my Studio 1535 and, at the same time, moving from 32 bit to 64 bit computing. Trouble is that I'll need more ram, so I at least need to buy a two gigabyte stick of ram, and I would probably like to get a dedicated sound card at the same time.

on upgrading and what particular items one might recommend for the aforementioned products and, equally important, any experiences that one might have on switching to Windows 7.

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Dell :: Will Me Studio 17 Run Better And Faster With Windows 7 64-bit?
I am almost hesitant to even bother with installing Windows 7 because #1. I use "tethering" to my Sprint 3G cell phone to use broadband data everywhere, not sure if that will work in W7.

Also should I do an "in place installation" over top of Vista 64-bit to Windows 7 64-bit.

or do a complete reformat install to Windows 7 which I imagine would be a driver hassle.

CPU wise I think I am covered a dual core T9400 2.53Ghz with 6MB cache and 1066Mhz FSB. 4GB RAM.

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Sony :: Vaio FZ290 Tryin To Update From Vista 32-Bit To Windows 7 64-Bit
I have a serious dillemma , I'm trying to install Windows 7 - 64 Bit on my 32-bit vista laptop.

I have a sony vaio fz290.

I burned the image of a 7077 build I downloaded from demonoid. Booted off of it and clicked install , and then I got an error about not having a Cd/Dvd drive device driver missing , I tried a lot of things and searched all over the internet.

A few things to ask as I'm desperate

What can I do to make this work ?

Do I have to format my comp for this to work or can I just update over the 32-bit installation

OR can I just install on a partition ?

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Dell :: 32-bit Vs 64-bit Windows On An XPS M1530
how many of you are running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows on your XPS M1530 notebooks, and why. How much RAM do you have?

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Sony :: Installing 32-bit Windows 7 On Z720D (originally 64-bit Vista)
I purchased a ready-to-go VGN-Z720D from Sony, and their bloatware is, well, horrible, so i figured that would be as good a time as any to do a clean install AND run Windows 7 RC1.

Problem is, most of the utilities/programs listed earlier in the "Windows 7 on Vaio Z" thread are not available from in 32-bit flavor for this particular model.

I've tried to use 32-bit drivers from the Z690 on my Z720, but Sony does enforce model restrictions within its package

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Dell :: 1537 3450 Driver On 1535
playing crysis last night ran fine for a bit then crashed because driver failed wanna install this driver version 8.512 this should work right same card has anyonne tried?

currently have 8.533

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Sony :: Vaio 32-bit To 32-bit Windows 7 Upgrades?
I noticed that the majority of users here that are trying to upgrade their "unsupported" notebooks are upgrading from 64-bit or going from 32-bit to 64-bit.

I was wondering if anybody had problems upgrading (using clean install) from 32-bit to 32-bit?

I will try to upgrade my notebook (Vaio vgn-FZ290) next week. Im going from vista home premium 32-bit to Win7 Professional 32-bit. I will attempt to use Win7 Update's drivers, original vista 32-bit drivers, and modified drivers from laptopvideo2go for my NVIDIA GeForce 8400m GT.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 Windows 7 Driver
Since a lot of people will be moving to Windows 7 this weekend with Technet & MSDN now available, I thought it would be good to share experiences relating to drivers and what is or isn't needed.

What drivers, if any, will be necessary to load that aren't included in the normal Win7 setup?

Is a Win7 driver available from Dell at this point or does the corresponding Vista driver work perfectly?

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Dell :: How To Turn Studio 17 32-bit Into 64-bit
I know Dell STILL doesn't have 64-bit for the Dell Studio 17 only 32-bit, but is there a way to GET 64-bit?

Like, is there a specific person or department at Dell to get the 64-bit

How would I turn my 32-bit OS into the 64-bit OS if the discs were provided?

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Dell :: Studio 14z 64 Bit -> 32 Bit?
I have a refurbished 14z on order, and I need to install 32 bit Windows7 Home Premium on it (because I have some 16 bit applications I need to use for work).

One of the items on the config page is:
Module,Software,Certificate Of Authenticity,W7HP32/64

However another one is:
Module,Software,W7HP64 Consumer Desktop,English Dao/bcc

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Dell :: Microphone Driver For Studio XPS 1640 Running Windows XP
I would need a driver for the internal microphone on my Studio XPS 1640.

I am using Windows XP though.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1640IDT Audio Driver Crash Under Windows 7 X64
On a clean install of Windows 7 x64 RTM the latest driver available from Dell support (v6.10.0.6162, A14) seems to crash at random intervals. Only a reboot fixes the problem. It makes running the IDT drivers almost impossible but there are some features such as analogue 5.1 which I can't do without.

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Dell :: Studio And Windows 7 RTM Driver Problem (ITE CIR Infrared):
I have got a Studio 1535 (the 1537 has the same devices/drivers) and I have just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit RTM.

I have got the same problem I had with the RC.
After 7 installation I ran Windows Update but I have a device which is not recognised: "Unknown device on Intel(R) ICH8M LPC Interface Controller".
I installed the latest Intel Chipset/Matrix Storage Manager/Wireless drivers but... no way!

The Intel(R) ICH8M LPC Interface Controller has its driver, as you can see in the screenshot (red arrow).

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Dell :: New Touchpad Driver
There is another, even newer driver available from the E4300/E4200. Thanks to Logan_Nolag for posting that. It is even more responsive than the Studio driver.


The touchpad is now up there with the Synaptics from my old XPS m140.

I tried it on my E6400, and it updated to the newer drivers without issue. I am definitely noticing a diffference in the touchpad.

New Touchpad Driver From Dell - For Studio 1536

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Dell :: 64 Bit Driver For Vostro 1500
There's no 64 bit driver for my Vostro 1500 .....

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Dell :: Touchpad Freezing Lessened With Toshiba Driver
I've had problems with my M4400's Alps touchpad sporadically freezing/locking up, ever since I received it a week ago. I saw the same problems in Windows XP, Vista, and in Windows 7. I did some searching around and found others also reporting problems. I was about ready to return my laptop (instead of submitting to a potential troubleshooting quagmire), but I found one suggestion that seemed worth trying.

I removed the Dell touchpad drivers (Driver Version:, Driver Date: 12/21/2008) and installed one from Toshiba's web site (Driver Version: 7.2.303.107, Driver Date: 9/19/2008). After installing the Toshiba driver, I disabled all of the touchpad "extras", including browser support, scrolling, tapping, and inertial movement. It seems to have lessened the sporadic freezing (the jury is still out on whether it improved the input lag). I have had one freezing/tracking problem since installing the Toshiba driver, but overall it seems improved over the Dell driver. I'd be very interested in knowing if it helps anyone else also having problems with their touchpad freezing up.

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Dell :: Windows 7 On 1537
I installed Windows 7 RC on my 1537 recently.

Everything seems to working fine except two minor issues:

1 - The Wifi locator button does not work any more.

2 - The screen overlay when I press mute, volume up, and volume down no longer appears on the screen.

Does anyone else have these issues with their Win7 installation?

Also, can anyone tell me the names of the programs use in Vista for these two features?

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Apple :: W7 Boot Camp - Touchpad Driver
Are there any alternatives that doesn't have super-sensitive tap on an MBP? Can I adjust it somehow?

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Dell :: Best Driver For XPS1730 8800SLI WIN XP 32.bit
So what driver are you using for XPS 1730 8800SLI WIN XP 32.bit and why?

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Dell :: Vista 64 Bit Driver For Inspiron 1520
two years ago I bought an Inspiron 1520, at that time I installed XP pro 32bit and vista ultimate 64bit getting for the first O.S.

the driver from Dell site and for the second one from the Dell driver searcher engine. After two years I have to clean up my laptop (a lot of trash it's on it) formatting it.

Unfortunately I lose the folder with the driver for Vista 64bit and now I can't find the link anymore.

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