Dell :: Worth Sending M1330 For Repairs

Dec 13, 2008

Just got off the phone with a dell technician for cpu whine. Last month my computer died, they sent over a tech and he basically replaced everything in my laptop. The whine got ten times worst. I am on the phone with tech now and he is offering tech to come back and replace same exact parts or send it into Dell Depot for them to take a crack at it.

Is it worth sacrificing my laptop for 2 weeks? will dell likely tell me the whine is something "generally found in laptops" and i should deal with it? or has someone had their laptops successfully fixed by dell with respect to whine...

BTW they already rejected my request for an upgrade from my t7500...

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Dell :: Is The NVIDIA/GPU Worth Cancelling Refurb M1330

Nov 24, 2008

I got a little e-shopping happy tonight, and purchased a refurbished M1330 on Dell Outlet. I previously had a M1210 and that thing was a tank, so I went ahead and went for the "newer line".

Anyhow, so I've been spending the past hours after my purchase (I know, stupid idea) on reading how the 128MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS and the GPU would be causes for failure and heat issues. I usually run heavy web-cam chatting programs, AutoCAD, and wanted to get back into some light computer gaming (hence the decision to purchase the NVIDIA graphics), but now grow concerned.

First, is it worth it to go ahead with my order? With the Dell Outlet coupon, the price I paid was pretty decent (around $700~), but with all the issues and the multi-page thread about GPU/NVIDIA problems, has me iffy. Yes I know there is a 1-year warranty, and yes I know there are some fix-attempts, but I just feel uncertain. The XPS line is suppose to be the best, and it should carry the comfurt of its class.

Second, since I placed my order with Dell Outlet after 5PM (PST and about 2 hours ago), and it has not yet been "shipped", is it possible even though my order has been "acknowledged and confirmed" to cancel it? And what would I be looking at in regards to getting my money back (since its already a "pending charge" on my account).

Any input is great appreciated. If I cancel the order on the M1330, I probably would be looking at a Vaio FW series I've been lurking on.

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Dell :: XPS For Repairs..

Dec 8, 2008

plurator picked it up around 4:30 pm, so i start using my 2nd computer, i sign on msn messenger with my account, at around 9:15pm i see this message that you have be signed on messenger from another location im like? i remember the laptop i sent had msn messenger installed, it has my saved hotmail id and password,i quickly change my username and password, do you think someone in plurator is messing with my laptop now?

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Dell :: Spill Repairs

Aug 9, 2007

I just spilled a large pepsi all over my 9300 and called tech support and they are having me send the laptop to the depot and then said I should get it back in 5-8 business days. Do they even have the parts laying around to fix my laptop? The thing won't even power up anymore. The tech had me remove the hard drive from the laptop and even it was still a little damp! That means that even if they do fix the laptop and I get it back in say 2 weeks, if the hard drive doesn't work when I reinsert it I have to wait another several days for a replacement hard drive!

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Dell :: LCD Backlight/inverter Repairs

Sep 14, 2009

I have a Dell 17" laptop and the screen shows this blueish green vertical on startup.

After a few minutes of warming up the line goes away and the screen looks normal. The line reappears on reboot though.

Looks like this is a problem with the backlight/inverter. The laptop is almost 4 years old, but I would like to keep it going a little while longer

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Dell :: 8 Repairs And They Still Refuse To Replace?

Mar 11, 2009

I have been with dell for 15 years and owned 9 of their laptops throughout the family.

My M1530 has been a disaster. I have had the GPU replaced, the motherboard replaced, the battery replaced, the DVD drive replaced, the speakers replaced, the palm rests replaced, the heatsink and fan replaced, and now the speakers have gone bad again.

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Dell :: Artifacting, Not Fixed After 5 Repairs And A Week With

Nov 17, 2007

So about 3-4 weeks ago now I had to have my 7900GS replaced due to artifacting problems, and this ended up being a problem that was not fixed even after 3 repairs and replacements of the GPU itself, motherboard and screen, all got replaced about 3 or 4 times.

I rang up Dell for the 4th time, and asked to have a replacement but was told this was not possible until it gets to the stage where they need to take it in to the workshop. Anyway, the next day the technician came out and replaced the motherboard, GPU and screen again, and the problem was still there. I was sure that this would be fixed now, because they wanted to take it in to the workshop, which they did.

Now, I believe the problem has resurfaced, I was playing Crysis tonight and I had some more artifacting, the same type that I was getting before but, just in smaller areas instead of the whole screen. Here are some screenshots of the issue:

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

This has been happening on and off tonight, room temperature has been cool and I didn't notice any overheating.

Now I haven't noticed this within the last hour or so of playing, and goes away if I alt-tab then get back in game. The only other game I have been playing is Counter-Strike Source and I haven't noticed any artifacting in that, but that could be because it's nowhere near as graphically demanding.

I'm worried that the problem will keep coming back and possibly get worse, I have not overclocked nor plan to overclock and keep my machine in a very well ventilated area. This is not user error.

Using official Dell video drivers, was reformatted just week as well.

Do you think it's worth ringing Dell about this and try getting a replacement?

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Dell :: Spilled Coffee On My 9400, Sending Computer In

Jan 19, 2010

I have a Inspiron 9400 with the following specs;

core 2 duo, 2.16
2 gig ram
100 gig hd

I spilled coffee on it last night and am sending it in to the depot for their review to see if it can be repaired/replaced. Absolutely won't power up at all, no lights coming on or anything. Glad to have complete care, I bought the warranty for an extra year after it was going to expire after 3 years last September. I'll let everyone know what happens with this. I love this computer, it has served me very well so far for 3.5 years.

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Dell :: Sending In Inspirion 1721 For Warranty Repair

Jul 1, 2009

I got the 1721 for x-mas. Its worked pretty well but it has a hell of a time multi-tasking then giving the blue screen of death and restarting on its own. Well yesterday I turned it on and it said that their were errors and it could not boot properly and would i like to do system restore.

Then it booted up to my log on screen but none of the buttons would work. So I restarted and got the same message about errors and then the screen went 99% black, I could only read it in the right angle of light

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Apple :: Sending A SMS Message From A Mac

May 24, 2009

I can't fine a way to send messages from my mac to a mobile phone ?

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HP/Compaq :: Back Up Before Sending My Laptop

Feb 2, 2009

I am using windows 7 right now, and I was wondering how can I back up my whole hard drive before I send it in (they will reinstall windows, I know it), so that I can just restore it later and not have to setup everything again.

I have a dv6500t notebook, I have a Windows Home Server, and external HD. I want to backup EVERYTHING, so I can just restore it with all my settings as they are not on to the new hard drive.

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Acer :: How Long Do Repairs Generally Take (screen Repair)

Apr 7, 2009

It's been 2 weeks now, how much longer should I be waiting for a screen repair?

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HP/Compaq :: DV7-1030eg- Something Keeps Sending Keystrokes Through My System

Feb 26, 2009

I have an HP DV7-1030eg laptop and am running Vista Home 64 bit, and lately, there has been some invisible force that seems to be sending keystrokes through my system and messing up my volume settings. Here's some things that happen:

- when I use ALT-TAB, the bar (the ALT-TAB window that pops up in the middle of the screen) will just disappear
- IrfanView will suddenly jump to the next picture or quit full screen mode
- screensaver doesn't stay on longer than a couple seconds
- sometimes, my sound volume will drop, shake up and down a bit and then go all the way out. When I open the volume settings, I can see the volume slider wobbling around at the bottom

Needless to say, I checked for viruses and stuff, then I looked for advice online: the ALT-TAB problem seems to be pretty common, esp. with DELL notebooks (?), and people have had the same issue with IrfanView. I hear that removing the notebook's battery will help because there is electric tension building and that triggers unwanted impulses. And it's true, when I remove the battery, the PC becomes more stable - for a short while. Then, the problems reappear.

I checked out the test field in the FilterKeys feature, which emits a clicking sound at every keystroke, and it's clicking like crazy. There's roughly one keystroke a second happening in my system right now!

Maybe my setup is not properly grounded? I live in an old house with old wires etc. - how do I discharge electrical tension from an object? Or do I have too much stuff connected to my computer that creates an electric field? I have a 2.1 stereo system with ground loop isolator, an external monitor and USB mouse/keyboard.

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Apple :: Using Adium For Sending Messages To Cells

Jul 5, 2009

I've been using adium for sending messages to cells because MSN doesn't support it in OSX and my cell account only has 200 to it and I won't pay anymore for it, the reason I don't like adium is because I keep getting people sending me messages that I don't know and I try to block them but they keep coming, So is there another messenger app that I could use in OSX for SMS's

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Lenovo T400 / T500 :: T431s Continuously Scans And Repairs Drive

Mar 5, 2014

I have a fairly new (purchased 8/2013) Lenovo ThinkPad T431s with Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit. It has a very tricky error coming basically 8 / 10 boots: Windows is Scanning and repairing drive... (see attached image).
Error details from Windows Event Viewer:
A corruption was discovered in the file system structure on volume ?Volume{f62db2cf-efe4-4b55-a3f7-0e7db991a984}.

A file on the volume is no longer reachable from its parent directory.  The parent file reference number is 0x2000000000002.  The name of the parent directory is "<unable to determine file name>".  The parent index attribute is ":$I30:$INDEX_ALLOCATION".  The file reference number of the file that needs to be reconnected is 0x400000003db80.  There may be additional files on the volume that also need to be reconnected to this parent directory.
What is wrong (my personal analysis): To me, it seems that for some reason there is one (all the Event Viewer details point to similar error) corrupted / missing Windows (System) file that is causing this, but what the file(s) is/are.
Other symptoms on my laptop is that after loggin in and using whatever app (Windows delivered or 3rd party), the whole laptop jams totally for say 30-240 seconds and all apps go to "Not Responding" state untill Laptop recovers AND I can continue using my Laptop "normally".

What has been done trying to fix that:
1) SSD disk has been changed (image from previous SSD copied back) -> no solution, error remains
2) chkdsk /F /R -> no solution, error remains
3) SFC /scannow -> no solution, error remains
4) dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth -> no solution, error remains after a few boots
5) TRIED using "Update & Recovery -> Refresh Your PC without affecting your files" -> Inserted the Lenovo "Operating System Recovery Disk Windows 8 Pro (OEM Activation 3.0 Required)" BUT Windows did not accept that DVD claiming "The media inserted is not valid"... ???
6) Ended up calling Lenovo Support and they instructed me to order the Recovery DVD from [URL] ..... -> Waiting that to arrive...

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HP Networking :: Pavilion DV4 1319TU - Bluetooth Files Not Sending / Receiving

Jul 21, 2014

Model: HP Pavilion DV4 1319TU.
Product No. VB644PA#ACJ.
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 32 - Bit
I have recently got my laptop formatted due to some technical problems.
I am unable to send files from my laptop to my mobile or vice versa. It gives me an error that Files unable to send. However i am able to pair the device with my laptop.

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Dell :: Dispaly Replacement Sending Cheap Dispaly

Jul 4, 2009

yesterday i placed a complaint on my dispaly since there were few black spots and two white spots on my disaplay . the CC told e that they will replace it . Mine is WXGA+ display.Today a technician came along with the display. he replaced it and when he restarted the system . i noticed that the black contrast ratio were poor.. i thought it was some glare. windows booted and i viewed few photos and video just to check the clarity... they all were glaring..or say the contrast ratio was not as like my prev one.i asked the technician to take a loook.. he too found it different.. so he called his superior .. they said they will replace it again.the funny thing is the one which came new also had pixels and it had the same WXGA+ printed ! so wht shall i do when the new display which is about tot come on monday to have the same contrast ratio.. or poor clarity ?luckily i asked the technician to put back my old display.

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Dell :: Worth Going From 2gb From 3gb Ram

Jul 21, 2007

I say 3 gb because I know even if I put in two 2gb chips I will only see 3.25 anyways.

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Dell :: Xps 13 :: Would The SSD Be Worth

Jul 14, 2009

Would the SSD be worth the extra money on this? Can the GPU handle games coming out like Diablo3 and Starcraft2?

Is the heat issue fixed on this model? How is the battery life? Is there anything else I should recommend or take away from this let?

Any help or tips would be appreciated. He plans on buying next week. I'm still looking but this sleek design looks WAY better than the HP..

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Dell :: Worth The Risk?

May 19, 2009

I am looking for your opinions. Check out this deal on ebay.

All the signs say not to buy but I have not had much experience with ebay.

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Dell :: Worth It To Go To Vista

Sep 6, 2007

I have vista home premium that came with my e1705. I am running xp right now. I figured I might give it some time but I am looking for your opinions on the matter. Is it a worthy upgrade?

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Dell :: SSD In A M1710, Is It Worth It ?

Feb 21, 2010

I've searched the forum but could not find a definite answer.

My wife is using my old m1710 mainly for photoshop and i have noticed that it's very very hdd intensive. She complains that it would freeze sometimes when working with a lot of files or with large files.

I decided to upgrade the HDD to SSD, but after reading here and there i saw different opinions.

Some say i will not see any increase in performance because the bottleneck is the SATA support of m1710 mobo, some say still there will be increase in performance.

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Dell :: RAM Upgrade Worth It (1gb To 2gb)?

Nov 22, 2009

I have an e1505, w/ a T2500, and 1gb ram.

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Dell :: Is Upgrading To A 64-bit OS Worth It?

Apr 14, 2009

Some pros and cons would be nice. I am thinking of upgrading but I am not sure if I want to. Can you easily install older games? Is there a significant performance boost?

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Dell :: Worth Getting The 128 GB SSD With The 1645?

Nov 9, 2009

Is it worth the money to go for the 128gb SSD?

Is it better to get the cheapest hard drive and replace it with your own SSD?

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Dell :: Is Accidental Warranty Worth It?

Apr 24, 2010

I was wondering if the accidental coverage from Dell is worth it on the m17x? Does anyone have this coverage and has had to use it?

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Dell :: Mini 9 Worth Buying?

Oct 15, 2009

Dell sent me a nice coupon for dell outlet and I can get a refurb dell mini 9 with the following specs for $191. Kind of an impulse buy if I get it but i've been wanting a netbook for a while.

Specs: Inspiron Mini 910
Intel Atom 1.6
1 GB ram
8 GB solid state drive.
Ubuntu loaded .....

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Dell :: D420, Worth Upgrading To SSD?

Jun 30, 2009

Looking to buy a used D420, and seeing everywhere that they are really .....

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Dell :: 5400rom To 7200rpm HDD Worth It

Dec 20, 2008

I am about to receive my brand new XPS 1530 and it was ordered with the 320gig 5400RPM drive. I will mainly be using the system as a light weight gaming/entertainment laptop as i travel.

I am considering buying a new 500gig 7200rpm HDD but i want to know first if it will make that big of a performance different?

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Dell :: Business Laptops From Worth It?

Jan 22, 2010

im looking for a laptop to use in a industrial enviroment. are the Business range of dell laptops quite solid built? anyone owned a vostro?

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