Dell :: XPS 1640 W/ It Worth The Upgrade?

Jul 28, 2009

I currently have an ASUS G50V-A2 and am looking to sell it to get a new Dell XPS 1640 with the new graphics chipset.

I have only had the ASUS since last October, but I am always wanting a new laptop every 6 - 12 months and this Dell has caught my eye.

Looking at the specs they are similiar, but the Dell does have a few upgrades to what I have:

2.66GHz processor (Asus - 2.53)
Vista Upgrade to Windows 7 (Asus - no upgrade)
1920x1080 (Asus - 1680x1050)
ATI 4760 (Asus - Geforce 9700GT) .....

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Dell :: WoW And The 1640 + 4670

Aug 24, 2009

how their system performs with WoW? cause i can't go past fair video quality, w/o the game just being choppy and unplayable. i can't even get past 30 fps, this just seems ridiculous to me. i have all the latest drivers, my pc undervolted, a cooling pad, so i doubt its overheating. i'm using W7, if anyone has any suggestions for me other than a fresh install i'd greatly appreciate it. if worst comes to worse i'll do a fresh install, but i'd rather not redownload all the i have on my laptop.

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Dell :: XPS 1640 Using M96(4650) Or M96-XT(4670)?

Nov 21, 2009

I'm looking my XPS 1640 using GPU-Z today, and I'm really confused about the GPU code. It reads out M96, which should be mobility radeon 4650 according to this amd website:

A right mobility 4670 should have a gpu code M96-XT. The wired thing is that the rest things, gpu clock, memory clock, device id are all right.

Just for the concern, did dell give me an overclocked 4650 instead of 4670 which it should have give me?

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Dell :: S-XPS 1640 (w/4670 1GB) Throttling Issue

Feb 3, 2010


I posted a few weeks ago about how my 1640 might be throttling. While with unclewebb's ThrottleStop shows that when I run Furmark and Prime95, the multiplier of the CPU goes down to 3x.

I'm going to do some intensive testing tonight with my system and hopefully some other 1640 users could come out and test theirs since most of us have different configurations. (Please see my signature down at the bottom for system specs)

Also, I see that in the other thread about the S-XPS 1645, it was normal gaming that caused it to Throttle. Games such as TF2, Demigod, and D.A .....

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Dell :: Studtio Xps 1640 Worth It

Sep 1, 2009

I was planning on buying this laptop and was wondering if you all with recommend it or not and why.. For people which the 4670 gpu, does it run really hot?

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1640 Worth Getting Now?

Mar 8, 2009

A Dell Studio 1737 OR the Dell Studio XPS 1640? The Studio 1737 has been out longer for any problems to be fixed and whatnot and comes at a lower price. The Studio XPS 1640 has been out for just a couple of months and there are dozens of reports of BSOD's, heating issues, etc...

I would like to get the Studio XPS 1640, but generally I wait about 4-6 months after the product has been released before buying. There are talks about a built-in TV Tuner, but I haven't seen that on the Dell website. People are also saying Dell is going to upgrade the video card .....

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Dell :: Upgrade A M1210 (2ghz C2D T7200) To A Vostro 1320 (T9550) 2.6ghz? Worth The Upgrade?

Jan 11, 2010

I have an aging M1210 with 2 gigs of ran, a OCZ SSD & the C2D 2ghz T7200 processor.

I wasnt really planning on an upgrade but the pricing looks pretty good.

I am not sure if its worth it though. My M1210 with SSD is amazing.

I just dont know if going from a 2.0 T7200 to a 2.66 T9550 is worth it or if i should wait longer for an I7 system in this size?

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Dell :: Upgrade SXPS 16 To ATI 4670

Jun 25, 2009

Since newer versions of this laptop will receive the new 4670 card, is it possible/stable to upgrade current SXPS 16s running the 3670 to the 4670?

Also, I Googled up the specs of both cards, it seems that the 3670 is clocked equally/higher than the 4670 and all other specs are the same.

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Dell :: RAM Upgrade Worth It (1gb To 2gb)?

Nov 22, 2009

I have an e1505, w/ a T2500, and 1gb ram.

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Dell :: Vostro 1320, Worth To Upgrade Webcam And HD?

Apr 15, 2009

I got a good deal on Vostro 1320 base model and just got confirmation from Dell Canada. Now can any one share your opionion whether it is worthwhile to add the integrated 1.3M webcam for $40 and upgrade HD from 160G 5400rpm HD to 250G 7200rpm HD with free fall sensor for $50 (all before tax)?

I might call them to see if they can manually upgrade for me.

I know I can upgrade the HD afterward, and I usually can find a good deal on 320G 7200rpm Hitachi HD for $70 or so if I can wait.

But my question is how difficult and how much hassle is to upgrade HD myself, and does that invalid the warranty, also what does the free fall sensor mean? Worth to have it?

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HP/Compaq :: Windows 7, Is It Worth The Upgrade

Nov 10, 2009

Some people may remember me as not liking Vista too much, and going out of my way to keep XP or installing XP in place of Vista.

I have used Vista for some time though, and familiarized myself to it. I used it for about a year if anyone is interested (still have XP on my main laptop though).

I have been out of the loop regarding technology and software, and last week, I found out that Windows 7 came out. I remember reading about Windows 7 and heard its supposed to be this "GREAT AWESOME NEW OS YO" and "waaayyyy better than Vista... cant wait for it to come out". So I got excited, made plans to buy a new HDD and install it on my ancient but still running dv9500t. Before I actually make that sort of investment and commitment, I went to Best Buy to try it on their laptops...

To me, its just like Vista. It looks and acts just like Vista. Am I missing something here?

Are there supposed to be great improvements? If so, then what? And how true are these claims?

A quick look at the new Windows 7 site by Microsoft showed me that they are comparing the Windows XP from the stone age to Windows 7, rather than compare Vista and Win7... that makes me laugh and wonder. The things that they list about Windows 7, I noticed that Vista had them too, with the exception of "shake the window and only focus on it". Whats going on here?

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Dell :: Is It Worth It To Upgrade My Inspiron 1545 From It's T4200 To A P8700?

Feb 23, 2010

I'm in love with the computer but it seems to be lacking a bit in speed. I usually use my desktop that has a Q6600 along with 4 GB of RAM. I do use this frequently though while on the road and while it's fairly quick I notice that it gets a bit bogged down at times. It currently has a T4200 along with 2 GB of RAM. As with all of my new computers I formatted it it upon delivery with Windows XP Pro SP3 so it's not a matter of bloatware and such. Is it worth it to upgrade the processor? Would bit be a significant difference in speed? If so could you please suggest a processor that would be the best bang of the buck? I stated the P8700 because it's the fastest processor that Dell offers but if there's something better please don't hesitate to offer a suggestion.

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Dell :: Studio Xps13:worth White LED Display Upgrade?

Oct 18, 2009

do you think it's worth paying the extra 90 for the white LED display?

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Apple :: HD Upgrade Worth It On Unibody Macbook Pro

Jul 13, 2009

I just picked up a new unibody macbook pro. The last rev, 2.4ghz, 200gb, 2gb ram. I couldnt pass up the $1439 clearance price at my local best buy.

Im definitely upgrading to 4gb ram, but wavering on the HD. Is there a significant performance gain from the 7200rpm drives?

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Dell :: Bios Upgrade A12 For 1640

Jan 15, 2010

Do not upgrade... the upgrade killed my motherboard, I dont know what happened. I as installing it fine then it was totally unresponsive and would not shut off. I then had to take away the power supply and now Dell is coming to replace my motherboard.

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Dell :: 1640: Future Upgrade To SSD

Mar 4, 2009

This is a newb question: My 1640 now has a 7200RPM hard disk. Will I be able to replace/upgrade it in the future with SSD?

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Dell :: Ventilation Upgrade XPS 1640

Apr 24, 2009

These are the "Rear Caps" on the Dell XPS1640:

Take a close look at the two pictures below. Showing two XPS1640's and their "Rear Cap" (ventilation). They are different. I drew a green line in approximately the same location. "v2" definitely has more ventilation slots towards the bottom. Looks like Dell has an upgrade policy going on regarding the early 1640's:

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Dell :: Upgrade DVD To BluRay On Studio XPS 1640 ?

Jan 13, 2010

Is this an easy thing to do?

I managed to find this drive on ebay:

Is this the only drive thats confirmed to work?

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Dell :: XPS 1640 A14 BIOS Upgrade Failed, Now What?

Apr 4, 2010

So I tried updating my BIOS to version A14, the current one on Dell's site. Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64, btw. It seemed to update fine, but when it restarted, I got a black screen.

I waited about 20 minutes, powered off, then back on. It booted into Windows, now however my keyboard does not work. Most keys do not work, and the ones that do produce incorrect characters.

Also, whenever I restart Windows, it does not reboot. It will hang at a black screen until I power off and back on. Currently typing this on a USB keyboard.

When I go into setup, it does say version A14, so I'm assuming it went through, but for some reason is not compatible with my system. Can I downgrade to fix this, and if so, where can I find an older BIOS version?

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1640 Windows 7 Upgrade

Nov 17, 2009

For those of you that have a 1640 and have upgraded from Vista to 7, how long did the install take you? And my second question is...did you run into any complications with the upgrade process that I should be aware of before I start it on my wife's laptop?

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Dell :: XPS 16 Getting ATI 4670

May 19, 2009

Check it out:

A07 BIOS Update


Fixes and Enhancements
Support new PWM panel.
support new configuration with Gfx ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670.

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Dell :: HD 4670 Drivers?

Dec 24, 2009

I just had a fresh format and installed windows 7.

Im just wondering, I used the mobility modder and the newest driver pack from ATI, which is the 9.12 suite.

However, when everything was installed, I checked my driver version and it's 8.681.0.0 (11/24/2009)

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Dell :: HD 4670 Which Driver?

Aug 22, 2009

I currently have the default driver which is 8.612. Looking at the ATI, there is a new catalyst suite that came out a few days ago, version 9.8 for the 4000 mobility series. Should I download that, or should I just go for the one listed on the dell site?

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Dell :: 8600M GT Or 4670 Ati

Jul 4, 2009

Which is the better graphics card the 8600m gt on the m1530 or the new ati 4670 on the xps 16?

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Dell :: HW Monitor With The 4670

Sep 24, 2009

Anyone else's SXPS 16 with the 4670 have HWMonitor not detecting the temperature of the 4670?

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Dell :: Can't See GPU Temp In HWmonitor 4670

Feb 24, 2010

I used to have a 3670 motherboard and dell gave me a 4670 and everything is great, but I can no longer see gpu temp in the monitor. I could at first and some how it's just gone now.

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Dell :: Mobility 5730 Vs 4670?

Jan 11, 2010

My dell technician ruined my laptop 1640 and they are going to build a new one for me. Shall I go for the 1647 i5-520M + 5730 DDR3 or my previous build 1640 T9600 c2d 2.8ghz + 4670 GDDR5? I've added a screen shot of the specifications.

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Dell :: Studio 17 With 5650 Or 4670?

May 4, 2010

I've decided to replace my dinosaur of a desktop with a laptop and after some searching, the Dell Studio 17 seems to be the best bang for buck.

So the question is which of the two to buy.

$2000 (NZD)
CPU: Intel i5 2.5ghz
GPU: Radeon 5650 1gb

$2500 (NZD)
CPU: Intel i7 1.6ghz
GPU: Radeon 4670 1gb

Option 1 has the better GFX but worse CPU and option 2 vice versa.

Which one would end up with better game performance?

The main games I would expect to play are Bioshock 1 + 2, Mass effect 1 + 2, Starcraft 2.

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Dell :: Enable Ati Stream Ati 4670

Dec 26, 2009

I wanted to use the hardware acceleration on the ati 4670 but when i go to use it with powerdirector it shows it as faded, does anyone know if the drivers that dell has doesnt enable this feature on the 4670's?

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 With HD 4670 Coming

May 28, 2009

I just noticed on the most recent bios update page for the Studio XPS 16 under the the Fixes and Enhancements tab it says "support new configuration with Gfx ATI Mobility Radeon?HD 4670".

This is probably an indication that the HD 3670 is going to be replaced with the newer HD 4670 sometime soon. If you are thinking about buying a Studio XPS 16 anytime soon you might want to wait.

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