Dell :: Installed My New LCD And 7900GTX

Sep 11, 2007

but on the card is said revision A01. In the BIOS, the Video BIOS version is I wasn't aware they're made 2 revisions of the 7900GTX, is this card still safe to flash with the modified BIOS here?

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Dell :: New 7900gtx, What To O/C With?

Dec 7, 2009

I recently bought a 7900gtx and a new power brick when my 7900gs crapped out in my e1705. My question:

Can I use the same version of the nvflash iso disc that i previously burned to overclock my new 7900gtx? If so do i use the clocks with the "V" in the code

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Dell :: Changing The 7900gtx To 1.32v

Nov 12, 2007

Will changing the voltage on the 7900gtx to 1.32v make any difference?

I noticed a few people here and there have done this.

what would be the benefit?

would it be more stable? or be able to clock higher?

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Dell :: FX2500 Vs 7900GTX

Sep 20, 2007

Well I bought a FX-2500, actually 2, the first had to go back - Dud.

I understand that the FX-2500 and 7900GTX are the same cards, with a different BIOS.

So is there any benfits to flashing the FX-2500 with the 7900GTX BIOS, I am a Gamer, so again my Understanding is the 7900GTX is more orientated for Gaming.

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Dell :: 7900GTX / FX-2500 Benchmarks

Oct 1, 2007

Just recently upgraded my E1705 with a FX-2500

Flashed the unlocked BIOS with the 1.24 v GPU 500 -1200 clocks

3DMark06 came back @ 5180

Just wondering how this matches up with others here with a simular setup.

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Dell :: Driver- 9400 & 7900GTX

Nov 6, 2007

Having installed a 7900gtx in my Inspiron 9400, I let Windows Vista download a Microsoft compatibility driver for the card as a temporary measure until I got round to trying out other drivers. I've since tried Nvidia's driver from their website which didn't recognise the hardware; the Dell driver (from the M170 driver section) and the Xtreme-G 163.69 and 162.62 drivers, all of which slowed down the graphics performance of the Aero effects and some caused flickering.

I did not use any special software to remove the drivers - just basic install/uninstall. I've rolled back to the Microsoft driver which works fine within Windows and runs games fine at low settings.

I now have an additional problem in that Corel Paintshop won't start due to a "Driver components mismatch."

What should I do? Has anyone else experienced performance loss with "better" drivers? or could that be down to the presence of the Microsoft driver?

How do I get this thing working with the wonderful performance I should have?

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Dell :: Flashing A FX2500m To 7900GTX

Mar 6, 2008

After trying many drivers and having many questions left unanswered, I decided I wanted to try this route to see how it goes.

I was told when I bought my FX2500m that I could flash it with the 7900GTX BIOS since they are both the same card basically.

I'm having problems where I can play some games no problem, and others lock-up after only seconds of play, sifting through 5 drivers (NBF and Xtreme-G) I decided either I have a faulty card or maybe the FX2500m doesn't have a shader or whatever that some of the games I'm testing it with need.

I only have a couple more days to report this card as a DoA so I'm wanting to test all the possibilities before (possibly) shipping it back.

Long story short, can someone give me a link to a 7900GTX BIOS? And give me a quick run-down on how to go about actually doing the flash and backing up my own?

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Dell :: 7900GS To 7900GTX Impressions

Jan 19, 2008

Im writing this so that others who are curious about these types of cards can decide if the upgrade is right for them. This installation required me opening the laptop and breaking off a small piece of plastic, which was very easy. I also updated the system BIOS to A09 and acquired the 130 W PSU as this baby draws about 45W of power itself compared to the 20 the GS requires.

When I originally bought the GS I knew it was a good card. It still is. I got this card because I felt the upgrade would be more cost effective then rebuilding my old desktop PC. All I can say is that where the GTX shines is where the GS shows its weak spots. The GTX can really handle higher resolutions really well as well as keep the frame rate fairly smooth.

For my temps, since I AS5'd it, runs at about 45 idle and 75 peak which is fairly good considering all thats going on.

The biggest jump was in STALKER which quite honestly the GS really had trouble with. Im happy to report the GTX can max out this engine fairly well with little to no choppiness.

Well shoot, what are we waiting for lets see some pics and results.

7900GS specs

7900GTX specs

Bioshock- All Mazed out- no Vsync- 1920x1200 20-30FPS

Gears of War- All Maxed out- No Vsync- 20-30FPS

Stalker- All Maxed out- 1600x1200- Smooth 30-45FPS

In conclusion, the GTX stomps all over the GS in higher resolutions and with the extra clock and memory speed it can easily outperform the GS in almost every aspect. It should be noted these are stock speeds and OC'ing would result in hopefully even better performance.

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Dell :: E1705 Cannot Upgrade To 7900GTX

Jan 24, 2008

After reading a ton about upgrading my e1705 to a 7900GTX (actually, an FX2500M), I went ahead and bought one on eBay. To my horror, the card doesn't fit.

I snapped off the little plastic parts that keep the left heatpipe from fitting; that isn't the problem. The problem is that Dell seems to have modified the motherboard to prevent such installations (my e1705 is a fairly recent one). At the top portion of the video card, there's a connector that matches a connector on the motherboard underneath. That motherboard connector is too high, which prevents the video card from inserting into its PCI Express socket. In addition, the videocard post on the upper right (where the screw would insert into the thread) is missing. That part isn't so important, but that damn connector definitely is.

1) Has anyone seen this before, on a newer model e1705?

2) The connector appears to be soldered on, so I'm not sure I could remove it even if I wanted to. Does anyone know if I *can* remove it, and if so, how? What is this connector used for? I assume it's some sort of SLI connector, since it has a matching one on the videocard itself?

Pictures will be provided upon request. I'm pretty bummed, as it appears I'm screwed. I'm also steamed at Dell, which has evidently modified their motherboards to prevent cheapskate upgrading.

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Dell :: Driver (7900GTX/FX2500m)

Mar 5, 2008

what is the best (best performance/most stable) driver out there for a FX2500m? Haven't heard much mention of the XTreme-G drivers on these forums, so I was just curious.

I found the thread here...
and the website here...
and the quote here...


Originally Posted by TurbodTalon

MY OPINION ON DRIVERS: I have tried a dozen different drivers from stock to Laptopvideo2go to Geforce Tony's Extreme Drivers. All have given me roughly the same performance--and that's if they even worked. In other words, no one driver blew the others out of the water. What am I saying? Find a driver you like, and stick with it. There is no such thing as a 'Super Driver' at this point.

But my thead still stands, between those tested, what do you think?

I'll edit this first post with updates so people won't have to sift through this thread to see all my information..............

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Dell :: Got A M90 With The FX2500 I Need To Safely Flash To 7900GTX

Feb 18, 2010

So i can OC the video card slightly.

Can anyone plz help me?

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Dell :: According To Nvidia Webiste 7900GTX & 7950GTX Are NOT The Same With Different Clocks

Nov 15, 2007

Dell :: According to Nvidia webiste 7900GTX & 7950GTX are NOT the same with different clocks ...

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Dell :: Can't Find Any 7900GTX, 7950GTX, FX2500 Or FX3500 On Ebay

Jul 4, 2008

I've been trying to find these cards for a while.. I've been searching for "dell FX3500", "FX3500", "FX3500M", same for the others, etc.

I can't find these cards for my 9400.. There's a lot of 7900Gs, but that's the card I already have!

Are there specific codes for those parts? I know the 7900GS is DG008, but I don't know of any for the cards I want.

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Dell :: Overcloced FX2500/7900GTX And FX3500/7950GTX Crysis Benches

Jan 25, 2008

Even with Crysis winning the latest "Hog of the Year" award, it does have a decent GPU benchmark tool.

Please post any benches you've accomplished using the Crysis GPU Benchmark. I will post additional FX2500 OC numbers as time permits.

I also have a FX3500 inbound, so I'll update my post with that data as well once installed.

FX2500 [169.04 NBF MobileForce Drivers, All Medium Settings, No AA]

1024x768, Stock Clocks (500/600)

1024x768, OC 550/650

1440x900, Stock Clocks

1440x900, 550/650

1920x1200, Stock Clocks

1920x1200, 550/650

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Dell :: M4400, Pre-installed Win7 Ok, Re-installed Win7 Not Ok...

Feb 18, 2010

I received my Precision M4400 with Win 7 Pro x64 pre-installed, and using it for audio recording and playing everything works great. However, since Win7x64 drivers do not exist for some of my audio devices,

I decided to put in a new HD (same as the original, only larger) double-booting XPx86 and Win7x64. So I installed XP on one partition of the new HD and Win7x64 from the CD that shipped with the M4400. Big problem...

Neither XPx86 nor the re-installed Win7x64 are able to deliver anything but crackles and pops and noise only slightly resembling music. Forget about recording...

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Dell :: Installed Win 7, Router

Nov 6, 2009

I just finished formatting my hard drive and installing Windows 7 Pro (coming from Vista Ultimate).

My computer will not automatically switch between running the internet via wireless, and running on the ethernet cable.

Here's what happens... I have the ethernet cable plugged in, I unplug it and it should automatically switch to wireless and still be connected to the router, but it doesn't.

And it does the same thing vice versa. Ethernet cable is unplugged and I am connected wirelessly to the router, I plug the cable back in and it is still running on the wireless.

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Dell :: Just Installed GPS To My XPS 1530

Apr 30, 2009

I bought a WWAN card for my XPS 1530 and installed it today.

While doing a bit of googling I came across a modification to the registry that allows you to enable a GPS feature on the WWAN card, so I tried it. A quick reboot later and my XPS 1530 has GPS enabled.

I've not been outside to try this as of yet, so I was wondering if anyone else has done this or has any experience of it?

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Dell XPS 14 :: OS Installed In HDD Instead Of MSSD

Apr 27, 2013

I recently purchased an XPS 14 ultrabook unit.

I noticed that the OS was installed in the HDD instead of the mSata Solid State Drive, I was wondering if this is a normal standard factory setting or is there something wrong with my unit?

I believe that the whole point of the SSD drive was for quick booting and this is obviously not the case in my system.

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Dell :: Installed XP On M1530 And No Sound...

Apr 24, 2009

i've recently downgraded my OS from Vista to XP and i've been successful in installing most of the drivers, except for the audio driver.

i've tried installing it from other websites, XP compatible drives, etc. but none of them works. did anyone have similar problems? does anyone know how to fix it?

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Dell :: Downloading Pre-installed SW For XPSS16

Jun 28, 2009

has anyone of you new owners of XPSS16 login to the link below, register and download the pre-installed software for your laptop? well,

i've tried and got registered but right after i pressed Register System and allow Syspro.exe to run, nothing happens.

this is frustrating. the SW like PowerDVD for bluray, Roxio and face recognition are not part of the CDs included and we new owners supposed to login, register and download the SW ourselves .....

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Dell :: Mini 9, 8GB Almost Nothing Installed, No Storage

Feb 16, 2009

got the Mini 9 at Best Buy yesterday, with 1GB Ram and 8GB HDD.

The HD measured 7.1 GB in Windows with about 3GB free.

I took McAfee Security off it (don't like it and only 30-day trial), loaded AVG Anti-Virus, Windows Defender, Word 2000, and IE 7 and the latest Windows security upgrades.

Now it has less than 1GB left free. (And .NET framework 3.5 wouldn't load - possibly due to memory).

I don't know if there are temporary files that I could delete, but I am concerned that in six months, she won't be able to load security fixes b/c the HD is full.

How are others handling this, and is this typical?

I am considering telling her to return it for an Asus with a real HD. I know there are 16GB and 32GB SSD cards out there, along with external HD's, but don't want to deal with that expense and bother.

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Acer :: 3680 Installed Xp From A Dell Cd

Feb 22, 2008

my acer 3680 had crashed andi has nstalled an xp cd from dell which went fine..but in the device manager under other devices theres yellow question marks next to everything under that tab..drivers i need im sure its all to do with internet not working..but dell driver wont what do i do for these drivers the acer had vista to begin with..evrything else works fine just cant or dont know how to get the drivers..

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Dell :: M6400: Comes With XP SP3 Pre-installed, But I Want To Install XP SP2 Instead: Anyone Have Any Tips?

May 31, 2009

I bought a M6400 recently, and asked that XP be installed and Vista be available.....
So I have XP Pro OEM SP3 preinstalled on the machine, and Vista Ultimate Sp1 available on a separate DVD... I'm not ready to go to Vista yet, so I want to run XP for now. However, I am certain that Sp3 is at the root of practically all the problems I am suffering, and I need to get rid of it. Anyone have any idea how to do this? The Dell XP disc has Sp3 on it, so I can't simply hit "uninstall" and get rid of SP3. I have OEM SP2 XP discs available and have a moderate knowledge of slipstreaming, so I just need some pointers.
My other laptop, a Lenovo T60P, has only Sp2 installed and is suffering none of the issues the Dell has, so I'm pretty sure that Sp3 needs to go.

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Dell :: SXPS16 With 9 Cell Battery Installed

Nov 8, 2009

Can anybody post me a picture with the 9 cell battery installed? I found one picture but it doesn't really show how it looks all together from a distance Is there anyone willing to shoot some pics of it for me ......

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Dell :: 13z Wireless N Card Installed 3rd Serial

Dec 19, 2009

Dell offer the Wireless N option so I wondered if the 3rd aerial connection was built in but tucked away if you choose the Wireless G option only so in order to use it I'd have to open the back up to route it into the bay?

I have a 3rd aerial anyway bought from a 3rd party but of course the built in one (if available) would be a better choice for performance .....

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Dell :: Second Hard Drive Installed On My M1330

Dec 27, 2009

I went ahead and followed the information on this forum on adding a second hard drive through an optical drive caddy

DIY: Adding SSD or HDD storage using an optical bay caddy

I've posted the problem in that thread ... and I may be breaking some rules posting a new thread ... I just know there has to be a simple answer to this that I am not seeing ... so I am desperate, so here we go!

I've added the Optical drive caddy into my M1330 successfully... at first. My computer was actually in hibernation when I took it apart (battery and all) to install the caddy.

I took out the slot load drive and installed a Momentus 500gb drive. Put the Comp back together and started. Vista recognized the drive as if it were just plugged in I could browse files and copy to and from the drive.

On reboot though, the drive is no longer detected. The "fixed bay device" notification in the bios under "Device Info" claims that nothing is there when it would normally show the DVD drive.

Device Manager does not show the device once Vista is booted, and it does not show up when I scan for new hardware. The computer boots fine as it did before, and I even rebooted using a thorough POST behavior to try to force it to recognize the HDD in in the caddy the PATA slot .....

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Dell :: Installed Windows 7 How Do I Get Roxio Back?

Oct 24, 2009

I just installed W7 and can not find Roxio Creator anywhere on any of my disks, I have all the disks that came with my 1737 I never had to install Roxio and never looked for it before.

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Dell :: Installed The FX2500M Upgrade, Boot Up Nothing

Feb 24, 2008

I installed the FX2500M upgrade on Monday, and last night I did a reapplication of the AS5 on the cpu, and when I put everything back in and booted back up....NOTHING!!! The screen was very very dim, although the image was visible, which made me first think it was a power issue with the lcd display. Plugged in an external monitor, picture comes out fine, but i8kfangui can't read the GPU's temp anymore?

So I chat with the infamous people over at Dell, and to my surprise, within 10 minutes they promise a replacement display. I think my problems are solved.

But just for kicks, I throw in my old ATI Radeon X1400 in and lo and behold....the big DELL BIOS logo pops up, bright and beautiful! Everything is back to normal, except now I don't have the wonderful graphics performance that my FX2500M was giving me.

Now I'm absolutely could the FX2500M be producing a dim image on the laptop display if it outputs perfectly to an external monitor? I find no correlation between the back light of the lcd display and the output of the GPU, especially if another gpu works fine.

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Dell Inspiron 1526 :: Does Not Boot With Ram Kit Installed

Feb 1, 2013

I bought for my dell 1526 a kit of 4gb ddr2 667mhz (2 x 2 gb) but the problem is that the laptop does not boot with the ram kit installed.I tried to use only one module of 2 gb and is the same thing. It powers up and stays with the power led on and does nothing.I tried a separate 1 gb module and the laptop works fine.Can it be that the ram is bad or incompatible?

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Dell Inspiron 6000 :: Driver Could Not Be Installed?

Nov 23, 2014

I upgrade Dell Inspiron 6000 to Windows 8.1, almost every Driver is ok, but only this Driver could not be installed (Mobile Intel ® 915GM/GMS, 910gml express chipset family), I have try everything but not succeed, is there any Driver similar that could compatibility with Dell 6000

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