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Dell :: M6500 1600 Mhz And 1333 Mhz Memory

After reading the m6500 discussion thread it sounds like the consensus is that 1600 mhz memory makes no performance difference. But then a lot of folks seem to have configured their machines with 1600 memory and the below review suggests that the memory will help.

So to have this fully hashed out, I think we need to answer the below questions:
1) If you order the extreme processor does the BIOS recognize the 1600 mhz memory?
2) Even if it does recognize it does it make a difference?
3) Why did people with the extreme processor order the 1600 mhz memory?
4) Can we fill in the WEI scores for memory using 4 and 8 GB of both 1333 and 1600 memory with the extreme processor?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Dv6t Quad EditionDDR3 Memory Speed1066 Or 1333
What are the specifications of the DDR3 memory in HP dv6t? Website doesnt mention the details.

- Is it 1066 MHz or 1333 MHz?
- Is it dual channel?

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Dell :: Difference 1066 Vs 1333
Will I really see a difference with 1066 and 1333?

Dell replaced my 4GB of 1333 with 8GB of 1066 and I am getting tired of going back and forth and them not getting their ish together.

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Sony :: Resolutions Of 1366 X 768 Or 1600 X 900
i am thinking of purchasing a sony z range laptop but cannot decide between the two resolutions of 1366 x 768 or 1600 x 900, i cannot currently go to any shops to see the difference so i am buying online is there anyway of me working which to get

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Sony :: Z Series With 1600 X 900 Screen
I have a Z520n and with the 1366 x 768 resolution, and I want to upgrade to the 1600 x 900 screen. Wheres the cheapest place to buy the new Z Series.

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Apple :: Macbook 15" With Radeon 1600
I have a chance to buy a 15" MB Pro for $1150. It has the following:

DVD+/-R/RW DL Super Drive
802.11n WiFi
illuminated keyboard
256MB Radeon 1600
Applecare through Jan. 2010.

I have a pre-2009 17" MB Pro now with a 2.5Ghz CPU and 512MB 8600 video.

I just want a 2nd laptop that is smaller than the 17" for me and the misses to use. I will probably use Lightroom on it, iTunes, iPhoto, and Internet mostly and want to run the occasional game (nothing to resource intensive).

I just don't want to pay $2500 for a unibody. I would get a plain jane MB but I want a video card.....

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 To Drive Dual 2560 X 1600 Displays?
I am about to make a purchase on the Studio XPS 16..

However, my main issue is would it be able to drive my 2 Dell 3007WFP-HC displays?..

I am aware that the Studio XPS 16 has a HDMI and DisplayPort built it.. Provided I am able to get all the conversion cables, could this laptop drive my 2 30" monitors at their native (2560 x 1600) resolution?..

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Sony :: Z600 Series Notebooks Have 1600 X 900 Resolution
Was told that there are a couple of Z690 notebooks with 1366 x 768 resolutions. Is this possible?

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Sony :: New Z: 1600 Vs. 1920 (quality, Viewing Angles Etc.)
huge threads dedicated to new Vaio Z (and read more than half of them) but couldn't find any useful information about 1920x1080 screen. I saw 1600x900 model in store and wasn't impressed at all (TN simply can't get better than average IMO)

Is there any information about panel manufacturer/type? Does anybody have proper pics showing its viewing angles (comparison with 1600 model will be even better)?

Don't post about resolution/DPI scaling/small fonts, this thread is devoted to panels' quality only.

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Dell :: M6500 What RAM
I'm planing to buy a M6500 with 4GB in 2 DIMMS and buy 2 more DIMMS somewhere else.

And I have a few questions.

What RAM I should pick from DELL, 1066mhz or 1333mhz?

Also what type of memory should I be looking on Ebay the 204pin or 200pin?

And the last one, which brands of memory are good?

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Sony :: Success Connecting Vaio Z To 2560 X 1600 External Monitor
I just submitted an order for a new vaio z and while waiting for it I thought I'd look into getting a nice external monitor for home use. After reading through the forum, I can't find any report of a vaio z owner successfully attaching an external monitor with a resolution of more than 1920 x 1200 (due to no dvi-dl compatibility). Specifically, I was hoping to get a 30" 2560 x 1600 monitor.

Is it safe to conclude that it is impossible to connect a 2560 x 1600 external monitor to my new vaio z?

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Dell :: USB 3.0 I/O Board For M6500 Is Available Now!
Today I just rang Dell part sales department and was told the left I/O board which has 2 USB 3.0 port for Precision M6500 is available now. The price is 117 pound with one year warranty ! (about $175)

The part number is 0831K
What a good deal

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Dell :: M6500 W/ I5 520M
I just ordered one of these Precisions, and I'm just wondering if they take advantage of the integrated graphics on the CPU (like for switchable graphics power saving)?

Or would the engineers just completely disable the integrated graphics because of the discrete ATI M7740?

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Dell :: M4500 Vs M6500
I am in the process of specing a new laptop for engineering work. I will do a little bit of CAD, but mainly processor intensive mathematical simulations in Java, Matlab, or Scilab.

I am considering purchasing either the m4500 or m6500. I don't think I will mind lugging around the m6500. The positive attributes, as I see them, of the two machines are shown below.

Other than that they seem like they are on par, though I can't help but think the m6500 will be able to better handle the cooling requirements of their components than the m4500. What does everyone think? Is it even fair to compare the two?

m6500 pro's:
Graphics power (I would get ATI graphics)
1600 mhz memory supported
4 RAM slots
USB 3.o .....

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Dell :: Car Charger For Precision M6500
Dell doesn't have this, but are there any good third part solutions. I guess the reason Dell doesn't have it is that the computer demands a rather hefty PSU, but still...

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Dell :: New M6500 Discussion Thread
here the link:

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Dell :: Can I Really Use This Power Adapter For My M6500?
I really would like to get two of these, since they are less than 1/3 of the price of the adapters I can get in Norway, but I'm a bit suspicious.

The original adapter for my Precision M6500 is 210 watts (which is totally crazy, but I guess the Fire GL card eats most of it), and this is rated at 90w. But will it even work? Here's the eBay auction, it's in Great Britain:

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Dell :: Why Can't My M6500 Decide What's The First Drive?
I have a problem I've never had with any stationary computer (I have never had a dual hard drive laptop before...):

I have one 320 meg drive which I use as little as possible in drive bay one and another, larger drive in drive bay two.

An expensive program I use for work is registered to the drive in bay one, and I can't get a new license, so I would like it to last as long as possible, which is why I only use it there as a kind of dongle.

For the software licensing stuff to work it has to be seen as the first drive by Windows, but not necessarily the one I boot from

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Dell :: Precision M6500, SCAM Or Communication In ?
How do you order i7 920 processors ? It doesn't give me such option on the website (all it shows in processor option is "Mobile Precision M6500 Silver Base")

so I called dell sales team to find out which processor is there, and on the website it shows "Up to Intel® CoreTM i7- 920XM Quad Core Extreme processors" so i thought it might be as the only option and goes as standard),

they told me that m6500 is only available with i7 820 (1.73hz) and the machine is upgradable to i7 920. heh ? seems like scam

Meantime I can't choose 2 HDD with 500GB, as primary only ATA and secondary is only SATA.

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Dell :: Upgrading (boxed) M6400 To M6500
I've just recieved the M6400 covet edition. Dell has given me the choice to return it boxed and get a full refund. I can then order the new M6500, however, I will need to pay at least 750 Euro extra for the faster processor and graphic card.

QX9300 to Core I7 920xm
FX 3700M to FX 3800M

The rest of the specs are the same. Is the worth extra money to upgrade for a computer that will be 8 x faster than the current M6400?

I have to admit though than my hands are itching badly to unbox the m6400.

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Dell :: Where Can I Find Out What Docking Stations Are Compatible With My M6500?
I have tried looking at Dell's webpage, but couldn't find any lists over compatible docking stations. Not to mention that when trying to "buy" another identical computer dockings are never mentioned in the "Buy accessories for your Dell" subpage. I have seen a few cheap, used docking stations on the web, but I don't know if they will work. This is the one I can get really cheap:

Would that work on my Preceision M6500? It's for my second and third office (a.k.a. my wife's pet shop and our cabin by the sea), so I need two dockings. And this way I can save 80 % of the cost!

For some stupid reason the M6500 has no SPDIF output, and I see that there is one on this docking. But I don't care if that works or not, I only use SPDIF at home, and I have an USB sound card with SPDIF there.

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Dell :: Releases A New Precision M6500 Core I7 Laptop
Just seen it on the Dells site today

The I7 Extreme CPU is an option for this baby.

Upto 16 GB Ram with 4 DIMM Slots

Windows 7 Ultimate OS

3 GPu options

ATI FirePro M7740



Various LCD panel options including the RGBLED

Raid 0, 1, and 5 support

Blu Ray or DVD +/- R drive

The lastest Intel 5150 Wireless card option

Contactless Smart Card reader

Finger print reader option

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Dell :: Precision M6500 :: Extra Items On Keyboard
My family have bought me the Precision M6500, a little more than I need, but a great machine.Is it possible to find literature on the extra items on the keyboard ,

such as the track stick, track stick buttons, jog shuttle and the precision ON button,the idea behind them and there use

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Dell :: Can I Use A 12 Mm Disk As Precision M6500 Secondary Hard Drive?
I would like a big hard drive, but it seems like those bigger than 750 GB are 12 mm, not 9 mm. But can I use that as a secondary hard drive on the Precision?

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Dell :: Memory Speed Affecting Windows Experience (memory Operations)
A friend just showed me his new Dell Vostro lappy. He has 4 GB of DDR2 800mhz memory on it when compared to my 4 GB of DDR2 667mhz memory on my XPS 1530

However, under his windows experience score - he gets 5.9 score for memory operations while I just get a 5.1. I can't believe that a couple of hundred mhz can result in such a drastic difference.

Is there something optimized for his system but not for mine?

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Dell :: M6500 For VMware + Visual Studio 2008/2010: A Good Idea?
I'm looking to purchase a powerful notebook for my development needs. I use MS Visual Studio 2008 (in a VMware virtual machine), currently running on my DELL Precision T7400 desktop workstation (Dual Intel Xeon X5482, 3.20GHz / 32GB RAM / 4 x 300GB SAS HD with 15,000rpm). This thing is a pleasure to work with, everything just flies, even when multiple virtual machines are running at same time.

In next months I need to spend some time developing and testing at my customer's site. Now I need something comparable to my T7400 in means of performance, but portable. My first idea was, of course, a M6500. It seems to be a very powerful beast. However, until now I have no experience with such "mobile workstations". Can this thing really deliver what it promises?

Here is my configuration: .....

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Sony :: 20" 1600 X 900 Vs 23" 1920 X 1080 LCD Monitor
I'm debating what LCD monitor to get between

20" 1600 x 900


23" 1920 x 1080

I know that i'll have a better performance with the 20" since it's using the lower resolution but how much of a decrease in performance would i see if i hooked it up to the 23" and it's native resolution? I'll be playing some what intensive games.

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Dell :: XPS 16 (Bluray And Memory)...
I have been hearing that the read/playback performance of the bluray drive on this laptop is terrible. Some say that it stutters all the way through an entire movie and it is very loud. Is this true? My second question is about the $375 charge for upgrading from 4GB RAM to 8GB RAM. Is it overpriced? Also, how easy is it to upgrade the RAM on the XPS 16?

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Dell :: Throw Away Old Memory
Dell Inspiron 6000. Upgraded memory from 512MB to 2GB Ram. Is there any point of me saving these sticks or should i just throw them away?

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Dell :: XPS 1530 Memory
What is the difference between these? The only thing i can see is a 50 dollar larger hole in your pocket...There cant be anything different is there?

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Dell :: Memory Confusion
I have a 1640 with 6G of RAM installed, however when I run CPU ID CPU Z,

it is reporting my DRAM frequency at 532 instead of 1066 MHZ.

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Dell :: Memory Upgrade
I have a 2.5 year old E1705 notebook. I'm going to upgrade to W7 soon and in the process I thought I'd upgrade my memory from 2GB to 4GB.

I ran Dell's utility from their tech support page and it seems to be the case that the maximum my computer will support is 2GB! Is that possible?

In any case, I ran a diagnostic program (from Dell's utility) and it says my computer has two memory slots, and currently each slot on my computer has "Dual In-line Memory Module 1GB, 533, 128X64, 8K, 200", whatever that means.

I assume the 533 is memory speed (Hz) value. So according to Dell's utility, I am unable to increase the amount of RAM, but I could, for instance, "upgrade" to better chips (i.e., Dell sells DDR2 SDRAM Memory Speed: 800 MHz). Price would be $56.

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Dell :: What Mark Is Your Ram/memory
I'm with Studio 1535 and strangely for me with:

2 GB Kingston
1 GB Sam sung

on Dell Web my notebook appears as only 2 GB Kingston.

But Kingston is very good ram mark.

Samsung is wide used by HP.

So I guess they both are very good!In my eyes Kingston is better but Sam sung is not bad too. (I doubt my samsung blank little overheat but I don't have issues with my ram till now, so...)

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Dell :: 8 GB Memory On M1730
I was wondering if anyone had tried putting those G-Skill 4GB memory chips onto a Dell m1730 laptop, and if so, did they notice any major performance gains in doing so.

I use a few simulators at home, especially a Cisco sim called Dynamips which is both a CPU and memory hog, and I also use VMWARE a bit, so I thought I'd see if it's worth the upgrade to 8 GBs of RAM.

Any comments on stability, usefulness, experiences in Vista, etc. getting the system to recognize the full 8 GBs of RAM, etc.

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Dell :: M1210 Memory?
I was wondering if anyone else here could help me out...I'm needing to buy some more memory for my xps m1210 that's a couple of years old...

what's the best way to go about doing this? should i buy it from Dell or Best Buy or new egg?

also, if anyone knows, is it worth my time to try and install it myself or should i just pay the 40 or whatever to geek squad?

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Dell :: M1730 Ram Memory
If I get an m1730 with 2GB 667MHz ram memory and I want to upgrade to another 2GB of memory to make it 4GB, do I have to get 667MHz or I can get 800MHz?

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Dell :: More Memory In My 1330
What memory should I buy to my M1330? I'm looking for 4 GB modules but Dell doesn't have them on their Swedish site. And I assume there are cheaper ones than those recommended by Dell.

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Dell :: Clarification On Physical Memory
I'm an owner of a sxps 1340 and have the following problem. My system freezes after 5 minutes of operating. It does that 3 out of the 4 times if I reboot. I think this appeared after I installed the videocard update when I received the Dell "Alert".

After corresponding with Dell they advised me to do a system restore, which didn't help. So now I did a factory image restore to bring everything back as initially.

My system has 4GB of internal memory, but if I start task manager I only see 2301MB of physical memory. And my system is using 51% of the total physical memory. This without having installed any programs except the one that came with the factory image.

My question is: Could this be a memory hardware failure?

I've attached a printscreen of my task manager.

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Dell :: M1330 And Turbo Memory
As far as i know, m1330 support intel turbo memory... but where is the slot to insert the memory?

which improve more, from 2gb to 4gb ram or put a 4 gb turbo memory

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Dell :: Adding Memory To A D620
I like my Dell D620 so much that I just got another one. I've heard that I should not add an additional 1G module to the existing 1G in this laptop, but rather that it is best to replace the existing 1G with either two matched 1G modules or one 2G module. Is that correct? Seems a shame to toss the 1G that's already in there . . .

Could I add a 2G module to the 1G that's already in there? I'm assuming that the bay will accept two RAM modules.

The OS is XP-Pro, SP3, if that matters.

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Dell :: Studio 17 (1737) Memory, CL6 Or CL5?
I have my Dell Studio 17 (1737)

swapped my macbook for it, this one has 2G ram.

going to upgrade on payday to 4G asap!

been looking at Crucial, their memory is CL6 timiing.

is it worth going for CL5 timing ?

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Dell :: XPS M1210, Memory Upgrade
can i upgrade from 2GB to 3GB or necessarily i have to go to 4G?
tks, Douglas

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Dell :: Quick Memory Upgrade
I have a Dell Inspiron 9300, about 4 years old. I bought it with 1 gb RAM, and I'd like to extend the life of it by a few months, and make it a little faster.

This is the RAM that dell recommends for my laptop to upgrade:

Unfortunately, looking at my order when I first got the laptop, it says this .....

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Dell :: Nvsvc32.exe 400MB Memory
I am thinking this is something related to the drivers for my video card, nvsvc32.exe seems to be part of the Nvidia drivers.

What I do not understand is why it's currently using up ~40 - 50% continuous CPU and 402,456K of memory.

While svchost.exe is using up the rest of the CPU %.

I used task manager to just kill them both, nothing has seemed to change "stability wise" and they are no long using up that much CPU/Memory.

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Dell :: Swissbit/Micron Memory
I'm looking to upgrade my M90 to 4GB. Normally I use crucial, but they are charging £190 for 2 x 2GB DDR2 5300 chips.

I've had a look on Ebay and I can get the same for £110. When I asked who made the chips he said "Micron/Crucial chips from Swissbit." To be honest I'm not sure if that means they are made by Crucial or by Swissbit. Anyone know about these?

There was another EBayer who was selling Buffallo chips for £120. If these are well known I may go for these. I'm just a bit wary of buying brands I haven't heard of.

Incidentally, I presume that 1x1GB + 1X2GB will be slower than matching chips (I considered only buying one 2GB stick as I already have 2x1GB, but I seem to recall that the chips need to mirror one another for optimum speed)

I've just noticed the 3.25gb thread which suggests dual channel mode is normally only slightly faster.

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Dell :: Memory Stick = BSOD
Everytime I put one of those memory sticks (its a sony one) into my m1710 I get a BSOD. I've used the card b4 when I had vista with no problems. I'm thinking now that I'm back with XP, I'm missing a driver or something. I'm not sure which driver I'm supposed to use though...

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Dell :: Xps M1710 And PC2-6400 Memory
ive read here that some have used PC2-6400 on the m1710, but it will downclock to 667.

ive tried some demo sticks of 2GB, 200-pin SODIMM, DDR2 PC2-6400 memory module

with the result that:

1. two lights blink, uppercase and scroll lock.
2. then the system will not boot

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Dell :: Question About XPS M1730 Memory?
why does dell sell 800mhz ddr2 memory if the m1730 dont support it? i have 8gb ddr2 800mhz but bios only sees it as 667. what gives? anyway to change it to 800mhz?

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Dell :: I6400 Memory/Mobo
so my i6400 came orig with 2x512 ram sticks, one per slot -- recently (i have it it 2+ years) i realized that i was having a RAM issue (BSOD + other windows errors pointed directly to this problem) and ordered 2 x 1 gig sticks of ram from

newegg...when i realized what the problem was i pulled out 1 of the 512 sticks and it worked fine -- without a problem

i recieved the 2 new sticks and put them in, tried to start up, no luck...

tried one stick, worked fine.
(turned off)
tried other new stick, worked fine
(turned off)
replaced the original stick, worked fine.
(turned off)
replaced orig stick #1 with the stick that i thought had died/was bad, worked.

(also dealt with the dell POST? diagnostics -- flashing lock indicators -- which told me there was a problem with the RAM).....

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Dell :: Which 2gb Stick Of Memory Should I Get For The E6400?



any of these:

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