HP/Compaq :: Intel XTU With Qx9300 HDX18T

Jul 12, 2009

HP recently added the QX9300 CPU to the list of processors for the HDX18T Notebook. My question is, will HP Include the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility with the notebook? The Intel XTU will allow you to overclock the QX9300 Extreme processor... it would be stupid to pay so much money for the cpu without being able to overclock it... Intel claims that the utility will ship with OEM systems?

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HP/Compaq :: XP On HDX18t

May 4, 2009

I am starting this thread, because there was good information over in the 18 owner's lounge, but at 550 pages deep, it's hard to find. I'm going to organize this by putting the dedicating the next 4 posts to specific information and updating as often as I can. I will not be going into detail outside of XP Pro 32 and 64 bit varieties, and I only did a 64 bit section as a courtesy, since I have no reason to use 64 bit with anything i am doing. If information, such as drivers, applies, it will be listed. My configuration is the 1020us model, with no TV Tuner, or SSD drive, so I will have no first hand knowledge about them, but will be relaying anything I find.


For the record, I am no guru. I am just someone who was fed up with Vista, and had to use XP to run certain applications. As such, I will need and welcome the help of any of those out there who come up with a better way. No one person can accomplish this, and it is a community effort..............

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HP/Compaq :: HDX18t

Aug 12, 2009

Came close to buy a laptop from Xoticpc.com...I'd say I came real close.

What finally made me go with the HDX was the deal I got. The price was great (30% off) and it had all I wanted. So in the end, the deal was so good I just couldn't pass it up and now I'm just waiting for it to arrive at the end of the month.

Here's what I got:

HP HDX18t Premium Series Notebook PC
* Windows Vista Ultimate with Service Pack 1 (64-bit) with DVD media
* Intel Core2 Duo Processor T9900 (3.06 GHz, 6 MB L2 Cache, 1066MHz FSB)
* 8GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm) - For 1GB Nvidia GeForce GT 130M........

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HP/Compaq :: HP 30% Coupon (hdx18t And Others)

Jun 12, 2009

it works for the hdx18t as i just tried it.


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HP/Compaq :: HDX18t With Windows XP

Aug 14, 2009

Im thinking on buying a new HDX18t with a quad core extreme processor. Is it possible to configure these units with XP? HP seems to offer only native Vista Drivers though I thinki as long as all hardware is probably identified it can be possible to find all the necessary drivers for XP.

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HP/Compaq :: Does Anyone Have The QX9300 Processor

Jul 22, 2009

I would like to know if anyone recently bought a HDX18T with the QX9300 processor? I asked HP and they said that the Intel Extreme Tuning Utlity was pre-installed with the QX9300 processor, but can anyone verify this?

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HP/Compaq :: HDX18t Hard Disks

Mar 11, 2009

Just ordered an HDX18t with a 250gib 7200rpm HD and was wondering what manufacturer HD came with this model.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Now Offers HDX18t With T9900

Jul 8, 2009

I noticed today that HP added the T9900 CPU to they HDX18t customizable builds, but for some reason it says the following:

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo Processor T9900 (2.93 GHz, 6 MB L2 Cache, 1066MHz FSB)

the Intel T9900 is 3.06Ghz, and not 2.93 Ghz, the 2.96Ghz is the T9800. Obviously the mistake can be that it is infact the T9900 and they had the Ghz wrong, of they mean to say T9800.

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HP/Compaq :: The Complete HDX18T Guide

May 18, 2009

I will be adding to this regularly - please message me with anything and everything you would think would be helpful for others

I created this thread to be a one stop source for all the helpful information we have collected in over 500 pages of the owners lounge. Hopefully, I can keep it to one main page.

The order is as follows.

1. Introduction
2. General Information & Hardware Options
3. Operating Systems - XP, Fresh Vista, Windows 7
4. Software
5. Accessories & Recommendations
6. Basic Modifications
7. Advanced Modifications
8. Photo Gallery
9. Misc

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HP/Compaq :: HDX18t- Is My Computer Dying

Feb 14, 2009

My computer is couple week old HP HDX18t. When the logon for windows Vista ultimate 64 pops up, part of the screen goes black. From the left hand side of my screen black streaks come about half way across the screen. Its almost as if my computer were turned on its left side and someone drew a line graph that was filled in black beneath the line. (best way I can describe it) It only lasts a second, then goes away. I don't seem to have any other graphics problems.

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HP/Compaq :: Anyone Have Original8530w Elitebook And Qx9300 Quad Also

Oct 10, 2009

i recently bought this laptop and im running stress tests on this laptop w/ prime95 and told by a fellow board member(who has been of wonderful help) that they detect issue w/ my heatsink mounting/paste for my quad core qx9300. it was stated that thermal throttle shouldnt happen until temperatures into the 100 celsius range on a laptop?

1) i start the test and all 4 cores are steady running through tests

2) after 3 min, the first 2 cores max out at 91, 90 celsius while the last 2
are 89,88. The first 2 cores start going down in temp to about 76, 75 and
never complete another test while the last 2 cores are 85, 86 celsius and
run through an additional 8 tests afterwards.

can anyone give more feedback or possibly try these tests also? i run 64 bit vista also.

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HP/Compaq :: Brand New HDX18t With Bad Hinge Panel

Sep 12, 2009

I just received my HDX18t yesterday and noticed that the upper and lower hinge cover does not fit together. In fact it looks like the factory pried it back open - look at attached photo. I called the HDX support line who transferred my to sales who transferred me back to the HDX support line just to find out that I have to send in my laptop to get it fixed in stead of them just sending me the part. The problem is only cosmetic so I don't want to have to send my new computer away for several weeks! Has anyone had a similar experience? Do you think if I talk to the right person at HP they'll just send me the part?

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HP/Compaq :: HP HDX18t External Display Resolution

Jan 25, 2010

I have a HP HDX18t w/ Windows 7 Home Premium and the Nvidia GeForce GT 130M video card. I'm trying to hook up a Dell 30" LCD monitor with a native resolution of 2560x1600 via the HDMI output using a HDMI to DVI cable. Doing so, the system will only allow the external Dell a max resolution of 1280x800 while the HDX screen stays at 1920x1080. The 1280x800 look really bad. I want to use its native resolution of 2560x1600 or atleast the 1920x1080. When I use VGA output, nothing shows up on 30" (blank black screen).

Using my 24" Dell, I can get 1920x1080 either via the VGA or HDMI (to DVI) fine. Based on my research it seems to be a limitation of the Nvidia GeForce GT 130M because it just doesn't allow that high a resolution (i.e. no dual-link DVI capabilitiy). Is this true? Or am doing something wrong?

Is there any solution in using a 30" monitor with the HP HDX18t? Will one of those Matrox DualHead2Go devices work to run the 30" and 24 inch monitor simultaneous at 1920x1200. I'll be fine with that. My wife is firm in using the 30" monitor we have. Is this a loss cause and I have to get another laptop that will support a 30" external monitor? If so, any advice on which one.

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HP/Compaq :: HDX18T Bluray Players Freezes Vista64 Or Win7-64

Dec 20, 2009

I am having trouble playing bluray discs on my HDX18T. The result is the same whether I'm on Vista64 or Win7-64. I would put in a disc and it would launch the HP DVD player. When navigating through the disc menu, the entire computer would freeze at random spots and there's nothing I can do but hold the power button to brute-force a reboot.

I have NOD32 and Outpost64 installed.

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HP/Compaq :: Envy 15 Processors Intel Core I7-620M Vs. Intel Core I7-820QM

Jan 18, 2010

what the performance difference is between the Intel Core i7-620M and the . Intel Core i7-820QM. I always thought the quad core 820QM was faster, but on the hp website the dual core 620M is more expensive.

Is the 620M faster? And is it faster for specific things only?

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Dell :: Qx9300 For M4400

Apr 18, 2009

I am planning to upgrade my P8600 to qx9300, but i don't know if the fan sink can do with the heat or not. (When i play 3d games)

Anyone got qx9300 in m4400 here?

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Dell :: Upgrade E6500 CPU To QX9300?

Mar 16, 2010

I have an E6500 with a T9400 CPU (Core 2 Duo, 2.53 GHz, 1066MHz FSB).
I would like to upgrade it to a CPU that is either a quad core or dual core with hyper-threading. The only CPU I can see that is even a possibility is the QX9300 (Core 2 Extreme, 2.53 GHz, 1066MHz FSB)..
The CPU I have is listed by Intel as supporting BGA479 and PGA478 sockets. But, I don't know which my motherboard has...
The QX9300 is only listed to support PGA478 sockets.
Reading on here, it seems like even if I am able to upgrade, I might be opening myself up to heat problems... ..
OTOH, I also read that the the E6500 is identical to the M4400 except for the lid. And the M4400 is available with the QX9300 CPU...
So, can anybody tell me if I can replace my CPU with the QX9300? If so, would it require anything more than just buying the new CPU?..

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Sony :: AW Series Support QX9300

Feb 8, 2009

do we know if a VGN-AW170Y/Q will support a QX9300 chip?

I just bought this laptop from ebay for $1625 and a 3 year warranty

stoked to say the least.

I wish G-SKill and newegg didnt discontinue the 8gb of memory.

cant find it anywhere.

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Dell :: Deciding Between M4400 And M6400 (both With QX9300)

Nov 21, 2009

I bought two laptops from Dell Outlet M4400 and M6400. Really need help deciding which one I should keep (and add to my signature) and which one to send back. I am sure this community can help me make an informed decision. Thanks.

My usage:

-Development - VS 2008, MS SQL and tools.
-Graphics - Limited Photoshop (Beginner to Mid level)
-Virtual Machines - 1 to 2 at any given time
-Always ON configuration
-NO Gaming - sorry I suck at games!
-Occasional Travel

M4400: $1500

QX9300 - 2GB - 80GB 72K RPM - RGB LED LCD - NVidia 1700
My plan is to swap the 80 GB with my tablet PC's 120 GB and install 320 GB in modular bay also get 4 GB RAM bringing total cost to about $1650

Pros: Manageable size, RGB LED
Cons: Additional cost for RAM and modular bay HDD, Not sure about TrueLife Glossyness yet!

M6400: $1700
QX9300 - 4GB - 120 GB SSD + 250 GB 72K - WXGA LCD - Nvidia 2700

Pros: Pretty much everything
Cons: Low res LCD and BIG+Heavy even for occasional travel or meetings.

I could find cheaper configurations but I picked the one's with QX9300. There are some available in both machines that are T9900 and are ~$300 cheaper.

1. Am I making the right decision by getting QX9300 given my somewhat non power usage? Is heat an issue in either? I do want to future proof at least for 2 years.

2. If I go for lower CPU should I go for x9100 or T9900 or Q9000/9100, they do show up occasionally on the outlet site.

3. I really find the second hard drive option useful. Does the slightly higher mobility of m4400 justify additional cost to buy and install the mod bay HDD?

4. Are the prices reasonable for the configurations above? I can find a m4400 with T9900/4GB/250GB/WXGA for ~$1150 and a M6400 with T9900/4GB/NO SSD for ~$1200

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Dell :: QX9300 Compatible With Inspiron 1420

Aug 22, 2009

I bought an Intel QX9300 online for my upcoming Alienware m17x. When I tested the QX9300 in a Dell Inspiron 1420 today, the system fail to boot into bios.

Does anyone know if Inspiron 1420 motherboard support qx9300 or not? I am trying to figure out if I received a DOA chip or not.

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Dell :: Upgrade T9400 -> QX9300 = BSOD

Nov 10, 2009

I have upgraded my M4400 with a QX9300 processor...but all I get is BSOD on boot.

I can run the BIOS memory test without problems, and I can boot in safe mode.

If I attempt a normal boot, I get a Blue Screen Of Death complaining that the BIOS is not fully ACPI compliant

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Dell :: Install A QX9300 Quad Core From An M6400 Into An M4400?

Apr 2, 2009

Are they both sharing the same CPU ?

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Dell :: Weird Grinding/churning Sound When ScrollingM6400/QX9300/SSD/Nvidia 2700/ePort Plus Dock

Dec 21, 2009

I just setup my brand new M6400 (well brand new from dell outlet). My config is QX9300, Dual HardDrives (primary is SSD), Nvidia 2700. I connected two external monitors using ePort plus dock and as I begin working on this new setup,

I notice a faint (but irritating once your ears tune in) churning/hissing/clicking (hard to describe) sound from the system. I have updated Bios to latest version. Os is Win 7 64bit.

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Dell :: Upgrade Intel 4965 Wireless Card To Intel 5300

Mar 2, 2009

is it possible in the XPS M1530,

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HP/Compaq :: HP Dm3- AMD Vz Intel

Oct 15, 2009

what the major differences will be between the two processors?

Is the Intel better in regards to battery life only, or is going to be faster with the DDR3 memory, as the NEO only uses DDR2.

Battery life is not a major issue for me, and the extra $100 could be used specing up else where...

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HP/Compaq :: Dv9000 + Intel X-25M SSD = Getting Hot

May 21, 2010

I have installed Intel X-25M SSD with Windows 7 Ultimate in my old dv9000 (CD, 1 Gb RAM), and it is quite a disaster. The laptop is getting hot, installing programs (Portal from Steam) results in 90 C on the processor and a shutdown...

I use RM CPU Clock to lower CPU multiplier from 13x to 6x (it works on my HDD and Windows XP, I don't have issues), but on SSD it won't help much.

Browsing: 70 C
Installing software: up to 90 C and sometimes a shutdown...
Playing games: up to 80 C

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HP/Compaq :: Intel T9500 In A Dv9500

Jan 12, 2009

ever put a T9500(2.6ghz 6mb 800mhz) or something faster into a Dv9500? I tried doing a search but couldn't find anything.

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HP/Compaq :: [Drivers]ENVY 15 (INTEL)

Oct 17, 2009

Last Updated: June 4, 2010

Based on dannyres's thread and my other driver threads, I've decided to post the latest drivers that are compatible with the HP ENVY 15 premium series notebooks. It is part of my ongoing, informal commitment to help assist those who had performed clean installs on their HP notebooks. Please let me know if you find newer drivers or other devices so I can update this post!

NOTE: All of these drivers come from HP's website, Microsoft Update, and from other reputable websites (including other manufacturers). All of the drivers here are WHQL Certified or digitally signed drivers, available as of the date when this post was updated. These drivers should be compatible with the notebook series stated above, but I am not responsible for technical difficulties that can occur as a result of improper driver installation!

Following along the same lines as the other driver threads, the process of installing and updating drivers is for ADVANCED/EXPERIENCED users only. Average users can use the drivers located at the HP support portals -- they're the safest and simplest way to go in terms of drivers for your specific model. Some of these drivers may work with notebooks other than the stated brand and models, but this is NOT guaranteed. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK -- only install these drivers if you know how to revert the changes that you have made should any problems be encountered............

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HP/Compaq :: AMD Turion Vs Intel Core 2 Duo

Dec 23, 2009

I am looking to buy a laptop and have zeroed in on these two:



They have everything in common except the processor.

2005ax has AMD Turion™ II M500 2.20GHz 1MB L2 cache

1308tx has ntel® Core™2 Duo T6600 2.20 GHz, 2 MB L2 Cache, 800 MHz FSB

and the difference in their prices, here in India is Rs. 5000 i.e roughly $100.

I have never used an AMD powered PC. Are their any software or hardware compatibility issues with AMDs? Any reason why I should go with the Intel box?

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Acer :: Intel Su3500 Vs Intel Su9400

Jul 28, 2009

i looked online i couldn't find an comparison between :

Intel Core 2 Duo Processor SU9400 vs Intel Core 2 Solo SU3500.

i am trying to buy my first acer computer and i am deliberate between the timeline 14" with one of this cpu .

i was wondering what would bee the different between the 2.

they have the some system bus 800mhz and the some clock speed 1.4Ghz, the only different is between 1 core or 2 .

price different would be from 579$ (staples spacial) with su3500 to 919$ (only from Canada) with su9400.

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