HP/Compaq :: Extending C: Drive With An Unallocated 10gb Space

Feb 4, 2010

this laptop fixer i had met extended my D: (HP RECOVERY) drive by a lot and i shrank it 10 gb. now the 10 gb of unallocated space is located beside D: to the right problem is C: is to the left of D: which means i can not extend C: to gain those 10 gb because D: is in the way...

my physical drive is as follows
SYSTEM, C:, D:, unallocated space (10gb), and HP TOOLS

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HP Pavilion Dv6 Recovery :: Unallocated Disk Space After Recovery

Nov 3, 2014

I performed a system recovery to factory settings that resulted in my Disk space being distributed differently than before. I have a lot of unallocated space as you can see bellow. I need to know how to fix and how to prevent this from happening the next time I perform a recovery. Also, is it normal for the RECOVERY (D) partition to show multiple times in Disk Management ?

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HP/Compaq :: Dual Hard Drive Space

Oct 29, 2009

I have an HP Elitebook 6390P; I remember seeing for the Thinkpads someone could remove the CDROm Drive and put a hard drive into this slot and then put into the cdrom drive.

is it possible with the HP Elitebooks?

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HP/Compaq :: Where Is My Hard Drive Space Going On My DV5T

Jan 26, 2009

I have had my dv5t 6 days. Every time I check, there is less and less space and I am doing nothing really but surfing and e-mailing, and trying to get the TV tuner to work right. lLast night there was 177GB free, shut it down and went to bed. Checked it after a half hour or so this morning and there was 175 GB, now here I sit in the library and I just checked it again after e-mailing and downloading a 2mb file, and there is 173 GB free. I haven't even begun to use it. Juse a few days ago there was 183.

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Sony :: Desperate For More C Drive Space

Mar 11, 2010

I have a VAIO VGN-AW21Z with a small solid state C Drive which is becoming megga full and in the red So I need to take action and uninstall some of the pre-loaded crap.

Have been down the list and removed all the things I feel confident about but there are some other large files there which I am unsure about and hope some of you can tell me what they do. As I only use my lappie to process photos using Adobe PS, a bit of iTunes, web browsing and emailing........ so I don't need any other specialist type stuff (gaming or producing videos etc).

The following list are what I would like to remove if I knew it is safe to do so.

What do they do?
Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard (759mb)
VAIO BD Menu data (969mb)
VAIO DVD Menu Data Basic (543mb)
VAIO Wallpaper Contents (134mb)
WinDVD BD for VAIO (113mb)

ALSO this machine runs on VISTA and I heard that Windows 7 is a far smaller file. Is it possible to upgrade to 7 and to delete Vista? That might make a huge difference if it is possible?

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Sony :: Hard Drive Space

Aug 18, 2009

I purchased a VGN-SR430J/B and I cleaned it with killdisk and installed windows 7 32bit.

This model comes with a 320GB HDD, yet when I go to my computer it says that I have 273GB free of 287GB total. So I assume the 14GB (287-273) being used is somehow the 2.5 GB Windows 7 32bit. But 320 - 287 is 33GB, where did it go? Where can I look?

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Dell :: Missing Hard Drive Space

Oct 29, 2009

I am puzzled to see that part of my 320 gb 7200 drive is not recognized. A right click on C drive states that I have 282 GB left out of 297GB. I do not want to move forward with my install before accounting for this space. So...anyone have any advice?

As I have a Dell Studio XPS 1640 it has a a few of Dell specific driver I must install or I wil not have certain features. I am not thinking dock here. Bios ,chipset, IDT Sc. Windows grabbed the latest driver for the Radeon 3670 but not the Catalyst SW. Nor would I want it to. Has anyone dl'd the latest Catalyst suite? Any fellow xps owners out there test driven Dell's drivers on Win 7 pro yet?

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HP Pavilion G6 OS/Software :: Low Disk Space Drive E

Jul 28, 2014

I have just registered and altough I can find lots of people asking the same question, I can't see/access solutions.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1300 Max Hard Drive Space

Jun 25, 2009

I have a Inspiron 1300 that I want to upgrade it Hard drive. I found a site that offers 250 GB of space. The site says it for the Inspiron 1300 , but I wonder if that's true

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Sony :: Expanding Hard Drive Space On Older SSD TZ

Nov 5, 2009

I've got a TZ-195 which is about two years old. It has a 48gig SSD drive which was just too small to accomodate data plus a biggish .pst file for using Outlook offline. I bought a TT-190 with a 128gig drive which solved the problem, and left the TZ lying around.

Now the TT is on the fritz (won't boot up) and I want to revive the TZ so I can use it while the TT is being fixed.

What is the best way to expand the storage space?

1. Swap out the SSD drive for a bigger one.

2. Plug in a 32gig ExpressCard drive.

3. Install a Mini PCI Express drive (like from an eee) in the one empty Mini PCI slot.

Easiest and cheapest by far is Option 2. But I am thinking this is going to have a very slow data transfer rate? The Express Card standard allows either USB or PCI bus to be used, but as far as I know the ExpressCard SSD drives all use the slower USB bus. Or will it not be enough to make a difference, given that all my programs will be on the main hard drive?

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Sony :: Hard Drive Space Keeps Decreasing For SR290

Jan 5, 2009

I'm having a problem with my SR290. The hard drive free space keeps on decreasing. Its fallen from 200 to 175gb, and I haven't installed any new programs. Is this somehow related to Vista Business and does anyone have a solution?

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HP Pavilion Dv7 OS/Software :: Tools Drive E Running Out Of Space

Mar 11, 2012

Last couple days, I have been getting the error msg: " HP TOOLS Drive E: running out of space... " then something about pls CLICK here to find out the free up some space... I click and the only thing listed is the RECYCLE BIN  which is empty...

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Dell :: Adding Drive Space; Sacrificing Speed For Size

Jan 19, 2008

I originally purchased my E1705 with a 60GB 7200RPM drive. I believe at the time it was mainly to save a few bucks and that the largest 7200RPM available may have been around 120GB and added $200 to the price of the machine.

I am constantly finding myself uninstalling applications and looking for things to delete to save space on this tiny little drive, it has gotten to the point that it is a hassle. I recently moved my music library to an external USB drive to free up about 20GB only to fill it again right away by installing Visual Studio 2008 and the MSDN Library.

I need more drive space!

I know there are a ton of options out there for drives which I can easily swap right into this machine but I am having a tough time trying to decide if I am willing to sacrifice the added speed of a 7200RPM drive for the additional space offered by the largest of the 2.5" drives.

I use this machine for everything, it is my primary computer so having the fastest available options is desirable. I frequently render digital video for the creation of DVDs and believe it or not I perform this function currently on external USB drives because of the space issues. Having th space to move this to the primary drive with the full speed interface will be a big plus.

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Lenovo E440 11e E/Edge :: Missing Hard Drive Space

Feb 22, 2014

I have a newish (4/2014) Thinkpad E440 with a 500 GB HD. All of a sudden, the hard drive has filled up. I cannot account for all of the space. Here's what the system says:
35.2 GB available of 452 GBApps: 31.4 MBPictures: 76.1 GBVideos: 137 MBMusic: 20.9 GBDocuments: 8.14 GBDownloads: 0 bytesRecycle bin: 0 bytes 

So you can see this is a wee bit over 135 GB.  Where in the world is the rest of the space? Here's what I've looked at / done so far:
"System Protection" is turned on and is currently using 10.48 GB. I have the max set at 3% (13.59 GB). There are currently 3 saved restore points.  --> EDIT now it says it's using 5.97 GB and there are only two restore points now.I've run "Disk Cleanup" and it says I could regain 33.6 MB. Whoo-whooooo!The disk was 1% fragmented so I ran defrag.I ran the error checking tool on the drive and it said there were no errors on the drive. Now, after finishing the defrag, I've lost more space "as we speak"20.4 GB available of 452 GBApps: 31.4 MBPictures: 76.1 GBVideos: 137 MBMusic: 20.9 GBDocuments: 8.14 GBDownloads: 0 bytesRecycle bin: 0 bytes 

 FYI: When I go to Lenovo Solution Center and click on Support and then go to Configuration History, the calender there shows the yellow triangle with the exclamation point in it for "System Events" on every single day that I use the laptop. When I click on one of those days, it shows multiple "Application Errors". This has been going on since the day I got it.  I don't know if there is a log somewhere that is spiraling out of control.
I forgot to say I use Kaspersky Pure 3.0 for virus software and I have it performing a Full Scan, a Vulnerability scan and a Critical Areas scan every day. I also scanned the drive with Malware Bytes and it did not find any malware. Also I am running Win 8.1 - it came that way from Lenovo.

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Dell Inspiron N7010 :: Hard Drive Space Allocation

Apr 4, 2013

My hard drive is partitioned C:58.5Gig, D:397Gig.The C drive quickly filled up with programs.  I have 100% of my files/photos/music on the D drive and have 346 gig free on D.  Is there a way to increase the C alllocation as it is generally full and bogs things down.

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Acer Aspire V3-9809 :: Deleting Apps Lowers Hard Drive Space

Feb 16, 2015

When I empty my hard drive or delete apps or files I have less room on my hard drive. I have an Aspire V3-9809.

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Dell :: How To Merge Unallocated Partion With Main Partition?

Dec 7, 2009

I just did a clean install of win7. When asked on which partition I wanted it I also deleted the recovery partion thinking it would just be reallocated to the one I was installing win7.

Now win7 is all installed but I have a unallocated 15 gb and I have no idea how to get this space back.

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Dell :: Extending Warranty

Dec 29, 2008

i purchased my original system in 2005, and when i go to the warranty extension page, it allows me to extend my warranty from 2009 to 2013... but the rep on the phone says it wont process.... but it still accepts my credit card if i were to put it in... and it allows me to pay for it... i havent yet paid for it.. but is the rep right? can i not extend the warranty til 2013?

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HP/Compaq :: Envy 15 Space Bar

May 11, 2010

The space bar on my kb works, but if I hit it on the far right or far left corner it does not register.

if I may be able to bend the button's switch up a little so it's more sensitive.

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Dell :: Extending My Service Contract?

Jan 23, 2008

Just got an email from Dell stating that my service contract will expire in 30 days.

How much would this be to renew, and how long does it renew it for? Also, if I wanted to add accidental coverage, how much additional would that be? Do they replace the laptop if its dropped, broken, yet still functional?

I would call Dell, but I'm at work and wouldn't be able to contact them until tomorrow evening if I'm lucky.

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Dell :: Problem Extending Warranty Online?

Sep 2, 2009

Is anyone else having problem by trying to purchase and extend your dell's existing warranty online?

When i goto view purchase options all i get is. It has been like this for the past few months.

Is there another way to purchase warranty online without needing to call reps up to extend warranty? thank you

We are having technical difficulties

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Dell :: American Express Extending Warranty...

Jun 29, 2009

Does the Amex Buyer's Assurance Plan cover dell complete care?

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HP/Compaq :: Low Disk Space OnPavillion Dv6000

Apr 9, 2009

In the bottom right corner, a message keeps popping up saying " Low disk space on hard drive D" and the hp total care advisor says I have 5% free space on drive C.

My laptop is only 2 years old. I tried running disk defragmenter, disk cleanup, and I uninstalled a bunch of programs I dont use anymore. None of them helped with this error.

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HP/Compaq :: My Laptop Disk Space Going Down Automatically

Nov 12, 2009

my laptop (HP presario CQ61) disk space(c:) is going down automatically. what should i do? please reply.

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HP/Compaq :: No Backspace, Enter, Or Space Bar On ENVY

Mar 15, 2010

Sending my brand new ENVY back for service (on its first day...boo) but baffled as to what might cause this.

Everything works fine on the system except for a handful of keyboard keys:

Up/down arrows (left and right are fine)
Possibly alt (tough to test without the others)

Space bar will send a combination of characters, like zzc^X^Z if you press it a few times (often one press will send all of those characters, while other presses send nothing).

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HP Compaq Mini 110 :: HDD Showing Incorrect Maximum Space

Jan 11, 2015

Last night I did a factory reset of my system and when I set my machine back up and logged into it, it says that the hdd now has a max cap of 104gb, when the true cap is 1tb.

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Dell :: Extending Laptop Longevity Power Down Or Standby Mode

Oct 3, 2008

My new XPS laptop is just a few days old and I'd like not to kill it prematurely. What is current consensus on best practice to extend useful life? Shut it down after session completed (i.e., in AM when leaving for work) or leave in standby "sleep" mode? I leave my employers Dell Latitude computer powered up in a docking station during the week but power it down for the weekend. With current electronic semiconductor technology, is there a negative aspect on longevity (inrush current, for example) by daily shutting down and powering up?

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HP Pavilion Dv6000 Recovery :: Low Disk Space On Recovery Disk D Drive

Oct 17, 2011

I am so tired of receiving Low Disk Space on recovery (D). I have done everything it asked. Empty Recycle Bin which is EMPTY. I am not a computer wizard but it seems unfair that I have pay over $150.00 year to correct this problem once a year. I have checked a lot of places and it just keeps telling me the same thing. That doesn't work.
I did just install a HP wireless printer 3052A
HP Pavilion dv6000
Windows Vista (home version)

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HP/Compaq :: "network Store Interface Service Has Stopped Working" / HD Space

Apr 16, 2009

this is a popup i'm getting everytime i boot up now. it started happening after i went through msconfig to disable some things at startup. it doesn't seem to be comromising anything in use but i am curious what it is and how to make it stop.

and on an unrelated note, i'm wondering if i can't get more room out of my HD. my model is advertised at 320, but only shows 286 available. i know it's always less than whats advertised but that seems like more than usual. i also have used up about 250 in files and programes yet only have 13.6gb left. i've turned off restore point, could there be anything else bogging down my HD that i can't see? also is there a way to clear out the recovery drive and add on the free space to my c drive?

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HP/Compaq :: DVD Drive Connected To Laptop With Sata To Esata Cable, Drive Is Not Recognized By Windows 7

Feb 22, 2010

I connected a dvd drive to my laptop using, a sata to esata cable. my laptop has a ESATA port.

I don't know if you should post some kind of config summary (if yes let me know, I will do it promptly) basically I have a HP DV6t quad edition with an Intel 5 serie chipset,
PM55 express chipset (dont really know if it make any sense but still, I will just say state it) so I installed Intel Matrix Storage and when I connect the drive I can see it, but windows 7 does not see it, it's like I didn't plug anything in. [url] also my bios is almost configurable, I don't know why I can change the time, the date, the admin password, the boot order, virtualization, fan on/off that's pretty much it. so what options do I have if I want to make this dvd drive work?

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