Sony :: Touchpad Sensitivity- CS-390J

Jul 14, 2009

Has anyone here had touchpad issues on their vaio laptops? There will be times when I'll be typing and the curssor just skips to a different place randomly which messes up the flow of the sentence that I'm typing. My fingers didn't even touch the touchpad and the cursor jumps.

Maybe its the heat that is exerted from my hands but the fact remains that even though I don't touch the touchpad, the cursor will still move to a different place.

the model is a CS-390J.

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Acer :: Touchpad Sensitivity

Jan 4, 2008

My Acer 5520 came with the touchpad set so sensitive that by just by passing over icons I am opening windows that I dont want to. My sisters older Acer also has an "Alps" touchpad with Alps driver and under the tapping tab in the mouse window she has a "touch sensitivity" button that adjusts from light----to-----heavy touch and thats all I need.

After checking various computer stores that carry Acer and other brands it seems that some have this feature and some dont. Annoyingly also is the fact that no-one in the sales dept in these stores knows what I'm talking about and when I show them they say it's the first time they've encountered it. Surely if I'm spending over $1000. for a new notebook I should be able to control this. I have tried updating the driver from the Acer websight. Both the Synaptics and Alps drivers they offer don't have this control either. Some Acers however have it and they are not necessarily the upscale or newest models. So what gives?

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HP 15-r022TX :: How To Increase Speed And Sensitivity Of Touchpad

Dec 7, 2014

How can I increase the speed and sensitivity of the touchpad (mouse) of my HP 15-r022TX notebook?

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Acer :: Touchpad Sensitivity Settings Lost After Restart

Feb 13, 2009

After you adjust the touchpad properties like double click speed and cursor speed is there a way to keep these settings? Everytime the computer restarts I have to go back into touchpad mouse properties and readjust everything.

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Lenovo 11e E/Edge :: E431 - Can't Adjust Sensitivity Of Touchpad

Dec 7, 2013

I have a new E431 with Win 8 installed.
I cannot adjust the senisitivity of the touchpad or see the icon in the task bar.
The icon shows up in the customize window but I can't get it to the taskbar.
I have installed the driver here [URL].... and also here
I've uninstalled and re installed but nothing works. The touchpad is virtually useless as it is so sensitive.

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Dell Inspiron 11z :: Windows 7 Ultimate X64 Touchpad Sensitivity Cannot Be Adjusted

Aug 29, 2010

Have a Dell 11z (1110) running w7 ultimate (x64) with all the updates, and cannot adjust the sensitivity. Problem is when typing, the slightest brush of the touchpad causes the cursor to jump.  And I mean the *slightest* touch! A mere brush of atoms on the touchpad causes the cursor jump. I have read and tried many of the suggestions form Dell and Windows communities, and nothing works.  There is no touchpad sensitivity - anywhere!

Here's what I've tried:

1. Hide pointer does not work.  Unchecked and checked the box several times.  No effect.  There is no adjustment from within the "mouse properties".  Trust me, it's not there.

2. Dell offers both the Elantech and Synaptics drivers.  I am an experienced Synaptics user.  I only want the Synaptics one because it supports standard scrolling on the trackpad, among other nice functions.  The Elantech "gesture" is junk (I am surprised that Dell offers it, but that's a topic for another
day). The Synaptics driver should offer a nice suite of tools, among which is a touchpad sensitivity tool:  it's not there.  The only capabilities that show up are "buttons".  I removed and reloaded Dell Synaptics drivers several times, rebooting after the uninstall every time.  Nothing but the simplest tool is available.

3. I downloaded the drivers (several in fact from various releases) from Synaptics and got no improvement.  The touchpad is not adjustable.

4. In desperation I installed the Alps driver, and although it functioned ok it did not have the any capabilities beyond Synaptics.

5. I downloaded several drivers from other vendors and got the same result: no touchpad sens adjustment capability.

6. Tried several 32 bit drivers:  some installed (probably because they had a hidden 64 bit install option).  No change!

So bottom line:  I cannot adjust the trackpad.  No matter what I do.

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Lenovo ThinkPad L R/SL :: Touchpad Sensitivity Could Be Adjusted Via The Control Panel

Aug 11, 2008

My touchpad is supersensitive and if I get anywhere near it I find I have selected text or opened a link or done some other activity that I didn't want to do.A previous thread said that the sensitivity could be adjusted via the Control Panel.  Well, I have it at its lowest, and it doesn't seem to act any differently.  I do not want to disable the touchpad, just make it act normally. 

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Acer Aspire E3-111-C4GX :: Windows 8.1 - Touchpad Sensitivity Level

Nov 28, 2014

My cursor is as spaztic as a Mexican jumping bean.  It costs many seconds and numerous nerve endings just to get it to land on the scroll bar correctly.  I need to calm down the touchpad's sensitivity.  My notebook is an Aspire E3-111-C4GX running Win 8.1.  Already turned off taps, changed cursor speed, etc.  Must get to its sensitivity level wherever that is.

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Acer Aspire E5 571-56UQ :: Touchpad Sensitivity Settings Missing

Nov 24, 2014

I have had my notebook for 10 days.  The cursor jumps so badly that the computer is almost unusable for anything but reading email or web browsing.  The only way I can prevent the cursor from jumping is to dsiable the touchpad by using Fn+F7.  There is no sensitivity setting in the Mouse properties. 

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Lenovo 11e E/Edge :: E430 Touchpad - Ultra High Touching Sensitivity

May 12, 2013

I own one Lenovo E430. By now he is running Windows7, fully patched and updated. My issue is related with ultra-high touching sensitivity of the TouchPad. The TouchPad can react even on cloth touch.

This is problem for me, because I use TrackPoint, I don't have external keyboard and during high utilization extra unwanted clicks lead to unpredicted events. So, my question is how can I disable the Touchpoint.

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Dell Latitude XT3 :: Touchscreen Sensitivity Adjustment

Dec 14, 2012

Is it possible to adjust the sensitivity of the XT3 touch screen? I'm running Windows 8 on it - the stylus works fine, but if I touch it with a finger it nearly pushes the laptop over before it registers!

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Dell XPS 11 :: Touch Keyboard Sensitivity Settings

Oct 5, 2014

I've just received my XPS11 and think it's a beautiful machine... however, the one grief (everyones main grief with this unit it seems) is the keyboards sensitivity setting.

By default, when the computer starts, when you open up the Dell Keyboard (F10), the keyboard sensitivity is set to midway.... i constantly need to keep sliding it to lightest setting (makes it almost usable at this point). Where in registry this setting is kept ? or how i can permanently set it to LIGHTEST.

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Lenovo X / Helix Tablet :: X230T Multitouch Screen Lost Sensitivity

Dec 23, 2008

The brand new multitouch worked for 2 days while I was setting up the laptop and my files. I played with it for about an hour tonight. The X230T was running on battery, I plugged in the power cord, and the screen became totally unresponsive. As insensitive as a school bully in a bridal shower.
Per instructions at [URL] .... -- I'm running Windows 7, 64bit -- I uninstalled and reinstalled the ISD multitouch driver, 7wge69ww.exe. No go.
The only input device that now works is the mouse -- not the pen, not a finger. 
Considering that my other X230 was sent to the shop last week (with a second dead motherboard in less than a year), I'm starting to wonder about Lenovo.

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Lenovo P/Y/Z Series :: Space Bar Sensitivity On Y510P Keyboard Is Not Consistent On Right 1/3 Side Of Key

Jun 23, 2011

I am finding that the space key sensitivity on my new Y510P is not consistant, and that I have to really press down on the key for it to work, and despite this it does not always work.  I have to go back then and correct where the spaces where not added.  I tend to use the space bar with my right thumb clicking on the right 1/3 side of the space bar.  When  I use other keyboards including other Lenovo laptop products and this has not been a problem.

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Dell XPS L511z :: Mouse Jumps Everywhere When Typing - Decrease Keyboard Sensitivity?

Jan 26, 2013

I have a DELL XPSL511z.  Why every time I try to type of this computer the mouse jumps everywhere? I have disabled the track pad and it doesn't work. Is there some way to decrease the key sensitivity? This is a HUGE problem with this model.

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Sony :: AW Touchpad

Mar 28, 2009

I have a bit of problem with the touchpad on my vaio laptop

in my house downstairs when my laptop is plugged in and placed on the floor or surface the touchpad becomes un useable really slow but as soon as i disconnect the psu the touchpad works.

in another room all works ok and when the laptop is plugged in upstairs all is ok.!!! even on the carpet

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Sony :: SZ Touchpad

Oct 1, 2009

One solution mentioned on NBR was the improved insulation - but there may be another one.

Or maybe the "mad mouse" is static and the inverted mouse is something else.

My laptop was gettig very bad with the inverted mouse - and it didn't seem to be static related.

I just did some googling - [url] this seemed promising (the detailed driver analysis for XP) - unistalling of the touchpad driver to be specfic

I ujst did it and my mouse is no longer inverted - of course I loose some functionaltiy too (scrolling etc.)
But tapping works, and clicking too and moving the mouse.

I hope I'll remember to drop back in at a later date to tell you how it works out - it the mouse no longer inverts without the Alps driver.

My SZ is a SZ71VN/X

No, the inverted mouse is back

its possible that Vaio Alps touchpad drivers are outdated.

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Sony :: SR Touchpad

Jan 31, 2009

The left button of my touchpad does not work anymore! If someone has encountered a problem like this and has come up with a solution it has stopped working permanently!

Forgot to mention that the laptop I have is a VAIO SR and that I have tried a few things already to see if it would solve the problem, but no luck. Uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, switched from right-handed to left-handed, uninstall and let windows choose the driver, etc...

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Sony :: FW Touchpad Not Working With XP

Feb 20, 2009

Does anyone get their touchpad fully working with XP? Even after installing Sony Synaptics driver from Sony site, mine still only works like a regular mouse and there is no option to control the tapping

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Sony :: Vaio Touchpad

Apr 1, 2010

Hey I have a sony vaio TZ (tz11m/n) which I rebooted and erased all the data from re-installing windows vista which it comes with. Since then the Touchpad has not worked at all

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Sony :: Touchpad For My CS Series

Feb 19, 2010

I have a Vaio VGN-CS215J. I would like to know who manufactured the touchpad I have, but I keep getting mixed messages.

The drivers, device manager, and sony's support site all list the synaptics drivers, but when I did lsusb in Ubuntu, I got this in the list:

ID 044e:3017 Alps Electric Co., Ltd
How do I find out for sure?

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Sony :: VPCZ1 Touchpad

Apr 8, 2010

I've noticed a couple of annoying traits about my touchpad, which is probably related to the driver but was wondering if anyone else has noticed either of these:

Firstly, my touchpad sensitivity region does not extend all the way to the edges, especially towards the mouse buttons and the top of the pad. This can be seen by moving the cursor upwards (or down) and it'll stop before your finger actually reaches the border of the touchpad. I've disabled edge scrolling and other enhancements like edge regions. What's interesting is that once your finger is in the "dead zone" and the cursor no longer moves up, you can still move side-side. Horizontally, the problem isn't so bad. It's a bit like the touchpad is unaware where the physical edges are. Does anyone else have this?

Secondly, if you're using your middle finger for moving the mouse and your index finger comes near the surface, the mouse cursor freezes. I assume this is because it's detecting a multitouch (if you open the pressure graph, you don't have to touch the pad, it will detect the finger just above the surface). Adjusting the sensitivity only changes how hard you need to press for the cursor to move, but it'll still detect the presence of another finger above the pad and stop the cursor. Is it possible to disable multitouch? In an older laptop, the touchpad would work with two or more fingers by just averaging their motion which was kind of pointless but also would not have this problem.

Is there anything I can do to restore this "useless" behaviour? (or perhaps just respond to the strongest pressure point?)

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Sony :: News Z Touchpad

May 23, 2010

I just got a top-of-the-line maxed out Sony Z to replace my Z591U and the touchpad is driving me NUTS! About 5mm from each edge the touchpad has a dead zone in the direction perpendicular to that edge. E.g., if I am moving my finger vertically towards the top edge of the touchpad (with the cursor moving vertically up the screen), about 5mm before I reach the top edge of the touchpad, the cursor stops moving. The same thing happens with moving the finger towards the bottom of the touvhpad or towards the right edge of the touchpad. It is driving me nuts and is promting me to return the computer if I am unable to fix it. If anyone has experienced this and had been able to fix it, please let me know. I tried everything with modifying or completely removing the scroll zones without any results.

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Sony :: Poll: Problems With The TT's Touchpad?

Jun 14, 2009

There have been quite a few posts regarding the TT's touchpad. It would appear that most of the TT owners on the forums have not had an issue with it (myself included), though there are some people who have had problems -- so I thought a poll would hopefully shed light on how widespread the problem is or isn't.

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Sony :: VGN NW240F Keyboard & Touchpad

Dec 27, 2009

All of a sudden, my keyboard and touchpad stopped working under windows7

It's on Windows 7 - POST, BIOS and other out-of-windows screens are ok. Also WEB-button pre-Windows browser responds to keyboard keys properly.

Function/DISPLAY OFF keys are not working either - however, if I close the lid (W7 goes to sleep), then wake it up afterwards, function keys work fine (brightness, volume etc.) - sadly, still, the keyboard input does not.

Already tried:
- system restore
- vaio care recovery
- complete, clean reinstall of the W7 Ultimate
- removing keyboard/touchpad drivers, reinstalling, updating them

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Sony :: Palmrest / Touchpad Protector For My Fw

Apr 20, 2009

if there is a touchpad protectore out for the fw?

a clear sheet of some sort cut out for the fw?

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Sony :: Vaio SZ Touchpad Replacement

Jan 6, 2009

I have a non working touchpad for my SZ-483N/C. Does anyone know a place that I can get a replacement?

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Sony :: Touchpad Does Not Work After Sleep

Jul 13, 2009

I have VGN-Z620D running Vista, and there is a problem with the touchpad. Sometimes when the laptop wakes up from sleep, the touchpad stops responding completely. It does not happen always but still often enough to be annoying. After a restart, the touchpad works properly again.

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Sony :: Touchpad Lagging NW240f

Feb 15, 2010

My husband bought me this Sony Vaio VGN-NW240F as an early VDay present. I love it with one exception, the touchpad! I notice it only acts up when the computer is idle and takes a few seconds to start working properly. My husband suggested I return it for another one but before I do that I want to see if anyone else has had this problem. Is it going to make a difference if i exchange it?

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Sony :: Vaio Touchpad Button Issue!

Mar 4, 2010

I bought a Sony Vaio VGN-FW51MF about a month ago with Windows 7 and its developed a weird fault both the touchpad buttons don't work except for being able to select one of the quicklaunch icons,

no other icons respond to either buttons either single or double click, I can use the click on the touchpad itself to get around but this has only happened in the last couple of days,

I've tried reinstalling the driver, system restore and even removing the battery for 10 seconds but they still don't work and under the settings they are configured correctly

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