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Sony :: Wireless Switch Settings Utility Download

I've been searching around for Sony's Wireless Switch Settings Utility for my vaio z26gn, the Sony site doesn't seem to have them. Where can I download this utility?

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Sony :: TZ31, Wireless Device Switch Utility And WLAN Woes
Laptop: Sony Vaio TZ31VN
Integrated Globetrotter HSDPA Wireless WAN, Bluetooth and Intel 4965AGN Wireless LAN, Windows XP SP3 (Official Sony XP Downgrade Build)

This one really has me stumped - I'd appreciate any suggestions!

In summary, I have a problem with my Sony VAIO TZ31 wherein I'm unable to use my WiFi. The Wireless Device Switcher utility (C:Program FilesSonyWireless Switch Setting UtilitySwitcher.exe version 4.0) no longer 'sees' my integrated WLAN card to give me the option of turning it on or off, however it does see both the Bluetooth and WWAN cards. The hardware switch on the front of the laptop is in the 'ON' position, and the Bluetooth and WWAN lights are illuminated, however the WLAN light isn't, and I can find no way of enabling it. The Bluetooth and WWAN are still working.

My problem determination so far:

The normal Windows Wireless Network Connection dialogue tells me immediately (i.e. doesn't seem to scan at all) that it can't find any networks and that I should check that my wireless is turned on. I have another several devices in the house that are seeing the network just fine, as does my iPhone right next to this laptop.

Running an `IPCONFIG ALL` from the command line suggests that it is physically still there:

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-1D-E0-C3-xx-xx

Checking in Windows Device Manager the `Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN' entry appears with no question marks or exclamation marks telling me there's a problem or that the device is disabled. Opening up the properties dialogue for this, the drop down box on the Advanced tab says 'Wireless On'. All other properties are on the default values....

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Sony :: Why Does My Wireless Switch Not Work
My wireless switch on my Z seems to not function.

When I turn it off, I maintain my wireless connection. The light turns off, but my connection maintains.

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Sony :: Wireless Device Switch- Windows 64 Bit
I've installed Windows 7 64 bit on my Vaio VGN-FZ340E.

As this notebook comes with Vista Home Premium 32 bit, I had to find the drivers for 64 bit. So far so good, since the Vista 64 bit drivers work fine. (PS: It took some time to get all the drivers). Everything is working except for two things: the S1 button and the Wireless Device Switch.

I want to disable the bluetooth, because I don't use it all the time and it takes a lot of battery when enabled. I used to disable it using this little application from Sony called Wireless Device Switch.

The problem is that this application does not have the bluetooth option anymore.

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Sony :: VAIO SZ-650N/C- Wireless Switch
I have a VAIO SZ-650N/C laptop and I cannot turn on wireless. The switch doesnt work, switching it in the on and off position doesnt light up the WLAN indicator and every time i try to connect to the internet it says "Please turn on the hardware switch and try again"

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Sony :: Wireless Switch Broken (does Not Light Up)
I have an SR290 and recently I had a problem with the wireless. The wireless switch at the bottom left corner does not seem to work; when I move it to the ON position, the LED does not light up green to say that it is working. In the Device Manager, the wireless device does show up, and I can disable/enable it, and it indicates that the wireless card is still functioning. Under network connections, the network connection does show up, but it cannot detect any wireless networks. My other devices can pick up the wireless signals.

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Sony :: Can't Get Windows 7 32 To Recognize Wireless Switch On SZ450N
I have VGN-SZ450n.

I've installed
The one control/utility file
The 4 System component files
the 3 wireless files

It recognized the intel wireless from the beginning under hardware however even after installing all those files and rebooting I can't get it to recognize the switch is turned on for the wireless. In smartwi it says they are turned off. Is there a software way of turning them on?

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-Z21WN : WiFi- Whenever I Put The Wireless Switch On "ON", The Led Never Lit Up
It seems my VGN-Z21WN wifi module is dead. Whenever I put the wireless switch on "ON", the led never lit up

Is this known issue ? Is there something I could try before sending it to Sony support center ?

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Dell :: E6400/5100AGN Wireless Switch
Once I turn off the wireless switch, I can't seem to turn wireless capability back on without rebooting the machine. The wifi LED remains unlighted and 'diagnose and repair' attempts do not work (telling me to turn wireless capability on by flicking the switch, which is already in the ON position).

Has anyone else faced this issue?

Dell Latitude E6400
Windows Server 2008 x64 (fully updated)
Intel 5100 AGN (driver A02, latest as of today)
Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth (driver A13 (, latest as of today)

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV6000 Wireless Switch Disable
I'm fixing a DV6000 for a friend, basically the wireless switch is disabling the wireless even when it's switched to the on position. I remember reading about a registry hack that can disable the switch, but I can't find it now.

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Dell :: How To Switch From Windows To Intel Wireless Client
i have been having an issue that has me perplexed, i recently did a clean install to windows 64 bit, and now i cannot seem to get the intel wirless client to work, it will only let me use the windows wireless client. I downloaded the latest drivers and utilities and software, both from the intel website and the dell site, installed both, but does not allow me to use the intel wireless client. what I am not doing correctly to activate the intel wireless client.

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 Wireless Switch Not Working Hardware Or Software?
I opened my Vostro 1400 some time ago to clean it out, and put it back together again carefully. I also reformatted it recently.

Ever since, the wireless switch at the front doesn't seem to do anything when I press it all the way to the right. Before, it would show all wireless APs in the area, and their signal strengths, on the screen.

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Acer :: Aspire 5590 - Wireless Stops Working And The Light Is Off And It Won't Go On When I Move The Switch
Okay so my first question is this: Right now my wireless light is on showing that it's wireless, but if I close my laptop, or if it goes to sleep, and then I go back onto my laptop the wireless stops working and the light is off and it won't go on when I move the switch. I have a Aspire 5590

My second question is: I've hooked up a second monitor to my laptop I checked the settings and it works like this, if I move my mouse to the right and keep going, my mouse appears on the second screen. How can I make it so that the start menu and everything goes from the first to the second screen that way I can close my laptop, cause if I close my laptop screen it disables the second screen also/

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Sony :: SmartWi Connection Utility
Is this a Sony product or part of Windows Vista?

If it is a Sony product, is anyone getting a better connection with the Windows utility?

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Sony :: ® Notebook Setup Utility
I know that my notebook came with the Sony® Notebook Setup utility program but I lost this recovery disks that came with this notebook so I did have to buy Windows XP Home and did a clean installation of it. I did get the drivers from but I can't find the Sony Notebook Setup utility program.

Does anyone know how I can download this and install this on my notebook? It's a program that tells the specs of my PC.

My notebook model is: PCG-R505ESP

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Sony :: Camera Capture Utility VGN-CR353
I have a problem with the camera on my VAIO VGN-CR353. Whenever I take a still photo or video, the captured image or video that is saved becomes mirrored (the left and right are reversed). Even the mirror box in the camera setup is unchecked. Currently, I am running version of VAIO camera capture utility and the driver for the webcam is version 6.1005.209.0.

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Sony :: Updating Setting Utility Series
everytime the vaio update wants to update the setting utility series but everytime the installation there any workaround for installing the latest version.

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Sony :: ISB Utility Falsely Claims My Battery Is Not Authenticate
I own a vaio Z620d and I'm trying to do a clean install of windows vista business. I downloaded all the latest drivers and utilities from sony support site but whenever I finished installing the Sony utilities, I'd get this error complaining about my battery is not supported/authenticate. Even though the battery is the sony one from the box itself!

I know that you can prevent the ISBMgr from launching in the msconfig, but I do not want to do that. As I read from a post that the ISB utility controls the FN Keys and Eject Button.

Sony Z series 32bit Vista Clean Install Guide (full functions & no windows activation)

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Sony :: SZ340 And Windows 7Camera Driver And Utility
I've installed Windows 7 RC1 yesterday. So far, so good...

But I'm unable to make the camera work. I've tried to install the driver for Vista downloaded from Sony's eSupport site:


But I receive an error message and the driver isn't istalled.

Anybody knows a solution (another driver)?

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Sony :: Downloading/finding The Vaio Camera Capture Utility
I have a sony fz-180e and i had to reinstall my whole operating system and i lost the viao camera capture utility application and i cant use my camera what so ever, can any one help me with this? I need to get the softeware again but i cant find it ANYWHERE.....

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Sony :: Elderly Vaio SZ1 Series Fingerprint Readers And Webcamneed Utility
I was asked to fix up an old Vaio SZ18GP (I think it was SZ160p in the US?) The owner's son had had a go on it and deleted the recovery partition and basically screwed this thing up beyond all belief. So no restore CD, no recovery partition on D:, nothing.

I used our institutional licence for XP Pro+SP3 to get Windows up and running and got most of the drivers from Sony Australia's website. Followed some instructions on a clean install using XP from somewhere else which helped a lot, but now I'm stuck - I have no idea how to get the fingerprint reader to run. The Device Manager has it detected and working, but I don't know if there is supposed to be a utility of some sort which allows it to start or what.

I did take the Vaio control center from Sony so I can see all that stuff, but I don't see anything about the FPR in there at all. Anyone got any ideas? I presume it should pop up and ask me to register fingerprints at some point or something, but nothing so far.

Also, got the webcam up and running with no problems once SP3 was on (needed that shutdown-freeze fix), and although it seems to work it doesn't seem to work. None of the chat sites seem to detect it. The one I am most familiar with is CamFrog - the setup page has it running fine and I can see a preview on the screen of my face looking at it, but as soon as you try to connect to a user or room it says it's non functional. Not sure if it's just screwed or misconfigured or what. It shows up fine in Device Manager and you can access it and make it take a picture in the Scanning and Camera Wizard in XP, but Google chat and CamFrog seem to dislike it.

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Sony :: Vaio Smart Network Utility- Required? Start-up Performance
I have a Vaio Z36GD (Asian version of the Z69). I recently cleaned the hard drive and reinstalled the OS from the recovery CD's I created when I originally purchased the machine.

I have run all the updates for Windows, BIOS, etc. Running VISTA Business 64 bit SP2.

For the most part, the machine is performing well.

However, the Vaio Smart Network utility seems to slow down the start-up process (it is always the last thing to become available...with a pause and the cursor clocking for about 10 seconds before it is complete). I don't have much else running at start-up (NIS 2010 and other standard utilities...pointer, etc.).

Anyway, can I remove or disable the Vaio Smart Network utility and still effective use and manage Wifi, Bluetooth, and LAN connections? Has anyone else noticed this performance issue and addressed it?

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Sony :: VaioVgn31z Driver Vga Download
I had Vista on my notebook and downgraded it to Xp.

And now I can't download any of the Video Controller VGA Compatible driver that is on the internet. I tried many download links and none of them wanted to complete the installation. It always says can't install. And now I tried to uninstall this driver and install it back again but it's gone and I don't find it anymore on the device manager.

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Sony :: Where I Can Download Vaio Wallpaper
where I can download Vaio Wallpaper ? Especially the wallpaper from the Japanese model of Vaio.

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Sony :: Where Can I Download A Service Manual For My Vaio
I want to remove some of the outer casing on my AR series Vaio to replace it with a new part, is their anywhere that i can download a service manual for an AR series vaio that shows me how to take one apart so that i can replace the plastic fascia ?

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Sony :: Download SonicStage Mastering Studio
I have Sony Vaio VGN-NR385E that I've formatted yesterday, and now I want to install "SonicStage Mastering Studio" which I don't have now!

I tried to contact the support they told me something about the Recovery Discs!! which also I don't have!

to get the download link? or to do for me a favour to upload the .exe file from your Recovery Disc and share the link here?

I have Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Home Premium

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Sony :: Intel Video Driver Download Link
I know this has been mentioned some times at the forum - but all the links i have found are "dead".

I need the Intel Video driver for the Vaio Z.. and i managed to find this link:

Which one should i get?

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Sony :: Software To Download When Upgrading SR490 To Windows 7
I am upgrading my Sr490 to windows 7. I was wondering what software I have to download and what drivers. I am also looking for the one click check up and vaiocare stuff that came with the sr490 originally.

how loud people think their SR is.

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Sony :: S Series Bios...Can't Find The Download Location
On sonys site, what are the bios under? I found it once before, but can't now. I'm pretty use to Dell's drivers page, but I don't think Sony's is all that bad either.

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Sony :: Unable To Download Files From Internet Explorer
I have the Sony Vaio VGN-FZ21Z with Vista Home Premium. Recently whenever i try to download files from the internet it brings up a box saying do you want to open, save or cancel. I have tried both open and save, it does sometimes ask me if i want to run it and i press run. It then act as though its tryng to download the file, it then goes off once downloaded and never does anything else. Its sending me nuts as i have tried everything. I tried a system restore as i thought id done something i shouldnt have, ive tried deleting all temporary files and ive just got to the point now where i have ran out.

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Sony :: Stopping Wireless Static In SZ Series (after Upgraded Wireless)
if you have an older SZ and want to add a 3rd wire, this will show you how and where to put it.

So a while back I upgraded the the 4965AGN in my SZ750N to an Intel 5200, since that day, B&G has been noisy. I managed to arrange the antenna connections in such a way as to minimize it to within tolerable limits. I also talked to some experts and they said it wasn't going to hurt anything if there was a bit of static so I left it.

I have known for a while that is was the white antenna lead that was causing the static. Unfortunately disconnecting it caused a drop in signal. While working on my Windows 7 guide I had a problem and had to open the laptop. While doing so I noticed the white lead and the antenna it attached to. I hadn't ever really noticed where it sat before. Sony couldn't have hardly chosen a worse place for it.

Sony decided the best place for it, and I assume this is because they merely upgraded the old 2 wire wireless to 3 by adding this, is almost under the power button. Right next to... a speaker. The lead runs along a Speaker wire and puts the antenna right next to it. See pics 1 & 2................

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Sony :: TouchpadHow To Switch Off- VGN BX51XP
I have a Sony VGN BX51XP which I have just updated to Windows 7 (not an easy task after the hard drive failed) but I spent several nights trying to sort it and then my mate took about 20mins to solve! But I have the problem of my mouse cursor roaming all over the screen as soon as you rest your arms on the keyboard area. I am happy with using a usb mouse but I was wanting to know how to switch off the touchpad to stop the cursor moving around -

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Sony :: ZSpeed Mode Without Using The Switch
I snapped the ribbon going to the Stamina / Speed switch. Now, i'm always in stamina mode.

is there any way to switch to the speed mode using software?

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Sony :: VGN-Z750D/B Switch Video Cards
I just got a VGN-Z750D/B which has two graphics cards. (NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS and Intel GMA 4500MHD).

how to switch between the two?

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Sony :: Hardware Radio Switch On VGN-FW270J
The wireless switch doesn't work; indication light won't turn on. Tried Smartwifi, kept prompting me to turn on the hardware switch. This also measn I can't use the bluetooth. Spoke with sony support for hours and all they could tell me is to send it for repair. I'm out of warranty. Device manager doesnt report any problem with the driver. I updated the bios. I restored settings to factory default. Nothing worked.

I decided to open it up to see if i can replace the wifi board myself. But when i did get into the motherboard, it seems the wifi is internal and the hardware radio switch is broken. I checked out other motherboard photos with the same model and i noticed that there should be a tiny piece of plastic sticking out near the wifi part, next to the sd card slot.

Has anyone ever successfully or "magically" able to physically turn on a broken wireless hardware switch? Is there any software switch to bypass the hardware?

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Sony :: VGN-SZ360P Speed Switch Not Responding
I recently replaced the fan on my VGN-SZ360P. It was hell, I had to remove everything just to get to it. After a few hours I was able to piece everything back together. Now my Speed switch doesn't work. I need the Speed switch to use the DVI port on my port replicator to out to my external monitor. Seems like it is stuck on Stamina mode. In order to use the DVI port I need to be in Speed mode and with the nVidia graphics card. I tried to uninstall and reinstall everything. Nothing seems to work. I contact Sony and the tech told me to do a system restore. That is going to wipe out my entire computer to factory default.

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Sony :: Z Turns Off When I Switch To Speed Mode
I can run in safe mode and in stamina mode all day long, however when I switch to Speed mode after a few secs the screen goes black and the notebook just turns off. Anyone have any ideas? I am at a total loss. I have tried a complete restore and also tried Natius drivers.

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Sony :: Vaio SR Series Switch Mode
I have a Sony Vaio VGN-SR38 and I can't get the switch mode to work.

When I click the "mode" button or the "setting" button, nothing comes up... none of the button seems responsive.

Vista Ultimate 32-bit

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Sony :: Switch Off The Green Light In The Power Button Of FW
I keep my laptop connected to external monitor and turned on 24/7 in the room where I sleep. But at night,

when the room is dark and I'm ready to sleep, I have the power button of the FW emitting this fairly bright green light and it bothers me

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Sony :: Vaio Z Stamina/Speed Switch In Windows 7
Does any else have this feature working under Windows 7?

I have everything functioning (incl. FN brightness and volume controls) in my partitioned install except this.

I have the switch itself set to "Stamina" but neither mode even brings up the little green light beside it. It is completely unresponsive.

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Sony :: Windows 7 On SRvaio Mode Switch And Stuff
I just installed windows 7 on my SR190. The fn volume keys work but my brightness keys don't. Also, the vaio mode switch isn't starting up. something about application failure. Is there a specific order for the driver installation?

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Sony :: VAIO SZ5- Can't Switch Between Stamina/speed Mode
I have a VAIO VGN-SZ55GN but I found out that I can't switch between speed/stamina mode.

I had had the intel graphic driver installed automatically after I'd installed a new OS onto the laptop but I can't get the nVidia driver to work.

I tried shutting down the laptop, moved the switch to speed and turned on the laptop again but I still can't get the laptop started up w/ nVidia graphic card.

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Sony :: Vaio Z Doesn`t Power Off After Mainboard Switch
Yesterday a sony partner changed the mainboard in my z. Vista runs fine but the z didn´t power off! When i shutdown the system it will reboot!

Hibernation and Standby also doesn´t work - the screen went black, hdd is working and after a few seconds the desktop is back!

What can i do? I´ve tested some of the recovery points without success.

Same problem when starting in safe mode!

For information: when shut down in the bios everything is ok, also when booting from an ubuntu cd!

There must be a way to fix this - i hope without doing a system restore from the dvds....

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Sony :: VGN-Z720D/B- Can't Switch To Speed Mode Without Restarting Computer
my laptop,VGN-Z720D/B, can't switch to speed mode without restarting computer, which means I need to switch mode by turning off or restarting the laptop, I updated the BIOS and graphic drivers and reinstalled the whole OS by using recovery disc, it still doesn't work. Is it possible the hardware problem?

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Sony :: Changing 's Advanced Thermal Fan Settings SR/Z
where the settings of the fan's silent mode are saved?

I think they are not saved properly when you change it in Vaio Control Center.

My SR's fan is running nearly permanently though I'm only surfing, Office-ing, etc....

I have the newest european SR5 with Win7, bought yesterday.

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Sony :: Cannot Acquire The Configuration Settings For Vaio Update
I got my CW27FX and i ran the VAIO update. it told me to update the updater, and i did. Now everytime i open the updater, i get "Cannot acquire the configuration settings for VAIO Update" when it's checking for updates.

Also, every now and then i get an error from VAIO messenger.

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Sony :: Downgrading To XP And Brightness Settings For Newer Models
I've been busy downgrading my FW31ZJ (european model) to windows XP SP3.

I have found and installed the drivers for all components and things went smoothly, up until the point where I wanted to get my Fn-keys working.

This is where I got stuck initially and after much forum lurking I found the right Sony utilities to install, the order to install them in and so on (it is all on this forum).

Basicly you need the following components for your machine.

- Sony Firmware Extension Parser driver
- Sony Programmable I/O Controller driver
- Sony Shared Library
- Sony Utility DLL
- Sony Utility Settings
- Vaio Event Service

You also might have to copy the VESConfig.ini from the original Vista install.

I read here that for most this has worked well and offered full fn-keys functionality under XP. Unfortunately I'm not of you...

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Sony :: VGN AW190- Unable To Locate Any Network In The Device Settings
I bought the laptop from Newegg and they shipped it with Vista Home Premium. I use the laptop at work so I purchased Vista business. However, when I install vista business, the drivers from Sony's website don't seem to work (especially the network ones). I am unable to locate any network in the device settings.

I called Sony and they said they do not have an official drivers cd for the AW190 since it is a newer laptop. They can't even confirm if Vista Business is compatible with AW190! All they told me to do was re-install the drivers in a certain order but that did not work either.

Is the AW190 Vista Business compatible? Has to be, right?

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Sony :: NVidia Control Panel Color Settings Won't Stick
CW26FX - Anyone having trouble getting their video color settings to stick? I have adjusted my screen brightness/color/contrast via the NVidia Control Panel, but I periodically lose my settings. Initially there was a conflict with the VAIO Control Center - display settings there superseded whatever I did in the NVidia Control Panel. I eventually figured out how to get the NVidia Control Panel settings to stick by changing the display settings in the VAIO Control Center first - or at least I thought I did. It would work for a few reboots, but eventually I seemed to lose my settings again. So I uninstalled the VAIO Control Center hoping that would leave my NVidia Control Panel settings alone. But lo & behold I still periodically lose those settings (the NVidia Control Panel radio button "Other applications control color settings" is inexplicably selected.) Any ideas? (And yes, I hit "Apply" before closing out the NVidia Control Panel.)

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Sony :: How Can I Get Back Function Key Settings And Mousepad Functions After Clean Install
I recently did a clean install of windows 7 and ofcourse lost the mousepad scroll functions as well as the blue function buttons to alter brightness, change magnification, etc. How can I go about getting these back because im thinking of selling it soon and I will need the standard features working?

My laptop is a Vaio VGN - FW3 custom build
- Core 2 duo 2.66GHz
- 16.4" 1080P X-black screen
- 4GB Ram
- Ati HD3650 512mb GDDR3
- 320GB HDD (5200rpm)
- Blu-ray disc player built in

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