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Acer :: Aspire One Crystal Eye Camera

I recieved the Aspire one notebook for a christmas gift not to long ago and it is an awesome little gadget. But what just happened a few moments ago is the camera decided it wasn't going to work anymore and I got a message saying. "Camera not detected." I tried doing restarts resets and even did a eRecovery only to be told that it was a usb device and that I need to "plug it in". I don't understand why it decided to randomly stop working and I'm rather annoyed by it and would like some assistance on this issue. I had to send back one notebook already because the power source was busted I really don't want to have to send this one back too.

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Acer :: Aspire Crystal Eye Webcam
This ones just a small problem. My webcam works fine, but it's missing on the menu and i can't locate it anywhere in my files so it's just a bit annoying if i want to make a video. It's not even in the manual (printed or computer version). It took three weeks before it appeared in the menu after I bought the laptop, but since I had to restore to factory default and god knows where it is, as i say it's only a minor problem, no location in services. and when i expand my Acer menus theres nothing there either.

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Acer :: Aspire 6920G And Crystal Eye
I've had this problem for a couple of weeks now. Didn't notice this until I installed Windows 7, but now my webcam does not work. I think it has to do with my laptop falling off the couch as I had problems after that getting the card reader to work (card reader is fine now). I have tried running the Crystal Eye program in XP, Vista 32-bit, Vista 64-bit and Windows 7 64-bit with no luck (it just says camera not found). Occasionally in Vista I will get a popup error message saying a usb device has malfunctioned, and when I look in device manager it says unknown device.

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Acer :: Aspire 5735- Crystal Eye Webcam
I have an Acer Aspire 5735 with an inbuilt Crystal Eye Webcam, I have managed to set up and talk to a contact, but my contact can see me, but I cannot see them. What do I need to do to rectify this? Or is it my contacts problem.

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Acer :: Aspire 5051 Awxmi Camera
I have a Aspire 5051. Its camera have a problem, I activate it and it doesnt show any image just appears in black. I updated the driver, but nothing...

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Acer :: Aspire 4315 - Camera Not Found
i am having problem on my camera..though i installed the driver of it but when i launch the acer eye camera it says "camera not found"..i tried to re-install it but same thing happens..i also reformatted it...

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Acer :: Crystal Eye Web Cam
I have an Acer Travelmate 5520 with the Crystal Eye web cam. I havent used it (but it was working originally)and when I did want to use it I received the message "camera not found". In Device Manager there is no heading for Imaging Devices. I have downloaded updated drivers but the problem seems to be recognising the hardware.

As with all things it is just out of warranty!

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Acer :: Crystal Eye Unresponsive
I recently bought an Acer Aspire 5720-4516 and started having some problems with it. I just fixed the Wireless connection problem thanks to a fellow member's suggestion ( the card was out of place), so now I'm going to address the camera problem.

Calling the Acer company, they gave me a bunch of useless information, albeit very politely, and led me in a wild goose chase. Not only that, but the drivers they had in their US page were slightly all over the place. But I digress, the camera was working fine for a few weeks after I bought the laptop, then just as easily, it wasn't opening up as it should. I downloaded drivers like crazy, and still nothing happens. The Acer Crystal Eye program opens and the 'booth' like setup is fine just as it was originally, but the space where the image is doesn't show up. After a few more tries of trying to access the program, it would just not load and it would tell me to search for the latest drivers once more. I would download the latest ones and still nothing.

I wonder if other people have had the same complications as me. Anyone have any suggestions? How can I check if the device is actually active in my computer, because I've tried looking for a way to tell and nothing comes up.

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Acer :: Crystal Eye HD Not Found In Vista And XP
My Acer Aspire 6935 has a buit-in webcam (064e a_117 in device manager) which is perfectly running according to the device manager (no yellow mark), but still can't be found by the Acer Crystal eye software in Vista. Same problem in msn or vlc.

I've installed a multiboot with xp and same problem in xp.

I've tried using the latest driver, but it's a generic windows driver, so it's the latest one.

I've tried using a specific driver, I've found one in the Asus website. It's a driver for the 64e a_117 according to the *.inf file, and now the webcam is recognized as USB 2.0 UVC HD webcam. But still not found in msn or vlc. And still fully working according to the device manager.

yesterday, i've opened the lcd cover to unplug and replug the device physically. But nothing special, it keeps saying that it's not found.

So my question is :
What can i try now to fix this webcam ?

I forgot to say that the webcam was really working two weeks ago, and windows restore didn't help.

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Acer :: Where To Download Crystal Eye Application For 6930g
Recently done a clean install of W7 so lost most of my acer applications (god is it hard to find them) and was having trouble finding the Crystal eye programme. Does anyone have any knowledge of where i could find a version that works with my model (6930g, W7 home prem 32) and will record video, the version i installed when i got w7 only let me take pictures?

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Acer :: TravelMate 7520 Crystal Eye Webcam
I have a TravelMate 7520 with Crystal Eye Webcam, I had to reinstall my vista. Once this was done my webcam didnt work, it showed camera not found.

I have been playing about with it, which ended up meaning I unstall everything (I think). I have installed loads of drivers and software for the webcam but all failed, the camera just doesnt seem to turn on...

I have taken my screen apart unplugged it, uninstalled software, plugged in and reinstall but nothing..Plus once I have installed the driver, I look in device manager and see nothing relating to my webcam.

what I need to download, how to install and how to check the driver is in place

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Acer :: Crystal Eye Webcam & Windows Shutting Down?
my notebook will not off after restarting. it stays at "WINDOWS IS SHUTTING DOWN" and God knows how long it will be like that if i dun press the off button. i found out that either the BISON or SUYIN webcam software is causing the problem....

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Acer :: Crystal Eye Webcam/Unknown Device - 5739g
I basically used my webcam every night with Skype to talk to my friends. The very next day, it stops working. Ive literally tried everything. In the device manager, I have an "Unknown Device" listed as a USB. Im 100% sure this use to be my Camera.

I just used the Acer factory CDs to reinstall my OS + Drivers. All the drivers were successfully installed with the exception of the Camera Drivers (because the computer doesnt see a camera)

I tried to download the drivers from the Acer website but (both Chicony and Suyin) and everytime I try to install them a error comes up that says "Camera not found!" I have a laptop so I have no clue how its not finding it.

ive been working on this for hours now and its really getting frustrating. Here are the things ive tried, and if someone knows a solution or a different method I havent tried to fix it, PLEASE let me know

My methods:

1. Reformatted computer using Acer recovery discs
2. Downloaded and tried to install drivers from acer website (camera not found problem)
3. Put windows in Safe mode, uninstalled unknown device, restarted computer to let it automatically scan/update (still failed)
4. Deleted all pictures from My Pictures
5. Tried using Windows Vista drivers and setting to Vista Compatibility mode (I have windows 7), no avail
6. Uninstalled and reinstalled Unknown Device (aka camera) driver, didnt work
7. Tried the windows update software option, windows said everything was fine (pshhh).
8. Uninstalled unknown device, used the option "scan for hardware changes" still didnt work
9. Installed skype to see if the webcam would be recognized, which it wasnt.

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Acer :: Crystal Eye HD Resolution And Recording Button Missing
I have Acer Aspire 8930G and running Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit with SP2.

All drivers installed and working fine.

I noticed that my Crystal Eye webcam doesn't have the recording button and the HD resolution selection is missing. My only choices are 320 x 240 and 640 x 480.

I am using the latest Crystal Eye driver.

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Acer :: Which Camera Do I Have
I am considering upgrading my laptop to 64 bit Vista. How do I identify which camera version I have so I know which drivers I need? I've looked at the properties in device manager and it just identifies the camera drivers as 'Microsoft'.

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Acer :: AS4810-4011 Camera Woes
Just picked up this new notebook. When on Skype, the image quality rec'd by others is downright terrible. For example, the cables for the headphones I was using is seen as terribly jagged on the other end. See it here.

Is this image is as good as it gets? Seems like a 1.3 Mb camera should be able to do a better job.

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Acer :: Extensa 4420- How To Use Built-in Camera
My Extensa 4420 has a webcam. I can turn it on and see ugly pictures of me staring at the computer screen. The question I have, is what can I do with the camera. The computer does not seem to have come with any software that I can use to record video. Is there any free software that will do this?

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Acer :: Camera Causing BSOD 5672 WLMi
I have an Acer Aspire 5672WLMi laptop and it has a built-in OrbiCam, every once in a while I hear a sound as if I was plugging/unplugging an USB device, sometimes it does that twice and then stops but there's times, like a few mins ago, that it goes crazy and I get a Blue Screen.

The message I get is "File lv321.sys has caused an error. Page fault in non paged area" and makes me restart.

After I do that, Microsoft Error Reporting tells me that I should update the drivers although I already did that or to unplug the camera, which is impossible since it's built in.

I have searched on Google but couldn't find much information except perhaps the wires that connect the camera might be loose/damaged and that's what causing it.

I have disabled it on the Device manager but it won't solve anything.

Is there a way to completely disable the camera port?

What can I do to fix it?

The laptop is almost 2 years old and is not under warranty.

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Apple :: MBP 13 - Snap On Crystal Cases
i've decided to jump on a mbp... now my question is.. i wanted to buy a case for it (one of the snap on crystal cases) and im wondering if i could use the ones for the previous macbook pro 13 for the newer macbookpro 13 ?

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HP/Compaq :: Broadcom HD Crystal-Is There Any HD Sources On The Net That Works Now
I just received the HP mini 110 with the broadcom hd crystal chip. I'm finding this purchase mostly useless as I can't easily find HD material that will run using it inside the arcsoft software. Adobe 11 I hear will sometime in 2010 but now I can't find much except some third rate movie sites.

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HP/Compaq :: CQ-50 W7 Camera
So i just reformatted this PC and loaded, W7 on it but im having a horrible time with the cam, the image appears dark now when before it was a much clearer image even in low lights.

The Cyberlink You Cam software that came with it, was ok so i re-dowloaded that again but im still having issues the lighting is very poor.

low lighting conditions or bad drivers cause this did not happen until i reformatted the thing. I really don't want to go back to VISTA

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Dell :: M1330 With LED And 2.0mp Camera
I placed an order last night for a refurb m1330. The spec for the system says that it is the LED screen and has a 2.0mp camera. I thought this config didn't exist -

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Dell :: M1210 Camera
I initially bought a m1210 dell laptop without the integrated camera option. I recently purchased a new cover for my laptop (the old one cracked.) this time it included the camera.

I installed everything together and it all looks fine But Im not sure If Im actually able to plug the cord for the camera anywhere.

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Sony :: Is My Z Camera Broken
I've got a UK Sony Z (VGN-Z11VN). I've got a dual boot Vista/7 setup that has been working fine. I used my motion eye camera about 1 month ago in 7 with no probs. Recently it's no longer there. By that I mean no camera installed, no devices in device manager (identified or not). I've not changed anything recently. I booted Vista (not used for months) and it's also absent from there!

There are no options in the bios that I can see to disable to camera, so I'm not sure what's happening.

As it's failed in BOTH vista and 7, and I knew previously it worked I'm assuming there's a hardware failure. Could it somehow be software?

I don't know of any way to be sure without fully re-installing, which I've not got the stomach for just now. Is there a linux live distro on usb or cd/dvd that I could boot from to check if the camera hardware is still present. Alternatively is there any way I can install windows on an external drive (usb/firewire) - I think not, as I don't want to mess with my existing install as I'm pretty busy.

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Apple :: Ichat And Camera
do you have to use ichat to take pictures ? the last time I tried taking pictures with the camera it would only allow me to do it in ichat, I just wanted to take pictures and not chat.

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Dell :: Is My Mini 9 Webcam A .3 Or 1.3 MP Camera?
How can I tell if I have the .3 or 1.3 MP camera? I bought the 1.3MP but can't seem to get any resolutions close to that.

My mini 9 is running windows XP.

When I go to 'My Computer' and choose the 'Integrated Webcam' option and take a picture, the resolution is 352x288.

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Dell :: No Camera On 64bit M6400?
Does anybody know why the option for a webcam is not present on the Precision M6400 64bit configuration page (US)? This seems like a really basic option that should be available on their flagship machine.

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Dell :: M4400 Camera Upgrade Possible?
Just about to receive a previously loved M4400 that is missing 1 feature I need for work and personal use: the webcam.

The question to all the M4400 users out there is: has anyone replaced the camera module? If the only thing required for me to exchange the existing mic only module with a cam + mic module? Is a different bezel used?

What is the part or assy. number for the webcam/mic board? The bezel with openings? Ebay has some Dell bezelcams but none that specify for M4400 or E6x00

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Sony :: Camera Indicator Light
i'm trying to find a way to deactivate the indicator light that turns on (green) when i start my built in camera!i'm using it a lot and it's very annoying!!does anybody know if and how i can do this??

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Sony :: Trying To Hook Camera To Laptop
I have a Canon Powershot G5 and I am trying to connect this to my Sony Laptop.

The camera uses a 3.5mm AV cable but I am unsure where to plug into the laptop. In the yellow female port on the back? And I do not know what cable to use. I cannot find a male to male Audio Visual cable.

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Sony :: Vaio Z690 Camera
I've reinstalled my system recently, I've gone from Vista Home Premium 64bit to Vista Business 32bit on my Z690, using all the drivers available on Sony's support & drivers website. Everything was fine here and there until I've realized, the camera isn't working properly after having the Arcsoft webcam companion 2 installed.

The trouble is, I get this message: Bluetooth video waiting for connection...

I can imagine, some of you guys might have entered this issue, which is quite easy to resolve, saying this I found the following tip:


However, under Arcsoft settings the only video device listed is the bluetooth video listed. This most probably means, the Sony visual communication camera missing equals the missing camera driver on my Z690, right? I mean, having a look at device manager, under Imaging devices I've got only xerox scanner listed (installed myself through control panel/hardware and sound/scanners and cameras).

Anyway, I've even tried to install the XP camera drivers for Z690 instead, they installed smoothly (using administrator rights and XP compatibility mode), but Vaio camera capture utility shows blue screen with no input, and the Sony visual communication camera for XP provided doesn't seem to work (I know, I know it's supposed to be used for XP only, but I'm desperate here

I've tried uninstall and reinstall over & over again, restarting etc.

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Sony :: New Z's Motion Eye Camera Driver
I found that my new Z does not come with motion eye camera driver, because my new Z was fresh start option. The Sony esupport website does not have the driver. My hardware manager does not even show the Images Device.

how to find the motion eye camera driver.

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Sony :: Tr2ap Motion Eye Camera
I know this is an older model. I had to replace the hard drive and do not have the recovery disks. Sony says no longer available. They have drivers and updates on the website but not original software.

I managed to load XP from a separate disk. I put on a number of items and drivers. Most everything seems to work except the camera. I have Network Smart Capture when I press the smart button it opens and the on light on the camera lights but no picture.

Do I need separate software and if so which one and where do I get it? Does anyone have the recovery disks?

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Dell :: XPS 13 Config Confusion LED Display & 2MP Camera?
I just ordered a Studio XPS 13 from the Dell UK Outlet.

I noticed something odd about the spec. The display is listed as White LED (this was a big deal for me and is what I am after) but it also includes a 2MP webcam.

My understanding was that only the CCFL display shipped with the 2MP cam and the LED had a lower res one?

Any idea what's going on there? How can I verify that I have the LED screen when it arrives?

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Dell :: Studio 1535 Camera Quality
I and my friend had little Skype video chat.

He owns Inspiron I guess 1525 and I have Studio 1535.

We did some test and his camera quality was perfect, but min e was horrible.

It really amaze me and here are the screen shots from his and mine camera.

I'm with Vista x64 SP 2 - for some reason Vista just don't want to work with Creative Drivers and freeze my skype and camera is was lunched.This is due to some bug in SP 2, with SP 1 was compatible with Dell Drivers.

So I'm with standard Vista driver.

My friend is on Windows XP and He told me - He is with drivers from Del's web or something like it.

Is this normal?

the difference is like day and night as you wil l note.

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Dell :: Adding An Integrated Camera To E4300
I have a Dell Latitude E4300 laptop that came without an integrated camera.

I am thinking of adding a camera to this laptop by ordering:

a) A new LCD Front Bezel and rear LCD cover
b) a Dell camera

I would love your advice on the following questions:

1) Is this possible?
2) Do all E4300s have a slot for adding a webcam on the mother board?
3) Will I need to update the BIOS or anything else to enable it?

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Sony :: Camera Capture Utility VGN-CR353
I have a problem with the camera on my VAIO VGN-CR353. Whenever I take a still photo or video, the captured image or video that is saved becomes mirrored (the left and right are reversed). Even the mirror box in the camera setup is unchecked. Currently, I am running version of VAIO camera capture utility and the driver for the webcam is version 6.1005.209.0.

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-FZ17G Keyboard And Camera
I've installed windows ultimate on my FZ17G.. btw its a clean install and i accidentally format the Sony restore partition... and now i have trouble in installing its keyboard function such as the Fn keys, S key, AV MODE key and the volume control keys (pause stop play next)... which application or driver do i need to install to make them work correctly... btw the increase and decrees volume function work but there is no graphic animation when i push the button

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Sony :: Motion Eye Camera Doesnt Work
I just bought a BZ-560 and I down graded to XP Pro.

Im trying to use the motion eye camera....I had to find the camera capture utility, ver. 2.1 and I loaded it but when I open it, it has a blue screen and says no input for both camera and video.

So when I go to control panel, printers and hardware and find the camera when I click on it the camera opens just fine and takes and saves pictures etc. but I want to get the video working.

Does anyone know how to make it work...I re-installed the driver still same thing. I looked on Sonys site under my model and have the latest driver...but its the camera utility thats the problem.

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Sony :: Z690 Win7 X64 Camera Driver
Have looked at hours worth of posts regarding the camera, win7, etc. Does anybody have a direct link to the proper camera driver for a z690 running windows 7 x64? Also, if you have a link for 32 bit that would help with the 'ole
lady's laptop too.

Anybody else install an Intel SSD into their Z? Just installed a G2 160gb drive a few days ago and holy s. it flys, but I do have some concerns about *low (200-205MBPS Max Seq Read) benchmark scores in HD Tune. We should start a seperate thread on the Z and aftermarket SSD drives.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5t + Web Camera + Windows 7 RC7100
web camera isn't not working. instaling GM45 chipset drivers from intel website didn't do anything I have 2 unknown devices

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Apple :: IPod Touch 2 With 2 Megapixel Camera
once once again, Apple product is again leaked in VietNam, this time is refresh iPod touch 2 with new 2 megapixel camera, May be a war between Apple and VietNam will happen as many ppl expect will be true. Let see what will going on, it is running iphone OS 3.1 version,GPS,...

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Apple :: Macbook - Camera Programs Not Responding
i got a macbook. Everything is fine with it, except when i try to use photobooth, ichat or any program that uses my camera. What happens is it will bounce as if it were to load, then there is just a question mark in front of the program. I have tried opening them up through spotlight, but still nothing is working. I have tried searching the forums and looked in my Everything Mac user guide.

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Dell :: Web Camera Not Found (XPS M1330) Probably Cable Disconnected
Last summer dell replaced my motherboard and since then, my webcamera stopped working. It cannot be found on device manager and the blue light next to it stopped blinking when my system is booting.

Thus, I guess that the technicial forgot to connect the camera cable on my mtherboard. Does anybody know how I can connect it? Owner's manual doesn't mention anything about the camera...

I have tried to install the drivers and the support software but then when I run Dell Webcam Center I get the message "No supported webcamera detected. Please plug in to continue..."

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Dell :: AVCHD Camera/HDMI Input Display?
Trying to see my Sony AVCHD camera using a HDMI cable I just got with mini end for camera and regular end for my Dell XPS LAPTOP.

It doesn't recognize it at all...

Would this be a driver issue? And where do I get the correct ones. or a control device area?

One last question...

Where do we get our tag etc.# to get info from Dell or at least quicker response to a question.

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Sony :: My Camera Is Working On Windows 7 64bit !!! (VGN-SZ750n)
I have followed the topic "Sony SZ750 Win7 64bit clean install (should help on other SZ's)", and everybody has problem of getting camera work (with cold boot).

I have found out since I have used driver from
my camera works fine (I completely shut down my computer and boot it again)

The thing is that this driver is not working with Sony Camera Utility, but it works with other program that involve camera (like I use Yahoo Messenger to start my camera, and it works very well).

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HP/Compaq :: Where Can I Find Dv5t-1000 Web Camera Drivers
in my "Device Manager" there is an "Unknown device" which is Webcam. I'm not sure what happened with drivers.

I looked at but they don't have any drivers for a web cam just a software to use webcam.

where I can download drivers?

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Apple :: Camera Phones, Internet Capability, Powerbook G4
My girlfriend has a PowerBook G4 (12" titanium), and she wants to know if she can use (and how) her Sony Ericsson K770i as an image capture device, as her laptop doesn't have a webcam installed.

Also, she wants to use the same phone as well to surf the internet (serving as a modem) when she's out of range of telephone lines etc.

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Dell :: XPS M1330 Opening / Closing LID Causes Blue Camera LED To Flash
i found that whenever i move the LID to close it, open it or just move it for no reason the LED will blink.

Already had screen replaced, keyboard and etc.

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Sony :: Downloading/finding The Vaio Camera Capture Utility
I have a sony fz-180e and i had to reinstall my whole operating system and i lost the viao camera capture utility application and i cant use my camera what so ever, can any one help me with this? I need to get the softeware again but i cant find it ANYWHERE.....

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