Acer :: Searching Tools For Undervolting And Temp Monitoring

Sep 2, 2009

Just got me an Aspire 5536G (2.2 ghz Turion, ATI 4570) and it is running hot! After a few minutes of Prime95 the CPU gets up in the 90s (Celcius), and 15-20 minutes of gaming gets it there too.

Is there a tool that lets me undervolt and lower clocks? The BIOS is very anemic, so I cant set things there.

I am also looking for a good fan speed and temp monitoring program. I have tried a few but only CPUID HWMonitor reports temps for both cores and two more sensors (presumably located near the GPU). SpeedFan only reports one temperatur.

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HP/Compaq :: Monitoring Software (cpu Load, Cpu Temp, Hdd Temp) For HP

Apr 19, 2009

Got my self a new HP DV5-1110, Athlon X2, 3450.

But can anybody recommend any good monitoring software for Vista, 32bit?

On my desktop I use "dtemp", to show the harddrive temp in the sys tray, but dtemp cant read the hdd temp on my HP

And an another program for showing the cpu load or/and cpu clock in the sys tray..? tried NHC 2 pre 06, but it hangs when I go to settings to configure the program..

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Apple :: Temp Monitoring Program

Apr 26, 2009

My GF just found a temp monitoring program for her Dell for free on line that always show her temps inside her laptop & its seems pretty cool & now I want one for my New MBP15.

What killed my last laptop was over heating issues..

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Acer Aspire E1-572G :: Windows 8.1 Update - Bluetooth Is On But After Searching Does Not Find Devices

Oct 26, 2014

After upgrading to Windows 8.1 x64 bit, my bluetooth is not detecting and cannot be detected by other devices (my mobile phone). In device manager, I have NO yellow triangles with exclamation marks, when I search automatically for updates, windows says everything is up to date (see picture below) so everything seems fine and running. Bluetooth is on but after searching does not find devices (even if the phone is also on bluetooth).

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Acer :: Undervolting 6920g

Nov 26, 2008

decided to try out undervolting to solve what i suspect are cpu overheating issues which causes the gpu to downclock when playing games... i know others have done the same.. question is, how far below the default voltage have you guys gone? the default for the 12x multiplier is 1.1365v and right now im testing 1.0125v... i think ive undervolted a considerable amount already but have only gotten 1 or 2 degrees off my max cpu temp... also, do i have to undervolt all the multipliers? or is it ok to have my 12x multiplier at a lower voltage than the other multipliers? i dont really have the time to find the right voltage for all the multipliers

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Acer :: Undervolting The SU2300

Dec 3, 2009

trying to do the undervolting mod on my 1410 SU2300, and I can't seem to find any details on the proper multiplier/voltage for RMClock. I'm using der_mali's tutorial for undervolting, and I've found that the proper multiplier is 6x (it seems that the SU2300 only has this one). For those who have a 1410 SU2300 undervolted, what settings did you use? Any extra things I should be aware of?

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Sony :: Searching Old Gen Vaio Z

Mar 20, 2010

im looking for old gen vaio z in reasonable price, its difficulty to find it below 1,800 dolars and on this price i can get a new one with i5

it doesnt have to be new, it could be refiubished or use (but without any scratches), it also be great if it will be located in europe

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Acer :: Undervolting Aspire 1810TZ

May 5, 2010

Im a newcomer to both laptops and this forum. I found your ultimate 1410/1810 thread and I was redirected to these two threads:

Undervolting guide and 1810T undervolting guide

I managed to get up the profile for the RMClock but somehow the program showed me only one mutliplier, 6X. The CPU ran at 0.9V, but at 1,2GHz, while it should do 1,3GHz under load. I uninstalled the program and the CPU ran at 1,3GHz once again. I cant seem to find out where to get the second 6,5X multiplier

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HP Networking :: ProBook 450 / Searching For Network Drivers?

Jun 28, 2014

I am trying to download network drivers for a HP Probook 450 (only blutooth is recognized by Windows) but the website is not working for me.
I have found my notebook and version here:

But clicking on any of the 3 options gets me a "Connection closed by remote server" error.
I tried several browsers, computers, even from 2 diferenct countries (Slovenia and Belgium). Also changed my DNS and still not working.
I am unable to find the exact network manufacturer (I think its Intel 7260ANIntel device for Wireless, but am unable to find anything on Intel website to download proper drivers).
 So basicaly I need drivers for Wirless and wired device on Windows 7 Profesional, 64 bit.

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Acer :: Recovery Dvds And Recovery Partition On Win 7 With Acer Tools

Nov 10, 2009

im planning on buying windows 7 ..

I am a proud owner of acer 7520G ,and my lappy started acting slowly after 1 year of horrible terror or windows vista...

I made those recovery cds , also i got that 10gb partition PQSERVICE...

This service works only when you got their vista+acer signed OS?

IF i install windows 7 will i be able to recover old vista via hidden partition or recovery dvds?

Will i be able to make recovery dvds and recovery partition on win 7 with acer tools?

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Acer :: 5535 RM-70 CPU Max Temp

Apr 4, 2009

I've noticed my laptop has been running quite hot recently so I downloaded a thing called Speedfan, which tells me my CPU is running at 70-80 degrees C. Isn't this really, REALLY hot for a laptop? I really don't want it to overheat and break

I first noticed it and found that it was maxing out at 82 degrees, and the movie I was watching was getting jumpy. I was using WMP, MSN, Internet explorer for basic browsing, with Vuze running in the background. The most I ever use. This is my specification:

Acer Aspire 5535
AMD Turion X2 Dual Core RM70 (2.0GHZ/1MB)

Shouldn't this laptop be able to handle these tasks without getting so hot?

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Acer :: Does Your Cpu Temp Go Above 90 While Gaming

Mar 26, 2009

I have a 5920G. It gets around 90-94 c cpu and around 90 gpu.Is this normal or do i have to check it up. My room temp is like 30 c.

I wanted to know if this temp will harm the cpu.

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Acer :: My 5920G HDD Temp Suddenly Getting Hot

Dec 16, 2008

I have 5920G for about only 6 months.

My HDD temp is usually between 45-50 C, but just a while ago, it suddenly rising to 55-58 C!

As far as I know, 55 C is too high for HDD, that's why I'm so worried.

I already check the task manager, and nothing unusual. I wonder what make the HDD temp getting high.

I want to check the HDD fan, but I don't know how to do that...

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Dell :: Monitoring Solution For The 1737 X64?

Apr 16, 2009

someone asked if they had a temp monitoring solution for the studio 1737 as i8kfan doesnt work...

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HP/Compaq :: Temperature Monitoring For DV6 ATI 4650 GPU

Sep 3, 2009

just got a DV6 with 4650 GPU. Usually I use HW monitor and the like but I notice HW monitor does not pick up the temp for the GPU. I have tried using the AMD tool and Speed fan, neither see the GPU, GPUz sees the GPU and gives me temperature information which as far as I can see is wrong (says that the GPU is only 42 degrees under full load and never changes from between 37-42 degrees). So does any one out there have a temperature monitoring utility that will WORK with an ATI 4650 and give some representation of what its temp is?

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HP/Compaq :: Wirless Monitoring Tool Forlaptop

Dec 17, 2009

i hv just bought a new laptop of HP. it has everythng but i need to monitor the wireless signal strength cause we have placed so many aps but the ssid is for connecting to a perticuler ap i will be needing a tool which can show me the % of wireless signal strength and the ssid..

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Dell :: Temperature Monitoring On XPS M1330: Recommended Program(s)

Aug 6, 2009

I have a Dell XPS M1330 PC and am currently using a trial version of Everest Ultimate to monitor primarily its temperature, but I also use it occasionally to check its components.

The trial version ends in 8 days and I am looking for another software monitoring program, preferably freeware, to replace it, but I am also willing to pay reasonably for quality monitoring software.

Reviewing the posts on the Notebook Forums, HWMonitor seems to be widely recommended and used. Would you agree or do you have other recommendations for accurate temperature monitoring software? Is there any freeware that can monitor the various functions of the M1330 PC like Everest does?

I also had a question about the Everest Ultimate monitoring program (made by Lavalys). I found the following on the Lavalys website:


Q#21:Is it possible to detect temperatures, voltage values and fan status of Dell computers?

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Dell :: Temperature Monitoring Gadget For M4400 On Windows Vista?

Nov 18, 2009

I am not sure if I am the only one who had problems with the XPS 1640 so far. So I would like to hear your Dell Stories as well!

Uhm it all started with me unpacking the Notebook and noticing a french manual instead of a German one..

that wasnt too bad but once I noticed that the right speaker was not sounding too well (it sounded pretty messed up especially once I turned the notebook a little up)

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Apple :: Logic Pro 8 And MBP - Pro Tools

May 15, 2009

Currently I have 2 PC's, a quadcore desktop for recording with Pro Tools, and a 13.3' Asus laptop for school. After seeing a friend use Logic Pro 8, I think I want to make the switch, but I have a couple questions:

1. With Pro Tools, you are required to have 2 hard drives, is that necessary with Logic Pro 8?

2. Will Logic Pro record fine with a 5400rpm HD, or do I need to upgrade to 7200rpm? (I only record a couple tracks at a time)

3. I think Logic Pro 8 would run fine on a normal macbook, but it seems like there is no firewire port? So do I have to spend the extra $700 to get a MBP for a firewire port?

4. Any MBP models I should avoid? I've never even looked into buying a mac before, so this is all new to me...ohh and yes I need a laptop and not a imac cause it needs to be portable since I will probably be selling both PC's...

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Apple :: Benchmark Software And Tools

Oct 2, 2009

what tools can we use for benchmarking Apple/mac systems?

So far OpenMark is pretty much dead. I use XBench at the moment, but the result presentation is very much in text mode. Would be nice if we have something like Passmark Performance test tool of Windows.

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Dell :: Tools For Tracking Hdd Space Hogs?

Feb 21, 2010

Any one know of tools to track down what is consuming space on a hard drive partition?

I am trying to provide remote support for my mother-in-law's Inspiron 8200. Last summer I put in a new HDD and maxed the RAM to get a couple more years out of it. I partitioned the drive into 10GB and 70GB. I installed Win XP home + all service packs and updates, prgrams etc. on C:.

I moved "My Documents" to the second partition, the drive letter ended up as E: for the second partition (optical drive is D. She only has about 3 GB of data so there should not be any issues.

She recently called saying that attempting to install TurboTax resulted in an insufficient disk space error. When I had her look into it, C: is almost full, 9.5GB used. This seems unreasonable to me. I have a couple of other laptops configured similarly and the OS and programs only take about 6.5GB. This lady is not one to install lots of stuff.

My daughter is there visiting so I had her read me the space taken by each folder in the C: partition. Adding up the numbers it seems that there is at least a couple of gig unaccounted for. Do I have to actually go into every folder to find any space hogs? Nothing I heard so far seems unreasonably large.

I am suspecting some kind of bug or spyware is creating a file that is consuming the space on C:. I had a problem with Zone Alarm 9 creating a ridiculous log file on one of my boxes but she is not running ZA.

E: has plenty of space only the 3GB of data in My Docs.

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Dell :: M1730 8800M SLI OCing Tools

Apr 18, 2008

I just receive my new M1730 today and in the middle process of installation Vista on pair of 320GB HD.

What do you guys use to OC the 8800M SLI? What is the ideal clock setting?

Does Dell usually sned you 2 power supplys?

I did not order the extra PSU, but I received 2 of them and they are huge!

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Sony :: Tools Required For Fan Replacement On VGN-S270

Apr 4, 2009

I am trying to replace my laptop fan in a Sony Vaio VGN-S270. I removed all the necessary screws and plugs to get to the fan, but there are three screws connecting the fan which I'm not sure how to remove. Two of them are located on the lower left of the fan and are gold in color. They appear to be spring-loaded and have a threaded center to the screw. This seems to be an extension of the fan itself and covers one of the chips.

The other screw is very small and is located up and to the left of the actual fan portion. This screw looks to have a circular head to it, but its so small I can't really tell what type of tool to use for it.

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Apple :: How To Install Parallels Tools In Kubuntu 9.04

Sep 21, 2009

i've installed kubuntu and when i click install parallels tools from the menu, the cd rom drive gets mounted but i cannot double click on the installer. i googled and i saw that i should go in terminal and type cd/media/cdrom. that didnt work as it said cannot locate folder or directory?

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HP Pavilion Dv7 OS/Software :: Tools Drive E Running Out Of Space

Mar 11, 2012

Last couple days, I have been getting the error msg: " HP TOOLS Drive E: running out of space... " then something about pls CLICK here to find out the free up some space... I click and the only thing listed is the RECYCLE BIN  which is empty...

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Sony :: How Can I Extracted Vaio Tools From The AW21Z Recovery Disc

May 21, 2009

How can i extracted Vaio Tools from the AW21Z recovery disc...

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Apple :: Does OSX Have Any Built In Scanning Tools - Like Vista With Windows Fax And Scan

Feb 15, 2009

On Vista, if I want to scan something I simply go to Windows Fax & Scan, and literally press select the scan i want and press scan.

Can OSX Leopard do this? Cheers

Today's the day I was planning to go to and buy a new Macbook pro, and i'm having a few small worries. The cost, the fact that it's my first Mac ever, what if I hate it despite enjoying it when I went to the store to check one out for real etc....

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Lenovo W530 ThinkPad W Series :: Battery Lifespan Mode And Other Settings And Tools Missing?

Jun 30, 2011

On my old W520, it had a setting for making the battery last as long as possible.  E.g. it didnt charge it to 100%.In my W530, which has windows 8, I can find no such option.  In fact, all the Lenovo tools which came with the W520 dont seem to exist on the W530 (eiter because they dont have them for Windows 8, or they dont have them for the W530, dont know which).
The only lenovo tools I have are th "solution senter" from red icon in the task bar (which has a battery icon, but the only thing it does is say "batter is in good condition", there are no options or settings, and the thinkVantage button, which just brings up somehting like some shortcuts to control panel items - no Lenovo tools (just things like update drivers, warranty infomration, keyboard settings etc).
In the wiondows control panel itslef, are just: lenovo system healthlenovo update drivers 32bit (I never use this as I have 64 bit)Lenovo airbag protectionLenovo microphone muteIn control panel -> Power options is nothing Lenovo specific, and no lifespan mode, it only allows you to set when windows switches stuff off.
What happened to all the tools which came with windows 7, including the thing which told you how fast the processor was running, the thing to change your printer etc. with different locations?

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Dell :: Is Undervolting I7 Possible?

Mar 2, 2010

I was wondering if it is possbile to undervolt my 720QM processor and if not will there be a possibility in the future?

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Dell :: 14z Undervolting

Jul 27, 2009

I've been attempting to undervolt my laptop following this guide The "Undervolting" Guide

Using RmClock, I reduced the voltages to the minimum and ran Orthos for 12 hours.. without a crash... It seems sort of wierd being able to reduce the voltages to the lowest amount allowed for all of the multipliers,

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