Dell :: Complete Care Replacement Shipping Time

Jan 4, 2008

Just had a quick question. How long does it usually take for the replacement system to be shipped, and is it overnight shipping with tracking?

Dell kinda left me in the dark on this one...

Also, I had a upper range m1210, might I get an m1330 as the replacement?

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Dell :: Complete Care Turn Around Time?

May 3, 2010

My wife had a D430 die on her last month. It was still under the next business day on site warranty. But Dell insisted we ship it back to them for repairs.

We opened the support case on April 13th. They sent us a box overnight, we shipped the laptop back to them. They emailed on April 26th (13 days later on a next business day warranty) that the machine is beyond repair and they will replace it under complete care.

So I receive a package from Dell on April 27th, thinking it was the replacement. But no, it was the dead hard drive fro her old machine. for some reason they shipped it back to us.

Still no news from them on when we can expect to receive a replacement system. Also the online support status page now can't find our support case either by service tag, or case #. and the warranty page shows the service tag does not have any valid warranty associated with it anymore. (it was under warranty until September of this year).

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Dell :: I9100 Replacement With Complete Care

Sep 10, 2007

I recently had a terrible accident with my i9100 and sent it in for repair on 8/30. It has been over a week and I had to inquire what is going on with it. They told me it was unrepairable and wuold be replaced, however they cannot tell me with what.

The dell chat is so odd to me, my next step is calling in.

Has anyone else had the i9100 replaced with Complete Care? I hope I don't get the shaft as my i9100 was stacked to the guts when I got it back in mid-04, before the MR9800 came out.

p4 3.2
60gb 7200
ati 9700
ordered with 512 ram but had 1gb corsair xms waiting at home.

Can't really remember what else, I know all the hardware was top notch and skimped out on all the unneccessary garbage.

I think a comparable model is the 1720, but what processor is comparable/faster. I hope it's not a 1520 as that one is only SXGA. I hate arguing with Dell because it takes a long time to get the point across and to get any action.

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Dell :: Complete Care Warranty ?

Sep 22, 2009

When I purchased my notebook I only bought the next business day warranty can you still buy the complete care warranty if you are within the 21/30 days of purchase?

I spoke with one person at Dell they said it had to be bought at the time of purchase?

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Dell :: 1420 Complete Care

Apr 20, 2010

i have complete care but my 1420 is already 3 years there anyway i can get dell to give me a new one or will they only fix the lid?

ive never talked to dell but maybe if im really nice they give me a new one and not just fix the lid?

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Dell :: Complete Care -- What Does One Need To Do To Get A New Computer?

Dec 19, 2009

I've had a ton of problems with this one in the past, from a cracked case (still cracked) to a dvd drive that doesn't work (dell didn't do anything, I didn't stay on them,) to a bunch of other problems.

Any way to get them to just replace it? I've had it for ~2 years, with another year left on my warranty.

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Dell :: Extent Of Complete Care

Mar 11, 2009

I have been getting pissed with my Dell XPS M1530 a bunch lately because a good amount of things have been going wrong with it. I have mad multiple parts replaced.

I think that my hard drive is now going dead. And I can not get a non buggy trackpad for it. I have been getting so pissed ive been thinking of selling it and getting a Macbook.

I have a Complete Care warranty which means they will replace anything for free. do you guys think that if I complained enough, and tried to convince them enough, that they would replace my laptop in whole? I am guessing they probably wouldn't, since I have had it for almost a year, but it would be worth a try. The only thing is that they no longer offer the hi def lcd that I have in it.

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Dell :: Complete Care To New Laptop?

Jan 5, 2010

My laptop is screwed, dell's repaired it a bunch of times. How much damage has to be done to just get a new one?

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Dell :: Complete Care I9100 To 1520

Aug 28, 2007

I used to have the ATI Radeon Pro 9800+ in it. The new 1520 has the integrated graphics. I know that sucks. I've requested consideration for a new graphics controller from Dell. If they don't give me one through support, how can I order the 256MB NVIDIAŽ GeForceŽ 8600M GT? I can't find a Dell part number or a listing of it on the website at all!
The 1520 has a Core 2 Duo T7300 processor (2.0 Ghz). My old machine had an Intel P4 3.2G processor. Will the new processor be as fast as my old one for games?

What's the best strategy to potentially get Dell to be sympathetic that I bought the laptop for a game machine, and the fact that an integrated graphics controller does bumpkiss for games?

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Dell :: Warrenty Info: Complete Care Vs. Std

Aug 16, 2007

Is there a big advantage to getting the complete care warrenty over the standard warrenty.

Im not worried that I am going to spill something or drop my laptop so I dont think the complete care is worth it, but I wouldnt mind some feed back from people who have had first hand experience.

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Dell :: How To Transfer A XPS Complete Care Warranty?

Mar 29, 2009

I am looking to sell my XPS M1530. I was just wondering if any of you could tell me how the process of transferring the warranty goes. Step by step instructions would be nice.

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Dell :: Scratched LCD Covered On Complete Care?

Mar 10, 2010

My laptop LCD has some scratches on it, nothing huge, but still annoying none the less and was caused from other people in my family using my laptop and not cleaning hands etc.

There is also what appears to be something stuck (like a piece of dust or dirt) because I can see it on the screen and then projected back on towards the actual LCD.

Will any of this be covered under my still active complete care warranty? Its an xps 1640.

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Dell :: Tranfer Complete Care Warranty

Jan 12, 2010

I just bought an m1710 on ebay and it has 2 months left in complete care warranty. I also did the tranfer ownership and its under my name now. Can I use the cc warranty if the laptop gets broken?

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Dell :: Complete Care On A Modded Laptop

Jul 25, 2007

my 9300's 7800GTX is going belly up; one problem - its not with me. It is with my fiance, and she is in another state.

To make it worse, this laptop is... modified. Basically, it has had the case completely replaced (XPS G2 keyboard top, Dell Precision LCD lid. To see what i mean, look here: [url].The CPU is also pin-modded, and of course, was BIOS modded to allow the 7800GTX (not my work however; bought it like that).

Now, i have complete care and Next Business Day Onsite. If i call Dell to have them fix the machine...
1) Will i run into a problem becuase its not with it's warrenty owner?
2) Will i run into a problem because its modded?
3) Would they even have the 7800GTX anymore to fix it?

I guess worse comes to worse, i will have my fiance wait a month (which sucks, becuase she really needs that computer), and resore the machine to original look (and maybe no pinmod; but given how hard it was to do........), and then ask for a full replacement if need be. But, i would like to explore other options first.

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Dell :: On A Lighter Note ... Complete Care

Jul 29, 2009

So I seen/experienced what made dell great and later on being twenty times transferred to mindless script reading non English speaking CSRs.
Well i just looked at that and laughed. this laptop was at IT desk since an employee ran it over with the car .

I am sorry but I found this funny. But since it is a "dell customer service Issues"... this laptop carries Complete care .... thanks dell. so I will not go off on Dell,

I will vote with my wallet so far with all the delays, lost orders, delayed shipping, accessory line never has anything in stock i am still coming back

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Dell :: Complete Care Exchange Of Like For Like Components

Feb 14, 2008

I have kept quiet about my exchange because I don't want to bring the wrath down upon me of people thinking I am trying to pull one over on dell. However, I now feel the need to vent a little.

I received my 1710 about a year ago. It originally shipped with the basic card but I upgraded through dell, having their techs come out and do the install, to a 7900GTX 512 MB. I was assured many times through the process that the upgraded card would fall under my complete care warranty should something go wrong.

Well something went wrong, 1.5 years later I have suffered from many heat issues and they have replaced the exact same 7900 card TWICE! Then we had an accident with my dog and a glass of Ice Tea. Needless to say the laptop is non-functional now. I was issued a complete care replacement machine and this is where the nightmare started.

They upgraded me to a 1730, saw fit to upgrade my processor to a 2.2, and gave me 4 (!) gigs of ram, but then crippled the system by including 1 8700m 256mb card. I immediately called Dell before the system shipped and implored them to look at my history, and see I upgraded the card. That I would happily exchange half that ram (for an 1800 dollar credit) towards the purchase of an equivalent card. The rep had sympathy but told me that my system doesn't have a service tag so they can't schedule a swap, he set up a call back from a manager for the next day where he assured me that I would be taken care of. That was Tuesday.

Wednesday came and went with no call, I called them after work and got someone who couldn't possibly understand why I didn't receive a call back, and he went to work in his area to try and solve my issue. It turns out that there is a call center in Oklahoma and a call center in Utah. The Utah office has the only staff that has the authorization to replace my card. He scheduled another call back for Thursday, assured me that everything was in the notes, and that I would receive resolution.

That evening the laptop was waiting for me. I knew there was a problem when I opened the box, as the laptop is missing the service tag sticker on the bottom. There is no power cord (only the AC adapter half) in the box, but no worries it's a standard PC plug and I have tons of those. I plug it in, open the lid and hit the switch... and nothing. No power, no lights, no nothing. I fiddle with the plug in the back of the case and I see lights flash. A lot of upward pressure and I have power! So problem number 2, Faulty AC Jack. I'm cruising along at this point checking things out, and I go to the invoice to check the parts list vs. what is physically there. Pop off the memory plate and there is only one 2 GB card in the case. Okay I'll call about that, fire up the machine... Boot error, open the hard drive bay... no HDD................

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Dell :: Does The Complete Care Package Cover A Battery?

Jul 12, 2009

I opted for the 4 year complete care package and was curious if it covers a battery or not.

I would get out my paperwork but it's currently buried in boxes. I could, but is there another area online I could check?

I already tried to see it on the website under my service tag, but it just says the amount of days left on the warranty and not the actual warranty itself.

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Dell :: Complete Care Advice Cosmetically Damaged

Mar 14, 2009

my business partner dropped her XPS 1330 and cosmetically damaged the case and cover.

we have Complete Care and Next Business Day coverage. phoned in the claim and Dell advised that NBD only applies to hardware failure due to Dell and not a dropped machine

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Dell :: Warranty Equals To Complete Care In The States Or Not On M6400

Jan 26, 2010

I am wondering if this warranty equals to Complete Care in the States or not.

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Dell :: Shipping Time For Studio 1737?

Jul 29, 2009

i ordered a studio 1737 on 7/14 and im currently 8 days away from my estimated ship date(8/7) and im still in the build stage .....

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Dell :: Notebooks Actual Shipping Time

Aug 7, 2007

So for the upcoming school year I purchased an 17' Inspiron notebook (upgraded some components such as graphics card, procceser etc) online on the first of august. I was very surprised when I recieved an email that said the est. ship date was the 17th of august, est. arrival date the 21st! I probably would have just bought a labtop retail at a store somewhere if I had known it would take three weeks for it to arrive!

My question (to those who have purchased dell notebooks in the past or recentely) is whether or not it really takes that long for the notebook to arrive at your doorstep or in fact its not as long. I figure because its summer, maybe they're backed up a bit?

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Dell :: E1705 Complete Replacement Suggestion

Aug 30, 2009

Inspiron e1705

YONAH, T2500 2.0
Bluetooth, 355
90W extended battery
Dvd+/-rw, 8X, Sony Sullivan
Liquid Crystal Display, 17, WU Video Elec. Stds. Assoc., GlareWide Viewing Angle, LG PHILIPS LCD..., V2
nvida 7900 gs
80gb 5400

Nothing amazing by any means but my concern with the replacement is getting an equal or better graphics cards. Now I may be wrong but from my understanding the TI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 in the studio 17 is a slight downgrade from the 7900gs

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Dell :: Customer Care In India SUCKS BIG TIME...!!

Jan 9, 2009

DELL customer care in India SUCKS BIG TIME...!!
i never got through Dell customer care officer on phone..
its always busy and says 'we will b with u shortly' bull !!

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Apple :: Time Machine Function As A Complete Backup Solution

May 9, 2009

Does time machine function as a complete backup solution?

Does it backup every file?

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Dell :: Wait Time For Replacement Sent

Dec 1, 2009

M1330 motherboard died for the 3rd time and was told on Nov 21st that they will be sending me a replacement model. How long does it take for them to send it? Sucks to be without my one and only laptop. TIA

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Dell :: 11z Shipping?

Aug 20, 2009

I order mine on Tuesday and they "shipped" yesterday...
FedEx say they don't have it because when they went to pick it up, the system was not there...

Dell, as always, dont have any idea where it is...and since the call center in far away from here, they cant call the warehouse to ask if the system left the building or not!

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Dell :: Shipping Times?

Dec 9, 2009

I just recently ordered a dell studio 17 with

core i7 720
900p screen
4gb ram
4650 radeon

I placed the order 12/6/2009 but the estimated arrival time is 1/4/2010

Is a month normal?

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Dell :: How Long Will Shipping Take?

Aug 3, 2009

I ordered a customized studio 15 directly from dell on july 18th with a design studio lid.

It shows it is scheduled to be delivered on august 11th but it still shows it as in production on dells website when i log in.

I was just wondering if that sounds right or if i should give dell a call?

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Dell :: FedEx Shipping Is Hosing Me

Dec 6, 2009

I was pleased to order this laptop recently from Dell: ........

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Dell :: Outlet Shipping To Canada?

Mar 18, 2009

Outlet shipping to Canada?

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