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Dell :: How To Install Catalys Control Center

I am using Windows XP.

I would like to install the catalys control center. I tried to just download the newest driver 9.8 that comes with it but it will always abort, saying there was no driver found that could be installed.

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Sony :: Vaio Control Center
i have a VAIO VGN FS520B,with 760Mb RAM and 80GB harddisk.I Just format my laptop and format the recovery disk as well.

i have download all the drivers for XP PRO and installed them after the XP installation.All went fine bt i cant get the VAIO CONTROL CENTER driver from sony website.I cant use the FN,S1 and S2 buttons.thus

i cant increase/decrease/mute volume,increase/decrease brightness and change external monitor.Actually the brighness is full and the battery drains quickly

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Sony :: Dolby Control Center
I installed Windows 7 64bit on my Vaio FW21L. Does anyone know where I can get Dolby Control Center to install on it?

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1645 No Catalyst Control Center
After reading many reviews here, I finally ordered and received my Studio XPS with the RGBLED screen. I felt the reds were a little harsh so I made a few adjustments in Catalyst Control Center that seemed to help.

But I still wanted to make a few more adjustments...So before I got too deep I checked and saw there was an updated driver. So now I updated the driver and it seemed to install okay except now the Catalyst Control Center won't open.

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Dell :: M1530Can't Remove Center Control Cover
I've scratched mine up a bit and wouldn't mind ordering a replacement, but I wanted to try successfully removing it first before contacting Dell. I've removed the three screws as outlined in the manual, but it won't budge. Is there a particular way of pushing it out, or maybe I need to be more forceful?

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HP/Compaq :: Installing Catalyst Control Center OnDv4
I wanted to update my ATI CCC driver. So I downloaded the latest ccc, uninstalled from from my laptop, restarted, installed latest ccc, restarted. Now when I start windows 7 the little icon doesnt show up in the system tray.

I have an ati mobility radeon 4200 on windows 7 x64.

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Dell :: E6400: DCP Control Point Which To Install
Which DCP (Dell Control Point) I should install? I want to control Volume and Display brightness only. Nothing else.

I do not want to install DCP for security, power saving, etc because last time I installed security and power saving DCP, it caused me disaster.

If anyone knew which app and if they allow me to install: Volume + Display brightness control only,

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Dell :: What DCP ( Control Point) Modules I Do Have To Install And Which Of Them Are Optional ?
I want to have my system as much sleek and slim as possible, which are the DCP modules I have to install and which ones I can delete

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Dell :: LCD Inside Screen Off Center?
Just got a new 1647, and boy do I love it.

However the screen seems to be slightly off center? What I am talking about is inside the "edge to edge glass", the screen (the pixels you see lit up), is just ever so slightly tilted.

The pixels start about a 1mm (or maybe 0.5mm) lower on the top left corner of the screen than the top right.

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Dell :: Windows 7 Webcam Center
i know this might not be that important but i have W7 installed on my m1530 and when i had vista i can run audio effects and video effects and control the color of my cam...but now i am not able to do that but the cam still works

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Dell :: Is 's McAfee Security Center Discount Worth It
I've stayed away from McAfee and Norton for years, so I don't even know what an annual subscription to their virus definitions even costs anymore, BUT Dell's pushing a 1-year subscription McAfee subscription for $79, and 3-years for $99. Comparing the two makes the 3-year subscription look like a pretty good deal. Is it? Cnet seemed to like this latest release, but I don't know how much stock to put in that.

Is $99 for 3 years a good deal, and is McAfee Security Center even any good? Could I get a comparable deal buying/upgrading the subscription after purchasing the computer, or is getting it pre-installed on the Dell pretty much the only way to get it at that price?

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Sony :: Vaio Recovery Center
Firstly, I did not make my own recovery disc before i started using my new laptop. I have been using my laptop for sometimes. Lately, my laptop is running slow and also there is a possibility of virus on my laptop. I want to format my laptop and recover it to the factory setting. What should I do?

Secondly, if I create my own recovery disc now (as a backup) will it have virus on my recovery disc?

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Sony :: FW378J Recovery Center
Original OS of my notebook is premium home but i need to use vista business or vista ultimate. So i have installded vista ultimate version. When i try to install applications by using recovery DVDs, i was geting en error message "Error: 505: 41" and then a notification "Task failed with error: -1". I have checked the location where the tool extracts the files and found that they are in the c:windows emp folder. When i hit the ok button on the error window, all of the files are deleted automaticaly but i have opened the install log and pasted below the text in it. I suspect a problem with sony firmware extension parser(sfep) but i am not sure. I have tried to install the driver for sfep but i get a warning says that the program seems to be installed incorrectly. Then i tried to uninstall it from device manager and then install manually by browsing to the driver's .inf directory but i could not be able to do that. But somehow windows update tool has found a driver and installed it. I have checked the device list and seen the device name was listed correctly but the recovery tool keeps giving the same error.

The text in the install log of the reovery tool is shown below. It seems to be stucked at the decrypt process.......

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HP/Compaq :: Dv6t Keyboardoff Center
I just received my new dv6t quad edition. The computer is great except one thing that's driving me crazy is the keyboard. Since there is a numeric keypad on the right side, the keyboard and touchpad are not centered to the screen. I find this to feel very awkward.

Anyone else have this issue with the machine? I know the addition of the keypad is not new to this model.

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Dell :: ATI Catalyst Center Not Working After Driver Update On 1747
Sorry to bother folks with this nuisance, however, I updated my ATI Mobility Radeon 4650 drivers via Dell's website to 8.65 and ever since, the Catalyst Control Center refuses to run. I politely click on it, the machine thinks for a while and then, rather rudely, simply ignores my request.

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Acer :: 8930G Center And Right Speakerchannel Switched
I just Bought a Acer Aspire 8930G-664G32mn But when i Play a movie with 5.1 audio the voices comes from te right front speaker (touchpad side) and not from the middle.

So i went to the configuration the realtek one where you can set your speakers and test your configuration.

When i Select 5.1 when and hit test, the centerspeaker light up in the picture but the sound comes from the right, and then when the Rightspeaker lights up the sound comes from the center.

It seems like the center and rightchannel are switched, and i have search al of my configurations to change that but no luck

Are there more of you who has this problem and yet better... have anyone of you a solution, that will make me very happy.

The only other thing i can think of is that all these models not really have a center speaker but that the centersound is created from the front left and rightspeaker... But i Hope all of you can prove me wrong, and can help me with this problem.

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Sony :: Unable To Use Recovery Center Within Windows
I am unable to use recovery center within windows because I cannot see the buttons (next, back, cancel, etc). They are off in the corner of the window but can't scroll over to see them:

I have installed the update to v1.3.5, but it did not fix this problem. Does anyone have a screenshot of the buttons so I can get through it? I have tried tabbing and pressing "N" for next, which works sometimes but not when I need it to work. It actually resulted in UNinstalling a program that I was trying to re-install.

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HP/Compaq :: Way To Boost Sound In Media Center
my HDX 16t via the digital TV tuner. Spectacular picture. But... I had the speakers on my notebook cranked up as high as possible, but still the football game wasn't loud enough and too hard to hear. The speakers are definitely capable of putting out more, as they do with other applications. There's something about Media Center--the volume is just not high enough. how to boost speakers in Media Center?

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Acer :: Aspire 5570Z Network And Sharing Center Locks Up
Running Vista Home premium. The Network and Sharing center locks up. It is connected to the internet but the connection icon show the red X. Hovering over it reveals a "server execution failed" message.

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Dell :: Cut The Center Out Of My M1340 Edge-to-edge Plastic Screen, Its An Antiglare Beneath
The thing they call "edge to edge glass" which is really just plastic above an ordinary screen. The thing is, that the screen under that edge to edge plastic is a nice anti-glare screen, no kidding! You can see this if you take your laptop in sunlight and tilt it the right way.

So what's happening is you're getting the worst part of an anti-glare screen (reduced contrast ratio) plus the worst part of a glossy screen (unless you have a really pretty face).

I took the plastic thing off, cut along the black/clear border, pulled out the middle, and stuck the centerless border back on the laptop.

Result? THIS SCREEN IS FANTASTIC. Yeah ok, of course I would say that. But if you knew me, you'd know that was way out of the ordinary and really meant that THIS SCREEN IS FANTASTIC.

One thing you may not have considered is that the screen in its default position has yet another flaw, both sides of that glossy plastic thing are glossy, so some of the light coming from the screen is reflected back to the screen, and as you know light reflected onto the screen has a yellowish tint. That is my guess as to why the whites on this screen are really really white now, and the screen is much brighter. This also explains why other 300nit screens used to look so much brighter than this.

I will have more pics when I am able to charge the battery to my good camera. If anyone has any questions about removing that plastic thing I'll be happy to answer your questions, it's actually pretty easy. For those interested, here is how I did it:

1. I removed the "star" head screws, this was accomplished not with a special star head screw driver, but an ordinary flat head precision screw driver.

2. Put some paper over a hacksaw blade to avoid scratching, wedged it under the plastic near the top where the camera is, and snapped out the first of the several lock-in points on along the top edge. I proceeded to detatch the rest of the top of the screen in this way.

3. Both the left and right sides were held on mostly by adhesive, the very edge point locks in slightly, but the efforts removing these sides are focused mainly on separating the adhesive bond.

4. I pulled upward on the plastic and it came right off, there seems to be no adhesive or lock-in points on the bottom side.

5. Using the center of the screen as a test area, I tested several cutting utilities and decided on the utility knife. To my surprise, the plastic was about 1mm thick.

6. I clamped the screen down to the table, with a straight edge positioned 1mm inward of the black line, to give headroom for errors.

7. I cut along these lines, and repeated step 6 for each side, and pushed out the center to reveal the border piece that now resembled a common laptop screen enclosure border.

8. I used a medium grit sand paper to bring the cut lines to meet the black lines, and finished it off with a fine grit sand paper.

9. I applied some electrical tape to the area between the edge of the screen itself, and the edge of the laptop on the right and left sides because there was light leakage, and then popped the border back on and screwed it down.

Found the charger! Here's the high res shots. They do *some* justice to the screen quality.

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Dell :: I Cut The Center Out Of My M1340 Edge-to-edge Plastic Screen, Its An Antiglare Beneath...
I went insane and cut along the black-to-clear border of the m1340 screen thing. The thing they call "edge to edge glass" which is really just plastic above an ordinary screen.

The thing is, that the screen under that edge to edge plastic is a nice anti-glare screen, no kidding! You can see this if you take your laptop in sunlight and tilt it the right way.

So what's happening is you're getting the worst part of an anti-glare screen (reduced contrast ratio) plus the worst part of a glossy screen (unless you have a really pretty face).

I took the plastic thing off, cut along the black/clear border, pulled out the middle, and stuck the centerless border back on the laptop.

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HP/Compaq :: Is Alaptop With A Intergrated Webcam Combatable With Dell Webcam Center
if I could get Dell Webcam Center for my HP DV5Z-1000. If it is possible, I would like to know how.

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Dell :: Making An OEM Vista Install Virtually A Clean Install
I got my laptop but did not do a clean install. I just removed all the bloatware I could think of. Is there a guide to do just that though, get rid of all the stuff that shouldn't be there so that you essentially have a clean install without all the bloat or footprints of it?

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Dell :: Cannot Install Latitude E6400 Webcam After Clean Install
I can't install my integrated webcam. After downloading the driver and opening the file installation starts and then suddenly it just ends with the message there was an error during installing.

So the thing I've done are: installing the drivers, which failed.

I've also looked in the device managemer app but could find anything of a camera.

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Dell :: Need To Install Vista Sp1 For Software.....can I Install With No Battery Detected?
I will try to make this short and understandable......

I bought a XPS M1330 iwth Vista Home Premium Bios A07 in January 2008.

April 2008 I tried to install updates and it messed up my Microsoft Office 2007 so I got it back working and did not mess with anymore updates.

Around June 2008 I started having the notorious battery issues. The battery ran down while I was on it and the battery has never worked since. At first it said connected,

but not charging but then it eventually died while I was trying to fix the problem and now it says battery not detected and it says the ac adapter is not recognized (I have the original AC adapter sent with the computer) .....

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Dell :: Studio 15 Webcam Center "No Supported Webcam Driver Detected" SOLVED
A few days before I was going to shipping my Studio 15 off. I looked in the box and low and behold I found the Dell Webcam Center disk that I originally thought that Dell had forgotten to include.

Upon installation I found that the specific version of Dell WC that came with my Studio 15 is not the same one that you find at the downloads center on

I could never get the downloaded Dell WC to work, even after numerous chats with technical support. No matter how many times I contacted Dell about this, they claimed there is only one version of Dell Webcam Center. Clearly that isn't true .....

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Acer :: Freezing - Tried To Install My Original Drivers And They Won't Install
I have had an aspire 5920g for about 18 months now and it was all working fine until I updated the graphic drivers, but the drivers stopped installing halfway through and now I can't install any graphic drivers.

I tried to install my original drivers and they won't install. The system keeps freezing and I think thats the problem.

I've tried making a recovery disc but erecovery won't recognize blank DVD's and acer 'support' are only too happy to grab you by your feet, turn you upside down and let all your money fall out so they can charge you for a reovery disc - absolutely ridiculous - instead of actually trying to help me.

And also for some reason a yellow triangle appeared next to the ACEYTS4Y IDE controller a week after I got it but up until now didn't seem to cause any problems.

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Dell :: Fan Control For M1730
I just got a new M1730 (replacement for XPS M1710), does anyone have a good fan control program that works with fans in M1730 ( I think M1730 has 3 fans) ?

I have I8kFanGUI and NVTempLodder but there is a big defferance for the GPU Temp. readings and I cant find out which 1 is correct ...

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Dell :: Control Point 1.3
Anyone else having problems with DCP 1.3000 A12 (or something like that) on Vista x64?

Specs are in my sig.

Basically, after installing the newest DCP today, I lost control of screen brightness and the Auto-Light Sensor, meaning I can't change the brightness levels, NOR does the ALS affect brightness levels. I still have control of the keyboard backlight though.

After trying the 2 older DCP versions on Dell's site, the results were the same. The ALS version never changed.

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Dell :: Remote Control
Anyone using a remote control with their M6400 for music, video, or powerpoint talks?

Also, Touchpad Speed setting is never saved in the Touchpad Settings on my M6400.

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Dell :: IDT Control Panel
I did a clean install of Win 7 Pro and now the IDT control panel has disappeared along with the system tray icon.

I tried reinstalling the drivers but haven't figured out a way to get it to come back. I know its bloat, but I liked having the extra control over the sound...

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Dell :: I Cannot Use Remote Control
I have bought DELL XPS M1530 Q3 laptop, formatted and reinstal Vista Home Premium which is given.

But now, I can't use my remote control.

I have installed Thomson Remote Control Driver from dellsupport page.

But it doesn't work. What can u suggest.

10x a lot.

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Dell :: Override Vbios Control
As stated, I'm looking for a way to bypass the video card bios for controlling screen brightness. I'm imagining taking whatever wires there are to powering the inverter and having a switch on it to switch from bios to manual control, with another knob to adjust the voltage coming in. Does the inverter change the voltage given to the bulb? or the current?

I'm assuming soldering is involved, just seeing if anyone thinks it's possible.

Also for the inspirons, what IS the normal (aka max brightness) voltage, anyone know offhand?

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Dell :: E6500 Control Point
How do you disable it from the software? Is disabling the service for it the only way?

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Dell :: Remote Control For Tuner In The Xps 16
did anyone recieve a remote control with their xps as it mentions a remote in my order but i never did see one ....

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Dell :: 's Own Panel Control Window?
I remember accidentally opening some transparent window that had a quick access to all the parts on my XPS m1530 and I believe it had the name

Dell in the titlebar, and it looked different than the Microsoft one (welcome window or whatever).

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Dell :: New Control Vault Utility
"FIPS compliance tool to disable contactless Smart Card radio."

For both x86 & x64 Vista/XP.

All E-Series Latitudes so equipped, & Precision M2400/M4400/M6400

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Dell :: Control Point With Windows 7?
Recently installed 7 and am wondering which aspects (if not all) of Control Point I should download

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Apple :: Smc Fan Control
does everyone use this and if so do you just use it in windows or in or both is it just for gaming does apple approve of it being used ?

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Dell :: Control Point System Manager
Has anyone used the newest version of Control Point System Manager software?

They really really dumbed it down as now you don't have the ability to individually turn off things (SD card reader, DVD/CD Rom, etc).

If anyone does any type of power management with individual parts I'd highly advise them to avoid this version.

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Dell :: New Synaptics Touchpad With Gesture Control
Anyone know something about if dell xps at least that ones sold in 2008 will support those new drivers with gesture control??

I know its a really soon but it says that it already has support for it.. and checking the driver section the drivers there are from last December. Dell support has nothing new neither.

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Dell :: Studio 1737 Remote Control
Im after a remote control for my studio 17, but im not sure where i should look! Iv tried searching for similar threads but didn't come across many so decided to ask here.
Iv found this one on ebay, but it doesn't recharge from the slot. Are there any versions which do? if not how long does the battery last? and finally, will that remote be suitable for my 1737


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Dell :: Studio XPS 16: Brightness Control Failed
You know how you're supposed to be able to change the brightness with fn + up/down keys? Well its not working.

Tried reinstalling the video driver and bios.

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Dell :: [?]E1705 : How To Control Fans In Windows 7
I was using I8KFanGui for a long long time to control the fans and it was doing a fine job. But it sort of stopped working after I installed Windows 7 RC2 as it can only force both the fans to run at high speed.

The manual option to run the fans at low speed at all times and automatic settings don't work anymore.

I tried speedfan too but the option to turn on Dell settings is not working either. The fans turn on only after the CPU goes above 65C or so.

So, wondering if anyone else using Win7 on this laptop and able to control the fans. BTW, there are absolutely no other problems and it runs smoother than the XP days .....

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Dell :: How Do I Disable Control Point WiFi
Just got my E4300. There are a few things bugging me about the unit such as the touchpad and touchpad buttons.
But one of the real annoying things is the Control Point.

Especially for wi-fi.
Once the computer is running, I can see at least four items on my system tray associated with wifi, or connecting to it.

How can I simply let the windows wifi manage my wifi?
For some reason,

when I hybernate or go on standby, the wifi (managed by Control Point) doesn't automatically connect again. I have to disable my wifi and enable it again to find my router. Or Reboot.

Very annoying.
It also completely disables the windows built wifi. So "repair" wifi doesn't work because it doesn't even see my network.

So, Is it ok to disable simply the wifi portion of the control point?
Better yet, what's the proper way of doing this?

I'm fine with the other stuff, I just find the wireless networking portion of it annoying.

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Dell :: Control Precision Backlit Keyboards
the backlit keyboard on an m6400. Is there a way to configure how long it stays on until it fades? Or even to just make it stay on 100% of the time when plugged in?

Of secondary importance would be a way to control the brightness, but mostly I want the keyboard to remain lit much longer than it does.

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Dell :: Studio 1737 Remote Control
I have formatted the hard drive and installed Vista Ultimate and all of the drivers including Media Direct and Quickset.
But, the remote control no longer works.
It worked before with the OEM software.
There are no bangs in the device manager so I can't imagine I am missing a driver.

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Dell :: M6400 IDT Audio Control Panel
Im not getting the Advanced Controls in the IDT applet. Its only giving me "Enable Power Management", "Enable Jack Monitoring" and "Show System Tray Icon". clicking the Advanced gear/wheel looking icon thing does nothing..

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Dell :: Monitor/control My Fans On My Xps M1710
Monitoring Notebook Temps: nVidia & ATI, CPU, HDD - Do your temps worry you?

and other posts with people having overheating problems with their XPS's. I blew some canned air in through the vents to clear it and it helped a lot, but i still had a tech comeout to take it apart and they put new fans and a heat sink in. I want to check their speed and make sure they're working right before i stress the system, theyre much more quiet t han t he old ones i cant really tell if theyre working right

i tried both speedfan and rivatuner, neither one shows any data on fan speed or anything.

what am i doing wrong, is there some setting im missing? i checked a bunch of the plugins w ith rivatuner but didn't see anything, and speedfan shows nothing at all. how can i check their speed?

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Dell :: How To Uninstall Control Point And Bloatware?
I just ordered my Dell e6400 for +17,000, i'm pretty proud of the specs but i'm

hearing bad things about the control point and i want to uninstall it asap once i get it.

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