Dell Inspiron M5030 :: Loud Beeping Sound?

Jul 9, 2012

When I turn the power on my laptop. It doesn't do anything, but make this very loud beeping sound. Can you tell me what is the issue and how can I get this issue resolved.

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Dell Inspiron M5030 :: Loud Beeping Sound And Is Not Working?

Jan 25, 2013

Loud Beeping Sound on Dell Inspiron M5030 and is not working

i just want to find the problem everyone is telling me the problem is from memory or the motherboard .

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Dell Inspiron 15 M5030 :: Shrill Beeping Upon Startup

Mar 18, 2013

So I have this laptop, and when you try to power it up, it shrilly beeps but nothing else. I am being told it is the CPU, could it be something else? My warranty is long gone on this.

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Dell Inspiron M5030 :: Laptop Is Beeping Noise When Boot Up

Mar 20, 2013

This noise sounds like a garbage truck backing up!  No screen appears.  Noise just continues 'til I turn off computer.

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Dell Inspiron M5030 :: Beeping 7 Times With Black Screen

Nov 1, 2012

My laptop that I use for school started beeping today (7 times). I have been using it for a year and 3 months now (3 months out of warranty) and I don't know what to do.

The laptop is in perfect condition (no drops/spills/never had a virus)

Earlier today I pressed the "fn" key and quickly pressed all the "f1 through f12" buttons when i turned on the power and It worked but after about 40 minutes i put the computer to sleep the problem started again. The "fn" thing did not work anymore even after numerous times...

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Dell Inspiron 14Z :: Ultrabook Makes Beeping Sound On Startup

Jun 8, 2014

my Dell inspiron 14z ultrabook has been making beeping noise on bootup lately.

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Dell Inspiron N5010 :: How To Stop Beeping Sound - LCD Failure

Dec 12, 2014

I have Dell Inspiron N5010 for quite some time and yesterday LCD's just gone all of a sudden. I get 8 beeps again and again which seems to show LCD failure. I connected it to an external  LCD and it works. the problem is that I am on the biz trip right now and this beeping sound really annoys me (until I solve this problem by replacing LCD or buying a new lap top). How to kill this beeping sound temporarily?

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Dell Inspiron N5110 :: 5 Beep Sound During Boot Time After That Less Beeping Continuously

Dec 25, 2014

I am having Dell Inspiron N5110 laptop, i am having issue  during booting 5 beep sound and less beep sound latter, but it is continuous.

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Dell Inspiron M5030 :: Makes Beep Sound When Press Power Button And It Won't Start

Dec 16, 2014

When I try to open a laptop. It start producing beep sounds, like four times then an interval than again four beep sound.

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Dell Inspiron N4010 :: Making Loud Continuous beep Sound On Start Up

Feb 17, 2013

my dell inspiron N4010 making loud continuous  beep sound on start up. 

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Dell Vostro 5460 :: Laptop Cooling Fan Sound Very Loud?

Dec 23, 2014

my Vostro 5460 sounds like rattling marbles very loud whenever the fan kicks in. I bought the laptop in Thailand but now live in the U.S. How to get spare parts or diagnostics?

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Apple :: Loud HD Click Sound When Picking Up Laptop While On

Jan 3, 2010

When the laptop is on and I pick it up to move it I would often hear a loud CLICK sound coming from the HD. It had me freaked out that something was loose or that the heads were scratching the platters.

I just came across an article explaining what this noise has been. It is the sound of the read/write heads parking because of the "Sudden Motion Sensor" built into the laptop. It senses the rapid movement when I pick up the laptop and then it parks the heads to prevent scratching the platters... that is the click sound of the heads parking.

The sensor is a tri-axis accelerometer that detects sudden changes in "position and accelerated movement".

Anyways, I tested this to see if it was the "sudden motion sensor" parking the heads:
- first I confirmed that the sound would still occur when picking up the laptop and tilting it quickly while still on
- then I checked the sensor's settings to see if it was really on by running a command I found in the linked article.
- then I turned off the sensor (that command is also in the article).
- then I tested by picking up the laptop again and tilting it quickly...

no more CLICK

I enabled the sensor again because it is better to have it enabled than to risk scratching a platter if I drop the laptop. I'm just happy to have found the source of the CLICK and to know it wasn't a faulty HDD.

Here is the article:


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Apple :: Start-up Sound - Loud As That Volume Level

Mar 7, 2009

I usually turn my volume really low or even mute it before shutting down my mbp, and when I turn on my mbp, the startup chime will be as loud as that volume level.

Yesterday, I used onyx to clean up some of the preferences,etc. Now, it doesn't matter if I mute the volume before shutting down, the start-up chime will always be there at the same level.

I rather not download the startup sound preference program if i really dont have to.

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Lenovo ThinkPad W Series :: Very Loud Sound Cracks Using W530 In Docking Station

Jun 19, 2012

I have a very annoying problem with my W530. When i'm using it in the docking station (last years version without usb 3.0) erverything works fine, but there are a few very loud sound cracks playing through my external speaker system. Without the dock with the buildin speakers no problem. My external speaker plugged in the headphone jack no prob either.

These loud sound cracks appear when a few seconds no sound is played and then when a new sound starts to play. So i guess it has something to do with some power saving mechanism in the realtek sound chipset. When a continues sound is played like a song no sound cracks are happening.

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HP/Compaq :: G60-120us- Freakin Mouse Button- It's So Loud And Clicks So Loud As Well

Feb 2, 2010

My wife got this HP G60-120us notebook computer. It's about two years old now. I'm planning on getting her a new laptop so I can get this one. The only thing that I really do not like about this laptop is the freakin mouse button. It's so loud and clicks so loud as well. What I'm using now is my old Dell laptop and I love the mouse button so quiet and smooth unlike the HP. Is there anyway to make this sound quiet? Like open it up and spray some WD-40? J/K, is all HP's like this?

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Dell Inspiron M5030 :: Will Not Boot 7 Beeps

Sep 16, 2013

my Dell M5030 decided this morning not to boot, but instead just beeps 7 times.  The laptop is out of warranty, but looking at previous posts this is a known fault.

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Dell Inspiron M5030 :: Dreaded 7 Beeps

Mar 17, 2013

About 2 weeks ago the laptop I purchased for my sister for her birthday completely died and we got the 7 dreaded beeps! 

I've been researching why this laptop died so young and found this thread! I am a long time buyer of Dells and I am so upset that this laptop is barely 2 years old and already having such detrimental issues!!!
The laptop is out of warranty but a Dell laptop should not have such a major issue so young! 40 pages of the same issue?!?! Something needs to be done about these m5030s!!!

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Dell Inspiron M5030 :: 7 Beeps On Startup

Feb 20, 2013

I have the 7 beeps when trying to startup my Inspiron M5030.

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Dell Inspiron M5030 :: 7 Beeps No Screen

Jan 27, 2013

Is Dell doing anything for the owners of the Dell laptop Inspiron M5030 that are out of warranty and have experienced the 7 beeps no screen. This problem is apparently not a random issue.

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Dell Inspiron M5030 :: 7 Beeps At Startup

Apr 17, 2013

This problem just started a few days ago.  I am out of warranty. 

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Dell Inspiron M5030 :: Screen Display Very Dim

Jan 22, 2013

I have a quick question about my Dell Inspiron M5030. The screen display has died on me, plugging in an external vga source works fine, and if you look very carefully you can still see some of the (very dim) display on the laptop screen. 

Now i'm sure its the typical inverter board gone situation, trouble is i cant find the inverter board!? I thought i had found it behind the screen, but turns out its the web cam! Does this model has an inverter board? Or do i need to replace the entire screen? Or do i just need to replace the LCD screen cable? I wasnt sure if that did the same thing as the inverter board!

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Dell Inspiron M5030 :: Touchpad Not Working

Apr 20, 2013

I am having issues with my touchpad not working, I have gone through most of the troubleshooting tips such as hitting touchpad enable/disable hotkey, turning of the laptop and holding down the power button for 15 seconds, and downloading the suggested driver.  The most distressing thing is that when I go the mouse hardware/driver, the only thing that the computer is recognizing is the usb mouse I am having to use.

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Dell Inspiron M5030 :: Just Beeps But Will Not Start-up?

Oct 15, 2013

My Dell Inspiron M5030 will not start-up when I turn on the power button the light come on, then I just get somecontinuous beeps with nothing displaying on the screen. The warranty on my Dell has expired. What are my options and what can I do to get my machine up and running.

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Dell Inspiron M5030 :: Touchpad Configuration Cannot Run

Feb 2, 2013

I have a Inspiron M5030 laptop and the touchpad is not working. It only works with a wired mouse hooked up to the USB port. The Device Manager only showed the USB mouse. I reinstalled the dell touch pad from the Dell Drivers and Utilities DVD thinking the file may have been corrupted and the file was overwritten. It shows thw file in my C drive but has the message "Dell Touchpad Configuration cannot run withoutvxdif.dll properly installed. How do I go about reinstalling this folder or where do I go from here.

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Dell Inspiron M5030 :: 7 Beeps Over And Over And No Boot?

Dec 24, 2012

My wife was surfing the net and watching TV last night when her Inspiron M5030 got the blue screen of death.  There have been no other errors or performance issues until now.  When she tried to reboot, the laptop just gave 7 loud beeps over and over. Disconnected the power cord, removed battery, held start button down for 30 secs, tried to reboot, but got the same result.

Inspiron 15 (M5030)

Service Tag:

After browsing this forum I've found a lot of people have had the 7 beeps on start up issue with the M5030.

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Dell Inspiron M5030 :: 7 Beeps When Starting

Mar 15, 2013

It seems that the 7 beeps on startup with a black screen, means a dead motherboard, which is sad as we just made the final payment on this Inspiron m5030 last month. I tried the  "remove the battery/drain the residual power", that was suggested  with no change.

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Dell Inspiron M5030 :: 7 Beeps Will Not Bootup

Mar 9, 2013

My Inspiron M5030 will boot up any more, after 1 1/2 year , all it does beep 7 times and warranty has expired.

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Dell :: Dreaded 7 Beeps On Inspiron M5030

Feb 25, 2013

I bought my Inspiron M5030 last November 2011. It lasted until December 29th 2012. I not only have many pictures and documents, I also have M$ Office and One Note, that I used as my primary phone contact list and password keeper.

I have used Dell desktops at the college I used to attend. The reason I chose Dell for my laptop was the good reputation that I thought Dell had.

Now I have a doorstop!!  I also have phone numbers of my State Attorney General's office.

I am going to get the HDD out of the dead laptop and transfer my programs and data to a different, i.e. Not Dell, laptop.

At the moment, I am using a 6+ yr old desktop that has been used as a collector of items and even a coffee stand for my coffee maker.

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Dell Inspiron 15R N1510 :: Beeping On Startup?

Mar 7, 2013

My Inspiron 15R N1510 laptop emits a series of 5 shorts beeps, evenly spaced, on start-up. It repeats this until the startup music plays and then stops. Everything seems to run fine and I ran the diagnostics and it passed all of the tests. I am not sure how to make it stop beeping..

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Dell Inspiron 15 :: Won't Start It Is Beeping Continuously

Jan 6, 2015

Dell Inspiron 15 i15RV-6190BLK won't start it is beeping continuously with intervals. No display at all.

Just to clear again it's beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-..................................

not beep :)

I tried removing all power / battery and everything but no luck.

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