Dell :: LED Displays On The E6400 Do Not Use Inverters Correct?

Apr 9, 2009

Well got my third E6400 and third unit that had a CCFL from the outlet when ordered a system with LED. Got a hold tech support

they overnighted a new screen T661h which is a CMO. Bezel a RK149 and a Y793H assy back cover which has a inverter

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Dell :: How To Do 3 Displays With The E6400?

Aug 12, 2009

Up until this week I was doing this with my Dell D620 using the PD01X D/Dock which has a PCI slot for a video card.

Well, it's PC refresh time at work and I received a Dell E6400. Turns out the docks for the E6400 and the D-series are different (not compatible) and there is no D/Dock for the E6400, so now I'm looking for a solution that will allow me to do 3 displays with the E6400.

I purchased StarTech's USB2DVIE external USB to DVI video card, but it's only got 16MB of RAM and whenever I scroll or move windows around in the display that is being driven by the USB2DVIE, it's a little choppy, even at 16-bit color.

There are other external USB video cards on the market, but this was one of the most expensive, and I can find no indication on any of the other cards of how much RAM they have. I'm thinking I need at least 64MB, which is what the PCI card had that I was using in the D/Dock with the D620.

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Dell :: E6400 WXGA (1280X800) Displays

Mar 20, 2009

On the Dell Outlet all E6400 models are listed as LED including the WXGA (1280X800) Can anyone confirm they have a WXGA (1280X800) that is actually LED not CCFL? CCFL is not even listed as an option when configuring a new E6400.

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Dell Inspiron 15 3542 :: Correct Size Of SSD

Sep 3, 2014

we just got a new Dell 15 3542 for our son for school..

1) Which is the correct size SSD for his laptop? 7mm, 9mm, etc
2) Which Dell drivers would I need to load onto the install after installing Win 7? Audio, video, network drivers?

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Dell :: 7900GS With A GTX Bios Temperature Readings Correct

Jan 3, 2008

Im using the Juan Lu bioses on my Inspiron and with 7900GS bios with a voltmod the temps were coming up to 91C (the clocks were 520/750 more or less). And then i decided to flash it with a gtx bios with a volt mod - and it works! It lets me overclock a little higher (like 580/750, but it seems that its not very stable though...) and the temps are a lot lower! 69-73C. I once saw it go up to 86C, but thats that. Also the idle temps went down from 63C to 54C. So my question is - is this real? This is a huge difference, video bios can do that? Or mayby... somethings mixed up with the sensors and theyre not giving the correct temps?

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Dell :: Is The 8 Degree Offset On FanGUI Correct For Nvidia GPUs

Dec 26, 2007

I always put 8 degree offset on my 2500M/7900GTX. I never questioned it before. But couple of days ago a guy wrote this on this forum (read bellow), so can someone comment or clarify this for me?

"I hit 87C in Crysis, so you're doing damn good there. DON'T use an 8 degree offset in FanGUI. ATITool reports wrong temps. To prove this, put your system to sleep long enough for all components to reach room temperature. Resume the system and immediately bring up FanGUI. You'll see with an offset that the GPU is for some reason about 8 degrees higher, when everything should be at room temperature. If you have no offset and then resume, you'll see that your temps are nearly identical, which they should be from a cold start up."

his sig:
E1705: WINXP32 / T7600 / 3GB OCZ PC5400 / 7.2K 160GB Seagate Momentus / 1440x900 / 150W Brick / 7950GTX@670/830 / 169.04 / 11,346 3DM'05 @ 678/837 / Total investment: $2,235

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Dell Latitude E5500 :: Screen That Could Only Be Seen With Correct Reflected Light

Mar 18, 2013

I was asked to take a look at an E5500.  This is what I found: 

a) a screen that could only be seen with the correct reflected light; and
b) outboard screen working perfectly. 

This is what I did: 

a) tried a known replacement inverter board and this didn't solve the problem;
b) tried a known working LCD screen and this didn't work;
c) checked the video cable and it looks fine; and
d)  since there's no screen switch that might be stuck and I'm assuming that all functions are software controlled.

I did a clean install of xp pro.  Still no good.  I looked for a SMD e.g. a fuse and found none.

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Dell Studio 1737 :: Can't Seem To Find Correct Fingerprint Driver To Download

Sep 23, 2009

I've just completed a full clean install of Win 7 on my Dell Studio (1737) laptop. I can't seem to find the correct fingerprint driver to download. I'm using win 7 x64.I can see the AuthenTec Inc. AES2810 Driver under device manager and it says it's working.I have the digital persona software installed and it tells me the fingerprint reader is not installed or can't be detected.

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Acer :: Am I Using The Correct InsydeFlash BIOS Utility

Sep 16, 2009

Would someone please verify that the utility used to flash the BIOS on my new Acer laptop looks like it does in the attached image? Because flashing a BIOS is a pretty serious thing to do with a purchase that costs $500+, I was surprised to see a picture of a CRT monitor wearing a wizard hat using a pencil to erase something. Also the use of non standard fonts is disturbing.

more importantly, are all ACER bios releases unsigned?

The attached picture is of the Insyde InsydeFlash utility for a 4810T v1.28 BIOS.

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HP/Compaq :: DV7-1135nr- Finding Correct System Board

Jan 3, 2010

I have an hp DV7-1135nr laptop. Recently there was an incident and one of my friends managed to throw up into my laptop while it was open and on. The computer was off before i could pull the battery and even after being cleaned and dried will not turn on, this leads me to believe that the system board has shorted out and needs to be replaced. Where can i find a replacement system board and how much should i expect to pay?

Seeing as how i have already taken the laptop apart, are there any upgrades I can do while replacing the sytem board? It has a 2.0 ghz dual core AMD
processor, and crappy integrated graphics. I was wondering if i would be able to purchase and install a better system board?

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Lenovo 11e E/Edge :: E540 Correct Screen Resolution

Feb 10, 2014

I was wondering what the correct resolutions are of the 3 available screens on the customizing page of the Lenovo E540. I can't find it anywhere and I really want them for comparing. 

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Acer :: Correct RAM Memory For Aspire 5736Z-4460?

Oct 29, 2014

I'm looking to find out the correct DDR3 RAM memory for an Aspire 5736z-4460. I bought it used and am not sure the PC3-12800s is correct. I do know it's PC3 or DDR3.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Dv5t XP Installation BSoD Correct Sata Drivers

May 13, 2009

how to slipstream sata drivers onto Windows XP installation disk I decided to try it out. I had two unsuccessful attempts and I'm wondering that it probably is due to me using the wrong drivers for the job.

I have a Dv5t 1135ee, can anybody please direct me to the right drivers that I need to put onto my Windows XP installtion disk to not get a BSoD.

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Dell :: 3 Displays Simultaneously?

May 22, 2010

Is there a way for me to drive 2x displays and the screen on the notebook at the same time?

There is HDMI, VGA and DisplayPort on this notebook. Can I use HDMI AND DisplayPort AND the display on the notebook same time?

I have a Dell XPS 1647 with Radeon 4670.

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Lenovo X Series ThinkPad :: X230 - Incompatible WiFi Card Despite Correct FRU

Dec 23, 2009

Trying to upgrade my wifi card.  The machine originally came with Centrino 2200 card.  I wanted to upgrade to Centrino 6205.  I thought that all I had to do was ensure that I get a card that has a known/authorized FRU, as per the X230 FRU List.  So I picked a card with FRU 60Y3253, but upon installing it, I get the all familiar "1802: Unauthorized Network Card" error.  Why?  What else am I missing?
Images of said card:

X230, W7 64-bit

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Dell :: M1730 Dual Displays

May 1, 2008

For some reason, I am having a hard time getting dual displays to work with the m1730.

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Dell :: Difference Between These Two WLED Displays

Mar 14, 2010

I've been looking at several different configurations of the Dell Studio XPS trying to find the right one to pull the trigger on.

Comparing the config of Corei5 vs the Corei7 i noticed a slight difference in the displays.


Edge-to-Edge FHD Widescreen 15.6 inch WLED LCD (1920x1080) W/2.0 MP BLKG15F [320-8330][421-0188][421-1010]


Full HD Widescreen 15.6 inch WLED LCD (1920x1080) W/2.0 MP BKG1510 [320-8330][421-0188][421-1010] .....

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Dell :: Best, Brightest LED Displays For Studio 7

Apr 15, 2010

I love the current 1920x1200 LED display on my 1737, but it has developed some dead pixels (not sure how that happens).

I do have complete coverage, and I can get the screen replaced.

I've heard that there are some manufacturers or models of screens that are preferred. Which are they?

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Dell :: SXPS 16 Dual Displays

Apr 25, 2009

I finally pulled the trigger and bought a SXPS 16 from the outlet. I was wondering if there was any way I could run dual displays off of it?

Would an HDMI splitter work, or are there hardware/software issues stopping that from working.

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Dell :: Type Of Displays In Studio 1537

Apr 24, 2009

I indent to get a dell studio 1537, but the shop where I want to buy it doesn't specify which kind of display it has.

Also their tech support is to dumb to get the info from anywhere else except their own page. (they provided a link to the 1555 model to get the resolution from there... duh).

My questions are, what resolutions are in the 1537 ? I want one with 1440x900 so, is there the posibility to get a 1280x800 one ? or all the 1537 and ATI 3450 come with at least 1440x900 .....

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Dell :: External Displays Stopped Working

Mar 3, 2010

I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 with an Nvidia 8600gt. I have a dell 2409 24 inch 1920 x 1080 monitor and a Samsung 22inch 1680x1050 LCD TV. I use one or the other depending what room I'm in. Both are connected using VGA cables.

These have always worked perfectly, today when I tried plugging into either one they are detected as 'generic non pnp monitor' and I get a choice of standard resolutions up to 1600 x 1200. These always used to run at their native resolutions and were detected as Samsung and Dell.

I have reinstalled the display drivers, power cycled everything, gpu seems to be running fine according to gpu-z.

I have reverted to a working backup but that made no difference. Im using windows 7 64bit.

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Dell Inspiron 15 :: Laptop Displays USB Key Not Detected

Nov 23, 2014

I have Dell Inspiron 15 series 7000 laptop and I wanted to perform "Dell Backup & Recovery" task.  I have tried connecting My Passport 1 TB external HDD to get back backup. I get "USB Key not detected" message on all the USB ports that I have tried. I have changed the cord also but of no avail. But when connect my 4GB USB pen drive, I do get success. Why do my "My Passport" connections are not recognized?

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Dell XPS 15 L502x :: Will Not Duplicate Displays - Will Only Extend

Jan 29, 2012

I plugged my HDMI cable into the computer today with the intention of duplicating the display on to my TV.  When I do this the TV screen shows like I selected extend.  I can extend the monitor and use the projector only setting, but duplicating does not work.  I changed the Intel Graphics Options and the NVIDIA Control panel neither have worked.  I have updated the bios, the NVIDIA and the Integrated drivers.  I have even changed the resolution on both my computer and the TV with no fix.

What's the weirdest thing about this problem is that I have used this exact HDMI cable to this exact TV before and I didn't need to change a single setting and it worked great.  I also took an ASUS laptop and plugged it in and used the FN + screen key, just like I would usually do with my Dell and the ASUS worked great.

I read a post on here that said when they update their BIOS it fixed this problem, although the post had other people that were not that lucky.


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HP Elitebook 2530p Networking :: Cannot Find Correct WiFi Drivers For Windows 7 Professional 32Bit

Dec 24, 2014

After doing a fresh install of windows 7 Professional 32Bit, my wifi drivers did not install, i have tried numerous drivers of the website for my laptop and they don't work, ive tried many things but cant seem to find the right drivers, my laptop is a HP Elitebook 2530p, can find the correct drivers for my wifi Card? 

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HP G62 Recovery :: After Failing To Enter The Correct Administrator Password 3 Times System Is Disabled - Code 50889491

Nov 22, 2014

I have an HP G62. After failing to enter the correct administrator password 3 times, it gives me error code 50889491.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 To Drive Dual 2560 X 1600 Displays?

Jan 25, 2009

I am about to make a purchase on the Studio XPS 16..

However, my main issue is would it be able to drive my 2 Dell 3007WFP-HC displays?..

I am aware that the Studio XPS 16 has a HDMI and DisplayPort built it.. Provided I am able to get all the conversion cables, could this laptop drive my 2 30" monitors at their native (2560 x 1600) resolution?..

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Dell :: Connect Inspiron Laptop To Analog Tv (multiple Displays)

Apr 26, 2009

I am trying to send my video signal from my laptop to my analog tv. I have a Inspiron 1520 laptop with a NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT video card.

I hard wired the laptop and TV with yellow composite cable with an s-video adaptor (composite on tv and s-video on laptop).

When I try to setup for multiple displays I choose CLONE, but there is only a multiple selection option in the pulldown for LAPTOP DISPLAY AND HDTV.Can I not display image on my analog tv?

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Dell XPS M1530 :: Stuck On Bios Screen That Displays Logo

Apr 21, 2013

I have a XPS M1530 that has seen very little use but unfortunately won't boot now.  It is stuck on the bios screen that displays the dell logo - the progress bar on this page only displays about 15% complete and will not progress any further under any circumstances.  I have performed the diagnostic boot option of holding down the <FN> key before power on and this displays just the caps lock flashing rapidly - the flashing does not halt.  The other diagnostic lights (scroll and num lock) remain unlit except at the initial boot they flash once as per normal.

As dell has not published the diagnostic codes. The laptop is "as new" if a few years old now and I would like to keep it for sometime to come - the purchase price at the time was ~£1300.  One reason I bought dell was for the after sales care - I understand there have been various issues with this particular series of laptop which is unfortunate but I am hopeful to get it working again at reasonable cost.

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Dell Latitude E7240 :: Dual External Displays Without Dock?

Feb 26, 2014

Does the Latitude E7240 can support two external displays without a dock? Can have one plugged in to the mini displayport and one in to HDMI and output just to these displays?

Or is it limited to just the laptop display and one single external display?

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Dell XPS 15z :: Windows 8.1 - Screen At Times Displays Vertical Lights

Jan 2, 2015

I recently installed windows 8.1 on my dell xps 15z everything works alright but the screen at times displays vertical lights. It gives the image of the screen malfunctioning and then it disappears.

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