Dell :: New Vostro Models- 1014 & 1088 (both 14.0") And 1015 (15.6")

Aug 14, 2009

Dell has announced three upcoming Vostro models- two 14.0" (1014, 1088) and a 15.6" (1015). The only difference I can see between the 1014 and 1088 is the 1088's ATI HD 4330 dedicated graphics card. All three look very similar and have 16:9 aspect ratio displays (1366x768)....

I wonder if the 1320 and 1520 will continue alongside these new models?

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Dell Vostro 1088 :: Disable Charge When Plugging AC Adapter

Aug 15, 2010

I have a Vostro 1088 and it also have battery symbol on it function key F3. However, when pressing this key, nothing happens. I have installed all drivers and every devices are recognized in Device Manager.

I wonder Vostro 1088 does have the functionality to disable charge when plugging!

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Dell Vostro 1014 :: Cannot Turn On WiFi

Jan 28, 2012

How to turn on wifi on dell vostro 1014..???

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Dell :: Vostro 1015

Dec 2, 2009

I am interested in getting the Dell Vostro 1015. I am curious if anyone has purchased it and has an opinion of it?

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Dell Vostro 1014 :: Dead Laptop - Refuses To Start

Apr 12, 2013

I have a Dell Vostro 1014 (or whatever it is).. And it refuses to start. I can charge it, but as soon as i press the start button, it stops charging. I don't hear any sounds from the pc as it would start either.

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Dell Vostro 1014 :: Restoring To Factory Settings - Recovery Partition Erased

Apr 1, 2013

Recently I installed trial version of Windows 7 64bits on my Vostro 1014 (which originally had 32 bits Windows 7). I choose clean installation, which erased recovery partition. My laptop came with no CD. I want to restore my laptop to original settings.

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Dell :: Vostro 1015 Bluetooth On Receive File

Feb 5, 2010

operating system: WIN7

when i receive file ...

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Dell Vostro 1015 :: Graphics Card Is Not Working?

May 22, 2012

I have a Dell Vostro 1015 Laptop and the graphics card is not working for me. I know it has a built-in graphics card and there is nothing i can do about that but is there any type of external add-on type of thing for a graphics card ? For example, a supplementary graphics card that is plugged in through USB or another input.

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Dell Vostro 1015 :: White Display On LCD Screen

Mar 25, 2013

For last one month I am facing this issue, the white display in the lcd screen. This is not happening very regularly, it happens intermittently.

I need to forcefully shut down the machine, after restart sometimes the problem goes away, sometimes it stays. I shut down the machine in that case.

What is the reason behind this and what is the resolution to fix this?

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Dell Vostro 1015 :: Show White Screen At Startup

Feb 19, 2013

Start laptop vostro 1015 show dell logo than white screen Problem.

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Dell Vostro 1015 :: Base System Device Driver Couldn't Be Installed?

Jun 14, 2010

I recently installed Windows 7 on my vostro 1015. All the drivers were installed correctly but the 'Base System Device' driver couldn't be installed. I tried the 'Search Automatically for the updated driver software' option but no driver could be found. where can I find the 'Base System Device' driver?

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Dell Vostro 1015 :: When Connect To External Monitor / Doesn't Show Anything / Screen Also Turns Black

Feb 25, 2013

I am using Dell Vostro 1015 laptop, Windows 7 32 bit OS.I am having problem with external monitor connection. When I connect external monitor to my laptop, it detects external display but doesn't show anything on external monitor and laptop screen also turns black. There is no problem with external monitor but with laptop hardware or something. I tried to connect many external monitors but in vane.

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Acer :: Aspire 6920 Erecovery Error 1014

Sep 24, 2009

I have an Acer Aspire 6920 and I'm trying to to do the erecovery, everytime I try to create the disks I get a message saying

"Error Code: 1014
Burning Error, Please insert a blank CD/DVD into the optical drive and press OK to continue"

I have tried many different blank discs but I always get the same error. I have also red the thread on this forum where someone had a similar problem and I tried running my computer in safe mode but the programme will not run..

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Dell :: On What Models Does The E6400 Fit

May 3, 2010

I have a new spare keyboard for my e6400. I need to sell it and was wondering what other models would it fit. e6500 and e4300 maybe?..

what would be an honest price?

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Dell :: SXPS16, Latter Models Not So Hot?

Sep 29, 2009

I'm wondering if I am the only one, but I had 2 SXPS16, an original and a replacement,

both were shipped with A08 bios, both seemed pretty hot to the touch like everyone talked about (still not unbearable, just a little uncomfortable) but this new one that was shipped with A10 bios seems way more manageable,

so manageable i don't even think about heat anymore, in fact it has been on my lap for the past hour and a half and no more hot than my 3 year old toshiba

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Dell :: Any Other Models Similar To E6400 ?

Jul 3, 2009

Matte + bright(300 cd/m2) scren

13 to 15 inch screen size

similar power consumption > long battery life

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Dell :: Keyboard And Keys I1564 And Other Models

Feb 5, 2010

Dell, is it possible to configure 1564 with a different keyboard? I even prefer the 1545 raised keyboard.

It's more old school (bb guy said it would collect dust under keys more), but it's easier to use. Does anyone know if the insp15z has a keyboard with raised keys?

Anyone else find the big flat keys harder to use? Is there some advantage to these, thus Dell made the change? I wasn't wild about the Sony chicklet style either. Lenova seemed easiest to me of the ones I tested in BB.

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Dell :: History Of Inspiron 15" Models?

May 31, 2009

My memory only goes back as far as the E1505 (The silver one with white outlines), then the Inspiron 15 with the silver and curved edges and now the nice shiny black ones..

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Acer :: MXM Models And Cards

Jul 4, 2009

you've probably heard it told to you time and time and time again, that there is no way to upgrade a dedicated GPU on a notebook.

But as an Acer owner, you may very well be among the lucky few who CAN upgrade their GPU, since Acer has used the MXM standard on its notebooks for quite some time now.

(For a primer on what MXM is, go have a look at the best resource online for MXM.)

But if your system came with any Intel GMA, it cannot be upgraded. NO EXCEPTIONS.

This topic will list which notebooks are CONFIRMED to be MXM-capable, as well as what slot they have, and what cards they were originally sold with (consider those safe upgrades). Any successful new-card upgrades will be linked to alongside the model.

A later post will document all the MXM cards that Acer has issued - although it's possible to use cards from other vendors, it's safest and more likely to be compatible if you stick with an Acer issue.............................

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Sony :: Disabling Bluetooth In Z Or Other Models?

Mar 8, 2009

I want to disable bluetooth, like how I do it with my dell, in the dell, I just go into control panel => bluetooth devices => bluetooth settings,

and then on the first tab, there's an option to "show system tray icon" and "disable bluetooth adapter".. when the system tray icon is enabled, I can right click on the icon and select "disable bluetooth adapter

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Acer :: 6 Cell Aspire One Models

Mar 13, 2009

I can never find any in Ireland/UK/Europe. Which models in specific carry the 6 cell battery.

Would it be at all cost effective to get a cheap Aspire One and a seperate battery?

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Acer :: 'G' And 'Z' Suffix In Aspire Models

Mar 18, 2009

I noticed that some of the Aspire model numbers come suffixed with 'G' and 'Z', such as 4930G and 2920Z.

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Sony :: Prepping Core I7 Models Yet?

Sep 23, 2009

Since Intel has released it's latest mobile CPU's, can we expect any new Sony models?


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HP/Compaq :: Which Models Have Serial Port

Dec 10, 2009

I've been checking (and hoping) to find a laptop with built-in serial port on HP's website but couldn't find any (with intel cpu).

Are there any current or past (last year) models with serial port at 15".

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Dell :: Latitude Seriesno UMTS Antenna In Webcam Equipped Models?

Apr 13, 2010

i just took a look at the first pics in the E6410 thread and found out that it comes without any UMTS antennas...

according to dell support webcam equipped models do not support umts cards like the dell 5530

is this true or is there a way to add the antennas later on?

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Sony :: Vaio Z46 Versus Z45 (Asian Models)

Sep 4, 2009

Anyone knows if there is a big difference between the Z46 with Intel P9700 and Z45 with Intel P8800?

Would speed and heat be noticeably greater with the P9700 processor?

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Acer :: Win7 Drivers For Older Aspire Models

Oct 21, 2009

Do you think that tomorrow I will be able to download all win 7 drivers for my laptop AS 6935G? Now I see that there are only few of them.

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Sony :: Maximum Resolution & Screen Size Of All Models

Mar 5, 2010

P.....8"......1600 x 768
W....10.1"..1366 x 768
X.....11.1"..1366 x 768
Z.....13.1"..1600 x 900..*1920 x 1080 (*hoping someday available in US!)
Y.....13.3"..1366 x 768
CW..14".....1366 x 768
E.....15.5"..1366 x 768
NW..15.5"..1366 x 768
F.....16.4"..1600 x 900..1920 x 1080

Couldn't find a comparison chart of this, so I made one just for reference.

I'm set on getting a 1080p display in my next laptop and so far, Sony has the best choices! This is coming from someone who has purchased or influenced the purchase of about 17-18 Dell laptops.

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Sony :: Any New Models On The Horizon (VAIO Summer Refresh)

May 16, 2009

I have been waiting for the Vaio Z to be refreshed with a new and improved graphics card, i was hoping by the summer as other pc makers are doing this. Do you think Sony will use the new ATI 4000 series or the new nvidia series? Will it get refreshed by the summer?

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Sony :: Downgrading To XP And Brightness Settings For Newer Models

Mar 25, 2009

I've been busy downgrading my FW31ZJ (european model) to windows XP SP3.

I have found and installed the drivers for all components and things went smoothly, up until the point where I wanted to get my Fn-keys working.

This is where I got stuck initially and after much forum lurking I found the right Sony utilities to install, the order to install them in and so on (it is all on this forum).

Basicly you need the following components for your machine.

- Sony Firmware Extension Parser driver
- Sony Programmable I/O Controller driver
- Sony Shared Library
- Sony Utility DLL
- Sony Utility Settings
- Vaio Event Service

You also might have to copy the VESConfig.ini from the original Vista install.

I read here that for most this has worked well and offered full fn-keys functionality under XP. Unfortunately I'm not of you...

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